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VALUE We love Regent Cruises......no other cruise line gives as much value coupled with casual, Comfortable elegance. It is also generous with discounts if you do not use their Included air or hotel. Everything except spa, laundry ... Read More
VALUE We love Regent Cruises......no other cruise line gives as much value coupled with casual, Comfortable elegance. It is also generous with discounts if you do not use their Included air or hotel. Everything except spa, laundry and shopping is included. They Pour excellent wines...and top shelf liquor. I did enjoy champagne with my breakfast! INTERNET Very expensive on first and second cruises: $.95 to $.50/ min depending on package Since our third cruise we have had unlimited Internet and wifi Throughout the ship, you Can bring your own iPad or they will supply one, good assistance from the net manager And great free copying. ENTERTAINMENT This Thanksiving cruise Nov 15-25'2012. Had the most OUTSTANDING SHOWS 6 Of the nights....4 big broadway theme shows, a more intimate nightclub Beatles night, And the most amazing LE CIRQUE performance in any theater...land or sea of the 10 We have seen including Las Vegas. The 2 comedy nights were disappointing. An operatic Singer one night had a gorgeous voice. There is music and entertainment throughout The ship at other times as well as the usual cruise games and activities. FOOD Ranged from great to disappointing... But service was consistently excellent and there were Always more choices. There is only one fancy specialty restaurant, Prime 7. Service was so Leisurely that we left immediately after the main course to see the show. We were graciously Told we could come back just for dessert any other evening. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
I was intrigued by ebobh's comments on the Oct. 28 voyage to Bermuda. I agree that it was bumpy with people and objects tumbling about. Also, though, in Bermuda we were not allowed to visit the port of St. George's because of ... Read More
I was intrigued by ebobh's comments on the Oct. 28 voyage to Bermuda. I agree that it was bumpy with people and objects tumbling about. Also, though, in Bermuda we were not allowed to visit the port of St. George's because of gale force winds. The destinations crew did a great job of rescheduling excursions from Hamilton, although some were cancelled because of conditions. However, the quartering seas from Bermuda to Nassau were much larger, reaching 40 feet. I could see a wave cresting on a swell at the 8th deck level. The winds reached 40+ knots and decks were closed. It was apparent that neither the bridge crew nor deck and hospitality crew were reacting appropriately for the conditions. Restaurants and lounges were closed after passengers were injured by falls and broken glass, not before. Announcements were not timely. Another problem was the gobs of soot that descended on the pool and other open decks after the generators were cranked up Monday the 31st for a crew emergency drill. Anyone sitting on deck furniture found themselves covered in greasy black goo. The stuff was still not cleaned up by Tuesday lunchtime. Another belch from the stacks descended a few days later. Although we were really pleased with our voyage on Regent Voyager last year, we were not at all comfortable on this ship. A little research turned up the fact that the Russian hull was designed for an ice-breaking supply ship, not a passenger vessel. The interior was the noisiest ever, allowing no sleep for the 4 nights getting to and from Bermuda. Panels shrieked, drawers opened and the 4 props vibrated incredibly through the vessel. Mini rogue waves caused a tremendous booming in the whole aft area. Never Navigator again for me. I like the small ship, all-inclusive idea (when we added up the extra charges on other lines we came out ahead on Regent despite the expensive looking up-front payment) but this was not a pleasant experience for half the time. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
We have cruised on Regent multiple times and have enjoyed every prior cruise. We have cruised with our TA and met many wonderful posters from this and other boards. We are big Regent fans but noticed considerable decline in this sailing ... Read More
We have cruised on Regent multiple times and have enjoyed every prior cruise. We have cruised with our TA and met many wonderful posters from this and other boards. We are big Regent fans but noticed considerable decline in this sailing experience. We felt let down in terms of service and the quality of provisioning on this trip. Perhaps some of the problems can be attributed to this being the first cruise after a drydock and they were simply not as ready as they should have been. However, I have sailed on Voyager after a drydock and had a wonderful experience. Something was definitely not right on this cruise as evidenced by the senior HQ staff that came onboard a few days after we sailed. My sense is that the slippage in service, quality of meals, poor provisioning, low morale onboard of both passengers and staff makes me wonder if there are bigger issues brewing behind the scenes. I hope not because as a past cruiser I am a big fan but as someone who has to work hard to save money to go on trips like this I also want to get what is promised - at a minimum they should deliver on at least meeting my expectations based on my previous cruises on Regent. We also paid a premium as it was priced higher being a "holiday" cruise. Truly, after you make final payment, you have very little recourse - you lose the time spent on the cruise and you lose your money. You come home unhappy and disappointed. Embarkation - This was a disaster. Poorly organized, passengers cutting in line, and it took a long time before we were onboard. Cabin - I had great trepidation about our cabin location (non-balcony). However, we were pleasantly surprised. The location was fantastic especially during the rough weather we experienced on several days. However, we had a horrible sewage smell in the bathroom from the first day until the end of the cruise. Sometimes this smell was fairly significant in the hallway outside our cabin as well. Crew - Our cabin stewardess was fantastic and the staff in Compass Rose, although a bit frazzled at times were very pleasant. The service for ordering wine/drinks in Compass Rose was very, very