In Expedition Cruising, Luxury Meets Adventure

What do you get when you blend the industry's most luxurious cruise line with a rugged, expedition voyage? Silversea Cruises was the first company to introduce top-of-the-bucket-list destinations that also offered the upscale services and amenities you'd normally find on a luxe cruise. Want to travel broadly in ultra comfort? We dive into how best to choose your own expedition cruise -- and help you discover where in the world it can take you. (Here's a hint: Just about everywhere!)

What's Your Expedition Travel Style?

Expedition lines all cruise to remote destinations. Beyond that? From fares to expeditions, they're quite different. We'll guide you. More

Can an Expedition Cruise Transform You?

It sure can. Travelers share how their own expedition cruises were life transforming. More

Behind the Scenes of an Expedition Cruise: What it Takes

Planning an expedition, particularly to exotic, hard-to-reach places, requires experience, curiosity about cultures, and a thirst for adventure. More

Intrigued by the World's Most Remote Places? We'll Take You There

Expedition ships can go just about anywhere. From the deserts of Namibia to the fjords of Southern Chile, we can take you there. More