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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, whirlpool bath & shower, sitting area, private verandah, mini-bar, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows. Approximately 292 sq. ft. including verandah.

Vista Suite with Verandah (B)
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Vista Suite with Verandah Cabin Reviews
Cabin 207
Jun 2017
Just fine. Plenty of space, Jacuzzi tub in bath, sunbed and two chairs on Verandah
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Cabin B057
Jun 2017
We found the room comfortable. The plumbing worked. The verandah was nice. We were in a good location near the stairs and elevator. It is on the starboard side, facing Front Street when we docked in Hamilton. While compact, everything was nicely placed. There was plenty of storage and adequate space under the bed for suitcases. The linens were crisp and clean.
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Jan 2017
Not what we expected By: chmetschke4546
We had the opportunity to upgrade at the last minute which we did. The cabins needed to be updated. The lighting was not good enough to see in either the bathroom or desk area to put on make-up or see your hair, The weather had turned cool the week of our cruise and the temperature in the room could not be controlled and was too cool. The water temperature in the shower was very warm but hot enough to get yourself warmed up. I was cold the entire cruise as were the other people in our party. 8 of the 10 in our group had bronchitis by the time we got off the ship--2 actually got pneumonia! The steward for our room was excellent. After completing a survey about our experience on the cruise, all I received was a cursory email thanking me for completing a survey.
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Cabin 126
Jun 2013
We stayed in a Verandah Cabin B Category, towards the middle of the ship. We actually were upgraded to a balcony which was really nice. We wished we could have had a balcony in Alaska so it was great to have one this time. We tried to use our balcony whenever we could but there were a quite a few times that we couldn't because it was too cold or rainy, but I think that's unavoidable in the area. I get sea sick so I think the location of the room definitely helped. The ship was very rocky the second night, more so then I had ever experienced, but it calmed down after that. And in our room it never was too bad. Our room was very nice, it was bigger then we expected it to be and I loved that there was lots of closet space. My only complaints would be the shower, which was very complicated and hard to turn on. We ended up taking baths most of the time which was okay since the bath had water jets which was nice after a long day walking around ports. The light switches were also confusing, we could never remember which switch turned on which light since there were so many of them. Our room was always cleaned when we came in and I loved the fact that they leave chocolates on your bed every night.
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Cabin 198
Sep 2016
Adequate, but shows signs of wear and minimum upkeep.
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Jan 2016
Veendam needs rehab. By: grammy119
see above
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Sep 2015
Our cabin was very nice. Plenty of space for both of us and the verandah made our trip so much nicer than an inside room. We enjoyed breakfast on the verandah each morning. The bathroom was spacious and included a shower and tub. Plenty of storage space for all of our belongings.
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Cabin B217
Sep 2015
First HAL Cruise By: harnpat
Our Vista Suite (Balcony cabin) was aft on the ship. We enjoyed sitting there every morning with coffee from room service (very good). We had an issue with the air conditioning unit it was not blowing air cold enough for 90 degree days. It took the staff two days to "rectify" the situation. or maybe it was because in Canada the outside temperature wasn't as hot. Overall a pleasant experience.
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Cabin 123
Jan 2015
We had B123, which is a Vista Suite forward. Our cabin was almost perfect, except that it was rather creaky while sailing. That was the ONLY thing in the entire cruise that revealed the ship's age. The first night was really noisy and kept us awake. But then we either got used to it, or it wasn't as noisy later on in the cruise. The cabin was spotless, and the carpet and other soft goods in the room looked brand new. Our steward was very pleasant and took good care of us. Plenty of room and storage for the three of us. Although my daughter, who has slept in many cruise ship sofa beds, said this sofa bed was the most uncomfortable one. We really like the verandahs on HAL much better than Princess. HAL's teak flooring looks more upscale than the blue rubber matting on Princess. But what really makes a difference is that HAL's decks are far more private than what we have experienced on Princess. My in-laws had the smaller VQ Spa Verandah, room 106. They had a recurring problem with brown water coming out of the sink, shower and tub. This happened several times throughout the cruise, and they never seemed to get it fixed. We had smokers next to us who smoked on their verandah often, as they are allowed to do on HAL. In theory, smoking in not allowed on Princess verandahs, but they do it anyway.
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Cabin 186
Jul 2013
Enjoyed the trip By: diannekinzer
Very nice, but lose the no purpose pillows. Last thing I want to deal with at night. Fortunately, I could stuff them in the closet for the duration, and the cabin folk had sense enough to leave them there. There was no plug by the bed for my heating pad, but they did give me an extension cord - but it did not reach that far. THey did some balcony maintence & we were told they would be doing that between 1 and 4; not very convenient if you wanted to nap.
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Cabin 049
May 2013
049, category A verandah suite. nice space, comfy bed. great bath even has jacuzzi tub. old style minimum channel t.v. overall good choice.
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Cabin 148
Aug 2012
Veranda cabin, port side on deck 9, quite adequate. A/C too cold and thermostat did not work. Plenty of storage space, even under the bed! Across from the laundromat but it was hardly ever used so no noise problem. Great view of the harbor.
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Cabin 122
Apr 2011
Nice cabin: good space, storage and pleasant verandah. Spoiled by "fridge" problem.
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Cabin 111
Dec 2010
A Trip of a Lifetime By: manta22
BB111-we loved the storage, the extra space. Loved the fridge in the room. Get rid of the fountain. HVAC needs some work. Quiet location. Not too far from the laundry, elevators/stairs or the fitness center/spa. We wanted to be on the port side going around the Horn but truly it did not matter that much. As the straits had land on each side and during the most scenic times during the cruise we were in the restaurant or the Crows Nest. Our room was at a "dead end" so there was no traffic noise at all. Though our neighbors did get in a big fight one night, we were so tired and they calmed down pretty fast, we didn't lose any sleep. It was nice to have daylight in the room. For us it was a very special trip so we spent the extra money, but really the extra space was more important. Book early!
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Cabin 149
Feb 2010
Room was pretty standard veranda type. The TV was a flat screen, with a DVD player. Sofa was synthetic leather which became warm. Veranda was a nice size, with a lounge chair and well as standard style. The HVAC in the room was terrible, with the temperature between 78-82 degrees F the last several days, and they could not resolve the problem. One technician told me that many people were complaining that their rooms were too hot or too cold.
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Cabin 034
Jul 2009
Cabin 177
Jun 2009
Cabin 177 on Verandah deck.  Comfortable size, long walk to stairs and elevators.  Light comes in under the door at night.  Plenty of closet and drawer space.  Full size sofa.  Bathtub with jets (but we didnt use them)  Awkward viewing angle for tv.  Chair and chaise on the verandah for comfy sightseeing in good weather.
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Cabin 184
Nov 2008
Perfect location...close to stairs and elevators...great balcony...lots of room...ample closet space.
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