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We were new to cruising so unsure of what to expect, a few reviews on here about the sea princess were not great and the panic set in! However we didn't need to worry as it was absolutely fantastic. Our room was spotless and our ... Read More
We were new to cruising so unsure of what to expect, a few reviews on here about the sea princess were not great and the panic set in! However we didn't need to worry as it was absolutely fantastic. Our room was spotless and our stateroom steward, Homer, was brilliant. The room was cleaned & towels changed twice a day, he always had a smile & spoke whenever he saw us. The ship itself was clean & food was plentiful. we chose anytime dining but to be honest only went to the restaurant 3 times as we preferred Horizon Court & their buffet. Every evening you are left with a Princess Patter which gives you all the information ready for the next day.The entertainment left a lot to be desired, if you want to hear singers that can't sing & comedians that are not funny then you'll be ok, also look out for alan & alana, they play piano & sing - they are just horrendous! We were looking forward to movies under the stars, however the films they were showing were mostly from the 1940's (my partner and I were born in 1979 & 1980) so they were not our cup of tea, one night we decided to watch a film that was out last year, there were only 6 people there ready to watch the film so we asked for our blankets, and they had run out, which was odd as there were only 6 people, then the popcorn machine had been abandoned, so no popcorn, then the movie started, although we couldn't hear it properly due to the bar being located right behind the seats, we gave up and left after half an hour! Alcoholic drinks are very, very expensive, so when you are in a port buy a bottle of wine and take it back on with you. You can take back a bottle each, saved us a fortune. also had a soda package for $73.These were the only down sides to it. The cruise itself was amazing, most of the ports were beautiful, Grand Turk in particular was the most stunning place we have ever seen. Grenada, Tortola & Trinidad felt very unsafe to us so we only went where the ship had sectioned off the border control & went back. Trinidad was only a port day so that the ship could re-stock but this port was by far the most dangerous, that day the ship was heaving! On sea days sunbeds were hard to get if you weren't out by 8am, one day we had to share a sunbed & another we put our towels on the floor. We did the zipline adventure in St. Lucia and that was out of this world, if you want to do any trips i would pre-book online before you go as it is a lot cheaper, the zipline trip if pre-booked was $79 if you booked on the ship it was $119! We really enjoyed our first cruise & it was made even more special as we got engaged while we were there! We are already looking at another princess cruise for next year & we haven't even been home a week yet! Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We had never thought about cruising until we met a couple whilst on holiday in Cuba that had done a couple of cruises and got us thinking. We checked several travel companies for quotes and then went to our usual travel agent to see if ... Read More
We had never thought about cruising until we met a couple whilst on holiday in Cuba that had done a couple of cruises and got us thinking. We checked several travel companies for quotes and then went to our usual travel agent to see if they could match or better one we got off the internet, we wasn't disappointed when they came up with a Caribbean cruise with Princess cruises.We did as most people do check tripadvisor and other forms of reviews and to be honest some of them scared me and i was begining to wonder what we had let ourselves in for, but in hind sight i didn't need to worry.Our holiday started with our flight from Birmingham airport and we soon found out that everyone on our flight was going to be on the cruise aswell.The check in so quick the best we have ever experienced. We got chatting to a lovely couple at the airport that had done several cruises, they were also sitting by us on the plane.The flight was superb, staff very attentive and smiling, we had paid extra for premium upgrade but worth every penny. When we arrived at Barbados everything was done with military precision, from getting off the plane right through to boarding the ship and getting to our cabin and having our cases delivered to it. We have heard that other flights were not so lucky as us. We decided to familiarise ourselves with the ship rather than go back ashore and go round Bridgetown, plus we were not sure of the protocol at this point.The Sea Princess was beautiful, spotlessly clean very much a WOW!We had booked anytime dining and on the first night we went to the Rigalleto restaurant, we were taken to a table for 8 people and were not served until it was full which took a while and caused ourselves and others to miss the important emergency drill as we were told there would be another later but this wasn't true. We used the Horizon Buffet restaurant after this which we found fantastic, the service, choice of dishes etc, on a couple of times we used the Corniche when we fancied Italian.The entertainment was good and Marvin, Kez and the others worked hard to keep everyone entertained and boy did they entertain you, Marvin only had to give one of his looks or poses ( when he saw anyone with a camera) and you were in fits of laughter. The island party night they put on was out of this world with music from the ship's band 'Magnitude', we went to the theatre every night to see a show and was never disappointed especially the show the crew put on, although the DVD didn't sound anything like the actual show did.Our cabin steward was named Elric and he was always smiling and kept our cabin spotless and changed the towels twice a day. At night he always put 2 chocolates and the Princess Patter on the bed after he had turned it back, it's the little touches that mean so much.Most of our trips we did ashore except Jamaica as we were advised by others that had been before to book with the ship and go with them which we did. There were 2 places we didn't like and that was due to the locals pestering us and not taking no for an answer, at which they became a bit intimidating so we went back on board and spent the day on deck and in the pools. Our favourite place was Tortola and the visit to Cane Garden beach, although Tobago, Bonaire and ST Ktts was also lovely, Aruba was very cosmopolitan and very expensive mainly jewellery and designer shops, Grand Caymen was also very nice.The security on boarding and dissembarking the ship and around it at each port was first class. They seemed to take passenger safety very seriously as when we were in port they were always doing some drill or another with the crew and there was always someone painting the exterior of the ship.To sum this review up it was FANTASTIC and something we would definately do again. Our only downside for this review is that we were told that Princess cruises are no longer going from Barbados and that they are mainly going from Fort Lauderdale which we were told IS A NIGHTMARE, so we will not be doing that.One last thing you are given the option to opt out of the daily Gratuities except for hotel/bar bills which we did and just left tips for specific people you can save a fortune doing this and you know the ones that matter get their reward. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Our flight was slightly delayed to Barbados, so we were tired by time we looked for a meal and the ship's main Maitre D efficiently came to help. With few exceptions the crew were great, a couple went the "extra mile" and ... Read More
Our flight was slightly delayed to Barbados, so we were tired by time we looked for a meal and the ship's main Maitre D efficiently came to help. With few exceptions the crew were great, a couple went the "extra mile" and throughout a friendly atmosphere. The food was excellent, plenty of choices and the wine not badly priced. The daily service charge was too high and like many others we opted out. No-one was convinced the crew got 100% of the charge. The evening entertainment was dire and was missed after a couple of nights. We avoided cruise organised tours, which were not cheap and in St Kitts they really pushed the train option, which was over-priced and not good value. Worth checking for independent taxi operators beforehand. At Bonaire, Aruba and two other ports the taxi queue was well organised, no touts about - a real plus. At Scarborough, Tobago there is very little to see, so take the short, informative and free local guided tour of the immediate town. The indoor market is good for spices and advice. Grand Cayman was akin to an airport shopping mall and expensive. Antigua and Dominica scored very low marks; St Kitts was great and we recommend taking an independent taxi tour, we used Jim & Rose's Taxi Service. Most of the port calls are aimed at shopping and relentless pushed aboard by Marty. Sometimes most of the passengers spent all day ashore, many ending up on a beach and if you like scuba / diving bring your basic kit. Sea Princess had one maybe two more Caribbean cruises, then to Alaska for a couple of months and then to Australia / New Zealand. The crew would not comment on what then, so I doubt if the ship will be available next year and a glance at one brochure had no mention of the ship. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Flight: We arrived at Gatwick and as we were booked in a suite we quickly skipped thru check-in procedure and enjoyed a stress free flight with Thomson in Elite class, - I have a severe nut allergy and they even made an announcement ... Read More
Flight: We arrived at Gatwick and as we were booked in a suite we quickly skipped thru check-in procedure and enjoyed a stress free flight with Thomson in Elite class, - I have a severe nut allergy and they even made an announcement that they would not be serving any nuts on the flight in case of reaction - top marks Thomson. Embarks: When we arrived there was a separate channel for Premium/Suite passengers and again we checked straight in but then had to join a long queue for security baggage check. Our suite overlooking the stern was lovely but we were very surprised to find Princess do not provide tea & coffee facilities in staterooms anymore, sadly room service is not good and we always had to wait 25 mins+ for a cup of tea! - it's a very cosmopolitan crew but alas sometimes they couldn't quite grasp the fact that "tea for 2 & a hot chocolate for our daughter" means 3 cups are required, not 2!!! - also forgetting the milk was a favourite too! Food: NUTS, NUTS and more NUTS! I would say 80% of dishes both in the restaurant and up in the Horizon Court buffet contained nuts - with no sign to indicate this! Also the cheese board was littered with walnuts and so cheese was a no go for me, it was not until I dropped a comment in the suggestion box the the s... hit the fan in the fact that I was then shadowed by our table waiter, the head waiter and occasionally the Maitre'D telling me what I could and could not eat - not much!! Why nuts in everything?!!! Ents: As a professional musician it always disappoints me to see cabaret acts not using the 7 piece orchestra but using backing tracks, and it appears gone are the days of seasoned tried and trusted entertainers but enter failed 'X-Factor' people!!! RUBBISH! Even the production shows left me disappointed this time. We love the Caribbean and that didn't let us down but we have done Princess Cruises for the first and last time. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
We booked in june 2009 to sail on the Sea Princess departing from Manchester on 1Nov 2010.At the time of booking we requested a table for 2 at the second sitting in the dining room. About 4 weeks before sailing we emailed Princess Cruises ... Read More
We booked in june 2009 to sail on the Sea Princess departing from Manchester on 1Nov 2010.At the time of booking we requested a table for 2 at the second sitting in the dining room. About 4 weeks before sailing we emailed Princess Cruises regarding this request and received a reply saying as we had booked so early our request should be granted but areminder of our request would be sent to the maitre d. On checking in at Manchester Airport at 0715hrs for a 1040 flight we were advised there would be a 4 hour delay due to late arrival of the incoming flight.We took off at 1400hrs,the flight operated by Thos.Cook was very good with good food and free bar service.We arrived in Barbados at 1900hrs and werekept on the plane with the doors closed until 1915hrs while we waited for a princess agent to come on board just to tell us uur baggage would be going direct to the ship.The transfer busses picked us up off the tarmac and took us directly to the ship ,arriving on board at about 2030hrs,a very long day! As soon as we had found our cabin we made our way down to the restaurant and asked for our table allocation.The maitre d. told us that we were on a shared table,we then told him we had requested a table for 2 and showed him the email we had from Princess regarding this.He checked his long list of requests but found no details of our request.He was unable to offer us a table for 2 but he would try to change us for the next day,we chose to eat in the Horizon buffet for the first night.The second day we went to the dining room to see if they had been able ti change our table,the only waythis was possible was if we came into the dining room at about 7pm as late arrivals for tha first sitting.This we reluctantly accepted but it did take the gloss of our cruise enjoyment as we always like to be on second sitting. The service and food on board were excellant both in the main dining room and in the self service restaurant.The ship itself is kept spotless but it is showing signs that a revamp is needed.Entertainment on board was very poor,too many comedians who seemed to repeat jokes told by other entertainers on previous evenings.The dancers and singers on board were quite good but they did not do enough shows for a 15 day cruise.All comedians seem to do is call and embarras guests sitting in the front row ,why is their no dcent singers on board. The capacity of the ship is listed as 1980 but at the captains welcome party he stated there were 2035 guests on board.During peak hours it was impossible to find a table in the Horizon buffet area and on days at sea there were no beds to be had anywhere on the decks.Thanks to a previus ctitics report we found a small very quiet area at the very front of deck 10[Baja deck].This suited us fine. We enjoyed the cruise very much ,disembarkation was well organised with our baggage being collected outside our cabin at 10pm,the next time we saw it was at Manchester Airport. Having sampled other cruise lines and comparing like with like we prefer Celebrity Cruises to Princess and R.C.L. inmost aspects including dining and service. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Grand Caribbean Islander Cruise Our background is in education and the travel trade. We used to run a travel agency that was a member of the Passenger Shipping Association Retail Agent scheme. We are experienced travellers. We ... Read More
