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107 Silversea Asia Cruise Reviews

Silver Shadow far exceeded expectations. I was greeted by my butler immediately upon arrival, suitcase delivered promptly. After contemplating the food offerings for three weeks, I can say that the quality was excellent altho' Italian ... Read More
Silver Shadow far exceeded expectations. I was greeted by my butler immediately upon arrival, suitcase delivered promptly. After contemplating the food offerings for three weeks, I can say that the quality was excellent altho' Italian desserts were not as rich as some I have had. The moderate serving sizes of the various courses were inspiring and indirectly pointed out the massive portions expected in most American restaurants. I liked the moderate portions. Eating as an indoor sport does not interest me. I dined on two occasions at La Terrazza for an Italian evening meal and I would not try it again. At one point, a small dish of pasta was presented and, when I tried to use a fork and spoon to eat it, I could easily lift up the entire mass with my fork. Evidently I'm not that big a fan of "gourmet" Italian food. But the offerings in The Restaurant (the MDR) were quite good each evening and all of us quite enjoyed the artwork of the pastry chef on the plates as dessert was served. Quite imaginative and well-rendered to lend an elegant touch to a meal. My suite was lovely - quite large and usable, lots of storage space, no wear-and-tear visible throughout the suite. There were minor nicks in the light-wood desk-top which were caused by pax slamming down their ice buckets down on it. The large bathroom had dual sinks, a separate bathtub and shower. I do take off points for lighting over the couch - if Gideon, my brilliant butler, hadn't come up with the solution of a floor lamp, I would have been unable to read my Kindle which is an important part of my daily shipboard life. Having said this, I would point out that this problem with lighting was immediately resolved by Gideon who also kept me supplied with a daily variety of fresh fruits which I enjoyed in my suite in lieu of afternoon tea. My Vista suite had a large picture window which fulfilled my desire to view the ocean and local ports. I don't feel that I need a balcony in my cruises as I am rarely in a warm part of the globe. Terrace suites, one level up from mine, share a balcony which is not acceptable to me. My Vista suite was 287 sq.ft. and perfect for this solo traveler. I appreciatedthe severely-limited smoking areas. The artwork throughout the ship lent an air of luxury and elegance to the experience. The fact that all of it was for sale deducted nothing from the effect. I didn't attend the entertainments other than one - George Sakellariou is a world-class acoustic guitarist, well known in those circles. I never missed his performances. He was selected by Steve Jobs some years ago to perform for a family reunion and George has played all over the world. Did not see other entertainers. In all cases, the waiters were good, many were excellent, and they made outstanding suggestions for my dining pleasure. Ariston was a key player for me in the MDR with good menu suggestions and topnotch service. I enjoyed speaking various languages with the crew. I was so warmly welcomed onboard that my joke is I felt like ship's pet. The hospitality and genuinely positive response of the hotel waitstaff to this solo traveler made this voyage outstanding and memorable. I did not attend onboard activities; I made it up as I went along. No trivia, no bridge, no "Italian as a second language," few Enrichment Lecturers altho' I watched several of them on my flatscreen, in-cabin TV. I had to quickly bone up on one lecturer as he and I wound up dining together every night for the week in Alaska that he was onboard. The manager in the Internet Caf, Ian, patiently taught me about the good and the bad of new softwares, laptops, choices. It is wonderful to have that kind of expertise available. I was constantly asking questions about a future purchase of a laptop and softwares. On my last night, Ian helped me use the online check-ins and print out my boarding passes. His cheery attitude and welcoming manner were appreciated. The few public rooms I used were well-appointed and luxurious. In the 3 weeks I was onboard Shadow, I never had afternoon tea nor did I use the Fitness Center. I have been on cruises as an adult since 1979 and, since Royal Viking pulled up its gangway, I have been searching for an equivalent luxury-ship experience. After this Silver Shadow Vancouver-to-Incheon voyage, I have come home to Silversea. It is now the official cruise line for Saga Ruby. I would not hesitate to repeat this itinerary because 12 out of 21 days were sea days and that was the main appeal for me. I've been, seen, and done enough in the cruising world that I have little interest in finding a new, exciting itinerary. I embrace the exceptional level of service onboard Silversea and will watch for cruises on her and her sister ship, Whisper. Silversea positions itself as a small, elegant luxury cruise line. For me, that is a perfect description. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
