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3 Seabourn Legend Cruise Reviews for Luxury Cruises to Caribbean - Southern

I have sailed previously on Royal Caribbean and Carnival since I had children and those lines were great for that purpose. My husband and I wanted to do something special for our 10 year anniversary so we booked with Seabourn. I regret ... Read More
I have sailed previously on Royal Caribbean and Carnival since I had children and those lines were great for that purpose. My husband and I wanted to do something special for our 10 year anniversary so we booked with Seabourn. I regret that we had not done this before since these small ships will be going to Windstar. Even though they will be the same ship I can't imagine that they could match the luxury we experienced. We arrived at the St. Maarten cruise port very early and wondered how we were going to deal with our luggage as we wanted to go into town. There were people there that took our luggage and locked it up, we then took a cab into town. When we got on the ship we were treated with Champagne and a small buffet then quickly shown to our room where a bottle of cold champagne was awaiting. Our Steward came and asked what type of soap we desired and I chose my favorite from L'Occitane! The min bar was well stocked and had our requested liquors. I was worried as we had the least desirable room on the boat, cabin 103. It was important to me that I have a bathtub so this is what we ended up with as we were in the GTY category. I had no problem with this cabin, I never felt cramped. This cabin may not be for everyone as you really feel the motion however, we have a sailboat and are used to the movement, so no issue for us. This cabin has a window that is deep and I would put pillows in it and sit, had a great forward view! The cabin was quiet, the bed comfortable. We do take white noise with us so we rarely hear anything at night. We were also right by the self serve laundry which we used over the two weeks, it was nice to be so close. The food was excellent we preferred to eat in Restaurant 2 as we like to be outdoors no matter the weather. One of the great things about this boat is that you meet most everyone on board. There were people from all over, most were Europeans and Canadians, fewer Americans. The drinks were great. Food choice was wonderful. The service was perfect for the most part, there were 2 times we had an issue with room service. Room service was great, I saw many people having glasses of champagne and caviar delivered in the afternoon. The problem I saw with service was during the afternoon tea, they would put out sandwiches which were done in 2 minutes and nothing more put out for 30 minutes. There were never any lines or waits, everything was low key, the entertainment was great, I really enjoyed the music provided by Judy and David along with all the others! Liars club was hysterical! My only suggestion is make your own shore arrangements the excursions offer by the line are limited and not the best options. We did put down a deposit for another trip, can't wait to travel with Seabourn again!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
This was my 1st Seabourn cruise. I have cruised on most of the major lines before, and truly, did not know if I would enjoy a small ship with 198 fellow passengers. Well, other than the Celebrity Alaska cruise I have already booked and ... Read More
This was my 1st Seabourn cruise. I have cruised on most of the major lines before, and truly, did not know if I would enjoy a small ship with 198 fellow passengers. Well, other than the Celebrity Alaska cruise I have already booked and paid for that is happening in July 2010, I will probably NEVER sail on a 'mega liner' again. The Seabourn experience starts off with several staff members welcoming you, dressed in their crisp, dark blue suits, with white gloves. You are invited into the King Olav lounge to fill out the minimal amount of paperwork, get your digital photo taken for your ship ID card (they take your passport, but don't worry, you do get it back when your cruise is finished) and then, one of the nice, well dressed staff, personally escorts you to your suite (they don't call them cabins on Seabourn!). We stayed in #125 on the Legend, and it was GREAT! We were midship, on the same floor as the self serve laundry, and on the same floor as the disembarkation for many of our ports. The cabin is well laid out, with a tub/shower combo (loved that!!), walk in closet, cocktail table that raises and turns into a dining room table, huge picture window, flat screen TV, BOSE CD player, safe, fluffy duvets on the bed, and on and on! If you use any electrical outlets, at all, YOU MUST BRING A POWER STRIP WITH YOU! Sadly, this cabin, as perfect as it is, only has ONE (yes, I did say one!) electrical outlet for those of us from the USA. Not sure why this lovely ship was designed with this, but that is definitely a flaw that can be easily corrected if you toss a power strip into your luggage. Also, if you are an adventurous 'foodie', you will LOVE the daily menus on Seabourn. If, however, you're a bit more on the conservative side and don't venture out more in regard to your food tastes and preferences than the Cheesecake factory menu, you will probably find this experience to be a bit challenging regarding the daily menu choices. I, sadly, am not a big foodie, so I was eating the chicken with mashed potatoes entrEe on a daily