6 Regent Seven Seas Navigator Repositioning Cruise Reviews

Six months since our last holiday, by May 2019 it was time for a break. I am a firm believer in the HR notion that a break every six months is restorative (if not to ones bank account, at least for the soul). So I looked for a cruise that ... Read More
Six months since our last holiday, by May 2019 it was time for a break. I am a firm believer in the HR notion that a break every six months is restorative (if not to ones bank account, at least for the soul). So I looked for a cruise that would please me and my wife. A bit about us: we are late middle-aged (later 50's, early 60's), one of us still works, and we have done many cruises since 2001. Mostly on Holland America, yet more recently on Seabourn. We very much liked the almost all-inclusive nature of our Seabourn cruises, as well as the smaller ships. In May 2019 Seabourn had an interesting cruise option, yet on that ship the verandah cabin guarantee offered may well have come with the opaque (metal) balcony railings. That is a show-stopper for my wife, who wants to be able to see out her balcony while seated. Seabourn would put us in a balcony with the Plexiglas railing--yet only if we ponied up another $2 grand each. It looked like we would not be cruising after all in May. Happily, searching the usual websites, I found this interesting Regent cruise--a trans-Atlantic, which we like (the days at sea can be quite restful), some interesting ports, a departure from New York, which is only an hours flight from Toronto, and with the airfare and shore excursions included. We also would have a proper balcony in the verandah cabin, with no metal railing blocking the view. All this, including business class air for the transatlantic flight home, for about the same price as Seabourn wanted for the obstructed view balcony. Hmmm, it was time to give Regent a try. Cutting to the chase for any impatient readers, we quite enjoyed our Regent cruise and would return to them. This line is now on our list, along with Seabourn. We would also return to HAL, even though we do like not having to sign for most things, for the right itinerary and pricing. It is nice to have options and choices. We found Regent a well organized operator. Their shore staff met us at Newark airport, and we were escorted to the van (we were the only passengers) provided to take us to the port of Manhattan. Ironically, the drive from the airport took longer than our 1.3 hour flight. It was nice, accordingly, that I did not have to pay for a taxi or limo, and that such ground transportation was included. As we checked in around 2PM, we had missed the rush. On board quickly, we headed to the Verandah for a casual lunch. This was the first of many very good meals on board. Ultimately to our cabin--we had received and accepted an upsell offer for a penthouse. The basic amenity was that the cabin, same size as the verandah cabin but better located, came with a butler, who was excellent! Between the butler and our stewardess, and her assistant, we were very well looked after for the next 15 days. Having never had a butler before, and wondering what we would use him for, now I wonder how we could survive without one! The cabin was a little tight compared with what we are used to. On HAL we get a Neptune Suite, and on Seabourn a regular verandah. Yet the Seabourn ships are newer than this particular ship, Navigator, which is about 20 years old. We found that there was not quite as much drawer space or storage generally, as we have had on Seabourn in the regular verandah cabins--yet we managed to get everything put away. Still, I would not have wanted a room service dinner in the cabin. Again, other than having the daily snacks which the butler brought, it was a tad tight for dining. We were not impressed with the lifeboat drill. Held partly inside, and then being taken out to the boat deck was superfluous, as the boats you were shown at the drill may well not be the boat to which you would be assigned when you gather in the event of an emergency. In my view this is not well thought out. Either do the entire drill outside, or inside. I would also think specific lifeboats should be assigned per cabin, so everyone knows exactly where to go in case of an emergency. Other lines do this in a more organized fashion. We had a little difficulty in getting the cabin stocked with my wife's favourite Vodka, Chopin, a potato-based vodka. A substitute was provided, and Chopin was available in the bars. Ultimately, our butler scrounged us a bottle for the cabin. Unfortunately, we were told that Chopin was no longer to be provided on Regent once current inventory was finished. Too bad, as it is an excellent luxury brand. The included/available Scotches were also not quite top drawer. I mean, seriously, Johnny Walker Red? Yes, they had Black, Chivas Regal (my daily tipple), and some single malts. Yet for a luxury cruise line, at a minimum 12 year old single malts (not just one, but a choice of several) should be included, and frankly, they should provide 15 year old Scotch without a surcharge. In addition to most friendly, warm, welcoming, and personable cabin staff, the