6 Venice to Europe - Western Mediterranean Carnival Magic Cruise Reviews

After reading several negative reviews about the Magic, I must say I am stunned and amazed at what people will complain about. I suppose you just can't make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. We sailed on the Carnival ... Read More
After reading several negative reviews about the Magic, I must say I am stunned and amazed at what people will complain about. I suppose you just can't make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. We sailed on the Carnival Magic in May through the Western Mediterranean. I thought Carnival did a great job with this, their newest ship. I, for one, am very happy with the direction Carnival is heading with the Magic. I was impressed with the color scheme and artwork throughout the ship. There were lots of open spaces to hang out, have a cocktail or watch the world go by. The adults serenity area was a fantastic place to relax. I really enjoyed the piano bar and the nightclub was one of the best I've seen at sea. We took advantage of the My Time dining plan. We happened to get a great waiter and dining staff the first night, so we requested the same wait staff each night of our cruise. They worked tirelessly to provide us a wonderful dining experience. The food in the main dining room was very good to excellent, exceeding my expectations. I especially enjoyed the braised short ribs and the chocolate melting cake. The Lido buffet was large, with plenty of space to find somewhere to sit. It never felt crowded and there were plenty of good options for breakfast and lunch. The specialty steak house was also a wonderful treat. The food there was excellent and the wait staff did an outstanding job. We were booked in a balcony cabin in category 8E. We were very impressed with our cabin. The beds were very comfortable, the cabins were large and we were able to get an adjoining cabin with friends we were traveling with. We opened the partition between balconies, which made it great to be outside with our friends for breakfast or share an evening glass of wine. Our cabin steward was exceptionally efficient and friendly. He met all of our requests in a timely manner and went above and beyond the call of duty. We had the pleasure of having Ron Pass in the piano bar on our sailing. He was incredibly entertaining and talented. We enjoyed his show several evenings and watched how the crowds to his shows were a little bigger each night. All in all our cruise was a truly great experience. I will definitely sail Carnival again. Although some have complained on this site about their experience, All I want to say is a huge Thank you to Carnival and an even bigger Thank you to the staff on our sailing. I appreciate all you did to make our experience Magic! I am one happy cruiser. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
The Carnival Magic's sister ship, the DREAM, had been our latest favorite in the Carnival fleet. We think the changes/enhancements made to the MAGIC have now made this new ship our favorite. We had the pleasure of watching this ... Read More
The Carnival Magic's sister ship, the DREAM, had been our latest favorite in the Carnival fleet. We think the changes/enhancements made to the MAGIC have now made this new ship our favorite. We had the pleasure of watching this brand new ship arrive in Venice. We had heard that it would arrive the morning before our departure, so several of us hoofed it to St. Mark's Square and watched her come in. It was quite a treat.In no particular order, the following discusses some of the positive changes that we noted:• In our aft balcony on deck 8 there was a nice wide shelf along the big window. While we did not use this area, it does make for additional space to put things.• The Red Frog Pub is a very nice addition and a much better use of the space where the art gallery had been on the DREAM. The pub serves bar food for $3.33 and has a full service bar which includes their own brewed beer. There are two entrances to the pub off Deck 5 (promenade deck) and it has a Caribbean-type theme. There is additional seating outside the pub on the port side, including a picnic table with bench seats on sliders. A photographer in the pub occasionally photographed guests and then quickly put the photos to show on a TV screen in the pub. It was great fun! • The decor on this ship is much subdued from the usual Joe Farcus colors. There are a lot of soft blues and greens and we really liked the decor. The casino is still glitzy but very pretty.• We were in the Southern Lights dining room and noted that it was opened up somewhat due to the elimination of the piano area which never seemed to get used on the other ships.• The photo gallery has added computerized face-recognition stations where one can swipe their sign and sail card and view the professional photos that were taken on the ship. Guests can still look for their photos in the regular manner, but this feature is especially helpful in the later days of the cruise when guests are milling around trying to locate their photos among the thousands displayed along the walls. Guests can choose to pick their photos off the displays and pay for them in the usual manner or they can order them off the computer kiosks and pick them up the next day. The only glitch we found is that occasionally the face-recognition system thought we were other people and photos from folks we did not know were included in our album. Staff is available to assist in finding photos.