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81 San Juan to Transatlantic Cruise Reviews

Our objective in booking this cruise was to relax and visit ports that were new to us. This crossing took the southern route through the Caribbean, over to the Canary Islands and then north along the African coast. We found this route to ... Read More
Our objective in booking this cruise was to relax and visit ports that were new to us. This crossing took the southern route through the Caribbean, over to the Canary Islands and then north along the African coast. We found this route to be warmer and more conducive to enjoying outdoor activities such as the pools. It's wonderful that RCL celebrates days that are special to their clientele. This cruise had a large % of Hispanics probably in part because it departed from San Juan. RCL included a Cinco de Mayo pool party that we enjoyed even though we are not Hispanic. We highly recommend joining the Crown & Anchor Club. On this voyage, we were Emerald members which entitled us to an excellent reception. We also attended the Meet & Mingle reception where we were able to meet in person fellow travelers that had been corresponding with us on line. The hors d'oeuvres and raffle prizes were excellent. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
This was a 13 night Transatlantic Cruise from San Juan to Barcelona. I'll start off by saying this cruise was fantastic - the weather was gorgeous, the seas were freakily calm - we met some good people and had an excellent time ... Read More
This was a 13 night Transatlantic Cruise from San Juan to Barcelona. I'll start off by saying this cruise was fantastic - the weather was gorgeous, the seas were freakily calm - we met some good people and had an excellent time overall. There was a fly in the ointment in that our luggage was lost for almost 10 days - which didn't spoil the cruise altogether, but obviously could have enhanced our experience even more. The luggage situation: We flew British Airways, Heathrow to San Juan via Miami. When checking in at London Heathrow, we specifically asked if we would need to collect our luggage in Miami and re-check it for the San Juan, American Airlines part of the flight. We were told no, we didn't need to do anything, and the check in girl put special large orange tags on all our luggage to say the passengers (we) would not be collecting in Miami and it would go straight through to San Juan! I asked her we would know it had been transferred and she said to check at the boarding gate in Miami - we did as instructed but the person at the boarding gate said there was no way she could tell if our luggage had been transferred to that flight! Well, it never did get past Miami. When we arrived in San Juan and realised it wasn't coming through, we made a report and were told not to worry, there were several more flights coming in and we should get our luggage before the ship sailed. Well by Sunday morning we had to make a decision - if the luggage didn't arrive, we would be at sea for a week - the next land was La Palma, Canary Islands - we needed to buy essentials just in case. We had very little in our hand luggage - one change of clothes each and a small amount of toiletries. So off we went into Old Town San Juan and bought some basics - but nothing you could possibly consider formal clothing so we knew we would be doing the buffet for formal nights! Long story short, the luggage never arrived and we sailed without it. So, onboard ship, we went to Guest Services and told them about the luggage (just in case it would arrive at the last minute) - they gave us two small amenities packs - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, deodorant - nothing else. We had booked a Grand Suite and asked if we could go straight into the cabin to drop our bags off - we had hand luggage and much shopping - they were not happy about it but as the cabin was ready they allowed us to drop all the bags off!!!! And the cabin was lovely - maintained very well, the bathroom was gorgeous, no obvious signs of too much wear and tear anywhere. The balcony was quite enclosed which we liked - very private. We went to get something to eat in the buffet area which was like a zoo - obviously everyone was waiting for the cabins to become available. We eventually found somewhere to park our bottoms and eat some pizza (not brilliant - DH couldn't eat his as the bottom crust was so hard he could even cut it). We found that the buffet found really wasn't up to much - the food in the dining room was excellent however - we never had a bad meal in there. The ship itself is in excellent condition - we didn't see staff constantly cleaning like you do on Celebrity - but nevertheless it was spotless at all times. I can only think they must do cleaning throughout the night so passengers are not disturbed too