10 Silversea Silver Spirit Cruise Reviews for Luxury Cruises to Caribbean - Eastern

I chose this cruise for our 30th anniversary. We chose it somewhat last minute and reserved the last cabin available about 6 weeks before sailing date. The goal was a no expense spared luxury experience. What we got was a nice trip, better ... Read More
I chose this cruise for our 30th anniversary. We chose it somewhat last minute and reserved the last cabin available about 6 weeks before sailing date. The goal was a no expense spared luxury experience. What we got was a nice trip, better than a large ship but no where near the promised level of experience. For example: 1) restaurants were fully booked by the time we got our login . We were never able to eat at le champagne in spite of personal appeal to Maitre D as it was our 30th anniversary. 2) our welcome materials custom made for us arrived at the wrong address after we had already left 3) excursions were also mostly booked by the time we got our login 4) we were given a "personal cruise consultant " who called me to introduce himself , only to tell us later that it was a mistake we were not entitled to a personal consultant at all because we booked through a travel agent 5) deck chairs were full every day at sea by noon. Requests for deck chairs were met with shrugs and then it took a supervisor to figure things out 6) assurances of "no lines " were just not Accurate 7) corporate assurances that "the butler would work things out " for us on the ship to get us our reservations were met with "I can't help with that anymore " from the butler and "it's all done on line now" 8) butler service was pointless in most cases as he claimed he was powerless to do much of anything, pretty much it's the same as maid service 9) we requested an upgrade in cabin (paid) and there was never any acknowledgement. I, confident they didn't follow Through 10) I read somewhere the minibar would be stocked and it was most definitely not. For a New Years cruise I would have expected a bottle of champagne on ice in the cabin when we arrived or some snacks but we did not have 11) several times the gym was so full the cardio equipment was all in use and there was a wait, plus no room to use free weights as too many people were crammed into a tight space I want to make clear that the shipboard experience was wonderful. I do not blame any of the personnel on board as they only can do what they are able . And they did well on board . However, the ship was VERY full and some of the policies made it less than outstanding. I am not really okay with the explanations we got which were 1) you booked late (we paid the same or more as everyone else, not sure why we should have a sub-par experience?) 2) it's your travel agents job (again more passing the buck. Not okay from a luxury cruise line) 3) i can't help you it's all done online We learned that a passenger can block book the exclusive restaurants for ever night ... there is no limit. This is a cruise line policy which is not fair to all passengers and results in sub par experiences. There should be a limit to how many times a passenger can pre book a restaurant They ran out of deck Chairs? How expensive are they? Plenty of space, maybe you all could buy a couple more chairs? anyways it's was nice, we had a nice trip but we thought our experience on the Norwegian epic in the concierge floor was superior to this and THAT is really Disappointing. We give the crew an A and we give the precruise and corporate policies an F which combined gives them a C. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
My wife and I went with another married couple and we can honestly say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our holiday with Silverseas. We were warmly greeted when we came on board the ship at Barbados, and that warmth was a feature of the ... Read More
My wife and I went with another married couple and we can honestly say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our holiday with Silverseas. We were warmly greeted when we came on board the ship at Barbados, and that warmth was a feature of the attention that we received while we were on the Silver Spirit. Our cabin was spacious, tastefully decorated and boasted numerous cupboards and shelves where you could store clothes and your personal belongings. The bathroom/shower room was luxurious, with a shower that was easy to operate as well as being effective for it delivered a torrent of instant warm/hot water. Our cabin was cleaned daily to the highest possible standards - in fact, the cleaning staff did an amazing job in this respect. There is a wide variety of restaurants on board the ship to suit everyones taste and once you're sitting down, the standard of food and service in all of them was excellent, indeed, nothing was too much trouble for the waiters. Every meal was a fine dining experience since the food was beautifully cooked and presented. The entertainment on board the ship was of the highest standard. The course director, Moss, was a brillliant host, entertainer and coordinator. We saw most of the evening shows performed by the team of resident entertainers and I can honestly say that the singing, dancing and costumes were fantastic. A special word for the reception staff. They were always, polite, friendly and very anxious to resolve any issue that you might have. I couldn't fault them. I would certainly recommend Silverseas for a great cruising holiday. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
I am just off my second Silversea cruise of the year. First was Alaska from Anchorage (Seward) to Vancouver (7 days) aboard the Silver Shadow, and the latest on the Silver Spirit round trip from Fort Lauderdale (11 days). Silversea ... Read More
