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Beautiful Ship. No complaints in this department. Everything very clean and in top shape. Food. Buffet was good to excellent. Fruit was always fresh and items were plentiful. Pizzeria we ate at three times. Once I ordered a calzone, it ... Read More
Beautiful Ship. No complaints in this department. Everything very clean and in top shape. Food. Buffet was good to excellent. Fruit was always fresh and items were plentiful. Pizzeria we ate at three times. Once I ordered a calzone, it was watery on the inside (something frozen when cooked?), the pizzas and salads were good. Service was not great, the manager (Angelo) was grumpy when he came to our table and it was evident by his smug attitude and answers to us when we questioned an item on the menu. Language skills could have been better, on the second night my son ordered a calzone with pepperoni and ended up with a calzone and a pepperoni pizza. The boy is only 9 years old, how the waiter thought he could eat two pizzas is beyond me. Anyway, if the attitude would have been gone, it would have made a more pleasant meal. We chose personal choice dining and it was very good. All meals and appetizers during lunch and dinner were very good. I had a seafood gumbo, which was very good and the crab legs were delicious. My only complaint in the food and drink department was, I wish more ice tea and water stations were put in on different levels. The only place I could get tea and water was the buffet or restaurant, and the pizza parlor didn't serve iced tea at all only water. Why, who knows, I survived. Entertainment: Music Shows were okay. Not my favorite part. The male singer would have been rejected by Simon on American Idol and the female's voice drove my last nerve. They had about 10 people on stage and only one male and female sang solos, all the others just danced and hummed. I would have liked to had another voice. The comedians and magician were great. Rooms were perfect. We had three in our room. My husband, son, and I. They made a bunk for our son. The beds were comfy. It was an inside cabin B624 and Ana, our maid, was great. No complaints in this department. Fruit in our room was fresh, Robes were delivered upon request. Lots of storage space for all our clothes and suitcases fit under the bed fine. TV choices were good, CNN, Cartoon network, travel, and Alaska Excursions. My only complaint, no clock in the room. My husband and I forgot watches, so we had no clue what time it was. We had to turn on the television to find out the time. Weather was absolutely beautiful. A little cool in the Glacier Bay and College Fjord, but jackets took care of this area. Lots of whales, sea lines, otters, and dolphins to view from the deck. Saw a grizzly bear from Glacier Bay. Karen, the Alaskan expert, was very informative. The wildlife people that came on board were very interesting too. Childcare program: I had a 9 year old, he didn't care too much for the children's program. They had a interesting program set up, but he didn't give it much of a chance. They had a few video games, but it took his money with no play, had to go to concierge desk for a refund. They made T-shirts and a lego contest that he was interested in. They allow you to let your child check themselves in or out. We allowed him to check himself in, and we checked him out. Finally on the last couple days, we gave him the video recorder and had him walk around and tape the ship for our enjoyment. It was silly. Drinks: Mudslide's were yummy. The Almond Martini was great. I had the mint choc chip martini, didn't care too much for it. Pina Coladas were good too. I like that Princess sells small, medium and large. Spa and Fitness: Lots of equipment. I went in the afternoons a couple times and equipment was always available. Didn't try the morning. Didn't try any spa services. Shopping: T-shirts with Alaska and Princess logo went on sale the last day. Three for $24. so save your buying till the last day. Gold bracelets and watches available in the sidewalk sale. No big sale in this area. Art Auction: They had a few, but I didn't attend. Wine Tasting: My friends went to two sessions, they enjoyed both. Cost was around $8. for one sitting and around $20 for another, but it included foods. Ports were great. Ketchikan we went on jet ski boat adventure. Nothing exciting to write about. Wouldn't do again, got to touch a jelly fish and see lots of bald eagles. Not much time in this port. Juneau we went gold panning and whale watching. Both were good and I recommend. Skagway we did the dog mushing, it was fun and on the way back we saw a black bear on the side of the road. T-Shirt and Fleece available in all locations. I read a sign in Ketchikan that prices go up from that port on, but it was not true, prices were stable throughout the area. If you do a land portion, I recommend fishing with June's B&B Charters in Whittier, we caught 125# of fish and it was a blast. We went on a safari adventure near Denali, it was fun, but only seen one moose and an owl. Lot's of mosquitos. Be sure to bring your deet. Spent last two days in Anchorage where we shopped downtown and went around the area. My son met the Tundra Comic artist at the swap meet downtown, and this made his trip the best. Book, autograph, and pic with the cartoonist. He was in seventh heaven. The tundra is the comedic T-shirts you'll see around the areas. Read Less
