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I chose this cruise because a) I am hooked on Windstar cruises and b) I wanted to see what an ocean crossing is like. Wow, wow and wow! I loved this adventure....14 days on the open sea, whale and dolphin sightings, fun and games and ... Read More
I chose this cruise because a) I am hooked on Windstar cruises and b) I wanted to see what an ocean crossing is like. Wow, wow and wow! I loved this adventure....14 days on the open sea, whale and dolphin sightings, fun and games and the BEST customer service you can imagine. I traveled on the Windsurf last fall and was sold on Windstar cruises already. An ocean crossing is different from a cruise with ports-of-call. The Star Legend is a beauty of a ship with a crew to love. 139 pax. (22 solo) and 150 crew left San Juan on April 9 and arrived in Lisbon on April 23. The cruise exceeded my expectations in almost every way. ( weather could have been just a little better). I was a solo traveler, but quickly found dining partners by asking to be seated at a large table. Merrick, dining Officer, was extremely accomodating and genuinely cared about guests' happiness. There were so many activities to keep me busy that I often had a hard time deciding between that or a few relaxing hours on deck or in my luxurious cabin. This cruise is not for the following: late-night partiers, kids, those who need shows at night or those who like to dress to the nines. Captain Reville was very gregarious and accessible. In fact, by the end of the crew I felt like I knew most of the officers. I loved the captain's high noon time check, followed by our voyage data (i.e. Miles traveled) and his marine "trivia"....interesting facts about the cruise, the ocean, marine life, etc. And visiting the bridge, chatting with the officers and cadets, and learning about the ship was a special treat......Windstar has an open bridge policy when at sea. The dining servers and bar, wine stewards are THE BEST!!! They always adress you by name with a warm smile and after 14 days, friendships are formed. Our newly formed group of diners always chose the same table and were thrilled to have Cayah as our server and Sammy as our wine steward, who both knew what we liked and took very, very good care of us! EVERY ONE of the dining and bar staff were incredible. But I most fondly remember, of course, Cayah and Sammy, but also Gusti, Kristi, Gino, Deva and Dyan. Too many to list here. The food (cooked to order) is top-notch, gourmet. In-room dining is also excellent. Every officer and crew member on this ship made me feel appreciated. I miss everyone's smiles and laughter. Happiness!! That's the overwhelming feeling from them and what they made feel. The ship is a beauty with a large Yacht Club at the bow....beautiful view with a coffee and sandwich bar and a place to relax and read or play cards. The Compass Rose is a beautiful lounge where a lot of daytime activities took place and at night became a lounge with bar and entertaining duo. The Star Bar is an outdoor bar that is enjoyable when weather is good....also with a great duo to entertain. As I said, this type of cruise is not for everyone. But if you are looking for some down time and want to arrive in Europe with no jet-lag, this is awesome. I would definitely do an ocean crossing again, but only with Windstar!! Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
We sailed on March 25th, from San Juan. Our 4th Windstar cruise but 1st time on the Legend. We’ve been on the “Star” once and the “Surf” twice. As always, every day was perfect except 1 – a day with light rain. It’s ... Read More
We sailed on March 25th, from San Juan. Our 4th Windstar cruise but 1st time on the Legend. We’ve been on the “Star” once and the “Surf” twice. As always, every day was perfect except 1 – a day with light rain. It’s funny how that happens to us every time. And as always each port was perfect – they all had at least 1 beach & a few bar destinations. On this trip we landed on 2 new islands for us : Montserrat & Culebra. I truly love the typical sailing ships of Windstar but really wanted to try their 1 of the new ships – one without wind-power. I will say, now, that I prefer these new ships a little more. The only time that I missed the sails was during the “sail away” at each port. The music that is played while the sails un-furl makes me a little misty, and I don’t know why. But on the Legend, it just doesn’t provide that same romantic, emotional feeling. Other than that…. The Legend was very easy to manage, short walks to everything (we were on floor 5, rm 210), and the layout seemed to make sense to me – every bar, dining area, reception, the gym & the casino were where they should be. The areas for entertainment where setup perfectly and again made total sense as to their locations. The rooms had more space, the bathroom was much larger with a tub(who would use a tub?), and we had a little balcony. The balcony isn’t much more than a step but you can slide open the doors and stand on the platform or pull up a chair. The balcony is worth the extra cost in my opinion. The staff were all SUPER nice, helpful, and always pleasant – all of them. My guess is that the age of the guests were mostly in their 50’s & 60’s. We happened to be on a cruise with a large group of “parrot-heads” – they were an enjoyable group. The Windstar ships are always at a port each morning which I find awesome. This trip, for the 1st time, we stayed on the ship until about 1pm (while in Philipsburg (we’ve been here at least 6 times)). We had the entire top deck to ourselves! It was like our own private ship – really a special feeling. There is no pressure to get on or off the ship. With only 200 passengers, it’s never a battle for a tender or the stairs. The casino is small but it was fun. 2 tables and maybe 20 slot machines. The gym was adequate - has 3 treadmills and 2 bikes, but not any weight lifting equipment to speak of but enough to keep you lifting a little during a week of vacation. The Star deck has snacks from 6 to 6 and some of the sandwiches were very good. The main dining room was great with plenty of variety. Room service was very fast to deliver but very slow to answer the phone. Breakfast on the Veranda was typical Windstar – which I love. Lunch – we only did once but had almost everything, and was very good. The deck Barbeque & the Island party were both very nice. The crew put on a show, as always, however it’s the 1st time we’ve gone to watch, which is our loss – it was so good! It’s not to be missed. Windstar continues to be my favorite Cruise Line. The quality of the staff, food, guests(yes, the fellow passengers), and ports of call continue to be top notch. If you can, on this ship, get a balcony. Other than that, don’t hesitate to book any room. It was a very enjoyable cruise. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
Beware. Do not book this cruise over Spring Break- Caribbean. Beware of other voyages as well since Windstar apparently caters to these types of events and is oblivious to the impact on their repeat customers. Check if there are any large ... Read More
Beware. Do not book this cruise over Spring Break- Caribbean. Beware of other voyages as well since Windstar apparently caters to these types of events and is oblivious to the impact on their repeat customers. Check if there are any large groups booked on your ship. The cruise we were on during Spring Break 2017 was terrible. The cruise was taken over by an outside party band and it was NOT family friendly. The staff did nothing and there is no recourse once you are on the ship. Lots of drinking and vulgar activity. No class at all. We couldn't even use the pool or hot tub most of the time. The groupies took over the hot tub and pool almost every day yelling woo-hoo and drinking out of king size 7-11 cups. It was unbelievably rude and obnoxious. The entertainment from the cruise was often substituted with the "band" which was mediocre at best. Like seriously, how did this happen? This is a top of the line Cruiseline and they took it down at least 1000 levels. We had sailed on a previous Windstar cruise and it was top notch. Windstar catered to this group band and deteriated their entire reputation. We will never book a Windstar cruise again. This was a self-proclaimed "booze cruise" and Windstar should be ashamed. What a disgrace to allow families to be part of this. At the bare minimum, Windstar should have disclosed that this group was the majority of the cruise and any other passengers would be outnumbered. If you want a low-class, booze cruise, look no further. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
I’m a bit late with my reviews, time got away from me… My wife and I were on the Star Legend , Windstar Cruse from January 28 - February 4, 2017. I have been on numerous cruises, Norwegian, Carnival, Disney, Celebrity, etc. I ... Read More
I’m a bit late with my reviews, time got away from me… My wife and I were on the Star Legend , Windstar Cruse from January 28 - February 4, 2017. I have been on numerous cruises, Norwegian, Carnival, Disney, Celebrity, etc. I wanted to do a cruise for my birthday and had originally planned to go on Celebrity. I very much like Celebrity, their food, wine ships etc. but there weren’t any itineraries that I had not been on many times before. Looking at 7-10 days, I eliminated the all-inclusive ships because they had longer trips. I was very interested in a smaller ship experience, did a bunch of research and settled on the Start Legend, 7-day cruise out of San Juan. I have always liked days at sea which was not an option but I was willing to trade that for atypical cruise ports, only one of which I had been to before (St. Maarten) I was one of the first to book this cruise 6-months in advance and got the (French) Veranda room C223 which I selected because I have been prone to seasickness and it was in the middle of the ship… more on that later but it wasn’t a problem for me. We arrived in San Juan the day before and stayed in a hotel in the Old Town. We like San Juan and knew we would like visiting again and more importantly it lowers the travel stress for me tremendously knowing we have time to spare if there are travel problems… which there were. I’m going to take a little detour to mention how great Southwest was on this trip, skip this paragraph if you’re not interested. Before I go into detail, all during the flight ordeal, I never complained or yelled. We were on vacation and had time to spare so I simply remained polite and when we were accommodated I thanked the Southwest people many times. As a result they returned the friendliness and everyone went out of their way to help us. We flew Southwest from New Orleans and as we drove there, I started receiving emails that our flight was delayed over an hour, which meant we would miss our connection in Orlando to San Juan. We tried to change flights out of Orlando to in the morning over the phone, but while the Southwest agents were extremely helpful, it was too close to departure and we could only make changes at the airport. Not that big a deal, plenty rooms at the Orlando Airport Hilton and plenty of seats on first flight out the next day. Since we know we would be late we had a long NOLA lunch with cocktails and eased to the airport where we were able to get a reservation on the morning flight to San Juan. Once in the air it looked like we just might make it so I went up to talk to the flight crew and as it turned out the San Juan flight wasn’t going anywhere until we got there… that flight also had our crew! Once we landed, we went to the gate to try and get our seats back on the evening flight, they were almost fully booked and it was all messed up because we had switched just hours before, but with a few nice words from our flight crew, we we had seats just not together. Off we went, next thing I know I’m getting free drinks from our new friends on the crew AND our bags were the first off in San Juan, much to our surprise. Huge appreciation to everyone we worked with at Southwest (and the folks at Decanter Hotel in San Juan), they made what could have been a very stressful trip come back together terrifically. We had a very nice day walking around San Juan, buying Panama hats at Ole, drinking Mojitos and getting souvenirs for the family. We have learned to do the gift buying right away, you might find a better deal later on but you don't have to worry about it the rest of the trip and the recipients don’t know the difference anyway. One of the nice things about this cruise is you could board as late as 5 pm which meant we had a relaxed day of shopping and sightseeing. We took a taxi to the pier and dropped off right at the curb were met by an port agent with a checklist with our names and cabin on it. After a short walk down the pier to the terminal, were greeted by a ships agent with the same list and were warmly welcomed. Dropping our luggage at the scanner, we were directed to the gangway… talk about easy. Knowing I could bring two bottles of wine I ran into the duty free store in the terminal and bought two bottles of Prosecco, (which we didn't even finish on the cruise). The wine was a decent price but if you want to bring wine on board I would recommend the duty free store at the airport where they have remarkably low prices. We headed up the gangway and were guided to the small room to do our paperwork while sipping the complimentary champagne. One staff member and the two of us, wow so easy and relaxed. One new thing, they did keep our passports which was a little bit of a surprise but I keep copies so NBD. Heading to our cabin you appreciate how small the ship really is… it’s right down the hall. SHIP & SHIPS STAFF: The ship is very nice but older and it is quite small compared to large cruise ships. It was so easy to go up or down a few stairs and be at the bar, restaurant or whatever. It’s also fun to watch the ship go chugging right into small channels and harbors. Given the few passengers and comparatively large staff they quickly learn your name (Mr. Robert in the southern tradition) and your drink, food and other preferences. I spent a lot of time at the Star Bar and like they do on all cruise ships, the bartenders encourage you to get the drink package which you can do through the first whole day on the ship and any drinks already purchased will be included in the plan. Usually I don't buy a drink package but this trip I decided to and was glad, some things are not on the package but there are premium liquors on the list so I didn't miss anything. They have very good wines by the glass so we also didn't miss getting bottles of wine at dinner. We actually tried more wines and drinks and I enjoyed not waiting for or worrying about the tab when ordering. There are only a few bartenders so they quickly get to know you, I also think since we were on a package, the bartenders tended to do big pours and the bar service was just so simple after a day or two you don't even have to show your card anymore. We were also able to get the mini bar steward (who was also a Bartender) to load it with only the drinks we wanted, that were also on our drink package, and she kept it stocked and ready to go. I did additionally tip these especially attentive crewmbers. At the same time it’s a bit puzzling, there is not a lot of guidance given on the ship you have to figure out a good bit by yourself and most of the time the staff does very well, anything you ask, you are quickly taken to, or gotten whatever you need. First time cruisers might find the lack of information disconcerting. I also strongly agree with other reviewers, it is not a good ship for mobility impaired folks, especially getting down to the ships tender dock, onto the tender, to shore and off at the pier, which we did everywhere except St Maarten. We experienced this directly since my wife’s back “went out” the morning we arrived at Prickly Pear. She took some medication and rested a few hours and felt like she wanted to try to go to