much. We didn't see too many shows, but the ones we did see were good. The ice show is amazing and it's a surprise to have a production like that on a ship! The best show for us was the crew show - and especially DeDe the concierge - she has an amazing hidden talent - belly dancing!!! And boy was she good. A total surprise and one of the best things we have ever had the pleasure to watch on a ship! Well done DeDe. Due to the luggage situation, as you would expect we did have some issues along the way: When we first told Guest Services onboard the ship that our luggage was lost, (we found out later) they should have given us the amenities pack - together with Lost Luggage Laundry Vouchers (to allow you to put your laundry in at night and get it back before 9am the following morning) and tux rental. We were never offered those. On the fifth day at sea, after speaking to fellow passengers, we found out about these vouchers and asked DeDe about them. That's when we found out they should have been given to us on day one - we were annoyed as nobody had asked us if we had these things, knowing our situation (we had no idea they were available to us or even existed so how would we know to ask for them). Up to then I had been washing items in the bathroom as we couldn't afford to risk not getting things back by the following morning. DeDe admitted she dropped the ball on that one!!! That was almost the last issue on the laundry matter until I called for the laundry to be collected - but nobody had picked it up after an hour. With all our clothes in the laundry bag I took it down to the front desk in my bathrobe - as we needed it for the next morning!!! Can you imagine? Luckily there were hardly any passengers about, and those I did see I just said "Sorry, lost luggage!" LOL. Carlotta on Guest Services then asked us if there was anything we needed (by which time we had most of what we needed to get by) - there was one item, which she told us to get from the shop onboard and give her the receipt - and she would refund it to our account. We had to chase four times throughout the cruise to get that refunded. Then there was the matter of any onboard credit - a total of $100 for early booking. We also had to chase several times before that appeared on our account towards the end of the cruise. We had booked late traditional dining, but due to the lost luggage, we felt uncomfortable sitting with the same table mates each night with the same clothes so we asked DeDe if we could change to MTD. She confirmed they could only do a table for 2 at 9:30pm or a table for 6 at 7pm. We said the table for 6 would be fine. So that night we presented ourselves at 7pm and were told we couldn't go in the dining room as they didn't have room. We said DeDe had confirmed the change but they still insisted they couldn't do it. So we said we would go back to DeDe to check - we started walking away then someone came running after us to say they did have a table for 6 if that was ok! Duh!!! That is what we had agreed to! Day 7 at sea - the most horrendous banging carried on for about 4 hours (if you can imagine someone hitting a metal pipe with a hammer non-stop for all that time). To be fair we reported it to Guest Services and they got it stopped within 5 minutes. Apparently someone decided it was a good idea to do pool maintenance. GS said they absolutely should not do that when guests are onboard and they would not be allowed to do it for the rest of the cruise. There were a few minutes were it started up again and I almost freaked out - but it stopped again very quickly and we heard no more banging! Antonio, the luggage co-ordinator had kept us informed and on day 2 he called to say our luggage was in our first port of call, La Palma in the Canary Islands - I asked if it was actually there now and he said yes. Well we got to La Palma and no luggage. We eventually found out it had been sent from San Juan back to Miami, then onto Madrid - then to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria - totally the wrong island but they got the name mixed up! We eventually received it the next day in Tenerife on day 9 of the cruise. I was so excited to know it was on it's way to us - if you have ever had all your luggage go missing you will understand! All that good stuff that you pack for a cruise and you may never see it again. So I was ecstatic to know we had it all back at least. Everything seemed to be there - although the back of one case was completely broken - luckily it didn't damage anything inside. As we now had only 5 days of the cruise left, we decided it would be silly to unpack everything so we just lived out of the cases for the last few days. It was a shame that we didn't get the full experience of the Grand Suite - ie unpacking and being able to choose your clothes easily each day - and being able to have the cabin