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A private balcony is just one of many fabulous features. These categories also include twin beds which make up into a comfortable queen-size bed, a refrigerator and TV, a spacious closet and a bath with shower.

Balcony (BC)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Apr 2017
The standard Princess veranda cabin has excellent storage but it's a bit cramped when moving around. Twin beds were quite comfortable, but one passenger must use one as a sofa if the other passenger is occupying the only chair. Our balcony door wouldn't lock and we had a light burn out; both fixed after we complained, but Housekeeping staff are paid to keep an eye on such things. Otherwise, the cabin was clean and we were well looked-after.
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Cabin A254
Mar 2017
What can I say about a stateroom that is not a suite? The cabin was comfortable for the two of us to move around. Enough closet space for our clothes & belongings. Plenty of hot water for our showers and cold water to brush our teeth. Air temperature was comfortable once the ship was underway. In each port the cabin took on the outside air temp. Sleeping was comfortable. Our cabin was above and below other staterooms so we didn't have any outside activity sounds to contend with. We were far enough from the stairs and the elevators without being disturbed by people using either. But close enough not to have to hike the long hallways of cabins. I would use this cabin again.
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Cabin A254
Feb 2017
Our first cruise! By: jerdor
We enjoyed our cabin and am very happy that we choose to get one with a balcony. Enjoyed watching when we left LA, and whenever we would get into a port or leave one. Ruiton our steward was very good and kept our room clean and clean towels everyday and night. Always went out of his way to please us. Thank you Ruiton, you were great. It was nice to be able to go out and just sit and relax on the balcony when we wanted also.
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Cabin A502
Dec 2016
Average balcony cabin, but the balcony seemed a little larger than we have had in the past. Room included a LCD TV, refrigerator, queen bed, desk area, safe and private shower.
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Cabin A517
Nov 2016
somewhat noisy with scraping chairs from above
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Cabin a301
Jul 2016
We were assigned a room for wheelchair access which is very nice. Cabin is generally nice and steward was [as always] superb. There was constant faint sewage-like odor in our bathroom and often in the hall outside,
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Cabin L306
Jun 2016
Long Overdue Vacation By: Tammy64
Adequate room. The decor seemed a little dated. I felt it had ample storage. The bathroom was small. The balcony had two comfortable chairs and a small table.
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Cabin C719
Apr 2016
Cabin was great with lots of room for us. Balcony furniture also a little tired. Use Caribe deck on this ship to give you the larger bacony.
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Cabin C603
Mar 2016
No problems, great steward (Virginia), good location.
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Jan 2016
Tired Ship By: luv2travel18
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Jan 2016
Rubbish Star Princess By: casapaulina
Our steward was great although did not want to enter when ill
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Cabin L310
May 2015
My first cruise By: wannacruise816
This is the perfect cabin and location. I loved it. We were so close to everything on the lido deck. the pizza, the bar, the hamburgers, the ice cream, the movies, the Horizon, the swimming pools. Couldn't be better. The only thing I didn't like is the small shower. But that's the way it is when cruising I guess unless you have suite? The balcony is great. It's amazing to sit there and be in the middle of the ocean.
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Cabin L205
Apr 2015
Cabin A731
Mar 2015
This is an ideal location - just a few steps from the stairs leading to the aft pool and Horizon Court. The cabin was standard size with a nice balcony. Very clean and in good condition.
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Cabin A408-1
Mar 2015
This cabin was quiet and in a handy position with nice views .It had a good TV and comfortable bed and decent size bathroom
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Cabin A202
Mar 2015
Great Cruise By: oregongirl56
Really liked our cabin. Only complaint is the comfy bed didn't have a top sheet only a down comforter. We slept way to warm. I took a blanket from MUTS so did better after that.
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Cabin A626
Feb 2015
So disappointing By: cllucas44
Large closet space encroaches on living space, odd placement of furniture blocking balcony, drapery hems safety pinned making a bit of a safety issue with the loose hem, other than that pretty standard fare.
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Jan 2015
Wonderful cruise By: TrevaPablo
Great room we were upgraded from a non obstructed view room
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Cabin A227
Dec 2014
We thought the room and bathroom were great. Of course it's always nice to have more room but we didn't expect something huge. The bed was comfortable and the pillows were really good - which is rare at a hotel let alone on a cruise ship. The bathroom was functional and clean and the shower had good water pressure. Plenty of room in the closet area for suitcases and clothes. My only warning: We booked the Starboard side because we were pretty sure all smoking areas were on the Port side, but it turns out the exhaust from the casino is blown out on the Starboard side so we did smell some smoke. If I were to do it again I would probably try to be a bit further back so the exhaust wouldn't be as strong. I am pretty sensitive to smoke so it might not bother the average passenger.
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Cabin B310
Nov 2014
Quiet cabin. Port side, so the balcony was not shaded in the afternoon when heading back north.
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Cabin A-612
Jun 2013
People keep grousing that this location will receive a lot of noise from the Horizon Court buffet above, and from the coin-operated laundry across the hall. This never happened during this week. Most of the noise here came from the orientation of the ship in the ports; VERY noisy on the dock side, especially in Skagway, where a busy heliport is right next to the ship, and those whirlybirds were coming and going all the time!My room steward, Patrick, was a friendly, gracious and helpful gentleman. Not only did he exceed every need, he had a tendency to anticipate my needs!
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Cabin B221
Jun 2013
B221 was in a great location up front and the "drivers" side. Had a great steward that made life for a week very nice. The Baja deck is high enough you get a really good view and also didn't have a patio above us to look down on us. I'd choose this cabin again for sure.