the Beach BBQ. We headed to the ladder to get a tender to the beach and were told there were no tenders because both were being used to take people on excursions, but we could ride in on the 14 foot RIB alongside. It’s 1:00 the time for the start of the BBQ and no tenders for 30-45 minutes. The tenders can be a bit difficult to get on but with a bad back no way was my wife getting on a RIB and neither was the older couple who came up soon after we did. I get they had to take people on excursions, but no tender at the start of the BBQ? such poor organization. We eventually got to the beach and the BBQ was in full swing but there was not a covered lounge chair available anywhere for my wife so we had to sit at a table. DINING: The personal service extends to the dining room, you can choose to dine just together (as long as you don’t during a sudden wave of diners) or with a random group. Most nights, we wanted a table for two and we quickly learned to ask for the same waiter every time, otherwise he would be heartbroken. So much so that he even got us moved when there didn't appear to be a table in his section. He was a bit hard to understand sometimes but was so helpful and responsive we managed very well. The same goes for the drink staff in the dining room, who were also bartenders, so most nights the guy pouring my wine made my drink earlier in the day. We also had a few nights we dined with a group which was very enjoyable. We are not the most outgoing people so we used it as the opportunity to meet some interesting people and since there are so few people on the ship you see them several times a day. The food was excellent and we made a point to try the dishes with an Indian flair which was a pleasant and unconventional alternative to typical cruise dining options. Several days we ordered room service for breakfast, The typical arrangement of filling out a card the night before with your desired time and we even added a juice or condiment not on the menu which we were given. If we chose 7:30-8:00 it would arrive promptly at 7:30, but it took a day or two to figure out the door bell and if it was ours or our neighbor. When we ate breakfast at the Compass Rose, we usually ran into “our” waiter where he served us “the best coffee in the world” (a Windstar joke I think) which really was very good. We almost always got a table by the rail and usually we had the buffet which was very good and fresh but small and a little disorganized, including how to hold your plate, hold up the lid on the chafing dish and spoon your eggs. When we ordered Eggs Benedict or an Omelette off the menu it tended to take a little while if we arrived at a busy time, and it was one of the few times there was a bit of a “crowd” such as it is on a ship with only 220 passengers. We didn’t eat lunch on the ship much, usually sandwiches from the Yacht Club and we did order Burgers & Fries from the Room Service menu and they were perfectly cooked and delicious. ACTIVITIES, EXCURSIONS & PORTS: We don’t gamble or participate in “Night Life” activities so I can’t add anything there. I didn't plan any tours from the cruise, instead booked my own since I am comfortable booking with companies that are aware of cruise ship schedules and the cruise ones are pricey and restrictive. The ports and schedule were one of the best things about the cruise Because of the unusual ports and schedules, organizing your own excursions is very easy to do. Early arrivals and late departures are sooo nice and most places are much less crowded you can be much more relaxed walking and getting transportation. Unlike big ships where if you are late back to the ship you might get left in port (we’ve all cheered & jeered those folks racing up the pier), I think the Windstar crew actually would start calling your cell phone and track you down instead of departing without you. We did go on excursions in Culebra and Montserrat which I reviewed on Trip Advisor. We also liked the sport deck on the back of the ship including taking out the small Hobie sailboat. It was comical because I’m a good sailor and once away, I promptly headed upwind which was toward the bow of the ship to give myself some room while I figured out the sailboats’ quirks. I got several hundred yards away and was thinking about circling the ship when I see the crew member on the deck waving at me, and seeing an officer about to get in the rib. Puzzled I sailed back toward the sport deck, the officer went back inside and the crew scolded me that I was too far in front of the ship and needed to sail closer, back and forth abeam of the ship, which I dutifully did. After a while they seemed to be aware I knew what I was doing, and was able to sail around and amongst the boats in the harbor but still where the crew could easily see us. CABIN: Our cabin was BIG compared to large ship regular balcony cabins… so much more room, about as big as a Carnival Ocean Suite. I need fresh air and we usually spend allot of time sitting on the balcony so I was a little nervous about the French Balcony. While it was different of course, we could sit in a chair or on the couch with the door slid open, which was over half the width of the cabin, and didn’t miss the balcony at all and I could lean out and look around when I wanted a better view. We even slept with the door open several nights and it felt like we were almost on deck. We did experience heavy seas one night and the ship does move around allot more than a big ship. Being a small boat sailor I actually enjoyed the motion, probably because we were mostly pitching and the cabin was in the center of the ship. Talking to other folks they did have some anxious moments but I believe motion sickness medication did the job for all of them. Our Cabin steward was sweet and for my birthday she made a birthday cake out of towels and made a nice card she also made the usual towel animals regularly. However, this is an area I’ll echo other reviewers, she was very nice but not so good at her job, obviously from a lack of training and supervision. It didn’t ruin our trip because it was mostly a bunch of little stuff, not paying attention to where we put things, not replacing dirty glasses or removing dirty plates, not enough of certain towels and we noticed part way through the cruise she turned our bottom sheet around such that our heads were where our feet had been. Compared to Celebrity where you see supervisors among the staff checking things that kind of attention was not apparent at all. SOME NEGATIVES: As good as the trip was there are times you can get quite frustrated on the Star Legend… Like with the tender situation at the BBQ, or our Cabin Steward, when they do fail, they fail spectacularly. Other things were kinda like this. The daily “bulletin" has little new info every day and is poorly organized you really don't look at it after the first day. But, when they do put some very important information in it, like when to pick up your passport so having ignored it all week on Friday you realize you should have paid more attention to that last one. After the first day it also doesn't include any information about the island you are visiting. For 3 days I went to the shore excursion desk to look for a map or whatever to find nothing…. until I happened to be at the Service desk and there they were. We wanted a bite to eat and it was after lunch one day, we thought about doing room service and were wandering around so my wife asked and she was quickly led to the Yacht Club snack bar in the back corner of the room which we had no idea was there. Along these lines being a sailor, I was charting and navigating along with the Captain so I went to the bridge to visit with the officer and see what the wind was blowing, he would hardly talk to me and was a bit surly. I made another attempt and met a nice officer who was very engaging and showed me the charts, radar etc. Then a third time it was surly guy again so I didn't stay. Candles was also a similar experience, Windstar seems to be trying to emulate the grill on the top deck of Celebrity ships, which is very nice, we eat there 2 or 3 times on a Celebrity Cruise. Instead as other people said you get iffy service, just ok food and a very noisy smoke stack right above your head. Our waiter in Amphora tried to tell us not to go on the last night but that was the only time that was available, so as a result we missed the Prime Rib. Also, a personal thing, smoking. I understood when I booked that smoking was allowed in a specific area on deck, port side near the Star Bar (though not in cabins, important because we leave our door open most of the cruise). It’s a small ship so there’s not much space for smokers to get far away, but smokers are expected to be considerate and non-smokers tolerant. However, one of the smoking tables is under the deck overhang next to the Star Bar, right beside the door to the restrooms and Yacht Club in the bow. Departing Montserrat, the ship goes around the island so you can see the devastation caused by the volcano. During the several hours while we were cruising past the island, a gentlemen was smoking a cigar right next to that door while the side of the ship was lined with folks looking and taking pictures until it got too dark. The strong cigar smoke was wafting over everyone watching the island go by. If you wanted a drink or to go to the bathroom you had to go through the plume of smoke and every time the door was opened the smoke was drawn into the Yacht Club and the bathrooms. I even mentioned to the Captain when I ran into him on a stairwell that he should consider not allowing smoking at that specific table, but the ash tray was on the table the remainder of the cruise. Another situation where attention to detail is lacking. ON THE OTHER HAND… We had a great time and most everyone was terrific, including the Casino staff. I didn't realize I needed $200 cash for an excursion and even though I wasn’t gambling they gave me a cash advance, something they would normally only do for a player. In another instance we were climbing in a pool when it appears the Hot Tub was closed but not the pool. We got some confused stares from the maintenance crew (I think there was a language barrier there) and were lounging away when an officer came up and explained they needed to cover the pool for the deck party and could he please help us move to the pool/hot tub at the bow while making sure a bar waiter would be available to serve us drinks.. which of course we did. I mention this because the maintenance crew handled the situation beautifully, they didn't get worked up and try to kick us out, they let us stay a few minutes and then got some help… and retrieved my hat from the edge of the ship before it blew overboard. IN CONCLUSION… Because of the small number of passengers, there is a comfortable easiness among everyone. It feels so ordinary, starting up conversations with perfect strangers, sharing your birthday cake with another passenger also on a birthday cruise and then smiling as you regularly see people on deck or at breakfast. I would certainly go on Windstar again and recommend it for anyone wanting a easy relaxed cruise and does not have serious mobility issues. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We booked this cruise for the "small port" experience and the Windstar style of cruising. Also we had not been to the B.V.I. before. We had sailed once to Costa Rica with the ship Wind Star. After a long trip from the west ... Read More
We booked this cruise for the "small port" experience and the Windstar style of cruising. Also we had not been to the B.V.I. before. We had sailed once to Costa Rica with the ship Wind Star. After a long trip from the west coast, we checked in to the Sheraton Puerto Rico hotel and got some much needed rest. The next morning the Wind Star bus picked us up and we took the short trip to the ship for a very nice orderly embarkation (one of the many reasons we chose Windstar) and short meeting with our cabin steward - his name was Dulyani and he made our trip so special and personal. We then took a local cab to the nearby fort for a quick tour then walked back to the ship after a lunch break in San Juan old town! So glad we did! Okay, now the real the trip begins! We ate dinner in the main dinning room the first night and the Windstar brand of service began immediately! These people are really amazing from the dining room mgr. to all the servers -- they are top notch. Shout out to Richard and Arnell for great service - most do double duty in other bar areas during the day. We also looked forward to seeing Gino in the Star Bar at the end of every day. He was just great. We made some great new friends at that bar. The food overall is very good but not excellent 5 star fare. If you require that level, book a much more expensive trip. We also dined two different nights at the Candles Veranda for a special treat. Entertainment was good but not a strong suit - possibly needed one more music group that could do double duty for a small later- night show for those of us that stayed up. Please do visit the open bridge and meet with the officer in charge. This is a nice Windstar touch and they were so friendly and informative. I actually had a chance to visit with Captain Griffiths a couple of times and he couldn't have been nicer. He also thanked us personally on debarkation - a very nice touch indeed. The shore excursions had plenty to offer -- all types at every port. The one I would definitely recommend was the Americas Cup racing in St. Martin - too much fun. To sum this up - great staff who were always helpful, friendly and professional. They offer great ports to explore every day with very good food options. Overall this cruise is an excellent value! Thanks Windstar for an awesome anniversary trip. I would definitely recommend this trip!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
We took this cruise to get a chance to travel with friends and not have to deal with the crowds on the giant ships. And we did have a GREAT time with our friends! With so few passengers and so many crew, you get a chance to get to know ... Read More
We took this cruise to get a chance to travel with friends and not have to deal with the crowds on the giant ships. And we did have a GREAT time with our friends! With so few passengers and so many crew, you get a chance to get to know other travelers and you also receive EXCELLENT service! Never again will we choose the big ships. No lines at all from start to finish. There were weather issues during this week. The crew did an excellent job adapting our itinerary to make the best of conditions as they were. There was a big rain storm at the time of the Deck BBQ, and the food and tables were moved under cover but still on the deck. The Deck BBQ food was amazing, and the service was excellent. With perfect weather, it would no doubt have been more fun, but the crew did make it the best that was possible. We were unable to go to Virgin Gorda, Prickly Pear Beach due to bad storms. We diverted to Tortuga instead, and had a great time. The islands and water were beautiful, the ship is great, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the service was excellent. Who could ask for more? We have no complaints about this cruise at all, and look forward to traveling with this Windstar line again to different locations. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
The Star Legend sails in a galaxy far far away from her sister ship, the Star Pride. Windstar has done a superb job of updating the Star Legend, giving new life to an old beauty that was lacking in the Star Pride. The suites are ... Read More