I am just off my second Silversea cruise of the year. First was Alaska from Anchorage (Seward) to Vancouver (7 days) aboard the Silver Shadow, and the latest on the Silver Spirit round trip from Fort Lauderdale (11 days). Silversea run nearly a flawless high end all inclusive cruise experience. I cannot imagine Seabourn, Crystal, Regent or the others in this category being any better. I am hesitant to try them out because Silverseas is so good. The Silverseas experience starts with embarkation, which is usually a nightmare on bigger cruise lines. They manage the logistics perfectly. A color coded embarkation system is used to insure there are no lines, no waiting and your luggage is in your suite when you arrive. There you are greeted by your butler. Your butler will do stuff for you then, like unpack your clothes, but you really want to do that your self. The only thing to use him for upon arrival is for him to grab you a bottle of champagne to sip on your veranda while you sail out of port. The butler will come in handy later. Your basic Veranda suite is a marvel of design, space is utilized perfectly. There is a huge walk-closet, and enough nooks, crannies, drawers, shelves to fit everything. (Tip-your suitcases fit under the bed). The bathrooms are astounding-walk in showers, a full size tub, and marble everywhere. It all works. The suite is about 375 square feet which, given its layout, can handle a trip of up to 4 weeks, without you going stir crazy. For me, a veranda is a must, sitting out there with a bottle of champagne as you enter and exit ports is an experience like few others. No complaints, they get a perfect 10. There is one major tip about booking. After deciding on a cruise book early, so you can select the exact stateroom you want. Study the ships deck plans very carefully. You want to avoid the following-cabins near elevators, cabins that are on hallways leading to various venues, particularly restaurants, these will be subject to alien noise, like other passengers talking or singing while walking down hallways. Otherwise your rooms are quiet as tombs. Another (tip) is select a cabin mid-ship not fore or aft. Cabins in the front and rear of the boat are more subject to pitch and roll. I didn’t think this would be a factor on a winter Caribbean cruise but I was way wrong. For three days we were in the midst of 8-12 waves which caused the cancellation of the entirety of one stop, the Turks and Caicos, and the cancellation of particular excursions in other ports. No trip from Tortola across to the Baths at Virgin Gorda, 30 years ago one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches in the Islands. I really wanted to see if it had been ruined by development. And no golf in Punta Cana, the sea was too rough to tender (the use of small boats to get from ship to pier if the port has no dock large enough to handle even a small cruise ship). Another factor in booking your cruise early is Silversea's has an early reservation policy for its restaurants other than the main dining room, fittingly called The Restaurant. On both my ships, there was a fancier, Relais&Chateaux room, called Le Champagne, offering multi-course menu at a surcharge of $40 per person, and La Terrazza, offering an Italian menu for no extra charge. The Silver Spirit also had a pool side restaurant called the Grill, and a Japanese restaurant called Seishin, this again for a $40 per person surcharge. La Terraza was the best, it had superb pasta, even its risottos were creamy and al dente, a feat hard to pull off in a small restaurant on land, let alone a 100+ seat restaurant on the a ship. The food at Le Champagne wasn’t much better than the Restaurant, (tip-you can order 7 courses there if that’s what you want). Seishin came in #2, it had excellent sushi and sashimi, as well as real treats like Waygu beef. On a 7 night cruise I would book La Terrazza for 3 nights. I perhaps would book Le Champagne on formal night, just to be ritzier. I wouldn’t book the Grill again at all, there you cook your own food on a hot rock. Too much work. Be advised that Silverseas has a dress code for its dining rooms. On a formal night, which I find to be a nice old school tradition, about 50% of the men wore tuxedos, the other wore dark business suits which is fine. Then they have what they call informal and casual nights. Informal means a sport coat and long pants, casual means a sport shirt and slacks. Shorts are banned after 6:00 PM. They will send you back to your room to change if you have shorts on, and will offer you a sport coat if needed on an informal night if you don’t want to make the trek back to your room to get a jacket. Some may find this stuffy, I didn’t, it adds a bit of elegance to the experience. A final word on early booking. Get trip insurance, it minimizes the risks of booking well in advance and gives considerable peace of mind. Naturally all this pampering doesn’t come cheap. It is expensive. But these days no more so than high end Caribbean resorts. Places like Cannel Bay, Jade Mountain and Dorado Beach are running $1200+ a day, and this without food and alcohol. The all-inclusive approach works well. On Silverseas the Champagne they serve, for example, is the real thing, an off label of Piper-Heidsieck called Monopole, which you can drink all day if you wish. It retails for around $40 a bottle in the US. Silverseas does not go cheap and cut corners. In the dining rooms you are served lobster, filets, rack of lambs, veal, and other high end entrees. The food is uniformly very good but not great. I had better food traveling in the Queen’s Grill class on Cunard. But as a British actor who I became acquainted with on this cruise said, he was on a 4 week leg, his bar bill on Cunard was $9000 for 4 weeks. They liked free champagne at lunch. So will you. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
We've visited many Caribbean islands over the years, love the region for it vibrancy and warmth - the people sort as well as that of climate. But we'd never made it to Barbados. We had taken a three day cruise on Carnival - and ... Read More