same could be said about all the bar staff. They were great. It was nice to be seated, and ones regular drink brought around without having to say a word. Kudos to them for fostering a welcoming and clubby atmosphere. The food quality was truly excellent--and we are foodies. It was the best we have experienced on any cruise. Being fair, HAL provides in our experience very good Banquet style meals. Seabourn provides very good meals as well, just not a lot of variety at times, and at times, overly salted. Regent's food was not overly salted, yet was well seasoned. There was also plenty of variety at lunch, and especially at dinner in the main restaurant. Some of the "always available" dinner items included genuine whole Dover Sole, which would be filleted table-side--a pleasure to watch. We found the food prepared "a la minute", and was an example of fine dining. Not every dish was a success, but the effort was clearly present. We were surprised that someone on the cruise after ours, a Veterans charter, did not enjoy the food. Yet that may have been because it was a charter. We enjoyed the dining room or the upstairs casual restaurant which becomes an Italian restaurant at night. Happily, it was not a buffet, unless one wanted to go up and select items. We much preferred the lovely Italian servers bringing us our meal. We also enjoyed two meals in the steakhouse. We found the personnel there most welcoming and accommodating, too. The beef was very good. Yet, as I have a great local butcher, and enjoy making a BBQ during decent weather, unlike some I do not get all excited about a steakhouse! Service in the dining room, however, was not quite as good as was the food. Some of the servers were great: warm, friendly, yet also competent. Over 15 days there can be one or two food items that are not to ones taste--the better wait staff knew to check and to quickly rectify the situation. Alas, not all of the servers fit into that category. We are used to on HAL our fixed table at 8PM, where we build a rapport with the same team of waiter, assistant waiter, and wine waiter over the cruise. While we do appreciate the flexibility of open seating available on smaller ships, one sacrifices, to some extent, that personal rapport which can, if one is lucky (and we have always had good luck on HAL in that regard), develop between server and customer. The challenge for Regent and Seabourn is to imbue their wait staff with the feeling that, even if for one night, each passenger is "their" passenger, and the goal should be to make the evening special, for each guest. Not easy to accomplish, but worth aiming for. In any case on this cruise we had a word with hotel management about some initial service issues, and happily, things improved. The ports included Bermuda, and the shore excursions, also included, were very good. Unfortunately, a couple of the afternoon tours were cancelled. As I get up early most weekday mornings, the last thing I want to do on any cruise is get up early to go on tour. I prefer a leisurely morning. In most European ports, Regent did offer afternoon tours, and again, we enjoyed them. We found the laundry to be expensive, albeit thankfully we were using "Monopoly money" (our ship-board credits) for that. Seabourn offers laundry at $50 for as much as one can stuff into a bag. Regent should follow that example. If I did not have sufficient credits, the cost of laundry would be a factor worth considering, along with the other factors such as included shore excursions, included air-fare, etc. There are, it seems, always trade-offs to be made. The lectures were in our view poorly timed. The fellow who spoke at 10 AM I would have preferred hearing in the afternoon, and I could have skipped the afternoon guy who talked about photography. The onboard shows were decent, although the layout of the theatre makes it hard to find an unobstructed view unless you arrive early. Some of the specialty performers were excellent! The piano bar was ok. While the piano player could play, he often mangled the lyrics. A little more practice to make perfect may help. Bar staff there, however, were great. The demographics of this cruise included, in our view, a somewhat older crowd. That made us feel comparatively younger (not a bad thing!). Still, we met a few folk to, on occasion, have a drink with. People were quite pleasant for the most part. We were surprised that the dress code on Regent was specified as "elegant-casual" each night. Apparently for cruises of 15 days or less, there are no formal-optional nights. I had brought a couple of ties, yet never wore one. In the main dining room, however, most men did wear a sports-jacket or the ubiquitous navy blazer. People were for the most part indeed elegantly casual. We flew home on May 30, and have to say that Amsterdam's airport is very disorganized. I would also warn folks not to connect through London-Heathrow, as the security and other line ups are horrendous. In hindsight, I would have tried for a non-stop flight which, as we all know, is the best bet. Generally, and if the price is right, we would definitely return to Regent. Yet right now they seem to be charging nearly $1,000.00 per person per day. That is far more than what we paid for this cruise. So, if one can afford it, go for it--yet it pays to shop around. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