Sail Date June 2005
The food on this cruise left a lot to be desired. This comment in respect to portions, presentation and taste. This cruise was the first to Alaska for the season and it took a few days for the staff to get on board to provide the superb ... Read More
The food on this cruise left a lot to be desired. This comment in respect to portions, presentation and taste. This cruise was the first to Alaska for the season and it took a few days for the staff to get on board to provide the superb service we are used to receiving from Princess. 1.) We always have the twin beds made into a queen size bed. They have always had a strip of material to help cover up the crack between the two beds. This item was not provided on this cruise nor could we make the housekeeping staff understand what we were asking for. Without this strip we may as well have had the beds separated. Very uncomfortable. 2.) There was a virus brought on board by a passenger which infected many others. Our grandson was one of the unlucky passengers to contract the virus. Fortunately, it was the afternoon of our last full day of the cruise. The medical staff told him to wait in his room for disembarkation the next morning and that someone would come to get him, his parents and their luggage, around 6:15 a.m., so they could be transported separately to the airport. To double check on this, his parents spent much time at the purser's desk, several times and was told something different each time. First, put your luggage outside your cabin door tonight and go to one of the waiting areas of the ship and wait for your color and number to be called. Second, was back to the room scenario, and third was back to the waiting areas. Which they did. By 7:00 they were still waiting in the lounge in front of the purser's office. When they went to check, they were told that they should have been waiting in their room at 6:15 so now they would have to wait till 9 a.m. to depart. When the time came and went to disembark, they took their Aqua #1 tags to the gangway and were told that those were green. After a discussion on the purpose of these special colored tags, they were allowed to disembark to a special van that transported them to the airport. My comment on this problem, is non-english speaking passengers should have help in filling out their questionnaires regarding health statements, this would eliminate such a virus being brought on board. Secondly, when there is such an outbreak, the purser's office should be informed by the medical staff of the procedures for disembarking the ship. It has always been our experience that when there are 5 assistant purser's you can literally get 5 different answers to the same questions. 3.) We were supplied with hand sanitizer's at all the restaurants on board and the buffet staff was required to serve our food. We were not allowed to touch anything. This is fine and dandy and we realize it was for our own well being. But, most of the staff did not like this situation and made it very evident. 4.) The PA system was not good. It was very hard to understand. Vibration seemed to be the main problem and volume another. 5.) The coffee is way too strong. In the past we have mixed it with hot water to dilute it, but were unable to do this when having to be served our coffee. The ports were beautiful and the captain was very accommodating while cruising Glacier Bay and the College Fjords. We had ample time to view the glaciers and the beautiful Alaska landscape. We also enjoyed the comedians and the production programs. The singers and dancers were some of the greatest we've seen. Read Less
Sail Date May 2005
Our Alaska Vacation Sun Princess Vancouver to Whittier July 26 to August 2, 2004 What a fantastic vacation! We cruised from Vancouver to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord and finally to Whittier. We were busy from ... Read More
Our Alaska Vacation Sun Princess Vancouver to Whittier July 26 to August 2, 2004 What a fantastic vacation! We cruised from Vancouver to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord and finally to Whittier. We were busy from sun up to sun down (and that is a LONG time during an Alaskan summer) with activities. The scenery was amazing. We were pampered and stuffed with food. We saw LOTS of wildlife. And just had a wonderful time. A little about us: We are in late 20s and were one of only 4 couples I saw the whole cruise our age. We enjoyed it but if you are looking for a party this probably wouldn't be the cruise for you. (My husband says go Carnival for more of a "spring break" trip.) Mostly this is just an overview of what we did - what was great - what wasn't. Hopefully it will help you. Vancouver Day 1: We drove to Cedar Rapids to catch our flight. Had to leave the house at 4:30 AM ouch! Princess arranged our flights. Took Northwest Airlines into Minneapolis and on to Vancouver. Easy and hassle