We've visited many Caribbean islands over the years, love the region for it vibrancy and warmth - the people sort as well as that of climate. But we'd never made it to Barbados. We had taken a three day cruise on Carnival - and decided the large ships aren't our favorite. Vacation for us means getting away from it all and we just had the feeling on the big ship we were taking it all along with us. We had cruised on the late lamented Windjammer Barefoot Cruises and had a marvelous time but they departed the scene alas and we're a bit older than once we were. So when the combination of the destination (Barbados) and trying out an upscale cruise experience (my wife loves the idea of having a balcony as a refuge, a place to read, relax and get completely away from it all) presented itself with Silversea line's Silver Spirits cruise #5401, Ft Lauderdale to Barbados, we jumped on. So to speak. It had the added advantage of happening in January, raising some concerns about the possibilities of weather interfering with travel, raising costs at the far end of the cruise (we stayed a week in Barbados after our cruise) but allowing us the chance to see it all during high season. Much of our previous travel to the region has been just outside high season, generally in mid-April including sailing around the BVI with a friend in his 35 foot sailboat, a Sabreliner. We looked over cruise lines, were highly intrigued by several especially Star Clippers, loved by friends of ours, and of course Seabourne. We had a fantastic vacation in French Polynesia a few years ago and realized after the fact that probably the best way to do that for the very first time would be to book on the Paul Gauguin, a gorgeous ship (we saw it a couple times on our trip there) and given that airfare is included a terrific way to see multiple islands in addition to experiencing the marvelous experience that ship offers. So when we came across Silver Spirit's itinerary and learned more about the ship itself, we were hooked. We flew out to Ft Lauderdale a couple days early just in case - the polar incursion that pretty much crippled transportation throughout the NE USA made that precaution seem quite a good choice; a number of passengers were delayed, some joining us in Puerto Rico on the third day into the cruise, others i presume not making it at all. Having time on our hands we spent a very pleasant day visiting Ft Lauderdale's fine art museum which happily had three exhibits up, each quite different from the other two, all of very high quality. We went down and strolled along the riverfront park area and wound up watching my alma mater's basketball team play (and happily win) a game at a sports bar quite near our at the port hotel which served excellent fresh fish as well. We took a cab over to the port on launching day - January 6th - and were very pleased with the process. There was little in the way of lines the ship's capacity being just over 500 passengers and the weather, as mentioned, having intervened even with that number. (i do believe we reached at or near 500 by the time we departed Puerto Rico so it wound up being a good test of the Silver Spirit experience.) We checked in and went to our suite (as the cabins are referred to) where we met our "butler" (seems to be what stewards are called on this line and perhaps others, i wouldn't know about that) - Rowena - and Larry who would be cleaning and tidying the suite throughout the cruise. They were very personable, very welcoming, quite professional. Rowena showed us around. Larry - who seems always to be smiling happily - was smiling happily and made us feel quite at home. The suite was beautiful. Lots of wood, mirrors in both the bed and sitting areas with television pictures as rectangles "embedded" in the center of each, a desk, writing desk and lots of cabinet space in the sitting room and of course the teak veranda/balcony beyond that. The bathroom was on our left in the narrow hallway as we entered and beyond it the walk in closest with lots of space, hangers and the room safe atop a chest of drawers at the far end. Plenty of room for the clothing we brought along - and we had three suitcases given the nine night cruise and our planned week-long stay afterwards on the island. i know, over-packing, but we hadn't been quite this way before and when all is said and done i prefer to work a bit harder getting somewhere than to find i have prepared inadequately for the bulk of my time. i figure i'll learn to conserve before we do this next time. We preferred to do our own unpacking - perhaps a mistake as i could take some lessons from Rowena who packs and unpacks on a professional basis - more on that later - but it's not much to do it oneself. We stowed two of the cases at the very back of the closet - lots of room; Rowena wound up putting the third simply under the bed, an easier solution. Having a bit of time we set off to explore our floating home for a bit before the required safety drill - attendance is taken - and departure from port which we watched from the deck off the Italian restaurant - La Terrazza - where we met a couple of passengers from Ireland in the process, mother and daughter, who quickly became our friends (and added to the family feel of our trip when we would run into them and join with them for a meal or a walkabout in one port or another). Okay, hint #1: at this time passengers have the opportunity to go to i think it was the Stars supper club (deck 7) to make dinner reservations at the various restaurants. The hint is do it as some of the restaurants are smaller and more intimate and if you don't make your reservation right at the start you might not get in. This is especially true for the line's well-advertised Le Champagne restaurant which holds about 20 people. By the time we thought to try to go there, we could only get on the waiting list and never did make it in. (Although some with whom we spoke were not all that impressed with it so we didn't worry too much about that.) Restaurants: there are several - we did not make it into all but next cruise we would try to do so. Le Champagne - deck 4 - intimate, highly advertised by the Italian cruise line, an elegant approach; there is a surcharge involved to eat here. Seishin - also deck 4 - also a surcharge to eat here. We did so twice. There are three options for dinner, each beginning with an amuse buche followed by a marvelous sashimi and sushi plate, the sushi chef located in the middle of the space preparing this, the tables - 7 or 8 iirc - around the edges of the room. At lunch there is the option of getting a bento (boxed) lunch; at dinner there are two three course meals dinners at a surcharge of $20 as well as a full 9 course degustation meal at a $30 surcharge. We tried both versions, the 9 course our first visit and the 3 course meals our second visit. We had marvelous service from MaryAnn assisted