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Serenade of the Seas is a great ship for going to Alaska. There are windows everywhere to take in the magnificent view. It was a fairly easy process getting on the ship. Once onboard we noticed how clean the ship was. The service ... Read More
Serenade of the Seas is a great ship for going to Alaska. There are windows everywhere to take in the magnificent view. It was a fairly easy process getting on the ship. Once onboard we noticed how clean the ship was. The service there was extraordinary. Our cabin was just the right size with a balcony. We had a cabin by the elevators which was great for easy access to all parts of the ship. The bars, and lounges were nice. The pit stop hardly had anyone there so it was a good place for me to just relax. The entertainment was decent except they could have done a better job with the decor. We didn't use the outside pool and mainly used the pool in the solarium. We did not understand why the outside pool was heated and the pool in the solarium was not. It was a nice place to relax. The spa was very good. We used the thermal suite a few days. Everytime we went there it was empty and you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. We had a couples massage and it was very good. Our food experience: In the main dining room,the food and service was excellent. the windjammer was just ok. It was served buffet style. The seaview cafe is a good alternative. The food there was good. The other problem we had with the windjammer was finding a place to sit and eat. Most of the days we got breakfeast and brought it to our cabin to eat on our balcony. We ate a Portofinos one night and the food there was excellent. Overall we had a great experience with this ship. Plenty of time to relax and take in the sights. We will definetly plan another trip to Alaska but we never go back on the same ship twice. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
First Alaska cruise, previously with RCCL to Eastern, Western & Southern Caribbean.  Traveling with another couple, flew into Vancouver on Friday so we could do some site seeing on Friday.  Vancouver is a great city, glad we took the ... Read More
First Alaska cruise, previously with RCCL to Eastern, Western & Southern Caribbean.  Traveling with another couple, flew into Vancouver on Friday so we could do some site seeing on Friday.  Vancouver is a great city, glad we took the time to at least get a taste of its beauty.  Took a four hour guided bus tour around most of the major tourist sites via tour arranged by hotel. Stayed at the Marriott Pinnacle downtown, great location and close the water.  Great service and food at the hotel but also good eateries in the area.  We like to get on the ship as soon as possible and hotel was only ten minutes by taxi away from ship.  No issues getting on the ship, very smooth operation.  Got luggage within a couple of hours of getting on board.  Last sailing was on Adventure of the Seas so was not expecting as much from the Serenade of the Seas... but I was very much surprised.  I really liked the layout of the ship, the lounges and common areas were better than the Adventure of the Seas to me.  We frequented the Champagne Lounge most often as they offered the Chilean wine that my wife liked and the bartender was excellent.  Also would recommend the Schooner Bar and the Hollywood Odyssey/Cigar Bar. Lot of activities to do and would recommend the Production Show, as well the activities in the Safari Bar.  The casino is a reasonable size and I made my donation as usual.  As for the dining room, we found the food to be good.  We went to the Portofino Italian restaurant twice and would highly recommend it.  We did the Mystery Dinner one evening, which was a lot of fun and then one other evening.  You could not beat the food or service.  Well worth the extra money. As for ports and excursions, Icy Strait Point was as expected, purpose built RCCL layover.  We got off the ship and walked into town.. about 15 minutes plus.  Nothing of real interest there.  The most enjoyable part of that stop over was watching the whales from the ship.  They put on a real show for us, so glad we didn't pay for whale watching excursion. Going into Tracy Arm Fjord and seeing the glacier was amazing.  The ship was within 100 feet of glacier.  Cruise director and his staff were in the water and even brought up chunk of glacier onto deck.. I think it was craved into ice scripture that evening. At Skagway we took the White Pass Summit train excursion via RCCL and would recommend it.  Great way to see the scenery and learn some of the local history.  Train was comfortable and even got to see a bear off the side of the tracks.  Also, good little cafe just outside the port, first one as you go out, not the second.  Fish and chips was good as well as the chowder. Also a nice little downtown area within walking distance. Juneau is a good port, to bad we only had from 7 to 3 to see it.  Had previously booked via TEMSCO Helicopter Inc. a helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier.  First time in helicopter and first time walking on glacier, what a great time.  This group does a good job and has "experts" on the glacier to talk about it.  Got some amazing pictures. Took advantage of the time not in port and enjoyed the ship, even read a book.  We got back into Vancouver around 6:30 on Saturday morning.  Since we were staying over in Vancouver until Sunday morning, we hand carried off our luggage so were quick off the ship and were at the Marriott Pinnacle by 8:00. Spent the rest of the site seeing.  We rented a car and went to Lyon Canyon Park, then drove to Whistler Mountain.  This the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, nice drive. Great vacation, good time had by all. Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
