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It was our 50th anniversary and we thought a repositioning cruise would be a great experience. On previous cruises we have always eaten in the dining room for all our meals. We found the food to be cold. My omelets were incomplete, only ... Read More
It was our 50th anniversary and we thought a repositioning cruise would be a great experience. On previous cruises we have always eaten in the dining room for all our meals. We found the food to be cold. My omelets were incomplete, only half of my omelette had filling in it. We tried it again when we gave our review on the ship and they asked us to try breakfast again. The food was still cold. The windjammers breakfast was much better. We only ate dinner in the evening. We had great table mates and enjoyed there company. The food was just adequate. Some nights I couldn't find something to eat. When my husband ordered beef bourquinion he had 3 small chunks of beef. In the Centrum the chairs were ripped. My husband ordered an anniversary surprise for me and only half of what was supposed to come was missing. They did not have it aboard the ship. Our daily compass had incorrect information On the front it said casual dining and in the center it stated formal attire. Half the guests showed up formal and half casual. The activities schedule was the same activities at the same time. The activities were very one note. If you had early dining you missed activities. They also had last minute changes in the shows. Our tour guide on one of the cruises left passengers behind and we missed more than half of our tour Thank goodness one of the onboard next cruise employee was with us. She was appalled that we were left behind with the employee. They only refunded half of our tour money because they said we saw half of tour. The eating outside the windjammer was stained and dirty. Alot of chipped paint was noticed. We have been on Royal Caribbean ships before and enjoyed them. We did not enjoy the Brilliance of the Sea and would not recommend this ship and this experience left a bad impression for us to cruise again with Royal Caribbean. In the past we always enjoyed our experience. This cruise was for a special occasion and it spoiled our experience. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
Background We decided to take this cruise simply because we had flight credits that needed to be used by May. We wanted to go back to England and the cruise over seemed to be a good plan. We love cruising and have spent about 400 ... Read More
Background We decided to take this cruise simply because we had flight credits that needed to be used by May. We wanted to go back to England and the cruise over seemed to be a good plan. We love cruising and have spent about 400 nights on ships in the last 10 years – almost all 2 week to over a month cruises. Hotel We flew from home to Tampa and stayed at the Quality Inn Airport-Cruiseport hotel. I would rate it about 3 stars, not on par with other Quality Inns however it was clean, the room was comfortable, the air conditioning worked (an absolute necessity as flew into a 90 degree F heat wave which was a shock to the system). We were booked there for 2 nights in order to get our flight down at the right time of day. Breakfast was 'included' with the reservation. That was total chaos. Insufficient tables, massively overcrowded and limited food choices. We found a lovely little cafe a short distance away called First Watch and had a nice meal there and enjoyed the food and service so much that the next day we came back and bought a breakfast rather than have the free one at the hotel. Definitely recommend First Watch for a breakfast or lunch ! There is also a Fresh Market in the same strip mall that First Watch was located and well worth a visit for some fresh fruit or ready-made treats. To sum up – felt the hotel was overpriced for what it was and what it offered but it served the purpose. It had a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and a for fee shuttle from the hotel to the cruiseport. Ship Information We had previously been on the Norwegian Jade twice before – each time for 21 days – and each time it was a very good cruise with good food and good service and no problems. This was a very different story. First of all our luggage arrived in our cabin and my steward informed me that my suitcase was damaged. I had a lovely matching 3 piece set of Heys luggage – red plaid and very destinctive. I was just using the largest suitcase on this trip. I had used this case for exactly 2 holidays before and it was in excellent condition when I turned it over to the baggage handlers in Tampa. It arrived in my cabin with one side of the top pushed in and a hole in the body. There was no way I could fly home with that. I took it to the passenger services desk and was told the ship's carpenter would see if it could be repaired and they would let me know. I personally did not believe there was any way to repair the hole in it – however off it disappeared. We had two American ports of call – Key West and Miami – before heading across the ocean to Ponta Delgada in the Azores. In that 9 day period I went down to the passenger services desk about 7 different times – trying to find out first of all – what was to be done about the case. Finally on the 6th time down there, I was told that the case was not repairable (something I knew from the start) and that they would be replacing it in Ponta. At that point I asked to have the case brought to the desk as there were still items in it that I wanted to remove (personalized luggage tags, the straps that attached