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15 SeaDream Yacht Club Romantic Cruise Reviews

BACKGROUND: I am 57 and my husband is 63. We enjoy good health and like to be active. We were invited to spend this cruise with another couple. We have cruised on big ships: Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Holland ... Read More
BACKGROUND: I am 57 and my husband is 63. We enjoy good health and like to be active. We were invited to spend this cruise with another couple. We have cruised on big ships: Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Holland America, as well as the smaller ones: Wind Star and Wind Spirit Sail ships. (We've also cruised in our own trawler as well as sailed various sailboats throughout the years.) This was definitely our favorite commercial cruise. CRUISE: It was casual, yet first class. The crew was SINCERELY interested in making sure our voyage was perfect. The passengers probably all had money to spend, but every one we observed was respectful, considerate, and friendly to the crew members. It is a confident person who can treat others with kindness no matter what kind of power they have in life or business, and we found the passengers to be just as refreshing as the crew members. We got to know every crew member who served us, as well as many of the passengers. This was the 5th SeaDream cruise our friends have been on, and is one of the reasons they return. We have already booked our next cruise with them and 18 other friends for July 2021! SPA: Everything is included except spa treatments. However, unlike the other cruises we've been on, SeaDream employs their own spa personnel with no outside contractors. Each massage therapist is a certified Thai masseuse, which is the best kind, in my opinion. We used Winni and Na who were both phenomenal. No one in the spa pressured us into buying anything as you usually find on cruise ships. It was so great not to have to listen to a lecture on why I have to buy this or that face cream! And, after we boarded, not only were we treated to champagne (or any other drink we wanted), and a beautiful buffet of hors d'oeuvres, but every passenger was given a neck massage by one of the masseuse therapists! The workout equipment was just perfect for a cruise this size. I used the treadmill on only three occasions when I was not able to get my 15,000 steps in. (I never saw another person in the workout room.) I also participated in the yoga on one occasion. It was fabulous! Unfortunately, it was in the hot sun which really didn't appeal to me. DINING and COCKTAILS: Prior to dinner every night, there was a 6:30 cocktail hour on the pool deck with an announcement by Taylor, our Cruise Director, at 7:15. It was always entertaining and very informative. Frude was our Activity Manager, and she was just as sweet and adorable as anyone. She wanted to make sure everyone had a wonderful time and was open to concerns and input. All drinks and food are included, with the exception of upgraded wine and spirits. We did not feel the need, at all, to upgrade what was served - even though we usually buy top shelf at home or on vacation. Head Bartender Aurel, Andre', and the others were exceptional, and they always knew what we wanted! And DINING! This was a gourmet food cruise if I've ever been on one! I cannot say enough about it. Dinner was from 7:30-9:30 every night. Chef Tomas', and his chefs, made each dish as ordered. This was First Class dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although you can order anything from your room, the whole dining experience was so superior to any upgraded meal service on any other cruise. (This is why I checked the box below which indicates this was a "gourmet food cruise.") It was not publicized as a gourmet food cruise, but we all agree it would put ANY gourmet food cruise to the test! Unparalleled. Another thing about dining. Depending on the route and winds, we ate in the dining room on deck 2 or dined "al fresco" (outside under the stars) up on decks 4/5/6. Both experiences were amazing. Robin, the Maitre d' Hotel really knows how to run his department. Leo, Kumal, Jonathon, Juan III (Tre), Russell, Leslie, Tristan, and all the others were consummate professionals with a twist of personable humor and wit. They were such an absolute pleasure! When dining in the dining room, no bathing suits, shorts, or jeans, and close-toed shoes for men. Women could wear any kind of shoe. Most everyone was dressy casual. You can wear anything for outside, although most were dressy casual. HOTEL: Andy, the "Hotel Manager," was just OUTSTANDING!! To me, he was the most important "key" person on the cruise. He organized a last minute special event for my friend. He even pulled in the Director of Communications "Gedal" (?) to help with technology. Gedal was such a professional and really helped to make a surprise come to fruition. (This was not part of his job description, but he happily helped us! Thank you, Gedal!) Andy pulled the whole thing off flawlessly, happily, and with entertaining secrecy. What a top-notch guy! Super detail-oriented, which is just what you need in this position. Brenda, the fabulous concierge, and her assistant, Carene, were very knowledgeable and accommodating and both so very sweet and sincere. True smooth and flawless multitaskers under pressure. And Tess, the Boutique Manager, was available when we needed her, but was not "pushing" anything. A tribute to Andy! ENTERTAINMENT: Fred the pianist, and Ruel, the guitarist, were great soloists as well as a great team. Each night at dinner, Ruel played guitar as we entered to eat. Each night from 9-11, Fred played all the songs we loved. We could choose to sing along or alone. However, no one was as good as Fred, with his beautiful, melodic voice. For more entertainment, there is a golf simulator on board which was used quite frequently! Additionally, Denisa runs the casino table - adjacent to Fred on the piano (so you don't miss a thing), and Denisa and Ruel also take care of the complementary water sports during the day: kayaks, jet skis, banana boat, and swim platform! And, for your listening pleasure, we heard rumor that many of the crew members were amazing singers. So, at Karaoke night, we begged them to sing. Brian, Ruel, and Brenda gave us the most astonishing concert! They rivaled any big cruise ship entertainment - Really astonishing and refreshing! (I have proof!) BALINESE BEDS!: One of the cool things about this cruise was that a single or couple could sleep outside, under the stars, in one of the 14(?) Balinese beds. The crew would make them up around 8:00 and you could spend 1 hour to all night sleeping outside.... with no cameras (as Taylor told us! :) TENDER: Other than when boarding and when departing the cruise, all passengers on our journey had to use a "tender" to reach each shore. We were each given a card, and Security Officer, Suraj, screened us out and in every day. He made sure we had water, towels, snorkeling gear, and knew when to return. Most of all, he made sure we were all safe and secure. (He also had quite the sense of humor as I asked if I was on the "Disney" cruise every time I boarded. Without skipping a beat, he always responded, "Yes, this is where you need to be!" Because the stair getting down to the tender was quite steep, I did not see a lot of the elderly taking advantage of going to shore. When the seas were rough, it became very difficult even for the less elderly. Because I am used to being on small boats, I was fine. However, this is something to keep in mind. I would say most of the people on our trip were adventurous and didn't seem to mind. And tender driver, JJ, was very competent and careful - keeping safety first! SERVICE: ALL service was unparalleled to any service we have received on any other cruise! .............. Mic drop! CABINS: First of all, we know that both of the SeaDream yachts are going to undergo room renovations by May 2021. Because of this, my cabin review is only for those people who will be traveling before this occurs. The cabin was fine. It showed wear and tear and age. But, it was clean and perfectly supplied. We were happy, however, to hear of the coming renovations. None of the cabins have balconies or opening portholes or windows. However, the cabins on the 3rd and 4th decks have big picture windows, and the cabins on deck 2 have two portholes each. I did not miss the balcony even though I have never sailed without one. We did not spend a lot of time in our cabin, and no one else seemed to. Many nights, we received a "treat" from SeaDream: Monogrammed pajamas, glasses holders, mints, pens, bag for wet swim suits or shoes, and monogrammed tumblers. Just FYI, each standard room has: 1. A magnification mirror 2. Only 1 - 110 volt outlet in the main cabin. One in the bathroom "for shavers only." (Luckily, I brought an extension cord!) 3. 2 USB ports 4. Bvlgari shampoo/body wash, conditioner, body lotion 5. Blow dryer 6. Laundry service available 7. Robes and slippers 8. No iron.... which I always like to have. ;( 9. Best towels ever! Not too soft, not too hard, but just right! Thanks to Maiwan, the Laundry Master!!! All of the cabin attendants were super attentive, and although we had a dedicated cabin attendant, we could ask any of them for anything, and they were happy to comply. They were the "quietly enthusiastic" crew who were there all the time without being in your space or doing their busy work in front of you. A perfect combination of classy organization. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our room was closest to the bow (front) which meant we felt the wave action more than those in the middle. This did not bother us at all, even when the seas were rough. However, it MAY bother those who are prone to sea-sickness. You should chose a more middle cabin if you are concerned. OTHER HELPFUL NOTES: If you choose a cruise to the Caribbean islands, don't forget your bug repellant! There are mosquitoes off and on all the islands. Bring a backpack capable of holding towels, snorkel gear, water and anything else you may want to take on your daily excursions. My husband and I each had one which was so helpful. Another interesting thing I wanted to mention is that the crew does not mind if you bring outside drinks/alcohol onto the SeaDream, nor did they collect it and hold it until departure. I never saw anyone do this except those who were bringing home Rum souvenirs, etc. The thing is, the Sea Dream has everything you will want and there is no need to try and "sneak" anything on as so many try to do on those big cruise lines. :) PORTS OF CALL: In my photos, I include a daily itinerary from our yacht. Unfortunately, I am missing the Sunday flyer for St. Barts. Sorry about that! We began our cruise in Marigot, St. Maarten which we reached by American Airlines. We rented a car and drove about 1 1/2 hours (The hotelier said it would be 25 minutes) to our " boutique" hotel, which had five star reviews but was definitely not even close, and was severely overpriced. I would definitely NOT recommend "Villa JWI Lavi". St. Maarten had not yet recovered from the hurricane and still needs a lot of work. However, we were happy to see both the Dutch and French sides. There is major traffic which should be a consideration as to where you stay. Although we were able to drive around using our rental car, we questioned whether or not it was worth the traffic and time hassle. Next time, we'll take a cab to our hotel and make sure our hotel is next to the seaport from which we depart. Our next stop was St. Bartholomew (St. Barts). This is a very wealthy island, which has already totally rebuilt since the hurricane. Beautiful island with "beautiful" people who take a lot of pride in their place in the sun. We went to the famous Nikki Beach Club and Eden Rock Hotel, both right on the exquisite beach. Everyone was dressed in their best elegant, casual attire with full make-up and perfectly sculpted bodies. What an amazing "style show"! We then drove around the lovely mountainous island with unique and incredible architecture in all the beautifully crafted homes. NOTE: IF you are afraid of heights, or driving on narrow roads with a cliff-like drop offs, none of these mountainous islands we visited are ones to drive around. On Monday, we visited Little Bay, Montserrat. This was one of my favorites because my friend and I hired a private driver and toured the island. Since there is an active volcano currently spewing steam, it was a sight to behold. Our incredible driver, Jermaine Wade, with "Fabulous Tours" was second to none! He grew up on Montserrat and remembers the devastation that occurred with the volcano eruption. He took us all around the island, including the "exclusion zone" and was such an amazing advocate for his people. You can expect to pay at least a minimum of $120 for a 2 hour tour around the island. We talked him down, but ended up paying him much more after realizing that he was such a passionate tour guide and the fact that the island only receives small boats once every 2 weeks. He was absolutely worth $200!! Here's his number: 664-393-6718 or 664-493-4357. GREAT guy! I can't say enough! (By the way, the local police recommended him.). It would be worth visiting the buried (by the volcanic eruption) former capital city of Plymouth. We were very lucky in that our Captain departed and was able to give us a tour us along the coast with all the devastation, and we were able to see the buried city from the water. We arrived in Portsmouth, Dominica on Tuesday. There were several tours available, but I decided to "get my steps in" and walk into town. We moored really far away from the town. I wish SeaDream would reconsider this move. The yacht could have been closer in so that older people could have walked around. HOWEVER, this was such a depressed town! Although the men were friendly, the women were aloof. There was trash everywhere in the streets and on the beach, but I did see some construction. I felt very safe, although I was approached by a number of men wanting to help me or take me anywhere in their "taxi." I actually passed a well-dressed man relieving himself on the beach - right in front of me and everyone else - who didn't seem to notice. (My husband, who spends a lot of time in this area, says this is very typical. So, don't be surprised.). I was most bothered by the stray dogs who seemed to be undernourished and uncared for. It was a very depressing day and, although I don't care to return to this island, I want to help the animals. I ended up walking over 8 miles. Grande Anse, Martinique was such a tidy proud island. It was very "walkable." it had a lovely countryside, and an amazing beach. The "French" people were warm and welcoming! We stopped at an adorable beach cafe called "Payot" with the most hilarious waiter and waitress! The whole day experience was well worth the stop! Thursday was Port Elizabeth, Bequia, The Grenadines! What an exceptional island! We walked all along the 2 mile boardwalk and enjoyed meeting the locals and seeing the beach sights. My husband and I decided to dive with "Dive Bequia:" and dove a one tank dive along a reef and 3 wrecks. Great experience and I highly recommend Dive Bequia! Christian was an amazing Dive Master and Captain Kirk was a terrific assistant. Afterwards, they dropped us off at "Bar One", which is a bar on a pontoon which you can only get to by boat. THE MOST amazing Margaritas! (See photos) We took a $5 pp water taxi back to our dock to pick up the tender back to the yacht. On Friday morning, we went to a little deserted island of Tobago Cay, Grenadines which we could only reach by Zodiac boat. BRING money because there are little souvenirs, drinks, and snacks to buy. It's just a cute little island and you can "bob" in the water with a little drinkie. I was bothered that the people who set up their tables didn't really seem to care about preserving this small little spit of land. There were cigarette butts and beer bottle caps everywhere. In the afternoon, the yacht was moved to a nearby location called Clifton Harbour, Union island (Grenadines). This was one of the most depressing islands we went to. There were neglected dogs EVERYWHERE, looking for food, but so scared of everyone. The people were very aloof and unfriendly, and certainly did not seem to appreciate us being there. The town was dirty and showed a lack of any pride. This is a stop which could be avoided except for those who can help with the animal situation. I saw a mother goat walking through the street with a rope attached to her neck. A baby followed her. Very sad. However, my husband, who is a kite-boarder, said this was a real hot spot for kiters in this area and he took advantage of the stop. It was very enjoyable for him. Saturday was the best day ever! We went out on a 60 foot catamaran, with Wind & Sea Captain Tim Adams (and Dillon and Steven), to swim with the turtles. I saw "a record" 13 turtles, 10 starfish, a spiny lobster, and a baby stingray! After, we immediately went to the beach for a Beach Party on Mayreau, the Grenadines!!! SO MUCH FUN!! The staff paraded to the beach with a table of caviar for an amazing presentation! Then Chef Tomas' put on the most amazing beach lunch ever. I just can't say enough about the presentation and quality. Then, the four of us had "couples massages" on the beach! What a great day!! The next morning was disembarkation. We were not "rushed" off the boat, but told to relax and take our time while we ate breakfast and said good-bye. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although tipping is not necessary at all, you will want to bring small bills to hand out as the cruise progresses or at the end. We brought US $10's and $20's. Some of the crew had completed their contracts which was kind of sad. When we saw them at the airport, they were just as polite and professional as they were on the yacht. It was such an honor and pleasure to experience this. I can say that Aurel (Head Bartender) is a true professional and we were happy to have made his acquaintance. This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip which was repeated by just over 50% of the passengers onboard! In addition to that, we met employees who have been with SeaDream for 5 years, 6 years, 12 years, 18 years, and there are many more who have that kind of longevity. THAT tells you something about a company. We are excited to return to the SeaDream, and excited to see some of our new friends who will, sincerely, be waiting for us to return! :D Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
