13 Regent Seven Seas Navigator Family Cruise Reviews

We chose this cruise because we were tired of being nickeled and dimed to death with other cruise lines & the Itinerary was one we had not experienced before, in addition my sister-in-law recently lost her husband and we invited her to ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we were tired of being nickeled and dimed to death with other cruise lines & the Itinerary was one we had not experienced before, in addition my sister-in-law recently lost her husband and we invited her to join us. We went to some very nice ports and a few ugly ports... Guatemala and Ecuador. I have to say that this was a very enjoyable cruise except for the lack of bands and dancing facilities. For some reason the last time they rebuilt the ship some idiot decided that two poles in the middle of the only small dance floor on the ship was a good idea. Whenever more than three couples got on the floor it was impossible to move around. Also there is only one musical band on the ship. That means that there is zero dancing anywhere on the ship whenever the band is required for accompanying any performer of the production staff and dancers. This is ridiculous and cheap for a cruise company that makes a big deal out of being all inclusive. I have one really major complaint: We booked a penthouse cabin for three adults, there are only a dozen penthouse cabins supposedly set up for three passengers on the ship. The problem is that the cabins are just like all the others. Zero accommodations made for the third passenger. Here is a list of the problems associated with this setup: 1.) The pull-out couch had a lousy mattress. We insisted and got a real mattress (6 inchs thick) assigned to the bed that had to be removed and replaced each and every night for the 29 day cruise as it would not fit in the couch. Once the pull out couch and mattress are in place the bar and refrigerator cannot be used as the cabin is too narrow to open the refrigerator. It also make the balcony impossible to use once the bed is made as you have to crawl over the bed to open it. Because of this each morning I was forced to remove the matress, and then store it between the couch and the window, temporarily blocking half of our Balcony view every morning to give us access to the Balcony. 2.) The glassware had two of everything in the cabinet upon our arrival. We had to request glassware and stemware for three occupants & several times after using the bar the glassware was not replaced properly while we were away for a show or dinner. 3.) We paid for Butler service, overall the service was excellent except... when canapé's were delivered every night they were always delivered in multiples of 2, not 3, I attempted to explain this to our Butler, who seemed to speak very good English, but after numerous attempts gave up and divided what he brought as best we could. It was almost a game to decide which of the three of us was being shorted a selection each evening. In addition several times I had to request replenishment of beer and alcohol. 4.) If a cabin is properly set up for three, there should be end tables with drawers for three, not two, instead of a lamp table with NO storage for the third person. 5.) Inadequate storage space for 3, for a 29 day cruise. Of course there was an inadequate number of clothes hangers for 3 people for the cruise. It took several request to get enough into our walk-in closet. 6.) Inadequate lighting at the bed for the third person. On this ship, the Navigator, having a third person in a Penthouse suite is NOT advisable. By the end of the cruise, because of the inadequate facilities, we determined never to attempt a third person again, at least not in this suite. It seemed to me that when you add a third person for over $10,000 you should expect better. Our cruise was supposed to stop at Catalina Island. Upon embarkation, we were informed that we were NOT stopping in Catalina, but because of some problem, yet to be explained, we instead went to the stupid port of Ensenada. I believe they waited to tell us this upon embarkation because numerous people would have been on the Cruise lines case because of the change. I would have been one of them. There has been no mention of refunding some of our money because we lost out on a port all of us really wanted to go to. Excursions; Having excursions included in the price of the cruise is a good thing. You don't have to worry about getting back to the ship on time if you stay with the guide. You also don't have to do the amount of planning and coordination that is required to do them on your own. We did run across several minor issues that I felt happened because the Cruise line was being cheap. All cruisers paid a lot of money for this trip. This kind of stuff should not happen: 1.) They give you all the water you want to carry when you leave the ship, OK, who wants to carry more than one bottle each. On several occasions once on the coach no additional water was provided by the cruise ship and after a 6 to 7 hour tour of very warm and humid conditions having to pay a couple bucks for local water should not happen. On more than one occasion when we reached our destination on the coach the tour/guide had water for sale at ridiculous prices. Why is water not included in the tours? Good question... 2.) We signed up for "Lunch with an Astronaut" at the Kennedy space center. The lunch with the Astronaut was cancelled, but everyone still thought lunch was going to be provided, just that the Astronaut would not be there. Wrong, we had to buy our lunch after being ticked to have a lunch provided. Can we say, cheap. 3.) We went to a tour that was advertised as a drive through an animal park in Guatemala consisting of driving through the park in 6 passenger covered jeeps and station wagons.... Wrong, we drove through in our 50 passenger motor coach that barely made the turns and photography was hampered by the fact that the windows were glary and would not open, and of course if you were seated on the wrong side of the bus it was impossible to see, much get good photo's.... bummer OK, not so bad, but we were promised a lunch. The restaurant made sandwiches and burgers that all of us thought should have been provided, but Wrong, our provided lunch consisted of a small cup of fries and a local beer. If you wanted more, you had to purchase it on your own dime. Another cheap play by the Cruise. Not sounding quite so all inclusive is it. Many of the excursions were excellent, but not all of them. Whenever I have paid for an excursion with non all inclusive lines, I got really nice excursions. Regent could do a much better job and stop being so cheap. I also feel they should pre-tip the guides so they did not look for handouts at the end of there tour. Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
This was our third cruise on Navigator and we knew what to expect. Enough has been written about the condition of the ship, but she is going to drydock in March for rehab. I felt the ship was in pretty good shape considering. We ... Read More
This was our third cruise on Navigator and we knew what to expect. Enough has been written about the condition of the ship, but she is going to drydock in March for rehab. I felt the ship was in pretty good shape considering. We booked this ship and itinerary because there really isn't much choice in the small ship market in the Caribbean. We really need the smallest ship possible for our mixed group of 5 including a 92 year old. Even after I booked the cruise I continued to worry myself by reading the mostly negative reviews, but taking them with a grain of salt! It did concern me that at one point I talked to a Regent rep about the reviews, and she stated that they never read the reviews! They stand by their product and reputation and don't care what people write. We had a mostly positive experience and really enjoyed certain aspects of the vacation. Even though tables can't be reserved at dinner, we went at 6:30 each night to Compass Rose and were able to sit at the same quiet table in the back with our excellent waiter Artiyun. We also greatly enjoyed noontimes at the Pool Grill although beverage service was spotty. Most of the time we simply walked to the bar and got our own drinks. The area in which customer service really broke down was the Destination Services situation. I signed us up - including our 92 year old - for shore excursions which were mostly bus tours. However, the walking distances from the ship to the busses was extreme and there was no assistance. It was hot and humid. Even much younger passengers were