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We took our daughter and son-in-law on this cruise. They had never been on a cruise and we got them a grand suite. They are now forever spoiled. We had only two full days at sea: the first full day and the last day. We did a tour in ... Read More
We took our daughter and son-in-law on this cruise. They had never been on a cruise and we got them a grand suite. They are now forever spoiled. We had only two full days at sea: the first full day and the last day. We did a tour in every port and had an great time on each one. The "Tribute to Billy Joel" show was comprised of songs by many different artists, not just Billy Joel. Even though that was disappointing the dancers in this show were not disappointing at all! The sea was a bit "bumpy" yet those women kept their balance and never stumbled while dancing in high heels. The service in the Windjammer and the speciality restaurants was excellent. Our son-in-law was amazed that server in the Windjammer remembered what he wanted to drink on Day 2. The only disappointing part of the cruise was Voom; connecting, speed, staying connected were terrible. It became very frustrating to us when Hurricane Harvey decided to visit where we live and we wanted to communicate with friends. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
I chose Radiance of the Seas because I wanted to do an Alaskan cruisetour and this one met the timeframe in which we wanted to travel. Since we were part of the cruisetour, we arrived later in the afternoon for embarkation and the ... Read More
I chose Radiance of the Seas because I wanted to do an Alaskan cruisetour and this one met the timeframe in which we wanted to travel. Since we were part of the cruisetour, we arrived later in the afternoon for embarkation and the lines at that time were minimal so it was an easy process to check in (already had my seapass printed) and get our first photos taken. We had an inside cabin 4031 - it was a decision between the cruisetour with an inside cabin or the just the cruise with a balcony. We chose the cruisetour and I'm glad we did because it was very foggy on our travel so you couldn't really see anything from the ship - including the Hubbard Glacier (boo). It was my husband, me, and our two boys (ages 6 and 7). The bed was sizable and comfortable, but I didn't like that the bunk beds were on top of it. On a disney cruise we did, the sofa turned into a bunk and there was a bunk on top of that and there was a privacy curtain in between - I liked that set up better. My 6 year old was afraid of the bunk so he slept on the sofa. The room was small, but manageable. I wish they would provide more drawers rather than the ledges in the closet. We did not upgrade to any of the specialty dining areas - and we ate in the main dining room every night except one. I had traveled on Royal Caribbean years ago and just remembered the food being fantastic - that was not my experience this time. The portions were really small, the food wasn't cooked well, the desserts were lacking. It seems like they put all their focus on the food in the specialty dining areas which I think is wrong. Also- when I cruised previously, they had like midnight buffets with ice sculptures, etc. There was nothing like that this time. You could only get hot dogs and pizza after 9 pm unless you ordered room service (which they now charge $7.95 for). The windjammer buffet was good. I really liked Mexican day. They said there was a Rita's Cantina but I don't think they offered that any longer. The shops were fine - they were having a lot of sales on Alaska merchandise since it was nearing the end of that season. What I didn't like was that it was very narrow passage as they had a huge island store - and you had to pass through there to get to the Aurora Theater - it got very cramped so we learned to go through the 4th floor cabin area to bypass that. You also walked through the photo area and art gallery to get to the Theater on the 5th floor. The weather was very cold and rainy throughout much of our cruise so we couldn't do any of the outside activities until the final day where we did mini-golf, soccer, etc. There is a rock wall on the ship but since there was really only one viable day to do it, the lines got pretty long for that and my kids didn't do it. There is an outdoor pool, a kids outdoor pool, and indoor adult pool - we didn't use the pools. There were limited hours for kids at the indoor pool and they didn't offer any evening hours so if you took advantage of going in to the ports during the day, you couldn't really use the pool if you had kids. There was also an arcade - the games were really expensive and sometimes took your money. there is a casino and cinema on it as well - we didn't have time to use those. My husband and I went to several shows in the Aurora Theater - most of them were really good. There was one that everyone was talking about the next day and not in a good way (a physical comedian)- the other 2 comedians were really good. My husband and I even participated in the married game show so that was fun, they even gave us a cd of it before we left the cruise. We participated in a couple of trivia things and I did karaoke one night. I think there was a good mix of things to do. My kids loved the kids club- Adventurers Ocean. They didn't want to leave there, and all of the people working in there were great and nice to the kids. They advertised their hours in advance - it was free until 10pm. After that, it was $7 per hour per child. Since they had a gagaball tournament every night at 10pm, I had to pay so they could participate. It would be nice if they would do that earlier or stay open later for free, but my kids had fun so it was worth it. They also had family scavenger hunts, bingo, and science experiments so that was fun to do as a family. Our cabin steward and waiter were wonderful - gave impeccable service. I was less than impressed by Guest Services. I talked to two different people there and they were borderline rude like they couldn't be bothered to answer my questions. The ports were fine - I'm not a big shopper so I didn't pay much attention to the ports. I would say Ketchikan was my favorite one. I did excursions at each port which I will review separately. I did book all of mine through Royal Caribbean just to avoid any hassles. I'm not sure if I would travel Royal Caribbean again - maybe if I got a really good deal I would. I'd like to try Norwegian or Princess. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
While there were some details we wished were different (could not find root beer on board, sofa bed placement made it hard to walk the length of the stateroom) - the overall experience was fantastic. Alaska took center stage and was ... Read More
While there were some details we wished were different (could not find root beer on board, sofa bed placement made it hard to walk the length of the stateroom) - the overall experience was fantastic. Alaska took center stage and was absolutely glorious - from the pre-cruise tour (Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage) to the Inside Passage sea day. We were blessed with fantastic weather which made for majestic views of Alaska at her finest. Our tour director (Sammi) and bus driver (Les) were the best we've ever had. Our vacation actually started out with us losing our passports, but between Royal Caribbean's VisaCentral and Sammi's support and understanding, we knew our options and were able to go on this very special vacation with little interruption. During the tour, they were both very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Making sure we didn't miss points of interest, and shared interesting stories and experiences. Our cabin slept 3 large adults comfortably using the sofa/chair bed as the 2nd sleeping option (as opposed to the drop-down bed that would have had our 19 year sleeping above our heads :o). It's true, Radiance could use a little love (worn edges on the furniture, small cracks in the bathroom tile), she is a classic beauty with the perfect size for Alaska. Many reviews we read prior to boarding conflicted on the value of the balcony. For our family, the balcony was the best part of the cabin. We sat outside mornings, afternoons, and evenings playing cards, having evening cocktails, uploading pictures onto our computer, or just sitting and enjoying the scenery. Chops Grill ranked tops for us, steaks and salmon cooked perfectly. Our son tried the Lobster Bisque for the first time and loved it. If you dine here, make sure you get the bacon appetizer - it was a wonderful surprise, melted in the mouth and had a perfect flavor balance. We definitely ordered too many side dishes (served to share), but enjoyed every one of them. The mystery dinner at Giovanni's table was fun - we shared our table and our murderer debate with two fun couples. The main courses (shrimp and steak plates) were better than good (but not fantastic). Unfortunately we did not solve the murder mystery but there were so many laughs it did not matter. We had My Time Dining for most of our dinners. The food was good, the service was great (it appeared more investment is being made in the specialty dining than the main dining room, but we had no complaints about the quality of the dining room food). We tend to linger over dinner (2 hours +), so we often missed the shows/activities. This was a lesson learned for us as we scheduled dinners for 7:30 or later. On our next cruise we may return to traditional dining to allow better options for shows/activities. We kept the same table and servers for each dinner but had different table-mates each evening. Never had a bad group - everyone was friendly and engaging. The Windjammer was a traditional buffet - we ate breakfast here every morning. I was able to make eggs benedict every morning, husband enjoyed a ham/cheese omelet made to order, and our son piled on the bacon and scrambled eggs. The Park Cafe was the only food area available for snacks the first night on the ship, the choices were understandably thin. The boys tried the cookies and they were very hard - based on that initial experience they chose not to try it again. I did get sandwiches there a couple of times that worked well for afternoon snacks though. The drink packages worked well for two of us - I got the deluxe, so the lattes, mochas, specialty hot chocolate, and cocktails were included and I definitely got the most out of it. My son had the refreshment plan - it took him a day or two to find the mocktails but he liked almost all of them so it ended up being a good option for him. Hubby had the soda package since he does not drink alcohol and doesn't go for the mocktails. It took a couple of days to find orange soda (Radiance does not have the soda machines) and we couldn't find root beer at all, which was disappointing since we like to make root beer floats with the soft serve ice cream! The pizza onboard left a lot to be desired - the boys missed getting pizza/calzones at 2:00am (they got lucky on our last cruise to have a ship with a pizza oven available 24 hrs) but I reminded them that we don't cruise for the pizza! We didn't take in too many shows. We very much enjoyed the adult comedian - during the show someone in the audience had a health issue, not only did the comedian handle the experience appropriately, the cruise staff attended to the cruiser immediately and the whole incident was handled professionally. The juggler/comedians started out slow, but the end of the set was funny, especially the audience participation bits. As always, we find the activities we would not normally attend at home are some of our favorite cruising experiences. The egg-drop competition was so fun, we were definitely impressed with the creativity of the teams! The 70s Dance Party and the Rock Party were both fun with music that appealed to multi-generations. My son is 19 and at an odd age for cruising (18-20), he's too old to join the teen-cruisers but not old enough for some of the more adult activities. On our previous cruise he was able to gamble at 18 (Mexico cruise) and thought he'd be able to gamble on this cruise as well, but the casino was open to 21 and older only so he was a little disappointed. Nothing for the cruise ship to do, and he did enjoy the arcade, card room, shopping, etc. We just should have done more research into the gambling requirements to set the right expectations (we had family bets on who would win more at black jack, roulette, slot tourney, etc.). Overall, we loved this vacation. It's a family oriented cruise with Alaska being the super star. We could not ask for better dining and pre-tour service, and are already thinking about a second Alaska cruise! Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
We chose this cruise because the timing worked best for us as we celebrated our 33rd anniversary. The dining experience was fantastic. There was a mix up (we wanted Traditional Dining) and we ended up with My Time Dining. They did let us ... Read More
We chose this cruise because the timing worked best for us as we celebrated our 33rd anniversary. The dining experience was fantastic. There was a mix up (we wanted Traditional Dining) and we ended up with My Time Dining. They did let us book the same table (by a window) for every night and we had a lovely couple that did the same next to us. The staff was awesome and the food was good! It helped a potentially sour situation become a good experience. Our cabin was good with a awesome steward. The ship is maintained (they were painting when we were in port). I do wish the adult Jacuzzi would be monitored since there were obviously kids in it under the age of 16... The only complaint I have was when we checked out the Next Cruise. The attendant we talked to didn't seem interested in helping us book another cruise, and gave us very little info. I also am unhappy with the change that Royal has made on the deposits (not being changeable & the amount) for frequent cruises loyal to Royal... Overall though it was a wonderful cruise! Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
Our first Alaska cruise….Royal Caribbean_Radiance Of The Seas…southbound….Seward to Vancouver(July 21, 2017) with a 5 night pre-cruise land tour (5B_Mountain Panorama Adventure) (July 16, 2017): ( I apologize for ... Read More