slow. Most of the front desk staff were really great especially the purser that had come over from Voyager (I can't remember her name but she is one of the nicest crew members on the ship). Senior Staff: Three senior officers stood out in terms of positive interaction with passengers - they were Capt. O'Neill, the Security Officer and the new F & B manager, Joe. They walked about the ship speaking to passengers and were always smiling and pleasant. For much of the cruise, several senior staff seemed like they were in foul moods. It seemed to me that the Cruise Consultant was not really interested in selling cruises even after a couple of attempts to try and do an onboard booking. The Cruise Director appeared not to be connecting with the passengers very much. My sense is that there was so much grumbling that many of the senior staff simply avoided the passengers. Vibration - There is still significant vibration in the aft of the ship. We've sailed on Navigator before and did not notice much improvement. We found it to be most noticeable in the show lounge as well as when dining in Prime 7 and La Veranda. We had to leave a movie one afternoon because we found it difficult to watch/hear the show. We did find that it was somewhat lessened if the ship travelled at slower speeds. Food/Service- We found this area to be highly variable. We had some very good meals and some awful, inedible meals. Some simple things such as breakfast foods and rib-eye steaks were poorly prepared - meat was tough; other items lacked taste or items such as wine or after-dinner drinks never arrived. Prime 7 was fine but I was not bowled over. La Veranda was not great at the beginning of the cruise but improved considerably by the end in terms of quality and selection. The same can be said for Afternoon Tea. The tea service vastly improved after the arrival of a senior staff member from HQ and a new F & B manager. The Pool Grill was variable - our orders never arrived on at least two occasions and the outdoor buffet which was often a highlight of prior cruises was just so-so. The ice cream had melted and refrozen several times so was of a grainy texture for the entire cruise. Overall, we found the food to be somewhat lesser in both variety and quality on this trip. The shows/entertainment were largely unremarkable. The Krew Kapers, however, was great fun and well done. The excursions were also variable - some great, others just so so. Spa/Fitness - This was a big improvement. Great staff and nice selection of equipment and classes. Ship Common Areas (Lounges, Computer Room/Library) - these have been nicely redone. Lots of computers and great upholstery throughout. So, all in all, we were not that impressed. I know that we were not alone in our assessment. By the third day of the cruise, there was fairly significant and vocal dissatisfaction throughout the ship. I cannot pin my own personal disappointment on one big thing but it was something more like "death by a thousand small cuts" - We started off with high hopes and perhaps our expectations were too high given what great experiences we had in the past on Regent. But expectations are funny things - Last winter we went on a large family trip on Holland America. I had very low expectations but they not only met my expectations, they exceeded them. We had a wonderful time and they are not a luxury line nor do they profess to be. But it was a very good experience. That's what I had paid for and hoped to experience on Regent and it just didn't happen. Perhaps if I was not a highly satisfied past Regent cruiser, the letdown would have been less. 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Sail Date December 2009
In this review, I'm going to mainly focus on aspects of the cruise or ship which were not 100%. Some are very petty complaints and barely deserve a mention, but to some may be more of an issue than to myself. I won't go into what ... Read More
In this review, I'm going to mainly focus on aspects of the cruise or ship which were not 100%. Some are very petty complaints and barely deserve a mention, but to some may be more of an issue than to myself. I won't go into what we did at each port, but I welcome any questions. Background: My wife and I are both 39 and we have been on 2 other Regent cruises before - the PG and the Navigator in the Med. This is the third cruise we've taken with our children, the other 2 being short 4 day cruises on Disney. This is also the first time we've been away from home and family for the holidays. Overall, the cruise met our high expectations and was excellent in most every way. We would gladly do it all over again, and are planning a trip to Alaska on the Navigator in 2010 with our children. To us it felt like things have gone a little south since we were on the Navigator 2 years ago, but other than the Portofino restaurant, we really could not put a finger on just what. I attribute most to just being in our head and knowing that there is now a new owner. I don't think things have changed for the worse as drastically as I've read about. The thing everyone talks about is the vibration. 2 years ago we had a midship cabin and did not notice the vibration in the room at all. I only noticed it during the shows and in the Portofino which are both aft. This trip, our cabin was aft, deck 9, and we felt the vibration whenever the Navigator was in motion. It was a low level vibration. Nothing that would wake you from sleep. It only bothered me in the bathroom and I think that was because it was hard floor as opposed to carpet. The vibration in the Stars lounge and Portofino was not at the high level I remember from 2 years ago. At night, the cabin squeaked from numerous locations. It was not loud enough to keep us from sleep. However, when docking in the morning, the aft tunnel thrusters made a horrendous vibration that woke everyone up. The staff everywhere, with one exception, were fantastic. They were always in good spirits and did their best to fulfill requests. In some areas, they were understaffed as I will note below. The one exception was when my wife was in a fitness class and an older woman came in late. The instructor would not allow her to join the in-progress class and told her to wait until the next class. My wife found this to be a bit rigid considering this is just a CRUISE after all and everyone is on vacation. At our gym back home, people come and go from classes as they wish. Our