by Sharlotte and, our second visit, when i asked to have the first three-course menu but substitute the main course from the second MaryAnn just smiled and assured us it would be no problem at all. Nor was it. We very much liked this restaurant. The main restaurant is, naturally, called The Restaurant. It too is located on deck 4 (the aforementioned two flanking the entrance to the Restaurant.) We found this one good; not great, but quite satisfactory. We have some food restrictions - one of the joys brought by advancing years - which limited us just a bit in our selection but service was excellent, the surroundings fine - think upscale restaurant 'most anywhere, and the food good. We enjoyed it - but chose other options for the rest of the cruise rather than repeat this one. The aforementioned La Terrazza - being the Italian venue on an Italian-run ship - was quite good. Indoor seating is good and there is also the option of outdoor seating, delightful at breakfast and lunch. Starting with dinner, i found the pasta quite good; our new friend and fellow passenger Art said the lamb rack was outstanding. The wine selection was okay - and they were quite happy to offer an alternate selection such as the Bordeaux i preferred to the offered Burgundy. They would have been happier still to provide one of the for-purchase selections the prices of which were in the range of "if you have to ask the price, don't bother with these." We demurred and did just fine with the included selection, my wife especially appreciating the whites while i explored the reds. For breakfast and lunch, the buffets in the La Terrazza venue were marvelous. Can't think of anything they might have done to have made them more appealing to us. Our Irish friends took the culinary tour offered on board and came away very impressed that they prepare all of the bread and pasta offerings from scratch every day, even the bread sticks. They certainly succeeded with those and most passengers we got to know wound up eating breakfast and lunch at La Terrazza. The Show Lounge - deck 5 - served smaller platters and our friends Art and Cindy just loved it. We planned to make it but never did; we will do so on our next cruise on this line because of the raves about it. There was entertainment - and we simply opted for a quieter dinner experience this voyage. The experience that i loved was Hot Rocks. You need reservations though there is no additional surcharge. This is on the pool deck - deck 9 - at the Pool Grill area (there is also a pool bar of course) or at tables on deck 10 which overlooks the pool at The Grill. Hot Rocks is called that for the obvious reason: you order a steak or the huge (and delectable) shrimp or a combination of both and your server brings your entrée to you already cooking - searing - on a lava stone that has been pre- and slowly-heated to 900 degrees. The stone is about three inches thick and perhaps 12 inches square. The server places the stone on its platter in front of you leaving room for your dinner plate between it and you and then turns the meat over so it starts cooking on the other side. It's up to you when you want to remove it from the stone to stop cooking it. They advertise that it's perfectly done just for you every time, an element that is completely under your personal control. As we eat simply at home - and far less often - the chance for simpler fare was very appealing and as the dinner itself was outstanding, we ate there twice including our last night on board. Your platter comes with baked potato with a range of toppings, vegetables and salad first course. Desserts here and throughout the ship were also quite good. There's even a choice of sorbets throughout the afternoon on the pool deck. If i've forgotten other venues it is only because we failed to try them. There's only so much and so often a person can eat no matter the variety of choices and the quality of the offerings. So, overall - was this the quality of Carlos' in Highland Park north of Chicago? No, not quite to that standard imo. But very good - high quality - very happy with the variety and the quality offered. And as throughout the ship with the service. i should add that the bar (called The Bar) is located on deck 5 just beyond reception and the shore concierge desks. Quite attractive and this is where we all went on debarkation day, at least those of us leaving the cruise in Barbados. Voyage 5401 actually continued on to Rio, to Buenos Aires, around the horn and up the Pacific Coast of South America - Chile, Peru - and on through the Panama Canal and back to Ft Lauderdale and Port Everglades. Our new friends Art and Cindy were among those doing the entire cruise, a total of 66 days long. Others were going on as far as Rio or Buenos Aires. When we left in Barbados, others boarded for the next segment of the cruise. It was in all a lovely thought and we continue to mentally follow Art and Cindy and the others on their adventure. The first couple days of the voyage are at sea, a portion of the cruise we found to be our favorite. The TV screens in the suite had camera options that included a camera facing ahead which was very nice entering each port, a second that included the relevant ship's environmental information including temperature, wind velocity, ship's speed, ocean depth beneath us, course, etc. along with cameras that showed various views including one of the pool area. Then there was a selection of channels including CNN, BBC, Fox, i think they had MSNBC, international sports, ESPN Caribbean (lots and lots of soccer, a bit of cricket, we did get one of the NFL playoff games - but not the other), etc. The veranda (at the outboard side of the suite) got some use; the ocean was a fine companion; the ship was stabilized of course - there was a bit of rocking that didn't feel like that at all, it was just that at times you did need to watch your balance a bit. i noticed there were always waiters at the buffet to assist by carrying one's platter to one's table, a precaution perhaps more for the rest of the diners than for the person who would actually eat the food. We used the first day to visit the boutiques and were surprised to find the prices quite reasonable there. There were sport coats - a light