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We arrived at the port from Rome into the train station. Train was fantastic and I highly recommend it. At the train station there was a porter to take your luggage and deliver it to your cabin. This was great as we were going to walk to ... Read More
We arrived at the port from Rome into the train station. Train was fantastic and I highly recommend it. At the train station there was a porter to take your luggage and deliver it to your cabin. This was great as we were going to walk to the people mover. Embarkation was rough....It took about 2 hours to get on the ship from curbside and I think they need a more efficient way to get people on board. You wait till they call your letter to check in and then you wait again until they call your number to get on board. Why can't you board right after you check in...terminal was hot and uncomfortable however they trip did go uphill from here. Due to the long wait to get onboard our cabin was ready when we got on board which was nice...didn't have to carry bags with us. Since we had been in Italy for a week already we just got into our bathing suits and go enjoy the pool. We ate at the Garden Café for lunch and just grabbed at table outside to eat at. Food was fine, we just wanted salad anyway. Free Ice Tea and Lemonade included. We ate most breakfast and lunch at the Garden Café. Food was fine always could find something to eat. We enjoyed the Oompah Band at the German lunch and food was really good although not truly authentic German. We also had brunch at the Bistro for the Jazz Brunch. It was good fresh food and you could order off menu and enjoy the buffet so its nice to be served as well. We only tried one specialty restaurant for dinner, Cagney's. It was delicious and service was excellent. There was a lot of choice in the starters and appetizers but don't fill up, steaks are perfectly cooked and the truffle fries were very good. I would definitely do it again. We ate at the Grand Pacific once, hubby did not like having to wear pants and food was same as Alizar so we didn't go more than once. We were on vacation and just wanted to relax. I didn't find the service as good as the Alizar although the Grand Pacific Dining Room was supposed to be better, I found service in Alizar to exceed it by far. Alizar Dining Room - first night was rough, put us (couple with no kids) beside a family with two screaming toddlers. Parents seemed too tired to care and kids were screaming so much we had to get up and leave before our Main Course came. We spoke to Front Desk on our way out and asked not to be seated near small children again which they assured us they would do. The next night we were seated in an area with all adults around and we had a fantastic waitress, Marilou. She has been on board Norwegian ships from 11 years and it shows. We asked to be seated with her for our whole two weeks and we were. She knew our names and our drink preferences and always took time to chat about our day. She always had our carbonated water and drink of the day brought to us right away. We had no problem eating off the menu each night, we were at the MDR for 12 nights and never had to repeat a choice. The maître d and asst maître d also came by and we got to know them. They were also excellent especially in telling us the drink of the day. On night onboard was my birthday and we got complimentary champagne and a cake courtesy of the maître d. We only attended three shows out of the 14 nights and I found them to be amateurish and boring, since I was on Oasis of the Seas in April , Jade just couldn't compare. I highly recommend they get rid of the magician. Very boring and transparent. At night we enjoyed the casino or music at one of the many venues. There were two pools, one being an adult only, we enjoyed the adult only. We tried to avoid the pool when it was really crowded ( leaving ports) and tried to use it in port or earlier in the day. We bought the thermal spa package at the Mandara Spa. Highly enjoyed it, thalsotherapy pool, Jacuzzi tub, Sauna, Showers with therapy, steam room and plunge pool. Went every day. I also used it for showering in the evening. Our room was fine, everything was comfortable and clean. Our attendant was fine nothing spectacular but room always clean and made up when we wanted it. Once issue with attendant, we asked for distilled water for my hubby's CPAP machine (requested beforehand) and he had no idea what we were talking about. Had to go to guest services next day and they got us some. We had a balcony room which was great however if you want to see the Grand Canal on the sail out you need a port side room, ours was starboard. We went up on deck, no big deal. We did not buy a drink package nor did we do any excursions with Norwegian. We are not big drinkers, only one a day so we paid as we went. As far as the excursions, too expensive with Norwegian, I arranged all port excursions myself and we paid at least half price to ship. Always got back on time. Getting off the ship was much easier, I picked up luggage tags on Friday for a later time off ship. Our luggage was in terminal when we arrived , got into a cab and off to airport. I would go on Jade again however I would like to try some other ships such as Epic. I really like the free style dining and not dressing for dinner, really suits our vacation style.   Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
This was our 3rd cruise on this line. We travel with 7 people and have 3 cabins. We always do 2 balcony cabins and one inside. This boat is old and the décor is cheesy. I think it goes to Hawaii a lot - but we were in ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise on this line. We travel with 7 people and have 3 cabins. We always do 2 balcony cabins and one inside. This boat is old and the décor is cheesy. I think it goes to Hawaii a lot - but we were in Italy/Greece/Croatia/Turkey. LOVED the ports - but we are done with this cruise line. We always want to sit on our balcony at night together, and they would not allow us to open the adjoining door to be together. They also would not let our 17 year old girls be in the spa with their mothers for a day pass. They DID let them purchase services - like they have a teen facial...but they would not let them use the facilities. The facials were totally lame, and when we told them that - they did not care. The restaurants that they do an "upcharge" for at pretty good - a couple of them very good. The regular restaurants and buffets were mediocre at best and the entertainment was ridiculous. It was seriously like a karaoke contest made to be like "the Voice" kind of deal, and then they had some other really lame stuff. Not like other ships we have been on with Blue Man and such. We were VERY disappointed and they did not care. They also TOOK our passports for 4 DAYS and totally freaked us out. They would not let us on the ship unless we gave them these - and we were already in Italy - and obviously paid thousands of dollars for the cruise. If they would have given us a heads up that this was going to happen - or EXPLAINED in advance at all, it would not have been such a big deal - but who gives up their passport to some young cruiseline rep that can't even explain the reason. It was very stressful and handled extremely rudely and poorly. Then even more disturbing - when we were supposed to go stand in line to pick them up on day 4 - they just GAVE me the passports of all of my party without even making me provide the receipts for them all. This was weird and not OK at all. We did our own excursions as we learned on previous cruises that this is not a strong suit for them . (We did all private or small groups with NCL before and they were a MESS. We spent over $7 grand for the 7 of us JUST on excursions and when they messed up, they did not care - gave us each a $200 on board credit toward the NEXT cruise - which was not done in their time limit - so we didn't get to use it anyway!! They refused to grant us an extension even when we were ready to book...missed their deadline by 4 months. They are not customer service oriented at all!!) We also upgraded the dining experience as the buffets and regular dining was not good. Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