clear without luggage sitting on most surfaces. Anyway - lesson learned here - never book with British Airways again, and we will probably only book our own flights in the future rather than doing them through the cruise line. What else can I say about the ship - we were really looking forward to the promenade shops - but found that actually Celebrity shops are better - the promenade is more like a street with the shops, the pub, the coffee bar etc - you could sit all day and people watch - but for the actual content of what the shops sell, we think Celebrity are better. The pool area was very nice (although the music played by the Caribbean band was way too loud). And we loved the pool chair policy - you have to use your seapass card to obtain pool towels, so you don't get every lounger with a towel and a book on them - and not a person in sight. There were always chairs available if you wanted them - in good locations too, right by the pool. The "non reserving of chairs" policy does really seem to work and they enforce it which is great for everyone. We had a good couple of games of mini-golf, and watching the climbers on the rock climbing wall is good entertainment to pass some time as well. The Concierge Lounge is great for Suites and Diamond plus guests - on this cruise they had two venues as I believe there were a lot of Diamond plus guests onboard - a very nice place to sit pre-dinner and chat with people - who of course you get to know very well throughout the cruise. We met some very nice people in there (and of course the drinks are provided which saves some $$$). We tried Johnny Rockets (well you have to do it once don't you) - we thought the food was good and it was good fun. The Cruise Critic meeting was a bit of a mix up - it was meant to be the first day at sea according to the schedule on the website - all the CCers turned up but RCI didn't. Someone checked with the events co-ordinator and they said they would do it the next day and an invitation would be sent to all cabins that evening. Nothing showed up so some of us went to the nominated bar anyway - no meeting. We finally had the meeting on the third sea day and there was a good turn out. RCI provided drinks and nibbles - and did a raffle for some small prizes. A group of us then did a cabin crawl which was good fun also - it was great to see all the different variety of cabins. One of the CCers asked if RCI would host a lunch for the group - which they did - including wine which was very nice. Another opportunity for everyone to get together. The only thing is the invitation did not say the lunch was a CC organised lunch - so I guess some people may not have turned up as they didn't know what it was for. Overall, despite the problems we had, we didn't let them spoil the cruise. Generally the crew are brilliant and can't do enough for you - our waitress especially was extremely good, actually there was only one crew member that we didn't particularly like - that was the head waiter in Portofino's who made it quite clear about the dress code and that we wouldn't be welcome!! We made a point of going to eat there after we received our luggage just to let him know that we did actually own good clothes!!! Our cabin staff were also awesome - we hardly saw them but it was like they just knew every time when we had left the cabin - it was always made up whenever we returned to it. The thing that really made this cruise was all the people we met onboard. This was definitely one of our better cruises - the ship is awesome, as is the staff, I just can't think of anything really bad to say about the ship at all. We are thinking of doing the similar cruise on this ship next year - but of course we will pick our flights very carefully. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
This was our 3rd. Transatlantic cruise and our 23rd cruise in 10 years. We are a Norwegian couple who previous have sailed with Costa, NCL, RCCL and some minor European Cruise Lines. Pre-cruise: We flew into San Juan, Puerto Rico two ... Read More
This was our 3rd. Transatlantic cruise and our 23rd cruise in 10 years. We are a Norwegian couple who previous have sailed with Costa, NCL, RCCL and some minor European Cruise Lines. Pre-cruise: We flew into San Juan, Puerto Rico two days before the cruise. We stayed at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel. The hotel is very nice, but the location is some distance from San Juan old town. Embarkation - That went very quickly, perhaps because we are Platinum Members in RCCL´s Crown & Anchor Society? The Ship: The Adventure of the Seas is a very nice ship, though it is beginning to show some wear. Some carpet needs to be replaced, and we also observed a minor need of refurbishment in our bathroom. The crew: We were very impressed with the crew. Most of them we meet were very friendly. Cabin info- We