colored one and of course a blazer - as well as more formal wear. The blazer - light colored - was $179 and seemed of a quality that made that a reasonable price for it. The exercise room was well equipped and very nice. We didn't use the spa services - massages and such - but have no doubt as to their high quality as well. In the suite, i should mention the bathroom. There is a tub which was of a generous size and the shower was well thought out and organized, encased in a clear plastic enclosure with a tight-closing door and both a rain shower head and a hand held - whatever your preference it was easily arrangeable. Hint #2: in our suite anyway the water temperature varied between the two shower heads. If you started with the rain shower head, directly overhead, and then wanted to switch to the hand held to direct the spray while you shampooed or such, the initial spray of water would be cold for a second or two and then significantly hotter than the rain shower. It was important to turn the temperature down before switching and then adjust a bit up after a couple seconds to feel. There is a sign posted that cautions you to always test the temperature before stepping in. If you're used to hots that don't really get hot, think again - when they say "hot" on the Silver Spirit, they truly mean hot. It was a marvelous surprise to us. Combine that with amenities by Bvlgari and the suite and bathroom were quite up with our anticipation of what such ought to be on a luxury cruise. The ship's shore excursions: we signed up only for two - the Rain Forest excursion in Puerto Rico and a snorkel and scuba excursion in St Barths. (see below) A separate word - from what i've written under port reports below about St Maarten. St Martin (smallest piece of land in the world divided between two nations: the port and Phillipsburg are in Sint Maarten and are Dutch; the northern area of the island are St Martin and are French. We spent a marvelous week once in the French Village of Grand Case and highly recommend that.) Phillipsburg is a duty free port with outstanding shopping particularly for jewelry and watches. Silver Spirit carries with it a designated ship's shopper. On our cruise it was Phillip. He's a Californian and he was expert, thorough and always available. Landing in Phillipsburg (a coincidence? well, okay, but it did seem rather apt), St Maarten, we cruised the shopping area and when anyone heard the name of our ship (they ask when you enter a shop such as Diamonds International) they would say, "Oh, you're with Phillip." Quoted prices dropped significantly once it was established that you were with Phillip and he made the rounds of the shops and seemed constantly available to consult or assist anyone from the ship. Prices in port seemed quite good for expensive items. But such items are individual enough i really couldn't tell you. Phillipsburg and St John Antigua however have widespread reputations for being excellent ports for the purchase of jewelry - especially diamonds - and watches if you are into such things. Phillip was definitely one of the ship's very useful features and a number of our shipmates commented very appreciatively about him and his services. Disembarking came. You can choose your preferred disembarking time but are asked to clear your suite (the ship is nearly entirely suites with verandas) by 8:30 in the morning. Rowena assisted with the packing - in my case she did a lot more than simply assist. We all applied the provided tags to our luggage - each color corresponding with the requested disembarkation time in what appeared to be half hour intervals - in the hallway outside our door when we went to bed, retaining only what we would need for the morning and our carry-ons. In the morning we left our carryons in the room while we went and settled up at the reception desk, reclaimed our passports, had a last breakfast at La Terrazza, reclaimed our carryons and joined our friends in The Bar area to await the call for our group to disembark and reclaim our luggage at customs. Disembarkation was easy and straightforward. A bus took you - again by color designation - to where your luggage was waiting and customs was quite a simple process. i'm sure i've forgotten something but that's a whole lot already up above so a short summary. My wife had wondered how she would like it, on the ship with 500 others, upscale food and service all the time, etc. Short answer, she loved it. Silver Spirit was about her favorite vacation ever - and when that includes 14 days in French Polynesia (Tahati and all that), that's saying something. The number of people was enough that we found great companions and i hope lasting friends - and enjoyed running into friends in whatever port we happened to be - and yet small enough that we rarely felt we were in a crowd. Food was very good, breakfasts and lunches superior. The suite was more than simply comfortable - we certainly do miss it. The service was wonderful - so many going out of their way obviously their hope was to please you. Lovely experience. Would we prefer one of the line's smaller ships? (Silver Spirit is their largest - others carry up to 380 or fewer passengers) Perhaps so. We look forward to finding out one day. But this was pretty terrific - and in our case the itinerary was perfect.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This review is months overdo, but it had to be written. I'll try to keep this brief & to the point. Background: My husband & I were celebrating our Wedding Anniversary on this cruise. As a surprise, we sent my parents on their ... Read More