other items to the case, etc.). I also told them that I needed a case of the same size and style with 4 wheels and that I could attach other items to in order to carry them. This was not being fussy – this was a matter of health issues. I have a bad back and cannot lift heavy items and as I was also having trouble with my arm – I roll the case along upright rather than trying to pull it behind me. I also attach my computer case to the suitcase as well as the case for my CPAP machine as I am not able to carry those things. Both my husband and I have to use CPAP machines for breathing at night and each of us attaches our machine to our suitcase when handling our luggage. We both have Heys luggage and have been able to do this with our cases always. We went ashore in Ponta and went on a tour. When we came back on ship we waiting to hear about my case, and waited and waited and waited and finally when the ship had left Ponta we went down to the desk and asked what was happening. The comment made was “Oh, I am so glad you came down. We had several soft sided cases like your other one but they are smaller and there is one hard sided one that would be perfect for you. You got here first, which is good as did not want it to go to some of the other passengers.” Obviously I was not the only one of ship that had received damaged luggage ! I was given a case that was almost as big as my old one, had 4 wheels and no way to attach extra holding straps. Looked cheap but I needed something to get my things back home. Not only did it look cheap – it was – and poorly made to boot – as when it arrived home with me it had a rip in the front and a rip in the back and wound up going out in the garbage as would never handle another trip. To say I was thoroughly disgusted with the way this was handled would be a real understatement. First of all there was no communication from the front desk. The ship is a floating hotel. Had I been in a hotel on land I would have been told promptly that the case was damaged beyond repair and would be replaced. If I had been told that promptly – not 9 days later – I could have gone onshore in either Key West or Miami and purchased a decent North American built replacement. Instead there was no contact initiated by staff the whole time. They did not even have the curtesy at Ponta to call and say they had replaced the case. I had to repeatedly go down to the desk. Activities One of the first things we did on ship was take advantage of the tour offered to Platinum level cruisers to see behind the scenes around the ship. We saw backstage at the theatre, the laundry, and the kitchen. One of the things I noticed in the kitchen area was a wall with photos of every single dish they serve on ship and how it is supposed to appear when served. According to the chef in charge – it was so every dish was always properly served. More on that later under dining. We enjoy trivia and went to a couple of the trivia games but decided it was just not for us this cruise. The curator of the Brunel museum was the guest lecturer on board and we thoroughly enjoyed his lectures. We went to one of the evening shows – with acrobats – but skipped the rest of them. We are not interested in jugglers or magicians and the production shows appeared to be the same ones that were on the ship the last time we were on it in 2011. Service Our cabin steward, Paul, was excellent. The same can be said of some of the assistant Maitre'ds. Jasmine Gardens - became a real favourite. Rachelle at the desk always found us a nice table for the two of us. Subhash, the assistant Maitre'd always checked on us and our waiters were efficient and pleasant. I think we ate there about half of the evenings on the cruise. That is because the food quality and taste was consistent and the service was very good there. The service in the main restaurants was a whole other story. We have always had a good relationship with staff on ships. We realize they work long, hard hours for months on end. We have become friendly with many people that work on ships and maintained contact – with some for over a dozen years. I remember a waitress telling me that it is possible to serve a table of two people in an hour with four courses – an hour and a half at the absolute most and that is just if they obviously want to take their time. Pacific dining room - We do not consider it to be good service when the waiter/waitress removes the early course dishes, taking utensils along with the dishes and then delivers the main course – without replacing the cutlery. That is just common sense – but my husband had his dinner rapidly cooling while he tried to get the attention of the server to get a fork with which to eat that dinner. And we had to repeatedly ask for water. I have pills I take with my dinner so drink the water – then have to ask the server to refill the glass. We tried eating in the main dining room three times. The last time we ate there it took slightly over 2 hours to serve our food – from start to finish and at that point I said I did not want tea and just left. There were just two of us and I have never experienced such slow service in my life. Alizar dining room – We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Swaroop and Divine, two of the assistant Maitre'ds in Alizar, when we saw them up in the Garden Cafe at breakfasts and lunches. We had seen Swaroop shortly after our '2 hour marathon' in Pacific and not been happy about it. He said to come to Alizar as the service was faster there. We went to Alizar and the first visit there was lovely, the service was good and the food was reasonable (or we made good choices). The