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1 Star Cruises Sydney (Australia) Cruise Reviews

Star Cruises??? What do we think???? We wouldn't cruise with them again. To start off, before the cruise we could not get any cruise or port information from the company. We couldn't check in on line until 7 days before we ... Read More
Star Cruises??? What do we think???? We wouldn't cruise with them again. To start off, before the cruise we could not get any cruise or port information from the company. We couldn't check in on line until 7 days before we left Sydney. The crew and staff were great and friendly, food was OK (same thing over and over again but named different), entertainment was great but........there was no communication with the passengers as to how and where to disembark for shore leave and other important matters. They had port talks before each port but there was only basic information given out as though they hadn't done their homework properly. EG Before we arrived in Laem Chabang (for Bangkok) we were told that we would be able to go into the cruise terminal and change money, walk around market stalls. When we docked there we couldn't get to the terminal unless we walked through the cargo terminal grounds, down a long road and then maybe get into the terminal. It would have meant getting a taxi. Port timings were all wrong (even the Captain agreed with this when we had dinner with him), e.g. when we got to Johor we had to tender for 45 minutes then taxi into Johor for 40 minutes, giving us 1 hour in Johor before we had to be on the last tender back to the ship. When we got to Vietnam (nearly 3 hrs late due to weather conditions) it was getting dark and there was nowhere to go off the ship because Danang, Han Oi and Hue were all over 1½ hrs drive away. It was as though the company takes the cheaper ports and doesn't worry too much about the consequences for the passengers. In Singapore 3 couples were trying to retrieve lost luggage before they could go to their hotels etc, and this was very late at night. We thought Singapore was a shamozzle until we got to Hong Kong! It took over 2 hours of being pushed and shoved to get off the ship.There was no information given out prior to disembarkation other than red card holders went to one place and blue card holders went to another. When it came to picking up our luggage, it was atrocious. They did not use a luggage hall. Where we had to go (after having to negotiate steps and a very long walk through a shopping centre) was about the size of a triple garage for trucks, and passengers were still waiting for their luggage to be brought off the ship. So imagine what it was like with over 2000 pieces of luggage and passengers walking all over it looking for their luggage. Last time I disembarked in Hong Kong (Princess Line) it was really civilised and easy to get a taxi, this time we had to drag our luggage over to the taxi stand near Star Ferries, approx 250 metres of rough terrain. One good thing! We didn't have to wait in a hot, un-air-conditioned tent to board in Sydney. We were allowed straight onboard when we arrived about lunchtime. There were a lot of other passengers with the same opinions as ours. When we booked we requested side by side cabins but were told that they were unavailable, so we took the cabins on either side of the ship. After about 1 week we found out that both of us had empty cabins beside us. We made enquiries at Reception and were told that Margaret could change cabins to the one next to me but as they were still selling cabins to try and fill the ship she would have to move back to the original one when we got to Singapore, which she did. A lot of unnecessary work for both of us and the housekeeping attendants. Up until Singapore the ship had approx 900 passengers, with some coming on and going off at all the ports that we visited. If they were still selling cabins I don't see why they could not sell Margaret's original one, and why we could not have the cabins that we requested in the first place. Trying to get a wine was the funniest thing though......Could I have an Australian Chardonnay please?....Uh! White?? Yes Australian White Chardonnay.......after 3 waiters I would finally get a wine! Despite this they did try very hard with the language barrier. There was a lot of crew learning their skills on board as well. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
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