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I have just finished what I through was going to be an enjoyable cruise, however things did not turn out that way. It all began with some incredibly terrible service that I had received from someone in the customer contact center at ... Read More
I have just finished what I through was going to be an enjoyable cruise, however things did not turn out that way. It all began with some incredibly terrible service that I had received from someone in the customer contact center at Carnival from a woman named Belinda. Belinda wrote an email that in my opinion was rude and uncalled for and because of her my vacation began on a low note. If I had written that email at my work I would have been fired. I had high hopes for this cruise, as the Breeze is a new ship and I expected carnival to do something special for the sailing, they didn't. This is my second cruise with carnival and after my first experience I really shouldn't have given them a second try, but I hoped that my experience on the valor was due to the ship on not the company and I really did like the itinerary, but boy was I wrong. First off the embarkation process was a nightmare, none of the computers worked; we were herded like cattle around from one line to another. This was all shocking to me because we were in a Costa terminal, which is owned by Carnival, so I expected a smooth embarkation, you really could see the frustration in everyone's eyes, again not a good start. For a new ship, there are some design flaws that, to me bring down the value of the ship and the cruise. The ship was large and I would agree that I did not feel claustrophobic at any time on the ship, expect when I wanted to go swimming. There are only 2 pools on this ship for 4000 guests which were totally over run with kids, I cannot believe that there was no adults only swimming pool. I spoke to guests that were on the 6th floor balcony and they had many complaints. I spoke to a couple that had their room above the liquid dance club, this couple did not sleep the entire 12 days of the cruise, they did complain however the ship was full and could not be moved, their vacation was ruined. Also spoke to a number of people we had balcony room on the starboard side of the ship who complained because their room was above Fat Jeff's C-BBQ and smoking area. They could barely use their balconies because of the amount of smoke that was blowing in their faces. These areas should be at the back of the ship that way no one is inconvenienced. I would also say that even though the ship is brand new, in some spots it looks like it was just retrofitted to look new. One of the ladies I spoke to thought that it was an old ship, I do not agree with her, but still this ship should have no rust anywhere, at least not on its first sailing. The food I would say is adequate at best, except for the cutina del Capitano, a specialty restaurant that cost $12. The food there was excellent and there was a lot, so that I would recommend. I would say that there really was no variety in the Lido Marketplace, There was only 3 or 4 main course options, and at times nothing interested me. The majority of the time I ate at the sapphire restaurant, our waitress, Stanislava and her team was excellent. She always recommends food options, and each time she nailed it. One several occasions you would hear, man I should have listened to Stanislava. So I would recommend if you are taking this ship to sit in her section. If you are looking for food between 9:30 -- 12 then be prepared to wait in line. The only thing open between that time is the pizza place and it takes 15 min to make a pizza the size of a personal pizza. I once waited 20 min to get half of a personal pizza. I have never been so angry, what is carnival thinking about when they decided pizza is the best food option to have open all the time. It takes such a long time to make a pizza that it becomes so frustrating. On other ships they had a sandwich shop opened which makes more sense as it takes a minute to make a sandwich. So my advise is to horde some food from the buffet or just don't be hungry The Entertainment or lack of entertainment on the ship is where everything fell apart; the shows were just awful especially Divas. The singing and dancing were terrible, it had no flow; I would have walked out if I wasn't sitting in the middle of the row, so I learned my lesson and always sat at the end of a row or stood by the door. It did come in handy as I left 5 of the 7 shows I watched, only the marriage and the talent show was worth watching both of which were run by John the cruise Director. Speaking of the cruise director he was a hit or miss and be prepared because he loves to use the onboard speaker system. He teamed up very well with the assistant cruise director Calvyn however most of the time they acted like an old married couple, which became nauseating. John was also belittling Calvyn and constantly made jokes regarding him being gay. I am not gay and I was offended by this because it made him seem like he was less of a person, it was disgusting. At the beginning of the cruise I asked my friend what she thought the easiest job on the ship was. It was very apparent that it was being part of the entertainment staff. They were no where to be seen for most of the cruise and looked like only 1 or 2 where ever working and only in hour increments. There were no pool side contests, no ice carving, no games, nothing. Karaoke only happened on certain nights and no superstar live( karaoke accompanied by a band) because of technical difficulties, which was the theme of the cruise. Now I ask you how do instruments have technical difficulties, especially since you can see the band playing else where. The one thing that I did like was watching a movie outside on the pool deck, however the movies are from the 90's and they would stop about 2/3 through the movie. If I hadn't seen the move before I would have been up in arms. They classified Carnival Cruises as the Funships, but I feel that they are geared for people who are ready for bed at 10:00 or those who like to read. There is nothing to do on the ship after 10:00 unless you are going to spend money. I found myself bored all the time, thank god I brought my computer with a number of movies or else I would have gone crazy. The TV channels always cut out and they only showed sporting events in the bars. The only channels that worked constantly were carnival advertisement channels. We called to ask why they weren't in the room and they gave a lame excuse that the licensing was no expensive for them instead of telling us that there is more of a chance of people buying drinks at the bar instead of in the staterooms. They also showed movies on the lido deck, however they never showed the whole movie. One of the movies ended at least 15min early went to a commercial, then a new movie startyed showed for 20min and then shut down. If I hadn't watched these movies before I would have been outraged. The worst thing about the movies is that they were all old, no recent movies. There is a big push to spend money on drinks on board and believe me those costs add up. I watch more of Devin Young selling watches then anything else. Based on all of this my recomondation is to avoid Carnival at all costs unles syou do not want to have any fun. As I said I found the cruise to be very boring. My favourite days are usually the sea days as it gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and be entertained in the sun, on this ship and all of carnival's ship I find that there isn't much of entertainment. I have a list of complaints a mile long, too much to write in this review, the weird thing is that I tried as hard as I could to give slack since it was a new ship, but new ships comeout all the time and there should be no way a cruise should be this bad. I have been on RCI's Navigator of the Seas and they got me hooked on cruising, from now on I will stick with them, at least then I will know I will have a good time. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
Carnival Breeze Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 2.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.0

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