I hope I remember everything I want to say. :) I absolutely loved our end of May Alaska Royal Caribbean Cruise. :) It was my in-laws 25th anniversary and so they, their 4 kids and their two daughter-in-laws (including me) the 8 of us went ... Read More
I hope I remember everything I want to say. :) I absolutely loved our end of May Alaska Royal Caribbean Cruise. :) It was my in-laws 25th anniversary and so they, their 4 kids and their two daughter-in-laws (including me) the 8 of us went together. :) Dining: I gained 10 pounds!!!! That should speak for itself! :) hehe. ugh, the food was much too fantastic. very yummy. And even better than the food! (if you can imagine that) was the fantastic service. Our head waiter was a bit too proud of himself, but our Waiter Freddy Gonsalves and his assistant waiter Liodela were just so absolutely wonderful :) They did everything in their power to take care of our requests and never made us feel guilty for having asked for anything! :) They are the best! :) The windjammer was yummy too! :) It was warm enough that we would sit outside but you do need a lite jacket at the end of May in Alaska. We did not use the Portofino or the Chops Grille. Wy pay $25 per person more when you have just as excellent food and service for FREE in the Dining room and Windjammer :) And the room service was very nice. They were a little abrupt over the phone when we would call in, which was probably from under-staffing. Put a few more people working for room service and they'd have it down :) If you don't like to wait, go to the windjammer and yes ;) you are allowed to take the food back to your room. :) If you want he full wonderful dining experience, go to the dining room but it does take longer. We had the 6 pm seating. We would come at 6 and order, bread and drinks are served. Appetizers began at 6:30, Main courses 6:45, desserts about 7:15 p The Ship: BEAUTIFUL!!! :) All the glass.. especially the glass elevators... just beautiful :) 10 story lobby. beautiful art all over the ship :) My husband enjoyed the Shipshape center :) Putt putt and dodge ball were fun too (we are in our 20's :D) and the VIEW: :) To DIE FOR! :) I'd say the view ... all that water and mountains.. even better than any port of call! :) Ports of call 1st: Icy Strait Point: If your heart can handle it :) try the Ziprider! :) I loved it! I'd describe as a swing but much faster :) and only in one direction lol :) Lots of history in the museum and things to buy that you can't get on board such as AFFORDABLE sunglasses lol...(stuff in the onboard shops is very expensive unless you wait for days when they have stuff on sale like normally their watches are from $50 to $500 but they had ONE day when they had $15 watches.) 2nd: Hubbard Glacier: unfortunately the fog decided to be lazy and didn't clear up but for an hour... so never got to see that collapsing glacier event thing :( But that's not the cruise lines fault they can't control the weather :( 3rd: Skagway: Very nice town :) You have to do a bit of walking in order to get all around and see all the different stores but it was concentrated enough ... that I don't think we walked more than 3 miles the entire day all together. We did take the train through the mountains :) Very very pretty :) Especially Inspiration Point :) You are allowed to stand up and walk outside while the train is moving to take pictures... my husband spent nearly the entire time outside :) We were supposed to go on the 8 am train but the train in front of us was disable on the track and so they moved us to the 4:30 p train... which I think was probably better than the 8 am :) the train was back by 7:30 and out boat left at 8 pm phew some of us were worried that the train would have troubles and the boat would leave without us but the train people assured us that the boat does not leave without the 50 people on the train... it would wait for us if anything happened :) YAYE! :) 4th: Juneau: Hehe I got lazy. Stayed inside and slept and went up top and viewed the town... very big compared to the others... very sprawling. Days at sea: beautiful... open ocean was all you could see... it was like looking into eternity :) Believe it or not I did come back with a tan!! :) yaye! :) WEDDING VOW RENEWAL!!! :) well, not for me :) For my in-laws :) The Cruise Programs Administrator Kelly Tucker was absolutely wonderful. We are supposed to plan before you get on the ship but it didn't occur to us