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6 Royal Caribbean USA Cruise Reviews

Port Canaveral is the greatest port to get in and out of! They are friendly and fast and don't hassle you about your luggage! When you get on the ship right away, they great you and right on the promenade deck you can make your ... Read More
Port Canaveral is the greatest port to get in and out of! They are friendly and fast and don't hassle you about your luggage! When you get on the ship right away, they great you and right on the promenade deck you can make your restaurant reservations. We are Diamond plus but they have always treated us excellent right from the beginning. We always get an ocean view balcony. They are little smaller than the smaller ships but they are very nice and our stateroom attendant is always excellent. They make every effort to help you with any issues. Our room is always quiet. The food is excellent, especially in the windjammer. The Diamond club is great. The entertainment is excellent. The service is great. We go at least 3 times a year on this ship. The staff always remembers us.Disembarkation is very easy and quick! Can't wait to go again! Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
This was my second time on the Explorer this year. I was on it in April, D2 balcony & again in September, JS. Both were 5 day to Bermuda. Side note: I also booked a cruise for 14 people, 5 cabins in August, 9 night. Embarkation and ... Read More
This was my second time on the Explorer this year. I was on it in April, D2 balcony & again in September, JS. Both were 5 day to Bermuda. Side note: I also booked a cruise for 14 people, 5 cabins in August, 9 night. Embarkation and Disembarkation were flawless on both of our cruises. Lots of construction in Cape Liberty but didn't seem to affect the Ebb & flow of cruisers. I will say, waiting to park took about 40 minutes. Not sure why. In all cases, the cabin reviews were generally positive. The balconies were spacious yet the balconies were in need of TLC. They suffered from chipped an rusted paint, mismatched furniture. The JS had 3 chairs and no table. Made it difficult to enjoy coffee or a cocktail. Our D2 had an old TV that was on its way out. Our sliding door in the JS was very difficult to open and then close w/o a whistle or draft. The D2 operated correctly. Everything else was par for RCCL. We enjoyed the activities on the ship. We also thought the singers and dancers did a nice job but there wasn't much variety as far as evening shows in the Theatre. The Captain and Cruise Director were great, as were our Cabin Stewards on both trips. The wait staff on both cruises in the MDR had a lot to be desired. We were asked to leave while we were finishing our coffee, in MyTime Dining, and on the cruise in April we were pretty much ignored and then asked, "what do you want," when it was time to order. Not the service we were used to. The 14 guests mentioned above, were all family and the sat together in the MDR. They were satisfied with their dining staff. Food was good but not great. The Windjammer was good. Seating was at a premium at times bug they did well keeping the tables cleaned. Didn't get drink service in the Windjammer on either cruise except on one or two occasions. Having said this, we are Diamond members and have saile many times with RCCL and will continue to do so. I just hope that take a look at some of the things they have been skimping on over the last several years. Many feel, me included, that the attention to details & customer service is becoming a thing of the past. A good makeover and crew freshener is needed. I'm sure she'll be back in all of her glory!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
Had a wonderful experience during our repositioning cruise on Brilliance of the Seas from Boston to Tampa. The crew was one of the friendliest we've encountered during cruising, Captain Stig was amazing all week long, Cruise Director ... Read More
Had a wonderful experience during our repositioning cruise on Brilliance of the Seas from Boston to Tampa. The crew was one of the friendliest we've encountered during cruising, Captain Stig was amazing all week long, Cruise Director Steve and Activities Manager Texas Tom kept things moving and energized. First time with My Time dining, and on a 13 day cruise, we were nervous, but the staff was great in accommodating our needs. Only concerns were that wait staff attention during dinner seemed much thinner than on prior cruises, having to wait for drink refills, rolls, etc...they seemed to be stretched too thin compared to the regular dining seating's. A number of our fellow cruisers were not happy with the 5:30 early seating times, and many tried to get onto My Time so they could eat a little later, a few had success, but not all. This repositioning cruise is very heavy with top tier cruisers, so all the lounges were taken up before dinner with "Top Tier Receptions", leaving only the Pub, Schooner, and R bar for a before dinner drink. This cruise was amazing, and we are looking hard at doing this again in the future. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