Grand Caribbean Islander Cruise Our background is in education and the travel trade. We used to run a travel agency that was a member of the Passenger Shipping Association Retail Agent scheme. We are experienced travellers. We chose this cruise (a) to be somewhere warm in March for our ruby wedding anniversary and (b) to avoid all the hassle and hostility to which one is subjected if entering US territory. There was no queue at check-in at Manchester airport and our Thomas Cook flight to Barbados was very good. We paid extra to be in the better seats of the aeroplane and it certainly seemed to be worth the money. However, when we arrived at the ship our "priority" luggage did not arrive at our cabin before it was time to dine. As a result, after taking showers we had to put on our travelling clothes before dining. The suitcases did not arrive until we were ready for bed. The junior suite near the centre of the ship was very roomy and we liked the double size balcony. The extra space and the walk-in wardrobe were much appreciated. We also liked having the Jacuzzi bath and shower cubicle in one bathroom and the WC and washbasin in another. We opted for "any time" dining and were able to have a table for two whenever we wished. Restaurant service was excellent and we savoured food that was superior to that offered on Royal Caribbean with more choice and more courses, if wanted. There was also a notable improvement in standards of dress compared with dinners aboard Royal Caribbean. The ship's excursions seemed pricey for what they offered and we made our own arrangements at every port of call. There were always local taxis and minibuses available offering FAR better value than the cruise line. We generally went to the Tourist Information Office or desk and asked for advice. They would direct us to an approved taxi coordinator and we would decide whether the price quoted was acceptable to us. In the one or two places where we did not use the TIC for advice we simply went around the taxi drivers and negotiated an itinerary and price that suited us. It was easier to push the price down to what we thought was reasonable when we had another couple with us. With temperatures regularly in the high twenties to low thirties, it was good to find the minibuses were air-conditioned. Minibuses were of high calibre with drivers who really wanted us to appreciate their island. Sometimes they included free drinks in the price. Being in a group that never exceeded ten meant that we did not feel as if we were being herded around like in the big coach excursions. Our biggest regret was not being able to see Barbados and, given the choice, we would fly in and out of Jamaica so that we could spend time looking around Barbados. Jamaica was the only place that we felt uncomfortable, so much so that we returned to the ship as soon as we could. The pressure from the various people touting for trade for their businesses was so intense that we could not relax and enjoy the place. It was only on the last day that we had to fill in any immigration forms. All the paperwork was completed on board before we transferred to the airport. We had been allocated our seats for the return flight when we checked in for the outward flight. This meant that there was no need to check in at the airport and we were able to go airside straight away. The return flight was through the night and many passengers slept for most of the journey. On arrival in Manchester we were greeted by grey, overcast skies, such a contrast to the previous two weeks. In conclusion, his was a very good way to scout out destinations for future possible holidays. We would certainly consider revisiting Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Trinidad, Antigua, St Maarten, the BVI and Dominica. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
As first time cruisers our excitement (and anxiety) was ever increasing as our sailaway date approached. Weeks (months?) earlier, we had arranged car parking at East Midlands airport and booked a night in a nearby hotel to make sure ... Read More
As first time cruisers our excitement (and anxiety) was ever increasing as our sailaway date approached. Weeks (months?) earlier, we had arranged car parking at East Midlands airport and booked a night in a nearby hotel to make sure everything went smoothly on the day. Then, with just three days to go, Princess contacted us. They had apparently 'overbooked' on our flight and were seeking volunteers to relocate to Gatwick. They immediately offered to reimburse our hotel and car parking charges, upgrade our flights to Premium Economy (both outbound and inbound) and dangled $250pp OBC before our eyes. The idea of driving to Gatwick, and particularly the drive home on our return, was daunting but the offer was too good to refuse and so we accepted. Princess' organisation was great and we were able to use our East Midlands 'Thomsonfly' tickets to board a Thomas Cook flight from Gatwick without any problems. I should add that, while the on board entertainment wasn't too good, Thomas Cook looked after us well and quickly got us into the holiday mood by plying us with complimentary drinks! We arrived in Barbados and stepped off the plane and straight onto a bus that whisked us off to the ship. We joined the fast moving queue to be checked in and were escorted aboard the Sea Princess. Just one negative here: we really don't want to be pulled aside for 'embarkation photos' when we look like we've been dragged through a hedge backward after a 9 hour flight. We were met by our cabin steward (Moises, who was great) and shown our "stateroom". The cabin was somewhat compact but it was very clean and functional with enough storage space to hold and hang everything. And we soon developed a 'passing places' system which allowed us to get from one side to the other without getting wedged against the furniture! We were keen to get cleaned up and start exploring the ship but PA announcements made it clear we wouldn't have time as we were to have muster drills 15 minutes later. Once that was over it seemed like time went into overdrive and we were soon on deck for the sailaway. A warm Caribbean evening, a glass of something cold, Barbados behind us and our first cruise ahead of us... bliss! It wasn't long before we were able to explore and were soon learned that what we called 'the pointy end' was the bow and that our cabin was on the port side and not 'on the left'. That did lead to some confusion when we were alongside in St. Lucia. I said we were facing 'to port' and my better half contradicted me to say we were facing 'out to sea'. Each evening your bed is turned back and adorned with chocolates and the 'Princess Patter', a news sheet containing information on the next day's destination and an entertainment schedule. We have read a lot of critical reviews of the entertainment on Sea Princess but we found it varies from 'average' to 'excellent'. The cruise director's staff lead some daytime activities (games and quizzes etc) and are very good at what they do. However, we found that occasionally an activity would be advertised but the staff didn't turn up for it. Perhaps they hadn't been told themselves? Obviously a communication breakdown somewhere along the line. It has to be said that daytime entertainment isn't what it could be. When you're in port and the majority of passengers are ashore then it's not a real problem but on sea days (we had two) then you can be left kicking your heels. Some people are happy to vegetate on a sun lounger all day so, if you're not quick enough in the morning, you'll never find a vacant one. The evening entertainment takes place in the Princess Theatre and the Vista Lounge. The resident singers and dance group put on a few very good shows. I'm sure these shows are repeated many times and, if you've seen them before they won't be as appealing but, to the first time cruiser at least, they provide an hour of reasonable entertainment. The guest performers included very average magicians, good comedians, very good musicians/singers and the excellent Kyle Esplin (if you ever get a chance to see him, take it!). When the show is over you can head for the Wheelhouse Bar or Crooner's Bar. Both of these feature live music from resident duos of varying quality - each to their own, I'll say no more. There is also the Monte Carlo casino, if you like that sort of thing, the Premier Cru champagne bar and the Razzmattazz night club. Like it or not, these three all have areas which allow smoking. Of course, before you take in a show, you have to eat and the Sea Princess has plenty to offer. Horizon Court offers buffet style self-service dining 24 hours a day with sea views. We had the occasional lunch here but found the food to be a bit hit and miss. It was often luke warm and not of the quality found in the main restaurants. Horizon Court is ideal for a salad or snack if you're out on deck but be warned - you may have to tolerate people in vests or swimming costumes at the next table and you run the risk of eating food others have handled! In the evening, part of the restaurant is screened off to become the Sterling Steakhouse. We planned on eating here but never actually got around to it. There is a $15pp cover charge for eating in the Sterling Steakhouse but I understand the steaks are among the best you can get and it's well worth the extra cost. Overlooking the swimming pools on deck is the Riviera Grill. I'm not entirely sure of the opening hours but this offers burgers, bratwurst, hot dogs etc. Again, it's OK for a light snack. The good thing is the food is served to you on a plate so it hasn't been touched by other passengers! At the top of the atrium is Cafe Corniche, an Italian style restaurant offering pasta dishes and pizzas. We used this for lunch a couple of times and the quality is very good. We saw people eating there at dinner time time and have no reason to think the evening quality was anything less than it was earlier in the day. The two main restaurants are the Traviata and the Rigoletto. These are identical in both appearance and menu. The only differences are the Traviata offers 'fixed seating' dining (same time, same table) and the Rigoletto offers 'Anytime' dining (eat when want to eat, sit at any table). We opted for the anytime dining in the Rigoletto and we couldn't find a single fault with the service or the food. The staff were brilliant. When the time was right they could be very chatty and entertaining but at all times they were polite, helpful, professional and efficient. First time cruisers please, please note that there is no additional charge for dining in either of these restaurants. They should be considered your first choice for dining but we have heard of people who ate every meal in the Horizon Court because they mistakenly thought there was a charge for eating in the restaurants. There isn't! With the exception of the Sterling Steakhouse there is no charge for dining on the Sea Princess. You have paid a lot of money for your cruise so sit back and let yourself be spoiled rotten at mealtimes! Another nice touch is 'afternoon tea'. At 3.30 the Traviata opens it's doors for refreshments. It's all very "British" with the string quartet playing quietly in the background and the waiters don their white gloves and serve delicate sandwiches, fancy cakes and cookies... and the most amazing scones with jam and cream! There is a charge for drinks however and a glass of wine or two with dinner each evening will soon add up. You would be best advised buying a bottle (it works out far cheaper). Even if you only have one glass from it, the staff will mark the label and put it away for you for the next night. Whether we like it or not, all drinks on the ship have an added 15% gratuity so it's easy to assume your drinks bill will quickly get out of control. In reality if you're not a big drinker and just want a few quiet drinks in the evening you'll pay around £6.50 - £7 for a couple of beers/lagers. When that's coming out of your OBC it's not a problem - but keep a regular eye on your account by asking for a statement at the purser's desk! As a side note, some people seem to believe you can't bring alcohol aboard. In fact you can't bring spirits aboard (though some do succeed in getting it on). You can bring a bottle of wine (per person) back from your shore visits so you can pick up a cheap bottle and put it in your cabin fridge - ideal for a pre-dinner drink! Those trips ashore can be expensive if you decide to buy Princess excursions in every port. We found it cheaper (and just as enjoyable) to do your own thing and pick up a tour with one of the many taxis/shuttles in port (be sure to only use the authorised taxi drivers that you find immediately at the gates and check and double check the price before you go). You'll find other passengers doing the same trip so you're never alone. Bear in mind though that this advice only really applies to 'island tour' type excursion. If you want to go diving/snorkelling/whale watching/swinging through tree tops then you probably won't find those tours being sold at the port gates and you may want to book with the ship to avoid disappointment. Princess were a little unfair when, three days before the cruise was due to end, Moises approached us to say he had been assigned to a different task and introduced us to his replacement, our new steward. We didn't catch his name but he wasn't a patch on Moises. Whereas we were greeted with a smile by Moises every day, we never saw his replacement again after that introduction and we were never happy with the standard of service over the next few days. All in all though, we found the Sea Princess to be a wonderful introduction to the world of cruising and would happily recommend her to other first timers. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
The cruise started badly, my wife and I ( she is confined to a wheelchair ) were left stranded at San Francisco airport by the Princess rep, who had no transport to take us to our hotel, or from the hotel to the ship, even though we had ... Read More
The cruise started badly, my wife and I ( she is confined to a wheelchair ) were left stranded at San Francisco airport by the Princess rep, who had no transport to take us to our hotel, or from the hotel to the ship, even though we had filled in all the disability requirement forms that we were sent. There was no disabled room at the hotel they booked us into, it had a bath, so I had to wash my wife on the bed. The cabin on the ship was large enough, but grab rails running behind the shower seat and toilet meant that it was painful for my wife to use either. Their solution was to put a stool in the shower, which she could not sit on and did not address the toilet problem. We ended up tying towels round the bars to give her something to lean her back against. The door to the cabin had a strong spring and made entering and exiting difficult to say the least. All disabled toilets apart from a couple were inside the normal toilets so we couldn't use them. The door in the unisex disabled toilet had a spring so powerful that it was impossible to hold open and negotiate the wheelchair without it slamming back on my wifes legs Entertainment was mediocre, with disabled places at the back of the theatre, which were not policed by staff, so on most nights able bodied people had usually put easy chairs there and were sat in them. The ship was very hard to get around with sun beds blocking the decks and cleaning trollies continually left in the corridors. Food was poor, both choice and quality and even though we had wine with our evening meal I actually lost weight The ports of call were fine although no trips ( walking or otherwise ) were organised for prople who could not walk or could not manage to get on a coach unaided. My wife and I have done 20+ excellent cruises with other companies and princess are the only company we would not recommend to anyone else Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
BACKGROUNDMy wife and I were very interested in a Princess cruise from Barbados to Fort Lauderdale with 4 ports of call plus Princess Cays, in 7 days. It turned out to be a repositioning cruise from the Caribbean, heading to San Francisco ... Read More