My parents did this trip along with me and my partner. We booked the 5-day Wonders of China pre-cruise tour via Silversea, so we flew to Beijing and spent 3 days there then a day in Xian and then on to Hong Kong, where we sailed ... Read More
My parents did this trip along with me and my partner. We booked the 5-day Wonders of China pre-cruise tour via Silversea, so we flew to Beijing and spent 3 days there then a day in Xian and then on to Hong Kong, where we sailed round-trip. The pre-tour was amazing. Silversea put us up in good hotels and the guides hired cared for us well. Embarkation: We transferred from the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong to the ship, where we boarded, registered, and were eating lunch on the pool deck, all in about 12 minutes. In this regard, very much like what we have encountered on Regent. Suite: We opted for the Vista Suite, and it was lovely. It felt very similar to the balcony suites on Regent (esp. Navigator) minus the balcony. We often are up on deck, so we didn't miss the balcony at all. Beds were extraordinarily comfortable, and the linens were great. Suite attendant and butler were wonderful and provided excellent service. Public Rooms: We liked the Shadow quite a bit, and at times it seemed we were on Regent's Navigator because they are very similar in size. We did miss the Coffee Connection area that Regent's Mariner has. But there were the usual lounges, bars, computer room, library, etc. The carpets are worn, but the ship is going into dry dock in the Spring of 2011 and these will be swapped out. Overall, the ship remains elegant. Service: This is where Silversea actually trumped Regent. Service on Regent is never awful, but in 2 cruises we have done it hasn't been great either. On the Shadow, people all over the ship called us by name by the first evening. They remembered the drinks we liked, where we like to sit, etc. I never once saw a scowl on unhappy face on the crew members. The service was simply extraordinary. I don't think I have ever had service like this on any cruise I have taken. Food: Of course, very subjective, but meals were quite good. We wish they had more dining venues/options, but the size of the ship limits that. The main dining room was great. We did Dinner Under the Stars one night and it was good. We also tried out La Terrazza, the Italian restaurant one night and it was good. Service, again, was remarkable. Smoking: I know a lot of people who sail Regent who refuse to try Silversea because of the smoking. Well, I smoke, and I never smoke in my cabin. And I have to say Regent actually had more places to smoke on their ships. Ironic. The smokers congregated in the set places, but this didn't seem to be a bother to the nonsmokers. In fact, I have gotten more awful looks from nonsmokers on Regent. So, I would say if the smoking this scares you away from Silversea, you are missing out. Excursions: We did the Acrobat Show and Dinner in Shanghai. The other ports we did on our own. The acrobat show was quite good. The dinner, not so good. Alas. But we certainly weren't hungry. General: We loved this cruise because we got to see Beijing, Xian, Hong Kong (all prior to sailing) and Okinawa, Shanghai, and Keelung and Kaioshung in Taiwan. We found the passengers to be a bit more standoffish on Silversea in comparison to Regent, but it didn't bother us. I had quite a number of passengers who, even after 4 days on board, believe me to be a member of the crew (thanks to my age and my dark skin). One woman actually demanded I get her a new napkin! I politely told her to ask someone who worked on the ship!! Another passenger asked me how at my age I could afford such a trip. I was somewhat stunned. I have sailed Regent twice and never had such things happen to me. That said, the fellow passengers did not ruin my trip. I will definitely sail Silversea again. I do think my favorite ship is Regent's Seven Seas Mariner. It is just enough bigger to offer more public spaces. And it has real Bingo for money and not just for stupid points! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
I received an unsolicited call from my travel agent saying "You gotta do this" OK, I'm standing in line in a liquor store anyway, why not! OK, I'm a man of my word. I agreed to this. I guess I'd better read up on ... Read More