• According to the daily paper, the Fun Times (formerly Carnival Capers), one can arrange to have professional photos taken anywhere on the ship or in port. I don't know how much this costs, but it could be a nice enhancement. • There are also photographic opportunities to have photos taken against a blank screen and then the staff can superimpose a particular scene. I don’t know what or how many scenes are offered, but we did one with a gondola that turned out very nice.• This ship has an enhanced water park with the various slides (like on the DREAM) and also a big bucket that dumps water on folks below in the water park area. A horn alerts before the dump.• There is a two-level miniature golf course as well as a rope walk which looked very neat. We did not use either one but it did seem to get quite a bit of action.• The sushi bar sometimes offers “make your own salads” during sea days. Guests choose the ingredients and staff tosses the salad.• Also on sea days staff set up an outdoor bar and eating venue that offered hot dogs, sliders, beef and/or pork tacos, and chicken quesadillas. This venue was located outside Ocean Plaza on the Starboard side.• Ocean Plaza remains a hub of activity and is pretty much set us as on the DREAM. However, in the area between the specialty coffee place and the bar (where the special martini bar was located on the DREAM), the ship now offers delicious looking small snacks. We did not patronize these snacks (just how much can one eat?), but they looked wonderful.No more review space--will try to continue Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
BACKGROUND-We are a married couple (42m/38f) from Nashville, Tn. This was our 7th cruise but our first cruise overseas. We are generally an active beach going couple that enjoy sitting on the beaches and taking it easy so we knew this ... Read More
BACKGROUND-We are a married couple (42m/38f) from Nashville, Tn. This was our 7th cruise but our first cruise overseas. We are generally an active beach going couple that enjoy sitting on the beaches and taking it easy so we knew this was going to be a little different trip for us. FLIGHTS/HOTEL- We flew from Nashville to Venice via JKF and Madrid 2 days prior to sailing. Flights were non-eventful and all in all went quickly. We took the bus at the airport to Piazza Roma along with our 4 very large suitcases and two backpacks. We stayed at the Hotel Pappadopli very near the Piazza Roma. It was a very short walk over only one bridge to get the hotel. We had originally thought of leaving a portion of our luggage at the left baggage storage location but when we couldn't find it right away so we just took all our luggage with us to the hotel and it was pretty easy to do so. The hotel is pretty nice and the rooms were spacious enough. I will say we did have some ants in the room that were roaming around on the floor some but that could be a Venice as a whole problem? The best thing about this hotel is the convience to the Piazza Roma. PORTS- I will not go in to detail on all the ports of call here as there is just too much to tell but will try to focus on the ship and the embarkation and debarkation. We took a cab from the Piazza Roma to the cruise ship terminal. It was maybe a 5-10 minute cab ride and the cost was around 20E if I remember correctly. From start to finish for the embarkation process was 20 minutes if even that. Very smooth and efficient. Not realizing that all the liquor stores would be closed on Sunday May 1 for holiday we had to buy 2 bottles of wine at the port to have in our room. We were told by the clerk working at the shop that we could bring on 5 bottles of wine (each) and 1 bottle of spirits (each). The way it worked here is you bought your bottles and they gave you a ticket. Once you checked in, went thru security they had a window set up for you to hand them your ticket and they handed you your purchases. So after picking up our bottles we never were checked again for what we were bringing on the ship. Might be different in Barcelona but this is how it worked in Venice. If you brought that many bottles to the port and brought them thru security I am not for sure if they would say anything or not. But we also brought back on board two bottles from a winery in Florence and was told to drop them off at the desk but for some reason we forgot to stop at the desk to give them the bottles. Ooops!!! STATE ROOM- We stayed in Cove balcony room #2400. We picked this cabin because we enjoy balconies and were interested in staying that close to the water for the experience. First the good points about the balcony- great size and layout of room and balcony, private when sailing as no one can see from above or below, you can see side to side some if you are looking but you would need to be somewhat a peeping tom. Obviously being the first sailing it was very clean and new smelling, bed was very