BACKGROUNDMy wife and I were very interested in a Princess cruise from Barbados to Fort Lauderdale with 4 ports of call plus Princess Cays, in 7 days. It turned out to be a repositioning cruise from the Caribbean, heading to San Francisco where the ship was to run Alaska cruises for the summer. Also I had never been to Barbados or any of the ports of call or Princess Cays. This was my 11th cruise and my fourth on Princess, which is a favorite cruise line for us.HOTEL and BARBADOS and BARBADOS TOURSI decided to stay on Barbados for 4 nights, 3 days, before boarding the ship there at Bridgetown. Flights to the Caribbean, other than Mexico always seem tough and wanting and overnight stay from SLC. I finally found a two stop American flight starting around 6 AM in SLC, then to Chicago, Miami and finally to Bridgetown, arriving around 10 PM at night. I didn't really analyze the last leg of the flight from Miami to Bridgetown. I expected it was a short 1-2 hour hop. The Caribbean is bigger than I expected - it was a fully 3 hours and out longest flight of the day from Miami to Bridgetown on a big jet. We were tired of traveling by the time we got there. We just caught a taxi, because Barbados is English speaking and a simple 2 for 1 fixed dollar exchange rate and also taxi fares are fixed - $20 for the 20-30 minute ride to our hotel. Right away we were amazed and caught up in the left side o the road driving there and narrow roads - everything backwards to the way we drive. In the dark things looked fairly nice and neat.We got to our room, at Amaryllis Beach Resort, late at night and in the weak lighting, sparse looking room and amenities and being tired I felt like we had a dump and we also didn't have a safe where one was supposed to be. It turned out the safe was being repaired and they got it to us early the next day. After out first use of the safe it "broke", locked shut, with our stuff in it. The hotel staff was really relatively expedient and responsive about getting it fixed - we ended up with 3 of them working on it and got it resolved, for the rest of our trip in less than one hour elapsed, so I was OK with that.We were also shocked by a tiny, skimpy, buffet, $18 US per person the first morning - we paid $20 US for a cooked breakfast that was just OK and not very big - $40 US total. We felt ripped off. No one was using that restaurant during slow season and it didn't get much business, so not much food out - so we avoided that for the rest of the trip. We found great deals at a coffee shop on the resort and for dinner one local restaurant and a bar/cafe on the resort had pretty good food at reasonable prices.We were discouraged there wasn't much business or restaurants close by but as the first day wore on everything started falling in place and looked much brighter - including our room which was really pretty nice and cutely done up- an older resort but nicely remodeled and fairly well furnished. The little kitchen was not very well furnished - no towels and very few dishes, etc but it was nice to have and we used it for coffee and tea. The resort personnel were nice and it was easy since everyone spoke English. There was a decent little work out center, beach towels, nicely gardened grounds, clean well kept public areas and rest rooms and the coffee shop, cafe/bar, and another cafe we never used, so all in all it was a well rounded resort. The beach was as nice as any on that part of the island, but it was on the southern part and still open to the prevailing waves. If I went again I would prefer a resort on the protected east coast for easier and better water fun. The beach was very nice and scenic to walk and a short ways from our resort was a nice board walk that provided access to a few more businesses. All in all Amaryllis Beach resort turned out to be a great deal and we liked the resort and prices we paid for it - a great deal for the money.Watch out for non-alcoholic malt energy/vitamin drinks in Barbados. They are near the beer and might be mistaken. I did like Banks beer from Barbados but it's just a typical lager - 4.7% alcohol. I really liked Stud Stout from Trinidad - 7.8% and a nice tasty stout. You can get beers for $2 US or less at stores and bars. Other prices, especially food we thought was fairly high in Barbados even with a 2 for 1 exchange rate and fancy restaurants really asked huge prices.By the second full day I was getting into island mode and relaxing. Two days we got an hour or so just laying on the beach in the shade at our resort.Before our cruise we had two tours on Barbados that we booked ourselves. The first one was with Glory Tours. We reserved an all day combination land and sea tour. We definitely prefer the sea part of any Caribbean adventures. Unfortunately the sea part was cancelled the day before we were to go, because no one else was signed up for the sea part, the day we wanted to go. Glory Tours was very helpful and contacted us at our hotel the day before to see what else we would work out. We decided to go for a full day land tour and would get credit for the difference, since the combination land and sea tour was more expensive. Glory Tours is working on menu style tours, where you can pick and mix and match what you want.  The tour guide was excellent and we covered most of the island and sights I had read about when researching Barbados before the trip. We had a nice lunch at a roadside cafe, same the first plantation and mansion on the island, toured the cave, and visited Mount Gay rum refinery where we tasted 4 rums. We certainly weren't short changed or scrimped on - the tour was longer than we expected with a pick up at our hotel around 9 AM and we didn't get back to our hotel until almost dark. For us the tour turned out to be a little too long and we were getting a little tired, fidgety and bored by the end, but that was mostly because of personal taste and for us, it just reinforced that we aren't big on land tours on islandsWe prefer to get out on the beaches and water and water tours and more active tours. If you like land tours and sightseeing this one was a great way to see the highlights of Barbados and you get a lot for your money.When we got home after our trip, we didn't see any credits for the tour. I talked to the owner, Sarah, by email and she was very helpful about taking care of the promised credit. I notice that Glory Tours is also reducing their deposits to $25 US, so you don't have to risk a major commitment to reserve a tour. If you cruise to or visit Barbados you should look up Glory Tours and see what they have to offer at http://www.glorytours.org/ or search for "Glory Tours Barbados".The other tour we booked while staying at Barbados was Cool Runnings Catamaran. This was a fun booze cruise with a snorkeling stop with turtles that was excellent, a stop over a barge type ship wreck just off the beach and finally a nice lunch stop where the blue water and sandy beach a short distance away, had a lot of the passengers jumping in for a refreshing swim, and swimming over to the beach. Different countries and islands do things differently. I expected the rum punch would be saved until after the snorkel stops - not on Cool Runnings - passengers were being pied with anything they wanted to drink right from the start. The only drawback for us, is that this is a highly acclaimed tour with lots of advertising and popular exposure. It may have just been the luck that day, but it was the most crowded catamaran tour I recall being on. The only seat my wife and I could find was on the back row of the catamaran, looking out over the engines, and sitting in the sun. My wife would have preferred shady seating and got a little bit of a sun burn that day. The crowd and seating was the only downside for us to this tour. Cool Runnings provides an excellent tour, well run. They took our reservation several weeks in advance, but we didn't have to pay until just before we boarded. Our pick up with a van full of passengers went smoothly and we only had a short 10 or 15 minute ride each way from our hotel and at the end of the day. The Cool Runnings catamaran is docked in downtown Bridgetown.An unexpected item affecting us in Barbados and the first couple of days of our cruise was May Day holidays and Sunday as a "closed" day in Dominica. May Day hit us Friday, our last evening and morning in Barbados - the restaurants we wanted most were closed both times. We recovered Friday evening nicely because the closed local restaurants inspired us to find and ride the Barbados public buses to the highly acclaimed Oistin's Fish Fry that happens every Friday night. The bus ride was a riotous wild treat on a crowded bus at night down narrow fast highways (driving on the left remember). The fish fry is a big hit, but I didn't find and $5 fish platters as touted - most were $15-25 US but well worth it. Loud music. Lots of tourists. Watching carefully on the return bus ride to figure out our stop.......The next morning, the restaurant we wanted for breakfast was still closed, despite having hours on Saturday - I guess because of the May Day holiday weekend but we recovered with a coffee shop breakfast at Amaryllis resort.We arrived in St. Vincent on a Sunday, when most businesses are closed and we also arrived in Antigua for a May Day holiday. This was nice for not having crowds, but a disadvantage for getting a feel for what the islands would be like on a normal day, as far as crowds, businesses and services.CRUISE SUMMARYI should start my review by explaining why a cruise expected to be my perfect dream cruise ended up just being better than average. I rate the cruise maybe 7 or 8 out of 10 but we ran into three unusual things on this cruise that we have never experienced before in any pervious 10 cruises that really took the "edge" off of it. Some of this you will realize was beyond their control, but three unique mishaps and the results really did affect our vacation adversely. The rest of the experience helped it seem OK, instead of the dream and perfect vacation I expected.  The first problem happened out our fourth day, at Antigua. We were supposed to sail away at 4 PM. The captain came on early to warn us that a life boat drill left the ship with one life boat that could not be retrieved due to mechanical problems and a 9 PM departure was expected. It turned out that the ship had to move, with the tender alongside, to a commercial dock and have it put back onboard by a crane. Talking to other passengers later, we discovered the ship didn't get the life boat back and out of port until sometime between 1 Am - 4 AM in the morning.  Fortunately it was a short run to St. Maarten, but we were still about 1 1/2 hours late. I had arranged an off ship shore excursion. We found the representative, but he told us it had been cancelled - I expect because we were so late and they had to leave with other paying customers. It turned out to be a beautiful day after a lot of morning clouds and some rain so the tour would have been great. We did recover by having a great time on the board walk at Phillipsburg and then lounging in beach chairs with umbrellas and a bucket of beer for the afternoon. WE liked St Maarten the best of the four ports we did call on.About the time we left St. Maarten, the second unexpected problem occurred, maybe from running too hard to get to St. Maarten. The captain came on the intercom again and we knew it wasn't going to be good. The ship had lost one of its four engines and we were not going to get a stop, for our last day at Princess Cays. We had to make a two day sea run to our destination of Fort Lauderdale. I was very disappointed since this was one of the biggest reasons I picked this cruise - a private island day plus 4 ports of call - a lot for a 7 day cruise. It was perfect for us, since we aren't into sea days very much - a little boring for us, to have more than a day or two at sea. Every passenger was given a $50 credit. If it wasn't for the other ports being so great, it would have really scuttled the trip for me.The long run to Fort Lauderdale also impacted us in other ways that were noticeable. The company/ship was more interested in getting back to Fort Lauderdale early and getting us off the ship for repairs than just being nice. We had to have our luggage out BEFORE DINNER the last night. Our room steward said that was different and I  know we have never been asked to part with our luggage and figure out our clothing, etc until late the last night at sea. I didn't mind too much the results at port but that was noticeable too - they got everyone off the ship ASAP - one of the earliest I have ever been off, and we were maybe 6 or 7 lots down the debarking group list. It was kind of like - thanks but get out of here now while we fix our ship and put an extra rush on you.Finally, and this issue was covered up and hushed up and they removed the evidence quickly from our cabin and I really felt like we should have been handled and warned was the last unique occurrence - brown water to at least every cabin on the lowest passenger deck - 5 / Plaza, to all cabins forward and starboard. I expect it was most of Deck 5, but at any rate maybe 24 cabins or more. I was busy brushing and doing my morning routine and taking pills, and within a minute or two of that I noticed brown water in the sink and in my water glass. It definitely was clear to start with. I will never know if I took my pills with that water and everyone we talked too was sure it was "grey water" and the brown was from the toilets. I confirmed that brown water was coming through, saved some in a glass and trapped some in the sink bowl for the ship's personnel to see. It was slowly getting clearer, but we had to run off to breakfast, asking our room steward to watch over anyone coming into our cabin. I think it took them at least 15-20 minutes to respond and out cabin steward already had one or two reports of the brown water. When we returned a little later the water was clear and they took the glass I saved for "testing" and emptied the bowl. In the afternoon a maintenance guy came by to run the water and flush the toilet several times and take another sample. We never heard a word from anyone in an official capacity, no apology, no warnings to anyone. The maintenance guy was apologetic about the inconvenience, but that's all and no helpful information about what made the water brown or anything to make up for it.Other passengers seemed oblivious to it except what they may have heard from the rest of us. My wife witnessed a small mob scene at the Purser's Desk, over this, later when she went to get some change. A woman had a plastic bag with a brown discolored rag and some bigger brown spots on it. Her sister was in the shower when the brown water started coming out. She demanded to see the captain and was waving the rag around and several other passengers threw in their angry voices. My wife left as the purser's clerk was leavings - I guess to get the captain or security. There still was no other word or announcement or credit or official apology on the brown water episode.At any rate I didn't get ill, but even after the water was coming through clear we didn't want to use the lines to our cabin for brushing or drinking the last 24 hours of the trip. I noticed there were still small black grains in the toilet after every flush, even 24 hours later. I felt this warranted some better, faster and more urgent warning rather than just dealing with it on a cabin by cabin or "personal" level. I think that was done just to be quiet and cover it up after the other problems we had on this trip, but this problem seemed to be the most serious - a threat to health and well being, not just an inconvenience.So that's why I didn't get a dream trip. Now to the rest of the story and good stuff