had booked an aft. balcony cabin on deck 9. It was a nice cabin, but with one exception, we really think that the chairs and the table on our balcony for a long time should have been changed, they were old and outdated. Our cabin attendant from Mauritius was excellent in every way, during the entire cruise. Dining - we ate every evening in the Mozart Dining Room on deck five, with My Time Dining (MTD). This was one our best dining experience on any cruise. We were mostly served by the waiter Pilar from Chile and her assistant waiter Gennadiy from Ukraine. Both they and the other waiters and assistant waiters we meet in the Dining Room was really excellent! We also received excellent service from the hostess Ana from Mexico, and friendly service from the Maitre D'. The food for dinner was well presented and mostly very good. The food for breakfast and lunch in the Buffet Restaurant Windjammer was standard buffet food. The staff in the Windjammer on this cruise was particularly service-minded and effective! We did not ate in the Portofino speciality restaurant. Public areas - pleasing. We also felt that the public areas were very well appointed. However, we miss that the solarium on the Voyager Class Ships, do not have a retractable cover.The Bars: We were particularly fond of the Viking Crown Lounge at the top of the ship, with fabulous views over the ocean. Entertainment – we think the shows were of usual cruise ships standard. After 10 days, we were very tired of the music selection to the Steel Band playing on Pool Deck. Itinerary – good. A mix of relaxing seadays and nice ports to explore. Disembarkation in Barcelona - smooth. Easy to find luggage. We took a taxi from the Cruise-terminal to the airport. Only 5 minutes wait. The drive to the airport took only 25 minutes, and we paid € 40, inclusive tip. Glad we did not paid for RCCL’s shuttle bus to the airport! Overall – We really enjoyed this Cruise, the Ship and the Crew! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
I had booked the Celebrity Summit crossing many months ago, and took advantage of the price drops that occurred along the way.  I had booked one of the 4 CC class cabins that are tucked in amongst the suites on the PH deck, so I had an ... Read More
I had booked the Celebrity Summit crossing many months ago, and took advantage of the price drops that occurred along the way.  I had booked one of the 4 CC class cabins that are tucked in amongst the suites on the PH deck, so I had an oversized balcony, and a terrific cabin steward.I need to say that the service I received from Cruise Connections before the trip was a disappointment.  At one point, when trying to redeem a coupon, one of their staff got confused about what country I lived in, and so chose the wrong strategy for the rebooking/redemption.  They ultimately made up for it financially with OBC, and it went off without a hitch, but I really hated not having a name of someone who handled my account.  Even their business card just said "customer service."I spent the night in San Juan prior to the trip at the DoubleTree.  Great hotel, comfortable and a reasonable walk to the beach in the daylight hours.  I wouldn't take the chance at night, though - those couple blocks are dodgy.  One thing I particularly liked in PR is that taxis are administered at the airport - you check in with someone who tells you the price in advance, takes your hotel name in English, and puts you in a cab, and you're on the way.  Very simple.Boarding the Summit was also easy.  The rooms were available right about 1pm when I got onboard, so I went to the room, dropped off my bag, grabbed my camera and moved on.  I was very impressed with the food in the buffet and the main dining room.  I thought it was among the best I've had in the main DR of any ship.  We had a terrific waiter and assistant, so every evening was great.  I was not pleased with the changes they made to the specialty dining.  Celebrity is moving away from the ultra-formal, "ballet" service and three-hour meals in the Normandie (and in her sister restaurants on other ships.)  I miss that, and am sad to see it gone.  They have also reduced the courses - goodbye to the cheese course - and none of the salad/soup options were very interesting.  I think it's a dramatic shift down market, frankly.  It's still great food, but it's a mere shadow of what it used to be.  Our port lecturer was dull - she couldn't even rally enthusiasm for her own stories, much less present an organized view of the ports we were visiting.   There was also a very pathetic comedian one night who was never seen again.  However, the productions shows, and the rest of the talent in the main theater (the hypnotist show, and **especially** the classical pianist) were really excellent. We lucked out with weather, which didn't hurt, either.  