Ocean Cruise Fans: Now's the Time to Check Out a Europe River Cruise

If you've already discovered the joys of cruise travel on the world's oceans, there's a fabulous new discovery that awaits. River cruising in Europe is a cozy, intimate way to explore imperial cities and quaint villages. And while there are some similarities between river and ocean cruises, there are plenty of differences, too. Join us as we dive deep into the world of European river cruising.

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Which European River Best Suits Your Cruise Style?

Europe's most fabled cities -- Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest and Vienna, for starters -- have grown up along the Continent's waterways. Which river itinerary is best for you? We'll get you started. More

River Cruising's Remarkable Transformation

The construction of a shipping channel, appreciation for the culinary arts and the lure of private balconies transformed the rivers. We explain. More

In Europe, River Cruises Are Offering More Big Ship Options

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