Having just returned from our twelfth cruise with the eastern Mediterranean route on the MSC Divina, we are stumped at the abundance of negative reviews we had read in advance. Our experience was just the opposite. No cruise is perfect but ... Read More
Having just returned from our twelfth cruise with the eastern Mediterranean route on the MSC Divina, we are stumped at the abundance of negative reviews we had read in advance. Our experience was just the opposite. No cruise is perfect but the MSC Divina came pretty darn close for us. Yes, we had some reservations prior to our departure. First, we've always been most comfortable on ships averaging 1,500 to 2,000 passengers (MSC Divina carries around 4,000). Second, we've been spoiled in the past by lines catering almost exclusively to the American passenger. But the allure of the MSC Divina design coupled with the Venice base and very appealing ports including Izmir, Istanbul and Dubrovnik clinched the deal for us. The ship is a beauty. Sleek, understated, elegant and full of surprises (and after a year, still with the feel of a sparkling, brand new ship). The MSC Divina feels very Italian and yet very international all at once. The staff, somewhat reserved (but as you get to know certain members of the crew, you'll find some great, friendly personalities), is always right on top of your requests and always striving to be as accommodating as possible. The crew is just as international as the passenger roster, unique to most cruise lines - you'll find nametags from Bali to Bosnia, South Africa to Scotland. Some of the bartenders weren't always at the top of their game - but with so many bars and so many attendants, just hop over to the next; you'll soon have your favorites (and they are quick to recognize you after a day or two). Embarkation in Venice was a snap. Of course, it helped that we took a private water taxi to the dock from our hotel (the wonderful A Tribute to Music hotel) to the private dock located next to the ship (great tour and what a way to arrive, all for about 70 euro). Your luggage is immediately tagged at the private water taxi dock so you skip the long lines to check in luggage at the terminal and immediately head up to registration. It's a quick confirmation at registration -- just make sure all information such as dinner seating time and any drink packages are printed on your cabin card. Mention that you arrived by private water taxi and instead of waiting for your boarding number to be called (group numbers are handed out at the crowded luggage check-in), you are immediately shown to the front of the line to board the ship. Embarkation with registration was a matter of 20 minutes for us - and after we boarded and grabbed a quick bite, we were amazed to find our luggage already at our cabin door in less than an hour. Our MSC Divina cabin 13038 could not have been better. Designed in beautiful dark brown, orange and gold tones, the cabin seemed a bit more narrow than other cabins we've had (from our favorites with Holland America, Celebrity and NCL to the "unique" Costa Fortuno to the not-so-hot Carnival) but certainly more comfortable. Plush sofa, ample storage and cabinets, compact but convenient bathroom (exceptionally clever design to fold in the shower doors when not in use to expand the bathroom space), thick carpeting, beautiful lighting options and comfortable seating on what seems to be a bigger-than-usual veranda with jaw-dropping views (and ideal privacy dividers from your neighbors). And the bed - the bed! - wow, just about the most comfortable bed we've ever had on any cruise. It was a plus that the forward cabins on the 13th Cupido deck are on hallways that dead-end with the captain and upper management rooms, so the hallways and cabin are dead quiet. Just ideal. Not sure how they did it - or when they did it - but our cabin was always clean, bed made, spotless bathroom, ice bucket filled, and turn down service with next-day information packets always waiting for us no matter the hour we returned at night. Our balcony and large windows were thoroughly scrubbed down twice on two port days. The best deals on the MSC Divina, as frequently mentioned, are absolutely the all-inclusive allegrissimo drink package (which also includes fantastic gelato from various stations) and the laundry package (20 items per cabin during the cruise cleaned for 25 euro total, and all came back to our cabin on the same day). While many cruise lines seem to be scaling back on entertainment and shows, MSC pulls out all the stops on the Divina in the sophisticated Pantheon Theatre with lavish and large (very large) productions. No live orchestra means more performers, singers and dancers on stage. I can't remember the last time we went on a cruise and went to every evening performance. On the Divina, the highlights for us included a spectacular Moulin Rouge Cadeaux show, mind-blowing Michael Jackson tribute and beautiful Sogno Italiano of Italian arias and operas. Astounding that in one week we saw everything from "Swan Lake" to Cirque-like aerials, can can dancers to electronic violinists, swashbuckling pirates to Italian tenors, all spectacular! The MSC Divina has a wide variety of bars, each with distinctive decor and entertainment in the evening. Our favorites turned out to be the Golden Jazz Bar (still amazed at the unique glass bubble chandeliers), Black and White Lounge (terrific dance band) and of course, the atrium bar with those gorgeous Swarovski crystal staircases and an ever-changing entertainment line-up from a concert pianist to a chamber orchestra to opera singers. We opted for our usual late dinner seating and chose the smaller of the two dining rooms, the Villa Rossa. It's an elegant room of deep reds with black and gold trims, and surrounded by panoramic windows - and have to say the Villa Rossa was far more elegant and not as cramped as the "signature" dining room called the Black Crab (don't get me wrong - it's a beautiful room but the Crab seemed crowded, somewhat claustrophobic and very understated in black and very muted plum and gold colors). Service in the Villa Rossa was of course impeccable and friendly, and that dining crew works darn hard to keep your meal flowing and anticipating your needs. The menus were varied, interesting and extensive. Sure there were some misses (our dining captain could tell I was having a tough time with a certain dish, whisked it away and immediately replaced it with another choice), but for the most part all the selections ranged from good to great. I am still dreaming of an incredible smoked gouda risotto'loved it so much I had a second helping and then for dessert, a third serving! Somewhere along the line, the MSC Divina got a reputation for serving dishes only lukewarm to cold. Not in our case - every hot dish was just that - hot! Amazing, by just our second night, our favorite bottles of wines, dishes of ice and favorite breads were waiting for us every evening. The big (and I mean BIG!) grand buffet sprawling over the Calumet and Manitou wings can be overwhelming. I would guess it extends about a third the length of the ship of the 14th floor deck, and you will be blown away by the selections of entrees, Mediterranean and international specialties, salads, wide variety of pizzas and pastas, meat carvings, unique Italian sandwiches, desserts, and