basis, or a pizza from room service. Of course, the chef would have made me something on a special request, but I never got around to making a formal request to the staff. The service and the kindness, is what the staff at Seabourn will bring to your party. What you must bring to this cruise are plenty of things to entertain yourself with (DVD's, books, etc.). As much as I loved this experience, and have already placed my $1K deposit down on a future Seabourn experience, they could use more activities. We were finally treated to a bridge tour and a galley tour on our 2nd to last day, and that was spectacular! We made a mention of 'wish there were more activities on board' on our survey, and Eric (the world's BEST and non-attitude-ish cruise director) took us aside as we were disembarking to leave our lovely journey and go to the airport, and told us that he was very sorry that he did not have more things planned for us. YIKES! Be careful what you write on your survey, as they are read before you leave the ship! Eric said that he had just transferred to the Legend and had been in constant performance practice/warm up sessions and had not had the needed time to put together a 'busier' itinerary. It was very, very nice of him to mention this to us, and I felt really crummy that I had even written anything down. BUT, it is important, that as passengers, there is more to do than just eat and drink. Bingo, port lectures, (there was no trivia on this cruise due to no at sea days). We would have loved to have a cooking class on how Seabourn makes those incredible, highly addictive breadsticks! I will definitely do a special request the next time I travel on Seabourn, for a breadstick class. You will meet some of the most lovely and non-uppity people on this ship. We were always greeted by fellow passengers with a big smile and a good morning/good afternoon/good evening. Also, the staff does their very best to greet you by name, a truly amazing touch! Also, I have always detested going to the shore excursion desk on any major cruise line. The staff is typically rude and pretentious, even though they are there to sell *me* something! Well, on the Legend, you will be AMAZED at Claudio, your shore excursion manager. He is so kind. He was actually on our 1st catamaran excursion with us, and was a blast! Each day, he would spend some time chatting with us and we so enjoyed his company and great stories! I would definitely recommend booking your excursions thru Seabourn, if at all possible. This allows you to meet so many of your nice, fellow passengers and really makes the cruise so enjoyable when you see familiar faces. Seabourn is very fair on their excursion pricing, so I will definitely be using them in the future. Also, our future cruise consultant, Charl, was the sweetest man, you would ever want to meet. He never 'sold' us on Seabourn, but just treated us kindly and expressed a genuine interest in us and the experiences we were having on our cruise. He gave us advise on different cruises that he thought we would enjoy. It's the little things, such as having breakfast in the Veranda Cafe and having the captain ask, very politely, if he can join us. NEVER, ever, on a mega ship, do you ever see the captain, except on the dorky 'meet the captain' party where everyone has to get dressed up like it's prom, and then stand around in a long line. Very demeaning!! Another nice Seabourn touch, is when you go into port, there is a Seabourn canopy with cookies, bottled water, soda, sunblock, etc. and a uniformed employee, standing by to take excellent care of you. WOW! This is such a nice thing to do. In regard to the dress code, be sure to bring plenty of dressy clothes. I would have preferred a more upper casual dress code, but that is not Seabourn. Women were always in dresses after 6:00 PM and men were in suits and jackets. This is not a Dockers/Tommy Bahama shirt (after 6:00 PM) cruise. In this world of rush, rush, rush - hurry up and wait, rudeness from the majority of the service people that you come in contact with, it is a blessing to know that a caring, wondering cruise line like Seabourn exists! Are there some things they could do a bit better, yes, but they do SO many of them right, that it is a shining star! I wish that Seabourn would offer more 5-7 day cruises for those of us who work and cannot take two weeks off to vacation. That is a suggestion that I also put on my comment card. I would love to see Seabourn do a Pacific Coast cruise, more East Coast cruises, and Alaska. All in all, this is a not to be missed experience. Just Book It! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
We flew from the UK to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic. Good, direct flight, no complaints except for the fact that my husband had his windproof jacket stolen from the zipped pocket of our case. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency right in the ... Read More