free. Arrived around 11AM. The airport is very pretty. Not a lot of signs pointing you in the right direction but easy to figure it out. Headed to customs which didn't take long at all. They gave us the forms to fill out on the flight so you just had to show them your paperwork and ID. We didn't wait in line more than 10 minutes. Then we headed to the baggage claim area. We weren't SURE Princess would pick up our luggage because we had not purchased transfers thru them. We waited around at the luggage area and looked for a Princess representative. There was not one in site. Finally I asked one of the guys waiting to help with luggage. He said as long as you attached those bright colored princess tags that they gave you to the luggage they will take it. They send the tags along with your tickets. We had attached them and so we headed out to the exit. On the way we did pass a Princess rep. and guess what? Saw our luggage in a stack they were sorting thru so we knew they had it under control. One less thing to worry about. I think they should have had a rep at the baggage claim area considering how many people were waiting there. We walked to the exit and asked security what the best way to get to the dock was. They have taxis, limos, and buses. We took the bus. It was $24 Canadian. We gave them a $20 US and left it at that. The bus drove all around the city dropping people off. If you were in a huge hurry a taxi would be better but we had lots of time so enjoyed seeing a little bit of the city. Arrived at the dock/convention center (Canadian Place) around 11:45. It was a warm day and I was glad I wore shorts since it took awhile to get on the ship. Walked around and looked at a few things but we were loaded down with our carry on bags so we decided to get on the ship. 12:30ish Again there were no signs telling you where to go (since they prefer you buy your transfers thru them I guess.) We found it easy enough... followed the direction that a Princess buss went into the lower area of the convention center. Then the waiting began. You had to get in line to arrange payment for onboard purchases, that was fairly easy and the line was about 15 mins (this was at noon it gets longer later in the day). Then the LONG line thru customs. It did take awhile (1hr or so) and they said it gets worse. They do have chairs so you don't have to stand that whole time. Then they snap your picture (PLEASE NO I've been up since 4AM) and you are FREE! We bought a soda stamp right away. 22.50 for soda anytime for the whole trip was a good deal for us. Some people say to only buy one since they don't check the name when you go to get a drink. We bought two so we could both have soda at dinner and could get two sodas at once. It was worth it for us. We unpacked and went to get lunch at Horizon Court. Horizon Court is the Buffet and is open pretty much 24 hrs. We found the food there adequate and plentiful. It is not gourmet but any stretch of the imagination. Most of the time I tried a little of everything then found one I really liked and went back and got that. I am not a super picky eater but there was a lot I didn't like. The omelets at the breakfast bar were horrible and I can't figure out why. I think because they only offered one kind of stringy white cheese and they weren't generous with it. I like cheese. I should have asked for American or cheddar - they would probably go find you some - I was lazy and just ate what I found on the buffet. Again this is not the best food on the ship but then it is a buffet. There was at least one thing I really liked each meal so I was happy with it. And then.... embarkation. We watched the ship leave the dock and watched the scenery for awhile. The scenery was beautiful. After awhile it was time for dinner.... We went to the formal dining room all but one night. It is definitely the best food even for breakfast/lunch. We had wonder service when we were in the dining room - Flavio from Mexico and his assistant waiter from Poland. They were terrific! Ask your waiter for suggestions about the best food for the day. Flavio always gave us great suggestions. I guess after seeing people try stuff over and over they know what will be a hit. He also would bring us extra stuff to try - entrees, appetizers, desserts all the time. It was fantastic. Such wonderful service. We were very pleased. There were a few dishes I didn't like but just ordered something different! Dessert was terrific every day. We had fixed seating 8PM. We haven't tried the "personal choice" dining but feel the fixed was best. We had the same waiter every night and he quickly figured out what we would like. I talked to several people on board who were doing personal choice. Some loved it. Some did not. You have to make "reservations" for what time you would like dinner. There was still always a line when I walked past that dining room (it was not the same one as fixed seating) I would hate to have to wait in line on a cruise so I'm glad we decided to do fixed seating. We picked late dinner so that when we were busy with activities we could still eat. I think next time we would do earlier dinner. We were always too tired and full to do