about the Sea Princess cruise, that helped it not be a total disaster - memorable, but not the perfect dream cruise I had hoped for.EMBARKATIONHaving a relaxed vacation attitude to board and start our cruise was nice, as opposed to rushing to fly and board and "slow down" and get into vacation mode after getting on board. It was a short $15 taxi ride, 5 miles or less, over to the port in Bridgetown to catch Sea Princess. I went over way to early. We got there around 10Am and lots of passengers were still getting off to go home and go on tours and check out Barbados. They kept moving us along through the check in facilities, which were empty until we reached the first ship's security agent on the dock. He radioed for help and within half an hour a Purser's Desk employee came out and personally assisted us with a ship's card, forms, and helped carry our luggage on board and store it at the Purser's Desk until our room was ready so we were free to roam the ship. The most personalized and excellent exception service I have ever had boarding or cruising and it was greatly appreciated. I don't think regular boarding got going until half an hour or more after we got our special boarding. We asked some fellow passengers how the embarkation was and 3 out of 4 of us breezed through. In the middle of the afternoon, one couple said there was a bit of a line. I guess it just depends on the luck of whether you arrive when some large groups are coming on. This cruise had a lot of people from the U.K. and most of them were on for two weeks and it seemed like about half got off each week - so the Barbados boarding was probably about half as many people as a normal 7 day cruise - filling most of the ship all at once.SHIP INFOThe Sea Princess is billed as a "small" ship, fewer passengers and the suggestion is that's more intimate and less crowded. I came off feeling that doesn't quite ring true for me. I think I prefer the larger, 2,000 plus passenger ships. The two days at sea we had it was impossible to find a sun chair available on the sun decks. On the larger ships it seems there is always something in some nook or cranny that is very acceptable. The Sea Princess deck chairs were full from around 10 AM to 3 PM. Even the Promenade deck, most chairs were full, however, I would say if you walked the entire deck you might find 2 chairs available somewhere, most of the time. We were able to find bar or table seats most of the time when we visited the sun decks. With fewer passengers you do run into the same people more often. At ports it seemed like the "crowds" to get on and off were lighter but that may have been because most of the passengers were two week cruisers so maybe they weren't in as big of a rush and not as many early tours booked. The small but decently equipped gym had the least use I have ever seen on a cruise. The gym was never crowded and the aerobic machines were never full - usually just 1-4 customers using weights or aerobic machines. Maybe the crowded sun decks and un-crowded gym were related to the different crowd - being mostly from the U.K. they may be more relaxers and sun seekers, than wanting to stay in shape on a cruise. Another down side and crowding issue was the top decks food court, horizon buffet. On this smaller ship there were not multiple stations - just a port side line up and a starboard side line up. Those eating areas seemed more crowded to me than on larger ships, but interestingly enough, it just seemed to be a problem in the food line. When it was time to sit down, it was crowded, as expected, during prime times, but we usually could find a window seat, which I have sometimes found more difficult on larger ships at prime times.The public rooms on Sea Princess seemed nice and as expected on a modern cruise ship, just not as many as on a larger ship.FOODThe food seemed as good as any we have experienced on 11 cruises - a lobster night, a prime rib night - shrimp cocktail, beef tournedos and salmon available every night as an alternative. My wife felt there was a few nights where she didn't find much of interest on the main line up, but I think that is common when they have some special nights, such as Italian. With a lot of U.K. cruisers the Horizon Court buffet had nice spreads of cookies and deserts around 4 PM. My favorite, which I always look for on a cruise, was the chocolate chip cookies. I think Sea Princess has the best chocolate chip cookies I found on a cruise - large, soft and with a good amount of chips.Good food was always available, same as any cruise, to a ridiculous and weight threatening extent.CABINThe cabin seemed a little smaller than expected on a modern cruise ship. The main thing we missed over a larger ship was a small couch and table, maybe the room was shorter in length. The other dimensions seemed fine and normal - there was plenty of storage and the bed, etc, seemed fine and dimensions just no room for the extra seating and table and maybe a little less counter length and space. There was a much appreciated fridge which we did not have on our last cruise on the smaller ship - Holland America Ryndam. We were fine with the cabin.ENTERTAINMENTThe entertainment on Sea Princess was poor for us and toward the lower end of any I have experienced. There was no rotation of entertainers that I noticed. The music, until late night, like after 10 PM was very "loungy", big band, and all piano stuff with a little reggae/island music on deck, but mostly it was very boorish and poor. We thought we were on a Holland America cruise again - with all the music for the over 70 crowd. We do not see productions by the ship's crew, because we feel they are all just another song and dance, so we cannot comment on those expect a nice production by the ship's crew for country and western night was probably our favorite entertainment of the cruise.SHORE EXCURSIONSFor shore excursions I booked about half myself before the cruise and about half from Princess. As usual, I felt the ones I booked myself were much better values and I have had little problem with those. One of my self-booked tours was cancelled and I had a credit within two weeks. Our last day on Princess Cays was canceled due to engine problems and we were automatically credited, really never charged, for the cancelled ships tours on Princes Cays. We really enjoyed and one of our favorite tours or activities this trip was the ship's tour on Wacky Rollers in Dominica. Wacy Rollers half day tour took us in open air Land Rovers to waterfalls hikes and a swim in the Ti Tou Gorge - be sure to take your swim suit. The Ti Tou Gorge is gives you a unique and memorable swim through a slot in the mountain, draped in jungle greenery, to a waterfall. The open air range rovers, with safety cage and guide hanging off the back of the vehicle was much more fun than  the air conditioned taxis we saw a lot of people using to access some of the same sights. We liked the Wacky Rollers tour because it was active and adventurous, unique and entertaining. You can check out Wacy Rollers by searching for "Wacy Rollers Dominica" or at http://www.wackyrollers.com/aboutus.htm. The other ship's tour - Five Star Catamaran in Antigua turned out to be very good, but I don't believe it was 5 stars. The catamaran was pretty typical and standard. The service and crew were nice and did a good job, maybe a little better than average, but not exceptional - five star. We did have one of our favorite lunches on the 5 star catamaran and it took us to some islands and shallow waters that were some of the best and most perfect examples of what the Caribbean has to offer. I still felt it was a little expensive and over advertised since it was only 4 or 5 hours, with a snorkel stop and a beach stop, for $99US per person.The best tour deal and one of my favorites for this trip, I booked independently with Indigo Dive in Antigua, indigodive dot com. Find their web site at http://indigodive.com/ .  I highly recommend them. They gave us a half day water tour and 2 snorkeling stops plus snacks and drinks, including run punch for only $60 per person and we were lucky to have the tour all to ourselves that day. Kay, the owner of Indigo accompanied us personally and set up our reservation on the honor system so we only had to have the cash for the trip and gratuity, the day we hooked up. Kay and her assistant met us at the water taxi dock, just past security where the cruise ship docked. Kay gave us slow boat tour up the coast with a running commentary to a cave that has a swim though, but unfortunately there was too much swell that day for her to allow me to try that. At the same stop Kay directed me over to a place where a wall of coral dropped away out of sight into the Caribbean blue - a very memorable moment to swim over the rise of coral and look down the wall into the blue with swarms of fish. I am sure Indigo has perfect picks for any water group's tastes - snorkeling, scuba, etc.SERVICEService on Sea Princess was the great normal expected on a cruise. Our cabin steward, Petra, from Hungary, was the friendliest and most talkative room steward we ever had. People sometimes joke about how the cabin steward gets in and out almost like magic and you don't even know it. Maybe it was just random chance, but we never went back to our room and caught Petra cleaning - every day she got ours done without us even noticing. The dining room crew for our fixed seating dining was excellent and they learned our quirks and individual tastes quickly making dinner a special treat. The buffet staff was friendly and helpful. Other ships crew such as the Purser's Desk, spa personnel and deck attendants never missed just the right and proper level of service.SUMMARYWe felt this cruise was an excellent value for the money. We like a lot of ports of call and new places to visit. The cruise earned high marks for 4 new islands, plus getting to explore Barbados before the start of our trip and boarding in Barbados. It would have been perfect if we hadn't missed our final day at Princess Cays due to engine problems - and we would have had 5 ports in 7 days if we had stopped at Princess Cays. The rate we got seemed pretty low. This ship had been sailing some of the same ports most of the winter, but this was a repositioning cruise - breaking out to Fort Lauderdale, so they could continue to the Panama Canal and then to San Francisco for Alaska summer cruises, so like most repositioning cruises it seems we got a better than normal rate.DISEMBARKATIONI forgot to book Princess transportation to the Fort Lauderdale airport from port and we had never been to that port. Unfortunately Princess didn't have any way to let me do that while we were on board - other than to offer a land tour that would end at the airport. I figured we could get one of the many cheap alternatives you find when a ship docks and talking around found the distance was short from the port to airport, and fares should be inexpensive. We walked right off and got a taxi to the airport for $15. With the ship hurrying back for repairs we arrived extra early and they were trying to get us out of the way. We had 3-4 hours wait at the airport for our flight, getting checked in around 9 AM. Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
We were very pleasantly surprised by the charter flight with Thomas Cook airlines from Manchester to Barbados. Friendly flight staff, food edible, loads of leg room, entertainment worked. On landing at Barbados buses were waiting to take ... Read More
We were very pleasantly surprised by the charter flight with Thomas Cook airlines from Manchester to Barbados. Friendly flight staff, food edible, loads of leg room, entertainment worked. On landing at Barbados buses were waiting to take us directly to the ship where embarkation was quick and painless. Compared to other Princess ships we have been on, Sea Princess is a little past the first flush of childhood but is well kept - painting and varnishing a regular feature -, clean and spruce throughout the passenger areas, with Princesses' usual multi-nations mix of friendly smiling staff. Our cabin was slightly smaller than we had expected but with a nice little balcony from where we basked in 30 plus (Celsius, that is high eighties Farenheit) temperatures watching the sun go down and thinking of all those poor ****s freezing back home. Germans call it schadenfreude. We opted for anytime dining. Princess do splendid afternoon teas, so we miss out lunch (must be able to squeeze into penguin mode outfit for that last formal night) and go for anytime-dining dinner around 8 or 8.30. Sometimes we had to queue, sometimes not. Food was very good with a reasonable choice, our only moan that sometimes we had to wait for a devil of a long time for a waiter to take our order. Fitness centre in the spa - good. Library - small, can only borrow fiction. Internet centre - OK. Entertainment was mostly British orientated, good to excellent for a cruise ship but be realistic and don't expect a full West End or Broadway production. Shipboard prices for drinks and other extras we felt to be high. Excursions... we took locally offered excursions (look for a kiosk at the shore end of the quay), partly because of pricing, mainly because we detest Princess' building in of shopping time. Apart from Samana in Dominica where an agreed two hour bus tour of the countryside turned out to be a ride around the back streets on a cart bolted on to a geriatric motor cycle the driver of which switched from bilingual to Spanish-only the moment we started. On the bright side we saw what a third or maybe fourth world town in a country in economic collapse looks like, pitied the scrawny dogs rooting through rotting garbage, ignored the swarms of beggars (mostly children), observed that by far the best kept little 'houses' were those in the graveyard, and were not stopped by a wire strung across the road and then mugged as were another group from the ship.. Still, an experience, and a cruise should always be about experiences. Disembarkation - delayed an hour while the ship queued for dockside space, otherwise good. Overall very enjoyable, although something was not quite there and I can't put my finger on what it was, so I give the cruise a four blob rating. Barbados airport, at least six blobs. O.K., it is only small to middling in size, not sophisticated, in places a bit run down, but the invariably smiling and friendly and helpful and very well organized local staff.....why can't Miami be like that? Read Less
Sail Date December 2008
Flew from Cardiff to Bridgetown by First Choice airlines, comfortable flight with plenty of legroom. At Bridgetown we disembarked from the plane and walked to a coach which was waiting for us. The coach took us straight to the cruise ... Read More