We had a terrifically smooth crossing and only small showers at any point after day 1.  The shore excursions staff made a complete mess of things on our first and second port day. Can you imagine taking ALL of the people who signed up for ANY of the tours, making them all wait together in the theater, and then calling them tour-by-tour to get tickets... THEN sit down again and wait AGAIN to be called.  It was hot in the room and crowded, and it was, by far, the stupidest plan I've ever seen.  Fortunately, after port day 2 it was not repeated.  Debarkation was simple and easy - LOVE the no-call plan.  Show up when you're told to, and get off the ship.  We ended the trip in Barcelona.  If you do the same, book a ship's tour (Montserrrat or the city) and be dropped off in center city. The queue for taxicabs is horrible and you could wait a very long time for a cab that will get you to your hotel WAY before you can check in.  A tour is a much better use of time.All in all, Celebrity was a hit - great service, very good shows, and terrific food.  Read Less
Sail Date April 2009
Embarkation in San Juan was a breeze. It was very organized taking less than 20 minutes. We were received with champagne which I found to be a nice gesture. Every employee that we encountered were very helpful. The food was outstanding ... Read More
Embarkation in San Juan was a breeze. It was very organized taking less than 20 minutes. We were received with champagne which I found to be a nice gesture. Every employee that we encountered were very helpful. The food was outstanding in all three meals. They even brought out a small cake for our anniversary. The staff especially our cabin steward are awesome. The weather has been very good the first two days. The third day of the transatlantic cruise was very relax. I must say that up to today, the food has been outstanding. The activities are many which is not to say they could have more variety. The selection of TV programs and movies could be much better, but my experience tells me that it is similar in most ships. The forth day has been a very rough day with seas being around 12 to 15 foot waves. We decided to have most of the meals in the room except for dinner which was in the dining room. Again the chef did an outstanding job. On the fifth day the weather has improved a lot. The food has been outstanding, but that has been a daily routine. I overheard some people said that the food has been bland. While I respect their opinion I do not agree. The staff at the restaurant are outstanding. They are fast and attentive. The entertainment has been good. I have to say that the cruise director should have more activities, and better movie selection. The sixth day the weather has taken a turn for the worst. It was suppose to get better, but the seas do as they please. We had some great table-mates for dinner. One couple is from England and the other couple is from San Francisco USA. The entertainment has been overall average. For me the entertainment had too many singers. The seventh day we finally arrived in Ponta Delgada Azores. We took a ship tour to Fire Lake and the town of Ribera Grande. This was a beautiful place. The ship tour was very organized, but did not allow for any shopping. The ship left right on time like always. We had lunch and dinner in the main restaurant and there were both very good. Today the show was very good. The eight day we arrived at Vigo Spain around 1100 hours. Beautiful place with many things to do. Always remember that if you visit Spain on a Sunday many of the things to do will be limited except for restaurants. The shipboard activities were about the same, like always the food and service outstanding. The ninth day we arrived to Guijon Spain. The port is in an industrial zone. We opted for a ships tour to Aviles which was a very nice place to visit. The ship's tour was not very organized and involved too much walking for a sightseeing tour. The tenth day we arrived at La Rochelle France. We opted to go to town on a shuttle bus that the ship provided for $8 a person. We walked around the center of town and went to see some of the attractions in town. We did some souvenir shopping and then returned to the ship. The eleventh day of the cruise we arrived on Cherbourg France. Nice town with lots of things to do. The time allowed was to short to do much. I came to think that when they plan the schedule of the cruise, the company thought about quantity rather than quality. The last day we disembarked at Southampton England. The process was very efficient and if you ask me to fast. We waited until the last possible minute and to be honest we had trouble letting go. We ate breakfast without being rushed and were treated good from the first day to the last. We were out by 9 with plenty of time to get to the coach station. Final points about the cruise: Excellent: Food was awesome. Service in the dinning room was excellent. Service in the cabin was magnificent. The cabin was in great shape and the mattresses were super comfortable. Service overall 5 stars. Bravo for the crew. Good Entertainment options for me were not that good based on variety. I feel there were too many singers. The free movies were mostly older. The newer movies cost $10 which before used to be free.The visits to the ports were to short in time and not very well organized. Bad I felt that paying for shuttles to take you into the center of the towns was not reasonable. The lines to get back on the ship were too long . We had a great time and we are already planing another transatlantic in the Summit for the year 2009. Read Less