Our first Alaska cruise….Royal Caribbean_Radiance Of The Seas…southbound….Seward to Vancouver(July 21, 2017) with a 5 night pre-cruise land tour (5B_Mountain Panorama Adventure) (July 16, 2017): ( I apologize for spelling/formatting issues. It won't seem to "transfer" over without messing up formatting!) We have cruised for a number of years but we are creatures of habit. We primarily cruise the southern Caribbean out of San Juan and have done a few Panama Canal cruises. My husband had never been interested in an Alaskan cruise. His idea of a cruise is “shorts” and “hot weather”. Well, two years ago his best friend since kindergarten talked him in to doing an Alaskan cruise. As soon as bookings opened for the summer 2017 season, we booked. I think we actually booked the first cabin on our sailing. Our TA knew we were looking to book so she called me the second she saw bookings open. So we booked on February 24, 2016 for a July 21, 2017 sailing with 5 night pre-cruise land tour. We couldn’t book air until mid-Sept 2016! Because of the long flights and nothing direct, we chose to do a double-connect and have 3 shorter segments rather than 2 longer segments. I spent hours, days, weeks, months reading threads on CC,TA, and talking to anyone I could that had done an Alaskan cruise/landtour. I tried gathering all of the info I could to make this trip special. As mentioned earlier, my husband had no interest in Alaska. Since he had agreed to go….he suggested I should “make it great because we will be One and Done”. CruisetourDay/Night 1: The day finally arrived for us to go. Of course, the airline had changed our flight time so we had to fly out earlier than we had originally booked. We ended up with a 17- hour travel time from the door of our house to the door of the hotel! Luckily, everything went smoothly. Transportation from the Anchorage airport to the hotel was included in our pre-cruise land tour. Our flight arrived about 20 minutes early so there was no one in baggage claim to greet us. However, we decided rather than grabbing a cab we would wait until the scheduled arrival time to see if the Meet & Greet team showed up. So glad we waited as we were the only 2 pax arriving at that time. Two Meet & Greet staff arrived in baggage claim and radioed for the transportation. They escorted us to the pick-up point. Since it was just the two of us we were expecting a mini-van, etc. Nope….it was the full-size bus just for the two of us! Friendly driver loaded our luggage and shared info with us as he drove us to the downtown Marriott. (Hotel assigned by RC/cruisetour company.) We arrived at the hotel and the driver called over the Bell Staff to take our luggage. He then directed us into the lobby to meet the cruisetour staff. We were greeted by one lady who escorted us to another room to meet our tour guide for the week. In addition to our room keys for that night,we were given the “itinerary” detailing times of departures at each of the stops during the week. We were also given the “optional excursion” offerings sheet and asked to have it completed when we met the next morning. We were excited to see what was on the“optional excursion” list. We had read the RC info that indicated what “might” be available. We are “planners” and were very “bothered”that we couldn’t “pre-book” the “optional excursions” in advance. (We later learned that a few people on our tour had actually pre-booked excursions through independent vendors. We had not done this as most everything we looked at required prepayment/deposit and since we weren’t sure on the timing of “transfers” from location to location we weren’t comfortable pre-booking and paying.) The tour guide gave us two different colors of bag tags. We were given a tag (yellow) for each bag that we would want at each hotel. We received a different color (white) bag tag for each bag that could be loaded on the bus and remain on the bus until the last night of the land tour. After visiting with the tour guide and getting our “details”for the cruisetour, we were on our own for the evening. We were to be in the lobby at 7:25 the next morning to head to the train. Even though we had “munched” at each airport, we wanted to get something to eat before we went to bed. Although it was 10:30 pm body time it was only 7:30 in Anchorage and the sun was out in full force. So we walked a few blocks to Orso. DH had a Caesar salad and then we shared several appetizers (deviled eggs, crispy ravioli,flatbread). Food was tasty and service was great. All of the food looked great. I wish we had been hungrier so we could have enjoyed entrees and dessert. Then we decided even though the sun was still up we were exhausted and the 6:00 am “Bag Pickup” was going to come early…so off to sleep we went. The black-out curtains at the hotel worked well at blocking the sun. CruisetourDay/Night 2: Morning came early with a 5:00 am wake-up so we could shower and get the bags out at 6:00. We then had 1.5 hours until the departure time so we had a light breakfast snack and coffee. We had been warned that the breakfast on the train was a “must do”. At 7:25 the tour director met us in the lobby and off to the bus we went. We met our driver for the land tour. She had a beautiful smile on her face (and always had that smile the whole week). It was about a 10-minute bus ride to the train. You were to only take with you what you might need on the train. Other items (including backpacks, etc.) could remain on the bus with the driver. We were instructed to get on the train in the order we wanted to sit. If you wanted to sit up front you needed to get on first and if you wanted to sit in the back you needed to get on last. Coffee/drinks would be sold starting at the front of the train car (working back) but breakfast would be “seated” (taken from upstairs down to dining car) from the back of the train (working forward). Once onboard the train, we were told the exception to this was that the families that had children would be seated first in the dining car and then the other parties would be seated after the families. The train car had a “host” that narrated and sold a “Ride Guide”. There also was a “bartender” that prepared/sold coffee, hot chocolate, Bloody Mary’s,etc. The dining car had 2 servers and 2 cooks. Everything was put on a “tab”and paid by credit card (including optional gratuity) at the end of the train ride. The train car we rode in was the “Wilderness Express”. It is a 2-story with the glass dome “riding” car on top and the “dining car” on the lower level. There were 14 “independent” travelers on the car with us that had boarded before we arrived. The rest of the “car” was just our cruise-tour group. There were a good number of empty seats. Your food/beverage/souvenir purchases are“tabbed” to your seat number so if you move around you need to be sure to alert the train staff. The seats on the train were very comfortable. The dining car seating was a little cramped but no big deal for the short amount of time you are there. Also, two very nice “unisex”restrooms on the lower level of the train car. Our train ride was approximately 3 hours. We traveled from Anchorage to Talkeetna.(Talkeetna is the town that the TV series “Northern Exposure” was based.) We did enjoy yummy hot chocolate before breakfast. We were in the last group taken down for breakfast. We had the blueberry pancakes that were yummy. We also had the eggs, biscuit, and reindeer sausage. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try reindeer sausage but decided “why not” so gave it a try. It was actually pretty tasty. The pancakes were much better than the eggs & biscuit though. The pancakes are served with “Alaskan Birch”(not maple) syrup. The bus was there waiting for us when we arrived at the Talkeetna train station. You have the same bus for the whole land tour. It was very nice Prevost coach with comfy seats and enclosed overhead bins for small items (backpacks, etc.). There was a restroom onboard. The buses have “names”printed on the front and back so you can make sure you are getting on the correct bus. The buses are named after Alaskan mountains (Alpenglow, Lincoln, Dall, etc). Our hotel for the night would be the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. Rooms wouldn’t be ready until later that afternoon. The driver &guide drove us through the Lodge property so we could see the layout and see where our rooms would be. They then took us into “town”. Talkeetna is a cute little town. Several shops and restaurants. Several ice cream “stands”including “Fireweed” ice cream. I had not read anything about “Fireweed” so was not familiar with it. I soon learned it is the pretty purplish flower that we were seeing everywhere. It blooms from the bottom. The locals get “sad” when the bloom reaches the top as that means they only have 6 more weeks of summer. I also learned in addition to ice cream there also is Fireweed jam, jelly, and caramels (yummy!). We ate lunch at Denali Brewing. We had one fish sandwich with potato chips and one pulled pork sandwich with French fries. Food was good and service was friendly and efficient. While it wasn’t raining, we had low clouds so most of the excursions were cancelled. (Most excursions in Talkeetna are airplane/floatplane/helicopter related.) The evening jet-boat excursion did go though. Around 3:00 we were picked up by the driver & tour guide and taken to the Lodge. The tour guide obtained and distributed the room keys. We were all in buildings that were not in the main lodge building. The rooms were fine. No air conditioning but did have an “oscillating fan” if needed. We just opened the window and were fine. The room did include a “mini-fridge”. No safe in the room though so you couldn’t lock up passports or other valuables. It was just a short walk to get back to the lodge to the restaurants, bar, gift shop. While in town I bought a few “local foods” and had them shipped home.(Talkeetna hot sauce, salmon caper sauce, fireweed jelly, birch syrup, etc.) We had dinner in the Lodge. Prices were slightly higher than home but fairly typical for hotel food. We had friendly, efficient service. Again, DH had a salad. I think it was “the Lodge salad”. He said it was yummy. We then shared an order of chicken wings, crab dip, and a French Dip type sandwich. Way too much food but it was all tasty! It was cloudy the whole time we were at Talkeetna so we did not get to see Denali/Mt McKinley from there. However, the grass was so very green and the flowers were beautiful vibrant colors so it was still beautiful scenery/location. There are “trails” at the lodge that a few people walked and saw a moose in the distance. CruisetourDay/Night 3: Breakfast was on our own. There is a restaurant in Talkeetna that gets great reviews for breakfast. We wanted to give it a try but the hotel shuttle doesn’t start running until 10:00 am or such so we did not have time to go into town. We had breakfast at the Lodge. It was very tasty and again, friendly, efficient service. There was an “all you can eat” buffet for $21 pp. Since we weren’t super hungry we just ordered off of the menu. DH had the breakfast burrito that was large and he said very yummy. I had the breakfast sandwich that was amazing! I am still dreaming of the sauce that was on it. Back to the room for 10:00 am bag pull and then just to hang out for an hour until time to load up and head to Denali! It was about a 3.5 hour drive to Denali. We stopped along the way at the Alaska Veteran’s Memorial. It was nice to see a tribute to all of the branches of service. (This also was a restroom break.) Once we arrived in the Denali area, the driver & tour guide showed us the hotel property. They then dropped us off in the “shopping area” for about an hour so they could go drop bags and get our room keys. There is a Subway, a hot dog shop, a coffee shop, ice cream store, convenience store, and several shops in this area. We were still full from breakfast so did not get anything to eat. We just purchased a few souvenirs, walked over to the river, and then bought a few drinks at the convenience store. We were then picked up and taken to the hotel. (Denali Park Village). DH had signed up for the white-water (class III & IV rapids). We thought it would be this afternoon. Turned out the vendors were booked so he would have to do it the next day. We walked down to the river. DH picked up some of the “glacial silt” to feel. It was so very soft. It felt like a cross between very fine beach sand and baby powder. However, one thing that did surprise us (as first timers!) was that most of the water is “gray”rather than “clear”. This is due to the glacial silt in all of the water! For dinner there is a restaurant in the lodge and also a “Burger Shack”. Several of our group did the “Cabin Nite”dinner theatre. We did not do this though. We walked across the street to the “taco truck”. There are two food trucks….a Mexican food truck (“Mariachi Moose”) and a Thai food truck (“Denali Thai Food”). I also read that a 3rd food truck was to be added this month but not sure what type food. Again, we were in “outbuildings” rather than the main lodge. It was about a 5-8 minute walk to get to the main lodge. After dinner we went back to the “common area”near the General Store/Cabin Nite, etc and sat at the fire pits for awhile chatting with other cruisers! We ended up going to bed earlier than expected as the tv in our room was not working (the channel DH wanted). Maintenance checked it out and said it was a cable company issue. The room was small but was fine for the most part. It was very dark with poor lighting and no fan at all. Again, we slept with the window open. Again, no safe so you had to leave your passport/valuables out or carry them with you. For those interested in the Cabin Nite dinner theatre….there are 2 seatings….5:00 PM and 7:30 PM. If you book with your tour guide you will all go as a group and will be assigned a dinner time. (Our group had the 5:00 pm seating.) Menu is listed as Alaskan Salmon, BBQ Pork Ribs, Baked Beans, Herb Potatoes, Corn, Salad, Biscuits, and Mixed Berry Cobbler. CruisetourDay/Night 4: We walked over to the lodge for breakfast and our 8:30 tour into the Park. The breakfast buffet was$21 pp. I don’t recall a menu option. I think it was just the $21 buffet or the “coffee stand” next door had breakfast sandwiches. We thought the $21 was reasonable since it included an omelet station and beverages. Biscuits and gravy were on the buffet and they were fairly tasty! Everything I had read said to make sure you“upgraded” to the Tundra Wilderness Tour. (The “Denali Natural History Tour” is included in the pre-cruise tour land package.) (“DNH” is a 4-5 tour and only takes you about 14 miles into the park. The “TWT” is a 6-9 hour tour and takes you much further into the park.) (It was $70 pp to upgrade to the “TWT”. Definitely worth the extra money.) Our driver was great. Very knowledgeable and recited about 5 very long poems to us….very impressive. As we started into the Park he was showing us all of the various trees and “warned” us that there was no “guarantee” of seeing wildlife. He indicated it might be a 9-hour “TREE”tour. Well after about an hour, I was wishing we were on the shorter tour!!! Shortly after that another bus indicated there was a bear to our right. We could not see it. The driver “zoomed in” and put the bear on the monitor. I told DH it was a video and that there really wasn’t a bear out there!!! We continued driving and to my excitement…..I spotted a bear crossing the road! The bus stopped and we were able to get great views of the bear wandering through the field! I was now so very glad we were on this tour! This was just the beginning of the “wildlife” we were to see during the day. The folks on our cruise-tour that did not upgrade and only did the shorter tour were very disappointed that they saw basically no wildlife while we saw numerous caribou, sheep, owl, eagle, and about 9 bears plus other animals that I can’t pronounce/spell. There is nothing luxurious about the bus that you will ride into the Park. NO restroom on the bus. However, you do stop approximately every 1.5 hours at very nice “outhouse” facilities. (Most restrooms are “unisex” so you can head to the shortest line!) The buses do have“monitors” though so when wildlife is spotted the driver can focus the camera and zoom in so it shows up on the monitor for you to see. There is also a very nice “snack pack”provided and a bottle of water. Snack pack includes a “slim jim”, veggie chips, cookies, parmesan crisps, sunflower kernels, and trail mix. Also, if you have kids with you….the driver will get “junior ranger kits” from the first ranger station. The kids then answer the questions and fill in the “form”. On the way out of the park, a ranger will then get on and give the kids a “badge” and “swear them in”as Junior Ranger. The “highlight” for our bus on this tour was when we saw a female bear and 2 cubs at a caribou“kill site” chowing down. Then a male bear approached and wanted the “kill site”. So he chased the female and cubs off. When they took off running, they ran right in front of our bus. (Luckily we were parked to watch them.) The folks in the front seat had a spectacular view and got awesome photos! We then saw a bicyclist about 1/16 of a mile down the road and the bus driver warned him of the bears because they were still sitting on the edge of the road when we had left. One thing to mention….all of the buses sort of “signal” each other as they see wildlife. The drivers have “hand signs” to signal what animal they are seeing. Also, the driver asks you to be very quiet while you are at stops for animal viewing. Since some people open the window to get a better view/picture, they don’t want the sound from the bus scaring the animal. You are also told to keep all food on the bus. Eat anything you want on the bus but do not take any food off of the bus at any stop. Close to the end of the tour the driver will pull over and pass back“bags”. There is a recycling bag for the plastics. Another recycling bag for the paper,etc. There is also a collection for“uneaten/unopened” snacks that will then be donated. Finally, there is a sack for “trash”(anything that can’t be recycled). We returned to the hotel around 5:00 pm just in time for DH to run to room to change clothes and head back to the Lodge to be picked up for his white-water rafting trip. He loved it. They provided a “dry suit” and“booties” to wear. He had ordered some“dry” gloves and had taken those. He was glad he had them. The white-water rafting was one of the major highlights of his trip. He got in around 10:30 pm and was starving. Luckily I had picked up a pre-packaged ham sandwich a little earlier from the General Store and had chips, cookies,etc. for him. I had eaten at the “Burger Shack”. It was “ok” but not spectacular. Choice of cheeseburger, turkey burger, salmon burger, or veggie burger with fries or fruit for $13 (or something like that). Not much of a selection there and service was acceptable but not overly friendly. I wasn’t sure what time he would get in but knew since the Burger Shack closed at 9:00 I couldn’t get him anything there that wouldn’t be too cold when he got back. The ham sandwich worked out fine since he was starving! It was along day for him but he loved it all! CruisetourDay/Night 5: We had 6:30 AM bag pull and then 1.5 hours until time to get on the bus. We put our bags out and then walked over to the Lodge for breakfast. We again had the $21 pp buffet but felt it was worth the money and not totally outrageous considering it is a hotel in a resort area. We loaded up on the bus and headed to Anchorage. As we were driving along, the clouds cleared and we were able to get our first “clear” views of Denali/Mt. McKinley. It only lasted about 15 minutes or so. By the time we made it to a rest stop (at Mary Carey’s), the clouds had moved back in over the top. We made it to Anchorage at around 1:00 pm. The driver/guide showed us the various shops/restaurants in the downtown area and then let us off. We had approx. 