second time there was another story. Waiter came and husband ordered a new bottle of wine – gave the name and the number of it. Waiter returned with the wrong bottle of wine. It was sent back and a wine steward appeared with the correct bottle. This was the first wine steward that we had seen the whole cruise. Used to placing our wine orders at dinner with a wine steward but it appears they have cut back on staff in this department. This was a wine Dave had before – I believe the first night of the cruise, and he's enjoyed. We thought less of it when we received our final billing the last morning and found that he's not been charged for the wine he's ordered – but for the more expensive one that had been brought to the table and sent back. We did not ask for an adjustment simply because we've had so darn much free wine this cruise. Every time there is a problem or an error – they send a bottle of wine. I would much prefer that the service and food improve – then there would be no need to be sending a bottle. Cagneys – We used to always visit Cagneys (the steak specialty for fee restaurant) when on NCL ships. The service was always excellent in the past. Not so this time. Watching one of the waiters serving a bread plate to the neighbouring table – my husband commented “you have bread – what did you have to do to get it?' He did not realize one of the assistant Maitre'ds was standing behind him and heard him and a few minutes later our waiter arrived , delivering bread and asking Dave to choose a complementary wine in apology. He said – he was not trying to be mean to us – was off putting in wine order. It is not the big things – it is all the little things that were a disappointment in the service. La Cucina – This is the for a fee Italian restaurant and it is worth the money. We had the best service on the ship with Alan as our waiter. Everything was perfect – and done the way it used to be done both in the specialty restaurants and in the main dining rooms on previous cruises with NCL. We enjoyed that meal so much we came back there the next night. Alan could be training wait staff as he had it down to a find art. Port and shore excursions This was our 15th or 16th trans-Atlantic crossing in the last 11 years so we had been to all of these ports of call in the past, some of them many times. We stayed on ship at Key West and at Miami, the former in our opinion is just a tacky tourist trap and we had no desire to visit the latter. Ponta Delgada – we have visited here many times. This is a lovely port of call to simply walk off the ship, explore the little churches and the old fortress, take a carriage ride around the town or visit little shops and cafes. We have done that in the past as well as book a tour of the island to see the hot springs and tea plantations and a wide variety of other interesting things. This time we walked off ship without any particular plan in mind. We decided to take a local bus tour of Ponta and the nearby towns and beaches. It was a relaxing and interesting tour and only cost €20 for the two of us. Cobh – we have visited here before and walked around the town, explored the church and the local Titanic museum and the old rail station. This time we decided to take one of the ship's pricy 'tours' that was supposed to be a 4 hour on your own in Cork but in actual fact was a half hour bus ride to Cork – 2 and ¾ hours on our own in Cork and then a half hour bus ride back to Cobh. Since we got off the ship at the train station in Cobh – it would have been more rewarding to get a round trip train ticket for €9 and have a decent amount of time there. We went into a Marks & Sparks and got a lovely new shirt for hubby and then had a nice lunch at a nearby pub. And that was really all we had time to do. Saw a bit of the central area and a bit of the region on the trip back and forth. If we do this again – will take the train back and forth so we have time to explore. And it would be half the price. Falmouth – we have been here before too and thoroughly enjoyed the town. We were not docked this time, which we have always been on past visits on other ships. We had to tender over and back. Poor organization every time getting people on and off ship. On arrival we got on a free bus to take us around to the town center. Nice to see a bit of the place that we had not seen on our previous visit. In the town square were chatting to some local folks about the upcoming election and they suggested we have a look at the art gallery near by. We did, and thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful exhibit of two local artists of the early 20th century specializing in seascapes. There were paintings of theirs on loan from all over the country. One large one from the museum at Hartlepool (which we have visited in the past) that we really liked. Even one on loan from Sir Elton John. The paintings were a wonderful record of the sea and the local fishermen and the catches at that time in Falmouth. One of the painters did all his painting on the water itself – from a boat and as he became more prolific – he bought a bigger boat... We strolled down towards the seafront, enjoying the shops, picking up some sweets from one of the bakeries, and eventually wound up down near the Maritime museum ( which we have visited in the past and is well worth a visit) to reach the Harbour Lights restaurant. We had been talking to a couple from the Falmouth area yesterday at the Pub. They were on the ship too and disembarking here and told us that Harbour Lights had won the best Fish and Chips restaurant in England for 2017 and was well worth a visit. They were right – the fish