anything after dinner. Also if we wanted to eat later you could make reservations (before 5pm) for the other dining room. (although I heard it was hard to get in at the time you want). I still think fixed dining is best. After dinner we went off to bed. We paid for the cheapest inside cabin and got several upgrades. Still stuck inside but we got a room designed for three people. Not sure how much bigger it was since the third bed was a bunch. It was tiny as all cruise cabins are but we didn't mind since you don't spend a lot of time there. The bathroom was also ok and shower was adequate size. We had a small desk and dresser in our room. The desk was great since we brought our laptop (needed it for digital camera). Another note on the cabin - We brought a power strip. That was the best tip anyone gave me! The room has ONE plug (not a single outlet with two plugs.) just one! With laptop, two cameras and a video camera to charge as well as my curling iron we needed that power strip! And that was our first day. The weather for the whole week was supposed to be rainy. We did have a lot of rain but had fun anyway. Day 2: At Sea. This was the first time I'd been on a cruise where you had a day that was totally at sea. It wasn't bad - I thought I might be bored. We got up around 7 and had breakfast in the dining room (better than buffet but not as much selection and slower). Toured the ship. It is huge. There were places we didn't even find till the end of the cruise (a basketball court! How could we miss that? The ship was so big.) It is a beautiful ship. Lots of hot tubs which we appreciated. Three pools. Lots of bars (I didn't count). A theatre, lounges.... so much! We didn't even find our favorite spot until the third day (a small deck at the front of deck 10 Baja that was close to our cabin and always empty so we had it to ourselves like a private deck. I went to a couple of their "Scholarship at Sea" programs. First I went to a hair care seminar. It was great. They had some of there own products but weren't pushy. He also made lots of easy suggestions that didn't require you to buy any special product. Next program was a weight loss seminar - all about their products and I was very disappointed. I am active and spend a lot of time reading/learning about fitness and have to say what they were selling was total crap. (Guess what? Quick fixes don't work!) And that was the last one I went to. They also had computer classes we looked in to but they were very basic so we decided not to go (there was a $25 fee). They also had a naturalist that did lectures but we never made it to any of them. I heard they were great. We were too busy to hit many of the other activities. I don't even know where this day went to! It was just relaxing and wonderful. It was formal night for dinner so we dressed up early and had photos taken (we didn't buy them since we were not happy with them but there were lots of good ones). Day 3: Ketchikan: Our first Shore day. We didn't book our excursions thru Princess. We started out with their "traitors cove bear viewing" tour. It was very pricey (for my budget) at about 300/person so I wanted to make sure it was the best. (you have to fly in to see bears which explains the price tag) I called a couple (ok a lot) of places. They told me that they did not start going to traitors cove till later in the summer. The bears are around when the salmon is around. The salmon doesn't start in that area till later and there were not supposed to be many bears there. I called the week before we left and was told this again. So we decided to fork over even MORE money and go where we were almost guarantied bears! We went to Anan Creek. It was worth it! We saw about 8 bears and they were amazing! Snatching the salmon right out of the water. It was one of the neatest things I've ever seen. It was also amazing to see the number of salmon that were in the stream. We went with Family Air out of Ketchikan. I would highly recommend them. The pilot has been flying for many years. He was very nice and very straight forward. It was raining. He told us it would probably be clear once we got out of Ketchikan but they would not charge us if we couldn't get to the bears. He was right and the weather was nice once we were on our way. He said it was a good day to do Anan because the bears don't mind the rain and in fact don't like the heat so might be less active if it were too hot (like the week before although they still saw bears). He said it would be a terrible day to see "Misty Fjords" because they would be too "Misty" and you wouldn't have enough visibility to enjoy it. He actually was scheduled to do a Misty Fjords tour after us. The couple came to the dock (float plane) and he told them he would take them but they wouldn't get to see much so if they canceled he would not charge them. I thought that was very nice of him. Others with princess tours actually went and were not thrilled. Tours later in the day didn't get to go at all because of the fog. Back to the bears... We flew about 45 mins by float plane and land near a path to the bear viewing area. When we landed we saw probably 5 bald eagles and a bunch of harbor