This review is months overdo, but it had to be written. I'll try to keep this brief & to the point. Background: My husband & I were celebrating our Wedding Anniversary on this cruise. As a surprise, we sent my parents on their 1st SS cruise a few years ago and they're hooked! They urged us to sail Silversea. So glad they did! They joined us on this cruise (their 3d) and celebrated our Anniversary with us!We arrived in Barbados on a rainy day. Silversea provided transport from the Terminal (effortless). Once we gave the shuttle driver our bags, we didn't see them again until we arrived in our stateroom after check-in. Embarkation: no line, no wait, no hassle! Staff met us at the gangway with umbrellas in hand. We enjoyed a 'Welcome' glass of champagne while we checked in. Our stateroom (V5, 730, mid-ship veranda) was absolutely beautiful! Marble bath with tub & shower (with glass shower door, NOT a shower curtain!). Bulgari & Ferragamo toiletries. Very comfy bed (we were happy with the standard pillows, although a pillow menu is available). The veranda was our favorite spot to relax. Large enough to enjoy coffee & breakfast each morning. Our cabin adjoined my parents' cabin. The wall separating our verandas has a door that can be opened so we were able to sip cocktails together on our verandas! Our butler, Christley Gladson, was absolutely wonderful! He was so attentive, pleasant and worked very hard to cater to our every whim! He treated us like family! Adesh, our room steward, kept our room immaculately clean and did so quickly. As quickly as he came into the stateroom, he was gone! In fact, the entire crew (with the exception of one or two) went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and at home. It should be noted, that the crew are not and do not deserve to be treated like personal servants. They are hard working people, working hard to provide outstanding service to all on board. And they're doing so as a means to provide for their families. They deserve to be treated with dignity & respect. They have names; learn them & use them! Talk to them. Get to know them. And if the urge to be an demanding elitist starts to creep in, think of the Golden Rule: would we want to be treated in that manner?The ship itself is beautiful. Classy. We felt like we were on our own private yacht. The lounges were comfortable. The bartenders made great cocktails (the vodka tasting was lots of fun!) We thought the food was excellent. We really enjoyed Hot Rocks. I was disappointed that we weren't able to get into Le Champagne. Loved the Spa! I enjoyed three different spa services on 'Sea Days'. We used the gym. It was small but the equipment we typically use was there. We enjoyed a private shore excursion in Dominica. Comfortable vehicle, knowledgable tour guide. A very nice day. While in San Juan, we invited friends of ours who live there to join us on board for lunch while we were in Port. Christley set up an en suite cocktail party for us (classy!) and we enjoyed lunch at The Restaurant. Our guests had a great time! We've read the thoughts of other CC reviewers regarding dress code infractions on the part of other passengers, smoking in non-smoking areas, etc. We didn't notice anyone disregarding the smoking policy. In terms of the dress code, we really couldn't have cared less who wore what when. We were too busy enjoying ourselves to find fault with fellow passengers! We read & understood SS's dress code and packed accordingly. We're not nit-picky people. Some reviewers complained about the quality of the food, this wine or that was unavailable, etc. Really, people? What is NOT to love about this cruise? Yes, the price tag for cruising SS is steep and a certain level of service is expected (and, in this reviewer's opinion, more than met!) Frankly, if certain passenger's standards are THAT high, perhaps they'd do better to consider purchasing their own yacht. Then they can guarantee that their extremely high standards are met to the letter. We're booked to sail Silver Spirit again in December '13. We can't wait!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Easy helpful courteous boarding. Good size comfortable suite. First night in main restaurant Silversea tried to con me. We asked if we could order wine by the glass and the waiter brought us a box of spectacles. We asked someone else - ... Read More
Easy helpful courteous boarding. Good size comfortable suite. First night in main restaurant Silversea tried to con me. We asked if we could order wine by the glass and the waiter brought us a box of spectacles. We asked someone else - the wine waiter I think - if we could order wine by the glass and he too said no but handed me 2 wine lists - one with stratospheric prices and the other with so-called special good deal prices. I asked if there were any wines we could order by the half bottle and he said no but they would keep what's left for our next visit. I managed to find an ok bottle of wine for $60. The next day I found out that there are loads of complementary wines and that this is part of the inclusivity of Silversea. Clearly the wine waiter was expected by his bosses to persuade passengers to trade up to paid-for wines. I don't mind that as an option but I think it's grubby to try and get me to trade up by deceit. I handed a letter of complaint to the reception and they apologised and knocked off the $60. I'm sure there was some small print info where I could hjave learned this in advance but Silversea have shovelled more bits of paper in front of me at the outset of this voyage than the total papers I got when buying a house. Information not only has be churned out, it also has to be received. All the restaurants were too noisy. Not just the musak. The main noise was the clattering of plates and cutlery by the staff into one of the numerous serving islands that seemed to be within ear splitting distance of every table. The waiters had no sensitivity in this regard - they would be more at home in a cheap cafeteria. It used ot drive me nuts the way the waiters would try to carry my plate if I was waalking to my table from a buffet. I'm not a cripple. They need to develop enough sensitivity to back off when a guest seems comfortable continuing his journey unassisted. On one occasion when at my table I picked up a pepper pot top add some more pepper to my dish a waiter rushed over to try to take it out of my hand so he could do it for me. I know cruise operators have a lot of elderly guests who might enjoy this degree of rescue from the unbearable hardship of adding more pepper to their meal but waiters need to be trained to differentiate between types of guests in terms of self-reliance. Allowing smoking on deck is unacceptable and in the case of cigars, such smokers should be sent to a cigar-fumed chamber for aversion therapy. Seriously, developed countries have for the most part conquered this obnoxious social habit which is so unpleasant to anyone within a few feet of these wretched people and it is about time Silversea followed suit. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We have completed our third fall sailing on the Silversea Spirit. The Ship and Crew make for a perfect get away from it all. In fact we are booked again this fall. The ship sails from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We ... Read More
