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We had priority boarding via Aquaclass, so I don't think it took more than ten minutes to board the ship after we dropped off our bags. We arrived early to the ship so our balcony stateroom was still being made ready. We headed up to ... Read More
We had priority boarding via Aquaclass, so I don't think it took more than ten minutes to board the ship after we dropped off our bags. We arrived early to the ship so our balcony stateroom was still being made ready. We headed up to the Oceanview cafe for an awesome buffet lunch. We sat outside on the patio in the sunshine and enjoyed our first meal overlooking the water and the Seattle skyline in the distance. This was the beginning of a week long cruise that was nearly perfect. The scenery in Alaska is amazing. Brent Nixon is a naturalist on the ship who did several wildlife presentations that were very educational and entertaining. The Ghost-lite Broadway show was my favorite of the cruise. Hiking in Alaska is free, if I cruise AK again I will skip the high $$ excursions.Aquaclass allows for breakfast and dinner in a restaurant called Blu, I would pay for Aqua just to dine in Blu. Aquaclass offers several more perks too. Liquor on board the ship is incredibly expensive and so are the drink packages. I would compare Celebrity pretty closely to Royal Caribbean, both exceptional. That said, neither is a a luxury cruise line but both work very hard to provide an amazing cruise experience. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We have enjoyed tours on board Princess line in Mexico and the Caribbean, so we decided to try Holland America for our Alaskan cruise. The Westerdam sailed out of Seattle towards Glacier Bay and back for a 7 day vacation. Though it is a ... Read More
We have enjoyed tours on board Princess line in Mexico and the Caribbean, so we decided to try Holland America for our Alaskan cruise. The Westerdam sailed out of Seattle towards Glacier Bay and back for a 7 day vacation. Though it is a smaller ship by 30% compared to Princess Line, it was just right for us. We didn't have to spend a long time walking from one part of the ship to the other. It actually is the right size for a voyage; you may have more venues on a bigger ship, but really, how many more bars or restaurants or swimming pools did you need? Traditionally, we use on board laundry facilities by paying with coins. But they only offered daily laundry for $49 total. We used it every day to our delight. (I've never had my underwear pressed !) We paid extra to dine in the Pinnacle Grill which offers good food and personal service. The Vista Dining room, either open or fixed dining, offers very good food too, but the service is more hurried and cookie cutter. My bride pondered why we spent extra money on the Pinnacle Grill and the Italian restaurant when the Vista offered equally good food. The difference is a smaller venue and more personal service. They offered some musical shows, funny comedians and a magician in the Vista Lounge. One show that is peculiar to Holland America but we enjoyed is a "crew Show". One week the Philippino crew performs songs and dances and the next week an Indonesian crew offers their version. The crew seemed to genuinely enjoy the opportunity to showcase their culture and their talents. An Alaskan cruise, even in August, found the weather to be overcast and chilly with rain each day. So bring a windbreaker, sweater and hat. Most of the guests were from parts of America in the 90 degrees so they enjoyed the weather. We also discovered that we could have breakfast room service at no added cost. On other vessels they might offer a limited breakfast, but this was most a big menu. All in all, I would take Holland America cruise over Princess any day. On the last afternoon good bye show, it was secreted that only 3 ships on the seas have escaped broad sickness and Westerdam is one. They keep it clean and to notch. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Sailed Celebrity Infinity round trip Seattle - Tracy Arm Fjord - June 15 - 22, 2012. When we boarded (which seemed pretty organized) and finally were on board the ship, we passed a couple of crew members standing next to some Mimosas. ... Read More