seals swimming around - neat! First you get a bear lecture by a park ranger at the base of the trail. You are not to bring ANY food - including gum, chicklets, etc. on the trail and you are only allowed water to drink. They don't want the bears to start thinking you are lunch! They also warn you to talk while you are walking so you don't surprise the bears as they often use the path too. You also must all stay in a group. The trail is really pretty - rainforest. The hike isn't bad to the bear area but does have to steep places and it is not a paved trail so you need good shoes. There are wooden paths in places but not everywhere. At the top is a bear observatory. It is inside a low fence and there is a ranger so you can walk around and look over at the stream. Then you watch! And it is amazing. The bear walks up to the water - looks down for a few seconds. Takes a jab at the water with his mouth a few times and then seconds later comes up with a flopping salmon in his mouth. Our bears must have been shy because then they carried the salmon off to eat it where we couldn't watch. There were about 8 that we saw and several of them came back multiple times to fish. You could also go into a photo blind closer to the water and watch. You got pretty close as you will see from the pictures! A local guy I talked to after the tour said we wouldn't have had much luck at traitors cove since it was two early and Anan is the best bet anytime just FYI. After than we headed into town for a little shopping/exploring. Saw lots of cute little shops. Lots of stuff looked mass produced though. We didn't buy much on our trip. Then it was time to get back on the boat! Took some pictures and watched the scenery from inside the boat. Then we played with our pictures a little (we took soooo many we were thrilled to have the laptop - we debated if it would be worth carrying it - it was) then got ready for dinner. Saw our first whales on the trip. They look small from the boat (watching from 14 floors up it's no surprise). Juneau: Ah rain again. Raingear was a very good idea. If you are going on this trip- bring rain gear! We used ours a lot! Even if it was only light sprinkles it is nice to stay warm and dry. And we had more than sprinkles. We planned a whale watch for today. Again we did not go with princess. Their boats have around a hundred people on them. (I don't know exact numbers but it was a lot). We didn't want to have to fight for a place to see (which another woman told me was bad on hers - she kept getting shoved away from the railing) We went with Orca Enterprises. We were on the Orca Express (I believe that is what it is called - it is not the one pictured on their web site) - it held about 14 people which is what we had. It has a front where you can get out and take pictures (you have to sit down it is not a standing area) and a back where you can stand and watch. It was very nice to be so close and there was enough room in the front and back for us all to get out. And actually the windows opened in the main cabin area so you could get great pictures from there. It was all window down the sides so you could see from any spot on the boat. It was great and no pushing to get a place to see. On the way out to the whales we stopped and saw some eagles and some harbor seals. They were really neat. We saw whales bubble feeding. It was really amazing to watch. One even came up pretty close to the boat while I was sitting out front watching. (I sat out front the whole time - they said to take turns but it was so calm we could have several people out there and I didn't have to commit). It started to rain just as we were about to leave to go see the sea lions. We didn't get to see them but trust me this trip was worth it! And the price was good. You did have to meet them at their store - they didn't pick you up at the boat like some - but it was the first building when you come into town so it wasn't bad at all ¼ mile and you can take a bus for $1. You have to drive awhile to get to Auke Bay - when we got back into Juneau it wasn't raining so we walked around a little. Most of the town is cute little shops. A couple of bookstores with lots of Alaska books. A furier (sp?) that was really fun to look in (and way out of my price range). And a bar that seemed to be a big hit since we couldn't even get a table or a spot at the bar. We decided to go back to the ship early (5pm) because we were both exhausted. We got up early, early for our tour (good decision since it rained thru the whole afternoon tour). We took a nice nap then watched the ship leave the dock (stopped raining just when we were leaving). I wanted to see us leave the dock and see the scenery on the way back - so we ate early in the Italian restaurant. It was not the best Italian I've ever had but not bad. The pizza was very good. The lasagna I didn't like at all. Afterwards we went and sat outside and then later went to the horizon court and got a snack. I wanted dessert and got carrot cake. It wasn't very good so I didn't eat it and went back for something else. They were just putting out the late night buffet and the desserts on it looked very good. I waited awhile