comfortable. The location was very close to the aft elevators so it was pretty easy to get where you needed to go but it was quite a walk to the spa and serenity deck. There was plenty of storage in the room and that was good because we had way too much stuff with us. Bad points to the balcony- we were right below the galley and it was pretty loud most all the time. Either someone dragging something across the floor, mixing something, cleaning something, stacking stuff etc... They work in there pretty much non-stop so there was always some noise. When we would come back from the casino even late at night there was still a lot of noise and afternoon naps were a little tough due to banging, dragging etc... If you are a light sleeper or need a lot of peace and quiet in your room be careful when picking your cove balconies to see what is above you. I know some say they had no noise on other parts of the ship, but I can say we had lots of noise and as did our neighbors. Our TV remote worked on its own schedule (sometimes it worked great, sometimes it didn't work at all), room steward called about it several times but the problem was never really fixed the whole cruise. Not a big deal really but could be nuisance to some. At night they have to keep the life boats lit for safety reasons obviously so we did get some light on your balcony from that. Again not a big deal but it you want to gaze at the stars it would a little tough. I did a lot of research on our stateroom before we left and even thought about changing location when I knew we were below the galley but figured it wouldn't be that bad. We enjoyed the cove balcony and were able to tolerate the noise but would be more strategic on picking our room location next time and probably would book a spa room if we had to do it all over again. We used the spa on our second sea day and we really enjoyed it a lot. We booked a hot stone couples massage for 8am which lasted about an hour and then we purchased the day pass to the spa for $35 each and were able to use both steam rooms, Thalasso therapy pool, and thermal suites. We enjoyed all the spa facilities that day and would recommend the day pass for sure. They do have dry saunas for free use in the regular dressing rooms for men and women but they are quite small. DINING- We did the anytime dining option and only had to wait for a table on the first sea day for about 20 minutes, the other nights we were seated right away. We ate in the dining room 4 nights and the food was very good each night, you just have to remember they are cooking for thousands and thousands of guests so if you are expecting everything to be cooked perfectly just for you then you might be asking a bit much. Service was hit and miss on some nights, bar service was slow on occasion, the ice cream on my chocolate melting cake was a chunk of ice one night and small things like that but if that is all there is to complain about in 4 nights of dining in the main dining room then I would say they did a great job especially on an inaugural cruise. We did eat at the steakhouse two nights and both nights were fantastic. You will not leave there hungry at all. Wife had the steak and lobster both nights and I had the NY strip the first night and the ribeye the second night. They were both great but preferred the NY strip as it was probably one of the better steaks I have ever eaten and we've enjoyed very upscale steakhouses throughout the country. For $30 per person it is a very good deal and you would probably spend somewhere in the $150-$200 range for the same meal at Morton's, Ruth Chris or Smith and Wollensky. We ate at Cucina Del Capitano for lunch one day at it was great also. At lunch they give you a sheet and you check off which pasta you want, the sauce you want, meat, etc... and they make it the way you like. It was quick, easy and very tasty. We didn't eat there for dinner but they do require reservations at dinner time (lunch is free, dinner is $10 for adults, $5 for kids). We ate at the various grills, buffets, pizzeria etc... throughout the ship and all were the typical cruise ship foods. In general all the food was above average for sure and we had no problems with lines at all for any of the food venues. We didn't think about not going during peak times or things like that. We just went when we felt like eating something and never had a problem. RED FROG PUB- We visited the pub 3 nights and did order the Conch Fritters and Coconut Shrimp one night. Both were good with tasty dipping sauces and it made for a great quick snack for dinner one night. The "local" Red Frog beers are excellent and highly recommend them. It took them a few nights to get the kinks worked out with the kegs but after that no problems at all. With this being the first sailing, one can expect a few things to not go exactly as planned. The entertainment in the pub is excellent, with two great musicians performing on different nights, playing all your favorite music from all different genres of music. We enjoyed the musicians here much more than the piano bar since they will play more current music and also some of the classic sing-a-longs. We were always able to find a table here each night and they even have