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Scenic Jasper Budapest to Amsterdam 2017 (Oct18 to Nov 1). Cabin 203 – Junior Suite As I sit here early in the morning two days before the end of our cruise – and docked beside another river boat, I have no idea what the weather is ... Read More
Scenic Jasper Budapest to Amsterdam 2017 (Oct18 to Nov 1). Cabin 203 – Junior Suite As I sit here early in the morning two days before the end of our cruise – and docked beside another river boat, I have no idea what the weather is like as it’s very dark in our cabin. If I want, I can look at the closed curtains of the cabin in the ship beside me, but I choose to watch the Bow Cam. Now, this has only happened about 3-4 times, but when it does, it’s pretty disappointing. A dark room without any kind of view. Our cabin is wonderful. It’s a little tight compared with a Junior Suite on an ocean cruise ship, but it’s laid out well with room for all of our belongings (4 regular size suitcases and two carry-ons). Yes, we bring much too much luggage, but everything is put away and there is still room. As well, all of our luggage easily fits under the bed. We have done many ocean cruises, but this is our first river cruise, and we found it quite different. Unlike some others, we go on cruises to exercise and to relax from stressful jobs. We do like to socialize some, but we also really like our time together. On larger ships we don’t spend a lot of time going to Bingo, napkin folding, dance lessons, and the like, but we get why others enjoy those things. What we have found is that a river cruise is pretty busy with tours and socializing. There’s really not that much down time, unless you get sick . . . which we did. I should start by saying our Premium Economy flights were included with the ‘special’ that we got through Scenic. I had booked these flights (through Scenic) 9 months before our departure and wanted to get nice seats as the flight is around 10 hours and is such a part of the whole journey for us. I love flying. Two days prior to departure I confirmed our seats with Lufthansa, but when I went on-line to check in, although we were still booked in Premium Economy, we had been moved from our window and aisle seats to two middle seats in a line of four seats. Right in the Centre with neither is us having an aisle seat. I spent a good two hours on the phone with Lufthansa (cut off twice) where they basically said that they couldn’t help me but to speak with someone at the gate. Long story short, we were told that we didn’t ‘pay’ for our seats and they would do nothing for us, but smiling, asked “Do you want to upgrade to Business Class for 1025.00 each?” Ummm no. I asked her if there was a possibility that someone might upgrade to Business and there might be other premium economy seats available? We were advised to check back which we did, and the lady we met with was much easier to deal with. She would upgrade the both of us for a total of 1025.00. We said yes, as this was a once in a lifetime trip and we really wanted to enjoy the flight. The flight was great but we arrived to find one of our bags lost and when they found it, it was broken apart. There was no offer to replace our luggage, and we were too tired to push for it - our Scenic transportation had left so we took a cab to our hotel. The following day, our one full day in Budapest, was spent looking for luggage. We actually enjoyed this outing as we got in some sightseeing! Budapest – we stayed at the Marriott and it was a wonderful hotel. We found Budapest, the city, to be beautiful, stunning, and warm. T-shirt weather, which we weren’t really expecting. The morning we were to board the Scenic we were told to be downstairs in the hotel lobby (with many others) at 11, and after checking in with Scenic personnel we were told to hang around until 4 when we would be taken to the Jasper. Some people were disappointed with that, but we were in a wonderful city and we just went with it. Our first 5 cruise days went well – we went on tours, met some great people and enjoyed the ship. Day 4 we had gone on the ‘Shop with the Chef’ tour in Vienna and the weather started to change. We had a nice day but it did rain a bit and started to get noticeably colder. I noticed that I was coming down with a cold. By the next morning, my coughing had me convinced that 5 hours on a bus the next day to and from Salzburg wouldn’t be great for my fellow passengers and we decided to forgo this much anticipated tour. But, as Marie Von Trapp said, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window”, and he did! Looking back, that day on the boat from Vienna to Dürnstein was the most beautiful scenery that we saw on this trip. It was incredible. About 16 of us had stayed behind on the boat and we had it to ourselves. An incredible day. Anyway, my husband got sick the following day (with Bronchitis we think) and ever since then we have been trying hard to keep our distance from others so as to not pass on what we have. It turns out that a fair number of people have colds on the boat. The thing is, on this small ship in this weather, there are only two places to go during the day if not on a tour – your cabin or the Lounge. And you know, colds, flu – that happens sometimes when you’re on vacation. It’s not fun but we’ve accepted it and are just trying to make the most of everything. But the strange thing that we noticed (others have as well) is that staff (bar staff, restaurant staff, front desk staff) have not asked how we are, when we see them. We know of a gentleman who has been confined to his cabin with the flu and no one has visited him or asked his wife how he is doing. There has been no talk encouraging people to use hand sanitizers so as not to spread anything around, like they do on the larger ships. It’s a little shocking actually, and we believe that the staff is most probably told not to ask how people are doing. Because we know, that they KNOW we’re sick – no question. It’s a small ship and everyone gets to know everyone. I was asked once, in passing, by the Cruise Director, but I had gone to her prior to the Salzburg trip to let her know we wouldn’t be going, and as well, let her know about the following tour, until I realized that they really don’t want to know. Odd, and disappointing to be so sick and not have people care. Our fellow passengers do tho, which is nice. Perhaps they are worried about being held responsible in some way? I don’t really understand that. Outstanding staff would be our Butlers, Ivan and Danny, and they were very kind and helpful to us. Anyway, today we are in Cologne, Germany where we will spend one more day getting better before we arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow. We feel somewhat better this morning and are going to go on tomorrow’s tour. Yes we are! Pros - Beautiful and clean ship - Good service - Amazing food Cons - Lack of any empathy or interest when you are sick - even when you are missing tours and dinners. We had to order dinner in on quite a few nights. - Docking beside other boats completely blocking your view - Room service is really lacking, especially healthy food. Menu is really limited. Would we go on this trip again? I don’t know. Maybe in ten years? (We are in our early 60’s and from what we could see, we were probably the youngest on the ship). When we’re ready to be busy every day with tours and socializing and don’t need and want as much down time to ourselves. In all honesty, I think we were ignoring little signals that this might not be the perfect trip for us when we booked. Note to self: Listen to your instincts! We’re looking forward to a few days in Amsterdam, and crossing our fingers that we get the plane seats we booked for our flight home to Vancouver Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
Initially this was to see Barcelona and Paris. Both were brilliant with quite a lot to see in both cities. Barcelona was the stepping off city to the ship which we went by coach to Tarascon to embark on the ship. Along the way to the ... Read More
Initially this was to see Barcelona and Paris. Both were brilliant with quite a lot to see in both cities. Barcelona was the stepping off city to the ship which we went by coach to Tarascon to embark on the ship. Along the way to the ship we stopped at Salvador Dali's museum to see his works of art. outstanding works of art. At the point of embarkation the crew welcomed us and brought our luggage from the coach to our cabins. My cabin was tastefully done and quite large enough as there was only me occupying it. I was met by my own butler who explained his services and how to reach him if necessary. The meals from the buffet style had more than enough of a choice to satisfy everyone while the evening dinner was a restaurant style with at least 3 choices to choose from. The ports and shore choices were amazing with everyone happy with their choice for the day. The guides that Scienic had chosen were a veritable knowledge of the shore excursions we went on. There was, in most, instances time to shop at the end of the excursions. The disembarkation went smoothly with again the crew taking our luggage to the waiting coach. From the time spent on board I would most definitely go on another Scienic tour The service, dining, daily activities, quality of the cabins, were of such a high standard that I would recommend them to any one thinking of going on a river cruise., Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
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