till they had them all out then tried a couple of things. The best dessert was the cheesecake for the whole trip. Also the baked Alaska was excellent. Really all of the desserts were good. I was not thrilled with any of the cake but I'm not a big fan of cake any time. Skagway: I wasn't very excited about stopping in Skagway - I wanted to see animals more than anything on our trip. I thought I was going to be bored in Skagway... Most everyone did "the Train" - we decided not to do that. As I said - we love to take pictures - and the train does not stop making it hard to get great pictures. So we decided to take a bus up along the train route and on into the Yukon. It was a really nice trip - I was pleasantly surprised - but I'm very glad we didn't take the train. Older couples seem to really enjoy it but the younger crowd said they were bored - 3 hours or so on a train with no stops! Up then right back down... not exciting to me. Anyway - so we did a bus tour with Frontier Excursions - seems to be a small company. The owners were a couple and he was the one that drove us and his wife drove another tour later. There was a young man working the desk. Anyway - he was very good about telling us stories and history. I actually enjoyed it that way - while watching the scenery - I couldn't have handled having to sit and listen to a lecture but on the bus it was fun. We stopped a lot and took pictures and got to see the good places a little better. Our trip was 150 miles round trip and up into Canada. We went thru an area of sub-alpine climate which was really neat there were tons of glacier fed ponds/lakes. Very pretty. In Canada we stopped in Carcross and there was a small museum that was very impressive (and I'm not easy to please with this kind of stuff). It full of mounted animals from the area and a great way to see them if you can't see them in the wild. They had a buffalo skin rug very neat! :-) They also did dog sled rides there. Frontier Excursions also could sell you the dog sled ride and some of the people on our tour did it. We decided not to do it but the price wasn't too bad I don't think. It is on land with a sled with wheels. They were "real" sled dogs and well behaved. The lady than ran it was a breeder and she had two litters of puppies - so so cute. Since we weren't doing the dog sled we went on a little further (not far!) and saw Emerald lake. It was "Emerald" all right. Very pretty and I'm glad we got to see it. So I don't know if with or without the sled dog ride was the best but we enjoyed our tour. We had bbq chicken lunch at the same place they did the sled dog ride. It was very good stuff and came with the tour which was very reasonably priced. Esp. when you compare it to the train ride which was more money - didn't take you as far - and didn't give you lunch (I don't think so anyway). We did not see animals on this trip but sometimes they do see moose or Dall sheep and other animals. I was bummed with the scenery was worth the trip. The tour operator dropped us off in town. Since this was our last stop I did some shopping. There is a "Skagway Outlet Store" at the very end of town and it IS cheaper and worth the walk in my opinion. We bought an Alaska photo album. Also bought a couple of key chains and a present for Boone's dogsitter at home. Nothing big but it was fun to shop. There was another furier and I would highly recommended checking a few of these out since they are so neat. We decided to walk towards the dock and see if we could find a "beach" area. We didn't find it but did see another Harbor Seal and watched him for awhile. We should have checked out the water more places probably. Walked back thru a campground area and there was a stocked pond for fishing. One little boy was having a blast there - it would be a good thing to do with kids. We checked out the fish on a bridge near the lake and it was neat to see them so clearly. And on to a very enjoyable dinner (as usual). It was Alaskan King Crab Legs night and they were wonderful, moist, fresh, yum! Mike ordered an extra plate of them and we split another plate between us for a total of four! WOW! So much food The beef in the dining room was excellent - they had prime rib and beef Wellington and something else (I forget what they called it) that was basically filet mignon. The ship also had a steak house that you could pay an extra fee to go to. ($15 I think). We didn't try it since the dining room was so good. But others said it was very good and worth it. I don't know how the steak could've been any better than what we had... After dinner we went out to watch the sunset - you could really tell you were moving north because we could barely catch the sunset after dinner the first day and we kept seeing more and more of it as we moved north. We spent a long time at dinner by the time we had appetizers, soup, salad, entree and dessert. Our waiter kept telling us that the goal was 7 days/7 kilos... he had to fatten us up by 7 kilos while we were on the ship. Well, I checked and I wasn't quite that bad but enough and we took the stairs everywhere we went so we could get some exercise (we were too busy to hit the gym which was very