Sailed Celebrity Infinity round trip Seattle - Tracy Arm Fjord - June 15 - 22, 2012. When we boarded (which seemed pretty organized) and finally were on board the ship, we passed a couple of crew members standing next to some Mimosas. They never offered any to us. I went up and asked if those were for us and then we were given some. What a send off! That should have been the tip off for me that this trip was not customer oriented. My biggest complaint was that they did not advertise their grand brunch, buffet, or whatever you want to call it. After being on 6 cruises, this is the first time I have ever missed this special event. It was never mentioned in any of the entertainment evenings or in any of the literature that was given to us. We would get special invitations to sales events for whatever they were pushing that day, but nothing about the buffet. As Aqua Class, we ate in the Blu Restaurant instead of the Trellis where the brunch was. Blu was much less hectic. We did eat in the Trellis one day for lunch, and I don't think I would have enjoyed that huge dining room for dinners. The Blu Restaurant which was part of Aqua Class was much more intimate. However, they never told us about the grand buffet. I fell and injured myself on a tour, or I probably would have been asking when it was, but normally you don't have to ask because they are so well advertised. We found out that we had missed it when we went to lunch in the Trellis Restaurant just to see what it was like. The people said that the brunch had been outstanding - lobster, crab legs, ice carvings, chocolate bar. They showed us pictures with carved watermelons. They also said they didn't know about it either, they actually stumbled across it when they went to see what the "brunch" was (since this was the restaurant that they always ate in). They were not Aqua Class so they were eating dinner in the Trellis every night and nobody told them either! Another couple at the table was also Aqua Class and was completely,as she said, "devastated" when they found out that they, too, had missed the brunch. There is a whole column in the paper every day devoted to eating times in all the different restaurants and the only indication of this special event was the word "brunch" 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. listed under Trellis. Not even highlighted or capitalized! Why would you have two dress-up evenings and then have the brunch/buffet in the middle of the day!!! Since most of the cruises I have been on recently refer to it as a "buffet" I didn't even realize this was the big event, plus it was listed under a restaurant that we weren't eating in because we were Aqua Class. We didn't eat in the Trellis so would have no reason to view their hours. I complained to the Guest Relations Supv and she said that it was printed in the newsletter. I said surely you don't expect everyone to recognize this event simply by the word brunch. She kept saying the same thing and finally I got to talk to the Guest Relations Manager who could have cared less. He said it was basically water under the bridge since it was already passed - too late to do anything. He also said it was printed in the newsletter: brunch. He said the waiters should have told us. I wish I had asked them to prepare me a lobster/crab dinner and send it to my room as I never got to have any on my Alaskan cruise! We did have lobster one night in Blu, but it was fixed in some sauce, so it wasn't that good. They all seem to think the word brunch lets everyone know this is the gala event. At least this is their pathetic excuse. It wasn't even highlighted. I was starting to get bored with his cruise and this event would really have helped liven things up. Especially since it's always the highlight of any cruise. I asked some people in the elevator if they had attended the brunch, and they also said they didn't know about it. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT CELEBRITY INFINITY INTENTIONALLY DOES NOT ADVERTISE THIS EVENT. I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS FOR COST REASONS OR OVERCROWDING. Someone suggested that maybe they don't have enough room for everyone. I repeated that to the Guest Relations Manager, but he said that was not the case. I have never seen a ship that was so disinterested in the satisfaction of their cruisers. IT JUST FLOORS ME THAT THEY DIDN'T CARE THAT WE MISSED THAT BRUNCH...IT'S REALLY HARD TO BELIEVE. I was so dissatisfied with the response from Guest Relations, that I contacted the Cruise Director. He was nicer (said it was printed in the newsletter - brunch), but said it wasn't his area, he would have the Food Manager call me. The Food Manager never called me. Needless to say, this is the worst customer service I have ever seen. As Aqua Class we got to use the Persian Gardens. These were amazing - steam and dry saunas, some herbal. This was a nice perk in Aqua Class but doesn't make up for no notification about the brunch. The food on Infinity was good - not excellent. We ate at Blu (nice atmosphere), the Oceanview Cafe - buffet style, Aqua Spa Cafe (health conscious, very limited choices) and Cafe al Bacio Gelateria. Our Room was Aqua Class 9093 veranda. There is an overhang from the floor above which I didn't know about until the last minute. As someone said, it is a curse or a benefit depending upon how you look at it. It did take effort to keep the overhang and side rails out of pictures. However, in poor weather it did keep our chairs from getting wet. We thought our bathroom had a distinct smell of urine. We asked to have it cleaned again, but it didn't change much. We just tried to ignore it. I don't know if it's just