cabin stewardesses were Pitchie and Jonaliza and they were incredible. I'd leave her messages on post it notes if we were leaving before seeing her, and my requests were always taken care of quickly and accurately. From getting a new DVD player for the room when the old one broke, to keeping the fridge stocked with Corona and Fanta. They also had to bring in an extra bed each night for us, as well as take it out the next morning. The room and bathroom were kept spotless despite my deposits of sand everywhere from the snorkeling gear. Of course, service varies from person to person. Service was spotty everywhere during breakfast and lunch. Sometimes there would be 5 people waiting on us and I'd have coffee served before I even sat down. Other times, I'd be half way through my meal before getting a drink. The problem just seemed to be lack of staff. Once I got someone's attention, service was quick. Service out by the pool seemed slow too. The pool deck bar staff and waiters were overworked. I'd like to mention that any time Ben was the bartender and I walked up to the bar, he served me immediately. But many times no one was behind the bar. And it never seemed that busy around the pool except at lunch time. When sitting next to the pool, it could be 10-15 minutes before a wait staff came by to take your order. Sometimes I'd try to flag them down with no luck, and just go up to the bar myself. Dinners were the exception. We never had slow service for dinner in either restaurant. If there were problems at dinner, I may have missed them as we almost always ate with others and I get so distracted by conversation that I'm not aware of service delays. The Portofino restaurant was disappointing, but only because we are comparing to what we remember. I think we are in the minority. I liked it 2 years ago when the one area of the restaurant was set up with hors d'oeuvres and wines from various regions of Italy with a poster showing you the region and explaining the growing conditions, grape type, etc. Then, you went into the other part for dinner and the Maitre' De Roberto and one of the waitresses, nicknamed Mona Lisa, would sing. Now the anti-pasta is set up buffet style which I did not care for. Food is very subjective, so I won't put much time into reviewing it. I will say that of all the meals, we only had one not liked. And that had more to do with misinterpreting the description than the taste or quality. One thing that struck me as odd was that the hash browns were those rectangular frozen kind. Regent should know better for something so simple to make as hash browns. I really enjoyed the selection of cheeses they offered after meals for lunch and dinner. The wines were all very nice and there were plenty of alternatives offered from regions all over the world. I can't imagine anyone finding something they would not enjoy. The alcohols offered at the bars were top shelf and there was a large selection. For example, 4 single malt Scotches were offered - Macallan 12 year, Glenlivet 12 yr, and Glenfiddich - the other I can't remember. My favorite spot on the ship was the Navigator lounge. It was never crowded or busy and the Italian Espresso machine became a good friend. There was only one incident where we were really annoyed. We had booked the Atlantis Tourist sub ride on our own for 10:30 am, with check in at 10:15 at their office which is less than a 10 minute walk from the pier. Because we left Ft. Lauderdale an hour late and the currents were stronger than expected, we anchored off GC very late. The first tender did not leave the ship until 10:00 and takes 8-10 minutes to get to the dock. We were some of the first in line, but they announced that only people who booked tours through Regent were allowed on the tenders. We, along with a few other people complained that the tours would wait for the Regent group, but us with independent reservations would be late and some had cancellation fees, etc. This was not really the major issue though. The major issue was the mass confusion and how no one seemed to be in charge and no one was being allowed onto the waiting tender. The guys on the tender were calling for people to get on board, yet those on the ship kept us waiting. One Regent employee told me not to worry that the sub would wait for me. I knew this was not true. The woman who had announced that only Regent booked tour groups were allowed on the tender looked frazzled and did not know what to do and made other vague statements that made it seem like maybe she could fit us on. I finally asked her outright - are you going to allow us on this tender or not? She said that she did not have the authority to make the decision. There was a mass of people now waiting to get on, and more coming down. So they eventually let us and everyone else get on the tender. I was not so much annoyed with their Regent first policy, but that they did not seem clear if it was going to be enforced or not, and with the general confusion of the entire disembarkation process. Other minor things I noticed: In some parts of some hallways the floors are uneven. There was a terrible garbage smell just as you entered the hall to the aft deck 9 suites. It never went away, and I never complained because we only quickly passed that area. I imagine the cabins closest to the end may have smelled it even in their cabin. The barrier between our balcony and the next was loose and banged all night, but was fixed the next day after we left our stewardess a note. Now that I'm done with the complaints, I want to reiterate that this cruise was excellent and overall I left with a feeling that Regent is still a top of the line, 5 star cruise line. There are so many little things that were positive that made the trip special and overshadowed the few small negatives. The gingerbread houses with candy and cookies set about the ship. The staff who made special efforts to interact with our children and make them feel special. The flexibility of all the restaurant staff in fulfilling special orders. If you are reading this review to help decide if you should take a Regent cruise or not, I say without hesitation, YES, take the cruise. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.3
Dining 4.5 4.1
Entertainment 3.5 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.6
Family 3.0 3.6
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.8

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