Sail Date March 2008
Transatlantic Cruise April 23, 2005 What an adventure! We are both in our early 50s. On this cruise we took my wife's 90 year old father with us. We have been on 9 previous cruises. We arrived in San Juan on the day of sailing. We ... Read More
Transatlantic Cruise April 23, 2005 What an adventure! We are both in our early 50s. On this cruise we took my wife's 90 year old father with us. We have been on 9 previous cruises. We arrived in San Juan on the day of sailing. We had purchased Celebrity transfers from the airport to the cruise terminal. This was about the smoothest embarkation that we have had. We got right on the ship. Our bags arrived in our cabin within an hour. We had a Concierge Class cabin, 8139. They do tell you that this is part of the Concierge service. We were handed a glass of either champagne or orange juice. We headed off to the buffet area for lunch. We have been told by Cruise Critic members that this was one of the best ships they have sailed on. SHIP -- The ship is laid out nicely. My wife's reaction was that it was a letdown. We had sailed last year on the Jewel of the Seas in the Baltic, and she felt that the Jewel was much more elegant and "modern" looking and much more to her taste. After a few trips around, I found that the ship was very easy to navigate. The dining room and buffet areas are in the back and the Celebrity Theatre is up front. With the Casino and shops in the middle, we were all set. We did not visit many of the bars but found the Cova Cafe to be very interesting. You could always find the captain there in the afternoon. He told us he really enjoyed their coffee. We did have a chance to go to the hospital as my father in law came down with bronchitis. The staff there was very friendly. They took great care of him. I just think he enjoyed the young nurses. Just remember that it is on a cash only basis even with the medical insurance with the cruise line. You need to pay all the money up front, then put your claim in for a refund. In port, you will be leaving from either deck 2 or 3 or both. I was disappointed in the game room since there were few games to play. The best room was the computer room on deck 4. It was always busy, but was open 24 hours. There is also a computer classroom on Deck 6 which you could also use. They hold classes on different subjects. We took a class on downloading your digital camera. At the end of the cruise, they would help you load your saved pictures onto a CD. I do want to mention that the casino was not overly busy. I did ok on the craps table as I had it to myself almost every evening. They had only one ping pong table. We really enjoyed playing here after dinner or in the morning. CABIN -- This was a Concierge Class cabin. We only paid about $100USD over a regular one. It was larger and had some nice features. There were fresh flowers in the room (not changed the entire cruise) and bathroom (which were changed). The towels are thicker compared to the Holiday Inn type towels you will get in the regular cabins. My wife felt that the rugs were getting threadbare and needed changing. She also said the mildew in the shower and bath could've been taken care of easily but wasn't. We were disappointed with no towel animals. The cabin attendant, Luna, and her assistant George, were tremendous. They took care of everything we needed. They kept the cabin very clean. We always enjoyed talking with them although Luna was the most talkative. She was always on top of things. Can't say enough about them. The balcony was very nice as the chairs had a nice pad on them. I didn't like the binoculars that were in the cabin. They did not work well. My father in law did not like the pull out couch. He hurt his back on it the first day. We were able to get him into another cabin the next day. It was an inside cabin. He still complained about that bed as being lumpy and slanting toward one side. CRUISE CRITIC CONNECTIONS PARTY It was very nice to finally meet everyone we have been writing to on the threads on Cruise Critic. We enjoyed the one on the Jewel and thought this would be the same. It was not. We were