The Star Legend sails in a galaxy far far away from her sister ship, the Star Pride. Windstar has done a superb job of updating the Star Legend, giving new life to an old beauty that was lacking in the Star Pride. The suites are spacious and elegant, full of well-designed features for a pleasant cruise. A curtain divides the suite into a sitting area with sofa and desk, and a sleeping area with the bed and vanity. The TV is mounted in the middle of the suite, and swivels so that it can be viewed in either area. The bath has a marble tub/shower, sink set in a long counter, and lots of storage space. The walk-in closet is the best surprise - lots of hanging space and handy hooks, and a large safe set on top of a chest of drawers. Our suite was adjacent to the elevator, and we were concerned that it might be noisy - but we never once heard the elevator, and it turned out to be a really convenient location! Many other areas of the ship have been thoughtfully redesigned. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style on the veranda at the stern of the ship. The indoor buffet area has been expanded to include a number of tables, while the open air tables at the rear have been covered with white sun shades resembling sails, creating an airy feeling. A new area with additional tables has been created at the entry to the veranda, open air and covered with the same attractive sun screens. It wasn’t used much during our cruise, but would be very welcome in wet weather. There is a new raised jacuzzi and small plunge pool in the center of the ship, overlooked by an expanded Star Bar and sun deck. The many lounges and tables were often used during our Caribbean cruise. The forward Jacuzzi was also a favored spot for unwinding after a day of touring. AmphorA - the main dining room - has been beautifully redecorated in a very light, open style. Dinner in AmphorA usually featured several appetizers, soup and salad, and a good selection of entrees and desserts. The food on Star Legend was very good and attractively presented, and servers were prompt and knowledgeable. At night, the Veranda transforms into the alternative Candles Restaurant, with reservations required and a steakhouse/fish menu. We especially appreciated the fresh vegetables available at both dining venues, and the great salad bar available for lunch. Windstar offers excellent food and makes healthy dining easy and painless. Our main complaint on this cruise (and also on our previous Star Pride voyage) was the drinking water. There are large glass bottles of water provided in the suites, along with glass barware. During rough seas, we were worried the bottles would break when they rolled onto the floor at night. We always like to have plastic bottles of water at our bedside, and to take a bottle with us when leaving the ship. Plastic bottles of water were not provided. When I requested bottled water at the reception desk, I was told that bottled water was available only to guests on Windstar-sponsored shore excursions. There were plenty of soft drinks in our suite’s mini-bar - but water was hard to obtain, even by request. This issue is so easily corrected - why does it still exist? It would also be nice to have self-serve coffee and tea available in the Yacht Club. Room service provided water for my tea when requested, but it would be nice to get my own tea water in the evening, or a quick cup of coffee in the morning! On the positive side, the crew and service are still wonderful. On our first WindStar cruise, we used to joke that by the end of the first day, the servers knew your name. On the second day, they knew what you wanted to drink and where and when you wanted to drink it. By the third day, they knew what you wanted to drink before you did! And this super service is still there on Star Legend. Windstar crews are still the friendliest at sea. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
Our main reason for selecting the Windstar Star Legend was the itinerary of generally smaller out of the way ports. We wanted to visit some small islands that we have not had the chance to explore during previous trips and cruises. ... Read More
Our main reason for selecting the Windstar Star Legend was the itinerary of generally smaller out of the way ports. We wanted to visit some small islands that we have not had the chance to explore during previous trips and cruises. Admittedly we were the folks who had previously loved voyages on larger cruise ships and enjoyed looking down from our lofty perch at the dock at the poor souls who were forced to be on that smaller boat. We will probably try to avoid the larger ships with their hoards of people, long lines, and impersonal service in the future. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Star Legend and wouldn't hesitate to return. We liked that there was no "sea day" and that in some cases the ship stayed in port until late in the evening giving us plenty of opportunity to enjoy our land time. Embarkation: smooth as butter with no queues or hassles. Within moments we were dropping off our things in the cabins and heading out to explore San Juan. Cabins: We booked 2 rooms (227/225) for our family of four. They were adjoined by a common hallway with a door directly off the main central passage. The suites were roomy with nice beds & bedding, large windows, marble baths with quality towels, and a walk in closet. Our steward Yukti did a great job. Everything on the ship is within close proximity and easy to find. The cabins lack the electrical outlets for charging devices. Tip: bring a multi outlet surge protector or USB hub. Also: the unlimited laundry package is amazing. We travelled light and enjoyed fresh clothes during the entire cruise. This is one of the best perks I have ever seen offered on any cruise. Food in the main dining room was excellent. We enjoyed professional and friendly service during every meal. Hayrettin, the restaurant manager, went out of his way on multiple occasions to do anything he could to make our dining experience as fantastic as possible. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast al fresco everyday on the back of the boat. They had an excellent buffet, omelet station, order off the menu choices. We mostly had dinner in main dining room with no awkward set dining time. One evening we did dine at Candles and another at the on deck BBQ party which was excellent. All soft drinks were included which was very nice as our kids often can rack up a bill with juices and sodas. As foodies we appreciated Chef Nilesh who turned out a variety of dishes that was a cut above what we had experienced on other larger boats. We particularly enjoyed the Indian cuisine options that was appeared on a regular basis. On one evening the Chef produced a special favorite indian dish for our son--this never would have happened on a larger boat. While room service is available around the clock there are periods of time when food is not available in venues throughout the boat. Typical cruise ship buffets where around the clock food is served are not found on the Legend. Entertainment on the boat is limited. This is fine for us but if you are looking for a show, comedian or magician every night do not book this cruise. There are 2 duos that frequently appear at various events throughout the ship. Nothing spectacular. We did enjoy the crew talent show. Evening entertainment may be the weakest point of the cruise. Having an open bridge that you can visit was great. The club and deck above the bridge are nice places to hang out and watch as the boat pulls in or out of port. Ports: We loved all of the ports, but particularly Culebra, Jost Van Dyke, and St. Barts. We weren't able to tender at Montserrat due to high seas. On our previous Carnival cruise this lead to an extra day being trapped on the sea. The captain made arrangements to head over to St. Kitts (which happened to be having carnival that day). We appreciated this quick reaction and had a great day at the beach there. Excursions we loved: 12 Metre Sailing in St. Maarten, and the Cruise to Anegada in Virgin Gorda. 2 of our excursions (ATV on Montserrat and Zodiac on JVD were cancelled). The cancelled excursions were a pain. I wish that Windstar was a bit more helpful with concierge type services arranging other activities when their excursions were abruptly cancelled. Fitness/Spa: The spa is small and we enjoyed massages, facials and hair services. The gym is small and limited. My wife loved the daily pilates/yoga classes. One thing I normally enjoy on a cruise is running on deck in the morning. There really isn't a place to do that on the Legend. Note: Internet service is absolutely horrible. It is expensive and far worse than the horrible connectivity than I have experienced on other cruises. This may have been a function of the location of our rooms. If you need to be connected during the trip don't even think about coming on this cruise. I might consider bringing a Sat phone with data service if I really had to be connected. It might be cheaper and much more reliable. We did have US cell phone service in San Juan, Culebra, and for parts of Jost Van Dyke. Also the does move a bit more than the larger boats. Christmas winds in the caribbean often lead to bumpy cruising during the late months of December and early January. While the boat did move around none in our party became motion sick. It you are hyper prone to motion sickness then stick to one of the behemoths. Overall I recommend this cruise for its itinerary and excellent service. We are hooked on the small boat experience and may look to taking their cruises near Tahiti or Iceland. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
Wanted to visit numerous islands and picked this one due to the inclusion of St. Bart's. Unfortunately, the captain decided to skip St. Bart's and go to another island instead. The lower on the staff totem poll, the better the ... Read More
Wanted to visit numerous islands and picked this one due to the inclusion of St. Bart's. Unfortunately, the captain decided to skip St. Bart's and go to another island instead. The lower on the staff totem poll, the better the attitude. Everyone wearing an officer costume seemed to have a poor attitude or just did not really care. Never seen anything like that before. The small ship was expected to be a plus, with only 200 guests, but the captain chose to run slowly on only one engine and the ship pitched all night. Many guests got seasick and Dramamine was the number one discussion on deck. Food was sometimes good and sometimes not so great. Windstar has two charges which are not known before boarding. First, no wine or alcohol is included - it is $650 per cabin - usually we expect to upgrade to premiums for a fee. No problem with that, but should be known. 2nd, there is an $84 per person additional charge for "tips". That is just additional ticket charge and does not change the pay of servicers. We tipped maids, waiters and other help - unfortunately most guests think the tip charge is really tipping. To me that is just Windstar being dishonest. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
Cruise was supposed to depart from San Juan on 12/9 but the cruise line didn't file proper paperwork with port authority so ship went to St Marteen. Passengers were told to meet at Sheraton hotel in San Juan and wait for shuttle to ... Read More
Cruise was supposed to depart from San Juan on 12/9 but the cruise line didn't file proper paperwork with port authority so ship went to St Marteen. Passengers were told to meet at Sheraton hotel in San Juan and wait for shuttle to airport where two planes were chartered to take us to St. Marteen. A cruise that was supposed to embark at 6pm was clearly not going to start for many hours. The cruise line gave us all a $150 credit for the inconvenience - which was completely inadequate for the late start, extra flight and confusion. Charter on Miami Air wasn't prepared for us when we arrived. long lines in airport - which seemed ridiculous since Windstar knew in advance who was on the plane THEY chartered. Plane left for St. Marteen late and the two people from Windstar did nothing. We arrived in St. Marteen and amateur hour continued. We arrived at cruise terminal and NO ONE from Windstar met the the bus - so the bus driver kept us on board. By now it was after 10pm and we were sitting on a bus in a closed cruise terminal. We finally boarded and filled out paperwork. Why didn't they give us paperwork in San Juan? We were captive for 8 hours already (boarding was supposed to open at 1pm) - but now we were doing routine paperwork. We got to our cabin around 11pm. We went to bar and learned that drinks were free - but there was no announcement at check in. Give free drinks - tell no one to reduce expense. Great strategy! They extended free drinks into 2nd day of cruise with limited communication. On second day we attend Captain's briefing. He announced that this was his last cruise before vacation.......clearly his mind was elsewhere and his "I'm going home" attitude spilled onto crew. There was a persistent and often shocking lack of attention to detail in every aspect of service. I blame the Captain and his senior staff. Around 2am we wondered why the ship was still in port and learned that they were waiting for emergency batteries. Why didn't Windstar communicate anything to the passengers? Was there a mechanical issue with ship all along - and the paperwork story was just a smoke screen? the change in embarkation port shifted the first two days of the itinerary. They made little effort to tell people "excursions planned for Sunday are now on Saturday and excursions for Saturday are now on Sunday".....no announcements. No changes to the tickets. Nothing. So Saturday was a scramble since we didn't sail until well after 3am after having got on board very later. On Sunday, we went to Antigua a day later than planned and learned that basically 90% of everything on port was closed on Sunday. So this stop was a complete waste of time. We went to the watersports dock one day and floated behind ship on water mat. A Zodiac from the ship was hauling in a broken sail boat and apparently didn't see us in the water. The Zodiac ran over the mat and spilled my wife and I off the mat - which was very dangerous to say the least. Room service was comical. After 3 wrong orders we gave up ordering things in the room. Casino had exactly one blackjack table and one poker table.....and exactly one dealer. So basically one game at a time. There was also supposed to be a Roulette wheel but there wasn't one. Slots and one table game at a time......the ship again failed to plan. The spa booked up very quickly - again, very few workers. To their credit, the spa didn't spend the entire treatment trying to sell lotions and potions like on most cruise lines. The ship directory in room was obsolete. None of the phone numbers were correct - so we had to call operator. Leaving ship was just as bad. We were told to be at gangway at 7:30am. They let us off at 7:50am with no explanation of delay. They didn't have enough shuttles to airport (mind you, we all had to declare where we were going on Wednesday so they had an accurate count of the people going to airport) So we stood outside an hour. Then, when the shuttle arrived it couldn't fit everyone's luggage in back - so they filled the aisle with bags. Good thing there wasn't an accident because no one could get to door through the stack of bags. I am sure that I am leaving off lots of details. For a supposedly "high end" private yacht we got impression that they never sailed before. There was limited planning and poor execution in every aspect of service. We won't sail Windstar again Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
This was the same cruise that dsyoung422 was on, so many comments are similar. The cruise was supposed to start in San Juan and we flew down the night before as independent travelers. I guess that was the first mistake as the first we ... Read More