nice by the way and they had aerobics classes every day- there was also a spa and hair salon). Glacier Bay: I wasn't expecting to like glaciers - I mean it's a hunk of ice right. Wrong... they were SO impressive - the size... wow! And there were gorgeous blue colors in the ice. And it was so impressive when the chucks of ice fell off into the ocean. I don't even know what to say! We spent the WHOLE day on deck watching for whales and viewing the glaciers. And the glaciers were so neat. And the ice floating in the water from the glaciers. So much cool stuff to see. We got sunburn from being out all day because we didn't want to go in and miss anything. It was lobster night. Lobster tails and they were very yummy. They had them split and our waiter even lifted them out of the shells for us (not all of them did). Yum yum. When we got back from dinner, our disembarkation information was there. They had us scheduled to get off the ship at 8 (they schedule you so there is not a huge line) and they would take our baggage to the hospitality center - that was ok but we weren't planning to be back before it closed... so we had to deal with getting that changed the next day... College Fjord: We slept in a little 9AM. We went to buy sun block ($$$ so don't forget yours!). Also changed our disembarkation info - it was a pain. There IS a car rental agency in Whittier. NO ONE ON THE SHIP WOULD BELIEVE ME! I had to fight to get them to schedule me to leave the ship at Whittier - they wanted me to pick up the car in Anchorage - Finally I said I don't care if you believe me I want off in Whittier and my luggage has to either be on the dock or be at the airport. They switched me after much hassle. And then we went outside to watch the scenery. So many glaciers! We also watched for whales. We saw whales, porpoises, sea otters, harbor seals... Lots of them. It was amazing. Lunch in the food court - they had a special dessert buffet which people were lined up for. I didn't get dessert since the line was too long and I didn't need it anyway! After lunch we were near the glacier - it was even more impressing than Glacier Bay - HUGE! We stayed on deck till the camera ran out of batteries/film then ran back to the cabin and right back out again till we were ready to leave the area. Then back to pack! I couldn't believe the week was over! It went so fast. We went to dinner and had our last wonderful meal (Mike says - ah - now it's back to pasta LOL!) They had baked Alaska on parade for dessert - they had flaming baked Alaska and the assistant waiters marched around the dining room with it - it was fun. We didn't want to go to bed so that it would all be over. :-) We stay up late (11:30-12ish) and watched the boat dock in Whittier and the sun set. Whittier: Well, the whole atmosphere of the boat changes the last day! It's up and rush rush rush. We got up and went to breakfast in Horizon Court - I think they knew they were getting rid of us because the food was not as good as the other days I didn't think. Then we went back to the room as they were calling our group to disembark. We walked down and there was a big line but didn't take too long. Then when we got to the end of the dock we had to fight - Again - for them to believe us that there was a rental car company! I mean - it isn't a big place (Avis) but it was only about a block away! Come on! LOL! They didn't want to let us go! Finally I said - I know what I'm doing - I'm done with the ship and I didn't buy transfers let me go! LOL! Picked up the car and off we went. We timed it just right to get thru the tunnel so that was good. And off we went to explore! Went to the Wildlife Center right as you get out of Whittier - it was a small fee and definitely worth it. Thought it would our only chance to see a moose since we missed them everywhere else. They were interested and there were lots of other animals. The brown bear was playing with a Stick... capital S... it was more like a small tree and she was picking it up and twirling it. Fun to watch. Then we went towards Kenai. I had heard Captain Cook State Park was really neat. Well, it was a boring drive in spots and I thought it was going to be a bad choice. The park itself was interesting because you could get down to the beach and we hit it at low tide - strange how much mud is exposed. You also can see the Oil rigs from there which is interesting. And the mountains across Cook inlet are part of the ring of fire (volcanic) which would be really neat to see if they were active at the time (they were not when we were there and I don't think they have been in a few years). But the park wasn't that exciting... till we went to leave. Then we saw a moose along the side of the road and stopped to see her. And she had two baby moose (calves???). It was terrific! We watched them for awhile then drove back into town to a restaurant where we had excellent halibut. Then we headed back towards the airport and saw another moose. And on the way we stopped a lot of placed (turnagain arm and others) to visit. I really wanted to see a beluga whale but no such luck. We did stop at an Wildlife preserve and saw some neat birds. (This was nearly in Anchorage). Then into Anchorage and on to the airport! The airport BTW was extremely busy. We got there a little early and were glad we did since it took forever to get thru check in (almost an hour) and then we still had to go thru security and get to the gate. We got on the plane around midnight. The flight home was a pain since we were late out of anchorage - then American airlines screwed up our flights twice and the third they were going to put us on was running an hour late. Finally we asked for an earlier flight with another airline - United was good and on time but our baggage was lost! AH vacation is over and welcome to reality! Read Less