expansive and truly fantastic cheese selections. Yes, the buffet can get very crowded - name one ship when a breakfast or a specific lunch period isn't crowded - but just take a breath and keep proceeding to the rear of the buffet into the Manitou sections (with stylish American Indian motifs). This buffet is smartly designed and selections continue to repeat themselves throughout the wings -- you'll find the rear portions much less crowded (and quiet) with more than ample window and booth seating. The MSC Divina is a marvel of not only design but also management of a large passenger ship. The many pools and tiered decks were never overly crowded (you'll always find outdoor seating - the attendants go out of their way to find comfortable spots for you). To escape the action of the unique Aqua Park, head aft to the Infinity Pool and hot tubs (always pretty quiet). The MSC Divina interiors have a variety of easy, comfortable seating (loved the silver two-person banquettes in the Black and White Lounge as well as lounging on the large full-body cushion sofas of the Golden Jazz). Exiting at ports was a breeze -- just wait ten minutes after port doors open so that the excursion groups can pour out first. I might guess tendered ports could be a bit challenging with so many passengers, but fortunately we didn't have to deal with any tendered ports. The only time the ship felt somewhat crowded was that hour or so between the 1st dinner seating/1st show and the 2nd dinner seating/2nd show. The beautiful and oh-so-comfortable 1,600 seat Pantheon Theatre is located at the front of the ship and the two dining rooms at the rear, so of course there is the intersecting flow from end to end during that evening interval (and there can be some gridlock pending the great opera singer or dance band in a lounge, or how good someone is bowling in the sports bar, or a jackpot being hit in the casino). Some good (and some not) surprises we discovered aboard the ship: - This is one spotless, sparkling, always white glove clean ship, at all hours of the day or night. Like others, we couldn't help but marvel at how the crew was always subtly cleaning every inch of the ship (never before seen attendants appearing from nowhere with handheld vacuum cleaners). - We are not fans of the White Party, but the MSC Divina's is so different: all ages having a great time, dancing with crew members and performers, fantastic bands, wonderful service and just a great spirit that is so inclusive of all ages, all nationalities, all types of folks (at one point I was dancing all at once with a very senior woman from Stockholm, a Japanese businessman and one of the reception desk attendants). - The Aurea Spa is one of the most elegant spas you'll ever see. We took a tour and were blown away - and had every intention to indulge (we were so intrigued by the coconut and opium saunas) but simply ran out of time. - Do not miss the 4D HD theatre - it is a hoot! We took in the "canyon ride" film and were hollering and grabbing the sides of our seats! Loved it! It's a six euro charge for the wild ride. - The first gala night is definitely a dressy affair (this international passenger roster took it seriously!) - the second gala night was a bit more subdued when it came to the 'glamour' quotient. - If you attend one of the 20-minute daily cooking demonstrations (interesting watching the chefs create dishes, but alas, no sampling), you'll qualify for a 15% discount at the upscale Galaxy restaurants or the Sacramento TexMex steakhouse. We opted for the Galaxy one night and found the dishes somewhat interesting but the setting and service lacking anything close to "upscale" or special (we definitely do not recommend it). The Galaxy is just the very hip Galaxy Disco's adjoining bar made over for the dinner hour. We were going to try the Sacramento TexMex steakhouse one evening but 1) it always seemed empty, which we didn't take as a good sign; and 2) we were simply enjoying the Villa Rossa dining room too much. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. No matter the ship, parents of all nationalities (yes, that includes you American parents, too) have a tendency to let their little monsters run loose now and then, thinking it's cute and that others will also enjoy the dancing tyke sprawled on a dance floor or pounding their spoon against a table. Just smile, shake your head and move away. - The MSC Divina doesn't push photo opportunities (too much), and there are mostly fixed positions for photo sittings and not cameraman climbing all over the decks. And give it a try - have to admit this ship's photographers are very stylish, very creative and very professional with some truly great photography! A word about the ports (and they can be short - but then again, every port stop is too short when you are truly enjoying yourself): Bari, Italy: fascinating old town and some glorious cathedrals to visit - then wander into the old town neighbors, down colorful alleys, and you'll glimpse Italy from decades gone by (and on this Sunday, there were local bands playing on hidden corners throughout old town Bari). Easily accessed from the port by taxi, bus or on foot. Katakolon, Greece: we wisely skipped Olympia (knowing Ephesus lay ahead the following day) and enjoyed the quaint town right on the port with some fantastic (and very reasonably priced) shopping. Also loved an open air tourist train ride from the town into the Greek country side, with fantastic views and stops at a beautiful vineyard and a breathtaking beach resort. Izmir, Turkey: we're not one for the ship excursions but prefer to book private (and much less expensive) tours. We scored big time with booking a private tour of the astounding Ephesus and Artemis along with a fantastic buffet lunch through Gizem Gencer at www.ephesustours.biz (and insist on Erman Gokbora as a guide - wonderful, knowledgeable and gracious guide). Istanbul, Turkey: once again, the massive mass ship excursion were not for us, so we booked a sensational private Byzantine tour and lunch with Ender Boz at www.privatetoursinistanbul.com. Regret to say we can't recall the name of our wonderful hostess, but we saw all the major historical sites of Istanbul in a knowledgeable, whirlwind tour tailored to our interests (and our guide knew how and when to maneuver past long lines and avoid the crowded mass tour times). Dubrovnik, Croatia: so this was our one trip-up. Had booked a private tour through Pero Klaic at pepoklaic@yahoo.com and his www.dubrovnikshoretrip.com. He was a no-show (luckily we had no deposits with him - definitely a tour service to avoid!) and were about to panic when we luckily discovered that for only 50 euro (compared to Pero's 150 euro trip), we could get a private one and a half hour taxi tour of the views, historical sites and then the jaw-dropping old town and walled city of Dubrovnik. Just hail any taxi at the port gate and make the request. And finally, disembarking in Venice. Well, all good things come to end. And all good procedures, too. This is where the MSC Divina stumbled a bit - disembarking was a chaotic mess. No one seemed quite sure where to go, when to go, who was to go, etc. We were one of the lucky ones (sort of), as all cabins on the 13th floor Cupido are for some reason marked as Gray One for priority disembarking. The 8 am disembarkation time became 9 am and then finally, finally, Gray One group was allowed to leave (and yes, our luggage was right there waiting for us as we departed). Now in all fairness, there could have been good cause for the confusion and concern that morning. There were massive and disruptive news-generating protests all day long by Venetians, protesting the arriving and departing cruise liners as being destructive to the Venice environment. Seeing how many (there were nine ships in port on our arrival in Venice) and how close these ships sail to the Venice docks and canals, I somewhat agree with the protestors that there are just too many that are sailing too close for comfort. And the MSC Divina seems to be always singled out of all ships by the protestors because of her enormous size and her namesake "godmother' Sophia Loren (many are demanding their beloved Sophia have her name removed from the ship). So we are privileged to offer a counter to those negative reviews of the MSC Divina and instead marvel at and appreciate the extraordinary experience aboard this glorious ship. We're excited to now be MSC Club members!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