I have been on a LOT of cruises. I have been on Royal Caribbean, Princess and Norwegian. I have taken 7 cruises on Norwegian, the last 3 in the Haven Suites. After my last cruise on them I felt VERY nickle and dimed. When I found out ... Read More
I have been on a LOT of cruises. I have been on Royal Caribbean, Princess and Norwegian. I have taken 7 cruises on Norwegian, the last 3 in the Haven Suites. After my last cruise on them I felt VERY nickle and dimed. When I found out after paying over $20,000 for my families haven vacation that my pre paid gratuities (come on, you know they are not giving those dollars up to the staff!) did not even cover all of the gratuities, I was done. There was so much more to that but I digress. We finally decided to try a small, boutique ship and I did extensive research. We just got back from a San Juan to San Juan week long vacation on the Seadream 1 and I can honestly say it was the BEST most RELAXING vacation ever!!! 1. It has the BEST service of any place in the world. The people that work on the ship LOVE their jobs and they are simply wonderful. 2. The food is truly 5 plus star. I have dined all over the world and it is simply exceptional. 3. Drinks are included. 4. You can have basically whatever you want whenever you want it. 5. The open spaces on the ship are a nice bonus. The pool is nothing but views. There is no fighting for a deck chair, no lines of any kind, you don't wait for anything at all. There were only 70 guests total and it never felt crowded. 6. It is not for kids. Leave them at home. 7. The stops are exotic and you feel more like an explorer and less like a tourist. 8. You will be pampered. The Thai massage is well worth it! 9. There is no one trying to sell you anything anywhere! Tips are included, but I actually tipped a few people because it was just so wonderful. 10. The staff are treated well and it shows. I cannot rave more about the service! 11. The cabin and ship are old, but clean. It has character. If you are looking for fancy, this isn't it. We were always on the go so I did not even miss the balcony. 12. Sleeping on the front of the ship cannot be missed! It was WONDERFUL! 13. They go out of their way to make your trip great. There are little touches like monogrammed pajamas custom made for you~! You can also jet ski (also included), banana boat, kayak or paddleboat off the back of the ship. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Having written many reviews in tripadvisor I have always been 100% honest in my consideration. Will share this review in two SHIP, FOOD AND SERVICE Have never experienced any thing like this, even after many experiences with ... Read More
Having written many reviews in tripadvisor I have always been 100% honest in my consideration. Will share this review in two SHIP, FOOD AND SERVICE Have never experienced any thing like this, even after many experiences with Michelin-starred restaurants. The food was amazing both on taste and presentation. Chef Thomas was amazingly creating new artwork everyday. Tableware on board was second to none, the most used word when we asked for something was: "no problem". The cabins were not big but always clean and fresh, with small gifts every evening. CRUISE It was not as good in relation to what we expected for that price. Strong wind and small ships are not a good combination. We sailed past many of the places we were supposed to visit. The marina was open for a maximum of 5 hours on the whole cruise. We left the dock in San Juan and St. Thomas without experiencing anything. On St. Thomas we spent a whole day at an industry pier that ruined a whole day for us. We wanted swimming nice beaches etc. but experienced boring quays and little activity. I have been a tour director, but here there was no creativity - we just lay still at the pier. Could we not get information about nearby beaches that were in shelter and could be reached by taxi? Or other experiences that were available? Do we want to travel in the Caribbean again with SeaDream - highly uncertain - can we recommend it - the same answer here we can not recommend it. We will always let the "accused" have a second chanse - so we are now looking at a Mediterranean cruise and have paid a deposit. Most because of the dinner and the food on board with Eric (wine waiter) Thomas (chef) and Alfie and the other waiters and Our cabin attendant. Summing up: On a cruise at this price you have to have the options ready when you can not deliver as promised - it did not happen on this cruise - this was mainly due to the lack of creativity to offer alternative experiences when we had to stay at dull cargo piers.. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
My wife and I love small cruise ships. We prefer a “country club casual” dress code; great food and service; and an intimate vessel that makes it easy to meet new and interesting fellow travelers. We’ve cruised on Windstar and ... Read More
My wife and I love small cruise ships. We prefer a “country club casual” dress code; great food and service; and an intimate vessel that makes it easy to meet new and interesting fellow travelers. We’ve cruised on Windstar and several other small-ship ocean cruise lines many times, as well as on river cruises in Europe, the U.S., and the Amazon. I’ve been intrigued by SeaDream for several years, and this year we finally took the plunge on a 7-day Caribbean winter-getaway cruise from Barbados to St. Thomas. We’re glad we did! Embarkation: Getting to - and on – a ship at the beginning of a voyage is often one of the most stressful, frustrating parts of a cruise. Embarkation on SeaDream was easy and seamless. We arrived portside about an hour before boarding was to start. SeaDream had port agents there to take our luggage and free us to wander Bridgetown unencumbered at our leisure. At the designated 2:00 pm time, we caught the shuttle to the ship, were welcomed aboard with champagne and a lovely buffet, and quickly and efficiently went through the registration process. It couldn’t have been easier. Disembarkation was just as easy, albeit a little sadder. The Ship: SeaDream is a tiny, all-inclusive, boutique cruise line, consisting of two, thirty-year-old ships, (cleverly named SeaDream I and SeaDream II). These identical, very well-maintained ships each carry about 110 passengers and 96 crew members. The ship has a small pool and hot tub, plenty of lounge chairs and lots of shaded nooks and crannies to curl up with a good book. There are several bars around the ship, with convivial bartenders eager to keep passengers well-lubricated. SeaDream has a very loyal clientele. Half or more of the passengers had sailed on SeaDream before; often many times. One couple had spent 311 days on SeaDream ships. It doesn’t get much more loyal than that. Dining: The food on SeaDream II was superb! (Thank you, Alastair!!) There was always a seafood dish on the menu, plus a variety of entres. I don’t eat tofu, but there also appeared to be plenty of tasty options for non-carnivores. The main dining room on Deck 2 is lovely, but most evenings (weather permitting) dinner was alfresco at the Topside Restaurant on Decks 5 and 6. Pre-dinner cocktails were served in the lounge or poolside, and always included a wonderful assortment of hors d’oeuvres. Cabins: The cabins on SeaDream are adequate in size ( 195 sq. ft.), nicely appointed and well layed out, but there are no verandas. The bathroom is quite small. You actually have to sit side-saddle to use the throne. The shower, however, is decent-sized, and water pressure is good. On-Board Activities: There are no Broadway shows, water slides or midnight buffets on SeaDream II. During the day, the sports platform is out for swimming, sunning and enjoying an assortment of water toys (both motorized and non-motorized). The two jet-skis were great fun, (however, after riding in choppy water I quickly learned how my dog must have felt when I had him neutered). The piano bar on Deck 4 was a fun place to be after 9:30 pm. Fred is a marvelous piano player and loved to accompany us in ad hoc karaoke. Across from the piano is a tiny “casino” consisting of a single blackjack table at which Alexandra is always “feeling very generous”. Bartender Severin happily and efficiently kept us all well lubricated. SeaDream did a great job helping my wife celebrate her birthday. At dinner they served her a beautiful - and tasty - personalized cake, and everyone, of course, sang “Happy Birthday”. On a ship this size, (we had only 88 passengers on board), most everyone already knew her and came up afterwards to wish her a happy day. And when we returned to our cabin, we found it festively decorated with balloons and towel animals. We were very pleased. The Crew: The SeaDream staff came from all over the world: Phillipines, Thailand, South Africa, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, etc., etc. They were all outstanding. They were fun, funny, efficient and attentive, and knew our names by the second day. I worry about naming a few names because so many wonderful crew members will be left out. But among the folks who made this voyage so memorable are Nikola the