I am writing this review not so much to advice of cruise but to advise of the helpfulness for the cruise line in an unfortunate condition. We booked this Cruise on the Brilliance in Sept.2011 to sail Oct 2012. It was booked as a family ... Read More
I am writing this review not so much to advice of cruise but to advise of the helpfulness for the cruise line in an unfortunate condition. We booked this Cruise on the Brilliance in Sept.2011 to sail Oct 2012. It was booked as a family cruise with my mother in-law, her 3 children and their spouses. WE TOOK OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE through the cruise line. We booked it as a final cruise as mom was getting up in age and felt this would be her last trip. At the time we didn't know how real that statement was. We had to get off the ship on day 6 to place mom in the hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, where she died 6days later. The first issue I will address in the travel insurance coverage. When we purchased the insurance at the time of booking we did not receive any written breakdown of what is actually covered. It was only verbally that the typical stuff was confirmed. ie trip interruption, baggage loss, delayed flights. Point # 1 This is only secondary coverage and any claim as far as medical has to be submitted to your primary insurance first and the travel insurance only covers what the primary carrier denies. Point 2. If you buy Travel insurance for the cruise portion of the trip your independent airfare in automatically covered. I did not know this and insured the flights also which means that if you do have a claim you have to submit claim to airline first and if they don't cover it then you submit a claim to the travel insurance. So it not only did we incur an unnecessary expense it caused another step in the process which delayed reimbursement and payment. Point 3 The travel insurance is based on 150% of the initial airfare. Which means that the maximum payment cannot exceed 1 and a half times your total original airfares.My mother in-law became ill and we took her to the infirmary at 1 am. She couldn't get comfortable and had difficulty breathing. they treated her and put her on oxygen. took x rays and found that her lungs were filling with fluid. They advise that she would have to be removed from the ship as soon as we docked in the morning. They arranged for a ambulance to meet us on the dock for transport to hospital. The cruise staff was very efficient in helping us to cancel all of our shore excursions and shuttles and crediting all of our accounts. We spent the rest of the night packing up all three rooms and settling accounts. Upon docking my wife was allowed to accompany her mother to the hospital in the ambulance and the ship was trying to make arrangements for the rest of use to be transported to the hospital but it was not happening fast enough. They did suggest that due to hurricane Sandy there was a possibility that the ship would stay in port to wait out the storm so we could leave all our luggage in the room until they determined what was going to happen after 2 pm. We would also know more about our mothers status at that point also. We checked back at 2 and found that the plan for the ship was sailing on and they assisted us in removing all our luggage. Needless to say that our expenses for hotel, rental car, food, for a week and the return airfare tickets was far above the cost of 1 and a half of our initial airfare, however it did cover a lot more than the extra $100 it cost to purchase it. We were contacted by a shore liaison for the cruise line at the hospital and giving contact numbers for assistance. Due to Hurricane Sandy the Miami and New York offices were shutdown so our contact was based out of London. The cruise line and travel insurance did everything they could to help us through this situation. Upon the death of my mother in-law the insurance supplied the mortuary of our choice a credit card # to cover all costs in preparing the body for shipping including the casket. The mortuary handled all the transfers and handling of shipping mom home. What did surprise us was when we canceled moms credit card we found that 5,000 was charged to it by the ship for the infirmary visit which we assumed that because we had RCCL travel insurance it was handled. We were reimbursed through her primary insurance but it was a surprise. All in all the cruise line made all efforts to insure that we were in good hands and everything went as smooth as possible. Although all expense were not covered it was still well worth the extra bucks to take the insurance. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Hey - I'm from Vancouver, Canada -â€" thanks for reading my review: Having had a previously positive experience on NCL - repositioning from New York to New Orleans - my wife and I decided to book ourselves onto the Jewel ... Read More