1.75 hours to have lunch,shop, etc. I had read several recommendations for Simon & Seaforts as one of the best restaurants in Anchorage so that is where we went to lunch. It was ok but I would not recommend it. The food and service were acceptable and the view was nice but I would have rather eaten at other places that were more “local” and more in the area that the bus had dropped us off.(Up by the Federal building.) Other folks on our bus raved about places they ate so wish I had made a better choice. After we were picked up in downtown Anchorage, we headed onto Alyeska for the last night of our land tour. This is a very posh hotel. Air conditioning and a safe! Several restaurants at the hotel including a5-star restaurant at the top of the tram. (Seven Glaciers restaurant.) From what I understand, you must make reservations weeks/months in advance to get in here. I had dinner in the bar area (without reservations). It was very tasty and decent prices. Food,drinks, and service were good. The cost of the tram ticket was included in our pre-cruise land tour but was only valid for that night (so not the next morning). (I believe tram tickets are complimentary if you are dining in the restaurant portion of Seven Glaciers.) There also is a shuttle that will take you in to the town of Girdwood where there are several restaurants. We did not go but others said they did and that there are some yummy restaurants in Girdwood. DH did a kayak excursion. He was picked up at the hotel and taken over to Whittier. He was told the saying is “The weather is always Sh!tt!er in Whittier”. He was told they get very few sunny days and very few “glassy sea” days and very rarely both in the same day but that he had“lucked in” and got both. He loved it. It was “the” highlight of his trip. DH had dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel after he returned. I went to sit with him while he ate. He had spaghetti that looked and smelled nice. Since this was our last night, all luggage(the “every night” and the “stored” bags) were brought to the room. Cruisetour Day 6 /Cruise Day 1: On the last day of the cruisetour/first day of cruise, the bags were to be pulled at 8:30. The bags will NOT go on the bus with us. They will be transported to the ship on a separate truck. So we had to make sure we had“valuables” (passport, cruise docs, medications, etc.) with us and not in the bags to be sent separately. We showered and prepared the bags to go into the hallway. Then we went to breakfast. There was a breakfast buffet or order off of the menu. I don’t remember the exact price of the buffet but I believe it was in the $20-22 pp range. We looked it over and decided to order fromt he menu. The food was very good. The restaurant was packed and we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table. Just after breakfast I checked my email. I had one from RC labeled “We have upgraded you!”. Uh oh….I had specifically had our record indicated not to upgrade. We like the location of our cabin for“glacier viewing”. Well….the email stated they had upgraded us to “XYZ category”. Well….that is the category we had booked! So a frantic call to the TA to ask what was going on. She called RC and they stated that there was no upgrade. They confirmed we were still in the cabin we had booked. Whew!!!! We left around 10:15 for the 2 hour drive to Seward. We stopped at an “outhouse” to use the restroom and take pictures at a nice “scenic spot”. We were then dropped off at the SeaLife center for about an hour. It was an interesting stop and the fee was included in our land tour price. An hour is about all of the time you need there but it was fun to see the animals. There is a snack bar inside if you need something to eat. There are also restaurants down the street but tour guide recommended the SeaLife Center overtaking time to eat and I would agree. You are about to get on the ship with plenty of food availability! We loaded back on the bus and headed to the ship! We arrived at the cruise terminal around 2:00 pm for our check-in. Since the bags had been transported by truck separately, we did not have to deal with any luggage. We took our carry-on and headed to the check-in desk. No line at all. One of the quickest check-ins that we have ever had! (Our tour guide stated that the land tour company/guides coordinate arrivals so that all of the buses don’t show up all at once.) We then headed off to the ship. It was a short walk to the ship but once you got there you had to walk “up” the ramp for boarding (deck 5). We saw folks with scooters/electric wheelchairs able to go up the ramp but sometimes needed a little assistance. Once on the ship you again must show your passport and get your seapass photo taken at the security checkpoint. Just past that as you are about to enter the interior….of course….the photographers are there to get your“boarding” photo! Normally we skip these but decided to get it done today. So glad we did as it actually turned out to be one of the better photos of the week with snow-capped mountains in the background and has “printed” the ship name, date, etc so that will be a good memory of our “One and Done” Alaska trip. Muster: Muster was the quickest, most efficient we have ever experienced! We had pre-booked the First Night Done Right Dinner for $15 pp. They assign the restaurant but you get to pick the time. We did not have any notification in our room as to which restaurant so I had to contact Guest Services to find out we were going to Giovanni’s. (After we returned from dinner we had the printed notification along with the next day’s Compass, etc.) Giovanni’s is the “old” menu. There are things on it we like and things we don’t. Oh well….we didn’t leave hungry and the service was terrific! After dinner I went to the room to work on unpacking while DH went to the casino. He wasn’t there long as the craps table is a “pit” (short) type table rather than the usual table (less dealers required) and no Ultimate Texas Hold’em table. Day 2: HubbardGlacier The day was great. We could sleep in a little and then find brunch! Nice leisurely morning until arrival time at Hubbard Glacier! It was a marvelous afternoon! We spent the afternoon on the balcony. We had an aft stateroom so were basically able to see the glacier all afternoon since we could see it no matter which side of the ship was facing the glacier. It was sunny and warm at Hubbard Glacier which we thought was spectacular. We had prepared with warm jackets, hats, gloves, etc but quickly shed those and actually ended up in just short-sleeved shirts and even considered shorts but didn’t change. We were actually told several days later that the scenery is even more spectacular on cloudy days as the “colors” are more“brilliant” in the clouds. Our only regret was not going out to the public areas where the photographers weretaking “professional” photos of pax with the glacier in the background. We didnot know this was happening as it was not advertised (or we missed reading it).(Should have thought about it but didn’t!) We did still get some good shots of us though with our own camera. The view (and sounds!) of the glacier were indeed the highlight of the cruise. The ship did offer an “excursion” for Hubbard Glacier. It was a small 2-deck boat that would get you“closer” to the glacier. It had to be booked on day 1. We were told it was an“experiment” to see if it would be a good excursion to add for next year. Cost was $239 pp. We opted not to do this and thought our view of the glacier from the ship was just fine. However, we did talk to a couple of people that did it and they said they saw a whale up close and that they thought it was worth their money. It was the first formal night. Although we usually “doll up” in tux/cocktail or long dress, etc for formal nights we decided to forego the formal clothes for this trip for packing purposes. We still wore “nicer” clothes but most definitely not formal. We dined in Chops for dinner. Service was excellent. Food was good. (Although we all agreed the filet in Giovanni’s was better the previous night.) Day 3: Juneau We had reserved a car at Avis on Mill Street. I had read that it was about a mile away. While still standing on the ship,my “phone map app” indicated it was 2.0 miles away. We departed the ship just as the ship was cleared. There were a few people on shore ex off in front of us. We were looking for a taxi to take us to the Avis office. We did not see any so DH walked over to the visitor’s booth to inquire about a taxi. They were not aware that the Avis office had relocated. About that time we saw a taxi mini-van drive toward us so we flagged her down. She didn’t appear too happy to stop and was even less happy when she found out we were only going 2 miles. She did take us though and we gave her a generous tip for her troubles. The Avis staff was great. Auto was ready and they actually “upgraded” us as the vehicle size we had reserved was not available. They provided us with driving directions to various sites. They also provided us with a phone number fora taxi service in case we came back after the office was closed. (Technically we had reserved the car for 24-hours so could have kept it past closing hours if we wanted.) We had a great day just driving around. We headed out to Mendenhall Glacier first thing. We did get there before the buses, etc. DH went on a short hike. I just walked out to the “viewing”platform and then went back to the visitor’s center. Inside the visitor’s center there is a 15-minute video that is nice. The Rangers did several short “presentations” while I was sitting in there waiting. The buses were pulling in as we were leaving. The glacier was nice to see but it was not as spectacular as Hubbard. If we had seen Mendenhall first we probably would have been more impressed but since we had just seen Hubbard the previous day, Mendenhall wasn’t quite as spectacular. As we were leaving we saw folks kayaking toward the glacier and DH thought that would have been a really cool thing to do! We then drove out to the Shrine of St Therese. It was very quaint. Not sure I would spend time going out there again but it was very neat to see. We then stopped for what I thought was going to be a “light” lunch. I had read ahead of time about a restaurant named Gonzoak. I had listed it in my notes for the day but had not listed what type food. Walking in the door the smell of fresh yeast was amazing. They make cinnamon rolls,croissants, etc. The menu was basically breakfast with a couple of sandwich options. One person had fresh corned beef hash, eggs, and biscuit. One person had a BLT on homemade hoagie type bun. Two others had waffles loaded with various items both inside the waffle batter and on top. Everything was amazing!!! (One unisex restroom in the restaurant.) After that we went to Glacier Gardens. The guys decided they didn’t want to pay the $25 pp fee so they just sat in the car for the hour or so we were there. I thought the $25 was fairly reasonable for what we saw. The staff explains the history of the property to you. You are taken to the top (and back down) on a tram. The flowers and “gardens” are really amazing to see. There is a very nice snack bar and gift shop at the entrance. Very nice, clean,multi-stall gender specific restrooms. Our next stop was MacAulay Salmon Hatchery. We did the 15 minute tour and saw the salmon“ladder”. There was a seal finding his dinner amongst the salmon. Very cool! After that we drove across the bridge to “Douglas Island”. We were able to get some good pix of all of the ships in port from there. After that we crossed back across the bridge and put fuel in the auto. We then returned to the Avis office around 5:30 (before the 6:00 pm closing). DH called a taxi company and they told him they would get there “as soon as they could” but would not give him any time frame. The Avis clerk called another company and was told the same. DH then pulled up his Uber app and it showed no cars available. Luckily, the taxi driver called within just a couple of minutes and said he would be there in 5 minutes. He arrived quickly and was very polite. He understood our short ride and received a generous tip for his trouble. He dropped us back at the pier near Tracy’s Crab Shack. I was determined to eat at Tracy’s since i had read so much about it. Even thought hey are at a new location this year….it is still very crowded. It was probably close to 6:00 then and the line was out the door. There were probably 10 people in front of us and it probably took 15 minutes to get to the front of the line. The menu is limited and the prices a little on the high side. The biggest issue is no seating. Even though they have signs asking you not to save seats….there were people saving seats. When we pressed them about having their bags in the chairs they searched for their “party” to only find out that everyone they were saving the seats for were already seated in other chairs!!!! The staff should not have allowed the seat-saving! We had the crab bisque, crab-cake, and king crab leg combo with the additional king crableg. The bisque was good. The crab-cake was only so-so. I would not order it again. However, the king crab leg was amazing!!!! I would definitely go there again for the king crab legs! We had planned to do a little shopping afterwards but the “dinner struggle” wore everyone out so we just headed back to the ship for the evening. Day 4: Skagway We had pre-booked the bus/train/dog-sled ride independently with Chilkoot Charters via the internet. A friend we had met on a previous cruise had recommended them. We booked the “Bus Then Train With DogsledRide”. We were met by the CC Greeter and directed to our mini-bus and driver. We had Jennie for a driver/guide. Pros: Loved, loved,loved our driver/guide Jennie. She was awesome. She was very knowledgeable,friendly, efficient, and humorous. One of the best guides we have ever had on any excursion. The mini-bus was very comfy. The lunch provided was tasty. (BBQ dark meat chicken, ½ baked potato, yummy coleslaw, rolls, butter, donuts, coffee, tea) The taxidermy museum at the lunch stop was very, very cool! The stops were timed very well. Jennie helped us beat “the tourists” to each of the destinations. The bus ride up was nice. We did have one bathroom break. She stopped several times and took pictures of each party at the “welcome” signs. We had about 45 minutes to shop in Carcross after lunch. It had some neat little shops. We bought maple syrup and some yummy maple “cones” at a little shop called Maple Rush. The little cones were baby ice cream cones with maple syrup in the bottom and topped with maple fudge! Yummmmmmyyy! The train ride back down the mountain was really fun. I was out on the platform when we went through the tunnel. It was really awesome although eery at the same time! The smell of diesel was a little strong though while in the tunnel. Everyone enjoyed the train ride. The narrator does walk through at the end(for gratuities). There also is a “host”that sells “memorabilia” during the train ride. There is nothing fancy about these train cars but they are fine for this short ride. Lots of windows to lookout. You can go out on the platform at the front or back of the car but you are not allowed to cross to another car. Each car does have one unisex restroom. The scenery is awesome and the history in interesting. The train stops a couple of places to pick up hikers/campers. There are bottles of water at the front or back of each car that are complimentary. A Chilkoot bus will meet you at the train stop back in Skagway. Apparently it mayor may not be your same driver so you need to extend your gratuity to the bus driver before you get on the train. (If you are doing the bus first, train last order of the tour.)