I will start my review by saying my wife and I are 60, a little plus and minus. We have been on about 30 cruises with most of our time spent on Celebrity ships. Except for the Paul Gauguin, this was our first entry in what I expected to ... Read More
I will start my review by saying my wife and I are 60, a little plus and minus. We have been on about 30 cruises with most of our time spent on Celebrity ships. Except for the Paul Gauguin, this was our first entry in what I expected to be the high-end cruise market. I have to start by giving the crew of this ship the highest possible praise. Not sure how Regent makes it happen, but I believe that every crew member we ran in to actually loved their job and wanted you to feel 100% pampered. The service was absolutely fantastic in every way and everyone was so nice. The other thing that made the cruise nice was the all inclusive nature of the cruise. If you stay out of the spa and shops there is really no reason to spend one dime on the cruise. They even have a tremendous selection of movies on demand in the room for those times you just want to kick back. I will say that although there is no tipping required, with the level of service you get, you will want to tip and we gave money to numerous people around the ship in addition to our normal room stewards and bartenders. In general the ship is old, but it does have a level of elegance that we enjoyed. It was like going back in time a bit when we first started cruising. I will say that the vibration that everyone talks about was worse than expected. Read my comment under room for that piece, but I would never take this ship across the big oceans again. I did like the layout of the ship and it was unusual with the main dining room in the middle of the ship and everything else at the back of the ship to include the show lounge. It had some nice touches like a putting green on the front of the ship and ping pong table on one floor. The pool is a salt water pool and since the ocean was cold, no one used the pool. My wife and I and maybe one other couple used the hot tub which are fresh water and were nice. My wife enjoyed two massages in the spa and liked those. They are a little pricey so watch for the specials. Internet was OK for email and messaging, but not for streaming or sending pictures. Entertainment was good, but just let me say that with the average age of passengers at or above 70, most of the entertainment was like being stuck in an elevator for 16 days. Need I say more so practice up on your ball room dancing. Ports were great and the shore excursions were on par with what you would normally pay for except these were free. The groups seemed smaller as well which was nice. This may be a result of the mobility of many of the passengers. Embarkation was easy, but debarkation was supposed to start at 7:00 AM, but did not start until around 8:15 AM. So what are my complaints? First, except for the service I mentioned, everything was average to poor. This would be fine except when you put it in the value for your money category the price is way too high for what you get. Even in the Prime 7, reservations required restaurant the food was average at best and the lobster and crab tasted old and watered down from being frozen for so long. They missed the mark on many normal recipes. My wife planned to send them in a couple because we were not sure what they were making in some cases. My advice is to try things you have never had so you have no preconceived expectation. Finally I am going to end with my pet peeve, “Water Quality”. Every ship I have been on has said that the water out of the tap is better then water out of the bottle. After the brown and yellow water that came out of our taps we were told to not drink it. How can you pay this kind of money pour a bath that looks like diarrhea water? They did make it better by replacing filters twice outside our room, but really? They go through so much bottled water that they literally have pallets of water stored on the back decks where passengers should be able to go, but I assume for safety they are limited to crew only. So in the end, if you want a cruise to snooze, read a book or two and eat average food, this is the one for you. For me and the money spent, I think I will try something else because I do not see Regent as an upscale cruise line, just an all-inclusive one. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We took this transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to New York for two reasons. Our first cruise 16 years ago was on the Navigator so we wanted to revisit the ship. Our previous cruise was great and led us many years of wonderful cruising. ... Read More