Hey - I'm from Vancouver, Canada -â€" thanks for reading my review: Having had a previously positive experience on NCL - repositioning from New York to New Orleans - my wife and I decided to book ourselves onto the Jewel of the Seas to reposition from Boston to Tampa on this 14-day journey. Note -â€" this is an extremely popular cruise -â€" and has all sorts of alumni who book this cruise every year. In fact, I believe that next year's cruise is already fully sold out. We reserved our balcony stateroom, #1014, in early December last year -â€" and it was one of the last balcony's left at that time. We had never been to Boston before and were looking forward to exploring this historic city for the first time. Even though the Boston Bruins thumped the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup this past spring -â€" I managed to keep an open mind -â€" and refrained from cancelling our cruise and putting our deposit elsewhere. I'm glad I did -â€" because Boston is truly a beautiful city. Being a citizen of another beautiful city -â€" I'm qualified to judge! We stayed at the Sheraton Prudential Center -â€" very convenient when it's raining -â€" because it's attached to two malls -â€" including a Cheesecake factory, California Pizza Kitchen and a famed fish restaurant (Legal Seafood). It's also walking distance to Fenway, REI store, Filene's basement and downtown Boston. Highly recommended. Loved the 0% sales tax! TIP: For those staying at the Sheraton -â€" don't pay for wireless in your room. Simply plug your laptop into the Ethernet jack located on the desk and your Internet is free! (Must be a glitch) Sorry iPad users -â€" you're out of luck. Internet is also free in the lobby. Check-in: Smoothest check-in I've ever experienced and I've cruised 24 times. I was basically jogging and couldn't keep up with the line. We were moving so fast -â€" the welcome aboard photo was completely blurred! Naughty Room: Be forewarned, Royal Caribbean x-rays every piece of check-in luggage for prohibited items. Shortly before supper on the first day -â€" we started to be concerned when only 2 of our 4 suitcases had been delivered to our stateroom. This is when I noticed the flashing voicemail light on our bedside phone. The message summoned me to the deck 2 hold where about 100 pieces of luggage and a line-up of nervous looking people were being processed. I watched as bag after bag of luggage was opened to reveal a bottle of wine or liquor -â€" or in one instance a case of coke zero (this was allowed). To say the naughty people were irate about losing their bottle(s) would be an understatement! In my case (no booze) -â€" I was told there were illegal scissors in my wife's bag -â€" which we never found. In my bag, the security person, who spoke very poor English, told me he was looking for an electric 'wire'. I thought he was referring to my various camera battery chargers and laptop cables -â€" essential equipment for me -â€" and therefore denied I had an electric 'wire'. Because they could find neither of these items -â€" I was apologized to profusely by staff -â€" and allowed to go on my way. I subsequently discovered my wife DID have a large pair of scissors and I DID have a brand new extension cable -â€" both of which are apparently a no-no on RCI. For those of you who are contemplating smuggling stuff in your suitcase onto an RCI ship, you can forget about: scissors, extension cords, knives, toasters, kettles, irons, and any kind of booze or blow-up dolls. (Just kidding about the last item -â€" but it could prove to be an embarrassment if your bag is searched in front of your fellow passengers). Warning: The naughty room is a very public display of the contents of your suitcase! The guy in front of me had one suitcase stuffed with the entire inventory of aisle 3 at Walgreens! Gathering Storm: During the muster drill -â€" a very serious sounding captain announced we would be heading into hurricane force winds -â€" with 30-40 foot waves! When I finally realized he wasn't kidding I proceeded to swallow 5 Gravol (motion-sickness) pills over the next 5 hours. The good news was I didn't get seasick during the storm. The bad news was that after the storm had ended, I slept for 36 of the next 48 hours from the residual effects of the pills. And what a storm it was: the captain revealed in a later Q&A session with the passengers that it was the worst storm he had EVER sailed in -â€" after 40+ years! He said the biggest waves coming over the bow were topping 85-90 feet! He also mentioned we were skirting a hurricane by just 8 miles. Had we been any closer -â€" we would have had to divert our course. Another ship, the Caribbean Princess, was scheduled to leave New Jersey the same day and elected to stay in port over night. Our balcony was on deck ten near the bow. The spray was coming up over the top of our balcony to the deck above! Water was leaking in through our sliding door. RCI promises 'adventure' in their ads -â€" and boy do they deliver! Halloween Party: This cruise takes place over Halloween and many many folks get into the spirit and bring a costume on board -â€" lots of ghosts, vampires, witches, pumpkins and cross-dressers. Fun! My first