(The tour is also offered as train first, bus last.) We did get the same driver/bus when we arrived back in Skagway. You have the option of getting back on the bus and being dropped back at the ship or if you prefer you may just walk 3 blocks into town and shop. If you choose to walk in to town to shop, you then can walk back to the ship or take a shuttle. Apparently, it is about ½ mile walk back to the ship from downtown or we heard there is a shuttle for $2. We chose just to take the CC bus back to the ship. Cons: The only con I can come up with on this tour was the dogsled ride was overpriced for what yougot. It was advertised as a 15-minute dogsled ride but we were only gone about 8 minutes. Three sleds left one right after the other. We were the third one to leave and the first one back. I doubt the others got much more than 9.5 minutes each. For $36 pp I would have expected the full 15-minutes. Also, those not purchasing the ride could get into the “ride loading area” so other than actually sitting on the sled they got to see as much as those that paid the additional $36 for the ride. (Note: The dog-sled ride was an option to the tour. Some people on the bus had not purchased that option.) I had planned on us having an early dinner at Skagway Fish Company as it had been recommended by friends and everything I read sounded awesome. However, DH and friends decided they wanted to go the MDR for dinner since we hadn’t been there yet. So back on the ship for a little relaxation and then we went to MDR for 8:00 pm dinner. We met our dining team and they were both excellent (and cute!!!!). Day 5: IcyStraight Point There was a bald eagle in a tree straight across from theship so everyone had a great view of it. The pier here is new….apparently less than a year old. The deck you depart on may not be the de****u return to depending on the tide. There is some “incline” to the ramp/dock but I did see a “golf cart”type tram that appeared to be transporting some of the mobility challenged pax. I did not see how far it took them though. A friend had recommended whale watching at this port but the friends we were travelling with did not want to go whale watching. They wanted to go look for bears. So I had pre-booked an independent bear watching excursion through Hoonah Adventures via the internet. We did the “Wilderness Bear Watching” through Hoonah Adventures. Pros: Booking was easy. Meet and Greet Staff was friendly,informative, and efficient. The guides from the various companies do share info so if one spots a bear then the other companies also know where to go at that moment. The guides also have a “shotgun” in case a bear gets too close and needs to be scared away. Cons: The booking confirmation which lists directions to the meeting place (“Excursion Hub”) should indicate distance/estimated time for the walk from the ship. It is labeled well once you are on the pier but doesn’t indicate that it is a little bit of a walk to get there so could cause issues for those with mobility issues not allowing sufficient time for the walk. While bear siting is not“guaranteed”, we did see one bear at the bridge and “bear’s butt” of 2 other bears (as they were running into the woods). It was a cloudy, drizzly day so not sure if that had anything to do with the bear siting s or not. The price seems a little high for what we got. The biggest “con” was the tour guide. I hate saying bad things about people. I am sure he is a nice gentleman but just was not the type guide we enjoy. He spent most of the 3 hour tour talking about himself and his family…although he was relating it to local culture. One lady asked to stop for a bathroom….he told her he would back the van into the woods so she could go…but he never stopped. On top of that…we were 15 minutes late getting back…which then only left 15 minutes for the “1/2 mile+”walk back to the ship. We were only“saved” by a ship’s excursion also running late. ISP is a privately owned area. We didn’t wander around but it does not appear that there is much there. A couple of restaurants and a few shops. (Although it is “spread out” so creates a “long walk”.) So I would think you definitely would want some type of “excursion” at this port rather than just “wandering around”. This was the second formal night. Again, we had not brought “formal” clothes so we dressed “nicer” but not formal. We dined in the MDR. Day 6: Ketchikan Our only truly all-day rain/drizzle! DH and friend took the 9:30 am kayak trip through the ship. They were taken by bus to then get on a small“raft type” boat (with motor) that then took them to the kayaks. He said he enjoyed it a lot but not as much as the kayak trip in Whittier on the land portion of the trip. The girls just got off of the ship and shopped around Ketchikan. It was a short walk to the shopping area. After the kayak trip, the guys met us at Chico’s for Mexican and pizza. This restaurant had been recommended by a friend of a friend. Prices were reasonable and food was good. I thought the pizza was better than the Mexican….but we eat Tex-Mex multiple times weekly so probably not good judges. I bought at-shirt at Soho Coho Gallery. Bought salmon(shipped home) at Salmon, Etc. Enjoyed purchasing “lotions”, “food specialties” at Blasphemous Bills. Great pricing on souvenir clothing, etc at Tongass Trading Company. Found some great handmade Christmas ornaments and hand carved train at local “art” type shops. Top Tier Party in Colony Club for C&A Platinum and above members at 7:30 (between seatings). We were amazed at the lack of participation. DH counted less than 100 pax in the room. Have never seen a Top Tier party with that few folks. Dined at Giovanni’s again that evening. Day 7: inside Passage Another leisurely morning. Slept a little late. Had breakfast. Saw a large group of dolphins jumping alongside the ship while we ate breakfast. Sat on balcony while cabin attendant finished room. Then started packing! Then did MDR for lunch so we could get the great salad bar. Then a little shopping/browsing in the shops. A very short stop in the casino. Then back to the room for more packing. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon so we were going in/out of the balcony as we were taking pack breaks. I was just about to decide it was time to take an early shower when DH said….”We are slowing down and turning”. We looked out a saw a small boat with 10 people in it. Had we been in the Caribbean we would have thought we were stopping to “rescue” them. Nope….turns out they were on a whale watching boat and had spotted whales. We were able to see 13 whales from the balcony. They were in the water (not “jumping”) so not great views but close enough and good enough to count them. Then within just a few minutes we saw 3 baby whales right next to the ship. So cute!!! I had been so disappointed when our friends had wanted to go “bear watching” rather than “whale watching”. So getting to see these so close to the ship made me happy!!!! Final dinner in the MDR and say goodbye to the excellent wait team! Then off to bed. I couldn’t sleep so went out to the balcony to enjoy it one last time! Day 8: Time to go home We had breakfast and waited on our number to be announced for departure. Once we were called, it was straight off of the ship to baggage claim and off to the taxi line. It was one of the easiest debarkations we have ever experienced. The only issue was that they were still pulling luggage from the ship so there were no porters available. While we were able to manage our own luggage, we would have preferred to use the services of a porter. Oh well! We made it to the taxi stand. Had to wait probably about 15 minutes for our turn in the taxi line. We thought it progressed fine although the folks behind us were grumbling. We had an excellent, friendly taxi driver. Cost from the pier to the airport was 36.50 Canadian. (metered ride) We gave him $40 US. (4 of USplus bags) I didn’t time it but I am guessing about a 30 minute ride. Once at the airport, we had no trouble checking in or getting a porter to assist with the bags. We “whizzed” through customs/immigration as we have Global Entry. Our friends do not have it so it took them about an extra 30 minutes. They said it was very fast and efficient though with self-serve passport scanners, etc. (If you are flying to the US, you process through US Customs in the Vancouver airport.) We were probably at the gate waiting within 1.5-2 hours of getting off the ship. Flights were close to on-time and travel home went smoothly! We were home in our bed around 2:00 am the next morning (11:00 pm ship time!). Weather: It “felt” warmer than we had anticipated. The temps were around what we had expected (55-65 in late July) but it “felt” warmer than the temps. Everything I had read said that we needed to“layer”. I had taken primarily long-sleeved shirts, a couple of short sleeved shirts, long pants (khaki/denim), leggings,a couple of pairs of shorts just in case it was warm enough, light-weight water-repellant vests, sweater vests, down vests, lightweight windbreaker, heavier fleece jacket, rain ponchos, and rain jackets. We wore long pants/leggings every day….never got quite warm enough for the shorts. However, several days we stripped down to short-sleeve or sleeveless tops! The two best “investments” we made for attire for the trip were: first Merrell Gore-tex mid-height “boots” and second, lightweight water repellant vest with many pockets! We only used the raincoat one day and never had to pull the ponchos out as “backup”. We wore the “fleece type” jacket maybe an hour the whole trip! I never wore the down vest or shorts. Laundry: We had planned to use the ship’s Wash &Fold Special. It is usually $35 for a full bag of laundry (as much as you can stuff in the bag). (As the name says….it s Wash & Fold….no pressing, etc. but works great for socks, undies, etc.)Many ships will let you use this special on “any day”. Not here. They have a strict policy of only on “the” day. (Day 4 for this voyage) We had not taken this into consideration when packing considering we were doing 5 night pre-cruise! Uh oh! It ended up working out ok….except that…in addition to it only being on“the” day….it also takes 3 days to get back rather than the normal 2 day return! (Returned 6 pm on Day 6 rather than the usual 6 pm on Day 5) Nope…we didn’t wear dirty undies or socks….but we could not have made it one more day! Dining: “Traditional” dining first seating is 5:30 and second seating is 8:00 pm. While the menus arethe same as other ships, the food quality/preparation seemed to be a little better than on the other ships most recently. (The only disappointment was the night that was supposed to be “Prime Rib” was strip steak instead even though the menu still had Prime Rib printed on it.) Chops and Giovanni’s both had good quality food and excellent service. We did not get to dine at Samba. I had hoped to go but it didn’t work out. We have no interest and have never dined at Izumi on any ship so can’t give any info on it. We saw the Boardwalk Doghouse and small Park Café in the solarium but did not try either . Casino: Nice that the formal nights were non-smoking in the casino from 6 pm. Although we did not spend nearly as much time in there as we had anticipated. The short craps table and lack of UTH table did not please DH so he didn’t spend as much time (or $) as usual. I was not pleased with the selection of slot machines. There were no “name” type machines. (No Sex and the City, No Wheel of Fortune, no “tv show” type machines, no jackpot party) Therefore, I spent a lot less time (& $) in there than normal also! Towel animal: Had the best towel animal ever one night. Rushed into the stateroom after dinner/show to use the restroom. Flung open the bathroom door and SCREAMED! There was someone sitting on my toilet! The cabin attendant had made legs out of a towel and hung them over the toilet and then closed the lid. The“legs” then went into my flip-flops. At first glance, looked just like a person. Once I quit screaming (with apologies to my neighbors), I died laughing. I was determined to stay awake until DH came in to see if he screamed too! Nope, he didn’t! Cruisetour: We had not done a pre-cruise tour previously so did not know what to expect or how to compare. As mentioned previously, we would much have preferred the option to pre-book the “optional land excursions”. Apparently, each guide must make their own land tour bookings after they get the forms from their group. It seemed more logical to us that they would call the “office” with the forms and then have the “office” “centralize bookings” since some excursions had minimum number of participants. We thought our guide did “ok”. Since we had not done a pre-cruise tour before we don’t have anyone to compare her to so can’t really say if she was “good”or “bad”. I know other people on the bus were not pleased with her. Apparently she told different parties, different times for the same event, meeting time,etc. On several occasions she did change the “meeting/departure” times 15 minutes either direction from the “printed time schedule”. So there probably are better guides out there but I am certain there are probably worse guides also! Overall, she did an acceptable job and got us where we needed to be when we needed to be and delivered everything “promised”in the cruisetour description. Pricing: The cruise/land tour pricing was higher pricing than we typically pay for a cruise. However, Idid a little price comparison of estimating what a DIY land tour would have cost versus what we paid and it seemed to be about the same. With the cruisetour we didn’t have to get a rent car and drive. That way we could both see the “scenery” as we were riding (train/bus) rather than one of us having to keep an eye on the road. (To do the train for each of the travel segments would have cost a lot more.) Also, not having to handle the luggage ourselves was a major plus in our book! We typically would have used “Bell Staff” and tipped them arriving & departing. As it was, we never saw the Bell Staff so were unable to extend gratuities. I had read that all of the prices in Alaska were so much more expensive than home because they have such a shortened season that they must “make their money” in a shorter time frame. We really did not find the prices to be that much more expensive. Considering we were eating/shopping for the most part in “hotel” and “resort towns” we thought the prices were fairly reasonable. So that is the long story of our “One and Done” Alaskan cruise. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We chose this cruise for my sister and brother in law's 25 anniversary. We had a great time. The staff was exceptional. We did a land tour prior to the cruise so we boarded around 5:00 and it went very smoothly. We were constantly on ... Read More