complaining. There were no golf carts or other assistance. In one port we asked the Destination Services hostess who was actually on the excursion with us for assistance in finding the golf carts (which we had seen around) for travel back to the ship and she stated that they were not her responsibility and she would not help. Finally a fellow passenger commandeered a policeman to have a golf cart come for a few of us with the promise of $20! In another port, the Destination Services staff person who was with us stated it was her first time in this port and she did not know where the restrooms were located, leaving us all with an uncomfortable 1 hour "shopping stop" with no restrooms. In another port, we were told that Regent would not allow their wheelchairs off the ship and the golf carts were not available - then we saw the neighboring Saba ship with many golfcarts marked with their banner, shuttling their passengers to the busses! Finally, the trip to Blue Lagoon to the Sea Lion Adventure was a disaster. We had taken this trip to do the dolphins 2 years ago and it was great. This year, because I knew the walking distance to the ferry was extreme, I sent our 92 year old ahead so he could walk at his own pace while I waited in the lounge for the trip tickets and the tour to be called. I even told the Destination Services staff this was my plan. When the tour was called and I had the three tour tickets, the tour operator would not give me all three wristbands. I had to run all the way to the ferry stop, get my father and husband, and walk them all the way back to the ship to get the wristbands. I almost cancelled the whole affair at that point. Finally about midway back the tour operation acquiesced and gave me the wristbands so I could get my father back to the ferry. At Blue Lagoon, we had about 5 minutes with the sea lions, then spent a very stressful and hectic hour trying to get the photos. It was chaos. When they called the 4:00 ferry I was still waiting in line. My husband told me to just get my money back, but the line at the cashier was too long to even do that. The ferry was overcrowded, and if we had not make it on this ferry, we would have been late to the ship. This is an excursion no responsible cruise line should offer to its passengers. It is indeed unfortunate that these type of experiences tainted an otherwise fairly successful trip. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Sailed through the pretty fall colors, and loved every minute of it. I am quite partial to Regent because of the smaller ships, the friendly, excellent service, and the all-inclusive nature. Navigator is my favorite because it is ... Read More
Sailed through the pretty fall colors, and loved every minute of it. I am quite partial to Regent because of the smaller ships, the friendly, excellent service, and the all-inclusive nature. Navigator is my favorite because it is smaller, and I have yet to queue for anything! We watched others on the larger ships in port queuing for ages just to get on the ship. I also appreciate that Regent's employees get time off the ship, and seem to be genuinely enjoying their jobs. I know that is not the case with a lot of other cruise lines. And, I like that there is true interaction between staff and passengers - on the last night of the cruise, we were all dancing with the dancers and singing with the Cruise Director, Jamie. That was really fun! To be fair, the Navigator is best for adults and grown families - there aren't a lot of amenities for the younger crowd (or perhaps that was just the nature of this particular sailing, which is entirely possible. And this was not an issue for us, as we don't have kids! Just a comment, though. The variety of shore excursions, and the care with which local guides are chosen, is of the highest quality. Navigator is due for a facelift next year (2016) so cosmetically, she'll be spruced up again. She is still a quality ship as far as I'm concerned. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
The total cruise was very good, up to the expectation for Regent. Having spent over 400 nights on various of their ships, this did not alter my high expectations and observations. We had some bad luck with the weather, Hurricane edge ... Read More
The total cruise was very good, up to the expectation for Regent. Having spent over 400 nights on various of their ships, this did not alter my high expectations and observations. We had some bad luck with the weather, Hurricane edge off of Mexico-some deep holes in the water to go through- but the ships and crew seemed to handle it well-the guests were very quiet!. Jamie and Dana Logan were the cruise directors and keep things humming. Though we had to skip Cabo because of the swells, the rest of the trip was as promised and up to the Regent standards. The Destinations group reacted to challenges quickly and were very helpful in each of the ports. The routine of exchanging reservation slips for tour groups went well in almost all of the instances. This was my first time on Navigator, and at first was disapointed in the scaled down version from Marsiner and Explorer. Seemed that Main Street was Main Alley, but in retrospect, the compact style layout workes well, it was a surprise that all of the main public lounges are in the aft of the ship. No public areas in the forward portion so you could only see where you have been. The spa occupies these prime forward locations-maybe should be placed elsewhere and open to an observation lounge as on the their shops. The debarcation in Montreal was very efficient. All were off the ship by 9:30, which was a blessing. Would I go on on Navigator again??--Yes, I have booked an African leg in 2016 Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
We chose the Regent because we wanted a smaller ship experience. It was a great decision to choose the all-inclusive cruise. The travel agent gave us access to all the included excursions to choose from and the date to sign up. We did that ... Read More
We chose the Regent because we wanted a smaller ship experience. It was a great decision to choose the all-inclusive cruise. The travel agent gave us access to all the included excursions to choose from and the date to sign up. We did that in a timely fashion online and got everything we chose. The standard room with a balcony was just great. The bathroom was very large with a shower, large vanity, and a tub! The included thick cotton robes and slippers were great. The walk in closet was perfect in size with lots of space/hangers/hooks. There was a nice vanity/magnifying mirror/lights etc for the girls! The bed and linens were so comfy. The living area with a sofa/chairs/desk/stocked refrig, etc was so nice. Fresh fruit always in the room. Champagne and fresh flowers on arrival. Loved the balcony. The steward for our room was friendly and helpful. He kept everything organized/freshened/would be at the door within 30 seconds of pushing the call button. The restaurants were absolutely wonderful. The staff was so helpful and kind. Absolutely loved the breakfast buffet (salmon/capers/etc every morning). So many great choices of foods/healthy options included. Lunch around the pool was creative and so beautifully presented. Dinners were fabulous with varied choices and presented so artfully, along with wine options. We absolutely loved not thinking about pricing of anything because it truly is all included. Such a perfect way to vacation.! All staff on the SS Navigator were all well trained, helpful and kind. The entertainment was excellent and always so enjoyable. We met so many very nice people on our adventure. The desembarkation was so organized and orderly. Very efficient. We would absolutely LOVE to do this one again! Some other thoughts: The cabins near the back of the ship are a bit noisy from sea/motor noises. The casino was rather small, but usually less than 5 people in there at one time. There are laundry facilities on board (yes they are free) or you can send it to laundry services for a fee. The Spa is adequate with great sea views! Only one manicurist on our cruise, so those booked up quickly. There were several other families cruising (some with small children, but more with teens/adult children and families) The shore excursions were all so much fun! We had great outdoor experiences. All the staff running the excursions were very skilled in their experiences. We did take the land tour to Denali precruise. We arrived in Anchorage Friday to leave on Sunday for the Alaska train. We were 4 hours time difference, so it was nice for adjusting without as much jet lag/tiredness. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