tables outside that we didn't find til the last day on board. This was a great idea for Carnival as it seemed like one of the more popular places on the ship. (I would say it's like a local pub at home where you'd hang out often and again the local beer is excellent. They have other Caribbean beers and drinks and even have fishbowls.) CASINO- Typical casino really. They have table games, plenty of slots machines (penny slots to $5 was the highest I saw but they may have higher), two poker tables, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc.. You can get free drinks in the casino once you hit 1500 points on your players club card (your sail and sign card). I think you get points more quickly by playing the slots or might just be easier for them to keep up with. We won some, lost some, typical casino I would say. We budget money that we are willing to risk/lose as a cost of entertainment to us but I wouldn't go to the casino on board a cruise ship and expect to walk out rich by playing the slots. It was a little crowded in there from about 8pm to midnight but never to a point you couldn't get on a slot machine or sit down at a table. I will say bar service was very slow when playing in the casino and especially noticeable when you do hit the 1500 point "free drink" total since those free drinks seem to go down just a little bit faster. Our bar service girl from dinner on the first night also worked the casino so she was fantastic and always took pretty good care of us each night so we compensated her directly for her great service. When we were in the casino why she was still serving in the dining room we had a very difficult time getting bar service. POOL/DECK CHAIRS- It was still pretty cool for the first half of our cruise which included two sea days so it was never a problem to find a chair. We had to skip Monaco so we had another sea day at the end of the cruise and the weather was much warmer and we still didn't have a problem finding a chair. It was crowded right around the pool areas but still lots and lots of areas to enjoy the sun. We didn't get in any of the pools or hot tubs on board or do the water slides. But the pools were never really full (maybe due to chillness in the air) and the hot tubs had your typical folks that would sit in there for hours on end and some that would just get in and out. I think all in all there are 6 hot tubs on board (2 at the rear pool, and 2 on each side of the promenade deck). Slides looked like fun but we didn't try them (we had some friends that went down them and said they were really fun). OTHER SHIP AMENITIES- we played mini golf which is fun, you play the 9 holes on deck 11 & 12. They had ladder ropes you could walk above that which was cool but we didn't try it. They also had a pool table and foosball tables out there. They have lots of other things for kids to do as well (nice arcade, clubs, etc.). EXCURSIONS- We didn't book any excursions with Carnival directly but did private tours in Naples, Rome, Florence and did on our own excursions in Croatia, Messina (Taormina) and Barcelona (2 days post cruise). In Naples and Florence we shared a tour with three other couples we met prior to sailing through Cruise Critic and it worked out perfectly. We were able to see lots of sights, skip lots of lines and experience a lot of the local feel being in a smaller group. Our tour guides provided lots of valuable insight and information about the Italian way of life and it was great having someone explain all the different monuments and sights and the history behind them. I HIGHLY recommend the smaller/private tours. We used Share a Shore Excursions and Daniel was wonderful! And Amalfi Tours with Katherine who was also absolutely wonderful. Both were very knowledgeable and accommodating. GENERAL- We really enjoyed the ship a lot. There were a few problems here and there but that can be expected on any ship anywhere in the world. We never felt crowded on the ship and lines to just about anything on board weren't bad at all. Carnival was also offering a service to have a personal photography session either on board or in a port of call with a professional photographer and you could buy packages of photos from that shoot. We scheduled twice with the photographer, once in Dubrovnik and we didn't hear from the photographer until after we left the port and it was also raining that day and we scheduled for Monaco but we missed that port due to winds so we weren't able to do the photography session. I guess it just wasn't meant to be for us since both ports didn't work out but it looked like a great service if you are looking for a more upscale type of photography session. Just check pricing as we got several different prices from different people in the photo shop. Stick with the pricing that the photographer will give you when he calls you to set up your times. DISEMBARKATION- This went very smooth and we were off the ship in about 5 minutes after our number was called. I'm not sure if that was the norm or we just got lucky but from the time we left our room to picking up our luggage and getting a cab to our hotel in Barcelona was maybe 10-15 minutes. HOTEL IN BARCELONA- We stayed at the Hesperia Ramblas right off La Rambla street. This was a nice hotel for the price. It was right off of La Rambla which was a great location with lots going on. (a lot of shops, restaurants, the market just around the corner, a Metro stop right there, etc.) This location made it easy for us to get around and see everything. We felt safe and were given guidance on where to go and what to do/what to watch out for. Lots of great sites to see and they are easily accessible by walking or subway. On our last night Barcelona celebrated its third straight Spanish league title and the celebration was an incredible sight to see. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We were on the inaugural cruise of the Carnival Magic. Having previously taken only a Disney Mediterranean cruise in the past, we were apprehensive about switching to Carnival. We had heard varying things about the lower quality service, ... Read More
We were on the inaugural cruise of the Carnival Magic. Having previously taken only a Disney Mediterranean cruise in the past, we were apprehensive about switching to Carnival. We had heard varying things about the lower quality service, entertainment, staterooms, etc. Here is what we thought of the new ship.Service- Our stateroom host was great. The room was cleaned twice daily, promptly and thoroughly. He was nice, greeted us whenever he could. I could really use him at home. The bar waiters were attentive, but not annoying or over the line. The bartenders were always nice and quick. We bought the coke package, and no one ever seemed inconvenienced at retrieving our multiple cokes. A couple even started pouring as they saw me walk up. The dining staff was good, not amazing, but just as good as we had experienced with Disney. The waiter forgot items for my tablemate a number of times, but our orders were always perfect. Food- We enjoyed the food overall. Surprisingly, lunch was often the best meal of the day. The burrito bar was great. Burgers and hotdogs were so-so, but with all the toppings, including the makings for cheese fries, were an addictive treat. The pasta bar at Cucina was quick and decent, though not mindblowing. James had what he called the best jambalaya ever at the lunch buffet. The steakhouse was somewhat of a disappointment. On Disney, the cover charge is a service charge, but on when we asked a bartender, she claimed that the tip was not included. After returning, we learned that it was, indeed included, so that was either a mix-up or an untruth. Also, on Disney, you can order multiples of each course. Here, you are limited to one item per course, which is more than most would eat, but it would have still been nice to have a choice of multiple appetizers and maybe skip salad etc. Breakfast was the most crowded that the buffet got, but you could pretty much get the same thing at what is normally the burger bar with far less line. The main dining room food was hit or miss, mainly good. My favorite food on board was the BBQ they did on deck on sea days, cooking fresh sliders, quesadillas, steak tacos and sausages. Entertainment- The staff was amazing and will be one of the main reasons I cruise with Carnival again. They called us by name and made us feel like we were special just for showing up to the various trivia contests. We found the trivia/activities to be fun and different. We especially enjoyed SuperTrivia, which is progressive. As for mainstage, the singers were good, but there was only one big show, which was a spectacle, but didn't really have a storyline. It was enjoyable and impressive. We disliked every comedian we saw onboard. Not sure why. One in particular was just more insulting than funny (pretending to be a southern hick in Europe.)The Boat- We loved the boat. The waterslides, the adult area, the minigolf, all the musical venues, the Red Frog Pub. This might be our favorite boat for our purposes. We will see if any other ship can beat it. Of course, the Disney ship is far prettier and classier, but this one had what we wanted. Entirely enjoyable. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
My wife and I simply love to cruise together. It is amazing how well we travel together when we cruise - and, for us, it is the absolute best way for us both to leave our work behind and escape into each other's company, making ... Read More
My wife and I simply love to cruise together. It is amazing how well we travel together when we cruise - and, for us, it is the absolute best way for us both to leave our work behind and escape into each other's company, making romantic memories that will last for the rest of our lives, having plenty of time alone as well as an abundance of time together. She has cruised several cruise lines dating back to before we were married; I have only cruised Carnival, starting with our honeymoon 9 years ago ... and now that we've been Platinum for a while, I personally see no reason to switch ... except for that occasional trip when we may be looking for a specific itinerary that Carnival does not offer. In 2011 we booked a Spa Package room on the inaugural voyage of the Magic, and we absolutely loved it!! We spent a couple days in Venice (actually Lido Island, which was extremely cool ... no canals