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4,977 Royal Caribbean Port Canaveral (Orlando) Cruise Reviews

Great ship that never really felt crowded and has plenty to do. We brought our two teenage boys. Staff was very friendly and the food was slightly above average. Not as good as an Celebrity Cruise but equal to Norwegian. Cabin - we ... Read More
Great ship that never really felt crowded and has plenty to do. We brought our two teenage boys. Staff was very friendly and the food was slightly above average. Not as good as an Celebrity Cruise but equal to Norwegian. Cabin - we had a 14th floor balcony. I felt the balcony was nice but not worth much since we rarely used it. Clean and well laid out. Entertainment - the entertainment was a large step up from prior cruises and we greatly enjoyed all shows. We felt it was a little better than Disney (of course we had no little kids) and way better than Norwegian. The Key - this is a waste of money. Two meals are nothing special. Special hours at activities are very limited and at odd times making them inconvenient. Never used the early off boarding since we were on excursions. VIP seating was very limited and we ended sitting in regular seats anyhow. I suggest just buying the internet separately and saving the money for some drinks. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
A weekend get away cruise for my Husband and I kid free! My husband pre checked in which you must do! We were on the ship in 5 minutes! We had an interior room which was great, I like the class shower doors, slept well with No windows and ... Read More
A weekend get away cruise for my Husband and I kid free! My husband pre checked in which you must do! We were on the ship in 5 minutes! We had an interior room which was great, I like the class shower doors, slept well with No windows and the room stayed cool. Plenty to do! Do not miss the Love and Marriage game show and comedy show if no kids. We did the sushi class, made 3 rolls! But have to eat there was stuffed! I hear a lot of complaints about the food not being good in the main dining room but we enjoyed it. Not a fan of Nassau just went and got a drink and souvenir and got back on ship. Did not pay for anything at Coca Cay enjoyed the beach and new pool, food was great, a lot of choices get the cheese sticks! Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
I seem to be one of the only people left in this world that have not been on a cruise and it was time for me to get away and enjoy some grown up time with my love. I had to get away from town so I would not think about work and I always ... Read More
I seem to be one of the only people left in this world that have not been on a cruise and it was time for me to get away and enjoy some grown up time with my love. I had to get away from town so I would not think about work and I always wanted to see the crystal clear water. This ship was like a mini city on the inside! Absolutely beautiful with a team of crew members that worked together like a well oiled machine. I think I only encountered two that were not in a good mood, but I don’t know what’s going on in their lives right now so I can’t judge. Vincent took care of our room and made sure I had my extra pillows. He always had everything ready for us and would greet us with the most amazing smile. He will be going places some day. That is an amazing and kind soul. The wait staff at dinner was superb! We had the same table each night so we got to know our servers. The meals were more delicious then expected. The marriage show was funny followed by a an interesting comedy show. Great job Mariner Crew. I will definitely be back some day.... when I can afford the tickets. I have to be a good mom and bring my daughter (17 yr old) on the next one. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We chose this Cruise through Becky's Travel which is an awesome travel agency in Beverly Hills, Fl. We sailed out of Port Canaveral, Fl, There were 14 of us and had a great time, we celebrated a friends 70th Birthday which turned out ... Read More
We chose this Cruise through Becky's Travel which is an awesome travel agency in Beverly Hills, Fl. We sailed out of Port Canaveral, Fl, There were 14 of us and had a great time, we celebrated a friends 70th Birthday which turned out great. The ship was recently refurbished and nicely appointed. The dining room food on RCCL has diminished over the years and I believe its in order to entice people to buy a "Dining Package" The individual drink price is astronomical and I also believe its so people buy the Drink package, a normal Vodka and Tonic with lime is $14.99 which includes an automatic 18% gratuity, this gratuity is also applied at the Specialty Restaurants. We chose Chops and Izumi as Specialty meals, Chops left a lot to be desired compared to our Chops visit on the Radiance in February 2019 which was awesome. The Izumi Teppanyaki experience was exceptional, we would do it again. I am somewhat frustrated with RCCL's Crown and Anchor society, With this Cruise we reached 54 points only 1 away from Emerald status which increases perks and discounts, we signed up at Nextcruise for a 10 day European cruise in June 2020 and RCCL wouldn't give us that 1 extra point even after our first night of the new cruise, other cruise lines do. I met with the C&A director "Marcos" on the Mariner and he basically just shut me down and said, You only get the points after completing the entire cruise, he tried around and ignored me after that and left me hanging, Sad but true. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Just got off the ship...great job Royal Caribbean!! My family and I had the best time. The staff members are so friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend cruising on this ship. The food is amazing. Kudos to the waiters & everyone ... Read More