We just completed a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Regent Navigator from Vancouver to Anchorage. We were an extended family group of 15 ranging in age from 9 to 86. I just want to say at the outset what a fabulous job Regent's staff did ... Read More
We just completed a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Regent Navigator from Vancouver to Anchorage. We were an extended family group of 15 ranging in age from 9 to 86. I just want to say at the outset what a fabulous job Regent's staff did to make this really a perfect cruise. This was a first cruise for many of us and we were quite concerned after reading some of the previous reviews about this trip and the ship. However, our concerns were quickly put to rest after only a few hours on the ship! Regent has done an amazing job of providing impeccable service on a lovely, intimately sized ship. Honestly, Regent's staff outperforms some of the best luxury franchise hotels in service. I do not think a single staff member said "no" to anything that we asked for. They went out of their way to make sure that every need was met. For example, the restaurant staff prepared special meals for us - they found out that many of us liked Indian cuisine, so one evening prepared an entire Indian dinner for us in Compass Rose! Our steward, Clifford, was so helpful and accommodating- always providing whatever we needed and keeping our cabins spotless in the most unobtrusive way. Our niece had her birthday on the ship and found her room filled with balloons on the morning of her birthday! These are only a few examples of the amazing service we received on Regent. The food on Regent is very good. There is always such a good selection and the fruit and vegetables always very fresh. Chef Fox is very nice and we even did a galley tour on our last day. The galley is spotless and the staff just as nice as everyone else we met! We only ate at Prime 7 once and it is very hard to get into, but the meal was quite good and the service perfect. The Navigator is a smaller ship, so the captain got us in closer than most ships in several spots. For instance, we got within 1/2 mile of Hubbard Glacier, which was spectacular! Our cruise was a mix of families and older clientele. There were plenty of families on this cruise and the Purser made sure to have plenty of activities for kids to do despite the fact that they don't have all the kid zones of a bigger ship. We really can't recommend this cruise highly enough. I can honestly say you get what you pay for on Regent. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
My family and I just returned from a trip from Vancouver to Seward on the Seven Seas Navigator. The landscape was beautiful. The excursions were great. The staff was friendly and attentive with the exception of some of the servers ... Read More
My family and I just returned from a trip from Vancouver to Seward on the Seven Seas Navigator. The landscape was beautiful. The excursions were great. The staff was friendly and attentive with the exception of some of the servers around the pool. The ship was clean. The food was excellent in the Compass Rose and Prime 7 and ok in other venues. The house wines (included) served in the Compass Rose were very good. Sometimes the service in the Compass Rose was slow. It was nice to have all gratuities included (even in the spa). The ship overall is well run and friendly. My main criticism is the fact that I was led to believe that the ship is renovated. This is far from the truth. Our cabin did have what appeared to be newly upholstered furniture, drapery, and carpet. However, the bathroom although spacious was original, and it looked it. The fixtures were accented in brass and were dated and worn. The granite was old and definitely not resurfaced. The cabinets were old just as tub and flooring as well! The wall paper throughout the ship looked dingy. The lighting in our cabin was brass (very 1980's). The furniture looked like it was from the 1980's as well. So, Regent's claim of refurbishment is greatly overstated! For the money we spent we expected real renovation--especially since we had two rooms! One good thing is that the beds were comfortable and the linens were decent. On the passaged from Sitka to Seward the seas were very rough. For the first time on a cruise, I experienced debilitating sea sickness that lasted from mid day until well after midnight. I don't know if the fact that the ship is older and/or smaller contributed toward it, but it was quite miserable. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
This was a trip of a lifetime. We have wanted to do an Alaskan cruise for years and now we are empty nesters we thought this is the best time. If you really want to experience Alaska, don't wait until you retire or are too old and ... Read More
This was a trip of a lifetime. We have wanted to do an Alaskan cruise for years and now we are empty nesters we thought this is the best time. If you really want to experience Alaska, don't wait until you retire or are too old and crippled to get out and experience it. The ship was luxurious and in good shape. Sure there were a few carpet stains here or there in cabin hallways but it was clean and our concierge level room was spacious and comfortable. Don't let picky people discourage you with there bad review. It was not that dated. It was very quiet. We had Room 927 which I think was the perfect room. It was centered just enough to prevent feeling of the ship motion, one quick level below pool deck and bar, next to the elevators which we could never hear. Most of time we wondered where everyone was at, either in our room or even out in the halls. The verandah was comfortable for two people. AND, you only have one neighbor. Behind us was a foyer for the elevators and never saw a person even standing looking out the windows there even. The laundrette was a room away. You are actually outside the glass doors to the hall way (which were never shut) so we felt like we were not part of the club or missing out somehow but we got the better deal I think. They don't need those doors. The smaller ship got us extremely close to Hubbard Glacier, closer than most ships can get and it was originally an ice breaker...so thicker hull. No worries as chunks of ice floated by. Service was first class. Food was great and we are "foodies" so we are particular about taste and selection. I NEVER paid for any alcohol and I drank Guiness and Sam Adams beers, 12 year Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie single malt whisky, some great cabernets and chardonnays from California, Italy, France, and several premium vodkas. The only thing I paid for was a Hoya Monterrey Especial cigar in the Cigar room. Shows at night were all good but get there 30 minutes before to get good seats, theater is small but comfortable. Upper level sides are hard to see from at times. Excursions were great. Have to be flexible. Our dog sledding got cancelled for weather but they offered helicopter up to glacier and drank water from the glacier stream. Wow. Crab feast was great even for kids but there is long staircase down to shoreline, even longer going back up. Saw Eagles close up. Kayaking with Glacier view is not what was advertised. The glacier is like 20 miles or way or more IF there are no clouds. You kayak in a bay. Saw eagles close up and was fun and worth it but NOT what we were expecting. Few tiny negatives: 1. The ship vibration is felt in heavy seas due to powerful engines (to get through ice!) We rarely felt it except in the back of ship, in the restaurant the night going through open waters in Gulf of Alaska. Never felt it in the Inside Passage. I WOULD NOT book any rooms in the aft cabins. 2. Exercise room is tiny and opens at 7:00 AM (was 3 hours past our body time) and you couldn't use machines until 8:00 am because it made noise for rooms below. Yet people were dropping weights! So...DO NOT book a room in the stern of ship on Level 10 under the exercise facility! 3. They need to improve their systems for those with food allergy. My wife has a tree nut allergy and we had to constantly be on guard and say something at every meal. Be proactive if you are allergic but you should be anyway. People without any don't understand. TIPS: 1. Bring a powerstrip, very few outlets to charge phones, etc. 2. Bring a good camera like a Canon Rebel (no thinking) and get a telephoto lens as well. Bring multiple 16mB data cards since I promise you will want to take tons of pictures. I backed them up everyday on ship computer in library by copying over to another card and wife kept to make sure we didn't loose any pictures somehow (loss, airline lost luggage, etc.) Also bring a video camera like a little palm size Sony. Got to film Hubbard Glacier calving and hear the thunder cracking. I WISH i had bought a waterproof GoPro camera. We went kayaking and my video camera fogged up inside my coat pocket. Fuzzy pictures. 