Flew from Cardiff to Bridgetown by First Choice airlines, comfortable flight with plenty of legroom. At Bridgetown we disembarked from the plane and walked to a coach which was waiting for us. The coach took us straight to the cruise terminal where we checked in. We didn't see our luggage from the time we checked them in at Cardiff until they were left outside our cabin door about two hours after we boarded the ship, brilliant best transfer we have ever had. Cabins are comfortable and clean, food is brilliant wherever you eat, be it in the Horizon Court or the formal restaurant. We opted for the anytime dining which was great. Entertainment was poor, Syd Little was there one night, but he was pretty poor should have retired years ago. Best act was a juggler/stroke comedian who was very funny. We booked three excursions through Princess, One was the visit to Stingray City in Grand Cayman, this is the second time I've been there and still amazes me,this is definitely one of the highlights of the holiday definitely one not to be missed. The second excursion was a party boat cruise in Granada, a catamaran docked next to the ship takes you on a tour of the old harbour which is lovely. During this time you are being plied with as much rum punch as you can drink. Then you are taken out to sea where the boat stops over a reef and bread and biscuits are thrown over the side the next thing you know the sea becomes alive with amazing colored fish - fabulous. Next we are taken to an almost deserted beach where we were allowed to swim or sunbathe for a couple of hours while the crew from the boat served you with trays of rum punch. The beach was definitely one of the best we had been to on this holiday. Would definitely do this trip again. Only downside was hangover the following day but what the hell. The places we visited were:- St Lucia - Had taxi to beach, hassled quite a lot there. Probably the most disappointing place on this holiday. Antigua - Due to the weather being cloudy we took an island tour by taxi which was great, taxi driver very informative. Drove past some lovely beaches, if weather is good i'd recommend going to a beach. Use local taxis or minibuses as they are much cheaper than Princess tours. St Kitts - Another lovely island, beaches great. Jamaica - Went to Dr Cave beach by minibus, which is about two miles from the cruise terminal, paid 5 dollars to get onto the beach, but its worth it as you don't get hassled, lovely beach and a bar close by. Tortola - Had a local minibus to the beach which was pretty scary as it had to travel through windy roads up and down a mountain, beach was worth going to though, saw pelicans diving for fish,wonderful. Venezuela - stayed on ship as there is nothing in this port and excursions are too expensive. Santos - Had tender from boat, walked for about 10 mins along promenade but had so much hassle from locals we decided to catch next tender back to ship. Aruba - Had taxi to local beach.Beach was a bit overcrowded but lovely all the same. Bonaire - The best beach for snorkeling, in fact you don't need to snorkel as the fish are around your feet within a few steps of going into the water. definitely the clearest water we've seen. All in all had a lovely holiday and will definitely go with Princess again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
The inside cabin was a bit small, but sufficient for what we needed & had loads of draw space. The whole ship was very clean & kept very well. The food was excellent, we had anytime dinning & would often be given a buzzer to ... Read More
The inside cabin was a bit small, but sufficient for what we needed & had loads of draw space. The whole ship was very clean & kept very well. The food was excellent, we had anytime dinning & would often be given a buzzer to wait for a table of 2, in the main dinning room, rather than sit with others. However the wait was never long, at most about the amount of time to finish one drink at the bar. There was also usually a good choice at the buffet. The food in the pizza cafe was also really good but let down by the service. The service was mixed. We received great service in the main dinning room & from our cabin steward. The service in the pizza cafe was awful, they would talk among themselves rather than severe you, & made me fell unwelcome. When I complained the pursers I was disappointed that the purser offered no apology on their behalf & was also a bit rude. The entertainment was not always great. I really didn't enjoy the production show & left early & then didn't try any others. However the hypnotist was so funny really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the bands/performers in the wheel house bar & that played on the top deck. Overall rally enjoyed the cruise. The food was great & we visited lots of different great ports. Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
Flew Thomsonfly from Manchester 22nd March 2008, just before the snow landed! We were 2 hours late leaving, but didn't mind as plenty legroom and TV's in the headrest meant a comfy, enjoyable trip. However, we were fed breakfast ... Read More
Flew Thomsonfly from Manchester 22nd March 2008, just before the snow landed! We were 2 hours late leaving, but didn't mind as plenty legroom and TV's in the headrest meant a comfy, enjoyable trip. However, we were fed breakfast at approximately 11:00am and nothing else until tea at about 5pm GNT time! Missing out lunch - not a good idea on a 10 hour flight! Transfers to the ship at MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA (Yes it does exist, cruise critics!) went smoothly. I think it took about an hour and half overall. Our luggage was not seen from check in at Manchester at 5:20am until they arrived outside our stateroom at about 8pm local time (1am Sunday morning GMT!). I found the ship much smaller than the Crown Princess, which we travelled on Easter 2007. But passenger/space ratio was spacious, like the crown princess. Our cabin (we were upgraded) was on Emerald Deck on the Port side, room E304, second from the front. It was great having a window, which I could look out of by sitting on the sill. The room was roughly the same size as the inside cabin we were on, on the crown princess. The bathroom was small but there was plenty wardrobe and drawer space for your clothes and personnel belongings. Our steward changed during the middle of the holiday. Both were okay - very pleasant and polite but I got the impression they were shy. Either that or they had unfortunately experienced a bout of rude, obnoxious passengers and were a bit wary. We ate in all dining places apart from the steakhouse, which was just part of the Horizon court (24 hour buffet) cordoned off at night. Reviews of it were favorable though. I enjoyed the food. I ate rabbit for the first time! It tastes like chicken. I liked it. We ate 1st sitting in the traviata and our waiter was Emannuel. He was lovely and kept bringing us plates and plates of deserts to try. The excursions were reasonably priced. We went on more this year than last year. Favorites were Grenada river tubing and Barbados turtle swim and shipwreck tour. Both once in a lifetime experiences. I enjoyed the ports of call. Isla Margerita was, I think, an excuse to stop for cheap fuel (34 cents a gallon!), yes, a few heart attacks on board the ship too! There wasn't much to see, but they had a wonderful beach area by the port. Grand Turk is painfully small and not much to see either. But again, their beach is something and would definitely advise anyone to spend time on it, going snorkeling. The entertainment was okay. The comedians they hired were funny, but found two of them used the same jokes as others, which spoilt it slightly. Sid Little was on board though. I keep telling everyone 'I saw Little from Little and Large!' He was great! Films were usually very good. Although they had a popcorn machine and never once used it! This time the ship was 90% English and 10% other (mainly Americans). Brits are more laid back than the Americans. They want to do everything at once at twice the speed! Overall I give the ship 8/10. It feels older than the crown (which I know was only about 9 months old when we sailed on her), but it didn't have the amenities the crown offered: popcorn machine (I LIKE POPCORN WHEN I'M WATCHING MOVIES!), pizza parlour by the pool, the two main pools separate so one had the movies, the other had the music, free cookies at the cafe indoors, sushi bar. Would I sail on her again? Most definitely. Despite some of the whinges, she was a top rated ship, a top rated company and IS known to be the best for the range of excursions. Something else to note; I had an infection (NOT CONTAGIOUS!) that made itself known by the fourth day of my cruise. I decided to see the medical staff and within 30 minutes I had tests, had a consultation and antibiotics! You can tell it wasn't the NHS! The nurses ( I think the ship had 4 or 5) were English and 5 star rated for politeness and manners. The South African Doctor was just the same; a caring attitude. Despite everything costing $135, it worked out at about £65. Better than having a holiday of misery. Some people were going down just for a blood pressure check! The medical center was busy nearly everyday but not one person could fault them. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
This was our 7th cruise with Princess, sailing previously in the Caribbean on the Grand, Star, Coral, and Sun. You will find this a lengthy review, but I will attempt to provide information that is valuable to both seasoned cruisers and ... Read More
This was our 7th cruise with Princess, sailing previously in the Caribbean on the Grand, Star, Coral, and Sun. You will find this a lengthy review, but I will attempt to provide information that is valuable to both seasoned cruisers and those cruising for the first time. Prior to Embarkation: We flew down to Ft. Lauderdale a day early and stayed at the Hampton Inn. A run-of-the-mill hotel, it is clean and suits our needs for a one night stay, with complimentary shuttle service from the airport and to the cruise ship, as well as a hot breakfast buffet. Be prepared for a long wait at customs at the airport. We avoided it by using Air Canada, which has a US customs area located in the Toronto airport to go through prior to boarding. But for those from the UK in particular, they had a 3 hour trial at Ft. Lauderdale customs, who are rude and behave as though they truly don't want you in their country. UK passengers can avoid this by flying to Barbados and embarking their instead, because this cruise is unusual in that you have a choice of two places to embark from. Embarkation: A breeze, with no line-up at all, and we were on the ship within 5 minutes of arriving at the terminal. It probably helped that not all passengers embarked at Ft. Lauderdale, with the UK passengers often opting to embark in Barbados. Stateroom: We had a balcony on Baja deck, mid-ship. The room was a little smaller those we've encountered on the other ships, and had less drawers for storage. The closet had been broken up into 3 sections which provided for more space to hang clothing. As usual, there is never enough hangers (we bring too many clothes), but I always pack some metal hangers so we have lots. *Tip* I got smart this time and folded our hanging clothes with them on the metal hangers. Just pulled them out of the suitcase and hung them in the closet...great time saver!! The balcony was disappointing, being smaller than others we've had and cut into the side of the ship creating a "picture window" effect. We knew this before booking, but have to admit we like the tempered glass front on the balconies on the grand class ships that afford a better view without having to lean out from the balcony to enjoy ALL of the view. There was a small, low table on the balcony, so we asked if we could have a higher one so that we could enjoy some of our breakfasts and it was replaced within a couple of hours. We noticed on the last night they removed the higher table and replaced it with the lower one, so obviously you have to request the higher at the start of each cruise. The cabin was quiet, with obviously good insulation to keep noise from adjacent cabins at bay. We always are careful in choosing our cabin location, avoiding rooms located near the theatres or directly under pool decks as we've heard that you can hear chairs being dragged across the decks at 4am while the crew is cleaning, or hear rehearsals/shows from the theatres. We also never choose one located next to elevators or laundry rooms. The Ship: Although this is an older ship, it was wonderfully maintained. Well appointed, Princess keeps this ship in it's traditional condition of elegantly understated appeal. It is scheduled to go into dry dock later this year (perhaps for refurbishing??). Disinfectant handwashing gel is provided in all eating areas, the casino, and other places where there is a high possibility of transmission of virus or bacteria. Signs are posted in each public washroom to advise you of a 20 seconds soap scrubbing. Would have like to see the notice advise people to pay particular attention to their fingertips, as most passengers rub the gel into their palms only. While the daily Princess Patter is delivered to your stateroom for each day, I would like to see Princess invest in some plexiglass holders to be placed near each elevator area, and in some other strategic public places, to hold a copy of each days patter for viewing only. Saves having to cart around your own personal patter (some of my clothing has no pockets). Free self-serve laundry rooms are located on each stateroom deck, with 2 washers, 2 dryers, and 3 ironing boards. Beware of the washers, as they use very, very hot water on most of the settings. The laundry rooms are only open until 10 pm to avoid excessive noise for the cabins located nearby. You don't have to remain in the laundry room while your clothes are washing or drying, but people should keep an eye on the time and being considerate to come back to retrieve their clothing so that others can use the machines. The use of some of the public areas was different, with seating groups located in larger corridors leading to the Vista lounge, and the cigar smoking area tucked into a corner at one end. The cigar area was not enclosed, but no odor of cigars was ever detected. Razzmatazz Lounge is not our "cup of tea", and seemed to be relatively empty most evenings. We would prefer a setting similar to the Explorers Lounge found on some other ships, which is usually well-utilized. The Vista and Princess Theatre were par for the course, but you need to get to the Theatre early for the shows and they fill up quickly (more about the shows later). We don't partake in the Spa. Too expensive (bargain price of $65 for a special face shave for men....ridiculous). Nor did we use the gym facilities. Pool areas were great, but as usual it can be difficult to find a lounge chair near the pool, especially on sea days. Passengers continue to "save" lounge chairs with their towels, and leave them unoccupied for hours. Most people are reluctant to remove someone's towel, and the crew never monitors this although Princess has a clear-cut policy in regards to this practice. However, we don't sit near the pool so it was not an issue for us. There are 3 hot tubs surrounding the pool, and one more aft on the ship. Crew: Most were very pleasant and helpful. We usually find you get back what you "put out there", and if you're polite and pick and choose your complaints, you are treated fairly. Those who complain about every little thing get exactly what they deserve. The service was great, with an almost 2:1 ratio of passengers to crew. Dining Options: The Horizon Court was well organized, and never did we have a problem getting a seat at any time of the day, and even managed to get one with a window view most of the time. Some passengers might have been disappointed with the limited availability table-side service, but we regard this area as self-serving. We opted for Personal Choice Dining and were very pleased with the service which we received. We enjoy sitting with different people each evening and this dining option avoids being stuck with "tablemates from hell". We have usually found that if you didn't arrive for dinner prior to 7:00 pm that line-ups would be encountered. This particular cruise was a surprise, in that no line-ups were to be found until around 8:00 pm. The vast majority of passengers were from the UK and perhaps they like to dine later??. Those who opted to sit with others had no difficulty getting a table prior to 8 pm, but those who insisted on a table-for-two sometimes had to wait no matter what time they opted to dine. They do provide pagers for those who have to wait, allowing people to relax elsewhere until their table is