We flew from the UK to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic. Good, direct flight, no complaints except for the fact that my husband had his windproof jacket stolen from the zipped pocket of our case. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency right in the airport then went to Downtown Disney for something to eat and to keep us awake - the cold did that! Took the 7.30am Southwest flight to Fort Lauderdale. Why are their flight attendants so amusing? Flight was fast and so low we had a wonderful view of the coast all the way down. We were at our hotel by 8.45am and left our cases. Lovely and sunny day, spent travelling on the water taxi and wandering. Ate at the Casablanca Cafe at the top of the street. Excellent food and great atmosphere. After a morning walk we called a cab and set off for the pier. Only two or three ships in and the Legend was there, looking as beautiful as she did in the Med last September! Embarkation took about 5 minutes, then we were escorted aboard into the King Olav, handed a fruit cocktail which we didn't get chance to drink as we were dealt with really quickly and taken to our suite, number 103. We opened the champagne and our cases arrived soon after, so within half an hour we had unpacked and were ready to be treated for the next week! Our onboard credit notification, silver wine package and welcome letter were there on the dressing table. No hosted table dinner invitation! Oh dear - we really enjoyed those last time we were on the Legend. A couple of times later in the week we did get invited to dine with staff and really enjoyed it. It's one of the things that makes Seabourn great, in our opinion. Sailaway was breezy and not very pretty, bearing in mind our last cruise departed from Monte Carlo! We talked to a few people as everyone was very friendly. At lifeboat drill we met a nice couple from London who we then sat with for dinner that evening. We weren't disappointed with the food - just as good as last time. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff - ask and you will get it. We were very impressed when we went in to the Veranda Cafe for breakfast next morning and were greeted by name by some of the staff - they had remembered us! Another lovely touch. First day was a sea day and the weather was kind although throughout the cruise there was 'motion in the ocean' as Captain Anderssen kept telling us! Went to join a Trivia team, leaving husband sunbathing. Did quite well and I answered a couple of questions that the others didn't know so I felt I earned my place! Next day we played again and hubby came with me. We finished that round in the lead, due to our team captain Kevin and his Mum, Ann, knowing lots of things that the rest of us had no clue about! We arrived at Grand Turk at lunchtime the next day but the weather changed just as we did so and it rained. We walked along the beach, round the corner and had the beach to ourselves. It was less windy there and the sea not as choppy. Another sea day followed and weather not good - quite cool and windy and sea fairly choppy so seasickness tablets purchased from the Purser! Trivia final was nail-biting but we won! Received black Seabourn tote bags as prizes which I now use with pride! Husband went to a wine tasting after lunch hosted by the Sommelier which was excellent. Jost Van Dyke was the next stop and we went on a catamaran sail and snorkel. Well, husband snorkelled. I climbed down the ladder into the sea then climbed back up again as it was too rough for me! Enjoyed the trip, but people complained that they should have had fins (flippers to us from the UK) so we had a partial refund of the cost of the trip. Went on the beach by the Soggy Dollar Bar in the afternoon and swam again. Beautiful sunshine, a few clouds and very hot. Perfect! Next day we toured St Kitts with Kate and Don who we met on CC and who are now firm friends! Had a lovely day with Roosevelt Taylor. Lunched at Rawlins Plantation, visited the batik factory and had a look at Ottleys Plantation too. Bought coconut rum at the port shops and then back on board for Sailaway. Wonderful trip through all the islands and a fantastic sunset. Our trip to Prickly Pear Island on the last day was the most disappointing - it was cloudy, windy and rainy so the beach barbecue and our trip to the Baths were both cancelled. However, the galley lunch was fantastic! How do they do it? They also arranged for people to visit a resort on a nearby island if they wanted. We disembarked in Charlotte Amalie, most upset at leaving the ship and our new friends, especially knowing that they were staying on her for another week. We then stayed on St Thomas for the rest of the week. Weather was mixed again so we were disappointed with our Caribbean experience, weather-wise, but delighted with Seabourn again. Just to mention a few highlights: Jez, the chef, was very high profile and all the food was excellent. We ate twice in Restaurant 2 on the Tasting nights and it was outstanding. Captain Anderssen was his usual amusing self and also always about chatting to people and keeping an eye on things. David E was very sociable but we missed Eric! Sam, the guitarist from England was brilliant. The whole ship was kept very clean and tidy and the staff and crew are fantastic. We made some very good friends and ate and drank far too much with them (and without them!) The wine choices were good and if you didn't like what was served you only had to ask and you would be brought what you wanted. To summarise - another brilliant cruise. Thank you, Seabourn. We'll be back! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Seabourn Legend Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.7
Dining 5.0 4.7
Entertainment 3.0 4.2
Public Rooms 3.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 1.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 3.0 4.1
Enrichment 3.0 4.0
Service 5.0 4.8
Value For Money 4.0 4.6
Rates 5.0 4.4

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