there, which allowed me to jog as much as I wanted which would be difficult in Venice proper ... but it is just a quick water bus ride from Venice itself ... and we discovered tuna pizza in one of Lido's quaint outdoor cafes) ... so we were well into the romantic mood before setting sail. We both fell in love with the Spa package from the get-go: for me it is the perfect way to finish off an intense work-out in the excellent gym for this class of ship (we have been on the Magic, the Dream, and the Breeze ... all the same class ... all fantastic) ... for her, what can I say, "It's a spa!" Of course that means all the saunas and steam rooms and relaxing areas you could want along with the therapeutic whirlpool (facials, and all the other girlie stuff are extra). Since we booked a Spa cabin, the more or less private spiral staircase up to the gym, spa, and serenity decks was right around the corner from our room. For economy's sake this cruise was our first interior cabin - all the previous were either Ocean View, Balcony, or Suite [honeymoon, of course ;)]. The Spa package and close access (not to mention that you are on deck 11 or 12) added so much ambiance, that I did not notice at all that it was an interior! Besides, I love to pray and seek the Lord, meditating on the Word in my heart in the morning while she gets coffee and explores the ship, and the interior atmosphere enhances the experience - in my own little cocoon alone with God! Even though Carnival is known for its on-board activities of a "fun" or "party" nature, there are many opportunities for privacy and serenity, which is what we love ... I don't even notice the other stuff going on. Speaking of serenity - we love the adult-only Serenity Deck - and, specifically, the "cones" - picture a stationary Tilt-a-Whirl car-like circular chase lounge with a wicker top and aides, a large foot rest, nice padding, pillows ... and privacy ... a great place to chill and read all day ... or snuggle! Tip - don't wait until 8:00 a.m. on sea days to grab your cone - it's probably too late. Here is what we love about cruising the Mediterranean - plenty of Romantic ports that stretch the dollar - our second Med. cruise was on the Breeze on a 12 day itinerary that anchored in Venice for 2 days - saved us $600 in Venice hotel bills! (Details in another review). Though we are selective about our excursions, there is one type that we always enjoy - wine tasting with the locals - nothing compares with any afternoon of fun, fellowship, laughter ... and wine ... under the Tuscan, Sicilian, or Sardinian sun ... simply amazing! The Magic is a great ship ... but the Mediterranean itineraries are even greater ... my recommendation ... take as long a cruise as your schedule affords ... don't sacrifice number of days for a better cabin (all the Carnival cabins are extremely consistent) ... and consider buying a partial Spa package on board instead of pre-booking one - you may not use it every day ... unless, of course, like us, you like feeling special in our interior Spa room. One last hint - avoid cabin #11207 (or 12207, I assume ... or the mirror on the other side of the ship on either deck 11 or 12) ... we somehow got this room twice on the Dream and the Breeze ... and never again! It is rated as a handicap room (which happened to be the last Spa Cabin available the first time we got it ... the other time it was a mistake ... we are not handicapped). This cabin is too small and does not have enough closet space! I took one little cube of space so she could have all the rest - and still my wife did not have nearly enough closet space. This is a design flaw in the ship itself ... very unusual for Carnival. Makes you feel like you are living out of a suitcase for the entire cruise. The side cabins are great, though, so no worries, just be careful when booking. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
The Carnival Magic is another great Carnival ship. We cannot comment on Venice as we had no time in this city due to flight cancellations and changes. We barely made it to the ship on time. Took a cab directly from the airport to the ship ... Read More
The Carnival Magic is another great Carnival ship. We cannot comment on Venice as we had no time in this city due to flight cancellations and changes. We barely made it to the ship on time. Took a cab directly from the airport to the ship for 4 people with 4 large and 4 carry on luggage was 60 euros, tip inclusive. Great deal I thought. We had pre-purchased Water Taxi and Vaporetto passes, but because we had a flight cancellation and lost all of our time in Venice, we also lost all the money expended for these transportation modes. SO, be aware if you are considering pre-purchasing these items.The embarkation process was fairly painless although it was not clearly marked at the terminal. Employees of Carnival were available to point you in the right direction. We did miss our embarkation photo and we always purchase one. We just did not ever see it and no one directed us. Disappointed.Being on an Inaugural Cruise, we expected to have a few bumps and a few bumps we had. They had very little impact on the cruise itself and our enjoyment of the ship and its