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Large Ocean-View Stateroom Cabins

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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub & shower. All DD-category staterooms have a partial sea view.

Large Ocean-View Stateroom (DA)
Decks: Deck 5
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Large Ocean-View Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Aug 2015
Nice and spacious ocean view on deck 5, great beds and nice location.
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Cabin 545
Aug 2015
Our cabin was always immaculate. There was plenty of storage.
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Cabin 379
Jul 2015
The cabin was very nice. Plenty of room and the separate seating area was a good addition. Also ample storage and good bathroom layout.
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Cabin 753
May 2013
Good sized room with more than ample storage, with the bonus of a bath.
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Cabin 648
Mar 2012
Just by the Aft staircase - super-convenient for getting around, and we didn't notice any increased noise. Right across steward's closet.
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Cabin 561
Jan 2011
Since this cabin is on deck 5 right below the walk-around on deck 6, you will hear some occasional foot steps above you but they are not bothersome. Also, sometimes you can hear talking in the hallway, but only if people are loud, which didn't happen often. If these sounds are enough to bother you at night, they can be easily eliminated by using a pair of earplugs with a NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 29. I just put mine in and slept without interruption each night. The cabin had excellent ventilation and temperature controls. There was not a sign of prior smoking in our cabin. I was worried that the room would reek of third-hand smoke but was relieved upon entering that the interior smelled completely fresh. I think that despite the fact that HAL allows smoking in cabins, most of the passengers either don't smoke or choose to smoke outside. The cabin had ample closet space for the three of us as well as luggage storage space under the bed. A flat screen TV had a few cable news and sports channels, but sometimes the audio was out of sync with the video due to satellite reception. An extensive movie DVD list was available in the room. If you want to see a movie, just call and they will deliver the DVD to you. An added benefit of the cabin that we discovered while boarding: it is literally one cabin away from the Tampa gangway! So once you are ready to leave your room at the conclusion of the cruise, there is no line and you are off the boat in seconds! My only criticism of the room was that the faucet's water pressure and temperature control. Water flow was very weak making it take a long time to rinse off hands. In addition, there was either extreme hot or extreme cold temperature to the water, no in between. And once you had the water hot and wanted it to go back to cold, it would take a good two minutes for the temp to change.
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Cabin 640
Jan 2010
Wonderful Time By: dkbeckley
Room 640--great view, plenty of room. Air conditioning wasn't great, and water pressure was terrible Saturday and by Sunday morning it was hard to shower.
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