ready. We also noticed that the service overall was much quicker this time. In the past, we've found that dinner took at least 2 hours (a little toooo long for us), but most nights we were finished within 1 1/2 hours. Food was up to the usual Princess standards, although after 7 cruises we would have liked to see some new items on their menus. Sterling Steakhouse is available for an additional $15 pp, but actually is a "roped-off" area of the Horizon Court or is located outside adjacent to the pool area. They have tried to make the areas as private and attractive as possible and do a fairly good job. Some may find the cover charge too much, but in reality, where do you go for a 22 oz porterhouse steak for $15? The steaks were very good, and service was wonderful. Afternoon "high tea" is available every day in one of the main dining rooms. We didn't attend, but others said it was great. The outdoor grill located on Lido deck was good, with fairly quick made-to-order burgers of beef or chicken, hotdogs, or two types of sausages, along with fries. We always enjoy their tasty burgers but this time they were somewhat less flavorful. The Trattoria is an open eating area, adjacent to the casino, where you can get Italian style foods of pizza or some pasta. It is nice for lunch, or even as a dinner option if you don't want the formality of the dining room. One can tire of dressing up each evening on a 14 day cruise. Princess has long been criticized for charging for ice-cream. On this cruise, they offered one hour each day to enjoy free ice-cream in the Horizon Court. Of course, you can always get it for free in the dining rooms. We also noticed small arrangements of sweets available at some of the bars during port days. A nice little touch. Alcoholic drinks have increased in price. Princess allows passengers to bring wine and beer on-board for consumption in your cabin only. However, you could order one glass of wine, save your glass, and simply refill it in your cabin and carry it with you elsewhere. No one would know and loads of people do just this. Beverage cards can be purchased for unlimited soft drinks, and is a great idea for those with children. You can also purchase beer in a six-pack, at a slightly reduced cost. Itinerary: This is a very port-intensive itinerary. With only 3 days at sea, and 2 of them being clustered at the very end of the cruise, it is a bit busy. Tortola: We took a snorkeling excursion, which was good. I don't swim and hate deep water even with a life vest on, but this one wasn't too deep. However, we were a little annoyed in that we docked at the pier, and then for some unknown reason our ship had to vacate that spot at 1:15pm and anchor out in the harbor, causing everyone to tender to get back on the ship. A Holland America ship took our spot at the pier, and no explanation was given as to why were were forced out earlier. St. Maarten: The plan right up until embarkation was to dock at the pier, but again we had to tender and no one said why. Tendering can be a pain, and this time it caused us to have to forgo a planned trip to Maha Beach after our morning excursion arrived back one hour late. With tendering, there just wasn't enough time to go to that beach. For those who may visit this port, FYI.....Maha Beach is right in front of the landing runway for the airport. You can lie on the beach and have huge jets come in right over top of you....wow. Would have liked to experience that. And, remember that some beaches are optional swim tops for the ladies. This particular excursion was a general island tour and beach stop and wasn't worth the money. The guide was not very informative and we should have just grabbed our own taxi. St. Kitts: We took a taxi on our own to a beach, but the scenery on the south side of this island is spectacular. You can see the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas at the same time, and is a great photo op. FYI...one of the beaches at the southern most tip has a resident pig and other wildlife for those who enjoy animal encounters. Wished we had done that instead of opting for a better snorkeling site, which didn't prove to be all that great anyways. St. Vincent: Again, took our own taxi and had a relaxing tour and beach day. St. Lucia: Took a whale and dolphin watching excursion. It was great and we saw tons of pilot whales but alas no dolphins. We did, however, see flying fish. Boy, can they fly a long way. It was rather ironic that they had flying fish on the menu that night!!! Barbados: We did an excursion to see the monkeys, amongst other animals. Tons of little deer, monkeys, and birds in a protected environment. The monkeys can get out and do so all the time, but return for their feeding. We love animals, so found this very enjoyable. Trinidad: What a surprise. The call themselves one of the "best kept secrets" of all the Caribbean Islands. We had thought it would be a very much undeveloped place, but quickly realized our error when we saw high-rise buildings at the pier. Turns out they are an oil-producing island, and are only now starting to really push tourism as a means to supplement their economy for the benefit of the average citizen. We had a wonderful island tour, which was topped off with a musical show. Bonaire: Much like some of the other Netherland Antilles islands, it is small and there isn't alot to do. Like the other Dutch islands in that area, they are noted for the quality of diving and snorkeling opportunities. Aruba: Again, a big surprise. We expected a very lush, tropical setting, and saw mostly cacti, very reminiscent of Arizona. We took an island and aloe factory tour, and the scenery at the coast lines was spectacular. Entertainment: We were disappointed that on most evenings, a movie was one of the options. We didn't see any show productions because having been on multiple Princess cruises, we are now finding them repetitive. Those we spoke to who did attend, found them quite good. Some of the magic, comedy, and in particular the ventriloquist act were wonderful. The Lenny Windsor show was not good, but he was very promoted on the ship as having been a writer for the Benny Hill Show, which of course appealed to the overwhelming UK passengers. He himself was not that funny. On-board Activities: The usual ice carving and vegetable fruit carving demonstrations were entertaining. A drink making competition was lots of fun, and you could attend short "workshops" to learn the art of bow-making, napkin folding etc. Trivia was held frequently, but as usual the questions are toooo hard for us. A passenger Family Feud and Millionaire show were held, but it was in the Vista Lounge which is not the best place for those types of shows as it is too large of an area and makes it less intimate. Karaoke was held almost nightly in the Razzmatazz Lounge. A passenger talent show was held on the last day, and we did have some very talented people on board. Bingo sessions abound. Save your money and go to the last 2 or 3 sessions, as the jackpot which builds is seldom won before the last few sessions. We did not like the computer generated numbers, and missed the sound of the bingo balls. Staff indicated they weren't too fussy on it either. Ceramics at Sea was offered, but there was not enough opportunities to actually do it because it not offered on port days. Computer at Sea programs continue to be promoted. The fellow from the future cruise office was very informative and held some great sessions on different places to cruise. Princess allows passengers to put down a $100 US deposit for a future cruise, and you don't have to actually book a particular cruise at that time. The money is held in your "on-board future cruise deposit", and you have 4 years in which to use it. You can book the cruise any way you choose, with a travel agent or directly through Princess, and you will automatically receive an on-board credit which increases according to the cabin type and length of cruise you choose. Guest lecturers provide a variety of topics, and church services were held as interdenominational on Sundays. Movies Under the Stars is playing most of the day with at least 2 movies each evening. The choices of some of the movies were not to our liking, but they do have to provide for different tastes. During the daytime, the speakers are turned off and passengers can use earphones to hear the movie. At night, the speakers are on, although if it is windy it can be difficult to hear. One thing we found puzzling was the notice in the Princess Patter that stated the pools AND the hot tubs would be closed each evening while the movies were being played for everyone's movie watching enjoyment. The pool we could see, as pools entice jumping, splashing, and yelling. But hot tubs are for sitting and relaxing. However, they never did close the hot tubs and no one approached us to vacate them when we did get in to watch a couple of movies. Our feeling was that Princess has been promoting this entertainment using night-time pictures of people in the hot tubs watching the movie, so to close them would be very misleading. And if they find passengers causing such a disturbance, they should deal with them on an individual basis and not adopt a general policy the punish everyone else who is behaving in a responsible and considerate manner. The casino is awful. Although a relatively large area, 2/3 of it is occupied by lounge areas, almost leaning towards a sports bar atmosphere. The number of slot machines is extremely limited and lacking good variety, and there are only about 5 gaming tables. Strange that Princess doesn't pack in more slots as they only stand to generate tons more revenue. A slots tournament is held each week at a cost of $20 each try and is lots of fun. Smoking is allowed in the casino, but they did provide 2 evenings that were deemed to be smoke free. However, it seemed that in the seating areas they were still allowing smoking, and since there is no dividing wall between the two, it wasn't truly smoke-free. We smoke ourselves, but often wonder about the lack of non-smokers rights in accessing the casino. Perhaps Princess should consider designating some hours each time the casino is open as non-smoking. This may also attract more passengers to use the casino, seeing as non-smokers vastly outnumber us "sinners". Disembarkation: Very smooth and we were off the ship quite quickly. Summary: Not my most favorite of the Princess fleet, the Sea Princess is none-the-less a lovely ship and for those cruising for the first time, you would find it more than adequate. Otherwise, it was a great cruise and can hardly wait for the next one!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2007
Our trip aboard the Sea Princess was our first cruise and began with a flight to Gatwick airport in London, an overnight stay in the Sofitel at Gatwick and a flight the following morning with Thomas Cook Airlines to Fort Lauderdale. All of ... Read More
Our trip aboard the Sea Princess was our first cruise and began with a flight to Gatwick airport in London, an overnight stay in the Sofitel at Gatwick and a flight the following morning with Thomas Cook Airlines to Fort Lauderdale. All of the above were excellent and it gave us a chance to have a night out in London even though we had a 5am start the following morning! When we arrived in Fort Lauderdale it was approximately 2 hours 30 minutes before we got on board the ship, even though the airport and port are only 10 minutes apart. US Immigration was the first problem (not the fault of Princess Cruises obviously). We queued for over an hour in what seemed like a non air conditioned room just to be allowed into the country. Then we stood outside the airport in the open for 30 minutes, carrying our luggage waiting for the coaches to arrive. This, I feel, was bad organization on the part of Princess cruises. The coaches should have been there waiting for us. It didn't help either that they guy who was loading the bags onto the coach was being abusive to some of the older passengers. Maybe it was just his nature but to us it was incredibly rude and gave a bad impression of Florida and of Princess Cruises. (My impression of both changed completely over the course of the following two weeks. See below). Check-in at the port terminal was also very badly organized. A lot of people didn't know where to go, what queue to get into and what to sign. Very little help was forthcoming. Eventually though from the moment we stepped on board the Sea Princess to the moment we disembarked two weeks later we had an incredible time. The staff were among the friendliest and most helpful of any we have encountered in the past. It seems that their sole purpose is to ensure the passengers have a good time and that is exactly how they portrayed themselves to us. I don't recall the word 'No' ever being used. They would always try to accommodate any requests that we had. We chose anytime dining and I would say that we had our dinner in each of the restaurants an equal number of times. The Sterling Steakhouse being our favorite by a long shot. The Horizon Court buffet always had a good choice at breakfast, lunch and dinner, though it was usually a problem getting a seat there at breakfast time. Thankfully the weather was nice enough every morning for us to have breakfast outdoors if we so wished. I found the main dining room, the Rigoletto, to be ok for dinner. There was usually a good choice of dishes and the waiters were very pleasant. They always held your bottle of wine away from your table though, which was something we couldn't understand. On numerous occasions we had to ask a number of times for our wine to be brought to us. The man who directed us to our table was not the friendliest person in the world, particularly when we asked on a couple of occasions to sit at a table for two and not with others. The entertainment on board was ok. Great I'm sure for the majority of passengers who were 50+ but for us (early) 30 somethings the shows were fine but not necessarily to our taste. The bar/nightclub Razmatazz was a bit of fun but was quite a small venue. I hear that the niteclubs on some of the larger Princess ships are a good bit better. There were a lot of activities organized during the day so you could never be bored during a day at sea or if you didn't fancy getting off at a particular port. Our cabin steward was top class. always friendly, always had time for a chat and kept the room in pristine condition throughout the cruise. We visited a total of 10 ports of call. Princess Cays Tortola St. Maarten St. Kitts St. Lucia Barbados St. Vincent Port of Spain Bonaire Aruba All of these we found to be nice and we did a mix of watersports, walking around and shopping. The best for shopping were by far St. Maarten and Aruba. On disembarking, again we had to go through immigration at Fort Lauderdale (another 1 hour queue). Princess however then took us off to a local hotel to relax for the few hours before our flight where they laid on a massive buffet. There were shops nearly also. It was at the hotel and at the shops where we encountered the really friendly side of Florida. Everyone was so nice! Well that's all we have time to write for now. suffice to say we will definitely travel Princess cruises again without hesitation. Read Less
Sail Date January 2007
We booked this cruise some 14 months prior to departure, and as a result we were looking forward to this holiday with great anticipation. Our group consisted of 10 passengers from 4 countries (UK, USA, Germany and Australia) and we were ... Read More