ports. One of the items not ready was the TV system. There were few channels available, especially news, but we were able to follow the cruise directors shows and view our portfolios which were crucial. The biggest drawback was the lack of the big shows. They were just not ready for this sailing, however Carnival did a great job filling in with other entertainers. They did have a big show on the last night, but we were unable to see it, as we had to pack and take care of other items before the end of the cruise. Another issue we had a problem with at first was the lack of trays on the lido deck for food transfer to the table. We sailed on Royal Caribbean and they have no trays, so we had always thought this to be one of Carnivals positives and now that is no more, however, they do provide over sized oval dishes which hold more than enough food, and even a bowl for salad etc. Of course you can always go back for seconds or more. While speaking of the Lido deck, let me speak about the food. Keep in mind we have sailed on the Carnival Dream. This was also typical Carnival Lido deck fare. The Mongolian Wok was delicious, but the wait is long and some people take two or three bowls of vegetables at time, drastically adding to the wait time. There ought to be a law about that. The Burrito bar is worth trying for any meal and if you like Indian Food you can find Tandorri on the aft Lido deck. We sampled the food in the Cucina di Capitano, an Italian Food, pay ($10.00 / head for dinner ) restaurant. It was ok but nothing to write home about. The basketball court was directly overhead, so for lunch it was noisy, however there was no cost for the lunch Pasta Bar. This is located on deck 12 above the Lido Deck. In the evening there was entertainment and a different menu. We had dinner at the Steakhouse and it was well worth the additional $30.00 per person. We do this on every cruise and have never been disappointed, but be forewarned that this Steakhouse only seats about 90, half of what the steakhouses normally seat, so make your reservations early, and it is located on the Promenade Deck 5, instead of the top of the ship. The Promenade deck is always busy. The Casino, ( which took my money )the shops, ( which took my wife's money ) Coffee, Sushi Bar, Piano Bar, ( Ron Pass was fun ) Comedy Clubs, ( the show we saw was not very funny at all. As a matter of fact we left )smoking deck, and lots of entertainment is all there. We have nothing but kudos to give for this deck, the biggest to the Red Frog Pub. A new edition to the promenade deck, it has a Caribbean feel, great beer, ( Thirsty Frog ) and affordable bar food treats, like grouper fingers, and coconut shrimp to name a few. The beer was so well received that they sold out of it on the first sea day ( day 2 of the cruise ) and we had to wait until Sicily to get more. Someone said it was brewed on the ship, but I was never able to verify that fact. The room stewards were great, the dining room staff seemed to be a bit strained, especially on the the first day. Everyone was up on deck enjoying the sailaway from Venice,and as soon as we hit open water, there was a mad rush to the dining room, especially for anytime diners. PORTS of CALL: In Sicily we did the Carnival excursion titled " In the Steps of the Godfather". We enjoyed this as well, however part of this excursion was cancelled do to rain washing away a dirt road. It took us to the Bar Vitelli, where Michael Corleone, visited, and the church where Michael married Appelonia. We were able to spend a longer time in Savoca,and the photo ops we good at this locale as well. Twisting switchback roads took us up the hill to this small village. After this half day tour, we walked around Messina, climbing the bell tower you will see from the ship, enjoying some pizza and gelato at some local shops.In Livorno we rented Harley Davidsons and toured Tuscany, visiting Volterra, Siena, and San Gimignano. All of them medieval towns and absolutely must sees.Our Day in Monaco was cancelled due to high winds, so we missed that port entirely, probably saving me some money but disappointing as well. Debarkation was a non issue. As we planned on staying in Barcelona for a few days, we were in no hurry to get off the ship, so we had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room, then began the Disney style line to get off. I guess many were staying an extra day and not in a hurry to get off. We caught a cab to the hotel. I was traveling with a a group from Cruise Critic and each of us had different cab fares to the same hotel, ranging from 17 Euros to 35 Euros. Get your rate before you get in the cab. Get out if you think its too expensive.Overall it was a fantastic trip. The ship was amazing, the service and food were great, the ports and excursions were wonderful, informative and fun. Flying sucks. :-) Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Carnival Magic Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.5 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.5 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.1
Value For Money 5.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.1

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