Just got off the ship...great job Royal Caribbean!! My family and I had the best time. The staff members are so friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend cruising on this ship. The food is amazing. Kudos to the waiters & everyone that works in the kitchen. After you eat too much you can head over to the gym and work it all off. The gym was very nice and clean. If you’re able to get up early I recommend going as the sunrises. It’s located high enough up to where you can get an amazing view. There’s so much to see you almost forget how hard ur working after all those food and drinks,haha. For anyone interested in art make sure you save up some extra money for that, because you’re definitely going to see a few pieces you will want to take home with you!! Whether you just want to relax by the pool or you’re interested in the activities they’re is something for everyone! I will definitely cruise with Royal Caribbean again! Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We chose this cruise because we thought the eastern itinerrary would be amazing, sadly we were sent to costa mesa (basically ghetto mexican port) and cozumel who anyone who cruises sometimes do not even get off at... and of course the ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we thought the eastern itinerrary would be amazing, sadly we were sent to costa mesa (basically ghetto mexican port) and cozumel who anyone who cruises sometimes do not even get off at... and of course the perfect day at coco cay, which isn't so perfect honestly. Let's start out with the good. The ship has so much to do and see, for all walks of life. We found the golf area at night fun, there is lots to do for anyone. Our cabin was spacious and always clean, so no issues there. Let's talk about dining. Windjammer .... Same food for breakfast every morning, i mean what can they do? You name it, they have it.. Except peanut butter? weird. Ever notice how hard it is to find blackberries on a cruise ship? No complaints about selections at the windjammer, they always have the basics, except for the last 2 days of the cruise.... they mixed their own yogurts, and only put plain yogurts out... then miraculously the last day when the new people were to board.... they found other flavors again in prepackaged. The freestyle soda fountain is HORRIBLE.... It either never has ice... or the soda is unavailable.... It took 3 days till deck 15's coke zero would work.... and then other times it was offline. In the windjammer on several occasions coke zero was unavailable. up on 15 the outdoor eating area,,, had trash left HOURS after they closed, fries on the ground etc... It was just gross. Only happened one night i saw. Service was overall mediocre with some of course usual very good service members. Overall friendliness was around a 6 out of 10. The elevators is ATROCIOUS, everyone was using stairs because of how bad the elevator situation is... Luckily we were on 14, so going up to 15 and 16 was quick and easy, but on several occasions it was difficult to get down to boardwalk or promenade or even central park because we waited 5-10 mins for an elevator. Just not ok. Towel animals for the kiddos, were 3 out of 7 days. Our room steward made sure we had ice as requested every night, which was great. Main dining service was great, they got some stuff wrong, but were overall friendly and attentive. However, i am not sure what changed.... but the menus are the same every night but maybe 1 app/main/desert changes... So much for nightly unique menus.... Seems to eat well on this ship , as in the best quality food, you have to pay...We used our vouchers for jamies.... which was very good, and by far the best meal we had, service by josh 1? i forget, was good, but it just took too long, with a 3 year old, eating for 90 mins is just too long. We were asked if we had a show, we should of said yes. This is my tip, say you do, whether you do or don't.... they worked fast, but seemed under staffed... By far the busiest of all restaurants.. Johhny rockets was decent, they bring you lots of sides before the burgers come, for the price it's worth it. Embarking was a breeze, and a 9-930 debark.... was A BREEZE.. literally we were in the garage 5-10 mins after we exited the ship. I've never seen anything like it. THANK GOD, no more picking up bags before customs... whoever made this change, deserves a raise, sadly 3 months ago at canaveral on disney... it was still the old way. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
This cruise ship and itinerary were chosen because the dates coincided with a school break for my 12 and 8 year olds. We had 2 connecting ocean view balcony rooms. The cabins had plenty of storage space and enough room for us. Any more ... Read More
This cruise ship and itinerary were chosen because the dates coincided with a school break for my 12 and 8 year olds. We had 2 connecting ocean view balcony rooms. The cabins had plenty of storage space and enough room for us. Any more than 2 in a cabin would definately be too crowded. Embarkation was really quick, and we were on the ship in about 20 minutes from arriving in the first line. We were on the ship by about 11:45. Be advised you will have to wait until about 1 pm to get into your room. We all enjoyed the water slides and Ultimate Abyss slide. My kids loved the rock wall and flow rider, as well as the ice skating. The cruise was fully booked but never really felt like it. Our itinerary was changed due to the hurricanes in the Eastern Caribbean, and we headed to the Western Caribbean instead. Beautiful weather every one of the 7 days. Fine Line show was great. Heard the other shows were really good too but I didn't attend those. Cons: Food quality wasn't the best, and menu didn't change that much. Breakfast was pretty bad all over, except for Park Cafe and Main Dining Room No way to get around the casino except to go up or down a floor to get to the other side- could have maybe had one less row of slot machines to make some sort of path around. Kids had the time of their lives... Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We wanted a short cheaper cruise for our Anniversary. We had some gift cards from work to apply to RC to bring the cost down. We had to call RC multiple times and took a month and after our cruise for the cards to be applied. The booking ... Read More