This was our first cruise on Costa, we were due to sail on Concordia last year Feb, but due to unfortunate circumstances we rescheduled for this cruise on the Fascinosa.It was my 40Th so it was a special cruise for me and my partner, it ... Read More
This was our first cruise on Costa, we were due to sail on Concordia last year Feb, but due to unfortunate circumstances we rescheduled for this cruise on the Fascinosa.It was my 40Th so it was a special cruise for me and my partner, it was his first cruise and loved every minute of it. Everything went smoothly from the the check-in, we were booked in a mini suite, so had priority boarding and that was great, we were one of the first few people to board the ship.The staff were friendly and approachable and the service was great. Seeing as it was the newest of the Costa fleet, everything was Clean and New. Our suite was spacious and comfortable the beds were very comfortable & our Balcony was great L shaped at the back of the ship and huge.We were on the second seating for dinner, and was quiet impressed with the food, the menu change every evening and we also went to the dining room for most lunches, Don't really like the buffet on deck 9, especially when the ship was full, +-3600 passengers, at least in the dining room you have table service and order of the menu. We also did breakfast in the dining room, much more comfortable. who wants to stand in long queues when u on vacation.The entertainment was great, a Russian dance troop and also an acrobatic couple and they also had a crew show which was fabulous. The bars were busy and the cocktails were worth buying the drinks package which we did prior to joining the ship. At 19.50 euros a day including the gratuity it was a bargain as we enjoyed our wines with lunch & dinners and cocktails at all the bars and our cappuccinos with breakfast, it was definitely worth it for us.We also loved the Spa, the treatments were a bit pricey for us so we opted for the thermal suite pass, which gave u access to the different wet rooms, the oriental steam, hot steam, ha-mam & Turkish bath as well as Hydrotherapy pool and the Japanese Tea garden, that was definitely worth the 149 euros for both of us, but must be booked on embarkation. we used the facilities for the entire cruise and was most relaxing.The ports were great, just wish we had more time in some of them, we never did any excursions as i had been there before, so we explored on our own.Seeing it was a special birthday we booked the Ala Ca-rte restaurant Club Fascinosa, which was definitely worth the 50 euros for both of us the food was amazing and the whole ambiance of the restaurant was very Romantic. The highlight of the cruise for was the ship as i had been to all the ports, 7nights was way to short, so definitely a longer cruise for us next yearOn a whole we loved our Costa cruise, and we would recommend and we will cruise Costa again.Thank you for an amazing cruise Costa and see u again Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
We traveled on the Silhouette in January on a twelve night Caribbean cruise leaving from Bayonne, New Jersey. We had one of our best cruises so booking this European cruise and anticipating the same type of experience... we were not ... Read More
We traveled on the Silhouette in January on a twelve night Caribbean cruise leaving from Bayonne, New Jersey. We had one of our best cruises so booking this European cruise and anticipating the same type of experience... we were not disappointed! Read my in depth review posted in January about the ship. We cruised October 23rd for eleven nights from Venice to Rome, with an extra day in Rome at the end. Lets start with the negative which had nothing to do with the cruise but our travel experience it was almost disastrous. Heathrow airport was fogged in so our connecting flight to Venice was cancelled. Fortunately the ship was overnight or we would have missed it!!! Needless to say we had not slept in thirty hours as we flew from Toronto to London to Madrid to Venice. We arrived in our stateroom at midnight and ordered room service and had a lovely dinner. The positive, Celebrity hit it out of the park! We once again stayed in Aqua Class, had very good food throughout the cruise, we never felt the need to go to a speciality restaurant and the service was fantastic as usual! The extra special experiences was having the Captain's club hostess Donette Fletcher stop us in a hallway and state that she remembered our faces so we got re-aquainted as well we had two servers and an assistant come up to us our first evening and said they remembered us from January as we did also. We must have left quite the impression! Yikes!!! Other great experiences was an invitation on a formal night to dine at the Captains table hosted by Donette Fletcher and two engaging officers. Our fellow diners were American, British and Irish and were a pleasure to meet. A lovely touch was a photo of the whole group taken high above on the upper floor of the dining room. We all received copies at the end of the dinner personalized with everyone's name. A classy touch. Another would be highlight was an invitation for a champagne sail out in Kotor, Montenegro on the Heli pad at the bow of the ship. Unfortunately due to weather this event was cancelled but a great experience it would have been. A couple of cutbacks we noticed was the Captains club reception for Select and Elite members as there was no food as in January we had sushi and crepes. This time around there was just drinks, so there was plenty of laughter! Also, they were not promoting the discounts for the speciality restaurants like they use to. Although we did receive a 50% discount on our first night on the ship. All for not in our situation. We have dined in Murano before which is a lovely experience but you must plan on two to three hours and go very hungry. The entertainment was vastly improved over January and there were three of the principal singers we recognized that were impressive. The shows were excellent! We had to tender in to port at Split , Croatia which was a very unpleasant experience. Three thousand people getting off and four boats? We booked on board an open booking for a future cruise with a nominal deposit which never expires. The only issue with this cruise was it was port intensive, nine ports including Venice in 11 nights. Only one sea day so you are constantly on the move. This was a historic and educational cruise so we did not mind. Saying that our next cruise with Celebrity will have at least three to four sea days. In closing we would like to give kudos to our room attendant from Indonesia, Donette Fletcher, Captains Club hostess, Damar and ToTo our servers and Tyrone the assistant. Also, the Assistant Maitre'd Danella was very professional and looked after us. The Captain was a stand up comedian! Most of the staff were very friendly and engaging. If you are looking for value for your hard earned dollar, quality of food and service and ship amenities are important, Celebrity should be on your short list. Yes the age demographic is getting a little bit older but if you are healthy and mobile in your seventies, eighties and nineties I will keep cruising too! There are plenty of other cruise companies that cater to all sorts of different age groups. Saying this I would put the average age on this cruise at about sixty-five. A great mix of nationalities. A certain amount of class and decorum which is a nice change from the overly casual "island cruises". We enjoy cruising on other lines and like to switch things up to see if our benchmark (Celebrity) is still the one. We will be trying out the Eurodam a Holland America cruise over the holidays and New years with our two adult sons so we will be interested in the comparison. We keep coming back to Celebrity! Enjoy the experience, try Celebrity and become a convert! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