and chips were absolutely delicious! Tendering back to the ship was an experience – and not a pleasant one. We were obviously in a different boat and this one has water coming in through the sealed side windows and it poured in through the front – soaking several of us. I wound up with my blouse, slacks and knickers soaked in salt water. Since I was planning to wear that outfit off the ship the next day – it got marched down to passenger services to get laundered and returned to me that evening. It was returned but I suspect it was only dried- not washed as it still smelled salty. My big issue here is the leaking lifeboats that were doing the tendering. I would not want to be in one of those in a real emergency as a boat that is leaking water into it is hardly a safe option. When were these last inspected or repaired? Travel to embarkation port We live in New Brunswick in Canada and flew with WestJet to Tampa and then several weeks later from London, UK back to our home city. Our flights were comfortable – the food we had ordered for our meals in flight was tasty and we thoroughly enjoyed our WestJet experience. Cabin We were on deck 9, cabin 9661, an inside cabin. In the past we have had inside, ocean view, balconies and mini-suites on different cruises. I prefer the inside cabins so that it is darker as I tend to awaken if there is any light at all. In the past on the Jade we have been on deck 8 and the cabins we remember as being larger than this one was. Perhaps it was a trick of memory but this certainly seemed smaller than we have had in the past. We had the beds separated rather than as a queen simply so that there was room to move in the middle of them. There used to be a ledge at the head of the bed where we stored things but this was not in our cabin – possibly simply not on this deck. There was just enough storage space to stow our unpacked items. The bathroom had a good shower but the way the toilet was located – one needed to be about 5'2” at most to have room for legs. Since both I and my husband are over 5.9” (he is 6'3”) we wound up frequenting the public facilities in the daytime though we were stuck with cramped conditions during the nights. One night we were awake all night as my husband's bed was making loud squeeking noises whenever he moved at all. In fact it sounded as though the frame was rubbing against the wall but even pulling it out a bit did not stop the noise. Not wanting to disturb staff in the middle of the night – we toughed it out without sleep. After a visit to the passenger services – a repair man was sent up to tighten up the frame of the bed. It took two visits but he eventually got it tight enough with the addition of some kind of tape in the loose leg socket and we had no more problems with it for the remainer of the cruise. We were lucky to have an excellent steward in Paul, and he kept our cabin clean and well maintained. The location of the cabin was good for us – just a short walk to the elevators which then took us up to the Garden Cafe for breakfasts and lunches. Dining This was one of the biggest disappointments of the cruise. The food in the main dining rooms was poor and definitely not up to previous standard on this ship. One night we ordered the turkey dinner. I have cooked turkeys for over 50 years (I am old) and I would not have thought it was possible to ruin a turkey dinner – but they proved me wrong. That was the worst turkey dinner either of us have ever tasted. We found it was even possible to ruin a salad (something I would have thought was impossible). In Alizar I ordered a Tomato Salad as a starter the last meal I had there. It was described in the menu as tomatoes on a bed of romaine and other greens with a light dressing. What arrived was a bowl of oil soaked baby spinach leaves and one or two other pieces of greenery, two tiny slivers of tomato and 5 olives. I had a taste and it literally turned my stomach. The oil dressing was gawd-awful ! There was a couple at the table next to us and the lady looked over and asked me – 'Did you order the tomato salad?' I replied that I had but it was inedible. She told me hers arrived with greens, 25 olives and one tiny sliver of tomato. Obviously whoever was preparing the salad had never looked at the pictures posted in the kitchen ! This 'salad' was delivered right after the wine mix up mentioned under service. I could not get that disgusting oily taste out of my mouth and although I ate a part of my main course – could not finish it and skipped dessert. To say that neither of us were happy with that meal would be an understatement. On leaving we were asked by Swaroop how we had enjoyed the meal – and I told him exactly what it was like. He apologized profusely, contacted the Maitre'd and this gentleman said they would send a bottle of wine to our room. We said there was no need to do that. What they needed to do was serve the food that is described. Regardless, several hours later there was another bottle of wine in the room. Cagneys was another mixed bag. In the past we loved to eat there. My husband adored the Alaskan King Crab legs and always ordered them. They are no longer on the menu. The steaks we ordered were delicious – perfectly cooked and tender – but the enjoyment was tempered by the fact that the baked potatoes were also off the menu and there was an extra charge if more than one vegetable was wanted (really felt that they were nickle and dimeing to death). As well, the service was sporadic, to say the least. Jasmine Gardens became our chosen location most nights because the food was always good, the service was good, and although the menu was limited, we