This was the same cruise that dsyoung422 was on, so many comments are similar. The cruise was supposed to start in San Juan and we flew down the night before as independent travelers. I guess that was the first mistake as the first we knew that the itinerary had changed was when we arrived at Muelle1 (Pier #1) in San Juan at 1:10pm (boarding was at 1:00pm) and there was NO SHIP! I called the main office in Seattle who told me there was a paperwork problem and to go to the Sheraton in Old San Juan to meet some Windstar reps. The kind taxi driver took us about 50 yards to that Sheraton, where the bellmen told him the Windstar people had left and were probably at Muelle 4. He then drove us over to Muelle 4 where two local Windstar people handed us a sheet of paper explaining the change and claiming that the "Vacation Planner team in Seattle contacted all guests and their travel agents to advise of this change"...well, we found out on returning home that they had sent out an email the previous day when we were already in transit. They should know that communication has not occurred until confirmation has been received and when traveling not everyone has access to email. Anyway, the two reps at Muelle 4 told us to go to the Sheraton Convention Center (not the one Seattle had just directed us to) to arrange to get on one of the two charter planes to Sint Maarten. The long suffering taxi driver did just that and we found the Windstar reps in a little office. They advised that we were assigned to the 7:30pm charter and the bus for that would leave at 4:30pm. I expressed my concern at the lack of communication, to which the response was to say that "Mister Ulf" would be along shortly and to take it up with him. Mister Ulf (apparently the customer service manager for the cruise, Ulf Rademaker) duly arrived and when one of the other prospective passengers expressed concern that we would not be on board until very late and whether there were any plans for providing dinner told them "Don't worry, we won't let you go to bed hungry" and proceeded to bury his nose in a laptop. Windstar had provided a "hospitality room", but this had obviously been set up for lunch for the first charter plane and by 2:15pm consisted of unrefrigerated cold cuts and stale bread...really sanitary. When 4:30 rolled around, a scrum formed to get on the one overloaded minibus, leaving some to be abandoned waiting for a replacement minibus. Checkin was not bad to the Miami Air charter, but proceeded very slowly. Then there was a 2-hour wait for the departure time during which most of the passengers found something to eat at their own expense at the airport. Meanwhile Mister Ulf arrived in the departure area and spent his time in conversation with other crew members, avoiding the passengers seemingly at all costs. Arrival and Immigration in Sint Maarten were surprisingly rapid and we were then loaded on another bus to get to the ship. After a long scenic trip across the island, we arrived at the cruise terminal to find that there was nobody to meet us and escort us in and down the pier. Someone finally turned up and escorted us to the ship where we had to go through the usual check-in, which was overloaded as everyone was arriving at once. The customary safety drill was then held, and by the time that was over it was 11:00pm. I asked reception if there was any food available, and they told us that the dining room would be open for another 15 minutes. It was in the dining room that we found out that drinks were being comped for the rest of the day...more good communication, they could have told everyone that at check-in! Now we were finally on board. The itinerary was supposed to be San Juan - Culebra - St Barths - Montserrat - St Maarten - Jost Van Dyke - Virgin Gorda - San Juan. What we got was St Maarten - St Barths - Antigua - Montserrat - St Maarten (again) - Jost Van Dyke - Virgin Gorda - San Juan. Missing Culebra was a disappointment but understandable in the circumstances and moving St Barths from Sunday to Saturday was probably a plus as most of it is closed on a Sunday. Ports in order visited: St Barths - we have always like this island and Saturday was better than Sunday would have been. You are tendered ashore here and we noticed that the tender crews seemed poorly skilled at handling the twin-engined tenders compared to other small ships we have been on. They appeared to be being trained by one of the officers, but did not seem to be paying much attention. The drinks were still being comped on this day...not that any notice was given other than one brief announcement. Antigua - added because of the changed itinerary. This was a docked location, so no tender issues. On a previous visit, we had been anchored off Falmouth near Nelson's Dockyard in the south of the island and that would have been much nicer and less exposed to the incessant "marketing" at the cruise pier in St Johns. Montserrat - If you don't take a tour here (we didn't) this was pretty boring. Sint Maarten - (again) - tied up to the pier, so access is good. The toilets on the ship went out of action for about an hour, but they appeared to be pumping out the black water tanks at the time, so we assumed that was the reason (more on this later). Sint Maarten seems to be all about shopping. Jost Van Dyke - not much to do here as a tender access port. Unfortunately, the toilets went out of action again for the whole ship at about 10:00am. After lunch, they were still out of action and when my wife asked if there was any progress or projected fix was told about 2 more hours. She remarked that it might be a good idea to have an announcement, the reception staff commented that that was a decision "for the stripes"...amazingly within a few minutes the captain made an announcement that it would be about 2 more hours (it was a bit less in the end)...but why was it not announced right up front instead of just locking all the public access toilets? More non-communication. Virgin Gorda - This is the beach party location that is also used by the older Windstar ships and by Sea Dream. The food at the beach was good, but the 200+ passengers seemed to overload the facilities and the sand fleas and mosquitoes were voracious. Unfortunately, the tender service did not extend to the Bitter End Yacht Club. San Juan - Disembarkation was delayed, presumably by customs/immigration..again no announcements as to what was going on. We were on a late flight, but would have been pretty anxious if we had been on the first batch of passengers with an early flight. Food on the whole was OK, but appeared to "benefit' from the Indian chef's native foods - almost all the menus had a curry flavor choice included. Breakfasts were OK, but the setup of the buffet is not conducive to good flow of people. Lunch is quite limited and the one time I ordered a hamburger, I found out after 25 minutes that the grill was broken and it would take another 10 minutes to arrive...again communicate. The main dining room was pleasant and we had no troubles with being assigned a 2-spot if we wanted it. Wine service was slow (understaffed) and not that helpful. The one night of the deck BBQ was rained out and set up in the dining room instead...the best food of the cruise! We eat in the alternative restaurant (Candles) one night; this is set up as a steakhouse and tries to serve that way. The food was good, but the service was amateurish, with long waits between the main plate arriving and sauces and sides appearing...and one of the sides appeared wrong and cold. Entertainment was two different singing acts, both quite pleasant and one very accomplished (Vice Versa) and to our taste. Service was in general mediocre - not for want of trying by the staff who really wanted to please, but they just seemed to be lacking in supervision, and the supervisors appeared to be taking more time to preen around in their uniforms than pay attention to the actions of their staffs. We had booked on this Windstar (we had been on Wind Spirit many years before) to see how it compares to SeaDream, acknowledging the lower price and fewer inclusions. Unfortunately, the lower price point does not in our minds compensate for the poor performance of the company in communication and supervision, so, absent a compelling itinerary we are unlikely to be back. It's a shame as the ship is a nice size, the cabin comfortable and the low-key entertainment was a pleasant addition. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
We were apprehensive after hearing reports regarding the tenders and the bottled water and the condition of the Star Legend. But we were happily and pleasantly surprised to enjoy a wonderful sailing last week on this very special boat. ... Read More
We were apprehensive after hearing reports regarding the tenders and the bottled water and the condition of the Star Legend. But we were happily and pleasantly surprised to enjoy a wonderful sailing last week on this very special boat. The captain, James Griffiths, was very present, very funny and most importantly, very smart when it came to the safety and comfort of the passengers. We did have our Marigot destination changed to Phillipsburg due to the rough seas that made tendering unsafe. That was a good thing. The cabins on this ship are spacious and comfortable. We booked a "balcony" cabin and were happy that we did. It was wonderful to open the doors and step out to see the water or port. Tenders worked fine, and an outside chartered tender was added at one of the stops. The ports were great. Recommend picking up some bug spray especially for Jost Van Dyke. Montserrat was one of the best--yet, being new to tourism again, there isn't much regulation with cab fares and such, so negotiate pricing beforehand and don't expect a bargain. Fuel is very expensive here and it is not a cheap island to live on. Be friendly, be kind. Back to the ship: the L'Occitane amenities are full size and lovely. You may bring 2 bottles of wine or champagne on board for consumption in your cabin. Coffee in the front Star Lounge each morning is very nice. Food is very good, very fresh. Housekeeping is thorough and unobtrusive. the fitness center is small but well equipped with treadmills, weights and one rower. No elliptical machines. Did not use the spa, but looked great with Elemis products. Don't miss the Deck Barbecue! And if you are looking for a small table of two or four, get there early--these fill up quickly. Embarkation and debarkation are a delight--so quick and easy! You have to love these smaller ships--the experience is intimate and very calm. The crew is so friendly and kind. Wonderful experience! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Fantastic cruise! We are a recent empty nest couple in their late forties who love to travel. We have cruised over nine times but always on the bigger ships. Decided to try the smaller ship and see some new port sites. Really liked ... Read More
Fantastic cruise! We are a recent empty nest couple in their late forties who love to travel. We have cruised over nine times but always on the bigger ships. Decided to try the smaller ship and see some new port sites. Really liked that we didn't depart three of the islands until after 10 pm. Overall, we loved the cruise, especially the personalized service and the wonderful fresh, delicious food. It was true that the staff learns your name and we bonded with several and enjoyed talking and seeing them everyday. Our fellow 183 passengers were a mix of mostly well-traveled, friendly age 40 thru 60s. There were a couple of family groups with older teens and twenties and some older folks but most were 50 to late 60s. Embarkation: So easy! Boarded at 1 pm. Walked to the room and then had a delicious lunch. Toured the ship. Won a treatment in the spa raffle and enjoyed the sail away out of San Juan Pier 4. We had a small snafu as the captain changed our port in Saint Maarten to Phillipsburg from Marigot as the previous two weeks the seas were too rough to tender in. I was glad he let us know at the start so we could rearrange our independent booking. Stateroom: We were in 129, an ocean view category S1 on Deck 4. The bathroom was great with a nice size tub and shower. The suite had lots of storage and space with a nice couch and sitting area. The only negative about the stateroom was the bed/mattress was too hard but after the first night we asked to have something put on it to soften the mattress and our steward took care of it right away and we were much happier. It was also the first time we didn't have a balcony but thought the large window kept the room bright. Missed having a balcony when we were coming and going into islands but really was not that important as we anchored out in the bays and tendered in so it wasn’t the same as being docked. For sail-away we always just went out on the decks. I would definitely do the ocean view again for the price. The room itself was large and our attendant kept the mini bar stocked with free soda and water. We did not buy the alcohol package as we wouldn't drink that much but my husband bought three bottles of wine which each cost 45 dollars and we had some mixed drinks that cost about 12 dollars a piece. I also brought my own bottle of wine on board which you are allowed up to two. I poured a glass before dinner and on the BBQ night I easily went back to my room for a second glass. All nonalcoholic beverages were free. Amenities: beach towels and water supplied port side and rooms stocked with good vanity necessities Dining: breakfast and lunch were served on deck 7 aft. Breakfast was great and you could have eggs and omelet’s cooked anyway you liked and they also had made to order items such as French toast, pancakes and waffles. The buffet was also very good with fruit, pastries, yogurt, and various meat items. We had dinner in Amphora on deck 3 and thought the variety and freshness of the food was very good. Candles, located where breakfast was served, was the specialty restaurant we ate at one night. Made reservations the first day for one of the days we were in port late. Loved the filet mignon, other food and service but the area was much noisier than Amphora so we didn’t enjoy the atmosphere as well as the dining room. We did get coffee and snacks in the Yacht club, which is very beautiful and loved sitting in there talking with others at the end of the day. Water sports: this is where my husband was a little disappointed with the lack of equipment. No waterskiing. Passengers were not able to take dinghies by themselves etc. But we spent most of our days on the islands so it wasn’t a priority for us. On Prickly Pear we were too late in the day to be able to use the bigger equipment: the one Hobby cat always had a line and we were too late i.e. another wait list to go tubing. We did kayak and many others took better advantage of the floats, paddle board etc. I did see the younger family groups spending a lot of time at the platform deck Spa: Did a massage, which was good but expensive. No real extras/sitting areas. They did have a very small steam room and sauna. Tenders: All worked well on this trip without problems. Minimal wait in the morning. We were either on the first or second tender as they gave priority to the passengers that bought their shore excursions but we never waited long coming or going. Disembarkation: Easy off the boat at 830am after a full breakfast. Walked our luggage for about 10 minutes up into old San Juan and left them at Barrachina. No charge but they asked for donation. We gave them five dollars a bag. That allowed us to walk the old city and outside the wall on the trail around to el Moro. Did some shopping, ate lunch and then took a 25-dollar cab ride to the airport. Security line was long at the airport but we bypassed as we have TSA pre-check Ended a wonderful, relaxed cruise that exceeded our expectations. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
This was our first Windstar non-sailing experience and I came back impressed with the week in the Caribbean. With snow making travel more than a little inconvenient for many passengers, it was hard not to be excited at arriving in San ... Read More
