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This was a disappointment made less pleasant by negative customer relations attitude. To put into perspective we are regular Regent cruisers in recent years (having also used Seabourn and Silversea), and indeed have a further cruise booked ... Read More
This was a disappointment made less pleasant by negative customer relations attitude. To put into perspective we are regular Regent cruisers in recent years (having also used Seabourn and Silversea), and indeed have a further cruise booked with Regent in 2017 on Voyager. Overnight in Rome was in a good hotel to which we would return - the Westin Excelsior. Well positioned too. Regent agent embarkation was a bit disorganised as we were not told which area of the hotel to meet in, and our bus went early without us despite being near the agent desk at the time! The ship is indeed very luxurious in its build and furnishings and this has been much trumpeted - the most luxurious cruise boat ever built etc. This did not extend to the finish of our suite - nor some of the thought that should have gone into it (see below). Dining was generally very good and the Pacific Rim a good addition. We definitely preferred the old Signatures over the new Chartreuse (as did a number of people we dined with). The restaurant which really needs a makeover is Sette Mare which has been providing the same starters for all our last few cruises. We liked the new pool grill set out (some reviews don't seem to but it makes for more friendly conversation and better table use). Bars were all in general good with very good serving staff. We were pleased to see an new alternative to the very repetitive Jean Ryan group - but whoever designed the upper sight (or lack of vision) lines in the main theatre!? Whilst the 7 piece band from Ukraine was very good and versatile as well as playing good jazz, the pre and post dinner band/music combination was not as good as on the other Regent cruises. One evening there was an excellent guitar/singer combination which the CD said he would repeat - but it didn't happen! Ross the pianist was very good but overused and therefore necessarily repetitive. Guest entertainers were good but why have an excellent magician on board for 6 days between Madeira and Bermuda and give him only 2 spots. His specialty was table magic - he could have come into the dining rooms too. Our problem in particular was the suite 1202, a Penthouse (A) - for what its worth 1203 had similar problems. Basically a connecting lounge and bedroom area with a partition which had a double sided TV. A nice bathroom with multi jet shower and two sinks and walk in wardrobe. Fittings were nice. A very efficient butler service. Therefore a little more than we usually have as it was an inaugural crossing on a luxury boat. Beware -- - significant noise from the Observation bar came from below as synthesised music accompaniment because the speakers are in the false ceiling below our floor. This was also evident daily at the quiz with the microphone in use. Partially resolved by piano only after 11pm. - suite door rattled at night needing adjustment. - the dressing room door would come open at night spontaneously with noisy latch sounds - and several times despite closing. Had to be adjusted. - Air conditioning noisy and would not turn off. This required repeat visits by the engineer. On one occasion it just came on spontaneously again at 1am needing a visit to turn it off. Not good on the most luxurious boat etc... - There was no means of keeping the bathroom door open such that using the adjacent sink it hit you repeatedly in the back. A design fault we had to solve ourselves by using a robe belt tied to a towel rail (on the most luxurious etc..) - Sliding doors built into the partition slid backwards and forwards on their own. We had to put chairs against them at night until the butler produced some wooden wedges. another design fault on the most luxurious etc.. - Whilst there was a lot of movement on the Atlantic, which does not in itself trouble us, no boat we have been on in various rough seas ever creaked in the walls and ceiling like this one! Worst was in the bulkhead above the bedhead - again a point brought up in conversation with other cruisers. What on earth was in there causing it? - Wind noise from the two double veranda doors was excessive even in the Med before the Atlantic. Pulling, pushing, reclosing did not help. I found drilled out door locks on both doors where staff had attempted adjustment (remember it was only launched in July). When we discussed these problems with the General manager and Concierge we were informed it was a problem they knew about and was to be rectified with new locks and seals! Why were we not told about this rather than finding out for ourselves? Why wasn't the work done prior to an Atlantic crossing? We were offered daily taping of the doors to partially alleviate it. Unbelievable in the most luxurious cruise liner etc.. - and of course the infinity pool - a special feature of this boat - was out of action with engineers working on it during the cruise. We had to sleep with ear plugs in most nights and poor quality of sleep detracts from overall enjoyment. Why had we paid the extra?? Understandably there has been correspondence via our cruise organiser with Regent Customer Services. We were offered a £500 pp cruise credit prior to disembarkation but we considered this an insult. Despite lengthy letters this has only been increased to £750 and our Cruise agent on speaking with the Customer Services was told that 'her seniors' would not allow more. I suggested the 'seniors' may wish to discuss it with me but nothing so far. If a hotel room is unsatisfactory you are moved or don't pay the accommodation - we of course have paid upfront. Regent letters are full of platitudes re overall good feed back, and feedback being taken seriously. They hope we will take another Regent cruise when we already have one booked. Not good to put in the letter! At the time of our return Channel 5 ran a double documentary on the building of this ship, noting' the race' to complete for the maiden voyage - clearly a lot of the final finish was substandard. Customer relations deny this. We have been loyal to Regent and given very good prior reports of our cruises. On this occasion all we wanted was for Regent to put their hands in the air, say we're sorry we got it wrong for you, and make a realistic compensatory gesture. We would have been pleased to acknowledge such in this review. I'm sorry, whilst wether we may travel on Regent again after 2017 depends on our next experience (which has previously been good), Explorer is unlikely to be a choice. It could and should have been so different and a major part is how it was handled by customer relations. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
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Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.4
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 3.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.5 3.7
Service 5.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.5 3.7
Rates N/A N/A

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