the smell of the bathrooms or if there was a problem. I really didn't feel comfortable asking any other cruisers if their bathrooms smelled of urine. The couple who also missed the brunch, said their shower was actually flooding badly on the Deck above us - don't know if that was 10 or 11. They were Aqua Class. All of the tours we selected were top notch. I was injured on one tour at the Suspension Bridge in the Yukon. The floorboards were uneven in the restaurant causing me to trip into the steel counter-top and smash my rib cage. I went to the clinic on the boat when we returned 3 or 4 hours later and had an x-ray. They didn't charge me because it was on a sponsored tour. The doctor said it didn't look like a fracture but I should see my doctor when I get back if it still hurts. She said their X-ray machine was good, but not great. I wanted a copy of the medical report for my traveller's insurance, but they said I would have to pay $25. I didn't think that was right and ended up not getting one. I put a call in to the nurse on the last day because I thought I better spend the $25 for it, but again no one called me back. The naturalist on the ship was outstanding - Brent Nixon. He was very animated and even acted out some of his presentations. Some people thought this was too much, but we found him extremely interesting. The comedian also was exceptional and I'm sorry I can't remember his name. The musical numbers were very good, but with about three shows like that produced by the same people it became a little boring. I started to feel bored on this cruise, and that's another reason the brunch would have livened things up. We did go to some Karaoke in one lounge and dancing in the Constellation. I had expected so much from Celebrity and was sorely disappointed. Customer service was lacking. I don't fell like they cared about their cruisers. Our last cruise was a Viking River Cruise in Europe and from the food, to the staff there is no comparison. We still gave everyone their full tips because we didn't want to penalize them, but the service just wasn't up to par. So now I'm back at home with extremely sore ribs, getting ready to go to my doctor, and wishing I could be more excited about the trip I was just on considering how much money we spent. Our vacations have always been outstanding - I guess every one can't be that way. Somewhere along the line you have a not-so-good one, and for me it was Celebrity Infinity. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
This was not my first cruise with NCL and not my first to Alaska, my most favorite destination. But it was my first cruise with mobility issues. Several months before the cruise, arthritis started in my left knee and then on to my right ... Read More
This was not my first cruise with NCL and not my first to Alaska, my most favorite destination. But it was my first cruise with mobility issues. Several months before the cruise, arthritis started in my left knee and then on to my right knee. Never had this much trouble with arthritis before, but this time it came with a vengeance. Got a shot of Cortisone in the left knee prior to the cruise, but I thought the right knee was due to favoring it too much, so I didn't get a shot for that knee. So I knew I was going to have problems getting around mostly because of the right knee. With this, the thought of a getting a week's pass for the thermal suite on the ship was sounding really good but I wondered if we could board early enough to get a couple of those coveted passes. Luckily, I had my cane with me because both knees were wobbly and when they announced that people with mobility problems could board first, I grabbed my sister EL and daughter AD and we headed for the ship. We were the first group of people to board and the first thing we did was sign up for the thermal suite! Our "girls" cruise was off to a good start. We had our first lunch at the Summer Palace by the large window with a glorious view of the Seattle skyline in front of us on a lovely, Sunday morning. Couldn't ask for anything better. By the time we finished our lunch our cabin was ready. Our balcony cabin seemed smaller than I remember, but then the last cabin we had was a mini-suite, so in comparison, the space seemed very small. And with a third person in the room, it seemed even smaller. But we found plenty of storage and closet space. Then it was time for the emergency drill. I was afraid about standing for a long time during the drill because of my bad knees. But it was different this time, we didn't have to put on our life jackets and our drill station was at the Summer Palace. That was way too easy but what a relief. We relaxed for a while and then stepped out on our balcony as the ship left the pier. We had our first dinner at Le Bistro. It's half-price on the first night of the cruise. We then saw the "Oh What a Night" Frankie Valley tribute show which was very entertaining. After that we decided to go to bed early so that we