3. You need more water repellent clothing than cold weather. We had Underarmor Coldgear under clothes and usually hot. We got wet more than we got cold. 4. Ask for stuff at dinner if you want it and you don't see it listed. I got Creme Brulee and Scallops and extra anchovies just by asking my waiter. 5. I would only take a ship sponsored excursion unless you just can't get on one you want. The ship will be more inclined to wait longer if you are not back by ALL Aboard. 6. Make YOUR OWN flight arrangements. We did not get to Vancouver until 11:30 pm and could not enjoy the 4 Seasons hotel any. They will put you on flights that are inconvenient and underused, thus are cheaper for the cruise line that way. Spend the extra to tell them what flights you want. 7. Try to get there a day or two early to see the city before the cruise. We couldn't gone from our business any longer than we were but wished we could have seen a little of it. 8. Don't overpack. We wore same pants and underlayers two days in a row for excursions. The laundrette is free and provides soap automatically. Easy. And if premium cabin, your butler can press things for you. 9. You don't need boots for the glacier or dog sledding. They provide boot coverings to go over regular shoes. i would wear normal tennis shoes or trekking shoes. I wore my heavy Timberland insulated hiking boots on the plane trips to save luggage weight and didn't need them. 10. Ask if there are any big companies or corporations or meetings on the cruise. Shell oil had 120 people and it did interfere a little with meals since they all went down at same time one night before a big presentation. 11. Sitka was about the only place that didn't have mass jewelry stores that apparently the big cruise lines own and put at all their ports of call. It's a pretty town but I wouldn't walk it much. We would recommend going to raptor center instead unless you don't have an excursion like we did salmon fishing. Our boat caught some but others didn't. 12. Juneau has a homeless soup kitchen with crackheads and derelicts walking around downtown where the stores are. We went to the Red Dog Saloon which had good food but when we walked around the stores, we were hit up for money and did not feel safe. Several druggies were being loud and arguing at each other and overhead some talking about losing some tourist they were watching. I was wishing I had a pocket knife I normally carry, it was that bad. Until the city does something, DO NOT WALK around Juneau, especially the tourist stores. Take an excursion and go back directly to the boat. 13. Don't buy anything from the tourist stores. Do really need a hat or Tshirt that says Alaska or something about bears? The kids you left at home don't want that stuff either. If you have to buy a trinket souvenir, buy from a shop that is a locally owned one. 14. Journal everything you did, especially at the end of the day. You start forgetting stuff after a day. I posted my journal entry on Facebook each day once we were home (for home security), with pictures, for friends and family and they said they felt like they had been there with us. 15. Get a verandah. Sure it's cool or raining sometimes but sometimes it's beautiful and you can sit out and drink coffee watching all the islands or wildlife. If it is raining and cold, you can watch from the very back of the boat outside where it is protected from wind and they have heaters. 16. Bring an insulated mug. I had read that but didn't want to load suitcase down. You will want it for coffee or just water. The cups they give you are tiny. I got up at 5:00 am most days and went down to library and could get coffee and read paper. Internet is slow but can get online. May have to pay if on a lot or uploading stuff. 17. Plan your trip and start paying for it a year ahead so you can plan, organize and shop accordingly beforehand and get the room, excursions, etc. you want. 18. Live life now and don't wait until retirement. It may not come. Our dads got sick and died and never got to enjoy much retirement and traveling after. Go and do NOW! In the end, it was an awesome time, an great ship and staff, we would recommend it to anyone. Have fun! Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
Service in all areas, especially cabin service and Pool Grill, was excellent. The weather was very very windy and the ship did not seem to handle it well. Luckily we had a mid ship cabin on Deck 6 so it was as smooth as possible. Higher ... Read More
Service in all areas, especially cabin service and Pool Grill, was excellent. The weather was very very windy and the ship did not seem to handle it well. Luckily we had a mid ship cabin on Deck 6 so it was as smooth as possible. Higher decks were very rocky. There was so much spray and motion we were unable to use our balcony except in port. The dinner menus in Compass Rose were a little weird. I had grilled salmon off the "every day available" menu until I was tired of it then ordered plain pasta with a sauce from one of the appetizers. My mom had lamb every night because she did not like any of the odder entrees. The entertainment from the singers/dancers/specialty acrobatic act was excellent. Too bad they did not perform more often. We loved the Pool Grill - tropical drinks, delicious white wine, custom burgers, sweet potato fries, salmon and tuna burgers. Our party of six including two 88 year olds, had lunch at Pool Grill every day instead of the more sedate service at Compass Rose. The buffet area at La Terrazza was very very crowded at both breakfast and lunch. This is another serious concern about this ship compared to other all-inclusive luxury ships. Thanks to the Navigator and Seven Seas staff for negotiating last minute coverage of the Super Bowl from the satellite provider. All in all a lovely experience, but the stability of this ship made me very nervous. I have never had a sea sickness episode before in 25 cruises but this ship did not handle the windy weather well at all. Fortunately they were passing out Bonnine at the front desk. There were a couple of things we really appreciated and which set Regent Seven Seas apart from Silversea which we love. One was the free unlimited shore excursions. This was an excellent benefit. The entertainers - not the juggler comedian and the singer they had - but the singers, dancers and specialty act - were truly marvelous. And an evening event called the Block Party, where guests were encouraged to come out of their rooms, wine glass in hand, when the ship's bell blew at 5:00 - was truly fun. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
DW (Dear wife, for the uninitiated( and I are retired Seniors living in S.Fl. This was our 43rd voyage; we had been wanting to try the Regent line but it had not been convenient before, so when we found they were to move its home port to ... Read More
DW (Dear wife, for the uninitiated( and I are retired Seniors living in S.Fl. This was our 43rd voyage; we had been wanting to try the Regent line but it had not been convenient before, so when we found they were to move its home port to Miami, we decided to "sign on". We booked through our local agent, and were glad we did. (I have never remarked to any degree on an agent before as felt it might be considered a personal plug, but have to remove that precedent here) There were several problems with this booking, not the fault of the line but a very complicated situation emerged. Our agent and her parent company alike (surfturftravel@aol.com) performed heroically to solve the several problems, spending a great amount of time and energy and kept in touch admirably, keeping us apprised of progress, as, frankly, the entire issue was more than a little "iffy" at certain points. We arrived at the port by private transportation and found check-in uncrowded and well handled. The area used by Regent (it was their first sailing from Miami) is or was (?) the facility used by Oceania and could not be more convenient, being the first terminal as you enter the port, so traffic and congestion were relatively non-existent. Here came the first surprise: We were told that rooms would be ready at a specific time and, in a pleasant manner, not to attempt to enter your cabin until so announced. We soon found out why. When the announcement was made that "all cabins" were ready, we found, on our floor, and we assume all others, all cabin doors open into the hallway and...are you ready...stewards standing in near military style at the individual cabin doors...eerily reminiscent of the latrine scene in Andy Griffith's "No Time For Sergeants) in which Griffith, the new recruit, has rigged the bathroom facilities to snap to attention for the inspecting Officer. To add to that, in our bathroom, when you open the lower cabinet underneath the sink, the clever drawstring apparatus gradually opens the wastebasket, saving you that "effort". Our cabin (all facilities are termed "suites") was indeed that. Without a doubt, the nicest and most well laid out we have ever experienced in our prior 42 voyages. To be fair, we usually book Ocean View or Veranda, so the 301 total sq.ft. was a welcome surprise. A tub and separate shower, four, yes, 4 mirrors NOT counting the bathroom, & 3 telephones.