I received an unsolicited call from my travel agent saying "You gotta do this" OK, I'm standing in line in a liquor store anyway, why not! OK, I'm a man of my word. I agreed to this. I guess I'd better read up on it. Armed with a glass of something, I started checking some of the blogs for Silverseas "Silver Whisper" Iv'e been on the Silver Spirit and the Silver Shadow since then but nobody forgets their first time! I recall reading a blog in which the writer advised several things including that Lamb Chops for breakfast on Silverseas was not to be missed. I locked this away in my human hard drive. The ship was everything that the other cruise lines weren't. All ships take you picture for your boarding card. Silversea Officers take pride in knowing the guests by sight and calling you by name. OK, there are only 325 passengers but this is still pretty cool. Once we got settled in our stateroom, we thought about ordering-in for the next day breakfast. We went through the usual and then I remembered Lamb Chops (med rare).Later that evening we received a call from the Executive Chef no less appologizing profusely that they did not have Lamb Chops but that they would get some on the next stop. I had placed a couple of good bottles of wine in my suitcase to see if we could do a tasting with the Sommelier. He pulled out some of his favorites out of the cellar. Great evening. If you are planning a multi generational family cruise, this is not for you or the little ones. No nursery. What they do they do very well. It is not stuffy.My favorite cruise line Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
We flew into Singapore from our home in Manila, and being cheapskates we took the MRT (light railway system) directly from the airport to the cruise terminal which is incorporated inside a busy shopping mall. We were a couple of hours too ... Read More
We flew into Singapore from our home in Manila, and being cheapskates we took the MRT (light railway system) directly from the airport to the cruise terminal which is incorporated inside a busy shopping mall. We were a couple of hours too early for boarding, so it was a relief to discover that we could nevertheless check in our bags. Even at this early stage we began to experience was was soon to become the norm..the wonderful personalized service of Silversea. While already being escorted from the information desk to the check-in area another Silversea representative came rushing over to welcome us with a warm handshake, and stayed chatting with us during the baggage check-in process, which, given that we were the only passengers at that time, took no more than 3 minutes. We returned 2 hours later, and following a 5 minute wait were through security and on into the lounge where were were offered champagne and canapEs before receiving the access cards for our suite. I would just like to mention in passing, two irksome episodes during our boarding experience. My Filipino partner was asked at pre-boarding if he was crew, and again when we boarded a security officer asked if he was a travel agent. You may read into this what you will! Our balcony suite was nicely furnished and the queen sized bed almost too comfortable to be true. The luxurious marbled bathroom complete with a full range of Bulgari products was the icing on the cake. The balcony furniture, consisting of a small table and 2 mesh chairs looked a little cheap, however, this was not an issue since we hardly used this area. Having said that, when we did use the balcony we were bothered by a pipe smoker from the deck below. Too bad also about the noise of the anchor dropping when docking early morning at each port of call. We ate from the buffet breakfast each morning and apart form the wonderful array of food on offer, it was a joy not to have to stand in line for anything. With the exception of one day, we chose to skip lunch, preferring to save ourselves for the luscious afternoon tea. For dinner we ate twice in the much lauded Le Terrazzo restaurant. Great for an intimate meal, though unfortunately one evening was somewhat spoiled by a large and noisy golfing group. To his credit, the maitre'd warned us in advance, and our experience the following night more than compensated. The service in Le Terrazzo and The Restaurant was above reproach. I will give special mention to Devish, and Skulk, but this in no way detracts from the service of all the other waiting staff we came into contact with. On our first night, having mentioned to the wine waitress that I was a non-drinker, she offered to make up a special non alcoholic cocktail for me. To my delight, and without any prompting, she proffered a 'surprise' drink to me each and every evening. In general, we had no complaints about the food, but neither were we ever overwhelmed. The ship itself and the overall service were 6-stars but, similar to previous postings, I would not rate the food as such. On the subject of the overall service I cannot say enough. From the moment we stepped out from our suite in the morning we were greeted by each and every member of staff most of whom addressed us by our names. This surely is the key to making every guest feel special. The entertainment was for me typical cruise fare, and for the most part was entertaining, though I did feel that Helga the cruise director tried too hard on occasions. (How many encores can you bleed from an audience?) We did not partake in any of the tours, since I consider the organized tours of any cruise line to be overpriced. (cheapskates). We did however venture out on our own, and frankly, with the exception of Penang, we found the other ports of call to be dull and uninteresting. Having previously read the passenger profile for Silversea, I was a little apprehensive, fearing that we would be spending a lot of the time alone. However we were to be proved wrong since we made many friends of all ages and backgrounds. This was our first cruise on a smaller ship, and with the exception perhaps of Celebrity, I will never venture on a large ship again following our experience with Silversea. Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