This was our first Windstar non-sailing experience and I came back impressed with the week in the Caribbean. With snow making travel more than a little inconvenient for many passengers, it was hard not to be excited at arriving in San Juan and being on the Star Legend an hour after deplaning. We were in our cabin about 15 minutes after arriving at the port terminal with a painless embarkation process. Reviews are accurate that the cabins are much larger than on the WindSurf and it was nice having the extra bathroom, closet and relaxation space. We were happy to see several crew members from previous trips and experienced wonderful service from the eager bar and wait staff. It doesn't take long for the crew to acknowledge you by name and engage you on a daily basis. It's probably one of the things we have found to enjoy most about the line; service and recognition are important and it makes for a very satisfying experience. A quick note about the liquor package. I was wondering if I should order it and a previous guest made a great point about it on a previous cruise, His comment was something like this: " Do you like a Mimosa/screwdriver/bloody sometimes during breakfast? Maybe a beer or glass of wine at lunch? How about a Pina Colada or Mojito in the afternoon by the pool (and if you fall asleep reading, ordering another one because the ice melted and your beverage is watery)? How about Chardonnay with your salad or fish and Cabarnet or Pinot if it pairs well with the rest of your dinner? An after dinner cordial listening to the band at the Star Bar? You broke even around dinner time. The ability to change your mind if you didn't like the "drink of the day" on deck and reverted to your old stand by, the opportunity to try a number of different wines both red and white and not worry about it was great. I know there were a few nights I tried several different wines with dinner having a little of each before settling on the one that I wanted. No problem...there was always a new glass and a new opportunity to find something I liked that I didn't know about. The drink package allowed me to do that. Oh, and the mini bar is included, too. The key was not about getting obliterated on the cruise but about having the opportunity to try a number of different things that I normally wouldn't. The food was very good and we had another beautiful evening at Candles on an evening off of Jost Van Dike. Got to see Montserrat, an island not on many itineraries. The volcanic devastation is remarkable and was an experience for those who took one the tours available from the ship or, as we did, just hiring a taxi at the pier and arranging it yourself. One other island was new to us this year, Culebra, off of Puerto Rico. We didn't do too much but the turtle tour was a big hit, except for some who likely weren't really physically up to it. With some wave action, it was difficult for some moving around. All in all, another great Windstar experience. The crew and quality make the difference. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
We just returned home form our 4th Windstar cruise. This was our first on the newly fitted power yacht, Star Legend. I must admit, we were a bit scared by the early reviews of the ship from the summer of 2015 as the ship was newly launched ... Read More
We just returned home form our 4th Windstar cruise. This was our first on the newly fitted power yacht, Star Legend. I must admit, we were a bit scared by the early reviews of the ship from the summer of 2015 as the ship was newly launched into the Windsatr fleet. We went with an open mind and the hope after several "shakedown" cruises, the ship would have it down pat.......That they did! We had the best time on the spacious ship. My wife and I could not decide which ship we liked more...the new power Star Legend or the sail Wind Surf. It was refreshing to be on a newly fitted boat. Yes, the ship is 25 years old, yet it did not feel that way. All the public rooms were fresh and full of nice amenities. The cabins were all much larger than on the Wind Surf . Food was good. My wife just started a restricted gluten free regimen and they were happy to prepare whatever she wanted! The service was fantastic! As repeaters, we remembered several staff members , who remembered us ( or made us feel that way) Indeed, the 170 passengers were well taken care of by the 150 crew. The swim deck is great and the staff there was fun and so helpful. We took a few excursions...you must go to the buried city Plymouth on Monserratt. It was so eerie and interesting. The America's Cup yacht sailing experience was one of the best excursions we've ever taken. My only minor complaint was there was no great "band" in the Compass Rose lounge. It is such a great space with great service (Rod) and was pretty quiet at night. In closing, Windstar has done a nice job getting this ship to deliver a great experience! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
The cruise began in the routine Windstar fashion with efficient and friendly service. The first person we encountered, who was handing us refreshments, was Gino ... a friend from several past Windstar voyages. A few minutes later we were ... Read More
The cruise began in the routine Windstar fashion with efficient and friendly service. The first person we encountered, who was handing us refreshments, was Gino ... a friend from several past Windstar voyages. A few minutes later we were greeted by Bobby, another old friend. There were at least half a dozen crew who recognized us from past trips and welcomed us to the Star Legend. We were checked in and in our room in less than fifteen minutes. First, let me admit that we love Windstar, and the flagship Wind Surf is our favorite. That being said, I will attempt an honest review, and I will attempt to address a few of the issues mentioned by a few people who have written rather critical reviews, who I henceforth will refer to as the complainers. First, some have said that the ship is old and covered with rust. I'm reminded of Captain 'Lucky' Jack Aubry in "Master and Commander" when Maturin referred to the "Surprise" as being an old ship, and Jack responded that she was not old but "in her prime". I am a retired Naval Commander, and a retired airline Captain ... so I am the 'Captain and Commander'. All Naval vessels will show a bit of rust even brand new ones. That is why chipping and painting is a continuous process ... as is sanding and varnishing. The Star Legend from all outward appearances could pass for a new ship. She is beautiful. She is 'in her prime'. The suites (all the rooms are suites) are beautiful, the carpeting throughout the ship is perfect, the marble baths with tubs are marvelous, the public areas are amazing and they are constantly cleaned and polished. The smallest of the suites on Star Legend is nearly twice the size of the standard rooms on the Surf. Some have said the service has suffered from the acquisition of the three 'Stars'. We have cruised with Windstar three times in twelve months, twice on the Surf and once on Star Legend. We have nine total cruises with Windstar. Our Star Legend cruise completed yesterday was simply superb. Bear in mind that we do not expect perfection, which in my view is why some become excessively critical. And we do not expect the Captain to control mother nature. Things did not go perfectly. We missed two ports because of heavy swells in the anchorage areas that made tendering impossible. St. Barth's had predicted heavy swells so we went to St. Thomas and enjoyed a catamaran snorkel trip to St. John, and we actually anchored at St. Martin, but the tender boarding platforms were going under water in ten degree rolls (I was sliding out of bed) so we went to Tortola. We also really wanted to visit St. Barth's and St. Martin, but the Captain did his best to adjust to the unfortunate circumstances ... and most of us had a great time anyway ... except for a few complainers. The tenders: No ... the Stars do not use the life boats as tenders. The tenders are carried in the sports deck. They are two twenty-five passenger single deck cabin cruisers that are far more comfortable than a life boat tender ... they are not 'new', but I liked them. They can accommodate the entire passenger load in approximately four trips each. We never waited more than five minutes for a tender, and depending on the traffic they ran one or both continuously. The sports deck was open and available in every port that allowed it, and where conditions permitted. I know this area is rarely, if ever, used in Europe. The food: If you are expecting gourmet food, your expectations may be a little high. If you are expecting food that is better than most, if not all major cruise lines including their upscale offspring, you are in the ballpark. We have cruised with Silversea, and with Tauck, and they are very good. Windstar, including the Star Legend, is as good, or better. Forget about getting caviar, but the food is very good. The Star Bar/The Compass Rose: On the Wind Surf, the Compass Rose is where the 'dance' duo resides. On the Star Legend they live at the Star Bar ... both are on the top of the ship. "Flash", Victoria and Dave were the dance duo stars, and they were great! In Europe it was explained that the Compass Rose becomes the dance venue. The on deck BBQ: This is a really fun event on all the Windstar ships. But the logistics on the sailing vessels is a bit of a challenge. On the Star Legend they have a large pool deck, with an elevated area for the pool and the hot tub, which is an ideal location for the entertainers to perform, above the area where people eat and later dance. The food and the presentation were spectacular, the entertainment was great. We did feel a bit guilty that the staff worked so hard two days in a row, deck BBQ then beach BBQ the following day, to show us such a great time. But, we loved it in spite of our guilt. Disembarkation: Just exactly what we expected from Windstar. You get up, have breakfast, pick up your passports, and walk off the ship. Two minutes to find our bags, porter picks them up and takes them to a taxi, and we are off to the airport. Ten minutes. When you only have two or three hundred people, this stuff is easy. Do we miss the sails? Yes! But ... surprise ... they have continued the tradition. At sail away two officers in their dress white uniforms symbolically raise a large ship's ensign (flag) slowly to the masthead while they play Vangelis 1492, Conquest of Paradise ... and everyone is on deck watching and listening. On the Wind Surf this is done while they raise on five, two hundred foot masts, twenty-six thousand feet of sail. Awesome! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Several recent reviews of the Star Legend are noted below and I won’t repeat their excellent and comprehensive critiques, but I do feel the need to cast my vote since there have been both positive and negative reports. In the way of ... Read More
Several recent reviews of the Star Legend are noted below and I won’t repeat their excellent and comprehensive critiques, but I do feel the need to cast my vote since there have been both positive and negative reports. In the way of background, I have lost count of the number of Windstar cruises I have taken, starting in Tahiti on the Windsong in 1988 as a college student and ending in 2013 on the Windstar traveling through the Panama Canal, which was less than stellar in my opinion. My husband and I have also cruised on SeaDream, Celebrity, Oceania, Viking and Uniworld. On January 16, 2016 we finished our first "power" cruise with Windstar on the Star Legend leaving San Juan and travelling to various ports in the Caribbean. Due to somewhat mixed reviews on CruiseCritic, and the fact that our 2013 experience was way below the usual Windstar standards, we had no expectations and were ready for whatever we found. However, from the moment of embarkation to our departure one week later we were consistently delighted by that old Windstar ambiance of the ship, service and itinerary. Despite it's age, the ship was elegant, the cabins unexpectedly spacious by the sailing vessel standards and the common spaces comfortable and spit shined. Although everything about our cruise was wonderful, it is always the staff that shines above all. From our cabin steward Jajat to the wait staff and sommeliers, especially Endro and Bobby, we were spoiled rotten by their kind attentions. Particularly memorable were the dinners created by Chef Nilesh and his talented staff. I was not thrilled by the cuisine on my last Windstar cruise but this experience could not have been more different. Interesting, varied choices and outstanding preparation and presentation. It is amazing what Chef Nilesh can accomplish in that small galley, especially when serving nearly 200 diners at once. At our table if one asked for rare filet minion it was rare, not medium or well done. We also enjoyed Captain Griffiths, for his sense of humor, warm personality and sound judgment in putting our safety above the unreasonable demands of passengers who do not have a healthy respect for the dangers of wind and the sea. When forced by high seas to change our itinerary, he weathered quite a few angry tirades and, in my presence, did it with patience and respect, although, at least in one case, I'm not sure how he managed it. When we were in Montserrat, a port we did make despite the unusually strong winds blowing from an unusual direction, a large swell hit the tender while we were disembarking and I was the person with one foot on the tender and one on the dock when the boat surged forward and broke the lines securing it to the dock. Although I would have liked to visit St. Bart’s and St. Martin as well, I have no doubt that Captain Griffiths made the right and proper choice in seeking harbors safer than those initially planned. Two more points. Although I have always enjoyed the beach barbecue event that Windstar does on most Caribbean itineraries, it is usually cut short for me by the heat and lack of shade. The Prickly Pear Beach event, however, was done perfectly. Not only were tent umbrellas set up at the water’s edge for everyone on board, there were many comfortable shaded tables to eat lunch without having to balance it on your lap. I can’t even imagine the ton of work it took to set up and disassemble this party and I for one am grateful for their efforts. Secondly, in Culebra, think about renting a golf cart. A representative from Carlos Jeep Rental met us at the dock and although they really wanted us to take a jeep, the last thing we wanted to do was be “inside” in a car. The representative ran us the short distance to the shop where we rented the cart for $70 - with the six of us it averaged out to $12pp. Since taxis charge $10 round trip pp to Flamenco Beach we were able to see most of the rest of the island “for free” and, more importantly, on our own schedule. I could go on and on but will conclude by saying I cannot wait for my next Windstar Cruise. They exceeded my expectations by far, and I would venture to say there is no better bargain right now in the small ship category. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
We have cruised with sea dream 3x and Seabourn twice, so our comparison is to those, not larger ships. We were actually on this ship (star legend) when it was Seabourn legend. A few quick points: - the food is good. Not outstanding ... Read More