+ We were both impressed no end by the amount of usable and well thought out storage. In fact, I was still finding more up to the third day. Adjacent to the nice sized walk in closet (our first ever) there was a cleverly spaced seven drawer cabinet. It would not be a problem in this regard to do a very long voyage, which we have not found to be so on two prior world cruises on two other more mainstream lines. Our steward, Jay, took good care of us and our suite at every turn. On our table was a spray of fresh orchids, a basket of fruit and a chilled bottle of champagne to welcome us and set the tone. Impressive indeed. We dined time wise almost equally between the cafeteria and main dining room. Several times we ordered room service breakfast when there were early tours. Worthy of note indeed, said room service breakfast. A smiling waiter enters the room, sets the tray on the sofa, and, voila, magically causes a perfectly sized table top to appear from its hiding place behind the sofa. Settling it expertly in place, he then sets the table with a white cloth and full silver service. The cafeteria is set up in a different manner than most. You may take as you desire from the line, of course, but there are no trays; if possible a staff member will take your plate and lead to your table. A free standing one person station, immediately between the two opposite service lines, handles eggs/omelets to order at breakfast, and pasta and stir fry at lunch. A very helpful and efficient lady Maitre'd stands by to help with order taking and service. A noteworthy hallmark is: if an item from the main dining room is not available, it can be sent up and brought to your table. In the evening, as with other lines, this area is converted to a sit-down Italian restaurant. There is no self-service beverage service; a waiter will take your drink order. Service in all categories is truly above and beyond most others,of course of the ones we have sailed. The charming and helpful lady concierge, whose desk abuts the customer service and shore excursion desks, was so helpful and pleasant that I discreetly informed her that my wife and I would like to take her home with us. She politely declined, but did thank us! Anything desired, within reason, I believe could and would be taken care of. Example of the unexpected: As is becoming a habit on most lines, midway through a comment card asking; "How are we doing?" is distributed. Wife noted what to her was a shortage of the chocolate in certain items (Trust me here, she is an expert of all things chocolate.) and received a phone call from the chef. She subsequently, some hours later, received a followup call that a delivery from the bakery was on the way. Soon, the doorbell (yes, no knock on the door, an actual doorbell) rang and a smiling staff member presented her with an impressive plate of very very chocolaty cookies. (Think impressive chunks) This was later followed up by the chef to check on his performance, ha, wife informed him that they were the best chocolate chunk cookies she had ever had. I even had a bite myself, no comment as to whether her back was turned at the time... Main dining room is run efficiently and well. We never had a wait for a table and always found ourselves with convivial and friendly people. Food was excellent, and complimentary wine or beer, and some mixed drinks are complimentary all throughout the ship, including the full content of your cabin minibar. Tables also have a spray of fresh orchids. Entertainment was excellent and unexpectedly so for a smaller ship, the Navigator being the smallest of Regent's three ships. The Jean Ann Ryan troupe performed several fully staged shows and were enthusiastically received. Their performances feature a highly talented acrobatic duo who were audience favorites. An excellent female singer did multiple shows, being also well received. An excellent cruise staff show rounded out the overall more than good entertainment. We found disappointment (admittedly hard to do) in only one area, the gym/fitness center. Small even for a small ship...only four machines (excluding the usual treadmill pieces) and even though they could be set for multiple configurations, we were not as impressed as with other aspects of the ship. Good use was made of the space provided, but why not more space to start with? With beverages being complimentary, perhaps one bar might have been made smaller or even eliminated? To some this may not be of importance, to us, it is. Ports: Costa Maya, Mexico: We repeated (most shore excursions are [also] complimentary) a trip to an ancient Pyramid site we had done once before. Santo Tomas de Castilla,Guatemala: we enjoyed the tour (Via local tender) of a highly rated resort, with a complimentary BBQ lunch. It is well done with what we were told by staff is recreations of fortifications of earlier times. Belize City: I truly wish I could tell you, but there was a mixup on our part of the time and place to begin, and we missed our connection. We were supposed to enjoy the airboat tour which we were told was more than worthwhile. Cozumel: Can you spell; "The good and the Very annoying"? Good: We docked at the downtown area, instead of being fed into an offshore shopping center, as has happened in the past. The "Annoying"? The most, well, the only word is indeed, annoying, storefront touts in your face with every step you take. I finally solved this by walking off the sidewalk behind the pedestrian stream, and when this became impractical, we simply gave up and returned to the ship. Note to Tourism Department; The only purchase we made was from a shopkeeper who did not hassle us and informed us that he had no intention of doing so. This does NOT create good will and in my opinion can simply drive people away. Key West: No strangers to this locale, we took the glass bottom boat tour to what was described as one of the world's largest offshore reefs. A long boat ride to get there and back, and from what we saw, to us not a standout. Others may disagree. Would we do the Navigator again? Probably not. Would we do the line again? Absolutely. Mainly to have access to a larger fitness center, which is more important to us than it may be to you. Outstanding service and the nicest cabin we have ever had in our experience, of the usual class we book (Ocean View or Veranda) turn the tide for us. And without our truly amazing travel agent, we might have missed this one, in fact! Did I say that as is the trend to "all inclusive", gratuities are also included. No? I didn't? Well, they are. Bye! 30 Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
I sailed on the Regent Seven Seas Navigator with my wife and 11-yr old son August 14, 2009 for 7 days, Athens (Piraeus) to Istanbul. My previous cruise experiences have been on Seaborn, Crystal and Lindblad/Nat. Geo. (small ships in ... Read More
