Mississippi River Cruises

Did you know that America’s mighty Mississippi River, which spans some 2,300 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to northern Minnesota, is the fourth largest river in the world? That some 31 states in the U.S. have some part in it via smaller tributaries? Or that in addition to playing a landmark role in the history of the United States and development, whether it’s as a Civil War battleground or westward expansion via the Louisiana Purchase, its varied regions represent some of the best of America’s music, literature and culture?

Multi-layered and fascinating, the Mississippi also rivals any of Europe’s finest rivers in more than length. It’s worth checking out.

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7 Ways to Find Europe Along the Mississippi

Can an avid European river cruise find bliss on America’s Mississippi? You bet. Throughout the Mississippi region, lands were settled by Germans, French, Spanish, and Scandinavians. European cultural traditions and heritage are celebrated throughout. Here are our favorites. More

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If you’ve cruised along the storied rivers of Europe’s Rhine, Danube, Rhone or Seine, it’ll probably surprise you to know that America’s cruising tributaries share a lot of similarities. We take a look at both commonalities – and differences – you should factor in if you’re considering a cruise along the U.S. Mississippi, the Western Columbia and Snake Rivers, and others. More