We chose this cruise for my sister and brother in law's 25 anniversary. We had a great time. The staff was exceptional. We did a land tour prior to the cruise so we boarded around 5:00 and it went very smoothly. We were constantly on the go seeing new things. There were plenty of excursions to do. We did the helicopter in Juneau and landed on two glaciers. It was amazing to see. We also did a whale watching tour in Icy Strait, a sea plane in Ketchikan and the train ride in Skagway. We loved all of the excursions. I will say If you get motion sick, you may want to rethink a sea plane. We ate in 3 specialty restaurants, Chops, Giovanni's and Sabor. The food was fantastic in all of them. We also did my time dining for the other nights and was pleased with the service and the food. The entertainment was rather light on this cruise. If you are used to the broadway shows and other high caliber shows from the bigger ships, you will be disappointed. Everyone should do an Alaskan cruise once in their life time! Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
The Radiance was absolutely the most beautiful ship I have been on. Understand that I have a preference for small to mid-size ships, and haven't been on RCCL's larger ships, but I found the common areas of the Radiance to be ... Read More
The Radiance was absolutely the most beautiful ship I have been on. Understand that I have a preference for small to mid-size ships, and haven't been on RCCL's larger ships, but I found the common areas of the Radiance to be nicer than even the few luxury ships that I have been on. Of course, the cabins remain small and a bit cramped...but I don't take a cruise to spend much time in the cabin. The center elevators are all glass, looking out to the mountains gliding by or to the beautiful Centrum. The Schooner Lounge was extra nice, and the additional lounges (English pub, plus a lounge with pool tables and chess boards, and the Centrum, with early evening entertainment) were so nice. Large windows in the main dining room provided great views of the scenery (as it doesn't get dark in Alaska in mid-summer!). We sailed south on the Inside Passage, and the itinerary was perfect. We enjoyed all of the ports, with our favorite being Skagway. We took the White Pass Mountain Train excursion which was excellent. We were a little surprised that once we got to the top, we had no time to enjoy it, though, just got into a bus for the much quicker ride down. The town was adorable. We enjoyed lunch at a local bistro, shopping, and then the Ghost & Good Time Girls tour was so much fun! Ketchikan is the best place to buy a fleece-lined, rain-resistant jacket so necessary in AK, but when going south it's the last port, so not so helpful. We loved the float-plane flight-seeing experience there. We booked that one ourselves, and it's very easy to do if you do your research, and can save a bit of money. In Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier is a must-see...but there are many ways to get there, so explore your options (we rented a car, which had pros and cons.) Icy Straight Point was our second favorite port, My husband and daughter LOVED the Ziprider, and learning about the Hoonah people was delightful. My only regret on the cruise was missing the Bear experience there...should have booked that excursion. Of course, experiencing the Hubbard Glacier and watching it calve is what makes traveling to Alaska an incredible experience (and we were lucky to have the best weather for it!). The food on the ship was the very usual RCCL good food...but it's pretty much the same menu as the Caribbean ships and I was disappointed that there was not more fresh local seafood served. I usually have a hard time understanding why people pay to eat at port restaurants when there is so much good food available on the ship...but this time, I did eat locally wherever possible to enjoy the awesome fresh Alaskan seafood. The Showcase Lounge in Seward had the best seafood chowder imaginable! The Casino was decent, with at least half of it non-smoking (if only all of it was!). The craps table, though, was very small (didn't know they made miniature ones!), and allowed only single-odds the entire cruise...which was a bit disappointing. The entertainment was not really up to RCCL standards, but okay. The two production shows were good. I only heard one comedian, which I did not care for. The piano player in the Schooner lounge was subpar in our opinion (having heard some amazing ones over the years). But the theme parties held in the Centrum were a wonderful and super-fun addition I hadn't seen on RCCL previously (enjoyed especially by my 20 year-old daughter). Speaking of her, she felt that this cruise was particularly exclusive for the 18-20 year-old young adults. She has aged-out of the kids and teen groups, but was unable to partake in adult activities. In the Caribbean, as with most other itineraries, at 18 they are allowed to gamble in the Casino. On other lines, they are often allowed alcohol as well. But not in Alaska (or Hawaii) as the ship does not travel in International waters. We had not realized that when we booked, otherwise we might have waited another year for this trip. The last tip I will give is to take the Alaskan Railroad Gold Star domed car between Anchorage and Seward either on the front-end (if you are going southbound) or the back-end (if northbound). That was, definitely a highlight of our whole trip. You can stand outside and take such amazing pictures! It included a very good breakfast, two drinks, amazing views (inside or out), and your luggage is taken directly to the ship for you (if southbound). Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
I made a resolution: choose a cruise solely for its ports. The rest is likely to be a disappointment. Too many sour faces and mediocre service. The food was good for a weight loss regime, and I did lose some weight, The bathroom in the ... Read More
I made a resolution: choose a cruise solely for its ports. The rest is likely to be a disappointment. Too many sour faces and mediocre service. The food was good for a weight loss regime, and I did lose some weight, The bathroom in the cabin smelled bad from the start. Knowing that the ship had not been refreshed in a long while, I did not even bother to complain (I had read a review that referred to this issue). The balcony cabin (7024) had one advantage: it was quiet. The balcony was really nice when we were at the Hubbard glacier but the comfort was not comparable to the cost. A 2 star hotel, probably. How bad the food? You can tell that they are racing for the bottom. Even the pizza is awful. This is not surprising: they heat frozen pizzas with the toppings. I saw a waiter collecting noodles spilled on the service table and putting them back in the container. This is not what you want in a cruise when everybody is worried about norovirus. Why is the food so bad? It is worse in the self-service, because it has been heated and re-heated. The coffee is undrinkable, so you go for the $5 cup of coffee. I did not want to do the same with the food. Children activities: yes, if you can convince your child to stay. Mine said that it was like school and could not get him to go back. Was there anything good? Yes: the itinerary was fantastic. In the future, I will know what to expect and will pay for the cheapest cabin and keep the money for the excursions. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We had cruised six prior times with Royal Caribbean; however more than 20 years ago. All our cruises were in the Caribbean and this was our first trip to Alaska. We chose RCCL because of our enjoyment on the prior Caribbean cruises. ... Read More
We had cruised six prior times with Royal Caribbean; however more than 20 years ago. All our cruises were in the Caribbean and this was our first trip to Alaska. We chose RCCL because of our enjoyment on the prior Caribbean cruises. Since it has been so long the booking process has changed dramatically from personal service via telephone to on-line booking, which I found very impersonal. I booked our cruise well in advance to insure we might have a better chance at finding the stateroom we wanted. Following my initial foray into the RCCL website and the initial booking process including the deposit, I found almost no follow up from RCCL. I had to search and search on the website to find information on dining, optional activities on board, more information on the ship. We received nothing from RCCL saying welcome aboard and here is information to help you know more about your upcoming cruise. We arrived in Seward and the boarding process should have been a breeze as we were there in plenty of time; however, all RCCL computers were down and we waited in line with about 400 other early arrivals for the computers to get back on line. After about 40 minutes of just standing around with little information from RCCL (we finally found out about the computer problem by one of us wandering around asking questions), the boarding went fairly smoothly. We made it to our stateroom, which was very nice; clean, roomy and very accessible to the elevators and stairs. We decided to go to the restaurant for a quick bite to eat and before we even got to the food area were stopped by waiters trying to sell us on upgrading our food package to the specialty restaurants. Twice I was stopped and we finally made it to our table and started to eat when yet another sales person came by offering us a special deal to upgrade our food package. Oh, my...why can't we just enjoy a quiet lunch!! Finally we left and made it back to our room and enjoyed walking about the ship learning more about where everything was located. However, throughout the trip, it was constant selling....upgrade the restaurant options; buy these photos; don't forget to shop at our preferred shops; even the art lecture which we decided to attend including encouraging us to join in the art auctions. Every day on the ship channel station, sell, sell, sell...shop at our shops. I found in every location that I could find better options for significantly less money than RCCL preferred shops. Finally, on three days of our cruise the ship's crew were painting the ship....they continually banged the paint off the ship in and around our stateroom. Our next door neighbors finally called the customer service desk and asked them to at least wait until after 9 oclock so we could enjoy resting in on our cruising days. Two days, we lost use of our balcony due to painting and restaining of the rails. But, there was no mention of this when we booked. I understand this needs to be done, but it should always be done when the ship is in port and guests are ashore, not during the cruising days. All in all, I am very disappointed and will likely never cruise with RCCL again. I contacted them before our cruise and asked them about special consideration for passengers who had cruised with them previously and was told that we cruised too long ago to get any special consideration. Nice! Would I recommend this cruise? Itinerary was great, but the only redeeming part of the trip was the captain spent lots of time and was able to get very close to the Hubbard Glacier. Other than that, no, I would not recommend this cruise. Food was mediocre and just was not as much fun as the prior cruises. And one final thing....Internet. We purchased an internet package just to make sure we would be able to keep in touch with our kids and grandkids. I was not able to access any of the regular Internet access I needed. Email access was almost non existent. IT took not seconds to try to connect, but in some cases minutes and minutes just to try to get to some server that might provide any kind of access. I would not recommend paying for this service as I felt ripped off at the end of the week. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We chose this cruise tour for multiple reasons. Our 40th Anniversary fell during the cruise plus we really wanted to see the brown bears in Katmai National park. Unfortunately the tour was cancelled for weather. We made some good friends ... Read More
We chose this cruise tour for multiple reasons. Our 40th Anniversary fell during the cruise plus we really wanted to see the brown bears in Katmai National park. Unfortunately the tour was cancelled for weather. We made some good friends on the tour that we hope to keep in touch with. The trip to Denali National Park was enjoyable as well as our train trip back to Talkeetna. The lodge at Denali Park Village was nice, the one in Talkeetna was exceptional. Embarkation took about 45 minutes. Because of our pretour, we didn't arrive until almost 4:30pm. We took advantage of the photo package before the cruise began and were able to get every picture the ship took for one set price. We ended up coming home with 76 8x10's and 5 5x7's which turned out to be less than $2.50 a piece instead of the $15-$20 they normally charge. The Radiance is still a lovely ship even though she has some years on her. We were in a balcony cabin and I can say the room was very nice. They were doing some upkeep to the balcony during our port days putting fresh paint and varnish on. I took advice from a prior review and brought a plug in air freshener for the bathroom. They do tend to not smell the best. The food was better than the reviews I'd read had led me to believe in the main dinning room and our dinner at Giovanni's was amazing. The Windjammer had good food but my husband misses the sushi they used to offer there. The sushi at Izumi's was not the type he enjoyed. We didn't get to all the shows but the ones we did see, we enjoyed. The comedians were funny and the ship's band was very good. We had excursions that we booked outside of Royal for most of the ports visited. Unfortunately we had rain and cool weather almost every day. Even so, we got the most of our visits there. Hubbard Glacier - the captain spent quite a while here to allow us great views of the glacier and calving occurring. Juneau - We bought our tickets for the round trip bus ride to Mendenhall Glacier just as you get off the ship. Because of the rain and clouds, we did not take the tram but spent some time at the Red Dog Saloon. Don't forget to try the Duck Fart! Skagway - This was my favorite stop. I loved that the national parks have restores some of the historical buildings and offer viewings free along with a movie about the gold rush. We booked our White Rail Pass tickets independent from the ship. The train took us to the Yukon in BC were we boarded a bus that stopped periodically to let us take pictures. Hoonah/Icy Straights Point - A very rainy day prevented us from walking in the forest as we had planned but we looked around the cannery before we caught our whale watching tour, also booked separate from the ship. G-Wind was exceptional. There were only 6 of u, 4 adults and 2 children, on the boat. We saw not only humpback whale, which we got to see bubble feed 3 times, we also saw killer whales! Ketchikan - This port seemed to have the best prices on Alaskan souvenirs so we did our shopping here. Know for it's salmon, this is probably the best place to buy it. We booked a flight plane tour from Island Wings. The owner was our pilot and the trip was amazing. Again rain kept us from landing on the sand but she did land us in the middle of the fjords on a pier so we could take pictures. Figures the weather cleared once we returned! We decided to stay overnight in Vancouver so were the last to disembark. They really have this organized and in less than an hour we were in our hotel room. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We wanted to do an Alaska cruise and booked this one. The ship was very nice. It was good to have a movie theater and I watched two movies. We thought that the overall food was very good, even the Windjammer. Probably better than other RC ... Read More