maitre d’, Frank the sommelier, Eugene, Fernando and Alfie in the dining room and Tonya, the masseuse. On a somewhat negative note, we wish there had been more opportunity to mingle and talk with the Captain and senior crew. We first saw the Captain at the reception Sunday night, and then again when we disembarked a week later. But never in between. On a small ship like this, we’d prefer that the Captain not be invisible. Other Activities and Issues: SeaDream’s much-touted “Caviar and Champagne Splash” and beach party easily lived up to the hype. It was a hoot!!! Everyone – passengers and crew alike – was eating and drinking and smiling and laughing. Where else can you wade into surf to be served caviar and champagne from a surfboard? The setting was perfect. A beautiful stretch of beach with plenty of chairs, a wonderful buffet and a well-stocked bar. With fewer than 100 passengers, the beach was never crowded. You could lay out in the sun, or in the shade of a palm tree, and relax and enjoy. It was a wonderful day SeaDream provides each passenger personalized pajamas with names embroidered in the shirt. We understood that the pajamas were “one size fits all”. That works for me, but my wife is less than 100 pounds soaking wet. Three months before the cruise, I asked SeaDream if they could provide my wife pajamas in an XS. No dice! Her lovely, personalized pajamas were Extra Large and useless to her. We threw them in the trash. What a waste. SeaDream’s much-touted “Sleeping under the stars in a Balinese Bed” was very disappointing. We took the advice from SeaDream reviews and were among the very first passengers to board the ship. We immediately reserved the most secluded and private of the Balinese beds (on the bow of Deck 6) for my wife’s birthday later in the week. When that day arrived, there was no communication from SeaDream reminding us or providing guidance on how best to take advantage of the experience. We also discovered that the only way to get to that Balinese bed was to traipse through a crowd of passengers in the Topside Bar. The above-mentioned pajama issue was also an obstacle to enjoying the Balinese bed. As a result of all this, we visited our Balinese bed after dinner, sat under the stars for an hour or so, and then returned to our cabin to go to bed. It should have been more fun and memorable than that. As is the case with most cruise lines, excursions booked through SeaDream are expensive and a bit of a crap shoot. We took only one excursion all week, a disappointing Catamaran and Snorkeling adventure. The sailing part was scenic and enjoyable, (it was a lovely, spacious boat), but the snorkeling was a waste of time. For the even more-expensive ($159 pp) “Tropical Eco-Adventure by Zodiac”, we fortunately never got off the wait list. Friends who took this excursion said it was awful. Instead, that day, we visited the amazing Deshaies, Guadelupe, Botanical Garden. A beautiful place well worth three hours of our time.!! We could have taken the SeaDream excursion to the Gardens for $79 per person. Instead, we took the tender into town and looked for a cab. By pure luck, we discovered there was a free shuttle to the nearby gardens. Perfect!! We paid our $16 pp admission and had a great time, while saving a total of about $125 in the process. Afterwards, the concierge on SeaDream claimed to know nothing about the free shuttle. A word of warning to those prone to sea-sickness. This is a small, older ship configured with less-than-state-of-the-art stabilization. A couple of times we sailed all night in choppy waters, and the SeaDream II was rocking and rolling a lot. We found it soothing and relaxing; but some motion-sensitive passengers may not. I don’t want to overstate the negatives on this cruise. For the most part, they are little nit-picking things that could easily be fixed or simply ignored. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and a marvelous relaxing week. I expect that we will be back on board a SeaDream cruise again in the not too far distant future. Read Less
Sail Date January 2018
This cruise was everything I was hoping for and more ! We don't like crowds nor need constant entertainment. If that is what you are looking for this is not the cruise for you. If you are looking for that moment you know you are home ... Read More
This cruise was everything I was hoping for and more ! We don't like crowds nor need constant entertainment. If that is what you are looking for this is not the cruise for you. If you are looking for that moment you know you are home and you exhale. This is the place for you. From the moment you step on the ship to the very last step the day you leave the Seadream crew out do themselves. The food was amazing, the staff are always friendly and move with a sense of pride. They truly love their jobs and it shows. They think of everything. From a cool cloth for when you get back from a day at shore to someone coming around to clean your sunglasses. They even had a velvet lined box of reading glasses in case you forgot yours at dinner ! Those are just a few highlights. Each and every day was a pleasure to be there. You never had a drink that wasn't full but they seemed to know when to be there and when to be invisible. An art in itself. We didn't want to leave. Hence why we book 2 more trips in the near future to head back to what we now call home :) BTY - We got engage on this trip and WOW, again Seadream went above and beyond to make that experience so memorable. Thanks Seadream ! Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
This was our first cruise. Friends recommended the SeaDream cruises as intimate with excellent service and food. What we did not want: A massive ship where we were one of a zillion people and mediocre food & service. We have chartered ... Read More
This was our first cruise. Friends recommended the SeaDream cruises as intimate with excellent service and food. What we did not want: A massive ship where we were one of a zillion people and mediocre food & service. We have chartered private yachts in the past and like the first class experience. Embarkation and disembarkation were simple and pleasant. From the minute you arrive to the moment you depart in your airport transport, you experience the excellent service. Staff was outstanding, 91 passengers/ 95 staff on our cruise. Not only did they know your name but at one stop on the beginning of our cruise, I needed a hat and due to port rules, they couldn't sell me one, a staff member insisted I borrow hers! Additionally, you can really feel how proud the staff is to work on the ship. Many have been on the ship for over 10 years. Food: Overall the food was stellar. They had options for everyone -- including a raw, vegan menu every evening. The pre-dinner cocktail hour was nice but it's one area I felt it fell down on food. The options just weren't as elegant as the food served at the meals. The caviar celebration was nice but I didn't care for the caviar. Each day a soup was offered at lunch; it would have been great to have a cold soup option on such a warm weather cruise. The dining room was very nice and when feasible, we dined on the deck outside. There were night where it was simply too windy though. Wine selection was good. We generally purchased a bottle for dinner as the dinner selections (one white, one red) were not my taste (I'm picky). I didn't feel the markup was extravagant. One night we had a $90 bottle and another we had a $30 rose that was quite nice. In room dining - See menu pics, pretty much says it all. For a non kid-friendly cruise, I was left wondering where the adult food was. Movie night was fun although a bit difficult to hear sound. Wish service had been better / existed. After the popcorn was distributed, we never saw the staff again -- I would have liked a glass of wine but didn't want to step away from the movie to find an open bar. Spa was excellent. We went nearly every day. They are flexible and it was easy to change our appointment times, day of. We made our appointments shortly after we arranged our land excursions and they made sure we didn't have conflicts. Land adventures were great. The adventures offered were a selection of the ones listed on the website. Prior to the cruise, I asked which ones were actually going to happen and they directed me to the website. Once on board, it made more sense as they change things depending on circumstances. For instance, there were 2 Pompeii tours on the site - same tour, just different starting point. When we arrived on the boat, they only offered one -- the better one as it was a 20 minute drive to the site instead of a 2 hour drive the other tour required. Port timing - typical of cruise ships probably but some were too short for our preference. Still, it was a nice "taste" of all of the stops. Stabilizers. An asst captain (I think) told us the ship had stabilizers but they didn't seem to work that well. It wasn't unbearable but the ship definitely rocked. I could see it being difficult if you are prone to seasickness There is a gym but the hours aren't great if you'd like to start early with a work out or go after dinner. Casino is a single blackjack table. I'm not a gambler but found this fun as it was another opportunity to get to know fellow cruise members and be social. See below for cabin information My husband, who was even more apprehensive about taking a cruise, is already talking about the next SeaDream cruise we should take. I can't wait! Read Less