MSC Divina review- Departure date 08/11/2012- Cabin type Yacht Club De Luxe Suite - YC1 This was my first experience with MSC and I came away very impressed. I had not considered the line in the past but the combination of a brand new ... Read More
MSC Divina review- Departure date 08/11/2012- Cabin type Yacht Club De Luxe Suite - YC1 This was my first experience with MSC and I came away very impressed. I had not considered the line in the past but the combination of a brand new ship and the itinerary that went to both Izmir and Istanbul was enough to sway me. I am glad we took the "risk" and sailed with MSC, I feel we got a lot of value for our investment. The Divina is a gorgeous vessel. The attention to detail in the art and architecture is amazing. Obviously the designers wanted to create a place of beauty and one can tell a lot of expense went into items such as the crystal staircases (on which each step is filled with cut crystals that look like diamonds) lovely sculptures and paintings. The Yacht Club complex is done in rich earth tones and feels more like a boutique hotel than a cruise ship. The cabin was a bit on the small side given what I am used to (I would say more like a mini suite) but the quality of the materials used were very luxurious. The bed was similar to a temperpedic and by far the most comfortable I have ever slept on outside of my home on land or sea. The pillow menu was extensive including two different types of memory foam pillows. Our butler did not bat an eye when I asked for six pillows. (I have fibromyalgia and need to support my limbs when sleeping). The linens were very high quality and the carpet passed my white sock test with flying colors. (I always put on a pair of white socks and drag my feet in the room whenever I am checking out a new ship or location- if the socks stay white you know they take cleaning seriously- believe it or not they have turned dark brown in some places that are considered 5 star). A lot of planning went into the lighting, of which there are many options, including hidden in the headboard and along the walk in closet hanger rail. A huge mirror is in front of the bed which I am certain some people might find as an extra perk lol. The bathroom and balcony are also both on the small side. The bathroom has a tub shower combination with a glass wall that covers half the tub and works like a shower curtain or door. There was plenty of storage in the bath and main cabin. The amenities were pretty standard, lotion, shower cap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and a facial soap. It would have been nice to see some extra items that I have become accustomed to like q-tips, bath salts, linen spray etc. but each line is different. The lack of specialty toiletries would not affect my interest in rebooking. In fact I already booked the YC on the Preziosa for next year. The YC is insulated very well from the rest of the ship and it is quite possible to never leave the complex except for when heading to La Muse the YC restaurant. The food is very good in La Muse as is the service. We had a beautiful view of the "infinity pool" and some sculptures. (It is a stretch to call that pool an infinity pool- it is a nice pool with balcony type glass to look out at the ocean but really is not the same as a true infinity pool) The all inclusive drinks package that comes with the YC is a very nice perk! We loved the itinerary especially Istanbul which was an amazing day. Although we spent most of our time up in the Yacht Club while on the ship I did tour the other areas on the sea day and did not encounter any of the issues people had expressed concern about such as overcrowding and smokers. It did not appear any different than any other large ship, there appeared to be plenty of loungers and with multiple pools and hot tubs there appeared to be room for everyone. I saw activities for all ages including a water slide, bowling, a 4D movie theater and a Formula One racecar simulator that looked very popular. We only walked through the Casino once but I did not smell any smoke and I am quite sensitive to it. I have compiled an in-depth day by day review with links to photos and the daily programs. You can view it here. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1700848&page=2 Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
My husband & I have cruised with MSC 2 times: the MSC Fantasia & the Divina. We enjoyed both vacations very much. The cruise line does an extremely good job of maintaining and cleaning their ships and presenting fresh food in the ... Read More
My husband & I have cruised with MSC 2 times: the MSC Fantasia & the Divina. We enjoyed both vacations very much. The cruise line does an extremely good job of maintaining and cleaning their ships and presenting fresh food in the major eating areas. The downside is that some of the passengers are just downright rude, e.g. bump into you and not say excuse me, try to hoard and reserve deck chairs when no one's in them; talking in loud voices unnecessarily, allowing their children to accompany them into adults-only areas and misbehave. The staff in general have not been properly trained in customer service. Given the international nature of the passengers, they may think they do not need to learn or attempt to speak English, but this is the international language, and one they may rely upon to communicate effectively with most passengers. The majority of the staff do smile or go out of their way to provide outstanding service; rather, service was perfunctory, except for our cabin steward and our server in the formal dining area who were outstanding. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Tessera, which is near the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. The city of Venice is accessible by city bus, but takes between 30 to 50 minutes to get there via bus and then water taxi (valporetti), depending on the traffic. We went stayed 3 nights and went into Venice 2 times, so we purchased a city pass for both. The hotel provided our transfer to the Venice Cruise Terminal and breakfast as part of a special package rate. Recommended local restaurant: Al Quadrante: a pizza place that serves other Italian dishes, and it's GREAT! The pizza was not oily and the crust was out of this world. My pasta dish was also delicious. We did not partake in the onboard activities, except for frequenting the casino, which was our major form of evening entertainment. Given the fact we were there every night of the cruise, one would have thought that the casino/bar staff and servers would recognize us and personalize their service; however, this did not happen. These are the little touches that one misses on MSC, whereas when one has experienced outstanding customer service, the experience is much more positive. A 7 euro gratuity is automatically charged each day, so there is no individual tipping. The food in the main Dining Room: The Black Crab was hit or miss. The pasta & soups & desserts were the best; the meats were not good: gizzly & flavorless. Be sure to order 4-5 courses so that you have enough to eat compared to American standards. On our first cruise we did not attend a single show; this time, on the Divina, our daughter & son-in-law went to one of the shows and raved about it, so we attend the remaining ones. Caberet quality with lipsynching and live singing. Some outstanding indivdual performances, but overall, just OK. However, we're glad we went (full houses all nights). Disembarkation went smoothly; however, we purchased the transfer from the boat to the Airport and we had to wait in the heat for over an hour for the MSC bus to arrive. We decided that we should have paid a bit more and left via taxi because it cut our duty-free shopping time short. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. ... Read More