We booked this cruise some 14 months prior to departure, and as a result we were looking forward to this holiday with great anticipation. Our group consisted of 10 passengers from 4 countries (UK, USA, Germany and Australia) and we were all very excited about the prospect of cruising together again. Our embarkation was quite painful in Fort Lauderdale, it was raining and they didn't open the terminal for 20 mins whilst we stood out in the rain. Once inside the terminal we waited for about an hour before they opened the check in desks. Luckily being a suite passenger and with a wheelchair we were given priority, however the arrangements were poor and very disorganized and I felt sorry for the other passenger that had to wait at least two hours before they got onboard. Our suite was a big disappointment, although it was the largest suite on the ship, there was something not quite right about the layout and the quality of the fittings. We did however enjoy the balcony and thought it was the best asset of the suite. The other cabins that the group had consisted of a mini-suite and balcony cabins (all located together on the same deck) and the group was very upset to see how small the cabins were compared to other ships (we all cruised together on Sapphire Princess two years ago) Service on the ship was dire to say the least, they didn't know the entitlements of the suite passengers, and didn't understand the concept of "afternoon tea" a special service for suite passengers (not just coffee and cake!) overall we were most disappointed with the service on this ship, it just wasn't up to princess standard. We changed our dining room reservation albeit after much fuss and meetings with various members of the ships crew. It was really difficult to change anything or get the entitlements of the Elite Status (captains circle) that we were entitled too. We didn't get invitations to the captains party till AFTER the event and had to ask several times for one of the group to have their internet spend and dry cleaning bills removed. The food was average for princess and probably the worst food we have had on a ship in ages. The service in the dining room WAS good however, but had to send food back for being cold or overcooked. The head waiter loved himself so much, that I am surprised he could take time to move away from the mirror to get to the dining room! On most of the ports of call we arranged our own excursions, which we priced cheaper than Princess, and without being herded around like goats. A quick internet search for port of call and tours gives you the opportunity NOT to book with Princess. We did however on Princess Cays hire a beach bungalow where they looked after us, and there was a small table inside with air conditioning, worth the $199?? Probably not. On a more positive note, the bar staff were very good, and got to know me and our group by name very quickly and the use of "soda" cards is a fantastic idea. I think the only thing that saved this cruise was our company that we had, we were able to laugh at the various situations that princess messed up on. As a result of this cruise, we will look for an alternative line. It is a shame considering that we have done almost 20 cruises with Princess, and will miss some of the perks such as free internet (now discontinued!) laundry and discount from the ships boutiques. If you think this is a biased opinion, please see my other reviews for Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess, where we were very very happy campers with Princess. Read Less
Sail Date December 2006
Precruise Left home the evening before using Princess travel arrangements. Flew BA to London. We were not able to use the previous day luggage check in as Princess wanted a health form filled in the next day. We could have been informed ... Read More
Precruise Left home the evening before using Princess travel arrangements. Flew BA to London. We were not able to use the previous day luggage check in as Princess wanted a health form filled in the next day. We could have been informed to save travelling from one terminal to another as our overnight hotel was at the first terminal. This meant we had to have a very early start the next morning. Hotel was fine. Flight with a Thomas Cook charter was 2 and a half hours late in leaving. We were stuck in the plane for over an hour. The plane was cramped and must have been very uncomfortable for tall people. It was a long trip and the arrival procedures did not help. Day 1 Fort Lauderdale. Embarkation Did not arrive on ship until 5.30. Took us 2 and a half hours to get through the airport at Fort Lauderdale. Embarkation was quick and efficient. Just in time to go to the muster drill and then dinner. Day 2 Princess Cays We had been here before. Tendered ashore, found a couple of sunbeds then left our stuff. I swam and snorkeled while Dh walked as his back was bad. Had some delicious fruit from the fruit bar but didn't wait for the BBQ lunch as there were long queues. Tendered back and had lunch on the ship Day 3 At sea A miserable day in the main livened up by a hosted CC meeting with some bubbly. Good to put faces to some of the names from the roll call but disappointing to see so few there. Thanks to Bill for getting things organized. Day 4 St Maarten Took a private van tour of the island with some others. We passed the beach beside the airport where it looked as if you could touch the planes as they took off. You must have to make sure your things are anchored down properly. One half of the island is Dutch and the other French and they are quite different. We stopped in the French capital, Marigot. Had a wander around then a cold drink. Next stop was Orient Naturist Beach. I wanted to paddle in the other public beach beside it but the sand slopped so steeply I didn't feel safe so I paddled fully clothed on Orient Beach! Actually it wasn't a totally nudist beach as lots of folks were wearing swimwear but one family were jogging along in the altogether. Saw some more of the island before returning to the ship. Could have been dropped off in Philipsburg if we had wanted to shop but we didn't. Day 5 Antigua Private tour with Lawrence of Antigua who had been recommended on the boards. Met with a lad carrying a sign with our name and taken to Lawrence's van as he was getting people off another ship. Lawrence was very informative and showed us a lot of his island. We saw the new cricket stadium and then the Blockhouse. There were great views from there. Next we went to Shirley Heights with the views over Falmouth Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard. The rain suddenly blew in and there was a real downpour and everyone was huddled in trying to keep dry. Luckily it soon passed and we left to visit the Dockyard. It was very interesting with lots to see. Drove past many lovely beaches and Lawrence dropped us in town where we had a cold drink. Got chatting to an American lad who was a pilot and lived there as he loved the golf. DH is trying a bear on every island while I have some sort of fruit juice/smoothie. Day 6 Dominica Tendered here in Portsmouth Bay and not Roseau as planned as there were 2 other ships docked in Roseau including the Saga Ruby. Why we couldn't have tendered here I don't know as where we were was miles from anywhere. It certainly messed up a lot of tours. As we tendered ashore the heavens opened but by the time we got off the rain had passed. We had been booked with Reyno, a real nice guy, and he said he would have to change the itinerary as we were 90 mins from where we should have started. That was fine. However some others came and wanted a longer tour than we did due to DH's bad back so we agreed with reyno we would get someone else and he would get more money. Pablo, our guide, offered us a tour of the rainforest, banana plantation and Emerald Pool for $30. That sounded fine. There were around 10 folks on the bus but he wanted more so we had to sit and wait. He shut the door which wouldn't open from inside so we had no option. Eventually he had enough and we set off. It was a long drive through the banana plantations and rain forest. He stopped and pulled some lemon grass for us to smell. It grows wild at the roadside. Think of the price of it here! We stopped at a Carib Indian settlement and the children gave us cinnamon and nutmeg. Then we drove to Mr Nice's fruit stand. It was great t\tasting all the fruit from his great selection and all you need to give is a donation in his gourd. DH bough a cold beer. Next stop was the Emerald pool. It was quite a hike to get there and slippery in parts so not for the less able. It was worth seeing though. This was all we had agreed with Pablo but he then asked if folk wanted to go to Trafalgar Falls and Roseau too for another $10. It was a long way and probably worth the $10 but we didn't want an extended trip. In the end there were only 2 really keen so he said we were going. People were not happy at this decision but if you are in the middle of a rain forest with no idea where you are you can't do much about it! It was a bit worrying though as one of our fellow travellers was diabetic and had wanted back by 2.00 pm for her medication. Luckily she carried some water and crackers with her. Trafalgar Falls were again quite a hike to reach. We met Reyno there so we could have travelled with him if we had known what was going to happen. After visiting the falls we drove through Roseau and the Botanical Gardens before the long drive back through Portsmouth to the tender area. On the way back most of the people decided they were not going to pay the driver the extra as that was not the price they had agreed. Pablo wanted people to pass the money up to him but only 3 couples did. When we got back to the tender dock area these 3 couples got off and the next couple refused to pay the extra. He was shouting and arguing and then hr lock us all in the bus again. It was pouring again and no one would come and open the door. Eventually, with much ill grace, he accepted his original price and let us off. He got no tip which is something we have never done before on a tour. In the long run he was the one who lost out as others didn't tip either. Day 7 Martinique We had done a tour here last year so just walked into the town and wandered around. We went into the library which is a very impressive building both inside and out. Then we wandered round the market and shops and had our cold drinks. Day 8 Barbados Shared a van with a few others and had a nice lady driver. She took us up the west coast through a lot of small villages and a championship golf course. There were some gorgeous beaches. Then we headed inland and stopped at Cherry Tree hill for some pictures. A great view. We passed an old sugar mill then headed down the east coast past tremendous rock formations to Bathsheba. The beaches were wilder here and good for surfing. Next stop was Andromeda Botanical Gardens before heading for Gun Hill Signal Station. We got dropped off in Bridgetown to do some shopping and have our drink then we caught the shuttle bus back to the ship. My DD was arriving on the flight from Glasgow but it was delayed. We were standing on deck after dinner watching folk boarding and the guys unloading the luggage. It was the usual heave a case into the cage with little care taken. Suddenly I saw one of them with the box with DD's wedding dress ( I recognized the tape I had used ) and another dress box. He looked at it. I had put a label Wedding Dress, Fragile, Please treat with care. With a little smile he carried the 2 boxes carefully over to the conveyor belt going into the ship. It was nice to see that they did take care of it as DD was worried it would be damaged. Shortly after that we saw them boarding. Day 9 Grenada. As it was Sunday most places were closed. We had toured before so walked around the town and through the tunnel to the other harbour. The spice market was closed but there were a few spice pedlars at street corners. We got some Hot Sauce It is really hot. It was cheaper to buy away from the terminal. Had our cold drinks then went back. Day 10 Isla Margarita Had booked with Cruisin n Style, who are an American couple who live there. They only take 4 in their jeep. Marcella and her husband were very nice and took us all around the island stopping at places of interest and for photos. Eg castle, fort, viewpoints. We also had a while on the beach which was great fun as there were super breakers to play around in. Had our local drinks there. Then we drove through the main town and could have stopped for shopping but we decided to shop at the stalls at the pier. We did our shopping there and prices were very reasonable and there was a good variety of things to buy. Saw the stall of the girl who posts on CC. We couldn't believe the price of petrol - 4c a litre!!!!! Day 11 Curacao We had booked with Blue Angel Tours and they were waiting for us. The bus took us over the high bridge and stopped for photos. Next we visited the factory where they make the famous Curacao liquor. There were lots of samples of the different flavours to be tried if wished. We passed on the iguana soup, a local delicacy. We continued to the high point of the island with excellent views before going to a manmade beach. We decided to go back to town rather than stay so got dropped off there. We walked across the floating bridge and sat on the waterfront and had a drink and watched the world go by. We saw the bridge open but only for a short time. There is a free ferry if it has to be open longer. Later we looked around the shops, bought some things and walked back to the ship. Willemstad is a very picturesque town with houses of many pastel colours. It had a nice feel to it. Day 12 At Sea. Daughter's wedding. The arrangements had been confirmed with the wedding coordinator and everything went to plan. The library was nicely decorated with candles, flower arrangements and a pianist was playing. You entered through a flower decked arch. The flowers provided were beautiful especially those of the bride. The ceremony went without a hitch and photos and a DVD were taken around the ship. Next we relaxed then went to the Steakhouse for a meal. Champagne was provide with keepsake glasses and there was what was said to be a wedding cake for 2. It was huge and would have fed a dozen. The meal was excellent and everyone had a good time. Day 13 Jamaica. Had to tender here as 2 other ships were in port. Had booked with A-Z Jamaica planners and our driver, Clive, was waiting. He took us to his MPV and told us the other group had pulled out so it was just us. We were going to Mayfield Falls as our time in Montego Bay was tight for going to Dunn's River Falls. It took some time to get away from the port as it was rush hour and very busy. Eventually we were on the open road and moving along. Clive was a careful driver which was great especially once we got onto the narrow little roads to the falls where there are steep drops to the forest floor and lorries hurtling towards you. When we got to the falls we were the first group there. Clive introduced us to our guide whom he said was the best. I now agree. He told us to call him Rasti as he was a Rastifarian. He showed us where to change and locked up our belongings and took the camera. Then we walked across a bamboo bridge and entered the falls. It seemed cold at first but we soon got used to the water. We had to wear water shoes ( we brought our own but you can pay to hire some ) as the stones on the river bed could be sharp. Rasti was wonderful. He helped us over the difficult sections and showed us the different Jacuzzi pools and one pool where you could go under and come through a tunnel and into another pool. I didn't try it! At another pool he dived in from high up on the cliff. All his hair came down and it was to the top of his thigh. At another pool you could lean back into a little waterfall and your head went into a little cave. When we reached the top we walked back. He showed us tumeric, ginger, fruit like limes and gave everyone a temporary tattoo by hitting