We wanted to do an Alaska cruise and booked this one. The ship was very nice. It was good to have a movie theater and I watched two movies. We thought that the overall food was very good, even the Windjammer. Probably better than other RC cruises. Funny thing was that I ordered a glass of wine but they did not have the first two wines that I requested! The Cruise Director was terrific and the staff were very nice. Two production shows were good and we really enjoyed the second one. Several of the comedians we did not enjoy, especially the final night 'late night' one- we left. The singer/comedian was really good. Jonathan Clarke? It rained pretty much every day and we did not see the sun from 7/7 until late 7/12! The ship brought us to within 0.5 miles from Hubbard Glacier so that was awesome. We arranged our own excursions using Juneau Tours in Juneau and Chilkoot Tours in Skagway. That was a very special trip that took us into the Canadian Yukon. We didn't enjoy Icy Strait Point. There were some good nature tours available but it was a rainy day. We didn't spend much time there. We shopped in Ketchikan and bought some very nice native type jewelry at Soaring Eagle. I recommend checking them out if you like that kind of stuff. Our inside cabin was typical, except for the crying youngster next door form the first two nights. It was the trip of a lifetime Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
The Alaska trip on Royal Caribbean was one of our top trips every. My wife and I have travel all over the world and this is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. We can not wait to get back because you do not see everything in ... Read More
The Alaska trip on Royal Caribbean was one of our top trips every. My wife and I have travel all over the world and this is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. We can not wait to get back because you do not see everything in one trip. Our greatest thrill was taking our two 16 year old grandsons with us. We bonded and they had a great time. The land tour is a must. A train ride thru the mountains was spectacular. Every stop was better than the next one. Picture taking is a must. The only complaint was that we did not spend more time at some of our stops. The people where outstanding. The cruise portion of the trip was outstanding. Each town we stop at there was so much to see. The ship food was very good and the shows where excellent. We took a room at the back of the ship and it was perfect for this trip. The views as we where leaving each location from our balcony was post card views. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We chose this cruise on the recommendations of several people we have met since we started cruiseing just over six years ago. It was also somewhere we wanted to go. We enjoyed the Land tour and saw some wonderful sites and a lot of ... Read More
We chose this cruise on the recommendations of several people we have met since we started cruiseing just over six years ago. It was also somewhere we wanted to go. We enjoyed the Land tour and saw some wonderful sites and a lot of wildlife, some that are not seen frequently. But the train rides were to ch at times. Luckily we had a good group of people to break up the time spent onboard. However the cruise was what we are use to by RC's crew, had a fantastic time, but after 31 cruises now it is difficult to say which ship or crew is the best, because we find every one has been wonderful, we know some people would disagree, but it's what you make out of the vacation to how well it goes off. Roll on our next cruise, which is in five weeks time from Copenhagen around the Baltic. Keep providing RC. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
We took our family on this cruise. Boarding went quickly. Our 3 rooms were next to each other, our ages are 70-6. We had three grandchildren 9, 8, and 6. Most of our party have been on the mega ships and smaller ships. We felt between the ... Read More
We took our family on this cruise. Boarding went quickly. Our 3 rooms were next to each other, our ages are 70-6. We had three grandchildren 9, 8, and 6. Most of our party have been on the mega ships and smaller ships. We felt between the rock climbing wall, inside pool (during children's hours), and the children's activity room at night they were never bored. Plus with kids, in Alaska, we were off the ship with excursions or exploring at each docking. When we were in the Caribbean, on a mega ship, we didn't care if we got off the ship. I booked all our excursions online through TripAdvisor.com suggestions. We enjoyed them and again we're impressed with how nice everyone was. The food was good and the staff throughout the ship was excellent. The entertainment was enjoyable and if that had been priority we'd have gone on a bigger ship. It was nice that this ship never felt crowded like th big ships when you cannot find a lounge chair. When the cruise was over no one in our party of 8 would have changed a thing. Our 6 year old grandson went around hugging the pillars saying, "Goodbye ship!" I also want to commend Royal Caribbean, for when we had our formal night a party of 4-6 showed up with tee shirts, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. They were directed towards the Windjammer buffet. Thank you. We didn't pack nice clothes and get dressed up to have others ruin the special atmosphere. That is so disrespectful of others. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
I booked a inside cabin (3615) and was very disappointed in it. It was right next to a fan that ran 24/7. The floor vibrated, the bed vibrated and it was very unpleasant. I tried to change my room but they said they were sold out. ... Read More
I booked a inside cabin (3615) and was very disappointed in it. It was right next to a fan that ran 24/7. The floor vibrated, the bed vibrated and it was very unpleasant. I tried to change my room but they said they were sold out. Later in the cruise we ate with a couple on their honeymoon and they told us that they upgraded them from a inside cabin to a balcony. I guess they had rooms for them and not me. This was my ninth cruise with RC and I was very disappointed with it. The food is always the same. I had salmon one night at dinner and it was really dry. On the last night of cruise the food was awful. We did eat in Chops Grille which was fantastic. Would recommend this place to everyone. We were celebrating my 60th birthday and they made it very special. In the windjammer the food was always the same. The ports of call were great. We did not book any excursions thru RC. We had already een on a Alaska cruise with RC ten years earlier so we pretty much did what we wanted then. We did do a land portion on this cruise. The tour guide Tall Paul was outstanding. We went to Denali, Talkeeta and Alyeska. We were also one of the 30% who actually saw Mr. Denali. Was a wonderful experience. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
Radiance class is our favorite and we wanted to see Alaska. The land trip was wonderful...all hotels were nice and the tour guide, Lynda, and bus driver, Ashley, were better than amazing! The ship staff were wonderful! The only ... Read More
Radiance class is our favorite and we wanted to see Alaska. The land trip was wonderful...all hotels were nice and the tour guide, Lynda, and bus driver, Ashley, were better than amazing! The ship staff were wonderful! The only reason for taking a star off is the main dining experience has gone down a bit. It was very clear that the wait staff and chefs are not able to handle milk allergies, a surprise since we have had wonderful service on other ships. It can be as simple as offering steamed vegetables. Fortunately, that is an easy allergy to self-manage, whereas a peanut allergy could be a disaster. Also, the sheers and drapes in our cabin were in terrible condition but that must be hard to keep up with if passengers are not careful in opening and closing balcony doors. All in all, it was a great cruise and we would definitely sail Radiance again! Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
This was my third cruise, first time with Royal Caribbean so it was fun to compare and contrast the different ship lines that I have been on. I traveled with my family and we had rooms throughout the ship so we were able to get a wide view ... Read More
This was my third cruise, first time with Royal Caribbean so it was fun to compare and contrast the different ship lines that I have been on. I traveled with my family and we had rooms throughout the ship so we were able to get a wide view of how things worked as well. We sailed out of Seward and I have to say, it was the fastest embarkation that I have ever been a part of. My family was able to start getting on the boat at 1130am! I was through the signin and security in less than five minutes and ready to get on the boat. We had our luggage within three hours of getting on the ship and were allowed into our rooms starting at 1pm. Since we had a late sail day out of Seward, a lot of people got on and off the ship to check the cute town out. We opted to explore the ship and go swimming instead, just because we were in Alaska and wanted to swim outside! The rooms were neat and tidy. We had a window room and thankfully it had dark curtains in it so we were able to sleep even though the sun never really went down. My brother in law had an interior room with no window and stated he slept amazing due to no light at all. Our room was always clean and ready to go when we went to it. Our steward was courteous and hung out in the hall so he could open the door for us when we came by. I was sad that we didn't get towel animals every day. Of the 7 days that we sailed, we only got 3 towel animals. While I know this is something silly, it is something I really look forward to at the end of the night so I was sad that none of my family got animals more than 3 times. Also, don't plan on watching TV when you are there. On other ships, they have new release movies playing on a loop, but this boat simply had regular programming complete with commercials on a loop. We did the 8pm My Time Dining in the main dining hall. Our servers were so friendly and fun to have. They even got in on our family shrimp competition and had plates of shrimp cocktail waiting when the menfolk arrived. The food was delicious and several times we all ordered something and ordered a dish for the middle of the table of something we all wanted to try. Nothing I ate was bad at the main dining hall. We did all of our breakfasts in the Windjammer, which got to be repetitive after a while. They didn't seem to change up the buffet menu at all. Lunch was great in the Windjammer and I had some of the best curry food I have had in a long time. Overall, very please with the food on the boat. Drinking is always way overpriced on a cruise. My spouse got the drink package so he was set with alcohol and coffee for the trip. Since I do not drink coffee and minimal alcohol, I just paid per drink. It is unfortunate that you cannot order a double shot drink even though you have the drink package. We were told that is not allowed. I thought several of my drinks were extremely weak and extremely overpriced for what they were. The bar staff was very friendly and did a great job of quickly learning what we were drinking and remembering from day to day. I thought the shows on this ship were terrible. Normally I eat dinner early so I can make it to them all. I expect them to be a little cheesy or corny, since it is a cruise but these were downright bad. Bad jokes, no one laughing. One night was a game show with the audience instead of a performance. Other ships do this much better. Also, there is a movie theater but several of the seat bottoms are missing. My spouse ended up sitting on the floor for the movie because his chair had no seat. Juneau-We did an excursion to the Mendenhall glacier. we booked it through the cruise and it was expensive but so worth it. We canoed out to the glacier and then went into the Ice Caves of it. Absolutely breathtaking views. After the Ice Caves, the guides have you strap on spikes and climb up the glacier. I cannot stress how amazing of an experience this was. It was the absolute highlight of my trip! Worth every since penny. They also provide all of the gear needed and the guides have a huge wealth of knowledge and clearly love what they do. Skagway-very upsetting morning because we had booked the glassblowing excursion and after running around on the pier frantically looking for the guide, we find out that they cancelled it on us. We had planned our whole day around this and missing things with family because of it. We ended up doing the Streetcar Tour which was informative but we were kinda not in the mood due to our morning. In the afternoon, we did the Ocean Raft Adventure with the coast guard speed boats. Very Cool and super fun. If you have kids, they will love it!! Icy Straight Point-not much here. We walked around in the tide pools for a while but overall, this day was boring for me and we went back to the boat to swim instead. Ketchikan-We did the Totem Pole park and Lumberjack show! I loved the stories for the Totems and specifically picked this so I could hear the stories. The lumberjack show is just good fun. It really looks like they are having a blast doing what they do and I laughed pretty hard several times. It is also a cute town to walk around in. Overall I thought this was a great trip. We met some fun people and heard a lot of stories of peoples adventures. My inlaws did whale watching and absolutely loved it. They also went halibut fishing and caught a ton of stuff. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and already have to anyone who will listen to me. :) Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
We thoroughly enjoyed our time onboard Radiance of the Seas. The ship was clean, well kept, had excellent staff, excellent entertainment, and a wonderful itinerary. All of the public areas on the ship were very well maintained. We ... Read More