Sail Date July 2017
We chose this cruise for its itinerary, excursions and the outstanding service and cuisine, and the excellent reputation of its staff. The fare includes all food and beverage (alcoholic or non) and tips. The only additional expenses on ... Read More
We chose this cruise for its itinerary, excursions and the outstanding service and cuisine, and the excellent reputation of its staff. The fare includes all food and beverage (alcoholic or non) and tips. The only additional expenses on board are excursions, boutique merchandise, premium wines/spirit, or avail of their spa services (massage/beauty salon). The embarkation was excellent as there were no crowds with only 112 guests on board. No lines to speak of. When you board the ship, you are greeted by the captain and the staff and a glass of champagne, escorted to the lounge for some more drinks and refreshments, to sit and relax. Registration is by party, and a staff will escort you to the concierge area where you are handed your sea pass. No lines to stand in. After this is all done, a cabin stewardess will escort you to your room where your luggage would most probably be waiting for you by the door. She will then go through the room amenities and give you the day's schedule. You can unpack and then go have a tour of the ship or book your excursions or have a drink and hang out at the pool. This cruise is not for everyone - It seems to be designed for the active travelers - young or old. There are no kids clubs, photographers or staff constantly selling you things. Entertainment is minimal - a guitarist and pianist, a 1 table casino, library, an 18 hole golf simulator, and an extensive collection of DVD that you can watch in your cabin. The concierge would even make pop corn and bring it to your room. Excursions are beach, bike, hike, snorkel or scuba diving, or you can get off the ship and do your own excursion arrangements ashore. Usually there are 2 ports per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. As several ports do no have docks, you have to be tendered in using one or two of the lifeboats, or by zodiak if you are going straight to the beach. Dining is usually on the Deck 5 and 6 and is open air, except for a couple of nights when both open air and the formal dining room on deck 2 is open. Food is excellent with extensive vegan options. The chef will make adjustments according to your requests, or would prepare a specific dish that you request if you give them a days notice. Only a few dishes are prepared in advance as most are cooked to order. Meals consist of breakfast, lunch, afternoon cocktails and dinner. You can also order from the room service menu any time day or night. Special occassions like birthdays or anniversaries are noted ahead of time and you will probably get serenaded by the staff or a staff member, with a cake and card signed by the captain. They will decorate your room with balloons and another special note from your cabin stewardess. The staff is always on the constant lookout for anything to satisfy your requests, and most of the time would anticipate it without waiting for you to ask for it. They call each guest by name - it might take a day or so, but they go through the guest list with pictures. The attire is informal until 6:30 pm where they recommend you get into a casual getup (proper shoes and long pants for the gents, no shorts/bathing attire for the ladies) however several guests seem to prefer to dress up a little (Dress for the ladies, jackets for the gents) as this is the start of the cocktails leading into dinner but you wouldn't be out of place in a polo/golf or hawaiian shirt. The on board atmosphere is more like a family get together as the staff always keeps you engaged, not because it is their job but because they truly care. A large majority of the passengers are repeat cruisers and are quite proud to share their onboard experiences with you. Disembarkation was a little sad as you are leaving newly found friends, but a lot of them have already made plans for the next cruise, and if you have as well, chances are you might see the same faces - guests and staff - welcome you back on board. There was no rush to get off the ship except for those that have a flight to catch, and with only 112 guest, there was no line to speak of. Going through immigrations was smooth and the taxi line was waiting outside. We were off the ship and at the airport in 20 minutes. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
Sea Dream is the Carnival Cruise line of the luxury brands. Overall the quality of the food was very good, but the wines served were not high quality, thus greatly dimishing the dining experience. They wanted vast amounts of money for the ... Read More
Sea Dream is the Carnival Cruise line of the luxury brands. Overall the quality of the food was very good, but the wines served were not high quality, thus greatly dimishing the dining experience. They wanted vast amounts of money for the better wines. The service was not first rate either. There were several service failures. The attitude of several staff members was arrogant. Prices in the gift shop were outrageous (I saw sunglasses that I paid $120 for offered at $280) and the management was always trying to sell something (drinks, services, etc. They wanted $199 to $299 for a cab ride to from the disembark port to Rome but did not mention the 5 euro train ride as an option. They had staff do "fashion shows" trying to sell their high priced goods. Totally unpolished; lame. It was an outstanding vessel and the ship's professional staff (the Captain and those who operated the shop) were second to none. Others on the vessel were very happy, but they hadn't experiences true luxury and truly outstanding service where you're not being hassled to buy something or be overcharged such as Seabourn. Value of what we paid vs what we experienced was poor. Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
I am a veteran of many cruises, from Atlantic crossings on the old Italian Line, to the Home Line, to Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships, including the Oasis of the Sea. I have brought my children and grandchildren on cruise vacations. I ... Read More
I am a veteran of many cruises, from Atlantic crossings on the old Italian Line, to the Home Line, to Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships, including the Oasis of the Sea. I have brought my children and grandchildren on cruise vacations. I have traveled with groups and with just my wife. We enjoy cruising. This was the first time on a small ship for my wife and me. We traveled with a group of 23 from our Wine Making School. The experience was quite a difference from the larger ships. Mostly good but with a few drawbacks. We embarked from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. The embarking process was unbelievably simple. We dropped off our luggage about 2 hours prior to boarding time. When we returned, we found no long lines and endless forms to consume an hour or more. Upon presentation of our boarding documents and passports we were ushered into the Grand Salon Lounge for a cocktail party. As we talked and met people, we were called, several families at a time, into the "registration room"/Concierge area, where a friendly staff quickly processed our information, took our photos for sea passes, and had us escorted to our staterooms by a stewardess with our baggage. Painless! The cabins were first class. They were large, modern and comfortable. As an "all-inclusive," the room bar was available and well stocked. The mandatory Life Boat drill was handled quickly and efficiently. Taking a little time to become familiar with the ship, we were very pleased with the obvious luxury of the appointments and the pride the crew and staff took in maintaining everything and providing excellent service. The various restaurants were easily reached and all attractive. The cuisine was 5 star all the way. The variety was excellent and the quality of food and presentation was excellent. No chaotic buffet lines here. Even when you selected your own food from the available buffet, a waiter would take the plate from you and escort you to your seat. It became obvious early on that service was a prime goal. By the second day, the crew knew the passengers by name, and addressed you as you entered their areas. We sat at the pool one day and ordered drinks. The second day the waiter appeared with our drinks without even asking. Enrico, the pianist at the piano bar was excellent. He played a wide variety of music with true virtuosity. Being a pretty decent pianist myself I could appreciate his talent. Plus he is an excellent singer. Zoltan, the chief bartender also worked the piano bar and was the friendliest, most attentive bartender you could ask for. The ship has a complement of mountain bikes, wave runners, snorkel equipment and other land and sea toys that are available for passenger use at no additional charge. The crew numbers 95 while the passengers are 112 if full. That's almost 