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Two lower beds, which make up into a queen-size bed. Sitting area with desk, balcony, television, refrigerator and spacious closet. Approximately 179 square feet including balcony.

Balcony (BD)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin B747
Oct 2016
A cruise to remember! By: ETdreamer
We were very pleased with our choice of cabin. We made lots ample use of the balcony. The rear view was a little obstructed by a cleaning apparatus which is permanently adjacent to the balcony, but that was a very minor inconvenience. The room was spotlessly clean and there was plenty of storage space and lots of clothes hangers.
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Cabin B720
Feb 2016
PNG Cruise By: Fluffy Duck
The cabin was a reasonable size and always kept clean by the steward. Although the bathroom is very small, one person only at a time, we managed very well. The only issue I have with the cabin is that the cupboard and bathroom doors open onto each other and impede the front door when both are open.
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Cabin B619
Sep 2014
Everything We Hoped For! By: MarianneT
We were very happy with the location of our room.
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Cabin C341
Mar 2012
Sydney to New Zealand and Back By: Hetoldmenottodoit
Cabin No. C341 - Deck No. 9 Caribe. This cabin has a balcony. I would have preferred not to have the chairs and small table on the balcony at all because they took up too much room when we both wanted to be out there and take photos, look through binoculars etc. The combined toilet and bathroom is very small - I would like something a little bit bigger, but the hot water service was excellent and there was lots of pressure. I would consider a cabin without a balcony (but with a window) next time because so many people told us that those cabins were the real value for money cabins (you get the same amount of room as the balcony + cabins - you just don't have the balcony.
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Cabin A742
Sep 2011
The balcony cabins on the Sea Princess are smaller than those on the Grand Class ships. The bathroom is tinier, with less storage area under the sink. The closets are adequate, but the door placement is awkward. The bathroom door and closet doors cannot be open at the same time. We found storage space adequate, and our part of the hallway was nice and quiet, being almost completely aft.
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Cabin B634
Jun 2011
Very pleasant cabin. Close to elevators, but did not hear them, nor passersby, at all.
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Cabin C743
Jan 2011
Fantastic Holiday By: Carolyn Uphill
Balcony cabins on the Sea Princess are a little smaller than some we have had but they are adequate. The positioning of the full-length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door nearest the cabin door, so restricting its opening width, made it impossible to get a full view of oneself. We had chosen carefully to avoid noise from lifts etc.although being at the back of the ship we did feel some vibration. It is lovely to have a balcony if only one's next door's neighbours did not use theirs as a smoking den!
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Cabin C731
Sep 2010
How soon can I go again? By: PixInAlbums
Good location and very quiet.
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Cabin C340
Nov 2008
We chose our cabin ourselves based on where we like to be on the ship. Slightly forward of midships, close to a staircase, as close to the waterline as possible and still have a balcony. Was great for access to the laundromat and the Horizon Court, both places where we spent a lot of time.
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