This was our 2nd Silversea's cruise, the first being on the Shadow in the summer of 2006 which did not meet our expectations. Now onto the Whisper, although an identical ship the whole package was just so, so fantastic and why so much ... Read More
This was our 2nd Silversea's cruise, the first being on the Shadow in the summer of 2006 which did not meet our expectations. Now onto the Whisper, although an identical ship the whole package was just so, so fantastic and why so much better than the Shadow my wife and I will never know.I would like to add that all reviews are " In our opinion "and would like to trust that all future cruisers with Silversea's might expect the same,we do hope so. Our short cruise was an 8 day from Dubai to Mumbai which included an overnight on the ship in Dubai and Mumbai, call at 2 ports in Oman and 1 in the U.A.E.. We made our own air arrangements with British Airways and stayed for 1 night pre cruise in Le Meridian airport hotel in Dubai.This hotel avoids the traffic of the beach hotels is of a fine quality with some excellent places to eat, we choose the " Seafood Market " which was superb. My wife and I paid the extra $100 pp early embarkation fee which was well worth the cost as you have to vacate the hotel by noon. Greeted with a glass of champagne and told our suite would be ready around 1.30 pm we boarded at 10.30 am, no problem ,we made our way to a bar and within 15 minutes we are informed that our suite was ready and shown to our room. Our suite was spotless and well maintained during our cruise, after leaving Dubai the bar was stocked with our choices of spirits and beer with no complaints in this department. We opted for a basic veranda suite which was very spacious with a walk in closet, separate bath and shower and a "his"and "hers" double wash basins.All in all the suite would be fine for a much longer cruise. The ship on our cruise was about 95% full with a passenger list of 365 and a crew count of 297 by anyones' standards that is a good ratio for the guests. The service in every area was superb,faultless and gracious with many crew members addressing you by name, knowing your preferences in food and drink and treating you with great respect. With the exception of one bland white fish dish,the food was bordering on gourmet.Where ever you ate it was an un hurried service and the food was delivered with excellence.You can order off of the menu with a little notice and this proved to me to had had one of the best Beef Tatares I have ever tasted. You can find out about all of the ships facilities on the web or brochures so there is little need for me to go on. In the U.K.Silversea Cruises are one of travels best kept secrets, this is a real shame as this Six Star product with the weak $$$$ is good value for British clients.I have worked out that if you do a like for like cruise matching cabin size and are a moderate social drinker with the big lines such as Celebrity then a cruise on the four ships of Silverseas' is much better value. On board there are no trashy "Art Auctions" no " Inch of Gold " no "Snowball Bingo" just a fantastic feeling of being spoilt,why not. I just hope that the company can keep it up with the expansion plans with the much larger new build due in 2009, fingers crossed. The only small downside is the lack of quality entertainment, the 4 piece band were awful and seem to be where ever you were, not really a problem. From this review it may look like a work for Silverseas', I do not but wish I did because I could increase their U.K. market but a hugh amount. Please feel free to Mail me if you have any further questions about the product,it was and is industry leading. Chris Willett Read Less
Sail Date November 2007
Our cruise was some months ago, but we're just discussing where to go for the next cruise and .. I realized I meant to review it at the time. We were on Silver Whisper late February 2007 from Bangkok to Singapore. It was our 10th ... Read More
Our cruise was some months ago, but we're just discussing where to go for the next cruise and .. I realized I meant to review it at the time. We were on Silver Whisper late February 2007 from Bangkok to Singapore. It was our 10th wedding anniversary, when we married we went from Bangkok to Singapore on the Orient Express, this was the same journey, just a bit slower. We stayed a couple of nights in Bangkok before the cruise, it's a better place to visit than it was a few years back, less touting, better service and great food. The trip down to the docks was somewhat fraught, roads were dug up and the driver got very lost in the port, so by the time we arrived we were pretty fried. We sat around the departure area for about 10 minutes before giving up and agreeing to pay the extra for early boarding, we just wanted to get on the ship. We were never actually charged for this .. which made us happy in the end. For reference our previous cruises had been with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, on