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I was very interested in taking a Silversea Expedition cruise because I am an adventure traveler from way back. My travel adventures have included mountain climbing, rafting, backpacking, bicycling, canoeing and more. When I am traveling ... Read More
I was very interested in taking a Silversea Expedition cruise because I am an adventure traveler from way back. My travel adventures have included mountain climbing, rafting, backpacking, bicycling, canoeing and more. When I am traveling the world, I want to see or do something that is unique and different. Silversea Expeditions is a different type of cruising that takes guests on an adventure not to be forgotten. This cruise hit all the right buttons for me. A Silversea expedition cruise offers guests access to the world's most remote destinations while traveling aboard the world's most luxurious expedition ships. Guests enjoy all of Silversea's signature indulgences: all ocean view suites, butler services, superb dining and culinary excellence, open bar and a staff that is passionate about service and caring. There is no difference in the level of service between a Silversea traditional cruise and an expedition cruise. Dining aboard the Discoverer was a food-lovers delight. When chefs are preparing meals for less than 100 guests, they have got the time to amp up the WOW factor. A formal dinner was available every evening in the dining room. Breakfast and lunch were served buffet style. When I am in my morning mood, prefer to have my breakfast served to me, and the staff indulged my service preference every morning with out hesitation. I come back with the advice that an expedition cruise is for the curious traveler who delights in visiting the most remote regions of the world in the company of a team of expert naturalists, geologists, biologists and historians. One day you will be boarding a Zodiac for a snorkeling trip to a reef and the next day attending a Kava Ceremony in a remote village. Silversea will immerse you immediately in your destination. Silversea's complimentary activities bring guests to see unique flora and fauna with the insight and passion of your expert guides who are always at hand. Some of this may sound strenuous, but only as much as you want it to be. If you can play a round of golf, climb a flight of stairs, laugh and smile if you get a little wet or dirty, then you have what it takes to enjoy an expedition cruise. You will be traveling with a group of people who enjoy meeting new friends and sharing a walk to a remote village, beach or glacier. A typical day usually begins with a briefing before dinner on the previous day. Your expedition leader will tell you what excursions and activities are planned for the next day. A show of hands is the tool used to know how many guests would like to do what - it is that casual. Your expedition leaders may also talk about the geology, biology or history of your destination. Very often, couples will split up to do different activities and this is one reason expedition cruising is good for single travelers. Friendships form along common interests on expedition cruises, and the activities (like getting on a Zodiac with grace) act as an icebreaker between travelers. Destinations will be very unique at times. We visited Palmerston Atoll in the Cook Islands during our trip. There are only 63 people living on Palmerston and they represent the descendants of one Englishman, William Marsters, and his three wives. Cargo ships visit Palmerston once in a while, but we were the first visitors to have arrived in the past year. School was cancelled for the day so the children would get to meet the unusual guests from the Silver Discoverer. We were treated to music, food and a tour of the island. We all left there in true amazement of meeting these very special islanders. The Silver Discoverer is a small ship about the length of a football field. She holds up to 120 guests and her shallow draft allows the ship to navigate close to shore. Activities usually begin from the fleet of Zodiacs that are boarded at the rear of the ship with relative ease. All suites are ocean-view and some have balconies. As is true with all small ships, the motion of the ocean is evident at most times, and on rare and delightful moments, a light mist from breaking waves can be felt when up on deck. If you are like me, this is an awesome advantage since I love being on the ocean. Life onboard is laid back and casual. Deck shoes and comfortable clothes would be about all one needs to have a good time. Guests onboard are happy that dressing up means elegant casual clothes. Evening entertainment is an after dinner drink while talking with new friends in the piano bar or by the pool enjoying the breeze, the ocean and gazing at the stars. Being young at heart is the only age restriction with adult guests of all ages on our sailing. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
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