impression was that way too may folks dressed up as 'fat people' -â€" but eventually realized -â€" these weren't actually costumes. In any case, given another chance in the future -â€" I would definitely bring a costume. A great party was had by all. Ports and Excursions and Activities: Not recommended: any purely boat or bus to the beach type trip. (Just take a cab). Also in St. Lucia -â€" don't take the 4-hour boat cruise to the Pitons -â€" the cruise ship does this route when it leaves! (And it's beautiful). Any Royal Caribbean dancers shows -â€" (except for Tango Buenos Aires). Comedians are either brilliant or totally lame -â€"but I can't remember their names so it's about a 50-50 chance. Recommended: St. Kitts train ride, St. Lucia Jeep safari, snorkeling from a catamaran in St. Thomas (not a beach), any beach on the gold coast of Barbados, Barbados Rum tour, Curacao snorkeling by boat over the sunken tugboat. Mystery Murder Dinner, Tango Buenos Aires, Elton John Tribute, Johnny Thunder (of the Drifters). Revolution Beatles Tribute, Make a Wish Foundation Walk-a-thon (even if you don't walk -â€" it's a nice 10$ tee-shirt and a great cause). RCI Cruise Staff: Incredible in every way. I don't know how they do it. Royal Caribbean Customer Service: Vastly improved and it shows. Extremely attentive to our one complaint about one of our shore excursions as well as problems we were having with the Internet. RCI is clearly making every effort to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Kudos! Final Notes: This is a great cruise -â€" happening only once every year on the Jewel -â€" my favorite (radiance) class of RCI ships. The total sea miles traveled is very similar to driving from Miami to Los Angeles and back -â€" except on the ship there is almost no access to McDonald's, Denny's or Whataburger. BONUS SECTION: Fun things to say to your dinner table mates: 1. I always bring an empty suitcase and Styrofoam balls on board - because I'm collecting RCI dinner plates and stemware. 2. Zagat rates Carnival dining as far superior to this ship because of the 24-hr pizza counter. 3. I hope the bedbugs from our apartment didn't sneak into our luggage again. 4. We're hoping that this is the first cruise our dinner mates don't ask us to move to a different table. 5. I've decided to not do any shore excursions -â€" because I heard the ports were filled with foreigners. Fun things to say to cruise staff: 1. I think the waiters were 'lip-syncing' during their song last night. Should I knock 10% off their tips? 2. Should I take a hotdog to the mustard drill? 3. If my wife fell off our 10th floor balcony, would she survive? 4. At the embarkation check-in -â€" point to the port terminal roof and say: "this is the cheapest-looking cruise ship I've ever seen." 5. Do cruise ship passengers have immunity from crimes they commit during shore excursions? Seriously though: If you have any questions about this cruise or the Jewel of the seas -â€" feel free to email me at peter_agnew at yahoo dot com. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
BED BUGS & LOUSY FOOD FOR OUR 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. TERRIBLE REVIEW for Royal Caribbean's "Voyager of the Sea" - Sailed October 30, 2011 on a 13 night cruise Barcelona to New Orleans. This was our 35th cruise! ... Read More
BED BUGS & LOUSY FOOD FOR OUR 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. TERRIBLE REVIEW for Royal Caribbean's "Voyager of the Sea" - Sailed October 30, 2011 on a 13 night cruise Barcelona to New Orleans. This was our 35th cruise! We were celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary. This was our 7th cruise on Royal Caribbean. After this cruise, we have decided not to sail on any Royal Caribbean's cruise ships in the future. Below is our review to explain our comments. As per Cruise Critic's Guidelines, I will try and structure my review into categories. BACKGROUND INFORMATION As mentioned, we have cruised 35 times including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Holland American, NCL, Princess and others. We are in our early 70's residing in Clearwater FL; we have cruised the Caribbean, Alaska, South America, Mexican Rivera, Gulf of Mexico, Europe and about ten transatlantic crossings. EMBARKATION: In Barcelona - after waiting 45 minutes for a wheel chair, they whisked my wife away with out me and I had the paper work. About ten minutes later they showed up with another wheel chair and we eventually located my wife and then we were processed promptly. STATEROOM We were located on Deck 9, Balcony cabin #9622 - Cost for this Balcony Cabin $2,892.68 booked on December 20th 2010. We had called Royal Caribbean relative to my recent total knee replacement and were given assurance that it would be no problem to have two gel packs put in the Medical freezer daily and they would be available as we would need them as a nurse is available 24/7. After getting settled in the cabin we asked the lady room steward to please take the two gel packs to the freezer, she was quite rude in stating that this could not be