We have completed our third fall sailing on the Silversea Spirit. The Ship and Crew make for a perfect get away from it all. In fact we are booked again this fall. The ship sails from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We always enjoy spending a couple of days ahead of the cruise in Fort Lauderdale. The shops along Los Olas make for a perfect late afternoon. We love to walk the beach and just let the ocean settle in. We stayed at the Hilton Beach Resort which is a wonderful hotel located centrally to the beach. The hotel is only 10 minutes to the port. The Silversea experience starts with check-in.....It is a quick and painless process, far different from the large ship experience. In minutes you are on board. We also love the opportunity to bring a friend abroad to show off the ship and really enjoy an afternoon on the ship. We picked the same Cabin as our first voyage, Suite 707. I just love the suite and the service. Yes I could get used to butler.....but really is just a bonus to be enjoyed on-board. The rooms are perfectly sized for a 10 or 20 day voyage. The Balcony includes two chairs and a small table and unlike many ships you can stretch your legs and really settle into a great book as the ocean goes by. We had breakfast on the Balcony on most sea days. In fact you really don't need an alarm clock, just order tea, coffee or a full breakfast ensuite.....it arrives at the appointed time, every time. We love the Hot Rocks Grill at night. In fact we eat there whenever possible. You do need to get your reservations early for the speciality restaurants, but at this place it is not a problem. Hot Rocks with excellent fish and meats is the perfect ending to a day sailing the emerald isles of the Carribbean. They have a nice two piece combo playing down below, providing smooth listening music and take requests. The Main Dining Room is excellent also. When you want a full upscale meal you can't beat this venue. One thing I like about Silversea is the smaller portions. Some ships provide quantity....Silversea focuses on quality. You can see the hand of the Executive Chef in preparing dishes that just pop, none of the bland food they often pass off as dining. I really loved the relaxing approach from the waiters and the ability to join others or dine alone. The fellow passengers are a real mix of cultures and ages. Lots of British and Americans to mix with. You really have fun with everyone. My problem is remembering everyones name. You won't find many children or teenagers on board, and frankly the result is a positive country club like atmosphere. Things to remember. Its all-inclusive which means you can relax and enjoy the premium service on board. The Fitness Center is a don't miss on the days you want to get a work out. The shore tours desk offers a wide range of tours from sailing the island of St. Bart's to just kicking it on your own with good advice on what not to miss. Islands to remember: St. Kitts, I love this understated and not overbuilt cruise ship stop. Grand Turk for ones birthday at Margaritaville is not to be missed. The beach is perfect the water is sparkling and you are only steps for the ship. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Travel to the Port: We drove over cruise morning with another couple from the West coast of Florida to the Port which was 270 miles (4 hours). We parked in a Park & Go lot just before you enter the port on the left. It was about ... Read More
Travel to the Port: We drove over cruise morning with another couple from the West coast of Florida to the Port which was 270 miles (4 hours). We parked in a Park & Go lot just before you enter the port on the left. It was about $11/day but could be less if you went on line before and printed a coupon. You park...a van goes to your car and unloads your luggage and takes you to the ship...easy and less than Port Parking. Personal Background Information: My wife and I are in our early 70s and in good health. We have cruised 15 times but always on larger ships. We felt we wanted to try a small boutique luxury ship and Silversea had good reviews. This ship can handle 450 which is much smaller than 2,000 to 3,000 monsters. It is all inclusive which means food, liquor, wine, gratuities are in your base cruise price. The only extra charge are the tours you select and shipboard Internet service. There is also a surcharge for 2 of the 5 restaurants (later). Stateroom #932:We had a mini suite with a balcony (2 chairs and 1 small table)which we rarely used because our cabin was next to the pool, pool bar and pool grill. If you could book this cabin or one nearby you will be pleased with the convenience. The service with our butler (Anil Kumar Mahla) and room attendant (Jocelyn Ochavillo) were first rate. Free washer, dryer and soap just across the hall from us. Fox and CNN was available on our 2 flat screen TVs. Remotes took a while to get used to because TVs we set in the mirrors,The bath room had a full sized tub and a separate shower (with a rainfall fixture overhead...very nice touch).Large walk in closet. We took large suitcases and still had more than enough storage. Privacy curtain between the bedroom and sitting area was handy if I wanted to read and bride wanted to sleep.Room service was available 24/7. Bride liked breakfast in cabin but I went to "The Restaurant" in the mornings to be served. Days at sea: We both took professional bridge (card) lessons in the mornings and my wife played duplicate bridge in the afternoons. Always enough lounges. Nice libraries and numerous areas to sit around and relax. Although there was only one small child on board there were many couples in their 40s, 50s and 60s which surprised us. Still, not a cruise for families with small children. Dress aboard ship: This is not a blue jeans or muscle shirt crowd Two formal nights for tuxes or coats/ties. We took tuxes but did the tie option instead. Warm weather not condusive for tuxes. Four informal nights: Coats and slacks, no ties. Four casual nights: Nice shirts and slacks, no coats. Cocktail Lounges/Bars: We were very pleased with the entertainment and piano bars. The snacks offered during cocktails usually left much to be desired. Service was exceptional everywhere on the ship. Restaurants: There were 5 which I will discuss below: 1. The "Restaurant" was the main dining room and served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations not required and food selections were regular restaurant fare. 2 LeChampagne was a reservantion, $30 surcharge. Worth a visit. Mucho fanfare! 