could juggle it around a bit so we did not eat exactly the same thing every night. Normally on past cruises we ate there 3 times – this time it was double that as was the most reliable as to taste and quality. La Cucina – on former cruises on the Jade we were not that fond of this restaurant but the menu has changed and we thoroughly loved it. It is one of the extra fee restaurants but well worth it. We just wished we had tried it sooner in the cruise as would have eaten there more than twice. Not only was the food delicious, it was perfectly served and the atmosphere there was very nice, with some classical Italian singers on the sound system. Garden Cafe has had a change in décor in the recent refit. Gone are all the tacky Hawaiian plastic flowers and statues – now it is a nice clean and fresh coat of paint and new chairs and tables. We are our breakfasts and lunches there and could always find something we could enjoy eating. To sum up the dining experience – the food has definitely gone downhill from our last cruises on the Jade. A lot of the wait staff could use a refresher course in proper service of meals and the chefs in the kitchen need to look at the pictures of the food they are supposed to be preparing. I understand that Miami sets the menus – I am sorely tempted to send them a good cookbook – maybe one of Holland America's cookbooks. Children's activities We do not travel with children ourselves. There were surprisingly quite a few children on this cruise despite it being during the school year but we rarely saw any of them other than at mealtimes. I assume that they were kept busy by the children's dedicated staff. Entertainment We enjoyed the lecturer from the Brunel Museum very much. We just went to one evening show – with the two gymnasts. They were talented and it was enjoyable but about 20 minutes of that is sufficient – stretching it out for an hour is overkill. We have not bothered with jugglers and magicians for years and the production shows on offer were ones we had seen on the ship years ago. Overall it would have been nice to have had as least one classical offering – whether a singer or a musician. In the past we have enjoyed some of those shows on Norwegian but it appears to be a thing of the past. We made our own entertainment and played cards several times a day – particularly in the evenings. Disembarkation This was a mess. We planned to walk off around 9:30 or as late as possible, as just going to get the train to Portsmouth. Since Dave uses a cane we wanted to be able to wait until our colour was almost clear so that he would not have to stand. Needless to say – disenbarkation was a mess and although we sat and waited until our colour had been called several times – by the time we got to the lounge outside Bistro it was obvious that the lines were heavily backed up. The line stretched down the hall to the dining room area. When we made it as far as Bistro we sat so the line could snake around the lounge and out the other side- planning to rejoin the line when the folks who were in line before us reached the end. When we got up to do that, an officious female staff member said – oh no, you can't just come down the stairs from another floor and cut into the line. I told her flatly that we had not come down the stairs – we had been sitting and waiting a half hour since they should never have called our colour until they cleared those others off ship first. Eventually she let us go but all that meant was standing in line for another 20 minutes or more until we could finally get signed off the ship. I have never seen a mess like that leaving a ship before, and I've been on a hell of a lot of cruises. Summary We have done quite a lot of cruising with NCL. We are Platinum Latitudes with NCL, I am at the top level with Princess and we are 3 star Mariners with Holland America. We have never had a cruise like this before where there were so many issues that were not well handled. I used to say there was no such thing as a bad cruise – I have since changed my opinion. We thoroughly enjoyed the Jade the other times we were on the ship but this was the most disappointing we have ever experienced. The only bright spots in the cruise were the staff that we met and chatted to around the ship. There were some lovely people – that we would be happy to meet again anytime. That being said – I really wish we had flown over to England instead of cruising there. This will be our last cruise with NCL. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
Previously, I sailed with Holland-America, on the Veendam in 1999, and the Volendam in 2001. Fine and impeccable was the service of the day, back then. Unfortunately, the service which previously existed, is alas, no more on the Ryndam. ... Read More
Previously, I sailed with Holland-America, on the Veendam in 1999, and the Volendam in 2001. Fine and impeccable was the service of the day, back then. Unfortunately, the service which previously existed, is alas, no more on the Ryndam. No sooner had my wife and I boarded the Ryndam on Dec. 1, 2013, that I noticed that there was a problem with the diverter valve in the shower. I was unable to get the water in the bathtub, to come out of the showerhead. Hence, I summoned the cabin attendant, who also had a problem with that device. In addition, the water was not properly draining out of the bathtub, as it was clogged. Someone had to have known about that problem, prior to Dec. 1, 2013. In any event, I called their main "service" desk, and reported the problem. One would have thought that both the cabin attendant and the main desk, would have contacted the ship's plumber. In