We took this transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to New York for two reasons. Our first cruise 16 years ago was on the Navigator so we wanted to revisit the ship. Our previous cruise was great and led us many years of wonderful cruising. The second reason was the timing which was great for our purposes. This was an unusually early fall transatlantic leaving in October 6th. We were suprised to find the ship was old and tired and I think needs to be retired. The cruise lacked activities that we normally have on transatlantic cruises such as bridge lessons and organized bridge games. The only real plus was the guest lecturer that was great, For the most part the food was good, especially in Compass Rose. The crew tried hard and most of them, but not all, had a great attitude. The worst part was the entertainment. The production numbers were amateurish and our local high school would do a much better job. We had two guest entertainers that were ok but not great. The band played mostly jazz music which is not really suitable for dancing and did not create a good atmosphere for the evening. I am not giving up on Regent and we will book another cruise on one of their other ships. The Navigator just isn’t for us. Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
Where to start? We just returned from our third Navigator cruise last night. I'll admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for this ship, as this was our first cruise ship we ever booked back in 2009. We were anxious to see her after ... Read More
Where to start? We just returned from our third Navigator cruise last night. I'll admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for this ship, as this was our first cruise ship we ever booked back in 2009. We were anxious to see her after her recent refurbishment and to see how we liked her (or if we still did, considering some of the bad press we'd seen lately). If you don't feel like reading the entire review, I'll save you the time - we still love this ship, and we still love cruising on Regent. The updates to the Navigator make her seem more contemporary and fresher. I felt that the ship was in superb condition and the new color schemes make her look more elegant and functional. There was a lot of grumbling about the missing drawers in the cabins (we were in a D on deck 8) but to tell the truth, I didn't see it as a problem at all. There were two of us in a cabin for 12 nights and we didn't even come close to using the drawers in the closet, and we didn't really miss the old drawers in the desk area. Maybe it would be an issue on a longer cruise, but I don't feel like anything was lost. The new colors are soothing, and the bed was supremely comfortable. The common areas rarely felt crowded (exception: embarkation was a bit crowded) and we never had an issue with lines for dining or any other venues. Navigator is the least foodie-friendly ship in the Regent fleet, with only one specialty restaurant (Prime 7) but again, on a shorter itinerary, this wasn't an issue. We felt that the selection and quality of the food was very good to excellent. Included wines were usually good and often very good. Spirit selection could be better (especially in the brown liquor area) but it was fun to experiment with cocktails outside of my normal "scotch in a glass". I am not a big fan of the shows on board, but I have to admit that the ones I attended on this cruise seemed better than before. My past cruises, I often spent part of the evenings after dinner sitting in the Connoisseur Club with a brandy and a cigar; that's no longer an option on Navigatgor. I did miss it somewhat, but not as much as I thought I would. Maybe that's why I attended more shows, who knows? With very few exceptions, we found the service on board to be superb. The lows: Compass Rose and Pool Deck sometimes took too long to identify and correct empty glasses. To a person, everyone we came across was friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. Our cabin steward was fantastic, friendly, efficient, and unobtrusive. She went out of her way to help my wife and I with any special requests we had, The bar staff and waiters quickly got to know us and know what we liked. The CD, Jamie Logan, and his wife Dana were seemingly everywhere at once, and you could always see them mingling with the guests and sharing a story or giving advice. They both helped make this a special cruise, too. Ports and shore excursions - the first half of this trip was mostly ports we'd visited before and we took different excursions to get a different feel. For the most part, they were good, although I feel like they're starting to cram too many people in each tour. We had one tour guide in Malta who was definitely substandard, but all of the others were fantastic. We upgraded probably three or four of our tours to the Regent Choice excursions, and these are always nice; slower pace, fewer guests, and always something to remember. The 'Lunch in a Private Villa' in Taromina is a must-do, we did this one a second time this trip since we had family with us we wanted to share this with. It's definitely worth the upcharge! The second half of this trip took us to ports we had not yet visited, and they were all amazing. Although this itinerary was changed from Istanbul to Haifa after we booked, we decided to stick with the cruise, and we're glad we did! Israel was fantastic, a definite must-see if you've never been. We