We thoroughly enjoyed our time onboard Radiance of the Seas. The ship was clean, well kept, had excellent staff, excellent entertainment, and a wonderful itinerary. All of the public areas on the ship were very well maintained. We spent a lot of time in the Schooner Bar and Colony Club because that's where most of the activities we participated in were located. I think my only complaint would be that some of the chairs were not the most comfortable. After sitting for an hour I was definitely ready to get up and getting moving again. Generally though, the look and feel of each of the bars and lounges was very nice. We did not spend much time in the Solarium on the trip as we didn't feel like swimming. It was beautiful though and when we were there it was well kept and always clean. We were very pleased with Captain Trim as he was able to get us extremely close to Hubbard Glacier and he even took the time to turn the ship around at different points so everyone had a viewing advantage at one time or another. And when there were storms up ahead of us, he and his crew maneuvered us around them so we wouldn't have bad weather. The food in the main dining room was great! We ate there every night but one. Our wait staff was very attentive and friendly. They made sure we enjoyed our meal each and every night. The one night we did speciality dining we ate at Izumi. We were very impressed with the quality of the food they had. My husband is allergic to shellfish and they were extremely accomodating and even made his California roll (which came with snow crab) with salmon instead! The cruise director's staff was very friendly and had a lot of wonderful activities planned. There was of course many different trivia options, Bingo, The Love and Marriage Game Show, The Quest, etc. We especially enjoyed the themed nights they had: 70's Disco, and Rock The Centrum. Such a fun bit of entertainment and great music! The Real Time Band did an excellent job throughout the entire cruise, but they really shined during the Rock The Centrum music! Our stateroom was very nice. Plenty of space for us and all of our belongings. My only complaint is that there were no outlets near the bed so if I needed to charge my phone (I mainly used it to take pictures) I couldn't have it next to the bed as a clock at night. We enjoyed having a balcony, mainly just so we could take pictures at Hubbard Glacier without having to endure the crowds of people up on the helicopter deck. It was an EXCELLENT view from our room. Other than that, we didn't really use the balcony except to take random pictures coming into port and such. It was personally too chilly to spend any time out on the balcony. I actually found the bed to be very comfortable! The pillows were a little flat though. Using one didn't seem to be lofty enough, but then when I'd use two it would hurt my neck. That was my only issue with sleep. I actually slept really well the whole cruise! Of course the bathroom was tiny (as usual) and it could use a little updating. The tile in the shower was a bit uneven in some places so it felt really weird showering and your foot would kind of be "poked" by a tile that was slightly higher. Other than that though, the bathroom was okay. Just your typical cruise ship bathroom. The evening shows that we attended were wonderful! We thought that there was an excellent production staff and everything was very enjoyable. We only attended one of the Production Shows, "City of Dreams" and thoroughly enjoyed the music. We heard excellent things about "Piano Man" as well but we were not able to attend. The headliner shows were just as great! We saw a juggling duo called James and Wilde and they were hilarious. And we also got to see an impressionist named Jonathan Clark and he did a great job as well! We were fortunate enough to get this production crew for their final week before they went on vacation and then to other contracts. It was great because they were really polished and you could really feel the connection between them! I can't speak too much on Royal Caribbean's shore excursions as we booked all our excursion personally outside the cruise line, however, the ports we visited were great! Juneau was our first port and it was beautiful! We took a shuttle to the Mendenhall Glacier and hiked to Nugget Falls. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. It is a farily easy hike that isn't paved but is very well traveled so it's easily accessible. The view once you reached the falls was gorgeous and well worth the hike!! It was about a 2 mile roundtrip hike. You get right up at the base of the waterfall and much closer to view the glacier than anywhere else at the park. Downtown Juneau is a charming little city and it's well worth a walk around and visiting the local little shops instead of the big chain jewelry stores. Skagway was our second port. We didn't do anything within the town itself, but we took a bus tour (20 people max) with Dyea Dave Tours to Emerald Lake. We took the White Pass & Yukon Railroad back south to the town. The tour with Dyea Dave was excellent. It was a bit different than I expected though. I was under the impression that we would just be riding directly to Emerald Lake and it would be a nice park that we would have spent time in and then we would have gotten lunch at a town called Carcross in the Yukon Territory. However, the drive up to the Yukon Territory was filled with scenic stops along the way. There were some gorgeous views of the valley below and the mountains all around. We even got to stop at a working dog sled camp and see puppies and the current working dogs. Once we finally got to Emerald Lake it was almost lunch time and I got concerned about timing (since we needed to catch our train), however, the lake was just another scenic photo stop point. It was a great place to stop and take pictures but it wasn't at all a park or a place to spend a lot of time. I will say, I was not disappointed though because we got so much information about the area and enjoyed many scenic views. And the dog sled camp was well worth the time we spent there! Our tour guide drove us down to meet the train at the station and then we boarded and started our journey back to Skagway. The train ride going south has the most spectacular views on the right side of the train. The crew allow you to go onto the platforms outside the cars to take pictures if you desire. It is definitely picturesque! The whole train ride was narrated with facts about the areas we were going through and took about 2 hours. Once we reached the train's final destination, our tour guide from Dyea Dave picked us up and dropped us back anywhere we would like to go in Skagway (or back at the ship if you preferred). Icy Strait Point (Hoonah) was our third port. We did whale watching with a company called Glacier Wind Charters and I highly recommend them! They have two boats that can hold six people each for excursions. It was so great getting to be on a small boat and have a personalized experience from the captain. We didn't see many whales (only 8 and it was really just small glimpses) but we got to see lots of sea otters, porpoises, and bald eagles. Captain Shawn did an excellent job though trying to find the whales for us. He took us all over the area and all of the local whale watching companies were sharing information about where they had spotted a whale. Shawn's wife, Teresa, had stocked the boat with salmon dip, hot chocolate, sodas, water, and coffee. The boat even had a little bathroom in the enclosed area. It was definitely a really nice experience being able to be inside if we wanted, but we had the option to go on the outside deck if we preferred for taking pictures or to get a better view. Once we were finished whale watching, Teresa drove us wherever you liked. If we wanted to tour Hoonah she even offered to pick us up when we were done and drive us back to the Icy Strait Point area so you wouldn't have to walk the mile or so back. It was chilly and a bit rainy though so we decided to just head back towards the ship. We did stop in the shops inside the Cannery Museum. Lots of souvenir options! Ketchikan was our fourth and final port. It rained (poured) while we were in Ketchikan. We had set up an excursion to go ziplining at Southeast Exposure Adventure Park. Fortunately the rain was not an issue for our adventure! Because we were under the canopy of the rainforest, we barely felt a drop of water until after we were done! The adventure park consisted of a 7 zip line course. There was also a rock wall that could be completed if you desired. Our tour guides Brian and Abby were wonderful. They did such a great job of keeping us safe while we were zipping. And since it was us and one other couple we had a very personalized experience! The whole excursion took about 2 hours and was a blast! I was very nervous about it because I'm afraid of heights, but once I got going it was fantastic! After we had finished the zip line course, Abby drove us back to town and dropped us off where ever we would like. We chose to be dropped off near Creek Street. We grabbed lunch and then walked along Creek Street. However, due to the pouring rain, it probably was not as enjoyable as it could have been. There were some really neat little shops though! And it was a very picturesque little place! Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
In 2015, we spent the entire summer touring the interior of Alaska in our motor home and vowed to come back on a cruise to enjoy the seaboard side. Thus the booking of this southbound cruise starting in Seward on June 9-16, 2017. ... Read More
In 2015, we spent the entire summer touring the interior of Alaska in our motor home and vowed to come back on a cruise to enjoy the seaboard side. Thus the booking of this southbound cruise starting in Seward on June 9-16, 2017. Although the weather was cloudy and rainy most of the time, we still got to see most of the beautiful scenery and enjoy a wonderful time on the Radiance of the Seas. The Cruise Director was an awesome entertainer and kept the joint jumping every night. The ship was beautiful, the shows were all very good and the food was good as well. The Windjammer was a constant traffic jam and seating was scarce. We found all crew members to be polite, efficient and very accommodating from guest services to our room steward. All in all, this was a very enjoyable cruise and we plan on doing it again in a few years. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
Pre-cruise tour to Denali Our vacation began with a pre-cruise tour of the Alaskan interior. We used Alaska Airlines which has a monopoly on Alaskan flights. We enjoyed extra legroom in comparison with other airlines, and the flights ... Read More
Pre-cruise tour to Denali Our vacation began with a pre-cruise tour of the Alaskan interior. We used Alaska Airlines which has a monopoly on Alaskan flights. We enjoyed extra legroom in comparison with other airlines, and the flights left on time or early. We were met in baggage claim by Karen and quickly whisked off to Pike’s Lodge ( a rustic motor inn with stuffed animals in the lobby who looked better alive) and dropped off at 11. We waited in the lobby until our room was done at 1:30. Passengers picked up from the airport between 10 am and noon would be better served if pickup would start at noon. As Amanda at the front desk pointed out, the rooms are not guaranteed until 3. Since you have been assigned a specific room, you will not be able to check in until that room has been cleaned. There is a room for you to leave your luggage and a shuttle ($5) which will take you to downtown or the grocery store if you want to get going right away and have some lunch. We were about to finally stick our luggage in the storage room and go for a walk when it was announced that our room was ready. After dropping off our luggage, we walked down the road (no sidewalks most of the way) for 1.1 miles and had lunch at Taco Bell and shopped at the grocery store (which also sells clothes in case you forgot to pack something). There is an excellent ice cream stand across the street from the grocery store as well. At 3 pm, we met our tour guide, John, in the lobby and got an overview of our three day adventure in the interior of Alaska. As both Karen and John pointed out, if you haven't been to the interior of Alaska, you haven’t been to Alaska. The next day, we went on an excellent tour- Gold Dredge 8 Gold Rush History. We learned about the Alaska pipeline and panned for gold. Everyone manages to find some, and you can have the pieces made into a necklace if you wish. Our driver, Tom, took us to downtown Fairbanks where we stopped for lunch. We had crepe at a crepe shop, which was very good. After another night at Pike’s Lodge, Tom drove us to the rail station and we boarded the Wilderness Express to Denali. We loved the train ride. Not any wildlife to see per se, however, the views from the train were great and the service was excellent. We were not hungry, so we did not partake of the breakfast served in the bottom car, however, we did indulge in a few cocktails. Everyone seemed to enjoy everything- the food, the drinks, and the breathtaking scenery. Too soon we arrived in Denali where we left the train and joined the Natural History Tour. We saw moose and caribou from our bus. Very nice tour. We learned that few people actually see Mt. Denali- too far away and usually too many clouds. After the tour, our tour guide dropped us off at Denali Park Village. Regarding this hotel, where to start? John walked us over to building 800 where we were staying since our original building had its water heater go out. Building 800 is a nice, new building, but unfortunately, it appears that is so new that it is not ready for guests. You can turn on any channel you want on the TV as long as it is the History Channel. The signal is so weak that the picture doesn’t come in clearly although you can hear everything ok. So no TV. Then- wait for it- there was only lukewarm water in the shower and sink. The hotel staff tried to fix it to no avail. After waiting for 45 minutes, DH and I took showers anyway. Meanwhile, there are lovely fire pits outside burning gas which no one could use because it was too cold (flurries). We checked out the next morning and Tom drove us to Seward. We stopped on the way at an historic cafe and took pictures of where Mt. Denali was, hiding behind the clouds. We then drove to Anchorage where we stopped for lunch. We had pizza at the mall located only a block from where Tom dropped us off. We then completed our journey to Seward, seeing more moose along the way. Radiance of the Seas Finally, I start my review of Radiance and the cruise itself. Radiance is a lovely ship. I loved his sister ship, Jewel, which DH and I sailed on in Europe in 2008. Some reviewers have stated that the ship needs new carpet and that there is rust. Well, there is rust here and there- but give her a break, she’s exposed to the sea 24/7. The carpets looked new to me and everything seemed nicely furnished. Albert did a great job taking care of our cabin and he always had helpful advice on ports. Food As for the MDR, I would have to agree with other guests that the food has gone downhill. There are smaller portions, which is a good thing as there is so much waste of food on cruise ships. Where there was formally a menu consisting of two pages (both sides), all of the dishes are now listed on one page. Likewise, there used to be four courses- app, soup or salad, entree, and dessert- now it is: starter, entree, and dessert. There are dishes available every night- “classics”. There is one vegetarian dish in the classic section and one new one each night. I often skipped the entree. In Windjammer, some selections were good- the crepes made one day as a speciality, for example; others were rather blah. At least in Windjammer you can see what you are getting unlike the MDR. On the last formal night, we had Baked Alaska, however, it was not the traditional BA. This one featured ice cream with some sort of topping (not meringue) that had been torched. Another interesting dessert which was made specially one night in Windjammer: “Banana Foster” which consisted of caramelized bananas and strawberry?! ice cream. Maybe they ran out of vanilla. Dress Code The dress code in the MDR is not enforced. There were people in jeans every night- even on formal nights. Some wore their baseball caps and t-shirts along with their jeans. Yikes. Some passengers did wear gowns, cocktail attire, suits, or at least a shirt and dress slacks. Three gentlemen wore a tux. Meanwhile, don’t try going to the Windjammer in a spa robe- even to get a glass of water. Apparently the buffet has standards even if the MDR does not. Ports In Juneau, seeing Mendenhall Glacier and the Glacier Gardens are recommended. You can do both on your own. There are tour buses for Mendenhall at the dock or you can take the number three or four bus (Mendenhall Valley)from the transit center for only $2, but you will have to walk aways to the National Park. We took the bus to Glacier Gardens and got a private tour of the trees and gardens from a very talkative guide. Great experience. We then took the bus back (Downtown) to the transit center and walked around to see all of the shops. In Skagway we went to the Red Onion which used to serve drinks downstairs (still do) while providing personalized entertainment upstairs (tours of the rooms are available) during the Gold Rush Era. We walked to the cemetery and around the town. Hubbard Glacier was beautiful. I liked my experience at Sawyer Glacier seven years ago better, however, as our ship went through a narrower passage and we got much