1:1 attention. So where are the drawbacks? I do miss the entertainment and shows available on larger ships. The "casino" consisted of 1 blackjack table and dealer, Lori. She was also a friendly person but some slot machines would have been appreciated. Lori and Enrico doubled as the water sports people during the day. Everyone had multiple duties. The port experiences were a bit disappointing. We went to Anguilla, St. Barts, Nevis and St. Kitts, Tortola, Norman Island, White bay, Jost van Dyke. Most of the landings were away from where the larger ships docked and all were by tender. Several stops occurred while the shopping areas were closed as they only open when the large ships are in. All three of the land excursions we attempted to book were cancelled because we did not have the minimum number for participation. The luncheon provided at our last stop was phenomenal. The Concierge should stop making referrals to the Four Seasons in Nevis as they wanted $500 just to use beach lounges and their pool for the day. Right down the beach was Sunshine's who only charged $5 per lounge for the day. So would I do it again. YES - It all depends on what you are looking for. I would not take my adult children, ages 39, 37 and 30 because there would not be enough action for them. Likewise my 4 grandchildren would be bored. But for adults looking for a restful break, this was ideal. Is it better than the large ships or not as good? Neither. They both serve different purposes. The disembarkation process was also the easiest I have ever experienced. The customs inspectors came right on board. There were no long lines and we were cleared and exited the ship as simply as we boarded. It was a "Sea Dream" experience. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
We just returned from the Jan. 16 SD I sailing from Marigot to Barbados. We sailed the same week in 2015 out of St. Thomas. While eager to enjoy SeaDream again, we also wondered whether a second trip would live up to our experience last ... Read More
We just returned from the Jan. 16 SD I sailing from Marigot to Barbados. We sailed the same week in 2015 out of St. Thomas. While eager to enjoy SeaDream again, we also wondered whether a second trip would live up to our experience last year. Any anxiety/concerns were unnecessary, as SeaDream I exceeded our memory and expectations! The Ship: Every aspect of the ship was in great condition--remarkable for a vessel 30 years old. The high standards for cleaning, maintenance and care were evident inside and out. Crew: What maybe surprised us the most was the welcome from members of the crew that we had come to know on our previous cruise. While absolutely a reflection of the excellent training and standards on SeaDream, many seemed genuinely to remember us, and made that a special part of the SeaDream experience. We were happy to see Gareth and Pierre again in their leadership roles, and especially excited to learn that Tomislav was promoted following Enes' departure from SeaDream--a very well deserved promotion. Stateroom 324: We sailed on Deck 3 again, appreciating the easy access to the pool deck and tender. We definitely like this level. The configuration and amenities were identical to last year, though we felt the difference being at the far forward position on the ship. The anchor dropping got our attention a couple of mornings, and the motion was a bit more pronounced during the final leg into Barbados. We would take the cabin again (it was the only Deck 3 remaining when we booked in May), but if possible would move midship to avoid the anchor noise. Our Stateroom attendant Kat was excellent, friendly and took great care of us. We packed lighter this year, and utilized the laundry service more, which was a good choice. We generally put laundry out when departing the stateroom for dinner, and it was always back the next afternoon. Food: If possible, even better than last year. This was the first sailing with new Executive Chef Alistair, and he was visible every night at dinner getting feedback and asking for reaction. His enthusiasm was great, and his skill was evident with every meal. Doramus, Robin and Zsambor made every meal a treat, offering great suggestions and perfect timing with every course. Christian was aboard as Sommelier, and provided excellent wine service at lunch and dinner. We thought the quality of wines poured at dinner was very good. We ordered a separate bottle off the list only once this trip, as we were very satisfied with the wines offered. We also enjoyed the opportunity to dine with the Captain one evening, who was a great host. Bar Service: Francisco, Danny and Martin provided outstanding service, with Martin making great Mojitos in the afternoons at the pool bar. Again, selection and quality of drinks was outstanding during the day and at night. The Piano Bar with Sammy was much frequented on this sailing compared to last year, with a good crowd every night and action at the Blackjack table most evenings. Land Adventures: A highlight of the trip was the Cat Sail/snorkeling from Mayreau to the Tobago Cays. The crew was outstanding, and the turtles around the ship and snorkeling site was a real treat. The sail back to Mayreau for the Beach Splash was beautiful. We also tried the Clear Kayaks on Ile de Saintes. It was a cloudy day, which limited visibility, though the clear kayaks were great. We stayed in very close to the main harbor. The tour leader indicated it is normally a 3 hour trip they tried to fit into 90 minutes. This excursion would be better if longer. Ports: Marigot: We arrived one day early, and stayed at the Mercure Hotel on Baie Nettle. The hotel was very nice and worked well for a short pre-cruise stay. They provided a very nice breakfast buffet. Guests were predominantly European. We ate dinner and lunch the next day at Dreams Restaurant, about a 200 meter walk from the hotel. The food at Dreams was outstanding at both meals. I would especially commend the selection of pizzas for lunch. The SD I departed from Galisbay Port, about a 15 minute taxi ride from the hotel. Gustavia: We dined on the ship and tendered over to the port. For a Saturday night, the town felt pretty quiet. We met some fellow passengers at Bar L'Oublie, where we enjoyed live music and dancing from a bar across the street until midnight. The next day we rented a Suzuki Jimny from Turbe rental cars, and spent the day visiting beaches around the island. We enjoyed Gouvernor's Beach the most. Lunch at Restaurant Santa Fe on a cliff overlooking the beach--excellent Mahi ceviche, gazpacho and lobster salad. Iles des Saintes: A small, quiet port--definitely a different feel in the Caribbean. We did the Clear Kayak excursion here. Grande De Anse, Martinique: Highlight here was Gareth's hike--a 2 km. rough trail up one hillside then down to Plage Arlot and swimming at the beach. If he offers the walk, do it! Rodney Bay: We experienced rain showers through the morning here, so after a brief walk, came back to the ship for lunch and enjoyed sun in the afternoon by the pool and swimming off the watersports platform. We would consider renting a car here next time, and exploring more of St. Lucia--there's not much at Rodney Bay. Bequia: The sail through the Grenadines was a highlight of the trip, and Bequia was a wonderful destination. Perfect weather, and Princess Margaret Beach was a $3 water taxi from the pier. We had lunch at Jack's on Princess Margaret beach, with excellent grilled mahi and grilled local lobster. The beach was crowded as another ship was in port, but the sand and water were outstanding, with lots of palm trees providing shade if you wanted a break from the sun. Mayreau: Cat Sail snorkeling here, described above. The Beach Splash location was ideal--completely private and an amazing barbeque lunch. Again, Chef Alistair was about ensuring all was perfect. Beach was great with lots of time in the water. Was the ideal end to the trip. Barbados: We had a late flight out Saturday afternoon, so we arranged a tour to visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, Harrison Caves and lunch before arriving at the airport around 2:30. Carson was waiting for us at the port, and provided an excellent tour. The blizzard on the east coast made travel back challenging, but our flight did depart later that evening, getting us as far as Atlanta. Getting home to DC is another story..... Conclusion: While the SD I had 104 passengers compared to 84 last year, the ship never felt crowded, and service never missed a beat. We've not repeated many trips over the years, and were surprised we wanted to take SeaDream again after only one year. We made an open booking for our next trip on the last night--our easiest decision on the trip. There is nothing about the trip I can really criticize or highlight for improvement--its just that good. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
We boarded the SeaDream II yacht/cruise ship around 2pm. After a greeting by the captain, we were directed to a lounge with hors d'oeurves and flowing champagne. We waited there while our luggage was delivered to our stateroom. We ... Read More