spent three days there and barely scratched the surface of what you can do and see there. I'd definitely go back! As we often do, we booked our air and lodging through Regent Air. Yes, it's a bit more expensive but to us, it's worth it. Knowing that our transfers and lodging are all set up gives us peace of mind in case anything goes south. We had first class transfers, and our hotels were great (Melia Serria in Barcelona, Dan Carmel in Haifa). This particular cruise had more kids on board than we had expected, but they were mostly quiet and well-behaved. Not 100%, mind you, but not bad. We probably had more issues with cranky seniors than whiny toddlers. :-) So in a nutshell, my wife and I ranked this as probably our best cruise yet. The price was reasonable, the service was pretty damn good, the ship was in great shape, and the crew was fantastic. Negatives: My wife didn't get her cranberry juice for breakfast one morning. My water glass sat empty for a good 10-15 minutes on the Pool Deck one afternoon. Destination Services should probably enforce more mobility controls on the tours - i.e. if you can't walk 50 feet in 15 minutes, you probably shouldn't be on a 3-walker rated tour...but they'd probably get sued if they tried to enforce that, so I see why they leave it up to each person. Also, did I mention that the Internet absolutely sucked? Sucked to the point of being unusable? I tried my iPad in my cabin, my iPad in the computer lounge, the computers in the computer lounge, my iPhone everywhere in the ship, and I couldn't ever get a decent connection, and I'd get logged off every 8-12 minutes, right in the middle of a session. Sometimes you couldn't even reach the server to log off. It was bad. Really bad. Hideously bad. Don't expect to work on board if you need to - you're better off taking a tablet ashore and poaching wifi from a cafe or a hotel. Positives: Pretty much everything else. Service was stellar 99.9% of the time. Food was very good to excellent. The oldest ship in the Regent fleet looks fresh and modern again. And the suites are large in every category, which is a huge plus for us. Would we sail Navigator again? Absolutely. This was our third trip on this ship, and she's getting better each time we sail her. Would we sail Regent again? Well, let's just say that we had one more Regent cruise booked when we embarked in Barcelona, and by the time we debarked in Haifa, we had three booked, two on Explorer and one on Voyager. Hope this review helps you with your cruising plans. Enjoy!!! Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
My wife and I flew Delta Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale taking off at 6:45 a.m.. We arrived in Montreal at 12:10 p.m.. We took a taxi from the airport to the cruise terminal (fixed rate of $40) arriving portside about 1:30 to board the ... Read More
My wife and I flew Delta Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale taking off at 6:45 a.m.. We arrived in Montreal at 12:10 p.m.. We took a taxi from the airport to the cruise terminal (fixed rate of $40) arriving portside about 1:30 to board the Navigator. This left us plenty of time before the ship was scheduled to sail for Quebec at 6:00 pm. When boarded our suite was still not ready and we were directed to deck 10 for lunch. We stepped out of the elevator to the pool area which was windy and damp form a slight rain. People were seated at tables covered from the rain. We couldn’t find an open table but we soon realized there was another restaurant just inside featuring a large buffet with all kinds of items. We were seated at a nice table overlooking the port and the Montreal skyline. The waiter poured us water and then the drink steward offered to get us wine or any drink we desired. I have cruised the best of the big cruise lines and you all you cruisers know that time after the initial boarding it's always hectic and even with only 490 passengers this one was busy also, but it quickly quieted down to a very enjoyable experience. Shortly after lunch our suite was ready so we descended to deck 7 and down the hall to Cabin 722 on the Port side of the ship, forward of the center line of the ship’s hull. I was looking forward to all the ports of call on this cruise which included Quebec, Sydney, Halifax, & St. Johns in Canada followed by the US ports of Portland, Boston, New York, Norfolk, Charleston, and Canaveral ending in Miami, fourteen days later. Also provided on the cruise was a Smithsonian Museum Representative who presented on four different occasions in the Seven Seas Lounge. These presentations included many interesting insights into the areas we would see and their significance they played in a historical sense. Always tea, coffee and a large assortment of pastries are provided while you listen. If not able to attend you can watch them from the comfort of your suite on the television channel devoted to replaying them. Also the TV provides a channel that the Cruise Director reviews all upcoming event for the day and also another channel reviews the menus from the three restaurants for that evening. The food quality is very high and the presentations are what you