given an invitation to meet at Michael's Club on the first sea day in the morning. All they had for us was coffee. There was no representative from the ship talking to us. Only the cruise director was there for a very brief time. We only know this because the cruise director told us later he was there. On the Jewel we had pastries and there were drawings for prizes. I know this is not a big deal, but I felt it added to the enjoyment. We had a great turnout. I think we had over 40 show up. There was a group shot taken by the cruise photographer. When I questioned the Cruise Director why it was not a bigger celebration, he told me that it is not done that way on Celebrity. DINING We had a early problem in the main dining room We had asked for a window table for 4 when we booked 8 months earlier. We found our table to be in the center of the main dining room. I spoke to the assistant head waiter. He found me a window table right away on deck 5 (upper level). It was a great table. Our waiter was Ottoniel (from Guatemale)and the assistant was Made (from Bali). They were very good. Made always had a smile on his face and knew exactly what we wanted. I had bought a coke card (don't bother with this unless you buy a lot of cokes). I had ordered a coke at each meal. We had one bar server always bring me two cokes at the beginning of the meal. The food at dinner we rated good to very good. I always enjoyed the different selections of soup and appetizers. We both finally settled on getting Caesar salads every night. My father in law felt that the fish dishes were overcooked. Mine were ok. One night the steak was tuff and even the second one they sent out was worse. Other than that, the food was good. The desserts and breads were always the best. I think this was also true on the Jewel. The buffet was a very clean environment. The servers all wore gloves. The buffet selections left a lot to be desired. On several occasions, we could not find anything we liked. We ended up going for cheeseburgers,fries, and pizza which were good. I can tell you those were the best fries I have ever tasted on a ship. The ice cream bar was very good. Great flavors in sherbet. Room service was good, delivered when ordered. We tried it for breakfast one day and found the food was not hot. I tried the sushi bar a few nights. It was very good. Another problem I found was there was not a good selection of cereals(breakfast). Mainly bran cereals and corn flakes. A box of Cheerios would've been a welcome change. CUSTOMER SERVICE -- This is where Celebrity shines. All the staff we encountered were friendly and always willing to help. Even the captain was accessible. Anytime we asked for anything, we received it. One point we didn't like was the cruise director, Ed Rojas. He was very nice when you met him, but I felt he was extremely too low key. Kudo's to the computer staff. They were always willing to help you out. Ariel was extremely knowledgeable and was always available for you. The rest of the computer staff was equally helpful and took the time to work with you if you had a problem. SEA DAYS -- Since this was our first transatlantic, we didn't realize the significance of the many sea days. I didn't like them. After day two, I was relaxed enough and was looking for some land action. I think our next cruises will be more port intensive. There were not many activities on those days. We did have guest lecturers. Marlin Fitzwater was the best. He was humorous. The others were dry. And all of them were republicans. We would like to see some diversity in this area. I do want to let you know that during the entire voyage, the seas were very smooth or slightly rolling. We avoided any potential storms as they sailed around them. Even the Bay of Biscay was calm. ENTERTAINMENT Too many production shows and not enough comedians. We felt that this was a very weak area and geared to an older crowd. A few highlights were Elliot Finkel, a pianist and Paul Boland and Marlise Boland, a husband and wife team whose performance was very good. He did musical impressions and she was a singer. The Celebrity singers and dancers were very talented but how many production shows can you see on a cruise? DISEMBARKATION -- Because we were Concierge Class, we were able to get off the ship early. We also were able to meet in the Cinema as the rest of the ship met in the Celebrity Theatre. They had danish and coffee for us there. When we got off, there were plenty of porters to help you load your luggage and bring it to the bus. It went very smoothly. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. Overall, I felt that this was a good ship with great service. While I would never do another transatlantic, I would probably sail on this ship again with a different itinerary. Read Less
Sail Date April 2005

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