I sailed on the Regent Seven Seas Navigator with my wife and 11-yr old son August 14, 2009 for 7 days, Athens (Piraeus) to Istanbul. My previous cruise experiences have been on Seaborn, Crystal and Lindblad/Nat. Geo. (small ships in Galapagos and Baja). I am not particularly picky about things and although I give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt if their heart is in the right place, I do notice things and, if things don't go well, those things stick in my craw. Anyway, the things I noticed (but would never complain about) are towards the end of this review, after "You're OUT!!!). I had, admittedly, somewhat high expectations of Regent, as I had originally chosen a 12-day itinerary on Oceania and my wife and agent 'upsold" me to Regent, as a definitive step-up from Oceania. As the title to this review portends, I was disappointed to the core with many aspects of the cruise that, in my opinion, leave no doubt as to the answer to question where Regent Seven Seas belongs in any "rating" of cruise lines. First, the good. We had a basic room which, on the Navigator, is stunning and huge (even without the generous balcony) relative to anything I have experienced on Seaborn or Crystal in the same general category. 24-hr room service. So, if your idea of a perfect cruise is sitting in the room, reading or watching videos and living off of room service, you've come to the right place. Room service food was reported to be good by my son, who enjoyed it several times. We only had the "fixings" delivered for some caviar we had, all good. Now, the misery. This was to be a designated family-oriented cruise, replete with a kids program in 3 age groups. There were between 50 and 60 kids on the cruise (representing over 10% of the passengers on board). When we inquired after boarding, we were told that the two women who ran the program were "asked to leave the ship" at a prior cruise port. No explanation, no apology, no alternatives, just mystery. Further inquiry yielded no details or explanation. I can say with 100% assurance that if this had happened on Crystal, they would have flown new staff from another location, co-opted crew from other duties or otherwise figured out how to deliver on a promise so essential to the concept of family cruise "vacation" (i.e., mom and dad can have some time together alone) and the number of affected passengers. Not with Regent. Had there not been a ping-pong table on board, the seas would have been littered with parents jumping from the rails. We had the opportunity to dine with some of the senior staff one evening and danced around the subject - but they were all tight-lipped to the end. Unbelievably, we learned a day before disembarking, that the staff asked to leave the ship were in fact rejoining the ship on the return to Athens. Arrgh. Strike one. A zero for failing to deliver an essential part of the cruise, as marketed and promised, and a below zero minus for not figuring out how to otherwise mitigate their abject failure and come up with something, if only a believable story. We signed up, using a not insignificant amount of shipboard credit (several hundred dollars) for a Regent "Signature" excursion in Rhodes. These are the very special, particularly-vetted couple of excursions that an exclusive group within Regent arranges. In our case, it was an "Off-Road" Adventure, renting a jeep and caravanning to many of the interesting sites on Rhodes that most folks wouldn't be able to visit because of the off-road nature of the trip and mobility of being in small vehicles. Although we may have at some point driven through some of the towns in which some of the historic/cultural sites described in the excursion brochure resided (though my GPS did not indicate so), hand over heart I can say that there was nothing, other than the act of renting a jeep that bore any resemblance to what was in the Regent brochure, the basis on which we booked this trip. We started out at "Butterfly Valley", actually a very interesting site in which a certain butterfly species (in fact, a moth), historically comes. Unfortunately, we were hustled in and out so fast, we did not have an opportunity to enjoy the place at any pace, or to take more than a snapshot or two. We were then off for a one hour drive to have a snack/drink, which ended up being at a hunting lodge. After another hour and a half in the car, we ended up in a small village in the mountains overlooking (a ways away) the coastline. Not the place we were supposed to stop, with another large party from a tour bus upstairs, but the food was fine. At this point, I was interested only in the "Ouzo". Then back in the jeeps for about 45 mins. Did I mention that the brochure said we would be off-road most of the time to visit these rare sites, but that we had yet to see anything but pavement. Not for long. For about a sum total of about 90 seconds, we hit a patch of unpaved road under repair and - you guessed it - that was the "off-road" part of the trip. Just before exiting the un-pavement, in one of the most surreal moments of this goat-rodeo, the guide pulled everyone off the road onto the dried weeds at roadside, right next to a bunch of bee hives (imagine the 95 degree heat, sun, and now swarming bees at having been invaded by 9 topless jeeps). Why? To gather everyone's cameras so that he could take a memorable picture for everyone on or in front of their own jeep on their own camera. You think I'm kidding? It was surreal. Put aside for the moment that 2 minutes further down the road was a scenic pull-out with a sweeping panorama of the coast and surrounding Greek isles, this was a scene that Quentin Tarentino would pay money to get the rights to. After the honking of irritated guests drove the guide back into his jeep, we were back in the jeeps for another hour to...the beach. Nothing in the brochure about the beach or swimming. We had not brought bathing suits. No towels provided by Regent for the trip (you would think - even if to save their stateroom towels from being used at the beach off the ship). But there we were at a small Taverna on the beach and the beautiful Med. My son and I went cowboy style and my wife had to suffer with a diet coke and view of the Med. 50 minutes later, we're hustled back in the jeeps for, yes, another 45 min drive back to the jeep rental spot, and then a bus ride back to the ship. Strike Two. No one from Regent had ever vetted this trip. They never gave any explanation (other than the disingenuous letter mentioned below). There is no way imaginable that it could be considered anything other than a slow roast around Rhodes for 8 hrs. Most importantly, we had wasted our only opportunity to see Rhodes on this misrepresented "Signature" excursion, not to mention the several hundred in credit dropped on this. Shameful. Our first stop back on board after chuckling about the comedy of misconception and execution that was our "Signature Rhodes Off-Road Adventure" was to visit the excursion desk to lodge our disappointment and disbelief at what had just befallen us. Lots of "so sorry", but obviously no one there with any answers or ability to do anything. They left a note for the excursion manager. We later met with him, in civil fashion, away from the excursion desk, in relative privacy. He took notes and expressed concern and shock, but clearly had no knowledge. I challenged him to find a single participant on the trip that would sign up again for that trip, rather than have their fingernails pulled one-by-one. He said that he really couldn't do anything, but would send it to "New York". This was Tuesday. We were due to disembark Friday morning 8am in Istanbul. We checked back throughout Wednesday and Thursday and no one had any answers. We had not asked for anything in particular, but clearly were PO'd that we had expended money on an entirely misrepresented trip. Finally, around 8pm on Thursday night, while packing, I went to the excursion desk and said I wouldn't leave until I had some response. I was told that the response from New York had "just come in" - and that Regent was not prepared to do anything. Nothing at all. As if we had just reported something that we had imagined. I was left so incredulous that I simply asked to have it in writing, which they delivered around 9pm that night (I'll try to post this). End of story. Let's contrast Regent's response to the "Off-Road" goat rodeo with our experience a day later after disembarking at our small hotel (the "Blue House Hotel") overlooking the Blue Mosque. My son mentioned to someone at the front desk in passing that the Jacuzzi jet button hadn't worked in the spa tub when he tried. I hadn't even heard of it and, frankly, wouldn't have cared a bit, but when we returned from our day of touring Istanbul, a sincere letter of apology from hotel management for the malfunction and a basket of fresh fruit in our room. Enough said. By the way, we highly recommend the Blue House Hotel, otherwise known as the "Mavi-Ev". Strike Three. Doing anything approaching taking responsibility for a bad experience and a gesture, however modest, to make a cruise customer feel like a guest. How 'bout a little replacement shipboard credit, which given the timing, we would have only been able to use, if at all, on a nice bottle of wine at our last dinner. How 'bout a basket of fruit. How 'bout 10% off a future cruise. Anything..., but nothing? Hmmn. We all differ in how we measure our experiences, but I can say truthfully that in each of our cruises, we absolutely had to personally visit with and thank not less than a half-dozen crew members, to say farewell, exchange contact information, invite them to visit when they're in the San Francisco area and the like. There was not a single person that any of us felt even remotely compelled to hunt down, other than a Kiwi security officer that my son promised to do the Maori Haka dance for. We had a pleasant dinner with him and with a nice young woman whose title led us to believe she would be the perfect person to share our "concerns" about the cruise with, but ended up being more responsible for customs clearance at ports than customer service and, other than expressing surprise at what we had experienced, offered no hope that anything would be done. It was like sharing the story with just another guest. The Maitre D' of the main dining room deserves special mention for patience and keeping that warm smile and wit amidst demanding cruise customers all wanting window tables. No one else remotely came to mind for any of us. Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 - You're OUT!!! My conclusion - a perfect cruise line for someone used to a cattle car mega-ship. If you have been on Seaborn, Crystal, or any cruise line out there that truly puts the guest first and has any understanding as to what that means - run the other way as you will be disappointed on Regent Seven Seas. From the top down, they have no clue what guest/customer service is. It's an institutional problem, not an aberration. Some details - Nice gym, open 24 hrs. But nothing in terms of programs in the dance/stretch area. No staff to run any of the programs from all appearances. I remember a daily schedule of yoga, pilates and other things on Crystal. Zilch on Regent. Carpets and certain other common areas smell "stale". Carpet upgrade or cleaning or paint (anything to cover up the smell) would be worthwhile. I always wonder what "included tips" means for staff. For the first couple of days, I thought the overall attitude of staff was a little harsh. This got better over time, but there has to be a better way of handling this "perk" that still incents the staff to work to their potential. Perhaps a special "tip" shipboard credit that can only be used for that purpose. Wireless internet from the room worked pretty well, though I had to work around VPN blocking. We attended an evening show -which was very well produced. I understand the band/orchestra (professional) had been brought back on a semi-permanent basis and that explained in part the good music quality. Specialty restaurant food was mediocre at best and the menu, uninspired. Main dining room food and service was excellent, as was the wine list. The "house" booze (for which one does not pay extra) was top notch. (Belvedere or the Goose - house; Bombay Sapphire - house; Maker's Mark (for those Manhattans) - house. The house wines at dinner were so interesting, varied and good we rarely ventured into the wine list. The "photo shop" described in literature and even in on-board materials in the room....well, it must have been a sick joke. From what I could tell from visual inspection and asking for several items during the trip, it consisted of a pile of AAA batteries and a couple of memory sticks (which could not be located); literally all in a small plastic basket to the left of the cash register. I was looking for liquid lens cleaner or anything close - fat chance. Don't think that there is even a photo kiosk where you can stick in a memory card and print photos or burn a CD. There was literally nothing. We'd been used to photographers on most cruises - a casualty of cost-cutting on Regent. Food in general - given that we were in Greece and Turkey, I would have expected that at least in one of the restaurants we might see some "local" dishes. It was really odd to have spent 5 days in Greece before boarding the ship and 5 days in Istanbul after disembarking, cultures that are known for their fine cuisine, and not being able to enjoy any of it on the ship. How 'bout a small sampling at dinner of "local" dishes. It's what we've seen on other cruise lines. Golf driving net - hope you're left-handed or the choice is slim. The mat looked like a bad toupee and kids routinely whacked balls off the back of the boat, occasionally off of other guests - an accident waiting to happen. I had to get off the treadmill and run outside to exercise a little adult supervision a couple of times. No crew around, but this brings me back to Strike One, and I've spent enough energy on this diatribe. Overall impression - these folks are in cost-cutting mode and it shows. Answer to the Question: A two-star pretender....but love the cabin. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
We had a pretty poor experience a few weeks ago aboard the Navigator. We have cruised a few times before, but mostly travel by air. As a frame of reference, we have cruised on Crystal, Silverseas, Royal Carribean, Cunard, and Celebrity ... Read More
We had a pretty poor experience a few weeks ago aboard the Navigator. We have cruised a few times before, but mostly travel by air. As a frame of reference, we have cruised on Crystal, Silverseas, Royal Carribean, Cunard, and Celebrity in the past, in either Europe or Asia. We found Regent to be "okay", but certainly not for the price and hype. We have three children, ages 7, 10, and 13, so we booked two cabins. The cost of the one-week cruise for the family was over $17,000 without air, but the port tours were largely free or at low-cost as part of Regent's current promotions. Our biggest complaint against Regent is the very poor way in which they handled a significant problem we had with our room. Basically, they took almost the entire cruise duration to deal with a plumbing problem (never completely solved), and in addition to other issues, they did not handle things in a way anyone in the luxury hospitality business should. When we boarded the ship in Monaco, we were greeted in our cabin by an acrid sewer/algae smell. The whole room smelled, but we were able to figure out that it was coming from the bathroom. The housekeeper agreed that it smelled horribly, and when we returned from dinner a few hours later the sewer smell was somewhat overcome by the smell of Drano/chlorine. Not exactly pleasant. The next day the sewer smell returned, so we contacted the front desk. To make a long story short, Reception was very nice but not very effective. They had a plumber come out on Day 1 (embarkation is Day 0), and he said that there was something wrong with the drain and fixed something, with maybe 50-70% improvement. But it still had that sickening smell. Anyway, by Day 5 the smell was mostly gone after one other plumber intervention. But the inconvenience of waiting around for the plumber and having him stomp around the bathroom in his boots also did not help our cruise experience. For most of the cruise, when we were on the ship we found ourselves all retreating to our sons' cabin, which happened to be a handicapped cabin without a sofa. The smell was the overriding problem with the cruise. Add to that a bath towel that had more than 10 holes and stains in it (I have photos), multiple unannounced water interruptions resulting in milky-white water emerging from our sink on several occasions including an interruption at midnight-3 am that left my 13 year old with shampoo on his head, and really terrible breakfasts (cheap quality ingredients) in the Portofino restaurant, and you have something that is FAR from what we consider luxury. In addition, the cruise line has handled our concerns very poorly. We actually emailed our complaints to RSSC Guest Relations on 8/12/09 (Day 5), and we have not heard anything from them and it has been almost 3 weeks. We cc'd our letter to our American Express Centurion travel agent, and she contacted their marketing manager. The Amex agent initially told us that RSSC "would have to respond within 48 hours", but their only response was that the complaint would be sent on to some other department in their company. As I said, it has now been over three weeks and still no reply. We travel a lot about 3 months a year. Over the years, we have had "issues" here and there, including new purchases stolen from my room at a Hong Kong hotel, or a cruise housekeeper who put our brand-new unreleased Sonicare toothbrushes brush-down in a half-glass of water left by the previous guest as soon as we boarded the ship! Each time, someone from management would come and apologize, send some tangible token like flowers or candy to let us know that they are sorry and value our patronage. Well, from Regent, nothing. No words from management, no candy (how hard is that on an all-inclusive cruise, we already had $1000 shipboard credit from Amex that we could hardly spend?), nothing but an offer to "clean our room" on day 5/7 of our cruise, the only day AT SEA! Anyway, my final word is that what Regent is offering is far from luxury and as we wait to hear from management, it becomes clear that they are undeserving of the Regent name. The Regent Hotel in Hong Kong (now Intercontinental) was one of the world's great hotels and we actually spent New Year's Eve there on the Millenium but this cruise line has nothing to do with the Regent we knew. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