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Nov 2012
C735 Great closet. Quiet room. Spotless bathroom in good repair. Shower needs more shelving and a real soap dish or liquid soap dispenser. Bed comfortable. TV was good. Being toward rear of ship made for some additional movement and vibration, but minor and we do not get seasick. Hallway quiet, but the room across the hallway had a small dog who barked when someone opened the door. Otherwise, she was as good as gold. Her name was Precious.
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Cabin B622
May 2012
Popular 2 night cruise By: vcr_traveler515
Nicely appointed standard Balcony room on Star Princess. The shower stall is small as usual but everything else was in order. Location is good as there was not too much pedestrian traffic. Deck 11 (Baja) is also good as one can just walk two flights of stairs up to the Horizon Court. There were no noise issues.
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Cabin c703
Mar 2012
C703 Ample size room with a small balcony. The TV was there but not many stations to keep you entertained. The beds were warn out and the so were the pillow. Big enough for us both to move comfortably. Typical bathroom, with the tiny shower and clinging curtain. Couldn't seem to figure out hot or very cold on the sink's faucet, warm all the time. The room temperature was good, but the air dries out my sinuses. Refrigerator in the room ample, but they wouldn't take out those sodas that belonged to Princess. Room steward was good. One thing I did notice during rough seas, there is something in the walls, in two places, that clanged and clicked all night long.
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Cabin B725
Mar 2012
Scenic South America By: Evelyn Keating
My cabin, B725, was a balcony room. I found it to be roomy (for a ship!) with plenty of storage. The shower is pretty tiny and it is about impossible to shave your legs. Beds were comfortable. I wish they had 2 upholstered chairs because no one likes sitting on those desk chairs for long. We did get a lot of use out of our balcony because we had 7 sea days. We read out there a lot and then just lived on the balcony as we progressed up the coast of Chile. If it was cold we just layered on clothes until we were comfortable.
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Cabin c242
Feb 2012
Star Princess hit or miss By: Mike Goodall
Spacious,what hanging space- best ever shower a little small but for two weeks it was fine, Balcony Fabulous spent more of the cruise on there than ever before. A great way to watch the world go by.
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Cabin B330
Jan 2012
Better than the previous one By: Grappagourmet
The best part of this cabin is it's closet, with lots of space to clothes, creating a "room" between the bathroom and the bedroom. Also is very quiet, a bit away from elevators. The ladies will miss a make-up magnifying mirror.
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Cabin B326
Dec 2010
Wait for the next Captain... By: Grappagourmet
Open view, roomy closet, average balcony.
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Cabin B518
May 2010
CABIN: We stayed at Cabin B518, which was a balcony cabin at the passenger-only Baja deck located slightly behind the middle of the ship. The Baja deck was sandwiched between two other passenger-only decks (Aloha and Caribe decks), so there was very little exposure to noise compared to decks closer to public areas. We were quite excited to have a balcony for this cruise because, for most of our cruises (except the chartered cruise on Seabourn Legend that I didn't go to), we stayed in an inside room. Besides the obvious advantage of a full view of the ocean--which allowed us to take in the wonderful sail-in in Lisbon and the beautiful coastlines of Oslo on sailaway--we had considerably more storage space than when we were in an inside room. For starters, the closet wasn't as near the bathroom door compared to an inside room on the Star Princess. Secondly, there was an additional floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet which proved extremely handy for storing shoes. So I think we are very likely to get a balcony cabin for future cruises. We were also fortunate enough to not live close to smokers next to or above us, so we were not subject to cigarette smoke. (While we saw an ashtray in the cabin balcony below us, we never noticed the passengers living there smoking in the balcony.) The room was always kept impeccably clean, with towels and bathrobes promptly replaced and with the pillow chocolates provided every day. The one flaw that I could find with the room was the third-person pullman bed, which folded up into the ceiling of the cabin during daytime. As the person who used that bed, I must say that it was about as comfortable as the bed I used when living in a university residence--the mattress seemed a little too low, and the safety railings made the bed seem cramped. As for the common complaint on the Princess CC forums that Princess's mattresses are too hard--while I did find it harder compared to other hotel beds that I've slept in, what made the situation a little different in my case is that I actually sleep on a hard mattress at home and do prefer firmer mattresses, so I'm not quite sure if requesting an egg crate would have made sleeping in the third-person bed more comfortable.
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Cabin B303
Apr 2010
Our cabin was a wheelchair accessible one, both spacious and comfortable. However, it did not have an automatic door opener which would facilitate the access to disabled passengers. Moreover, throughout the ship there are entrances and exits too difficult to access to Vincent's medical scooter due to sharply angled ramps. Mary's wheelchair could handle them, but it was a bumpy ride.
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Cabin 740
Jan 2010
Unhappy Cruisers By: davemoynihan
Our cabin was great but we an aft cabin and with constant rough seas in was unpleasant.
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Cabin B601
Nov 2009
Star Princess - Ports By: catsdinner
Very nice cabin with a small balcony. Comfortable.
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Cabin A255
Sep 2009
Good balcony, easy access to stairs and elevators but not so close to be noisy, has ample storage space. Quite a ways to the laundry.
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Cabin B319
Jul 2009
Baja level balcony was great.  The two levels below offer no privacy as you can see down into them from Baja & Aloha balconies.   Choose the starboard side for Alaska cruises. 
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Cabin B623
Mar 2009
great cabin and location. The cabin had plenty of hanging and drawer space. The balcony was adequate to a little squeazy. The location was very good as it was very stable in rough weather. Closer to the rear elevators but not far from the middle ones. Very happy with cabin
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Cabin A210
Jul 2008
40th birthday surprise! By: dalmatianlvr
we had a quiet location, forward and away from the elevators. we had plenty of room and a nice view from our balcony
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