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This stateroom has a partially obstructed balcony with patio furniture. It offers two twin beds that make up into a queen-sized bed, a refrigerator, television, closet and bathroom with shower, plus a spacious closet and desk.

Balcony (obstructed view) (BW)
Decks: Deck 8
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Balcony (obstructed view) Cabin Reviews
Cabin E509
Jun 2017
Cabin was an obstructed deluxe so we did have a small sofa. The obstruction in this cabin is not bad at all. You see,the top of the lifeboat but that is about it. I would certainly book it again. Good value
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Cabin E625
May 2017
With the offer of $600, we chose to go from an unobstructed balcony to an obstructed one. I didn't mind the obstruction, but the customer service rep told us that this room was larger than the initial one - not true! The room was so small it was hard to maneuver for the two of us.
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Cabin E229
Mar 2017
E229 (and neighboring E227) are *technically* obstructed view, but only in that you can spy a lifeboat just to the right of your balcony. It's an incredibly clear view, especially from inside the room! Great deal! E229 has a connecting door to E231, so if we were going to do this again, we'd request that pair of cabins for the grandparents and ourselves. As it was, we simply asked the room steward to connect our balcony to E227's, and we were able to go back and forth between them during our baby's naptime with ease. E231 probably has a pretty obstructed view. E229 has some moderate noise, but nothing irritating and nothing that woke a baby up - some hall noise from folks returning from shows or the casino, but that was pretty limited. No elevator noise. Some noise from the service corridor opposite, but nothing intolerable. No detectable noise from the theater, though the occupants of E227 reported that they could hear some. The entry door for pilots is right below on deck 4, so we occasionally heard a motor come alongside us in the early hours as we approached port, but I like that sort of thing, so it didn't bother us. The only curious thing about the room was that there was a notable depression or soft spot in the carpet right at the foot of the bed, almost like there's some sort of panel (or water damage?) there. It could be a tripping hazard if you're a little unsteady on your feet in the morning (or if you're 15 months old).
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Cabin E608
Feb 2017
This cabin has a very obstructed view due to the fact that the largest tender boat sits right in front of the balcony so there is only a very small window of sight from a distance. Also out of 10 days there was probably someone in the tender boat 3 or 4 of those days but at least it was accessed from the deck below. Therefore we did not get as much use of our balcony as we may have done on other cruises. Definitely our cabin was smaller than those on other cruises. The cabins on older Princess ships had a dresser/cabinet in front of the bed whereas a flat screen television hangs from the wall and there is only a passageway in front of the bed. I feel like the shower is a tad larger but it is probably because there is a ledge of sorts in the shower. I continue not to be a fan of the cloth shower curtain and the very small size of the washroom. The storage space is exceptional.
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Cabin E525
Jan 2017
Pleasant Holiday Cruise By: bluegiraffe
Well laid out cabin with comfortable bed. Plenty of closet and storage space. Balcony very small.
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Cabin E609
Dec 2016
Best Vacation Ever By: mrillini
Obstructed view was not bad at all.
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Cabin E516
Aug 2016
Very Enjoyable By: kiwitwo
Very happy with stateroom. The " obstructed view" was not a problem. We had a lifeboat below our balcony which meant we could not look down but the outward view was fine. We have almost always had to go with an interior stateroom so it was a luxury to have the natural light and the perfect weather meant we could sit outside often and leave the door open at night.
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Cabin m605
Oct 2015
It's a tight (ish) fit, lovely comfortable queen size bed and on-suite bathroom/shower. We were lucky to get a free upgrade from interior to a balcony room one deck below the pool deck and Horizon restuarant so we had zero complaints. It's kept clean and tidy twice a day by your own attendant and the bed is very comfortable. Big tv on the wall showing lots of movies, tv shows, live tv, ship broadcasts, entertainment etc is also a bonus! Good safe for you valuables is provided too.
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Cabin E330
Feb 2015
We were very pleased with our cabin. We booked a guarantee balcony which would be obstructed view but we ended up in a great spot. The top of the lifeboats were at the floor of our balcony and we had an unobstructed view straight out. We couldn't see straight down because of the lifeboat, but I wouldn't even call it an obstructed view. We were also close to the front elevator bank and stairs which we used a lot and avoided the middle bank of elevators.
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Cabin E318
Jan 2015
The balcony cabins on this ship are smaller than what I have seen on other Princess ships. They seemed kind of narrow to us, and some of the cabinet storage space is gone that used to be next to the desk and refrigerator. The cabins have electronic light switches in that you have to insert your key card to keep the lights from turning off. The TV's are smart TV's and you have access to the ships channels, a few outside satellite tv channels, and a wide array of movies, tv shows, etc. Our balcony had enough room for 2 chairs and a table and plenty of room for standing. We were on the Emerald Deck forward and our balcony looked down at a life boat, but we never had a problem with the view at all. This ship has a forward and aft set of stairs and elevators that go from deck 4 to 18, but the mid ship stairs and elevators do not go all the way to the top decks. We didn't find that to be an issue, but some people might.
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