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. Third, I traveled with my older children so there will be a few notes for this as well. It is interesting that much of the time I was comparing this ship with the Carnival Liberty. I would have to say, that the FunShip 2.0 experience wasn't really fantastic on that ship either. Maybe I was expecting more? Not sure but I wanted to feel like it was a newer, better Carnival and not just throwing a little makeup on the same old thing. To that point - I guess the biggest thing is I believe we definitely want "more fun". The activities were certainly limited, which I can understand on the big port days but what about the days at sea? There was really no difference between these and the older FunShips. Some specifics... Poolside: Typically is always good for some fun, great music, socializing, quirky contests of some sort. Really none of that on this cruise. Maybe it is more typical on Caribbean cruises. It would be nice if there was one place to go on the ship and know something was always going on. Not here. Movies: These were a nice addition - but I kid you not - one movie that we watched on the screen was literally cut off and ended about 15 minutes before the real end of the movie. No explanation, just yet another advertisement from Carnival which you will get sick of seeing if you go. I think you have to be on the ship to understand. Advertisements! Competitions between Blue Iguana and Red Frog: Since both bars are across from each other poolside, the Carnival Liberty would have little contests between the two. Just to generate excitement and maybe getting a drink one place versus the other. No competitions on Breeze - guess that is reserved for Liberty. Competitions mean a discount on this or that drink, with tallies to who wins. Something fun. Sports Bar: Luckily for us the UEFA Cup soccer games were going on during our trip. However, only one place was available to watch them, and this area was full of smoke. Now I don't mind smoky areas, but it was a little much. Oh well. Public Announcements: "I hate to use the public address system, and I told you I wouldn't, but..." I heard that tons of times. The whole Livorno stop getting messed up (read later) definitely important. A lot of the other ones were just rubbish and unimportant. When I am on a cruise, I don't like the cattle calls to everyone. You have a guide in your room that says what is going on. I don't need announcements about the daily art auction or a shop opening. Well now to throw some good things into the review, which is also important. Food: The mongolian wok is fantastic. Definitely more flavorful that most of the other wok grills I have been to on other ships. Tandoori was nice too - at the back of the ship and often missed. As already stated, the pasta bar upstairs was good for lunchtime as well. Don't miss the BBQ on the fifth floor, that is only open during "days at sea" for lunch. Otherwise it is closed! Dining room food was OK. Not bad, but not something to rave about either. Guy Fieri burgers were 5 times better on Liberty than Breeze. I speculate it is American Beef (Liberty out of Miami) versus whatever beef they had on Breeze. Staff: Very attentive, excellent. Nice and cordial. The gym personnel were great too, and always there for questions or tips. Spa was excellent as well. As mentioned, the poor Guest Services people were always slammed busy, and there weren't enough of them. Decor: Definitely in the right direction. Pinks and Purples of Carnival are gone. Question some of the lighter carpet colors though... they will get darker though as more people walk on them. Kids: My kids really enjoyed their respective kids clubs. There were not a ton of kids onboard, but according to them (and when they got back at night) they had a really good time. Entertainment: Very good. The dancers/singers did the same show multiple times, so you could pick and choose. I think they had a total of five shows throughout the cruise. Some days they did three shows spaced out in time starting at 5pm... they did bring on some UK comedians. Our cruise was 95%+ US residents. You could definitely hear the UK residents though because they laughed when the rest of us had no clue what was being said. "the woman weighed 13 stones" and other phrases that we just couldn't connect to what it meant. I think they were funny but I am not sure... As already mentioned in another review Carnival really screwed up our port schedule. They said "we booked this port a YEAR ago but they don't have a spot for us tomorrow". Hmm. I think if I booked anything a year in advance where people were counting on me I would follow up at least a few times as the date got closer. But they told us Carnival Corporate is working on it so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Oh well. Marseilles stop was scraped, and Monaco was cut a half day short. We got "an extra day at sea" but I wish they would have hung out a little closer to the shore (the sea was really rough that day!) I think it was said in another review - skip Olbia stop. Waste of time. The rest of the stops were really good though. Would I take the Carnival Breeze again? Sure - especially since things actually went pretty well considering we were the "first paying guests" on the ship. Once other cruise directors get in there and feedback comes back, they can really fix up the small issues that are being pointed out. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
Let me start by saying I have read some bad reviews from people that have traveled on this ship and all I can say is I have NO IDEA what ship they were on but it wasn't the Jade I was on. I LOVE THIS SHIP! My friend and I just got ... Read More
Let me start by saying I have read some bad reviews from people that have traveled on this ship and all I can say is I have NO IDEA what ship they were on but it wasn't the Jade I was on. I LOVE THIS SHIP! My friend and I just got back from a 7 day cruise to Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Izmir, Split and back to Venice. This ship is so clean and had such a good vibe...I never wanted to leave. The entire crew was absolutely wonderful! We had a BB Balcony state room on the 10th floor...cabin 10512 and Michelle was our room keeper. Fabulous room! Really comfy bed, super clean linens and loved the bathroom. Sliding door to separate toilet, lots of fresh towels every day and the water pressure in the shower was amazing. Michelle makes a mean towel monkey too! (They make your towels into animal shapes sometimes) Lots of storage space for clothes....big closets and shelves. There was also a vanity, desk, TV, pull out sofa and mini bar. The only minus I can think of is that we didn't use the pull out bed (we were 2 friends...male and female traveling together) as it didn't look like it had been given fresh linens in a while. We shared the huge queen size bed so it was fine with us. Yes the ship is designed with big palm trees and Hawaiian