could try out the thermal suite first thing in the morning. The thermal suite was wonderful. It's definitely well worth the extra $99 for an opportunity to just relax and pamper oneself. However, for short people take caution entering the large thermal pool. Your feet won't touch the bottom and the bubbling current can easily make it seem like your in the rapids with your body bobbing around like a cork. Hold on to a bar and don't let go! Plus - there are two personal whirlpool baths but unfortunately one was out of order. But there were so few people there it didn't take very long for it to be available again. Now going back to the fact that my knees were in bad shape, this is what I experienced for the first time as someone with mobility problems. The Summer Palace entrance is on the 7th floor and you have to go down the stairs to the 6th floor to the dining hall. Anyone having trouble with stairs can take the elevator that goes down to the 6th floor and only one of 4 elevators in front of the Summer Palace goes there. Once you're down on the 6th floor, there is no access to the rest of the ship other than by that one elevator or the stairs. When we got down to the 7th floor for dinner at the Summer Palace, I stood there in front of the elevator that goes down to the 6th floor while EL and AD checked in for a table. I waited forever, but no 6th floor elevator arrived. Since EL and AD were already below waiting for me, I decided to try the stairs. I made it down, but almost lost my balance on the way down. Then after dinner, I waited at the 6th floor elevator, this time with EL and AD. No elevator arrived. There was another lady with a cane also waiting. The elevator never came. So we all made our way up the stairs, which was painful for me but even more painful for the other lady. By the time we made it up to the 7th floor, the gal at the restaurant registration desk said, "Sorry that you had to walk up the stairs, the elevator's not working." These things happen I suppose - but why weren't we informed before going down to the 6th floor? Why wasn't there a sign saying the elevator was out of order? Why did they allow us to go downstairs to the dining hall without a word of warning about a broken elevator? It was a puzzle. I wondered what might have happened for someone in a wheelchair. Perhaps they were informed, but I guess they thought people with canes could handle the stairs just fine. It could be there was another elevator that could be used, but no one bothered to tell us. We reserved tickets to see the Lumberjack show at Ketchikan. Our ship was closer to where the show was located the first time I was in Ketchikan but this time it was much further away. I asked someone at the excursion desk if there was a shuttle that would take us to the show. I was told that when I got to the meeting place outside of the ship they would have a shuttle there for folks with mobility problems. We got off the ship early and I asked about the shuttle and the person guiding people to where the show was didn't know what we were talking about. So she called the excursion desk and she was told the show would have a taxi take us there at their expense. Good. However, when the show was over, there were no arrangements made to pick us up after the show. So we walked slowly back to the ship. It was uncomfortable, but I made it. So, back on the ship we had lunch and I soaked my achy knees in one of the thermal suite's personal whirlpool bath. Ahhh.... I would suggest to anyone having trouble getting around, don't be afraid to tell crewmembers that you'll need special accommodations for boarding or de-boarding. Being new at this, I wasn't proactive and I paid dearly for it. In previous cruises with NCL, disembarking was always so smooth and usually didn't take very long at all. The only time it took longer was in New York, which is a very busy port. I didn't realize Vancouver is also a very busy port and we stood in line forever going through customs and then it was another lengthy wait just to get in a taxi. I could have kicked myself when I saw a row of people in wheelchairs being wheeled directly to where they needed to go. So don't be proud, ask for assistance. My poor knees ached for days after waiting in all those long lines. All in all, it was another great Alaskan cruise and I intend to get my knees replaced before taking another trip. P.S. - Another suggestion -- Try the chicken wings at the Blue Lagoon. I've never seen so many peopleat one time chomping on wings. Chicken bones were flying everywhere! There hot like they just came out of the fryer! They're super-crispy on the outside and juicy and tender inside. They're delicious and you can get them hot or mild. If you get it mild, you can just dip the wings in as much hot sauce as you want rather than having the wings smothered in sauce. It's not as messy to eat. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010

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