We boarded the SeaDream II yacht/cruise ship around 2pm. After a greeting by the captain, we were directed to a lounge with hors d'oeurves and flowing champagne. We waited there while our luggage was delivered to our stateroom. We met a few people there: a couple from Dallas, a couple from Toronto, and a mother/daughter traveling from New Jersey. Everyone was friendly and inviting. We then got our room keys, and were led to our room to unpack. The room was very small, 185 square feet. No rooms had balconies as this is a large yacht/small cruise ship. We had one large window. Though small, the room was adequate and what was there was very nice. The shower was especially nice and big enough (I am 6'3"). It had 3 sprayers and Bvlgari soaps and lotions. The room can equipped with soft linens and a tv which showed 2 or 3 different popular movies each Day in a loop along with CNN World and ship channels. All food and drink was included in the price of the cruise. The ship had a small pool and a hot tub. It had Balinese beds spread throughout the different decks for sunbathing and stargazing. Some people chose to 'sleep under the Stars'. We did not. There was an outside bar on the top deck which featured a guitar player in the evenings after dinner. There was also a piano bar with a pianist/lounge singer, karaoke, and a single black jack table. The food was remarkable. Even the 24 hour menu was delicious. Breakfast and lunch were served either on the deck or in your room. The Belgian pancakes were really good. Dinner was served anytime between 7:30 and 9:30pm each night. Two nights it was served in the formal dining room. The other 5 nights, dinner was served outside on the deck while the ship was anchored off the coast of a different Caribbean island. The dinner menu changes each evening. There was always a 5 course chef's recommended meal, but there were also 5 course vegan meals, and other alternative meal choices. We intermingled choices from different menus each night, and if something was outstanding, you could always have seconds or thirds. Of course dinner was always accompanied by paired wines or your choice of wine or cocktail. We only ate alone once. We shared dinner with at least one other couple most of the time, and when we did, we often ordered bottles of wine from the Somelier's extensive list. These were extra. Nearly every evening, there was some sort of pre-dinner cocktail hour. There was a captain's greeting, a fashion show around the pool with fresh sushi, and others we missed. The best part of the cruise was the people. On other cruises, we met people in passing. On this ship, we really got to know several different couples and crew. We spent a lot of time with a fireman/contractor and his travel sales wife from Long Island, NY; with an orthopedic surgeon and his pediatrician wife from Chicago; with a business owner and his wife from Toronto, and we enjoyed the company of many others from London, Norway, Sweden, and the USA. We especially enjoyed the Cruise Director, Pieter, from South Africa and our main waiter, Ponce, from Puerto Rico. Pieter is a bunch of fun. He led many shore expeditions, both day and night. He led hikes around islands, toured thru St. Barts, and even took a group of us to a Burlesque show one evening. We would have never done that on our own, but the experience turned out to be one we will never forget. These were not places the big cruise ships go. Of the different islands we visited, we enjoyed St. Barts and Jost Van Dyke the most. A day and a half was not long enough on the French island of St. Barts. We spent the day exploring the world class shopping and dining. We didn't get a chance to see the beaches or other renowned hotels, restaurants and bars. We are already ready to go back. Jost Van Dyke is a tiny island with an amazing beach. It is known for its beach and beach bars. The painkiller rum drink was invented at the Soggy Dollar bar there. The ship hosted a beach barbecue on the final day there. Waiters waded into the ocean in their full uniforms to serve drinks and caviar to waiting guests. It was the perfect beach experience. Other stops were to St. John, Anguilla, Tortola, Norman Island, and Virgin Gorda. We hiked Norman island. We went to the Baths at Virgin Gorda, which is a beach with huge boulders that the ocean flows and around. They are more like caves than Baths. We shopped and picked up a painting by a local artist in St. John's. We went to a white sand beach on Anguilla called Shoal beach. We were only in Tortola for one morning. We just visited the main harbor, did some shopping, and looked at the yachts in the Harbor. We went back aboard the ship for lunch and sunbathing on the top deck, enjoying the views of Tortola from our Balinese sun bed. Overall, it was a great trip. There was only one child on the ship and it was the most well behaved Swedish boy. Some people were there for two or three weeks. I don't know if my liver could handle that. So much alcohol... Many guests put a refundable deposit down for another trip within the next two years. That guarantees an extra 10% off. This experience will be tough to follow for sure. Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
My husband Ross and I spent 2 wonderful weeks on SeaDream II staying in the Admiral Suite. In the first week on board we renewed our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary, Officiated by Captain Lund, it was such a happy and fun experience, ... Read More
My husband Ross and I spent 2 wonderful weeks on SeaDream II staying in the Admiral Suite. In the first week on board we renewed our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary, Officiated by Captain Lund, it was such a happy and fun experience, as everything was organised through SeaDream leaving Ross and myself to just thoroughly enjoy the whole ceremony, we were so impressed with the crew who did everything they could to ensure it all went smoothly for us, thank you again to everyone involved, love you all.... Back to the rest of our holiday I must say service was excellent in every aspect through the whole 2 weeks. We especially loved being in the Piano Bar every evening where Sammy on keyboard nicely urged passengers to take up the microphone for karaoke, lots of fun and a few of us danced the night away while Chief Barman Zoltan expertly served drinks with his quick wit and ever-ready cheeky smile.... all the crew had an amazing knack of of remembering all the guests names as well as their preferred drinks etc. Every meal was a 5 star dining experience and the chef was only too happy to cook up a favorite meal for you even if it wasn't on the menu. The shore excursions were terrific, I especially loved the ATV tours, first one for us was a tour staying mostly on the roads with scenic pit-stops, where we were able to take some awesome photos. In the second week we did another ATV shore excursion, this time it was off-road but still easy to manage and lots of fun.... the activities on-board were brilliant. I loved the jet ski and banana boat rides while Ross' passion was the little sailboat.... Our 'yachting not cruising' holiday was an exciting and memorable experience and we can't wait for 2016 doing the Mediterranean and Atlantic Crossing on SeaDream I.... Thank you to everyone on SeaDream II for leaving us with some amazing holiday memories.... Cheers Sandy Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
We met the ship in St Thomas and were greeted at the brow with a handshake from the Captain, a cool towel and then a glass of champagne. Hors d'oeuvres and more champagne in the main salon while waiting to check in, which took all of ... Read More
We met the ship in St Thomas and were greeted at the brow with a handshake from the Captain, a cool towel and then a glass of champagne. Hors d'oeuvres and more champagne in the main salon while waiting to check in, which took all of 2 minutes. We were escorted to our room where our luggage was already waiting. The room is small, but very nice, as is the bathroom which includes Bulgari toiletries. We were introduced to our room steward, who immediately took the drinks we don't drink out and brought in more of what we do drink for the refrigerator in our room. She asked us if we wanted OJ in the morning, we were thinking the little cans, but it was a small pitcher of fresh squeezed which appeared every day. At 7 we went up for more pre-dinner hors d'hoeuvres and drinks. During this time every day the ship's cruise director discusses the next day's port visit and ship activities. For dinner we opted to sit with a group. The meal and service were fantastic. We were tied to the pier overnight and left about 7 in the morning and were at St John at 8:30. We went to breakfast out on the deck, ate our egg-white omelets and were just amazing at how wonderful it all was. The service everywhere is impeccable. By the time we finished breakfast the waiter knew our names (somehow). We took a 9:30 launch to shore and took a jitney to Trunk Bay for snorkeling and laying on the beach. In the afternoon we sat out on the pool deck for a while, then they opened the "marina", aka the toy deck operated off the back of the yacht. My husband and I went on a banana rocket ride, which was hilarious. I wish someone would have been videotaping! They also have jet skis, which we will try next time. The weather was just perfect 85 