us with a kind of fern. He deserved the generous tip he got and would need it as he has 8 children. On the way back we got delayed when 2 lorries got stuck together but we were still back in good time to board. It was chaos in the terminal as we had to go through security and all the 3 ships passengers wanted through at the same time. We heard many comments from people who had gone shopping about how they hadn't liked it and had felt uncomfortable with the hassling they got. I am glad we did what we did. Day 14 At Sea. It was a lovely day so relaxed and swam and caught some sunshine. Day 15 Fort Lauderdale. Disembarkation. Off the ship at 9.30. Taken to hotel for lunch then to airport. Badly organized. Transfer to airport was worse. Chaotic to say the least with a total lack of information. Flight left 1 hour late. There were few desks for nearly 400 people to check in and no information given as a result of which people were missing the fingerprint/iris scan and having to walk back to get it. Few facilities for people waiting for a long flight and around 50 seats at the gate for all these people. A long uncomfortable flight to London. Overall. Good points. Staff. They all worked so hard and were always so pleasant. Our waiters were Joel and Dax who were both from India. Our steward was Molly from the Philippines. The food was excellent and always something to chose. We liked eating in the dining room and getting served so if possible we ate there. Great company at our dining table. The entertainment which seemed to suit the British people most. Meeting a variety of people and making new friends. The dEcor of the ship and the facilities The wedding arrangements. The CC meeting to put faces to names. Bad points. Our inside cabin was small. We dont use it much but DH had to sit on the hard chair which took up most of the floor space. There was no easy chair. DD cabin several grades lower was more spacious. Rude people both from UK and from USA. Why are some people determined always to be first? People complaining about petty little things. The travel arrangements and the travel. Horrendous. I would never fly to Ft Lauderdale or use a charter flight again. Feeling that Princess didn't care about their passengers once they had left the ship. Overall I can't comment on the games room / casino situation but the US guests thought the casino small. We never used the Italian restaurant but it seemed popular. Nor did we try the burger bar by the pool. The hairdressers was good but I didn't use the spa. Also we never went to Movies Under the Stars. We had a most enjoyable cruise which was marred slightly by the travel arrangements but overall was worthwhile. Read Less
Sail Date November 2006
My wife and had the misfortune of booking a fourteen day cruise to the western Caribbean in Jan. 06 on the Sea Princess. I had read the Cruise Critic review on the Sea Princess that said the ship catered mostly to British clientele but I ... Read More
My wife and had the misfortune of booking a fourteen day cruise to the western Caribbean in Jan. 06 on the Sea Princess. I had read the Cruise Critic review on the Sea Princess that said the ship catered mostly to British clientele but I thought little of it since I like the British people and they are generally very polite and friendly. The Horizon Court Our first encounter with the British influence was the Horizon Court buffet as my wife and I are fairly active seniors and try to eat healthy. The breakfast buffet was an advertisement for Lipitor or Crestor etc. The meats and sausages of all colors and sizes were so rich in saturated fats that one's arteries clogged up just looking at them. So down with the buffet line for breakfast and lunch! That was not the last of the problems with the Horizon Court. When my wife and I would arrive there about 8:30 to 9:00 AM, after our attempt at at exercising (the gym doesn't open until 7:00 AM) more about the gym later. After a shower we proceeded to the Horizon Court to grab a bowl of cereal (the only food fit to eat for breakfast) the next challenge was to find a table to eat at. The Brit. had colonized all the tables and were working on their third cup of tea and socializing and my and I are looking desperately for a table to sit down to gobble down our cereal. Good Luck! The Brits. sipping their tea are not going to move until have to go to the bathroom but they leave one sweet old lady sitting there who tells you the table is not available and that her friends will soon be back with another cup of tea for her and they will be there for a while more. Off to the deck outside to eat our cereal rain or shine cold or windy because it that or eat standing up! When I stupidly mentioned to the head waiter that perhaps a little announcement or something reminding people that when they are finished breakfast and one cup of tea there are other people waiting for a table he told me the Brits are their primary customers and he would not do anything to ruin their vacation forget about our vacation. So if you like fat greasy sausages,ham and/or bacon and other foods we didn't recognize and you like eating standing up then I recommend the Horizon Court on the Sea Princess. The Gym The Gym on the Sea Princess is there to say they have a gym. It is not intended to be used by semi serious health conscience people. The main piece of equipment was a Nautilus circa 1950 so full of rust and corrosion that I was worried about cutting myself and requiring a tetanus shot. The life cycle bicycles were of the same vintage and sad also. When I mentioned this to the poor guy running the gym he agreed it was pretty sad. The vast majority of the passengers on this cruise didn't care if there was a gym as they were not going to use it anyway! The Room The worst part of the experience was our room Dolphin 316. If you have to take a cruise on the Sea Princess for whatever reason don't accept this room or any near it unless you are the type that does not plan to retire until after 1:30 to 3:30 every night while cruising. The room as measured is directly overhead of the Combo stage of the Wheelhouse bar on the deck below. The bar features small group entertainers usually two or three at most to a Combo. All the groups and there was a few used the bass enhancer to simulate "Large Combo" sounds. The speakers are attached to the ceiling onto the metal superstructure. Now everyone is aware that sound is conducted through various mediums and metal is an excellent conduction medium for the low frequency amplifier enhanced base notes! Well as we are early risers we are usually in bed after the first shows in order to be on our trips ashore the next day. Well the first night we came to the after the show in the Princess Theater. As we walked up to the room we heard loud music coming from somewhere. We then opened our door to our room and to our horror the walls were vibrating to the base notes. I ran to the pursers desk and said we can't sleep in that room and he politely pointed to nicely placed sign "there are no alternate rooms we are fully booked" Well that is when the battle began I asked for two weeks to have our room changed but it was always well we have to pick up more Brits in Barbados and what about the ones getting off? Well we will try sir but we can't promise anything right now. The battle went on for two weeks with our room never being changed. In summary after this experience with the Sea Princess we will not sail on the Princess Cruise Line again! Read Less
Sail Date January 2006
My husband and I booked this cruise almost a year ago to be sure we got a balcony stateroom and $100 shipboard credit each. We eat our room service breakfast on our balcony each morning and enjoy looking around from our balcony throughout ... Read More
My husband and I booked this cruise almost a year ago to be sure we got a balcony stateroom and $100 shipboard credit each. We eat our room service breakfast on our balcony each morning and enjoy looking around from our balcony throughout the cruise. It's worth the extra money for a balcony in our opinion. Embarkation 11/19/05: We drove 5 hours south to Port Everglades. We should have left earlier to get on board around 12 noon. Due to a late start from home, we didn't get on until 5 p.m. and missed our Cruise Critic meet and greet party. On the other hand, there was no line to get on when we arrived so late in the day. Ate dinner in personal choice dining room sharing with others because it's fun to chat with fellow passengers. Went to show in Princess Theatre and went to room to unpack our luggage with arrived promptly. Princess Cays 11/20: Room service brought our breakfast at 8 a.m. I brought our French Press coffee maker and an immersion coil in order to make our own coffee from actual coffee grounds each morning. We order cream from room service. Because it is so expensive to serve coffee on a cruise ship, they serve concentrated coffee from a can. It is okay, but no where near as good as bringing your own coffee makings. By the time we grabbed a tender to Princess Cays, we only had 2 1/2 hours on the island. We ate at the luncheon buffet on the island and then snorkeled until we had to catch a tender back to the ship. Showered and went to dinner and a live show. Sea day 11/21: Slept a lot last night to keep our energy up for this wonderful itinerary. Enjoying some unstructured time together today. Tortola, BVI 11/22: Took ship's tour Secret Beach Brewer's Bay and saw lots of beautiful scenic views, 2 hours on lovely Brewer's Bay Beach. and a stop at Skyland for a view of all the surrounding islands. Back to ship to shower and then go to dinner. Rested in room until time for 11 p.m. Pub Night comedy show which is always fun. Antigua 11/23: Took independent tour Eli's Eco Tour from Adventure Antigua company. sailed aboard the 52 ft. powercat and swam, snorkeled, ate, drank and chatted. Excellent day with this tour. Shopped for Big Banana Restaurant t-shirts which celebrities like Mick Jagger and Timothy Dalton have made fashionable. Back to room to shower, then to dinner. Took part in Island Night party and won prizes and got videotaped for the ship's DVD (which we bought and watched the day after we got home). Dominica 11/24: Took independent tour with Reynold who runs ReynoTours (email him at reynotours@hotmail.com to reserve your spot with no down payment). Two other Cruise Critic couples joined us in our van, but there were 2 other vans, also. Swam in the Emerald Pool (a highlight of our cruise), sampled fruit at Mr. Nice Fruit Stand, saw the sights from the air conditioned van, hiked to Trafalgar Falls and took pictures of Mama and Papa Falls, drank homemade punch and wine and ate homemade plantain chips at our stop at a volcanic sand beach. Walked to public library which has an ocean view and a wrap around porch. Took pictures of rainbows from our balcony as we sailed away. Showered, ate dinner, went to magic show. Martinique 11/25: Took ship excursion St. Pierre and Rum Distillery on this French island. Our tour guide spoke wonderful English and we learned a lot. Went back to ship for lunch and then back to island to look around. The young people in the park were very amorous -- ooh la la. Bought a hand painted picture on fabric and it's just beautiful. Evening's entertainment was a Las Vegas pianist named Glenn Smith plus comedy juggler Pete Matthews. Our advice is to skip the movies and catch all the live shows you can. Barbados 11/26: Took independent cruise aboard Silver Moon catamaran run by Ocean Adventures company. Pre-book online for a wonderful day at sea. Swam with turtles, snorkeled over 2 shipwrecks, had lunch and drinks, watched the crew catch a fish and finish it off by pouring rum down its throat. Went shopping after this tour and back to Sea Princess for a dip in the hot tub. Grenada 11/27: Took independent tour with Mandoo, an excellent tour guide who spent 22 years in the Merchant Marines. He is interesting and knowledgeable and made us feel very safe even when locals were begging us to buy stuff. We bought most of our spices from Douglaston Spice Plantation tour stop, saw Grand Etang Lake and bought spice necklaces, nutmeg jam, nutmeg oil (natural remedy), Grenada saffron which is turmeric (prevents cancer) and a few other souvenirs at the booths there. I purchase from the women because I trust them to use the money to help their children. Saw Annendale Falls, swam at Morne Rouge Beach and ate at small beachside restaurant there. Ate conch called spicy curry lambie, rice and kalaloo which Mandoo calls "super spinach" and Carib beer. Back to Sea Princess to shower, eat dinner and see comedy juggler Pete Matthews again. Isla Margarita 11/28: Tendered in and had fun right at the port. There is so much to do at the port that you don't really need to take a tour. We bought inexpensive pearl necklace and earrings, 2 black coral bracelets and a natural god mask and a souvenir ball cap. We spent the rest of our money on Polar beer (the most popular brand) with free peanuts served as live meringue, salsa and steel drum music played for us in covered bar area. All too soon it was time to say goodbye to lovely Margarita and sail away at 1 p.m. Back on ship for Peter Nowack's art auctions -- we attended them all and had a blast. Yes, we bought some stuff we loved, too. Aruba 11/29: Took independent tour Jolly Pirates which is a family cruise, not a booze cruise (although you can get rum drinks if you want them). We snorkeled at 3 spots, were served a delicious lunch which included the best chicken kabobs I've ever tasted, drank Pirate's Poison (pineapple, orange and cranberry juices mixed and you can ask for rum to be added). Had a chance to try the rope swing which requires a lot of upper arm strength (keep you legs tucked up to stay on swing longer). The crew did amazing jumps to entertain us. Loved this tour so much! Showered, ate dinner, and went to live show starring the amazingly funny mime Yakov Noy. Too tired for Tex Mex party so we just went to sleep. At sea 11/30: Went to Horizon Court for La Dlce Vita buffet. Take your camera because the food is a work of art at these special buffets. Shopped at special bargain sale in dining room this morning and got quite a few Christmas gifts (no one will know how little we spent for these gifts). Relaxed today. Grand Cayman 12/1: As soon as we tendered in, we walked to Capt. Marvins and booked a snorkeling trip. Snorkeled at a coral garden and then went to Stingray City. We had fun both places despite crowds. A video was made of us which we plan to purchase so we can relive the fun we had. After that tour, we went to Senor Frog's and were treated very kindly by Pablo. We recommend you go to this fun restaurant and eat instead of tendering back to ship. Evening on board featured a variety show with Yakov Noy and the magician. Next we volunteered to play the Marriage Game, had a wonderful time as we drank free champagne and played the game, and even won. At sea 12/2: Spent a lot of time packing today in between eating events. After dinner, we saw final live show starring female Japanese violinist and male Broadway style vocalist. Luggage outside door by 8 p.m. Back to Ft. Lauderdale 12/3: Left the room by 8 a.m. so our wonderful room steward Jun could get ready for its next occupants. Took our hand luggage to dining room with us, parked it as we ate breakfast. When our luggage tag color was called we left the ship with lots of joyous memories. This was our 7th and best cruise ever!!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2005
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Cabins 4.0 3.9
Dining 4.5 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.6
Enrichment 3.0 3.4
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.8

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