fact, the matter was never addressed, until I again complained on Tuesday. I contacted a ship's officer, and also complained to the main desk, in person. This time, I got some action, as a maintenance person was actually sent to diagnose the problem. Afterwards, two plumbers came, and not only attempted to fix the problem, but also repaired a leaking faucet in the bathtub. However, I still had continuous problems with the diverter valve for the rest of the cruise, although I eventually got the water to come out of the shower head. To make matters worse, the toilet stopped flushing several days later. This time, the matter was expeditiously taken care of, and repairs were rendered. In addition to the maintenance problems, there were problems with the Ryndam's security personnel. Some of them, whom we encountered when we disembarked and embarked at the various ports of call, were the lowest of the lowest, pertaining to professionalism, or the lack thereof. They had no training in dealing with customers who had mobility issues. I saw one of their lowlifes, grab the wrist of an older lady, as she was having issues with walking past their security scanner. Another one screamed at a passenger, who inadvertently left his cell phone in the security area, after he successfully passed through screening. I personally complained to the number two man on the ship (the Hotel Manager), and he straightened the security miscreants out. Unfortunately, when we left the Ryndam in Tampa, on Dec. 8, 2013, there was mass pandemonium regarding the expedited disembarkation. It was extremely disorganized, and some of the Holland-America crew, were shouting at the passengers. Again, it was very unprofessional., and could have been handled better. When we asked for assistance with our luggage, in getting off, the Ryndam refused to help us. However, there were plenty of porters in the Tampa terminal, once we exited the ship. Years ago, Holland-America used to have a master baker on board, and he would bake the most delicious pastries. Then, in the evening, those pastries would be displayed for all of the guests to enjoy. Unfortunately, the Ryndam no longer does that, as the type and variety of pastries, left a lot to be desired. Entertainment-The so-called entertainment on the Ryndam, with one exception, was definitely third rate. Years ago, Holland-America had a number of variety acts, singers, dancers, and comedians, similar to the Ed Sullivan Show. Today, the performers are definitely substandard. In addition, the Ryndam employed a violinist who put me to sleep with boring melodies, every night. Also, the bands in the Crow's Nest, and the Ocean Bar area, were not the greatest. Lifeboat drill- I wasn't impressed with the so-called lifeboat drill. Years ago, on the Veendam and the Volendam, we were required to put our life jackets on before coming to the lifeboat station. And, the life jackets were inspected by the crew, to make sure that they were properly placed on the passengers. Now, it is no longer required. Also, there was confusion at the various lifeboat stations, and the deck crew were rude to the passengers. They wanted the door area cleared, but there was no area, for the passengers to stand, since we were crowded on top of each other. I always wondered how everybody would act, and how efficiently the crew would handle the task in a real emergency. Dining Room- I have to compliment our Waiter, and Assistant Waiter, as they worked very hard, and the food was very good. Unfortunately, it appeared that the personnel in the dining room, have been trimmed, Elevators- The elevator service on the Ryndam was atrocious. Not all of the elevators worked. Also, the elevators were not that large. Unfortunately, there were quite a number of overweight people on the cruise. When they enter an elevator, there is very little room left, for less obese people. I make a point of letting several elevators pass, rather than getting on a crowded one. However, there are some selfish individuals, who will opt to make a crowded elevator even worse, by shoving themselves onto it, instead of waiting for the next one. Type of passengers- There were passengers of all ages, including young children. I noticed two instances which made my blood boil, whereby the parents who should have known better, actually endangered the physical well being of their children. In one case, a young Mother, held her small child, over the top of the railing to show him the ocean! In another case, a young Mother got off the elevator, and failed to notice that her child was standing in the area, where the door closes. The Mother was completely oblivious to the danger that she placed her child in, by not exercising better supervision. Captain of the Ryndam- My hat goes off to Captain Werner Timmars, as he continuously kept us informed of the progress of the Ryndam, pertaining to Longitude, Lattitude, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, speed of the ship, etc. In addition, he was a very personable, and friendly individual. I was not impressed with the Cruise Director Rick Barnes, who seemed to be making excuses for the lack of quality entertainment. Internet Service Manager- I was impressed with that individual, as he assisted me with printing my airline boarding passes, while onboard the Ryndam. Once, I came online, it was very easy to use the computer sevices at sea. Overall, on a scale of 1-100, I'd have to regretfully rate the Ryndam at 72% or a C. The Ryndam is nearly twenty years old, and it should be retired. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013

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