fashion as it was initially The Pride of Hawaii but I love the cheesiness of it all honestly. The whole vibe of the ship was awesome...especially the disembarkation parties on the pool deck when you're leaving ports....loved it! Great mix of people and nationalities. I got to know people from 22 -70 years old and had a blast doing it. The food all over the ship was excellent! I have no idea why so many people are complaining about the restaurants that have a small cover charge....don't go there if you don't want to. The free restaurants are excellent. We ate at Alizar or the Garden buffet almost every night. Actually, the buffet was my favorite part of the ship and I never even had time to try everything it offered. The Spinnaker Lounge is the night club on the ship but a lot of under age kids are allowed to stay into the wee hours of the night and inappropriate things sometimes happen so if you have kids....bad thin gs can happen even on a cruise ship. Put your kids to bed at night where they belong...that's all I'm saying. My favorite part of the cruise was the Lychee Sakitini after dinner in the Martini bar on deck 6. Sam and John are excellent bartenders and I really looked forward to hearing the pianist John play every night. Having been off the ship a few days now....I really miss hearing him play. Drink prices....AGAIN...I have no idea what people are complaining about. The prices were totally reasonable unless you're from the sticks and you're used to $2 Budweiser...I don't get it. I ran up exactly as outrageous a bar tab I expected to and it was worth every penny. Free all day in the buffet are coffee, tea and iced tea. There's juice in the morning with breakfast. Fine with me.The pool and pool area are super clean and I actually asked the pool maintenance guy how it all worked when he had emptied the pool for cleaning one night. The pool is refilled with fresh sea water quite often and he was so sweet telling me about it. I talked to the staff more than passengers actually...they were all so nice!THE SPA....oh my....the spa! I bought the $119 week long package to the spa. (They only sell 40 women and 40 men passes each trip so when you get on the ship...RUN THERE and get one) There are women only, men only and co ed areas here. In the women only there is a huge hot tub right above the captain's room so you're in a hut tub in the front of the ship with nothing but deep blue ocean in front of you and on the right side. It was indescribable and decadent...I felt like a queen. They also have a windowed sauna (again...ocean right outside) and a steam room with eucalyptus in the steam.. There are lockers with robes and towels inside, showers and these mosaic tiled showers with light therapy and your choice of ice rain or tropical rain. There is also a cold plunger pool which is my favorite thing. It's a great way to wake up between being pool side all day and dressing for dinner. The co ed area has a huge hot tub that you lay down in....ahhhhhhmazing and heated mosaic tile beds right in front of the windows that put you to sleep in about 5 seconds. Trust me....get the pass!They use hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE on the ship to keep people safe. I never use it myself but on the ship...it's necessary. Just use it and cooperate. Say hello to the "washy washy, happy happy" lady at the garden cafe for me....I LOVED her!I also loved "Champagne Duo" that usually performed out by the pool....they sang such great songs and really set the mood on the pool deck. Everything was just so harmonious....I really miss it. On days when you are at sea.....you have to get up really early to get a deck chair and reserving for over an hour is not allowed so plan your attack ahead of time or you'll be standing or up a deck or two above the pool. I never saw the ship actually run out of deck chairs though. If you look, you'll find one somewhere. All the excursions we took were fabulous but in in Athens I scheduled an air conditioned Mercedes Taxi and it was the smartest thing I could have done. The owner of the company picked us up at port himself and took us everywhere we wanted to go in 5 hours...he even bought us lunch at this brick oven place. Amex had accidentally canceled my card while I was on the ship and when I told him where the Athens Amex office was....he took me there and I was on my way in no time. We went straight to the Parthenon before it got too hot or crowded and doing it without a group is a breeze...then you just split when you want to. He and his drivers also really know a lot about the history and i got as much knowledge from him as I would have from any tour guide. He also had a video of Athens that played in the car and sent me home with a book and DVD. The best part? It was only 150 Euro for us both. 150 per tour! Can't beat it....30 Euro dawn payment through Pay Pal and you're all set. The best part was we got to go to a lot of scenic spots that a tour bus would never have been able to get to and he even brought us to Parliament for the changing of the guards. I highly recommend you do it too! Ask for John! http://www.athenstoursguide.com/Anyway, I loved this ship...loved the ports...loved the crew...loved it all. If you can't have fun on this ship....you need to take a long look at your life cause I can't wait to go back! Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
My wife and I simply love to cruise together. It is amazing how well we travel together when we cruise - and, for us, it is the absolute best way for us both to leave our work behind and escape into each other's company, making ... Read More
My wife and I simply love to cruise together. It is amazing how well we travel together when we cruise - and, for us, it is the absolute best way for us both to leave our work behind and escape into each other's company, making romantic memories that will last for the rest of our lives, having plenty of time alone as well as an abundance of time together. She has cruised several cruise lines dating back to before we were married; I have only cruised Carnival, starting with our honeymoon 9 years ago ... and now that we've been Platinum for a while, I personally see no reason to switch ... except for that occasional trip when we may be looking for a specific itinerary that Carnival does not offer. In 2011 we booked a Spa Package room on the inaugural voyage of the Magic, and we absolutely loved it!! We spent a couple days in Venice (actually Lido Island, which was extremely cool ... no canals there, which allowed me to jog as much as I wanted which would be difficult in Venice proper ... but it is just a quick water bus ride from Venice itself ... and we discovered tuna pizza in one of Lido's quaint outdoor cafes) ... so we were well into the romantic mood before setting sail. We both fell in love with the Spa package from the get-go: for me it is the perfect way to finish off an intense work-out in the excellent gym for this class of ship (we have been on the Magic, the Dream, and the Breeze ... all the same class ... all fantastic) ... for her, what can I say, "It's a spa!" Of course that means all the saunas and steam rooms and relaxing areas you could want along with the therapeutic whirlpool (facials, and all the other girlie stuff are extra). Since we booked a Spa cabin, the more or less private spiral staircase up to the gym, spa, and serenity decks was right around the corner from our room. For economy's sake this cruise was our first interior cabin - all the previous were either Ocean View, Balcony, or Suite [honeymoon, of course ;)]. The Spa package and close access (not to mention that you are on deck 11 or 12) added so much ambiance, that I did not notice at all that it was an interior! Besides, I love to pray and seek the Lord, meditating on the Word in my heart in the