We have cruised with sea dream 3x and Seabourn twice, so our comparison is to those, not larger ships. We were actually on this ship (star legend) when it was Seabourn legend. A few quick points: - the food is good. Not outstanding but good overall. Breakfast was great, lunch was ok, dinner was generally good. Drining room was too bright however. - buying the alcohol package is ok but perhaps not worth it. It did not include champagne at all or many of the things we would have preferred. We are not heavy drinkers but like nice wine with dinner and a good cordial. - they are understaffed for beverage service at dinner. We often had to wait through the first course to get a glass of wine. The wine steward was always frenzied trying to catch up. - they are not doing a great job of cleaning. There was a film of scum in their tiny pool (and they took out the old pool that Seabourn had and replaced it with a sitting area no one ever used. We miss the original pool. The cabins are decently clean but yet we found hair that was not ours (dark) in the shower when we arrived. - the average passenger age was older than expected (maybe mid 70's) and I think that factored into their decision to skip two ports based on waves. However sea dream was smaller and on similar itinerary at the same time and made both ports we skipped. We missed the best two - st Bart's and st Martin. - entertainment is two duos. Splash was good but the other one (double malt) belongs in a lounge somewhere. Too dreary for the ship. - there were no snacks when you got back from an excursion. There was no welcome feeling at all. -staff seemed young and not as well trained as the other two lines mentioned. -overall, it gets an average from us and we are not likely to try windstar again. It failed a little in every area when compared to sea dream and Seabourn. And the price is not differ when you add the alcohol package and yet it offered much less. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
This was our 3rd Windstar cruise, the other two on the Wind Surf. I was hooked on Windstar after the 1st cruise. Love the casual, familiar atmosphere of these ships and especially the low passenger count. On this trip, we had 175 ... Read More
This was our 3rd Windstar cruise, the other two on the Wind Surf. I was hooked on Windstar after the 1st cruise. Love the casual, familiar atmosphere of these ships and especially the low passenger count. On this trip, we had 175 passengers(not quite full) and 150 crew. We read some of the bad reviews on the Dec 27th trip and were concerned a little before we left about what to expect. What we got was exactly as expected - plus a little more. Here are specific points to address those negative reviews I read: 1. Some complained about the beds. My understanding is all the mattresses were new in May when they completely remodeled the interior of the ship. I slept like a baby every night and even pulled the sheets back to look at the mattress. Did not look old to me. I am okay with foam pillows. The sheets I had were were not pilled and very silky. 2. Someone complained about not going to the Bitter End in Virgin Gorda. I spoke with them about this and was told the Bitter End was not allowing Windstar to tender there during their peak season. The Bitter End wanted to cater to their regular crowd. Not the ships fault and tenders could resume in February sometime. 3. Someone complained about having to take the Windstar excursion to visit the Baths. Again, I was told that Virgin Gorda was not actually a stop on this trip, rather Prickly Pear was the official stop. Therefore, they did not have privileges to tender to Virgin Gorda other than for a local controlled tour. 4. Food was great overall. Some things better than others, of course, but as good as expected. 5. Don't come on a Windstar cruise if you are not prepared for stairs on the ship. The ship is small and stairs are the easiest way to get around. 6. Someone complained about not embarking in Phillipsburg as said it was because Windstar didn't want to pay to dock in the big ports. I am not sure, but the specific reason we like Windstar is that you tender in to lesser know places and uncrowded ports. You know the stops before you book, so that should not be a surprise and none of these islands are so big that a 30 minute cab ride cannot get you around and the port stops are usually all day long, so there should be time. 7. Tender problems - that did happen on the very last day at Prickly Pear. One tender did go out of service. I realize that is a serious problem and I Windstar knows that as well and is doing whatever they must to get it remedied. The all-suite rooms are spacious, with walk-in closets. Ours had a bathtub, which is typical. They do have some rooms where the bathtub has been replaced with a big shower and if you need that, make sure you ask about that when you pick your room. I don't think there are very many. The service was exceptional throughout the ship. Repeat customers were given a cocktail party and greeted warmly upon arrival, but special treatment. Used the spa for massage and facial and very happy with that. Workout room had weights, bikes, and treadmills- a couple of each - but not huge. Like the extra deck space you get without the sails. Overall, no reason for us not to want to go on another Windstar cruise again - probably on one the Star Legend or one of its sister ships preferred just because of the stateroom. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Windstar Cruise on Star Legend - Jan 2-9, 2016 - Embarkation San Juan Puerto Rico Quick Review Great Cruise! I did not hear any complaints. Food was wonderful. There were 178 passengers and 150 crew and the service was great, very ... Read More
Windstar Cruise on Star Legend - Jan 2-9, 2016 - Embarkation San Juan Puerto Rico Quick Review Great Cruise! I did not hear any complaints. Food was wonderful. There were 178 passengers and 150 crew and the service was great, very friendly staff. Ports were all accessed by tender and the tender service was fine, minimal waiting times. We were the only cruise ship in the ports we stopped at. Snorkeling was not great but the beaches were beautiful and the water was warm. The yacht had a large water sports platform where you could swim or kayak when the ship was at anchor. The gym was well equipped. The entertainment consisted of 2 musical duos which were very good. Dress: "resort casual", no jackets needed for men; pants and a collared shirt for dinner for men. Arranging your own excursions was difficult but not impossible. Weather was typical for the Caribbean in January, high in the low 80's, partly cloudy, nice breezes, occasional showers. We found no bike riding on any of the islands. The yacht is older but was in great shape after its refurbishment in 2015. Detailed Review This was our first cruise on a Windstar yacht. We are veterans of about 15 cruises, ocean and river, large ships and small vessels. Embarkation Pier 4 (sometimes they are at Pier 1) in Old San Juan We boarded the yacht at 1pm. Lunch was served till 4. The yacht left San Juan at 10pm. Windstar’s sail-away song is “Conquest of Paradise” by Vangelis, an amazing instrumental you hear every time the yacht leaves port. Staterooms We were in 228, an Ocean View Category 2, no balcony. The room was 275 square feet and felt quite large. It included a nice sitting area with a couch, coffee table and 2 chairs. We had a refrigerator with free bottled water and sodas and beer & wine for purchase. The bar in the room had wine, beer & soda glasses, a wine opener, a bottle opener, and an ice bucket. You can bring 2 bottles of wine on board with you per room per cruise. We opened a bottle of wine in the room and brought glasses of wine with us to dinner, no problem. Other people brought wine to the table and the staff opened them with no corkage fee. Our room had a walk-in closet and plenty of storage space. The room only had only one 110 volt plug. You'll likely need a power strip to charge all your electronics. There also was a 220 plug, so you could bring a converter to double your power supply. The yacht seems set up for Europe more than America. The TV channels had mostly European coverage, lots of soccer, no American sports coverage. You got BBC, Fox News and MSNCB, but no CNN. A Blu-Ray DVD player was included with the flat screen TV and the library had a hundred or so DVDs to check out at no charge. A Bose blue tooth speaker is in the room to play music from your phone or tablet. Internet Coverage The ship sells a $250 per week package per internet device. Windstar tells you the coverage is spotty. I got limited cell data service with T-Mobil in some of the islands but it was also weak. I could get emails and sports scores in some ports, but no downloading a newspaper or ESPN 3 to your device. No service for my wife’s Verizon phone once we left San Juan. Verizon customers may want to buy Verizon’s International Package, which is a good idea if you want to stay connected, especially if you are setting up independent tours. GPS Coverage I like to know where I am when I am touring another country, so I downloaded an App called Google Offline Maps (free) and the maps of the countries we would be visiting when I was on WiFi. Then, when you have no cell service, you open that Country’s map and your GPS feature on your phone will locate you on the map and track you all day, which is great if you are hiking or on a tour. Note The ship supplies you with beach towels, ponchos and snorkeling gear for your excursions. Robes and slippers are in your room. Water bottles are in the room. The bathrooms have good shampoo & conditioners. You Should Bring Good water shoes with a decent sole, not the $6 water slippers, that you can use to walk on hard & soft surfaces and in the water as some days you'll be walking & swimming in the same shoes. A day bag or backpack to tote your stuff to the beach, which are some distance from the tender pier Water proof camera would be very useful, other wise put your camera or phone in a zip lock bag or two. 3 bathing suits, they take a while to dry in your room Drinks to purchase You could purchase an unlimited drink & wine package for $108 per cabin per day. The price was the same even if only one person in the room was drinking. Single beers were $6 or $7, wines were $8.50 to $11. Cocktails were $8 to $11. Bottles of wine were in the $30 to $40 range. Windstar adds 15% gratuity to all of the above prices. The wine selection was good. Dining Dinner was served in Amphora on deck 3 from 7-9pm, open seating. The food was very good and the service was very good. Breakfast and lunch were served on Deck 7 aft, with inside and outside seating. You could order off the menu or choose from the buffet or do both. This restaurant was converted in a specialty restaurant for dinner, no extra charge, you need to book in the morning to eat there. They had a different menu and you could sit outside. The Yacht Club on Deck 8 forward had coffee, sandwiches and treats throughout the day which came in handy when you came in late from an excursion. Water Sports Deck Weather permitting, the crews lowers a huge stern platform where you can kayak, swim, paddle board, go on a short ride in an inflatable motor boat around the harbor. They put some floating devices in the water for you to hang onto when swimming as the current is sometimes strong. It's a good place to cool off quickly, just jump in! Spa/Gym - Deck 7 forward All the usual spa services were offered. Great gym for a small boat - open 24 hours. There are 6 cardio machines and quite a few individual weight machines, not one of those combo weight machines that you see in many small gyms. There were free weights, matts and space for yoga or stretching. Ports 1. Culebra - Sunday. 8-5pm We thought we could rent bikes by the ferry landing - wrong! No bike shop, and if there was the streets were not wide enough to ride a bike with all the traffic. We just walked around, not much to see. We should have done the snorkeling tour. Shipmates reported it as a good excursion. There were no independent tours being sold on land that we could find. Most people took the $5 p/p each way shuttle to the Flamingo Beach which was beautiful, but there were no restrooms or chairs. So bring 2 towels each. Good day to kayak off the boat's swim deck. 2. St. Bart's - Monday 8am to 10pm We did the sailing catamaran snorkeling excursion. The sailing was great, the water was clear and warm, the snorkeling was fair. Back to the boat for lunch, then back to St Bart's to explore the town of Gustavia. Lots of mega-yachts in harbor. No independent tour operators that we could find. The harbor side walkway is pleasant to walk around. The rest of the streets were very steep and full of traffic. The shops were "high end" and French. 3. Little Bay Montserrat - Tuesday 8 to 5pm We found a private tour for $40/person for 4 people. It lasted 5 hours, great trip. Our guide was David Lee who also runs the Hilltop Restaurant with his wife. David doesn't do many tours, but his son does. I don't have his contact info. Very interesting tour of the volcano devastated island. The ship was selling a similar tour for $139 p/p. There were taxi drivers at the pier available to take you on tours. For the really good hikers, there was a hilly up and down trail with Rendevous Beach waiting on the other end where there was snorkeling - bring your own gear from the boat. Good shoes are a must. The hike was moderate to strenuous and took about 1 hour each way. 4. Marigot-St Martin Wednesday 8 to 10pm Very busy island, way too much traffic for the available roadway network, very few places to safely ride a bicycle although there was a German bicycle group trying to do so. Beautiful bays and beaches. The north half is run by the French, the south half is run by the Dutch. There is no border crossing, just a sign along the road. The small cruise ships like the Star Legend come into Marigot on the French side, while the big cruise ships use the pier in Philipsburg on the Dutch side, about an hour away in the heavy traffic. We did the America's Cup Sailboat racing event down in Philipsburg. There were 3 Americas Cup boats with about 18 people on each boat and we raced an America's Cup windward/leeward course after proper training. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Theses boats are really fast! About half the passengers helped with the sailing, the other half just hung on and enjoyed the ride. We did not get wet although you could if the seas were higher. They stored your bags to keep them dry during the sail. 5. Jost Van Dyke BVI Thursday 8 to Midnight We did the helicopter flight which was quite a thrill. We saw the whole island from the helicopter. The snorkeling on this island was not good due to choppy seas and the lack of coral. Not a lot to do on this island. Foxy' was a good place to buy logo gear including rash guards for snorkeling or taking the high speed boat ride the next day. 6. Virgin Gorda - BVI - Friday 8 to 5pm Great Final Day We took the power boat ride excursion offered by Windstar, it was great. It was a 5 hour tour in a high speed inflatable type host. We stopped at a flock of pink Flamingos in a shallow area along with a swim in an area of stacked conch shells. The water was 3' deep. We stopped at islands of the rich & famous. The trip lasted 5 hours. The ship arranged a "private beach" day on Prickly Pear Island, which was an amazing day from 10-4. Beach bbq, games, all the boats and water toys, beach chairs with huge umbrellas. We got there about 1:30 after our boat ride, still in time for the BBQ. Disembarkation Very smooth, we off the boat by 8:30 and at the airport by 9:00am. You have to go thru customs at the pier, which was very quick. Cab fare was $25. Do not buy the ship transfers which cost triple that and not as convenient. The Rainforest tour from the yacht with drop off at the airport might be worthwhile, although you could probably find a cab driver to do that at the pier in San Juan. There were plenty of drivers who spoke English, although they do drive fast. The TSA line at the airport was very long, causing people to be late for flights, so get there early. We had TSA pre-check, so we breezed thru in 5 minutes. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
I'm an avid, frequent, and very guilty cruiser. I'm guilty in that I often read reviews, but seldom write or contribute. I'm in my mid 40's and recently travelled on the New Year's sailing of the Star Legend with ... Read More
