Pictures: 11 of the Best Cruise Ship Towel Animals

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    What's secretly handcrafted each night in your cabin by a skilled artisan and looks like a monkey wearing your sunglasses one day, a manta ray holding the TV remote another and an angry spider eating pillow chocolates the next?

    If you guessed "towel animals," you've been on a cruise before -- or have at least spent a lot of time here on Cruise Critic.

    Towel animals, left behind by room stewards during turndown service, are one of cruise travel's longest-standing traditions. (The towel dodo bird reportedly made an appearance on Titanic.) And it's clear that cruisers have a profound love affair with these creatures.

    Take a peek at 11 of the best cruise ship towel animals submitted by our readers, and post your favorites on Cruise Critic's Facebook page.

    --By Dan Askin, Cruise Critic contributor; updated by Ashley Kosciolek, Editor

    Photo by Hilary Mason/Flickr

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    "Piggie Wearing Beach Hat from Curves"

    Truth in towels: We do feel like a pig on the beach by the last day of our cruise.

    Ship: Unknown

    Photo by Nicole Eger DelBuono

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    "I vant to suck your bloody Mary," says towel bat on vacation.

    Ship: Rhapsody of the Seas

    Photo by Jorge L. Orchilles

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    "Apology from the Cabin Steward and His Assistant Who Failed to Introduce Themselves Until the 3rd Day of the Cruise"

    I wonder who has to clean up all those rose petals. We're pretty sure it's not the towel swans.

    Ship: Norwegian Jewel

    Photo by Diane Strickland

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    "Our Collection"

    Every time you shower, a towel animal dies.

    Ship: Carnival Glory

    Photo by Derek Hackbardt

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    "Struttin' Like a...."

    Go ahead. Take a chocolate. I dare ya!

    Ship: Disney Magic

    Photo by Carolyn Spencer Brown

  • 7

    "Venetian Towel Animals"

    Lone ranger towel dog does not approve.

    Ship: Carnival Dream

    Photo by Carrie Donaldson Keller

  • 8

    "Fat Tuesday"

    Why we don't let our towels party too hard on theme nights.

    Ship: Carnival Fantasy

    Photo by Cyndi Hollan, AKA Cruise Critic member marcyn

  • 9


    Jeepers creepers. We don't wanna know where the cabin steward got those peepers.

    Ship: Ryndam

    Photo by Susan Wheeler

  • 10

    "Towel Animals on Display"

    Welcome to the spa. Our products are not tested on towel animals.

    Ship: Celebrity Millennium

    Photo by Cheryl Corwin

  • 11

    "Didn't Expect Anyone to Be in Our Cabin"

    And the number one way to give your cabinmate a heart attack is ...

    Ship: Voyager of the Seas

    Photo by Rick Howell

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    "Elephant Keeping Guard Over HAL Goodies"

    If we throw the towel elephant some peanuts, will he relinquish the pillow chocolates?

    Ship: Volendam

    Photo by Wendy London

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