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Deluxe Balcony (obstructed view) Cabins

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A larger version of a balcony stateroom includes all the same amenities, plus a comfortable sofa bed to relax and rejuvenate. This stateroom also offers some of the same amenities found in a mini-suite stateroom, including upgraded bathroom amenities, waffle bathrobe, terry cloth towels, and an upgraded duvet insert.

Deluxe Balcony (obstructed view) (DZ)
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Deluxe Balcony (obstructed view) Cabin Reviews
Cabin E509
Oct 2016
Not much of an obstruction, room very nice and room, good location, Shower is very small.
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Cabin E102
Sep 2016
The balcony was a little larger than the standard, very small ones on the ship so that was good. It was partially covered so we could sit with our feet out in the rain during a thunderstorm at Civitavecchia but drips did seem to find their way back under cover somehow. Drainage for the balcony was poor and the connecting doors to the adjoining balcony and foreward area of the ship left gaps that allowed people to look through; not great. There's metal instead of glass which isn't a big deal. As it was the foremost cabin on the ship the balcony wasn't too overlooked but the bridge was overhead. The seating area in the slightly larger room wasn't too practical as it didn't provide an easy view to the large TV mounted flat opposite the bed. The position and size of the TV for the bed was good but the blue standby light was excruciatingly bright at night; great if you like to sleep with a night light on, not so much if you don't want to wake up feeling like someone's shining a laser pointer at your face. Room position meant that bow thruster noise was not great when docking although that was nothing compared to the deafening sound of the anchor dropping. If you're an early riser (or a late booker like us) then these aren't too bad generally but they're not great for your sleep pattern if the ship is docking at 3am, like it did one day. Advice: after hanging clothes up remove all the empty coat hangers and store them above otherwise you'll be wondering what that occasional banging noise is for several hours if the ship is at sea.
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Cabin L102
Apr 2016
Unimpressed By: hockey1963
Horrible! Too small its a joke!
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Cabin L 104
Nov 2015
Very Good Cruise By: rubyshome
Nice with a loveseat. The balcony is very large, the obstruction is the rail - instead of glass it is metal. The only downside is since it is in the bow there are times you can't use it when at sea. Out of 10 days there were only 2 sea days it was just too windy to use.
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Cabin E110
Aug 2015
Enjoyed Land-Sea Cruise Tour By: George and Gracie
Has a five foot couch. The balcony is larger as it is on an angle towards to front of the ship. The balcony is stated as obstructed because the railing is solid, not see through. The side panels are larger because of the size of the area. I like the extra wind break as I can enjoy being outside more.
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Cabin E520
May 2015
Great size, slightly larger than standard balcony cabin as it has a loveseat size sleeper sofa making it comfortable to sit and relax. The balcony is not as large as the older ships; however it is comfortable enough for two to enjoy being outside without others around. The value is great as it is comparable in price to the obstructed view cabins on the older ships. Yes, you do look out over the life boats - however it's better than looking at them through the obstructed view window cabins on the older ships. The shower is nice and storage is great.
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Cabin E101
Nov 2014
Good size balcony. Room is typical and felt slightly small otherwise compared to other Balcony rooms we've been in. Closet is big but other storage is limited. Better outlet access than most ships for chargers and things.Movement of the ship is more noticeable due to being so far forward, and it is a long walk from the elevators.
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