morning while she gets coffee and explores the ship, and the interior atmosphere enhances the experience - in my own little cocoon alone with God! Even though Carnival is known for its on-board activities of a "fun" or "party" nature, there are many opportunities for privacy and serenity, which is what we love ... I don't even notice the other stuff going on. Speaking of serenity - we love the adult-only Serenity Deck - and, specifically, the "cones" - picture a stationary Tilt-a-Whirl car-like circular chase lounge with a wicker top and aides, a large foot rest, nice padding, pillows ... and privacy ... a great place to chill and read all day ... or snuggle! Tip - don't wait until 8:00 a.m. on sea days to grab your cone - it's probably too late. Here is what we love about cruising the Mediterranean - plenty of Romantic ports that stretch the dollar - our second Med. cruise was on the Breeze on a 12 day itinerary that anchored in Venice for 2 days - saved us $600 in Venice hotel bills! (Details in another review). Though we are selective about our excursions, there is one type that we always enjoy - wine tasting with the locals - nothing compares with any afternoon of fun, fellowship, laughter ... and wine ... under the Tuscan, Sicilian, or Sardinian sun ... simply amazing! The Magic is a great ship ... but the Mediterranean itineraries are even greater ... my recommendation ... take as long a cruise as your schedule affords ... don't sacrifice number of days for a better cabin (all the Carnival cabins are extremely consistent) ... and consider buying a partial Spa package on board instead of pre-booking one - you may not use it every day ... unless, of course, like us, you like feeling special in our interior Spa room. One last hint - avoid cabin #11207 (or 12207, I assume ... or the mirror on the other side of the ship on either deck 11 or 12) ... we somehow got this room twice on the Dream and the Breeze ... and never again! It is rated as a handicap room (which happened to be the last Spa Cabin available the first time we got it ... the other time it was a mistake ... we are not handicapped). This cabin is too small and does not have enough closet space! I took one little cube of space so she could have all the rest - and still my wife did not have nearly enough closet space. This is a design flaw in the ship itself ... very unusual for Carnival. Makes you feel like you are living out of a suitcase for the entire cruise. The side cabins are great, though, so no worries, just be careful when booking. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We have just returned from a 14 night cruise to the Eastern Med. chosen because we had not visited the ports of call and as a teacher I have to cruise during school holidays. Having sailed on the Pearl two years ago in the Caribbean we ... Read More
We have just returned from a 14 night cruise to the Eastern Med. chosen because we had not visited the ports of call and as a teacher I have to cruise during school holidays. Having sailed on the Pearl two years ago in the Caribbean we thought we would book the Freestyle cruise with NCL. Last time we had a fantastic balcony cabin at the aft of the ship ~ right at the back and because of the stateroom being so private and the view at the back of the ship we hardly left the cabin! This time we decided to go for an inside stateroom and be more sociable! Our flight to Venice was relaxing~ the flight with British Airways was not full, we arrived in a very hot Venice 43degrees and were transferred to the ship. We dropped our hand luggage to the cabin, changed into our swimwear/shorts and headed directly to have some food at the buffet and were delighted to find that the quality was still superb! A walk around the ship and then time to relax on one of the sunbeds. We visited the Spa and decided to purchase this facility for the two weeks ~ the best decision we have ever made!! We were staying in Venice for two days due to the Festival and were amazed with this delightful place, enjoying our gondola ride, visit to St Mark's square and the fantastic fireworks display. Our cabin Stewards were fantastic and I loved all the towel animals waiting on our bed each evening. The stewards work so hard and we felt sorry for them when some of the cabins on our floor left it to the last minute, just before 9pm to allow them to make up their rooms for the night. Let them do their jobs and have their time off! The most amazing part of our cruise was leaving Venice along the canal and watching the other cruise ships slowly moving past the houses and buildings ~ funnels high above the rooftops ~ so graceful and commanding. We enjoyed all the ports of call and especially Athens where we ventured on our own to visit the ruins ~ costing us 4Euro on the train and 12 Euro entry fee. I would recommend this rather than spending much more on the ships tour! The food was exceptional on board ~ during the first week I did rename the Magenta as 'Magenta Express' the food was literally thrown at us and we timed our four course meal as being ordered, delivered and eaten within 25 minutes. A record or what???? We normally visited the speciality restuarants more but found them to be quite a bit more expensive. We did enjoy the Bistro and my husband had the Sushi on two occasions while I had the Asian. We were disappointed with Cagney's this time as the curly chips were now straight!! We found our stateroom to be very compact and exceptionally noisy and complained to the reception desk about this. Perhaps if you were new to cruising or hard of hearing you might feel that this was acceptable but as this was our seventh cruise we found that the noise was dreadful especially from 11.40 pm to 3 am. One of the receptionists, Meeka was so very helpful, she came to our cabin and agreed the noise was unacceptable. We were offered a cabin for four nights on deck 4 with a porthole BUT had to return to the cabin again for our second week. We decided not to move as it would involve having to pack/unpack/pack and unpack ~ too much hassle so we requested some other sort of refund and were offered a complimentary dinner at the Bistro! We spent quite a lot of time during the late afternoon in the Spa ~ absolutely worth every penny! Only 84 members allowed to join and no kids! Our first week was heaven as it was soooooo quiet and not so busy, being able to cruise with panoramic views from the glass sauna, relax on hot stone beds or simply read a book as the ship cruises to our next port. Our second week found the ship to be full and many Americans on board, this we found made the spa area very noisy at times as Americans like to be heard and others must hear them regardless of whether they want to or not:( We eventually found out that our stateroom was directly below the plate washer in the great outdoors cafe, Meeka then offered us another cabin on the 5th floor and they agreed that we could use it just to sleep in. This we agreed to and it was quieter, we did however ask for a refund as well as it had meant us having to sleep with ear plugs ~ not the holiday we had intended. The price of alcohol on board was not too bad it was the additional 15% added on to each drink that was the problem! In the end we took up the offer of the six bottles of wine and this satisfied my alcohol consumption for the rest of the cruise. Would we cruise with NCL again ~ probably! But not for a while until the dollar is better value and only if we can book our original stateroom. We found the ship to be too full and busy, having watched sunbed rage one time on a sea day it was quite funny and before you ask it wasn't an American it was a German! We love cruising and will perhaps look for a smaller ship to continue our travels! Read Less
Sail Date July 2010

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