3. La Terrazza served buffet breakfast and lunch, High Tea from 4-5 and then dinner (reservations reqd) with an Italian flair in the evenings 4. Pool bar and Grill: Shorts and bath. Pizza, burgers, etc. Easy and good. 5. Seishin (Asian) Did not use. Reservations reqd' plus surcharge. 6. Stars Supper Club Res reqd. Fancy dress. 7. Dinner on the Hot Rock: Res reqd. Outdoor dining where you are brought your partially cooked fish or steaks you finish cooking at your table. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
After cruising on over a half dozen cruise lines over twenty years, we finally chose to try Silversea and reserved a very expensive top category suite. Regrettably, we didn't feel that this cruise would be considered a ... Read More
After cruising on over a half dozen cruise lines over twenty years, we finally chose to try Silversea and reserved a very expensive top category suite. Regrettably, we didn't feel that this cruise would be considered a "luxury" experience. While the majority of the ship's staff did appear to try to please passengers, we simply didn't believe the cruise lived up to its "luxury" price. Check in at the pier required standing in line 25 to 30 minutes. We had to sit in a shuttle bus to get to the ship until the bus was full. Then, once aboard, we were told that our suite would be ready in an hour-and-a-half. We never met the ship's hotel manager or captain. Apparently, there was no Captain's Dinner on the sailing. The welcome "event" for first time passengers was held in the theater, with two speeches and a glass of complimentary champagne. Room service breakfast was bland and cold. (Tried it just one time) Free movies on the ship's television system stopped and started a few times. One stopped and wouldn't re-start at all. (Perhaps a bandwidth problem?) Disembarkation was a log jam in the atrium and down the hallways. We were not aware of any waiting area for suite guests. And while disembarkation was announced by luggage tag color, this procedure was not enforced. It was a stampede with passengers with various colors all trying to exit at the same time. Food was good, but not fantastic. Service in the main dining room was especially slow at breakfast and lunch. We've been in many top suites on numerous ships. We just didn't feel that Silversea Spirit was worth the "luxury" cost, nor did the Spirit live up to our expectations. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Excitement and trepidation ran through our veins before setting off to Barbados. Never having been to the Caribbean, or on a cruise before, this was a holiday of firsts. We arrived at the embarkation point very tired and distinctly hot ... Read More
Excitement and trepidation ran through our veins before setting off to Barbados. Never having been to the Caribbean, or on a cruise before, this was a holiday of firsts. We arrived at the embarkation point very tired and distinctly hot and sweaty, only to be confronted with some minor admin hitches which did not improve tempers. In retrospect it would have been much better to fly a few days before the cruise departed to give us time to get over jetlag, and to make the most of the first day on board the magnificent Silver Spirit. As it was, we arrived on boad just as the drill was being called and we had no time to shower and change, let alone sample some of the champagne in our suite! We had a mid ship verhandah and it was spacious and well appointed with some very thoughtful details in the layout. The food was always extremely good, and the choices of restaurants were more than acceptable. We did not choose to use those that had a premium attached to them as we spent all of our on board credit on shore excursions. Menus varied pleasingly, the staff were unfailingly freindly, helpful and polite. Hot Rocks was fun and very tasty, but the menu was the only one that did not change that much at all. Shore excursions were varied and we enjoyed the more active ones - river tubing etc. This was very much more active than anyone had been led to expect, and I strongly suggest that if you do it (it is great fun), you wear shoes, and don't wear anything you are not prepared to lose. White water rapids the whole way! We are not formal people and managed to avoid the formal nights by not going to the main restaurant on the two formal nights, we ate elsewhere. How can you fault a fantastic operation like the Silver Spirit, it was simply magnificent. If I had any compaints at all then they are churlish - the fact that I really do not know what to do with a butler, lovely though he was, room service would have been fine! By the end of our 9 nights we were ready to go back to the real world and step out of all the luxury. To work out whether we could still mix our own G&Ts or carry our own plates to the table etc. 5-6 course meals, champagne, endless cocktails, butlers, deluxe chocolates, uber comfy beds, private balcony, fancy toiletries, endlessly cheerful and polite crew. Goodness, I think I need to go and pick up a bag of salad and some mineral water from Morrisons and experience the joys of the surly check out staff, get back to real life again, I am exhausted from all that indulgence! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Silver Spirit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 5.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.5
Family 2.0 3.5
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.7
Rates N/A 4.0

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