I'm an avid, frequent, and very guilty cruiser. I'm guilty in that I often read reviews, but seldom write or contribute. I'm in my mid 40's and recently travelled on the New Year's sailing of the Star Legend with my wife, 18 year old son, 16 year old daughter and my parents. By way of background, we are very experienced cruises. I'm fortunate to be approaching 80 cruises under my belt and spend about 8 weeks a year at sea. Over the years my taste in cruising has changed for a variety of reasons including maturity and unfortunately the commercialization of the cruise industry. Years ago (i.e. 1982) I loved the food, service and traditional service on lines like Princess and Sitmar. In fact, those early life cruise experiences are what ultimately conditioned my brain to subconsciously always be on the hunt for a vintage cruising experience of days gone by. The introduction of mega ships which are built with every square inch and second on board designed to be profit centers has cheapened and ruined the cruise experience in my opinion. Upcharges for eating, peeing, standing in the grand atrium etc. while fighting large crowds and eating poor quality food seems to have become the norm for many of the large mass market lines. Over the years as my taste in cruising has changed so has my consideration of what lines I will and won't spend my hard earned dollars and vacation time on cruising. In recent years, I have really enjoyed Oceania, Regent, and Azamara as to me these lines have recreated the magic of cruising and done it so well. The two mass market lines I still think do a "good" job compared to the others are Celebrity & Holland America - especially in their suite class (I see that's a topic of many other threads). So...for the New Year I booked my family on the Summit 7 night Caribbean cruise out of San Juan. After securing non-refundable airline tickets from Los Angeles to San Juan I learned that he Summit was due for a major refurbishment in early 2016 and was not keen on sailing on a ship about to go into dry dock. Enter the Star Legend of Windstar Cruises. It turned out the Star Legend was sailing the exact same day from San Juan as the Celebrity Summit on a 7 night itinerary so I decided to take a risk - cruising on a ship and line that non of my family had sailed on before and more worrisome had really bad reviews. I was determined to go have a great time no matter what. A new experience awaited. We flew in a few days early and stayed at the Ritz Carlton San Juan which was a great opportunity to unwind after a long day of travel and enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation before the cruise. On the day of embarkation we hired a van to take us to the Old San Juan Pier ($32 fixed rate for 6 people and 10 bags - they charge $1/bag). While driving to the pier we passed the mega ships. My daughter asked "daddy is that our ship?". While driving along the piers at the Old San Juan water front our driver missed our pier because he could not see the Star Legend behind the pier building. Yes - that's how small the Star Legend is - 10,000 tons. 200 passengers. Half the size as the original Love Boat (Pacific Princess 20,000 tons) with 1/3 the number of passengers. We quickly unloaded our luggage at the pier and within 5 minutes were the only passengers (3pm) climbing the gangway to be checked in on board. Upon embarkation we were taken to the ships lounge to be checked in and were offered complimentary welcome aboard drinks. This process took just a few minutes. By far this was the best embarkation process ever. The friendly crew who checked us in also had other jobs on the ship and we saw them often. So...off to our cabins we went to unload our carry-ons and start exploring the Star Legend. The Star Legend is the former Seabourn Legend and underwent a $8.5 million refurbishment in early 2015. For a 23 year old ship (and please remember it is a 23 year old ship!) this yachts looks fabulous! We opted for the lowest category suite (all cabins are suites) on deck 4 as I didn't see the value in upgrading to a higher deck for the same size suite and rocking is always less the lower you are. The suites were very well appointed and immaculately kept. We were all impressed by the size. The bathrooms are clearly older, but also very clean and marble clad (Carrera white). Bath amenities included L'Occitane products and large towels. There is a combined bathtub/shower combination with a handheld shower sprayer (mounted in awkward way) that always had great pressure. Next we were off to explore this tiny yacht. Interior spaces are very well kept and the renovation was well done - in my opinion. A very warm and welcoming feeling throughout the yacht. We were disappointed by the outside decks and the restaurant/buffet on the back of the ship which had a very bad feng shui (to be kind). In my opinion, Windstar really screwed up badly by getting rid of the aft pool and replacing it with a dining platform forward of the rear buffet. My daughter referred to the pool as a bathtub. Frankly, some people probably have bathtubs at home which are larger. Our favorite outdoor spot was he forward hot tub on the bow. After that scathing review of the pool area why would I give a 5 star review to this ship? A cruise experience is not just about being on the biggest, newest and fanciest vessel. There is so much more that goes into making memories. Let me make clear, that despite the less than ideal pool area and some really old and dilapidated other outdoor spaces (sports marina and aft crew area which you walk through to board tenders) this ship shines in every other way like a 5 star hotel. Service was consistently excellent throughout. Food was good to very good. Being a small ship dinner options were limited and was 7-9pm in the Amphora Dining Room and 1 night during the cruise guests can enjoy Candles (verandah café turned into steak house at night). Food was consistently solid for dinner. One night the dining room is closed and dinner is a deck BBQ which was terrific and very well done. Breakfast and lunch were served in the aft buffet and offered typical fare (nothing to get excited about). Room service was outstanding, fast, and the menu extensive. By the second day on board the crew knew most passengers by their first names and the amazing bar tenders even knew drink preferences. What a game changer. No entertainment offered other than 2 duos (both very good). The ambiance was incredibly friendly with most guest quickly mingling and getting to know one another. Interestingly, many of my friends thought we were crazy to bring our teenagers on Windstar as they said "there's nothing to do". As it turns out about 1/3 of the passengers were in the 15-25 age range traveling with their families. The kids/young adults LOVED this cruise! Not everybody needs to be entertained 24/7 and it was refreshing to make socializing our own entertainment. My kids even commented that they enjoyed the Star Legend more than the Oasis and Allure of the Seas. Much to be said about this and a whole commentary can be written about back to the basics. One of the best features of Windstar is having only 200 passengers. Never a line! The ability to call on smaller ports that large ships can't was also an amazing bonus. I won't go into detail about the ports as this review is already quite long. However, I will say the ports were AMAZING! The beach BBQ on Prickly Pear Beach was the BEST we have ever experienced and Trumps (pardon the expression) Seabourn and other "luxury" lines. Yes - it's true. Tender service is not optimal and the tenders are just that - tenders. The ship to shore boats Windstar uses on the Star Legend are NOT dual use life boats and tenders like those used on most other ships. These tenders are actually deployed from the sports marina by hydraulic devices. These boats are slow, but comfortable. Hopefully, Windstar will replace these tenders with new ones. Apparently, the Star Breeze or Star Pride has new tenders. The sports marina was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. It was deployed daily and staffed with 2 amazing crew. We enjoyed the trampoline, water mats, kayaking and swimming. There is also a sailboat for use. My kids loved being towed around by the Zodiac on a banana boat type thing. The captain could not have been more kind and accessible. Great sense of humor. We took advantage of the open bridge policy to watch sail away one night and were amazed at how welcome we were made to feel. Of note, the captain also had a terrific sense of humor despite previous posts. In summary, I gave this terrific and very enjoyable cruise on the Star Legend 5 stars because of the amazing overall experience - much of which can be attributed to the most amazing, wonderful, kind and attentive staff we have ever experienced. There are a few areas where Windstar is rough around the edges, but this is not a traditional cruise and cannot be viewed as such. You really feel as if you are on a very large private yacht. My family is hooked on Windstar and cannot wait to return. Keep up the amazing work Windstar! Windstar truly is 180 degrees from ordinary. Sure, there are other ships/lines which are much more polished and luxurious, but in all fairness I don't think reviewers should be comparing the Star Legend to the likes of these other ships/lines. The only conclusion I can take away from the negative reviews are that some people are just miserable and choose to be that way or their expectations were so off that the Windstar Star Legend experienced shocked them like jumping into cold water. I'm a luxury travel connoisseur and certainly could write a critical review of an experience that disappoints or does not meet advertised expectations. However, Windstar delivers exactly what it promises. Thanks again Windstar! Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
This was our 13th Windstar cruise and the 2nd on the Legend. Many of the comments I will make here I've posted before - after our last cruise in June 2015. Also, I read some recent reviews by others on Cruise Critic and my comments ... Read More
This was our 13th Windstar cruise and the 2nd on the Legend. Many of the comments I will make here I've posted before - after our last cruise in June 2015. Also, I read some recent reviews by others on Cruise Critic and my comments will be somewhat repetitive. I thinks that's fine - maybe someone at Windstar will actually read this and do something. At the outset, I want to be clear that none of my negative comments pertain to the on board staff. They try. Hard. They work long hours and do what they can. However, I am quite disappointed with Windstar at the corporate level. First, there is no loyalty program. Because we've cruises with Windstar some many times, you'd think we'd be welcomed back as repeat customers. Nothing! Not even flowers or fruit in the room. And no one at check in said anything. I had this discussion on previous cruises and still nothing changed. I talked to Calvin, the hotel manager. He listened, but nothing happened. The only one that actually did anything was Bianca, the guest relations manager. Airlines and hotels pride themselves on their loyalty programs. Norwegian has one, so does Seaborn. Not Windstar. Next, the ship is in bad shape. Tenders were both broken on one day. No matter how good the tender operators are, they can't manage with bad equipment. On one occasion, Windstar had to hire a tender operator and it was so bad, that vessel crashed int our ship and the tender cracked. There is rust in a lot of places. The brackets in the bathtub holding the hand-held shower were loose. There really is no attempt to provide activities in the case of rain - which we had daily. Clearly, the weather isn't anyone's fault, but there ought to be some on board contingency plans. On the plus side, the crew, as usual, was great: Yogi - always a pleasure. Yaya, Lyn, Bobby, all work hard and always smile. The staterooms (suites) really need sprucing up. I do like the Yacht Cub and AmphorA. Food is better since Chef Michael took over. Overall, I think we will be taking a break from Windstar. I need to see if management really wants this to be considered a luxury cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
This was my second Windstar cruise and it did not live up to the first. Two of us sailed on the Windsurf in March and I was very excited to bring my whole family (11 of us) on the Star Legend for Christmas week. It was disappointing. ... Read More
This was my second Windstar cruise and it did not live up to the first. Two of us sailed on the Windsurf in March and I was very excited to bring my whole family (11 of us) on the Star Legend for Christmas week. It was disappointing. The ship should not have been put into service after being purchased until all of the systems were upgraded. One tender broke down and it took us almost 2 hours to get to shore. The sports deck was inoperative much of the time. The staff was embarrassed and apologetic, but little from the Captain. The least the company could have done was buy us a drink. We received inconsistent information regularly. As an example, at one bar we were told that the ship was out of limes and then in the dining room there was no problem getting a lime for our drink. We took a shore excursion and upon checking was told that we did not need our tickets. Upon reaching shore, the tour company needed our tickets. Small things - but consistent. I rarely saw any of the officers, especially the captain. I would have hoped that they would have been more accessible, given some of the problems. Some of the Windstar basics were in place - excellent service from the cabin, bar and dining room staff; roomy staterooms; and well maintained public spaces. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
Hello – DH and I recently sailed the December 19 – 26 itinerary of the Star Legend. This was our first cruise on Windstar, having sailed previously with Celebrity, Azamara, Paul Gauguin, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. We have sailed ... Read More