would expect in an exclusive dining environment. The variety of menu choices is extensive, but I found the portion sizes to be small. I believe this is based on the desires of the very frequent, repeat cruisers you find on the Regent Cruise Ships. The passengers for the most part are slim and in very good physical condition for what is most likely a post retirement age group. I found asking for an extra portion was met with the very enthusiastic reply “of course sir”! The Wine Sommelier would suggest a choice of recommended wines for dinner, but you can chose whatever your preference might be. The menu of wines, mixed drinks and beers available was six pages. Available where some very high end spirits and wines which were available for extra cost but all regular drinks are no charge on Regent’s all inclusive package. I found the beer choices available were severely lacking for a craft beer lover, so I mostly stayed with wines, martinis, and some old fashioned favorites like whiskey sours or even the occasional margarita. The available tours or excursions were extensive and my wife and I enjoyed all our choices. We found at most we would have liked to stay longer at all our excursions so they seemed too short in duration. Most all excursions are free of charge although two did incur a charge ranging from $89 to $106 per passenger if chosen. These were Colonial Williamsburg and the more extensive NYC tours. Some tours do fill up and you are then put on a waiting list. Regent at their discretion may add a second tour to accommodate those on the waiting list. On several tours the ship put out a buffet so you could eat before going out if the tour times conflicted with normal dining times. Also on those days they slightly relaxed the dinner dress code which is normally casual elegant (slacks & collared shirts for men, skirts, slacks and blouses for women). The larger production stage shows were very good and there was always something going on in the lounges every night for entertainment. Prior to the shows an attentive bar staff is available for drinks. The ship has nice shopping areas that are well stocked, but are closed when in port. Also every day at 4:00 pm is tea time followed by Trivia Questions at 4:30 where groups of passengers answer 15 random questions provided by the cruise director. It’s a fun time and allows passengers to get to know each other, if you prefer you can go it alone or as a couple but when competing against a group of six the odds are much higher one of them will have the answer. The ship provides prizes to the winning team. The weather in Canada was cooler than normal due to the remnants of Hurricane Kate that directed some artic temperatures down over Quebec our first destination port. Normal temperature for that time of year is 48 degrees and we saw 39 degrees. After that it warmed up each day and by the time we got to Portland and Maine we were climbing into the 60s. NYC was mid 70s although Norfolk dropped to lower 60s followed by the 80s in Cape Canaveral & Miami Florida. I highly recommend sailing with Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line. Most passengers I spoke with would never consider any other cruise line and have cruised Regent many times, as with anything if you look hard for problems or have issues with everyone and everything you'll always have a problem. No one is flawless, and I feel this group has put together a very nice experience you will in all probability enjoy. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Before we set out on this cruise I read (avidly) the reviews and many posts on the boards on CruiseCritic.com.  Reviews (and posts) on the Navigator seemed to be very mixed.  I had actually considered changing our cruise to the Voyager ... Read More
Before we set out on this cruise I read (avidly) the reviews and many posts on the boards on CruiseCritic.com.  Reviews (and posts) on the Navigator seemed to be very mixed.  I had actually considered changing our cruise to the Voyager but it was a good thing I didn't, since the Voyager had a "pod" problem and needed drydock work and the May 8th cruise to Iceland was in fact cancelled.  So it is fair to say that we boarded the Navigator with our fingers crossed that no "bad" things would happen to us.  I need not have worried!!We travelled with two friends, also from Switzerland, with whom we have cruised once before.  We are all retired.  We flew to Miami on British Airways from Geneva, and stayed with a friend in Miami Beach for a few days before the cruise.  On May 1st we were collected at her house by a limo service and taken to Port Everglades.  I had totally mis-estimated the time involved for this short trip, and we ended up arriving at the pier at 11.30am instead of at noon.  Never mind!  Our suitcases were taken by porters and we were ushered into a large waiting room, with plenty of seats, to wait for embarcation to start.  Promptly at 12 noon several counters opened, and by 12.30 we were on board, seated in Portofino (10th deck restaurant) having lunch.  