to throw a surprise vow renewal for Ma and Pa Simpson until we were already on the ship. of the 6 kids I was elected to see if we could get it worked out and when I met up with Kelly... she just treated me like I mattered like even though we were doing things out of order and other people had signed up before me to have their weddings or vow renewals down that I, the late bird, mattered just as much as them! :) I did not expect that :) She was just absolutely wonderful and took care of our every need and request :) Just absolutely WOW :) Between Freddy and Kelly... I just felt so loved and cared for and like family on Serenade :) I couldn't thank them enough for all their hard work and effort and time and patience :) The Rooms: I was told that cruise ship rooms and tinier than you could ever imagine so I went in with the expectation of some 4 x 10 room, a twin bed, and one of those trailer showers that sits right over the toilet... it was actually bigger than I thought! :) We had an inside room and I would call it very spacious - the bathrooms too :) But you have to walk in with the expectation of smallest tiniest box in the world and then when it ends up better than the smallest thing you can imagine, then you will be able to enjoy it :) Our room had a ton of mirrors all over which helped add to its spacious feel :) I like the movies (Wild Hogs, Harry potter, star dust, ratatouille, etc) (and ya there is actually a cinema theatre :D )and programs on TV that taught about the different ports and amenities. If you get easily nauseous, get an inside stateroom cuz its in the center of the ship and therefore rocks less... you can barely feel it on a bad day if you stay in bed. Balcony rooms or rooms at the ends of the boat can definitely feel it when the water gets choppy. Stateroom attendant: QUICK! :) I thought she did a good job but I also don't have very high standards lol :) We would be gone for 2 seconds and come back and the room had already been cleaned. Very quick! :) My mother-in-law commented on how she thought boats were supposed be cleaner or shinier and that most everything seemed to have a filmy layer on it and therefore less shiny. I reminded her that of the high prevention measures they are taking because of the Norwalk virus and so they have to use bleach on nearly every surface (including shiny ones) and bleach can leave a filmy residue especially when used as often as they were required to use it... so you will have a less shiny ship but its worth it to not get a gastrointestinal virus that keeps you hugging the commode for the rest of the cruise. :) (And NO the ship did NOT ever smell like bleach thank good ness cuz that is a horrible smell to live with) Money money money: Everything is very expensive so wait for a sale, the have a ton of them and that is when to buy stuff... spa too what is $200 one day is $89 the next ... seriously lol :) I regret not having taken part in some of the sales especially the art sales and raffles but I will know better for next time! :) The DOWN SIDE: Oh poo I hate this part.... at least I don't have a ton to say :) Bar: My family and I don't drink alcohol and apparently alcoholics are great tippers cuz when we would go to a bar to order virgin drinks, the bar attendants would barely acknowledge us in comparison to the drunk tippers on the other side of the bar. :( I must say though that the drinks were very good :) Plus the drunks were hilarious to watch... so it made for a good show lol. Guest Services: Very abrupt... but again, just understaffed, there were too many things they had to deal with and not enough people to do it so that had to get through the line of people as quickly as possible. Nausea: It is a ship. It does move. :) lol. Bring Nausea medicine just incase.... I never used any, but my in-laws did. Anyway enough with that!!! :) More upsides! :) Do as many poses as you can with the photographers :) Posing is free and they are set up most evenings to take you picture for formal nights of casual or ports :) Then you have a big selection to pick from :) The photos are very professional but you don't have to pay a sitting fee like with other professional photographers AND the photo prints are less expensive... more so than say Wal-Mart but much better quality. $20 for 8 x 10 full plus $10 more if you'd like another 8x10 with wallets and 4x6's in it. So 1 8x10 2 4x6 and some wallets for $30 :) Our local professional costs $27 just for one 8x10 besides the $100 for an hour of posing :) Free posing and cheap high quality prints :) Moral: GET YOUR PICS DONE! :) Its worth it! :) If you are going and you happened to bump into Freddy Gonsalves or Kelly Tucker, let them know the Simpsons said hi (yep they memorized our names, ain't that something :))... Enjoy yourselves on the Serenade! :) I know you will! :) Read Less
Sail Date May 2008
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.6
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.0
Family 5.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.4
Value For Money 5.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.3

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