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1 St. Petersburg Cruise & Maritime Voyages Vasco da Gama (Cruise & Maritime Voyages) Cruise Reviews

I will make this as honest and impartial as possible. We expected a 3 star budget cruise and it struggled to reach this standard. I will start with the embarkation. Singapore is not a good port to board from at the best of times but ... Read More
I will make this as honest and impartial as possible. We expected a 3 star budget cruise and it struggled to reach this standard. I will start with the embarkation. Singapore is not a good port to board from at the best of times but when CMV had every passenger embarking at the same time (3PM) and no-one giving any direction the whole process was a complete shambles, however when we did get on board our suitcases were at our cabin door. Dinghy drill was scheduled for around 8PM on deck at your muster station. Problem with this was that everyone had been on board for 5 hours, all had dinner and of course a few drinks and in some cases quite a few drinks. So we get to our muster station, everyone is merry and talking while the PA announces what we are supposed to do. When it came to donning of life jackets, we already had then on (as directed earlier). The crew at our muster station were supposed to demonstrate but as we found out they were new crew and did not know how to don them themselves. Heaven help us if there was a real emergency. The cabin itself was clean with a comfortable double bed and dated decor. The bed we found strange because we had a double base sheet made of something like rough flannelette with 2 single dona's on top. We also found having a spa bath was odd. Would hate to be old or have a disability because it was very difficult to get in and out of. We also had an external leaking pipe on our veranda that was leaking some sort of thick black liquid which dripped onto the deck. I complained and all they did was put more tape over the tape that was already there. See photo's. The rest of the ship had received a makeover from when it transferred from P&O and we were happy with all areas. Lot's of comfortable areas to go and hide, meet people, read etc. We rated it well above the 3 star we expected. There was a lot of crew from Eastern block countries that had difficulty smiling but that is their nature and we accepted that. If one took the time to get to know them they did display a lot more of their friendly side but it had to be initiated by us. Another strange quirk. We had a drinks package and could drink almost any alcoholic beverage to our hearts content but is we wanted a tea/coffee we had to pay 50% of list price. Bizarre. Overall the food was ok but rarely changed in the buffet. Still don't know what the "bacon" was tho because it definitely was not bacon Evening meals in the main dining area were good with nice variety. Hated the Asian one. We thought you could choose between all the mains but you got everything! Still cannot understand why they would dish up a Thai green curry, an Indian fish curry and a Korean beef dish together. Horrible is an understatement. We did not each much that night and never went back. We only had one evening show each night because of the low number of passengers and it was the same singer, dance team most nights which were very average. We persevered for 2 1/2 show and gave up. As for the gust performer they had a Rod Stewart something or another. He was not an impersonator, did not sound like him, kept singing songs inter dispersed with some extremely poor comedy. A lot of people got up and walked out. He was on again the next night and performed to only a handful in the audience. Freya was the cruise director and it was her first time as cruise director. Only ever saw her at the end of a show and heard her over the PA each day reading from the printed days schedule which we all had anyway. What did she actually do? If it was organising the daily events she did a poor job. 3 quizzes a day with 3 other repeated events like bean bag tossing, nerf gun shooting at plastic cups and skittles. Oh you could go to other classes like what to do with used toilet paper rolls and pay $5 for the privilege. Plus there was bingo with 3 games, 1 line, 2 line and full card, all played on the same card. Weird. We also heard they had a Captain on board. Never saw him! Our original cruise was supposed to dock at Sandakan with it's famous orangutan sanctuary but 2 weeks before the cruise someone discovered we could not fit into the channel. Glad someone checked. Thought they would have done that when they were planning to itinerary. Had my fingers crossed they had checked all the other ports. Lot's of disgruntled passengers who had booked the cruise because of this port. Sihanoukville was a shocker of a port. The whole city is under construction with the Chinese building 105 casino's all at the same time. On top of this all the roads and underground pipelines were being replaced at the same time. So we visited a construction zone with dust everywhere. Why it was on the itinerary is anyone's guess. We did hear from a crew member or two that the Captain was not a happy chappy. We tendered at Koh Samui and the organisation of this was abysmal. Only 4 tenders were used. We were lucky to be called for the second lot of departures and arrived onshore 90 minutes after the whole process commenced. The only good thing about it was we had Rod Stewart on our tender and when he boarded everyone sang "we are sailing" for him. The return was just as bad. Must also mention our arrival into Laem Chebang. Thai officials decided on a last minute change of plans to have a face to face with immigration off the ship. So we all had to get our passports but rather than call deck by deck and 1 person per cabin to collect them there was a general announcement instead so everyone and I mean everyone went to deck 6 at the same time. The was only i queue so you can imagine the pandemonium. Then when we went ashore there was another queue that spread almost the entire length of the ship standing in 30 degree heat waiting to see immigration. There was none to guide us and no one bothered to think we might need to have some water. Disgusting organisation! As for disembarkation it was seamless but strange there were no PA's advising on when you could disembark. So to our pro's and con's. The pro's: The bed was comfortable. The cabin air con worked well (in our cabin) The decor of the ship was good. We liked the layout of the ship. The cons: The food was average. The bath was stupid, a lot of people would struggle to get in and out of it. The Eastern Block crew were stone faced and most did not understand English. We got brown water running from our sink tap after 12 days. The overhead pipe on our balcony leaked a dark black liquid. See photo The daily entertainment almost never changed and was boring. The evening entertainment was the same troupe every night except for the worst show ever - a very poor Rod Stewart singer/comedian (not) Never saw the Cruise Director except after the evening show. Don't know what she actually did. Never saw the Captain. Very poor communication. Very poor organisational skills. Would we recommend this ship? If you expect more than 2.5 stars don't cruise with them because 2.5 is all you are going to get. Would we cruise with them again? If there was an itinerary that interested us and we could get it very cheaply then yes but we would probably prefer to cruise with other companies first and cruise CMV as a last resort. Read Less
Sail Date March 2020
Vasco da Gama (Cruise & Maritime Voyages) Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 3.0
Entertainment 3.0 2.9
Public Rooms 4.0 3.5
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 2.0 3.5
Shore Excursions 3.5 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.5 N/A
Service 4.0 3.0
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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