closer to the seals resting on the floating ice. Icy Straight Point is a great place to view Bald Eagles (as is Juneau). The town of Hoonah is about a mile walk away (there are also shuttles available). The tourist area located right at the waterfront is very nice with gift shops, restaurants, and there is a small museum describing the old cannery which you can tour. Ketchikan was my favorite, I think. Lovely view of the mountains, lots of shops downtown, and hiking. We first did Rain Bird Trail, walking up the hill from the dock to the trail and then due to a closure of part of the trail, walked down the second stair case and visited the mall a few blocks away. We then walked back along the waterfront to the port and downtown areas. Entertainment There were comedians along with the cast of singers and dancers who performed two production shows. The first was a tribute to various superstar singers; the second is “City of Lights” featuring pop songs performed against the backdrop of cities like Venice and Bombay. The songs didn’t necessarily match the locales: Elton John’s “This Is Your Song” performed against the backdrop of a Venetian opera house- don’t get it. Maybe I just need to see more Las Vegas type shows. One performer- Edward- stood out in particular. He sang, played piano, and danced. Very talented. Our cruise director encouraged us to say hello to the crew, so DH said “How are we doing?” to a crew member dressed in overalls we met while viewing the ocean one evening. He practically ran away from us. Most of the rest of the crew were friendly and helpful. Spa I bought a week's pass to the thermal room and spent most of my time in there alone. Very relaxing, except for one occasion in which a family of four sat in the heated chairs talking the whole time. I guess they don't equate spas with relaxation, as well as peace and quiet. Acknowledgment Events We had a nice CC get-together hosted by two of the ladies in charge of activities. They raffled off totes and bottles of wine. We had a Top Tier Event for Platinum and above in the Colony Club. We each got one cocktail- DH chose the punch one with rum in it, I chose a green colored one that the server said had gin in it. It appeared that if you wanted a second one, you had to flag down one of the servers. I’m used to Celebrity’s events which feature cocktails with names and snack food as well. Royal’s events are obviously shorter and simpler. The captain was very funny and charming. He was as funny as the comedians. Final Thoughts Royal Caribbean’s fleet provide good value type vacations for middle class passengers. If I was affluent, I would try out some of the luxury lines. Celebrity- also RCI- is a step up with better food and more extras for non-elite members. There is a feel of a class system on both Celebrity and Royal’s ships. Clubs which used to be open to all on Celebrity became exclusive to the more elite members. There is a Diamond Club on Radiance for Diamond members to enjoy, and the Top Tier Event as usual included passing out a bottle of wine to the passenger who had the most nights at sea under her belt. Still, for the money, it would be hard to beat RCI. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
Was very disappointed since most reviews for this cruise ship and line are pretty good. Went on an Alaskan cruise, which meant most of the ships outdoor areas were not really usable. This left limited common spaces to hang out. Food was ... Read More
Was very disappointed since most reviews for this cruise ship and line are pretty good. Went on an Alaskan cruise, which meant most of the ships outdoor areas were not really usable. This left limited common spaces to hang out. Food was mediocre, but I did always have something I could eat. Interior room was pretty spacious. Overall, my review would be a 3.5/5 here. Why 2? Member of our party got FOOD POISONING on the boat (and definitely from the boat since it was after a full sea day). He threw up outside the Windjammer (buffet) in front of staff and NO ONE HELPED him. After seeing an on-board doctor, he was appropriately quarantined. His pregnant wife had to be quarantined with him, since there are no other rooms available (which turns out the medical staff had no way to know this and should have called guest services to arrange a room). He suggests that maybe she could stay with her family (me) instead since she's pregnant. Doctor says that's fine. There was no follow up to this at all. No one told her or me about this, or to arrange even extra sheets/towels. They deactivated his room card, but not hers, she got into their room, where he updated her. And then, she updated us. We called house-keeping for additional sheets and such, and explained the situation. Wasn't even given a cot. She slept on a short couch. Went to file a formal complaint the next day with guest services and was just passed off to medical. Where they kept explaining the reasoning for the quarantine instead of addressing the fact that they were going to 1) quarantine a pregnant person with a "very contagious" (in their words) person; and 2) not follow up with sleeping arrangements. Doctor claimed she didn't realize his wife was pregnant, and she's "sorry he felt he told her". Personally, she probably should have asked who he was staying with even if he hadn't told him. He could have been staying with his 90 year old grandma or someone who's recovering from something or in some other way vulnerable too. Was assured that they followed company policy - The End. Oh, and that the doctor would have definitely heard if he had told her she was pregnant, but probably wouldn't have done anything differently anyways. TL;DR don't get food poisoning don't expect help if throwing up in public space 4/10 would NOT RECOMMEND POSITIVES Without the food poisoning incident, the cruise was otherwise passable. Cabin - had an interior cabin that was quite a bit larger than expected, with a sleeping area and a decent sitting area. Lots of storage everywhere. Lots of lights each with their own control. Cabin bathroom - small, but relatively functional. Powerful shower, which was great for the showering part. Shower curtain was not enough to contain the water. You'll feel the accomplishment once you figure out how to shower without flooding the entire bathroom. Dining (buffet) - I found most of the food either too salty or too sweet, but I did always have something to eat that I enjoyed. I would have preferred some "regular" choices, such as non-low fat yogurt. Unless you're getting water, ice tea, or orange juice, you had to line up at a drink station. So if you're a coffee drinker like me, you'll be lining up lots. Staff do come around with hot drinks too, but it's rarer, or they won't get to you when it's busy. Buffet space itself lacks seating, and there are constantly people wandering looking for somewhere to sit. You'll sometimes have to share a table with another party. There are constantly messages politely asking people to leave to allow other customers to sit. Staff will help you find seating. Not ideal, but I did always find a place. Save room for the last dinner at the buffet - everything good will be served all at once then. Dining (formal) - Food was generally passable. Service was good, but does feel a little bit rushed. Tables are super crowded. You'll be really close to other tables around you. Surprising lack of west coast seafood. Ports - I loved them. Ports were beautiful. We lucked out with great weather, and saw lots of wildlife. Bald eagles everywhere, an otter fishing for crab and whales feeding at Icy Strait. We saw the whales from the buffet windows on the boat. Had AK king crab on shore, which was expensive, but worth it! Excursions - went on the whale watching and the tea garden ones. They were great. Great service for both. The whale watching was on a special boat that doesn't use propeller blades (or whatever they're actually called), so they won't harm whales. You can stand outside, which gets a bit cold when the boat is in motion, or stay inside and watch through giant windows with free hot chocolate/coffee. Boat - weird layout, probably because it was meant for warmer weather. You had to go outside to get to the solarium (which is a very comfortable place to be), or go up and down decks. Lots of little tables around to find a seat. Could use more window seating. It would be nice if the buffet area was open when food's not served. A lot of available seating is outside, or near large opened windows. Weather was pretty good, but it's still a bit too cold and windy to read outside for long. Gym/track - Nice decent gym, well stocked with machines and free weights. There's a large open area in front of a mirror for yoga and such. Spin was also available, but I believe that was extra cost. It was a bit warm, but I find that normal for gyms on cruises. The track is just a colored ring outside on the deck. It's fine if you're up early, and no one else is on deck. Otherwise, you'll be dodging people, and they you. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
This cruise went on sale in March, 2016 for solo travelers. I got an ocean view cabin to myself for about $75 a day. That's a deal! Flying into Anchorage, AK, and flying home from Vancouver, BC, Canada made the air fare cost ... Read More
This cruise went on sale in March, 2016 for solo travelers. I got an ocean view cabin to myself for about $75 a day. That's a deal! Flying into Anchorage, AK, and flying home from Vancouver, BC, Canada made the air fare cost almost as much as the cruise. I picked the shore excursions I wanted, although a lot of them seemed pricey. My cabin was great. My cabin steward, Michael, was awesome. He knew me from the picture that was taken when I boarded so that when I walked down the aisle to my cabin, he greeted me by name the very first time he saw me! Michael took care of everything I needed, always had a smile on his face, and was wonderful to talk to. I chose 'My Time' dining so that I could go to the dining room whenever I was ready. That meant I usually sat at a different table with different people for every meal. Chit-chatting about the same thing over and over again got a little wearing, but I met a lot of very nice people. The food was great. For breakfast and lunch, I usually went to the Windjammer buffet. I never had a problem finding a place to sit except for the very last morning before we got off the ship. The Windjammer was especially empty during days we were in port. The ship itself is nice, but if you look closely, it could use some renovation/refurbishment. A few seat cushions in the Solarium had stuffing breaking out of them. Many of the chairs in the public areas were scratched or dented. The lectures by Dominique about the ports were interesting and helpful. She also gave a nice lecture on bald eagles. I went to one lecture by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The guy who spoke mostly read off his notes. But, the female speaker was much better. She related more details in her stories, and made us care more about the people in her stories. Entertainment was nice, but not out of the ordinary. I caught the tribute show to Billy Joel/Elton John/Barry Manilow. That was really good. The comedian I saw was also quite funny. I went to the Murder Mystery Dinner at Giovanni's. It had cheesy, hammy over-the-top acting, but it was funny. And, I enjoyed being able to question each suspect before determining who-dunnit. The ports of call in Alaska were fascinating. I would do this cruise again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
The itinerary was everything we hoped for. The captain was excellent and kept us informed of things to see. We had a balcony room which was very large as well as the balcony. The room had plenty of space to put our clothing away.You were ... Read More
The itinerary was everything we hoped for. The captain was excellent and kept us informed of things to see. We had a balcony room which was very large as well as the balcony. The room had plenty of space to put our clothing away.You were able to see the glaciers from our balcony The food and shows were good. The music director was GREAT AND TALENTED. He was one the best we have ever seen on Royal Caribbean. Alaska was beautiful. We did the Skgaway Railroad. In Juneau we did the whale watch and got to see wales. We loved the Hubbard Glacier which we were able to see from our Balcony. We did Ketchikan on our own. IT is a beautiful town to just go exploring. Disembarkation was easy. We did the direct bus where you took the bus to the airport and our luggage was already at the airport. I definitely would recommend this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
We chose this cruise because it fit our schedules, was during the school year, and was a one way trip. We figured it would maximize our viewing of scenery and port visits. We flew into Anchorage and stayed overnight. Hampton Inn ... Read More
We chose this cruise because it fit our schedules, was during the school year, and was a one way trip. We figured it would maximize our viewing of scenery and port visits. We flew into Anchorage and stayed overnight. Hampton Inn picked us up and also took us to the train station early the next morning. In fact, they called a cab because the shuttle was on an airport run. They also paid for the cab. A very nice touch! Once in Seward, we caught the Harbor 360/Major Marine Tour shuttle to the hotel. We left our luggage with the staff and then headed to our tour with Major Marine. Great cruise! Salmon and Prime rib was delicious, but you have to pay for your beverages. Check in at the hotel was simple and fast, and the next morning after breakfast, we left our luggage with them again as we toured the city. Our luggage was trucked with the others to the ship at 3pm. How nice! Check in at the ship was the.fastest.ever! Go at 2pm and you will not have any wait at all! We attended two of the major entertainment shows in the Aurora Theater. Boring. I quit after the first show, my friend went to the second show but left early. We did not return for the rest of the cruise. The Schooner bar was very enjoyable with plenty of chairs and sofas and a great view. This was the last cruise of the season. Every store in the ports had massive sales, so if you are shopping, take the last cruise of the season. We booked most of our excursions ourselves. We bought a TourSaver coupon book and used those 2 for 1 coupons for those excursions we were interested in. We also used the coupon book to book the train from Anchorage to Seward. Very cost effective! We did take the All Access Tour on the last day of the cruise. We were taken below decks to various departments - laundry, waste management, food, crew cafeteria, engineering, bridge. It was most enlightening and worth the cost. Our cabin, 9098, was in the center and therefore close to everything. Because this is a smaller ship, it's a breeze to get anywhere. I did notice peeling wallpaper in the Cascades dining room. Not many spots, but they were there. The sandwiches in Park Cafe were very disappointing. There was about a tablespoon of filling for the entire sandwich! We had to get three sandwiches, scrape the filling off of them to combine for one decent sandwich. The food in Windjammer was delicious, plentiful and hot. The food in Cascades was good, but not always hot. Usually warm. And just good tasting, not delicious. Prior to the end of the cruise, RCCL sends out all the information on how/when/where to leave the ship. They printed a nice little card with the various ways to get to the airport or hotels. But they left out the train/subway. It's cheap ($4 CAD), it's more environmentally friendly than any of the other options and yet no mention was made about it. Plus it's much faster! tsk tsk tsk Royal Caribbean. Vancouver customs was very streamlined and easy. Thanks! Still I will sail this itinerary and this ship again. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.8
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates N/A 4.3

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