done. After I explained that this was already approved by Royal Caribbean and we were advised to give the gel packs to the room steward and that if she couldn't handle it to please send the Hotel manager to our cabin. All of a sudden she was able to take the gel packs to the freezer. Since it would be 24 hours until the gel packs would be cold enough I requested a large bucket of ice so I could treat my knee using plastic sealed bags, after two hours and three follow-up phone calls with the room steward she brought the large bucket of ice and I treated my knee. We went to late seating at 8:30pm and were just seated when my knee started to bother me so I asked my wife to go back to our cabin on the 9th deck and contact the room steward for additional ice, my wife went back to the 9th deck and spoke directly to the room steward asking for an additional large bucket of ice and she said she would take care of it right away. After dinner we went back to the cabin to ice my knee and there was no ice. We called room service and they brought up a large bucket of ice. In the morning my wife addressed the room steward who was nasty in an aggressive manner, she threw up her hands in the air and said, "I must have forgot, SO"! With this attitude we went to the purser's office and discussed this problem we were having with the room steward; apparently management addressed this problem right away as we had no further issues with the room steward on the remainder of the cruise. On about the third day of the cruise my back was aching in the morning, so I pulled the bottom sheet back and found that two mattress pads had been folded over and then a third mattress pad had been put over the top of the other two mattress pads and the sheet over the mattress pad. At the same time my wife said look at my arms, I have five bites on one arm and three bites on the other arm. We went to the purser office and they said they would look into it and advise us of the results. A service man came and started to poke around by the bed head board and we left the cabin. About three hours later we came back to the cabin, new MATTRESSES were now on the bed. No one from the purser's offices ever called to say what they found; but obviously, it was BED BUGS. A couple of days later we came back to the cabin while the lady room steward was in the bathroom cleaning and we found two Royal Caribbean personnel in some type of dress uniforms in the cabin, one setting on the bed and one standing. Surprised one said, "we are not working just entertaining the room steward." We left and went to the purser office and reported the incident, but were surprised as they didn't seem to care as this appeared as common place; but it was not common place to us as no one should be in our cabin other than when it was being serviced. We never received any response from the purser's office. The other aspects of the cabin worth mentioning is the balcony, the carpet was wore out and filthy. Rusty metal was showing. The glass by the rail was never washed once during the cruise. The teak rail was raw wood, no varnish. There were NO amenities in the bathroom, no hand lotion, body lotion, shampoo, or shower cap, just one bar of soap. With the new mattress, the bed was now comfortable; however, since the DUST mites were stirred up and with the bite problem and the mattress problem, I ended up in the Doctor's office on the ship with a bacterial infection and the doctor visit and medicine cost me $156.40. SHIP INFO - The Teak Railing all over the ship was raw wood no varnish. Many deck chairs had missing straps. The ship definitely is in need of much maintenance as much wear is noted We were surprised at the declining condition of a Royal Caribbean ship. Most every day one or more elevators were out of service which was a big problem at meal times. DINING This was absolutely the worst dining experience we have had in 35 cruises; both in the Windjammer Buffet and Main dining room, 2nd seating. On the first morning I went to Deck 11 Windjammer Buffet about 7:15am and a young man approached me and asked me if I would like a glass of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. I replied, "that sounds interesting" and he said, "it will be $3.95, and I told him "no thanks." On Deck 11 the food was Luke warm at best. The buffet, any casserole type dish, corn beef hash, gravy or soup was loaded with SALT. The omelet maker needs to be taught how to make an omelet, it is not made by putting all of the ingredients into the pan at the same time and poking at it, the omelet came out hard and dry and not editable. I tried three times and each one was worst than the prior one, Hamburgers were Luke warm at best. Same old pastries every morning they even looked tired. The grits, and oat meal were good and they were hot. French toast sometimes was so old it was hard, and of course we did not eat it. Tables on Deck 11 were slow to be cleaned on many occasions indicating a shortage of good help. While signs are placed on the tables on Deck 11 about card playing, reading books etc. these rules are not enforced