Hello – DH and I recently sailed the December 19 – 26 itinerary of the Star Legend. This was our first cruise on Windstar, having sailed previously with Celebrity, Azamara, Paul Gauguin, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. We have sailed the most with Celebrity (maybe 10 times in various cabins up to and including Aqua Class) and twice on the PG in French Polynesia. We are in our 40s/50s and enjoy active pursuits including scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing and other water sports. We also enjoy the food and beverage aspect of cruising. The main reason Celebrity became our favorite line 15 or so years ago is its reputation for excellent food. Sadly, the food quality on all of the lines has apparently diminished (in our experience and based on the many comments on Cruise Critic). Since observations about food are very objective, this review will not go into that in any depth. We found the food on the Legend good but with room for improvement. Many of my other comments have already been discussed in recent reviews, so I will try to cover new territory or answer questions that I have seen discussed on the boards recently. We flew directly to San Juan the day of the cruise, arriving about 12:30 pm, and went straight to the ship docked at the Old San Juan pier (not the Pan American pier where the big ships dock). Some information said that we couldn’t board before 5:00 pm but other info said 1:00 pm, so we gave it a try and were one of the first couples to board the ship when it opened shortly after 1:00. The taxi was about $25 with 4 pieces of luggage. Our stateroom 106 was on the fourth floor and it was beautiful – and although it was in the cheapest price category, it was the largest cabin we have ever had on a ship. Other people have discussed whether or not Windstar is a “luxury” line, so without taking a position on that, I can say that our cabin was truly luxurious to us. The appointments in the cabin exceeded the appointments in the rest of the ship IMO. Others have mentioned the firm mattresses and pillows. I did request and receive a softer pillow, and I was comfortable on the mattress. There were plenty of nice, wooden hangers – with normal hooks that can be lifted off and moved around – in the walk-in closet. There was a full-sized bathtub with a Grohe hand shower and brackets to attach it at two different heights. I didn’t have any problem with the shower and thought the water pressure and consistency of water temperature were perfect. We brought on two bottles of Champagne in our checked luggage and we bought a third at a wine store in Old San Juan later that afternoon. The policy is vague – whether it is 2 bottles per stateroom or 2 bottles per person – but in San Juan they are pretty flexible and didn’t even look at the one bottle that we were obviously carrying on. The cabins include a refrigerator and a selection of wine and bar glassware, including Champagne glasses, so we often enjoyed a glass of Champagne in our luxurious stateroom before dinner. Our attempts at room service (one breakfast and one snack after we missed lunch) were not satisfactory but we did not go hungry. The muster drill was at 4:15 pm. (I don’t know what happened to the passengers who obeyed the instructions to board after 5:00.) That was followed by the typical spa raffle at 5:00. DH and I were both happy with the spa treatments we booked. I will give a shout out to Genevieve who gave the best pedicure I have ever had and in addition was lovely and interesting. We walked around the ship to familiarize ourselves, and I can report that the library was well stocked for a ship of this size. We didn’t borrow any books but our visit resulted in meeting a nice couple that we socialized with at various times during the week. Entertainment consisted of two musical duos – an acoustic duo who played mostly indoors and the livelier “Splash” who played mostly at the outdoor bar. Both were good, but Tori, the female singer of “Splash,” fulfilled the dynamic role on the ship that is normally filled by a cruise director (talking between songs about their experiences in port, narrating the sailaways, engaging with the crew and passengers nearby, etc.). There was an organized presentation each evening about the next day’s port. We had purchased the laundry package at $109 per cabin for a 7-night itinerary, and we used it daily. It does not include dry cleaning but everything (including a linen shirt that was labeled dry clean only) came back fine. If you put the bag out by 9:00 am the clothes will be back by 5:00 pm the same day. We considered that a nice luxury and even sent bathing suits. Unfortunately, we had a blustery, rainy week but we didn’t let it spoil our otherwise nice vacation. The first stop being a good example. It was probably my favorite port even though we were subject to two downpours. I overheard both crew and passengers (just one of each) complaining that this was not a good port, so it depends what you are looking for. Culebra This was maybe the third sailing of this itinerary for the Star Legend which started sailing for Windstar in May. We had read unfortunate reports about the tenders before we left home. For those to whom this may be news, the Star Legend only docks in San Juan. All of the other ports are accessed by tenders that ferry the passengers from the ship to a dock on the island. The Legend is equipped with two tenders that are stored inside the rear of the ship. They were apparently designed to fit tightly inside that space and it appears they are the same age as the ship, or approximately 25 years old. They do not appear to have been maintained as well as the Legend herself. There were numerous problems with the tenders in the two sailings prior to ours and some problems on our sailing too. We were able to reach all of the advertised ports, unlike some of the prior sailings, however we consider ourselves lucky, and it is the tender situation alone that will prevent us from booking another Windstar cruise in the near future. We suspect and hope that management is squeezing the last drops of utility from those tenders and will purchase replacements in the near future. We were really looking forward to Culebra, which had been cancelled the previous week due to the tender problems, so we were happy upon boarding to see that Culebra was on the agenda for the first stop the next day. Culebra is the home of Flamenco Beach which is on most lists of best beaches so we were planning a self-guided beach day. I still recommend this. There is no need to rent a car or book an excursion. It is a small island with numerous taxi buses that cruise around looking for passengers. We paid $3 pp each way to Flamenco Beach and back. The taxis hold about 15 people so if they are not full the drivers call out to people on the road to and from the beach and in the little town (and this was the Sunday before Christmas). The beach is advertised as walking distance but it would be a pretty long and boring walk. The beach itself has restrooms and concessions, as well as life guards and picnic tables. We didn’t buy any food but my pina colada was about $7 and I think DH’s beer was $4. Two different downpours found us huddling with strangers under covered picnic tables but we enjoyed that. We did not enjoy the sand flies or similar biting creatures that left our legs covered in itchy red dots for 3 or 4 days. I highly recommend bug repellent for this location. The itching was so bad that both DH and I were awakened by it during the night and had to slather on more hydrocortisone. On about the third day I paid a visit to the ship’s doctor for alcohol swabs. He was nice and helpful, and there was no charge for a little thing like that. That evening was the welcome reception by the captain, so this may be a good time to let you know that our captain was James Griffiths. I believe he just came on for this cruise and had not captained the previous versions of this itinerary. Some other reviewers mentioned that they didn’t see enough of the officers, but I saw Captain Griffiths out and about plenty. We don’t seek out the officers or try to sit at the Captain’s table so maybe it is a matter of perception. It was a small ship, and I certainly saw officers. There is an open bridge policy (we did not visit) so anyone wanting to see the officers could certainly do so. There was also a galley tour but we did not take that either. Captain Griffiths was very personable during the welcome reception and I saw (and overheard) him eating meals with and chatting with passengers in a pleasant way. If he had joined us for a meal I would have welcomed him, but we were normally seated at a table for two. St Barth’s The first night we “sailed” to St. Barth’s which was probably the longest sailing of the week so that brings me to the motion. There was some. We don’t usually get seasick and we didn’t this time either. For those who needed it, there was a supply of meclizine out on the Reception desk for the taking. Since we were at anchor every day, the only motoring was at night and the motion was enough to wake us a number of times. We were in the lowest category and in the forward category so there were probably just a few less rocky cabins closer to the center of the ship. I don’t think I would pay extra to be in that low, center category if we had it to do over again, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be any higher either. I took extra sleeping aides (more than my usual) after the first night and they helped. Although when a crew member said they don’t take sleeping pills so they can respond in the event of an emergency, and then we had the news of the grounding of the Star Pride in Panama, I began to think that I should reassess my coping strategy of ear plugs, eye mask and two different OTC sleeping aides. We were happy to see St. Barth’s but it is now off the checklist. We rented a car and drove the whole island. We thought we might windsurf at a place known for windsurfing but it didn’t look interesting so we kept going. The tender made it back to the ship but just barely. The engine cut off 5 or 6 times during the pretty short trip. It was interesting to see all of the super yachts in the harbor. Montserrat We were advised the previous evening that our excursion was cancelled. This was the only Windstar excursion that we booked, and apparently we were the only two who booked it, so they cancelled due to lack of participation. It was a “Coastal Boat Tour” down the coast to see the volcano and the volcano damage from the water. After the full day in the rental car on St. Barth’s we did not have any interest in a bus tour so we took advantage of this morning to have our spa treatments. After lunch we took the tender to the island and walked around a little. There is not much to see where the ship tenders on the north side of the island but we wanted to support the tourism efforts by purchasing some souvenirs and drinks. Then we returned to the ship and were happy that the captain did a sail-by along the coast to see as much as we could through the clouds and fog. It is a desolate place. St. Martin The ship anchors in the harbor at Marigot, on the French side of the island. We have been to both the Dutch and French sides so for this day we had reserved a rental car to go to a windsurfing beach. On a previous cruise we did the America’s Cup excursion and we do recommend that as great fun. Unfortunately, our plans this day were disrupted by the tender problems. I think they were only running one tender this morning due to problems with the second tender. That led to back-ups of people trying to get off the ship. That was compounded by them using the one working tender to ferry groceries onto the ship. Then the tender ran out of fuel and had to be refueled – a “Keystone Cops” exercise of trying one side and then another to see how far the hose would reach - before we were finally able to make it to the island, at which time the rental car agency was closed and there were no cars available at the other agencies. We had waited for our tender in the Lounge for 1.5 hours – from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. When we finally got to the island and had no car we had a drink in the port area and went back to the ship for lunch and for our first (and only) use of the watersports platform. You can probably piece this together from other reviews if you are really interested but this day may have been the only day on this cruise that the watersports platform was open. Even on this day they only allowed swimming as the wind and current were too great for sailing, kayaking, and waterskiing. We heard various explanations for the closures on other days including wind, current and mechanical issues. The mechanical issue was not new as they supposedly encountered it in Europe also. Something about the hinge where the platform raises to the back of the boat to close it before they get underway. We were told that at some point in Europe it didn’t close and posed enough of a safety hazard that an itinerary was impacted. But we had a nice time frolicking in the warm water and lingering on the large foam floats that they fasten to the back, and we would not have had that opportunity if the tenders had been running properly! So all in all a nice day. (I am even shopping for a foam float like that to keep on our boat.) That evening (Wednesday) was the outdoor BBQ, which I understand is a Windstar highlight. It did not disappoint. The rain held off until almost the very end. In addition to the elaborate spread, including grilled lobster tails by the truck full, the evening featured music by both duos as well as music by various crew members, and then more music and dancing – specifically line dancing to many popular songs (think YMCA). It reminded me a little of the “crazy signs” that are a unique element of Club Med vacations. Both officers and crew led the dancing. Another shoutout to Tori of the duo “Splash” for acting as emcee. Jost Van Dyke We were here Christmas Eve and it was different than I had imagined. White Bay was very busy, very crowded with people and boats. I knew it was a favorite of cruisers but based on webcams that I had watched a few years ago it was nothing like this. Oh well, checked this off the checklist too. We were lucky to find a nice, quiet place that I will mention since we probably won’t be going back any time soon. The ship anchors in Great Harbor, and from the tender pier you can walk to the right to Foxy’s Beach Bar (closest) or walk up a hill (8 minutes) to the left and see White Bay spreading out below you. White Bay is the home of the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, but we stopped at the first beach bar we came to while walking, Ivan’s No Stress Bar, and had a lovely, clean beach with chairs for the price of a drink. We could have stayed there all day but wanted to see what all the fuss was about farther up the beach so after a couple of drinks at Ivan’s we walked over to Gertrude’s (beyond Soggy Dollar) for lunch. We took a taxi back over the hill to Foxy’s ($5 pp) for a souvenir and then went back to the ship. Foxy’s was dead by then because it was Christmas Eve. The ship was running Zodiac rides to Foxy’s that evening until 11:30 pm (not the tenders but a rubber Zodiac from the ship), but we didn’t feel the need to go back out. We had dinner in the main restaurant where we ate every night. We ate in Veranda for breakfast and lunch and were happy to have an alternative for dinner. Since this was Christmas Eve they had a traditional turkey meal, and although this probably won’t benefit anyone else at this point, I can report that the Christmas turkey was the best of any Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey that I have had on a ship (maybe off a ship too). Virgin Gorda (Windstar “Private Event”) This was not a stop at Virgin Gorda, but a stop at an island across from the Bitter End Yacht Club on the far end of Virgin Gorda, where Windstar presumably leased space for a private event. We have been to Virgin Gorda before so we didn’t mind, but I don’t think there was a way to get there if you wanted to go (other than taking the excursion offered to the Baths on the opposite end of Virgin Gorda that left at 7:30 am). This was a nice day, punctuated by two blustery downpours that had us hunkering under and holding onto the large beach umbrellas that Windstar brings onshore for the guests. We came over on one of the first tenders and did not have a hard time getting a shady spot for the day. We took advantage of snorkeling and kayaking, and also lounging on those floating foam pads. The lunch was adequate but not as elaborate as the Wednesday BBQ. Windstar offered a welcome rum punch but further libations had to be signed for. I understand the beach volleyball was exciting because we had a lot of young people onboard with their parents for Christmas. For anyone familiar with the private island experience of Paul Gauguin on Taha’a, this was not as elaborate but still a nice day. Disembarkation in San Juan There was no problem with our invoice so we needed only to pick-up our passports at reception and exit the ship about 8:30 am, last call for disembarkation. Veranda was open for breakfast until 8:30. There were no lines or crowds. We caught a taxi to the airport just outside the ship ($25 total vs $35 pp for a transfer). The only problem was the long wait at the airport and a flight that was delayed. We took advantage of the Global Lounge through Priority Pass, but the food was horrible so I bought snacks in the airport. Drinks were free and they were make-them-yourself. An alternative strategy, which we did on a prior cruise, is to check your bags at a restaurant in Old San Juan for the day and explore the city. There are a couple places that do this for a few dollars per bag. In hindsight this would have been better than the airport lounge, but arriving early meant we were through check-in in a flash. Hope this helps others considering the same itinerary! Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.1
Public Rooms 5.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.2
Family 1.0 3.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.4
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.6

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