and one with Star Cruises just better forgotten. The ship was lovely. Maintained, well appointed, just great. It's quiet, it seems empty even when it's not, we absolutely loved it. On the other cruise lines we'd chosen some of the larger suite cabins expecting we'd need to retreat to them and spend most of our vacation there (and we did). On silversea we were near the bottom of the categories and were concerned about that, but the room (vista balcony) was fine for the 11 days on board and the public areas of the ship were good enough, and quiet enough, that we could spend more time out of it. The room layout is wonderful, great use of space, clever closet, lovely bathroom. The housekeeping staff kept it in fine condition the whole week. We loved the service. This set the cruise apart from other cruises we'd been on. The staff got to know you, they figured out your likes and dislikes early on and that's good service. Like most people we had a favorite waiter in the restaurant. We felt the staff were all trained to the same standard, clearly Silversea didn't just put people on a ship and expect them to figure it out. The restaurant staff learned what we liked to eat, the deck staff quickly learned what I liked to drink, that's service. We found the food to be of a consistently high standard. It surpasses that on the other cruises we'd taken and we felt that it would be hard to deliver better on board a cruise ship. We didn't mess about asking for odd things, we took it as it came and were happy. As it was an asian cruise we'd have appreciated more asian food choices, just for fun, the impression was that the food was independent of the cruise, a little flexibility would be nice. Included alcohol was welcome and we thought the wine choices were good. We tried La Terazza one night and somehow it disappointed, the service was a mess, food was nice though. I used the internet daily and was pretty impressed that a ship managed to keep up a sold connection almost all the time. I probably spent 2 hours a day working and had very few problems. It wasn't cheap, but it's a necessary evil and I wouldn't cruise on a ship which didn't have it. I note that in-room wireless access is one of the post-drydock features .. I'd have liked that, although working in the forward lounge was fun, if I sail on the whisper again, I hope I don't use the in-room internet too much. I also put on the comment card that the whole ship needed LDC TVs because the old CRT ones were useless in a metal ship, I gather that too is being done in drydock, that's a plus. We didn't like the cruise director much, but a lot of people seemed to. See the comment below about 'young cruisers'. We didn't expect to like the entertainment a whole lot and ... we really didn't. This was expected when we booked, we watched DVDs in our room and that was more our taste. Definitely understand that a cruise line can't cater for every taste and we're perhaps not the target market. We found the staff in the gym/spa to be great. The fitness director on this cruise was so passionate about the subject I was finally, after 20 years of laziness, spurred into fitness action and I'm still going. If we had a complaint at all it was that the crew didn't seem to quite know how to deal with younger cruisers. I'm early 40s, my wife mid 30s and asian. We didn't get quite the personal treatment some other travellers received from the senior staff, table by the kitchen unless you asked not, nothing very special on our anniversary (noted that everyone on board had something special that week, so you can't all dine with the captain), cruise director didn't really stop by to say hi. At the same time we found the younger cruise staff very open and friendly so perhaps what we lost with the senior staff, we gained at the other end. The younger staff work very hard indeed, and with a smile and for us their attitude made the whole cruise. Silversea blew us away, really, there are always things can be done better, but we relaxed and we got off the ship wanting to go back, relaxed and happy. yes we're comparing with mass-market lines as that's what we'd done before, but the step up in quality and staff attitude was key to us really relaxing. We're planning our next cruise and looking at other lines too but it's hard to not go back, it's certainly hard to choose any line back down market. We read that the whisper is going for drydock and being tweaked and that really makes us feel that we need to return. Read Less
Sail Date February 2007
Silver Shadow Taste of China and Japan May 2006 Itinerary: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shannon (Beijing), Pusan, Hiroshima, Kobe. (Kyoto), Tokyo Notes: The itinerary is an excellent way to see this part of the world without packing and ... Read More