and just a few clouds. The water is about 82. We were situated in the middle of a bunch of islands so as the ship travels around the anchor there is just a different island to look at. As we were sitting around the pool they brought out home-made ice cream sandwiches and then came around and cleaned our sunglasses. The people we met were all great and really made the trip. The group is actually younger than I expected, patrons ranged from 30-80. TUESDAY - We arrived in Anguilla about 9 in the morning. We had wanted to borrow 2 of the ships bikes but they were taken by the time we got around in the morning. Another couple heard this and offered that they would ride the bikes TO a resort and we would ride them back. That really worked well. We took a cab to the resort and sat out under an umbrella for about an hour at a magnificent beach and then the other couple arrived and we rode the bikes about 45 minutes back to the pier. We were back in time for a late lunch. Dinner was served outside on deck. The entertainment on board for the night was a screening of a Beyonce concert under the stars on a big blow-up screen. Instead we we ashore in St Barths, which was really dead. We reserved an outside Balinese daybed to sleep under the stars that was ready for us upon our return. I lasted out there for about an hour before deciding to come back inside. The never-ending glasses of red wine had gotten to me! WEDNESDAY - Had an 8:00 appointment for body scrub, massage and facial, all of which were wonderful. My husband went to the gym and had room service waiting when I was done. We then took the launch into St Barts and did some shopping (looking) and walked to a beach made of shells, vice sand, which was nice. No celebrity sitings. We were back to the ship for a late lunch. I sat by the pool and swam in the ocean. Dinner consisted of a set 10 course meal. This is how good the service was...Tuesday night our group was a little crazy and loud so the staff set up a large table for us out on the deck under the stars even though they were serving dinner in the dining room. THURSDAY - Anchored off Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. Took a zodiac into shore for a BBQ. The staff served champagne and caviar off a surfboard and lunch included BBQ shrimp, pork, lamb, roast beef, grouper, and chicken. We mostly just stood in the ocean and drank champagne for 6 hours. My husband went to get me a glass of champagne about an hour before we had to get back on the ship but they were out so they actually drove out to the ship to get a couple more bottles for us! Got into port in San Juan PR at about 9 am Friday and our flight didn't leave until 9 pm so we wandered Old San Juan, had a nice local lunch and sat in a park for a while, (jealously) watching people get on the ship for the next cruise. We were very pleased with all the food, drinks, and above all, the service! Even though they have a "no tipping" policy, this was one trip where we felt extra was warranted. We won't go back to the big ships unless we are forced to based on destination. The ship is the destination. It's just so easy for us to get to the Caribbean that these ships are where we will be when we just want to relax. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Seadream donated a week's cruise to my son's school fundraising auction - on a lark we bid on it and won. Let's make one thing clear - my family abhors the large cruise ships. We watch Oasis of the Sea come to port, and ... Read More
Seadream donated a week's cruise to my son's school fundraising auction - on a lark we bid on it and won. Let's make one thing clear - my family abhors the large cruise ships. We watch Oasis of the Sea come to port, and shudder. An Oasis crew member had recently committed suicide on a Caribbean cruise, for example. And the pollution... We had no idea what to expect, but decided to make it a honeymoon. After 15 years of marriage it seemed about time. Our son is disabled and we have never left him for more than a few days. We planned to go to the Rome-Rome trip, and would be gone for 11 days. This was scary and after our son had been admitted to hospital 4 times in 6 weeks we were reluctant to go through with our plans. But we had a good team of attendants to be with him, and we went on the trip. We are so glad we did. After 2 days in Rome we taxied out to Civitavecchia, and were so pleased by our immediate first impressions. Some of the other reviews said it best - the eyeglass cleaning, the cold washclothes upon coming on ship, the food, and the staff....all this attention to detail was appreciated. We are tired parents, and needed this respite from 15 years of caretaking our son. My husband had a facial, his first ever. I went to the spa 3 times and loved every minute. Our room was right next to the spa so we would pop our heads in to say hello to Luanna, the spa manager. She, and all the women, are charming and kind. I prefer Italian food, but have to admit Thomas is a food genius. His young family was with him on board and this only added to the Seadream family atmosphere. When I purchased zucchini flowers in the markets we made them up for us. I decided to surprise my husband with a renewal of vows, and this turned out to be the highlight of our trip. And it was the perfect illustration of how seriously the crew takes their hospitality responsibility. Patrice planned the sweetest cake, flowers and champagne. The Captain was elegant, and Jeff Fithian, the activities director, stood up with us. Jeff even wrote some very nice vows for us. I thought it would be silly, but it was moving. Their photographer took photos for us. And it was aired on the ship's closed circuit TV. On the last day, we received very bad news about our son's health and had to get home asap. We were in Sorrento, headed for Civitavecchia. The Captain and Jeff assured us we could change our plane reservations and get home a day early. We didn't know you could disembark at 8:20, get to the airport in time for an 11am flight! They were kind, helped us change our plans and got us to the airport on time. We were very frightened parents, and desparate to get home. When we left the ship, rushing to get to Rome's airport, we felt a tinge of sadness to leave our new friends. As frantic as we were to get home we knew we would miss Seadream. Not just the food, wine, deserts, fun and travel...we would miss the kindness of very nice people. I am writing this from my son's bedroom computer - he is doing better everyday. He will always have health issues, but the memories we created on Seadream will carry my husband and I through the tough times. FYI: We made plans to get together with the crew when they come to our home in St John - we want to repay their hospitality. And we put a down payment on another trip...who knows what Jeff has in store for us next time?! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We sailed Seadream for our "babymoon" (I hate that term actually). At almost 7 months pregnant, we did not do many rigorous activities at the ports of call. Our room (standard window) was furnished cleverly, with many shelves ... Read More
We sailed Seadream for our "babymoon" (I hate that term actually). At almost 7 months pregnant, we did not do many rigorous activities at the ports of call. Our room (standard window) was furnished cleverly, with many shelves to put things on, and felt large enough. The lavatory was large enough for us, but I could see someone who is not petite being in tight quarters. Food was great. Service was fabulous. I met a woman on board who loved having fresh coconut juice, so the kitchen made sure to stock up in the ports and served the coconut right up! Dinners were good. We usually prefer to dine alone, and although we had the ability to every night, actually sat with other on a few occasions and had a great time. Movie night out in the open with the blankets and popcorn was awesome, something that sticks in my mind every time my mind wanders about cruising. We had massages in the spa, and while I felt fine my husband stopped his halfway - the rooms are quite tight and the boat was rocking a bit. The pool area was great, and I spent many days right on the deck with my feet in the water reading a book. The area is really open and the views from the pool are great. One night we slept outside on the beds up on top. It was a really beautiful night, but I will say that it depends on the winds, and sometimes we got a really strong wiff on the engines. I would also suggest to pick a night when the boat is docked - we did it the night we were anchored at St. Barths, it feels much less rocky! My husband enjoyed the watersports (I stayed safely on the boat!). I would recommend Seadream in a heartbeat, and we will definitely try a cruise with them again. I liked that the atmosphere was not stuffy, there were no formal dinner nights to worry about (this would have been a huge concern for me being so pregnant), and the people in general were laid back and friendly. We actually made some friends we are still in touch with! BTW, I also apologize for my use of "boat", instead of "yacht", as I know some people are sticklers about that! Read Less
Sail Date March 2007
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