Photos: Halloween Costume Party at Sea

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    Who: Ladies of the Corvettes Limited Car Club from Arcadia, CA
    Costume: '50s Bobby Soxers
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Seeing everyone's Halloween costumes
  • 2
    Who: Norma and Eric from Los Angeles, CA
    Costume: Oktoberfest
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Halloween -- it's their favorite holiday
  • 3
    Who: Verna and Don Swanson from Kodiak, AK
    Costume: Fisherwoman and her fish
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Whatever they're doing right now -- they're having the time of their lives!
  • 4
    Who: Judah and Angelica from Los Angeles, CA
    Costume: Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Swimming with dolphins in Ixtapa
  • 5
    Who: Cruise Critic members from Oregon
    Costume: Clowns, Romans, superheroes and rock stars
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Their very first balcony cabins
  • 6
    Who: Ralph Denny and his son Lee from San Diego, CA
    Costume: Roman emperor and soldier
    Favorite Part of Cruise: The production shows
  • 7
    Who: Danielle from North Carolina and Melanie from Australia (members of the Carnival Spirit Dancers)
    Costume: Ketchup and mustard
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Performing in the show "Swinging with the Big Band" with Ned Ripkin
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    Who: Sherri and Jeremy from Sacramento, CA
    Costume: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
    Favorite Part of Cruise: Watching how much fun their mom is having on her first cruise
  • 9
    Who: A group of family and friends from California, New York and New Jersey
    Costume: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Evil Queen and the Old Hag
  • 10
    Who: Annie Knight from Park City, Utah (and the winner of the costume contest)
    Costume: The Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story"
    Favorite part of the cruise: Kayaking in Acapulco
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    And thanks to everyone who voted on what my friend Rebecca and I should wear for our Halloween costumes. The winning vote was for towel animals, and we dressed up as a towel dog and elephant. Here we are, posing with our dining room waiter Zoltan. We've enjoyed so many aspects of our Carnival Spirit cruise, but if we had to choose, our favorite moment was eating dessert in the Supper Club. Happy Halloween, everyone!
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