Silver Shadow Taste of China and Japan May 2006 Itinerary: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shannon (Beijing), Pusan, Hiroshima, Kobe. (Kyoto), Tokyo Notes: The itinerary is an excellent way to see this part of the world without packing and unpacking. Shanghai: The voyage allowed for an overnight in Shanghai and two nights/2.5 days in Beijing. Since Shanghai is a port city there is no need to worry about landside accommodation in order to get the best of the city. Shanghai is a bustling metropolis with all the trendy shops that you may find in any city. Tianjin (Beijing): Tianjin is the port nearest to Beijing. Its about two hours by highway from Tianjin to Beijing. The ship spent two nights at Tianjin but that only equated to two and ½ days. It was necessary to spend one night in Beijing to see as much as you can, but to spend a second night is a waste, as youll need to get up early on the last day for the drive back to the ship. Beijing and its environs offered some great historical sites including the Great Wall. What had to be the most incongruous event in the trip was the visit to the Great Wall. To get to the top we didnt climb steps&we took a roller coaster! It was great fun!! (though very odd!) Departing Tianjin was a challenge. Chinese immigration required all passengers disembark and go to the cruise terminal to exit the country. This entire process delayed the ships departure by 3 hours and was unexpected by the ships company. On the flip side, arriving into China in Shanghai was a breeze. Pusan: This is South Koreas second largest city. nuf said. The Beomosa Buddhist Temple complex however was beautiful. Hiroshima: This is a city reborn. Beautiful in its simplicity; moving in its ways of honoring its past. The ships shuttle bus dropped us downtown and its an easy city to get around. Kobe (Kyoto): The ship spent about 18 hours at the port of Kobe allowing passengers the ability to make their own way or take a ships tour to Kyoto. The shuttle dropped us off at the JR (Japan Rail) station and the limited express train takes less than an hour. You can take the Bullet Train from the Shin-Kobe station if you want the thrill of the ride. If you do Kyoto on your own, make sure you hit the tour of the Imperial Palace. They offered once or twice a day in English and you need to have permission from the Imperial Household Agency, which is granted upon showing your passport, or other government issued ID. Tokyo: We disembarked at Tokyo and stayed one night at the Imperial Hotel. Tokyo was very nice and Im certain one day does not do it justice. Try Pachinko! Even if you dont understand whats going on, its great fun and you can win money! Embarkation: The boarding time for the ship was between 3:00PM and 5:00PM. In order to maximize our time in Hong Kong and at the Peninsula Hotel, we elected to board as close to 5PM as possible. Imagine our surprise when we boarded and the lifeboat drill was already underway! Embarkation was smooth other than the companionways filled with lifejacket bedecked passengers. The lifeboat drill was conducted indoors after we were first shown the muster stations. Disembarkation: As smooth as silk. The cabins had to be vacated by 8:30AM so we went to the Terrace Cafe to enjoy breakfast and relax until we were called to join the bus to the Imperial Hotel. Stewardess service: Invisible! And thats a good thing. Other than the pleasant embarkation day introductions we didnt see the stewardess (es) who made up the cabin each morning and evening. We didnt need anything that wasnt provided as a matter of course so we didnt need to call the stewardess team. The Restaurant Service: Excellent! All levels of service in the Restaurant from the assistant wait staff to the Maitre d met or exceeded our expectations and our past experiences on Silversea. My partner and I traveled with a case (12 bottles) of wine to be consumed during our voyage and we found that the head sommelier and his assistant were both extremely knowledgeable and yet had a thirst for knowledge for these wines that they had not experienced. We never felt rushed during the dinner service nor were we made to wait an extended period of time for the next course to come. One evening one of the folks we were dining with wasnt enjoying his main course. Even though the kitchen was virtually closed, the headwaiter went into the kitchen and returned with a rare piece of prime rib that was prepared to this guests liking&and he liked it! Food: Consistently very good to excellent. A real treat was two nights of Kobe beef. Since Japan currently has an embargo on all USA provided beef, the usual meat was sealed in a freezer and Kobe beef brought aboard. Kobe appeared on the menu the evening we were in that port. We then special ordered a different cut of Kobe the next evening. Both were delicious! Another true highlight in The Restaurant is the pasta. It is superbly prepared and worthy of being special ordered as either an appetizer or main course. A personal favorite was the Pasta Carbonara. Wine Dinner: On every cruise we bring a selection of wines from our cellar to be consumed aboard ship in concert with the food on board ship. A special treat for us is when we get the sommelier and the chef to create a menu that pairs well with some of the wines weve brought along. Heres a link to a report on the wine dinner and how well the chef and sommelier captured the spirit of the wines and found the perfect dishes to enhance them: http://dat.erobertparker.com/bboard/showthread.php?t=93698&highlight=Silversea. One minor disappointment was that they didnt print up the menu. On past cruises this was done without us requesting it. La Terrazza This was a true disappointment. We ate there once toward the beginning of the cruise and never darkened their doorway again! The service was lacking and the food completely uninspired. One main course that was offered was Branzino. When it arrived, the folks at the table who ordered it were surprised to see that it was not branzino at all but Chilean Sea Bass. Its poor form to put something on the menu and then do a bait and switch at tableside. The sommelier assigned to La Terrazza was very polite but lacked any skill and knowledge in his assigned tasks. La Champagne We did not eat in La Champagne and the general uptake on that restaurant was low during the cruise. Some nights they had no patrons at all. I think the concept of La Champagne is a good one but the execution may be lacking. The wines that were shown on the menus that would be included in the USD150.00 supplement were not of such extremely high quality as to warrant the cost vs. purchasing wines from the premium wine list or just enjoying the complimentary wines. Bar service Excellent! No matter where I went on the ship, be it The Bar, Panorama Lounge, or The Humidor, the service was outstanding. The team on the Silver Shadow quickly picked up on peoples preferences and anticipated requests in advance. Strong kudos go to the bar staff that uphold the lines dress code. One evening we lingered in The Bar after trivia. Our daywear (shorts) did not meet the dress code for the evening. We lingered so long in the Bar that it reopened at 6PM for the evening and when I went to get a drink the bartender politely reminded me of the dress code after 6PM. Some folks might take offense at this but I applauded it. There was no disdain in the bartenders voice, as a matter of fact just the opposite. He handled this beautifully. I hadnt realized that so much time had passed. I went to the stateroom, changed and came back and passed muster. The Humidor is a wonderful place to relax after dinner. The atmosphere there seems to foster more interesting conversations than you may find in other venues aboard ship. I dont smoke but always looked forward to a port wine or caipirinha in the Humidor. Pool Grille I dont know why, but I just love sitting poolside for lunch and this cruise was no exception. The weather was not always exactly pool weather but that didnt stop me. The pizzas they serve are outstanding. Ships tours: The only ship offered tour we took was in Pusan. We saw the Beomosa Temple and city highlights. We left the tour early and headed back to the ship on our own. There wasnt too much that I found of interest in Pusan other than the temple. We did privately arranged tours in Shanghai and Beijing, and made our own way around Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. Generally speaking Ive found that privately arranged tours to be better and less costly than the ships tours. The one caveat is that, with a privately arranged tour, if you dont get back to the ship on time shell sail without you. Trivia: The ship offered a team trivia game on sea days. As much as I love trivia it seems to become a blood sport (the cruise directors term!) on ship. Im amazed that a group of players whose combined net worth probably rivals that of many nations can devolve into a screaming match all over a bookmark! It was interesting to watch but, for me not fun to partake in. This isnt peculiar to Silversea though. Reception Desk: The ladies that staffed the reception desk, while professional, did not seem to be as pleasant as the remainder of the crew on the ship. They were appropriate but dour. We asked them to arrange to send invitations to our Wine Dinner to the invitees but managed to send some of the invites to the wrong people. We breathed a sigh of relief when the erroneous invitees called the morning of the dinner to RSVP that they couldnt make it. I brought this error to the attention of the Reception Desk and there wasnt much in the way of an apology. Physical plant: The ship appeared to be very well maintained. I took the galley tour, which brought us below decks to the stores of the ship, and everything seemed very orderly. Stateroom: We had a verandah stateroom that was perfectly comfortable. The ship now has DVD players in the staterooms. Internet connection: We brought our own laptop as well as used the Internet portals in the computer center. The cost for 250 minutes was USD100.00 (0.40/minute). The library, computer center and Panorama are all wireless, which was convenient. Apparently some passengers had troubles in the computer center so much of the computer charges were refunded. Overall impression: This was our fourth Silversea cruise and, as always, we enjoyed it tremendously. The level of service was up to Silverseas usual high standards and the itinerary was fascinating. We look forward to sailing with Silversea again in December and in May of next year. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
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