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Was on the transatlantic cruise May 1st 2011. We were looking forward to the cruise for so long but we had a bad cruise. We are a family of 7 2 adults and 5 kids ages 2 to 11. Embarkation was fine on the ship within 30 Min's. Room was ... Read More
Was on the transatlantic cruise May 1st 2011. We were looking forward to the cruise for so long but we had a bad cruise. We are a family of 7 2 adults and 5 kids ages 2 to 11. Embarkation was fine on the ship within 30 Min's. Room was ready when we got on which was great, kids cups for drinks were in room so all seem good. We went straight to the pool and kids got in for a swim and we had a lovely drink. Weather was good what more could we want. WEATHER wasn't the best the next few days which doesn't work if u have 5 kids on board. The pools had to be emptied for 5 days which is very hard for kids. Very few kids on the ship so the pool is a big factor on this cruise. Kids club teacher didn't want to be there and every time a parent was picking up there kids the teacher just kept giving out about this or that. Only 32 kids on ship only 20 able for club i would hate to have seen when they were busy cause they couldn't be bother with the few kids that were there. With there being no pools we ask could we use the adult pool with the kids and were told no. We showed them the rccl book that said if the weather is bad kids can use the adult pool, We were told we could not and that my family were the only people looking to use it with kids, they said they would have half the ship giving out so he would rather have one unhappy family. Food in the windjammer was very poor and i have never seen it half opened on any other cruise before. The main dinning room was good but the selection very poor but food was nice . This cruise for us was a family holiday didn't get to go to night club etc so cant really rate. We did the same crossing 2 years and we had such a great time , rccl have made a lot of changes a lot of cut backs. I don't know if we will go with them again. This cruise should be for all ages but we didn't feel that way. We also got the Disc with the photo on and would you believe it the photos are only half there. We are home over 3 weeks and I'm getting nowhere with rccl on this matter. At first i was told they would sort it and now they are not answering my mails. The ship is lovely but if you have kids i would try and go bigger. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Wow, how to summarize 14 days in just a few paragraphs? Note to self: thank the weather gods for their work--every day was beautiful! Three of us boarded VOS in BCN Nov 29th, bound for Galveston. Back in the day, ship's staff ... Read More
Wow, how to summarize 14 days in just a few paragraphs? Note to self: thank the weather gods for their work--every day was beautiful! Three of us boarded VOS in BCN Nov 29th, bound for Galveston. Back in the day, ship's staff and crew worked hard to accommodate special passenger requests on the spot. Now that the ship emails 'Miami' with every complaint and request, no one on board is responsible, and there is a lack of creative and on-the-spot problem solving. Accommodations: We lodged in a Junior Suite on Deck 9 just forward of the 'bulge,' an excellent location near the rear stairs providing quick access to all food and pools. A shout-out of thanks to Dennis, cabin steward, for working with us in overcoming RCI's limitations. A note here on sleeping arrangements: I was lucky to get one of the suite's broken-down, 10-year-old, twins. One of us ended up on the new 'sofa-bed,' just installed in April while the ship was dry-docked. Clearly, no one in Miami has ever sat upon, and certainly never slept upon, this new contraption. By day, the 'sofa' is about as comfortable as a seat on the Barcelona Metro. By night, a bed of nails would be more comfortable, as this 'bed' is nothing more than a sheet of plywood with 1" of cheap foam stapled on. The 'bed' is actually the back of the sofa, which folds down and forward to make a flat surface upon which the cabin steward places sheets and comforters. You think I'm kidding, I know--I still cannot believe it myself. Well, somewhere on the ship, two crew bunks were without mattresses, because they ended up on the floor in our Suite. Also, a note to future designers: the room is too big, in proportion to the bath. A split bath, with separate WC would be lovely. Dining: The food in the Magic Flute was good, a 7 or 8 most nights. Lobster, not so much. The service started off poor--disorganized--lacking any teamwork. Waiters and Assistant Waiters are not paired on the same tables; the resulting lack of service was laughable. Apparently, neither of our Waiters have ever dined in a quality restaurant. Service improved after some 'training' on day four, though by day twelve, it had slipped right back. Entertainment was provided by the trolleys: plastic and wire affairs (same as used at my carwash) laden with filth and garbage recently scraped from other tables in the room, piloted at breakneck speed by Assistant Waiters hell-bent on terminating the shift as quickly as possible. 'Miami' ended the old-fashioned and dangerous trays. The Windjammer was passable, and as others have commented, boring, same thing day after day. Seven days would have been about right; fourteen was too many. There is never a clean table waiting. Be prepared to bus your own table, get your own drinks, and you will be fine. Likewise room service: that the fruitplate was exactly the same all 13 mornings, right down to the one day over-ripe pineapple and one day under-ripe cantaloupe, was amazing. What was really missing was an outdoor venue. It was 78 degrees at lunch everyday, and everyday we were obliged to go inside to eat. Johnny Rockets (at sea) was a bitter disappointment. The burger was essentially the same as upstairs, as were the fries. We went for the chocolate malt (extra charge) and onion rings. The chocolate malt (delivered to the table not before, but after the food) was undrinkable through the tiny, thin straw, and the onion rings were like the old Burger King version: half-fried rounds of machine-extruded, frozen, onion-flavored dough. 'Miami' authorized the switch from fresh, breaded onions to this. Entertainment: We were blessed with a good CD, Mike S, just back from hiatus. Another poster said entertainment was geared to folk over 45. Well, we are aged 50-57, and we felt it was geared to folk older than us (though not so old as on HAL). Because the VOS band performs at just about every show, just about every show seems the same. How about giving the Salsa Band or the Classic music the showroom and giving the swing-band high-hat cymbals a night off? And a note on The Vault: why hire a homophobic DJ? Aren't the queers the ones up late, running up the big bar tabs? This DJ spun the same ten urban funk-rap-hip hop undanceable tracks all night, every night, to keep the gays and their friends from dancing. What do we care if two guys want to dance? And can't you get the multiple video screens to show the actual video spinning? Activities: Never have so few had so many, and we did them all, ice skating, inline skating, mini golf, rock climbing, basketball, gym and sauna. The only grip was the swimming pools--three, two large enough to swim laps in, but all heated to only 22 degrees (72). After much complaining and a meeting with Guest Relations, the heat was increased to 26 degrees (79). That might be enough for the Norwegians, but a bit chilly for the rest of us. 'Miami' limits the heat to 26 degrees. Fellow Passengers: Many really nice, friendly people. Due to the worthless dollar, more than half the passengers were non-US (I think the inside cabins were about 5 euro/pp). HOWEVER, what is with the behavior of some passengers? Shoving at the buffet? Shorts in the main dining room? And drinking like it was Carnival. Ugh! People, please, if you don't want to play nice, just stay home! RCI, if you have a sign and a policy, honor the other 3000 guests by enforcing it. No slacks=no food. Simple! Captain, you've got a brig on board--use it! 'Miami' wants everyone to have a good time. Debarkation: The worst!!!!! Port of Galveston and US Customs authorities were in part the cause. Though we arrived at 7:00 am, Carnival beat us to Galveston, so their 1800 passengers debarked while we 3000 passengers and 1100 crew waited. The first group was called about 9:30; our group was held until after 11:00. When we reached the baggage claim, the problem was obvious: a 2 1/2 hour line to speak with a customs agent. NO LIE: it was after 2:30 (no food, no drink) before we boarded the airport shuttle. Galveston--never again. Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles are staffed for large ships; Galveston is not. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
Voyager of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.5
Enrichment 3.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates N/A 4.2

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