We had booked the cruise with a travel agency in Dallas. I had requested everything to be first class big handicap friendly suite for my parents, handicap friendly limos to and from the airport, etc. My Dad was recently diagnosed with ... Read More
We had booked the cruise with a travel agency in Dallas. I had requested everything to be first class big handicap friendly suite for my parents, handicap friendly limos to and from the airport, etc. My Dad was recently diagnosed with Leukemia as well, so we wanted this to be a special cruise for the three of us and our caregiver. We had traveled on Carnival, Celebrity and Princess before. Carnival was a nightmarish cattle call of humanity...Celebrity was middle of the road with very unfriendly staff and Princess was great but crowded, so we were attracted to the fact that this ship only had 490 passengers and over 800 staffers. After we booked the rooms (I was disappointed that no handicap rooms were available...more about that later), I researched the Navigator online. Apparently it started out as a Russian research ship, then was converted to cruise ship, refurbished in 2006-2008 and the company was subsequently sold from Radisson to Regent. The only negative thing I could find was a lot of discussion online about the famous Navigator rattling sound so I brought as portable fan with me just in case. After 8 days on the Navigator, let me just say that even with my room (531) right next to the dining room, THERE WAS NO RATTLING SOUND to speak of in my suite. I did hear some rattling upstairs prior to some of the shows but that was it. My parents are almost 80 years old and spoke with many of their friends who had traveled on both Regent and Crystal and most found that Regent was far superior in service and food. The average age on Regent was also in the 50-60 range, while everyone told us that Crystal's age was about 80. All drinks are inclusive (Cokes AND spirits) with Regent, so that was a plus as well. We didn't book it until about 90 days before so we ended up paying about $3000/person. The airfare was booked using Advantage miles so we saved about $500/person there. American Airlines was wonderful to work with regarding my father's use of a wheelchair. They called me prior to our departure from Dallas. Someone from A/A was always there for us to help lift my Dad into his seat, whether in Dallas upon Boarding or Fort Lauderdale upon arrival and going back as well. KUDOS TO AMERICAN AIRLINES!!! The limo to the airport in Dallas was great (memo to wheelchair users...better to get a handicap bus next time with a wheelchair lift) but the real nightmare was in Fort Lauderdale. Our travel agent's first screw up was booking a trailer/van to pick us up!!! There was no way my Dad could be lifted into that contraption so I had to call her and she snapped to it and got us a limo (for $210...the going rate for the 3 minute trip to the cruise ships). We didn't get to the docks until about 2:00 (after waiting 45 minutes for the new limo to show up) but once we got there I felt like royalty after being greeted by the Regent staff. They were everywhere!!! "May I help you..." "Yes sir..." "Let me get that for you..." Now I know we are paying for the service BUT IT SURE FELT GOOD!!!! We were greeted with champagne and they even rolled my Dad all the way to his room where we found the next nightmare....The travel agent had requested that a ramp be placed in the room so that the bathroom floor was flush with the suite AND IT WAS NOT THERE....HELP!!!! Well we called the Regent staff (Martha was especially helpful) AND THEY BUILT A RAMP FOR US IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES!!!!! AMAZING SERVICE!!!! I went to my suite and was very pleased with the size of the room. It was especially spacious for me since I was all by myself in the room. Huge walk in closet with safe and wood hangers. Beautiful marble shower and separate tub. Big flat screen TV. Separate sitting area. At first I was disappointed that I had one of the few rooms with no balcony but honestly since I only slept, dressed, showered and ate breakfast in my room during the cruise, I really didn't miss it that much when all was said and done. We changed for dinner and ate in the Compass Room. I loved the fact that there was no assigned seating (like being in the 3rd grade on most ships) and we could dine at whatever time we chose, within reason for dinner and breakfast. Also 24 hour room service, which their caregiver used at 1:00 a.m. to order a sandwich, which got there hot in about ten minutes!!! I ate breakfast almost everyday in my room after that and it got there right on time, was hot and delicious EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!! After dinner they went to the show and I went to the casino. I love poker and craps and was disappointed that they had taken out the poker table, but was quickly assured by Helene, the casino staff manager that the craps table action would more than make up for it. AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!!! I spent most of the next 6 nights at the craps table either right after dinner or after the show for the evening and met some great folks there (Chet, Danny, Kirby, Richard) and the casino staff was fantastic!!!!! KUDOS TO HELENE!!!!! Quite by accident we met the couple in 529, which was the room in between our two rooms and we spent the rest of the cruise with them (Holly and Joe) and their friends (Chris and Jamie). I won't say more, except we have met new friends for life and are still communicating with them and we have Regent to thank for bringing us all together (the first thing or the second thing?...what thing?...OOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!) We ate dinner one night in Portofino's and was disappointed by the food...EAT AT COMPASS!!! The shows that I saw were mediocre at best. The Buddy Holly impersonator was about as good as a bad Karaoke singer and the Vegas Rat Pack review was just awful (how can you do Elvis with no sideburns or sunglasses? how can you do Dean Martin without a drink in your hand??). My parents and their caregiver loved the Motown show and everyone talked about how our caregiver was dancing on her feet throughout the whole show (I guess she was easy to spot, what being the only African-American woman on the ship!). There was always room at the pool...I never had to wait for anything...It was just wonderful!!!!! One very bad incident. Our caregiver had a seizure in Puerto Rico (she had a history of heart problems) and had to be hospitalized and we later flew her home to Dallas...(NOTE...ALWAYS BUY TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE,,,IT PAID FOR HER ENTIRE HOSPITAL STAY, THE FLIGHT HOME AND ALL ARRANGEMENTS,,,WHEW!!!!). The quality of food was excellent, especially the soups which were indescribably delicious!!! The level of service was amazing, especially since ALL TIPPING WAS INCLUDED!!!! I had a massage, which was awesome and my Mom had two complete makeover days (all free since when we boarded we all had any where from $300 to $600 ship credits given to us to spend on massages, cigars, Regent wear, etc.) Look...if you want a non stop party cruise with lots of screaming and yelling and drunk idiots, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU...But if you want class, fine dining, great company, quiet and efficient service, then by all means...BON VOYAGE!!!! I AM DEFINITELY CRUISING AGAIN WITH REGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2009
Seven Seas Navigator Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.3
Dining 4.5 4.1
Entertainment 3.5 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.6
Family 3.0 3.6
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.8

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