and a shortage of tables existed during the busy eating times. Once again showing lack of management involvement. Main Dining Room, when I booked the cruise in December 2010, I was placed on a waiting list for late seating; Who do they think they were kidding, the reality was that late seating was only 50% full at best with a lot of empty tables every night of the cruise. The first three nights my wife and I sat alone at a table for eight; then we were able to join another table set for eight on the far side of the dining room that had four people seated. The following is our experience in the Main Dining Room - 1st night Prime Rib medium rare - EXCELLENT - 2nd night Pork very tough - 3rd night Lamb Chops - POOR - next night nothing appealed on the menu so I just ate a Caesar Salad - Fish EXCELLENT - Lobster Tail and Prime Rib - EXCELLENT - Chicken Marsala TERRIBLE EXCUSE for Chicken Marsala baked breaded chicken breast with some poor type of Marsala sauce on top of the chicken - Lamb SHANKS absolutely terrible, they may Have been good at the 6:00pm seating but after three more hours on a steam table they were not fit to eat - Baked Chicken - TERRIBLE raw and bloody on the inside - Thai Shrimp - VERY POOR - To top it off on the final formal night Surf & Turf, Meat was tough and poor quality so tough my bridge actually broke and two teeth were implanted in the meat. NO MELTED BUTTER WAS SERVED, INSTEAD THEY SERVED WHAT APPEARED TO BE HOLLANDAISE SAUCE, WE USED THE BUTTER ON THE TABLE for the surf. Only white rolls were offered, we can't eat white rolls so we asked for dark rolls such as rye, pumpernickel, whole wheat or multigrain. A tiny bite size roll was offered. After numerous requests finally a rye roll was available. One night the assistant waiter said he had to go up to the 11th deck to get us dark rolls. It got rather boring eating the same roll every night, just one more incident of poor management at the top. Deserts for the most part through out the cruise were not interesting and I choose Yogurt most evenings. The coffee in the Main dining room 2nd seating was absolutely the worst I have ever tasted on a cruise, never a freshly brewed cup of coffee. To celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary a milestone on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Sea management provided a chocolate mouse the size of a cupcake for six patrons to share and of course a few waiters singing. Once again, Royal Caribbean management showed No Class. The best coffee on the ship was in the little cafe' open 24 hours on deck #5. ACTIVITIES Both Libraries almost a total disgrace, as many shelves were completely empty; there were very few books available. Gym on Deck 11 and the Card Room on Deck 14 were very nice. SERVICE With the exception of our room steward, service over all around the ship was surprisingly pleasant with a few exceptions; on last formal night the assist' waiter spilled hot tea water on my wife, and said "you are too close" then ignored it and left the table offering no help to my wife; he is very poor in his duties and should not be in the main dining room. The waiter was very defensive when he was told of the poor quality of the dish and kept saying over and over that everyone liked it at the early seating. I am sure that was possible when the food was freshly cooked but after 3 additional hours any food on a steam table loses its appeal and taste. ENTERTAINMENT Glen Smith was excellent. Broadway singers and dancers were very low quality and the singer's voices were not clear, we could not understand the words no matter where we sat. Balance of entertainment was mediocre to poor. PORT & SHORE EXCURSIONS Been to all the ports before except Tenerife in the Canary Islands and we enjoyed that port on our own as there was no excursions available. DISEMBARKATION Disembarkation in New Orleans ran late- was poorly organized, additionally they said eight (8) wheel chairs were broken causing the delay to 11:30 am for disembarkation. SUMMARY & SUGGESTION This was absolutely the worst cruise we have been on in 35 cruises. To us Senior Management is not running this ship as it is absent in so many details; no cabin should ever be given to a guest in the poor condition with bed bugs that we experienced. The late seating dining room should be closed if this is the best food that can be presented. I attribute this whole terrible experience to uninvolved senior management in the daily management of the ship; with management focusing on how they can wring another dollar out of the guest; instead of how can the guest be better served. I would suggest senior management from Corporate sail on this ship in disguise and see what is really going on. We rate this cruise one star only because the ship's engines did not fail. We appreciated the Catholic Priest on board who said Mass every day, we would recommend that Royal Caribbean make available room for a Catholic priest on all cruises of seven (7) days or more. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
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