Since the "Swine Flu" outbreak was gripping the world (no pun intended!) I was interested to note that we were asked to sterlize our hands not once but three times before boarding and to complete a small questionnaire on where we had travelled prior to boarding, and whether or not we had any symptons.  We were informed that if we answered "yes" to the questions we would be interviewed.  Since our answers were negative we were not, but I did see some people being asked to go to one of the counters, presumably for this interview.We met the friends we were sailing with on the pool deck after lunch along with Marilyn and Philip Langner of "Theatre at Sea" which was to be featured as a part of our cruise.  I had read that this would be available but had no idea at all as to what was involved.  Talking with Marilyn and Philip I began to get a glimmer of understanding that this would not be an ordinary cruise!At 2.30 we were told we could go to our suite, which was a Navigator suite on Deck 9.  We love the Penthouse Suites on the Mariner, and I looked forward to something spacious but my first reaction was that this suite was a little small. (In fact the square metres are more than the Mariner PH suite, but since the bedroom is closed off it feels smaller).  The bathroom was very large, and was equipped with a shower, huge bath, one sink, loo and bidet.  Strangely although the toiletries were very nice (Anchini AND Regent brands - not much to choose between them) but there was no kleenex dispenser in the bathroom which meant I needed to run between the bathroom and the bedroom each time I needed a kleenex!  The bedroom is small.  Just enough for the two 90cm wide beds, made up as one, and room to walk around them.  The balcony opens off both the bedroom with a sliding door and the sitting room with a normal door.  The sitting room had a large corner sofa, arm chair, desk and a table for 4.  There were loads of drawers, cupboards etc and a large walk in closet with safe and plenty of hangers.  The decoration was nice (cream and green) and seemed fresh.I had heard about plumbing problems on this ship so I was not at all surprised when on the first evening our loo refused to flush.  (!!)  We called our butler who told us that "they were working on it" - we went to dinner and when we came back it was working, and continued to do so throughout the voyage.  We had no other "mechanical problems" with the plumbing or the electricity or the AC during the voyage.  However that first night we noticed that there was no water in the washbasin around 2am.  The next day I asked about it and was told that the water had been cut off to permit repairs to the loo.  I didn't hear anyone else complain of problems like this until after Funchal when one person told me that her loo had overflowed, but had been fixed at once.  This doesn't mean that others didn't experience them - I just didn't hear of them if they did.Service from our Butler and Stewardess was impeccable.  When I asked if we could have nachos and gucamole instead of the "normal" evening snacks on the Butler menu, they arrived!  When I asked the Stewardess not to give us chocolates at night - she didn't.  They looked after us well.We ate breakfast everyday but two at Portofino.  We found the service excellent and when we could we ate outside.  The choices were good, and I certainly ate too much!  One day we ate at the Compass Rose so I could have kippers, which were very good.  One other day we had breakfast brought to our suite since we had an early tour.  Lunches were normally at Portofino  - again good choices, nice salads and very good service - and on the pool deck for the barbecues, Tex-Mex etc.  We liked the idea that you could serve yourself from the things on offer there and then take your plate into Portofino and complement your first choices by what they had on offer.  Dinners, except for one night, were at the Compass Rose.  There we were seated very promptly (even though most evenings we arrived around 7.45pm) and had tables all over the dining room.  I was amazed by the choices on the menu.  On both Mariner and Voyager we had often ordered the Filet Mignon/BEarnaise sauce because we didn't see anything else we liked.  We only did this once on the Navigator as there were so many excellent things to choose from.  Our friends normally eat fish, and they remarked often on how good it was.  We had more meat than they, and found it all good.  The Beef Wellington, English Roast Beef and the Veal Zurich Style were particularly excellent (and for the latter, take into account that we live in Switzerland!)  Starters were imaginative and varied.  I didn't think the desserts were particularly great though but then I am not a dessert person and rather prefer cheese, which was good, especially the Stilton.  We did not have a single meal in the Compass Rose with poor service, either from the waiters or the wine waiters.  The Sommeliers quickly produced alternative wines if we didn't like the selection of the day, and our glasses were re-filled frequently without our asking.  We tried Portofino one night.  Happily they have done away with the "musical entertainment" and the menu is resolutely Italian.  It was OK, but we live right next to Italy and can eat what was on offer there anytime we like...so we decided to eat at the Compass Rose.  (If Prime Seven had been available, we would probably have eaten there several times!!)I think it is important to note, in light of other criticism, that we did not arrive for dinner any night before 7.30pm and many nights later.  We never had a problem in eating a three or even four course meal and being finished in time to get to the evening show.  And since we sat in all areas of the dining room on the 14 nights we ate there, I think it is fair to say that the service was good all over!We spent quite a bit of time each day around the pool.  There as well the service was fine.  I did noticed that there were only one or two waiters on duty until about noon, when several more arrived.  This makes sense since the pool deck was relatively empty in the mornings.  We were very lucky with the weather.  The ocean was smooth throughout the crossing and we did not experience the "rocking and rolling" that the Navigator seems to be famous for until we left Barcelona and crossed the Golfe de Lion.  There we DID rock and roll for most of the night.  But on the trans-Atlantic part, luckily, all was calm.  We did experience the vibrations that the ship is also known for.  But after a couple of  nights we got used to it, and in fact it more or less lulled me to sleep.  In the theatre it is far less pleasant since the noise, coupled with the vibration, can be distracting.  But up on the 10th deck (Portofino) and 11th (Galileo's lounge) we felt nothing.The Theatre at Sea entertainment was amazing.  Broadway stars (including Patricia Neal, Carol Lawrence, Shirley Jones, Gina McKechnie and many others) performed and talked about their experiences.  We were so fortunate to have them on board with us (or rather we to be on board with them!).  There were several lecturers as well - a retired US Ambassador, Sam Hart, who was particularly good, we thought, and Stewart Nelson who talked on the oceans.  The others we didn't find so great and didn't return to their talks after the first one...but many people did, and many people liked them a lot. "Whatever floats your boat!"  We like Trivia, but were disheartened by the difficult level of the questions.  Far more difficult than those we had had before on the Mariner and the Voyager.  Also, since Trivia and tea are connected (!) I have to say that I didn't think that the cakes etc on offer were up to the standards of the Mariner last year.  (Kevin Lee was the Pastry Chef on that voyage and he used to work at The Ivy!)Our ports included:  Bermuda (where we were able to re-visit old haunts); Funchal; Malaga (we took a RSSC tour to Granada and fell in love with the gardens at the Alhambra!); Valencia (we went on our own to the Oceanografic and were really impressed); Barcelona (again an RSSC tour with a superb guide focussing on Gaudi's Barcelona); and St Tropez which was replaced at the last minute by Villefranche, due to inclement weather which meant it was not safe to anchor.  Personally I think Villefranche, although it lacks the "glitz" of St Tropez, was a nicer port...  I have heard that Regent has taken over the direct management of their tours.  If so, then they should be credited for the improved organisation of them.  Things seemed to flow smoothly, from the time we checked into the tour until we got on the bus.  We were all given tickets with bus numbers, so we found the right bus easily and could sit with friends, and the guides were well qualified, and in one case, superb.  I did, however, find the tour price high for what you got.  An example is Valencia.  The Oceanografic tour was sold for $79 per person.  We took the shuttle bus to the main station, so we could see a bit of the city.  We then took a taxi to the aquarium (8 Euros = $10.50 for 4 people).  Entrance to the aquarium was 30 Euros, but we got 2 off because we are "old".  Then we paid around 3 Euros for the Audio guide.  And finally a taxi back to the ship at 6.50 Euros for 4.  Total cost per person: 35.25 Euros which is $47.00.  Around 40% less.  When we saw the group from the ship they were all walking around like us with their Audioguides!!  On the other hand I heard that two people had hired a car to go to Granada on their own.  Cost a lot less than our $270 - but when they got there they found that all the tickets to the Alhambra for the day had been sold, so they had to return to the ship not having seen it at all!On our last day we arrived in Monte Carlo promptly at 7am and disembarkation started around 8.30am.  By 9.30 we were off the ship and at the Hertz office and then on our way back home by road.  Much shorter than the flight over!!In sum, we went expecting little and left with the feeling that this was one of the best cruises we have ever taken! 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Sail Date May 2009
Seven Seas Navigator Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 5.0 N/A
Dining 4.5 4.1
Entertainment 3.5 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 3.0 3.6
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 4.0 N/A
Service 4.0 4.4
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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