Sail Date July 2004
Just returned from the Sun Princess first Inside Passage Tour of 2004. The boat was beautiful, the cabin spacious and 98% of the staff very enthusiastic. The dining room food was superb, but the buffet dining was just average. The two ... Read More
Just returned from the Sun Princess first Inside Passage Tour of 2004. The boat was beautiful, the cabin spacious and 98% of the staff very enthusiastic. The dining room food was superb, but the buffet dining was just average. The two alternative restaurants, the steakhouse and pizzeria were both very good. About halfway through the trip we found Room Service to be our favorite way to dine, so that we could enjoy the scenery from our balcony. The cruise director Dan and his staff, especially Milan and David were amazing. They were all very entertaining and always highly visible during the many activities offered onboard. There was a nice variety of things to choose from thoughout the day and a schedule was always available the night before. I also enjoyed Paul's services at the Spa and the Art Auctions with Dean. My only complaint was with the staff of the children's center. They seemed excited at the beginning of the trip, but when we would drop off and pick up our two children (ages 3 & 8), the two female staff members were rarely playing with the children. They were often doing paperwork or one was not visible at all. The children did bring several nice art projects back to the cabin and they looked forward to their time in the center. The one night that we tried the paid babysitting, they paged us within one hour because our daughter was acting grumpy and crying a little as she tried to fall asleep. Overall, a wonderful ship and staff and I would consider another voyage on the Sun Princess. Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
I'll have to say up front that this was the second time we made this exact cruise the same week, so we're obviously prejudiced in favor of this beautiful ship!! This time was unusual, because I had broken my leg on Victoria ... Read More
I'll have to say up front that this was the second time we made this exact cruise the same week, so we're obviously prejudiced in favor of this beautiful ship!! This time was unusual, because I had broken my leg on Victoria Island two days before the cruise - they patched me up with some pretty major surgery and hubby and I headed for the beautiful Vancouver cruise ship terminal two days later. Hubby went and found a dear young man with a wheelchair, who turned out to be one of the dining room waiters. He sat with me while hubby went and got us lined out, and then pushed me through all the embarkation points and right to our stateroom - the usual beautiful sea-foam and pastel Sun Princess stateroom - cool, clean and comfy. Service for a person in a wheelchair was marvelous. I hope I never have to do it again, but they made it easy on us!! We love this ship with its teak promenade deck, it's teak and cushioned deck chairs, the buffalo plaid blankets for covering up against the Alaska early fall chill and the hot chocolate carts that come around to tempt us!! This time I didn't do any fitness activities, but I remember the stern pool and hot tub from the last trip, and when hubby took time off from pushing my wheelchair, that's where he'd go!! Laps walking on the promenade deck were a wistful memory for me!! Beautiful place to watch the shores of the inside passage!! Down side this trip: on our last trip the stern pool bar was open and quite a hot spot. This time it was closed, and our requests to open it met with no action. Get with it, Princess!! Maybe by now you have re-opened that excellent source of revenue for you and convenience for your passengers!! Also on the down side -- the trademark Princess ship lights on the water at night were not in operation. We missed them greatly. I hope they've resumed them by now!! Food in all venues was wonderful. Dining room services was superb. We like the Princess crowd, and it did not disappoint. Trivia was well-presented and fun. Lectures were entertaining and informative. Entertainers were talented and well prepared. A near-perfect cruise!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2003
Sun Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.8
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.6
Family 4.0 3.6
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.4
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 4.0

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