We wanted a short cheaper cruise for our Anniversary. We had some gift cards from work to apply to RC to bring the cost down. We had to call RC multiple times and took a month and after our cruise for the cards to be applied. The booking agent with RC was not the most helpful to work with and was at times rude. We had it noted in our booking it was our Anniversary the day we left yet no one from RC from the cabin steward to the dining room staff said Happy Anniversary until my husband went to the head waiter and told him. We didn't expect any gift or items but a verbal acknowledgement would have been nice since the phone customer support had it in the file when they asked after we had all the trouble with the gift cards being applied if we would like to purchase a bottle of champagne for our anniversary. The main entree food in the MDR was good overall with the exception of the fish which was overcooked and dry. The desserts were underwhelming as we have had much better on other cruise lines. The two best are the chocolate cake they have every night and the grand mariner souffle. We wanted to try the sky pad, lazer tag, ice skating, rock wall and flow rider. The sky pad we heard from another guest was going to be shut down by 5:30 the first day and not open the remainder of the cruise even though the itinerary said it would be open each day on their app. Sure enough it was closed for maintenance but didn't reflect that in their app. The lazer tag also had more times posted in the app than it was really open for so we were unable to try that. The Ice skating was pretty cool but also had limited availability and was fun to try. The ice show was great the best show we saw on the ship by ship staff. It was obvious they were stalling the first night for the comedy show but wouldn't announce that when the comedian didn't come on until 40 min into an hour scheduled show. The flow rider was fun but you could only go a minute or two per turn before waiting a half hour in line again. We liked that the ship never felt crowded or had trouble getting from one end to the other. The promenade was nice and the coffee drink cards well worth it. Other activities were on par with other ships. The comedian and ventriloquist were enjoyable. Overall we would cruise RC again if the price is right but to us it isn't worth the higher price when activities are unavailable more than half the cruise and the food is the same or other lines better. We did not try the specialty restaurants maybe the food is better there for the additional cost. The cabin was clean but smaller than ones we've had in the past but worked for us for a 4 day cruise. The only other negative was the $170 in extra credit card charges in addition to the end of cruise room statement we found on our credit card a few days after arriving home that RC says is credit card validation to ensure it's a valid card. Not sure I believe that they need to charge 5 charges ranging from $9-75 to validate a card. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
My wife and I were on the Cruise from September 15-22, sailing out of Port Canaveral. We are both Gold members (I gained mine by marrying her!), and we had a lot of expectations that this ship...and cruise line... would do a lot to ... Read More
My wife and I were on the Cruise from September 15-22, sailing out of Port Canaveral. We are both Gold members (I gained mine by marrying her!), and we had a lot of expectations that this ship...and cruise line... would do a lot to overtake Norwegian as the top line. Sad to say, that never happened. Before we even set sail, we had arranged for Valet Service for our baggage on Departure Day. We planned to place our bags outside our Cabin by 10PM on Saturday night, September 21, 2019. However, at about 8PM a young lady knocked on our cabin door and handed us a note. That note...which I have saved... may well make it into a Court of Law before this is all over! It advised us that we would NOT be having the Valet service as advertised, and that we would have to see to our own bags in the terminal! Mind you, we had flown into MCO...and were flying OUT of MCO... on both ends of this trip. We used Jet Blue, which is listed as being one of the airlines that is involved with the program. SUPPOSEDLY... (and here is where it gets dicey!)… Jet Blue had turned down our request for the service. We called them, and they did advise us over the phone that they had no idea what I was talking about. The letter from RCCL was not addressed to us by name, but to "Dear Guests"...something that I found to be offensive. They seemed quite unwilling to even talk with Jet Blue about this problem. Mind you, it was THEIR EMPLOYEE who delivered this letter to us, and the letter made numerous mistakes. It even said that we had to leave our bags outside our cabin on FRIDAY evening by 10PM for a SATURDAY departure. The problem with that? Our ship was returning to Port on SUNDAY MORNING, so we had to leave our bags outside our cabin on Saturday evening by 10PM. They gave us exactly TWO HOURS of notification, which was NOT enough time to resolve this mess. This is not the whole story of this disastrous cruise! I'd heard that RCCL likes to nickel and dime everyone, but found it hard to fathom how badly they did it! They brag about their buffet being...supposedly... the finest on the seas. Well, on the Norwegian Bliss we could easily get an omelet...to order... for breakfast. Was that possible in the RCCL buffet? NOPE! We had to go to "Johnny Rocket's" in order to find a decent omelet. But the crowning touch? Mind you, we are talking about a $1 Billion ship, and we were paying a lot of money for the cruise. Yet, when my wife went to an event at the theater, she was told that she'd have to pay an extra $2.50 for a little box of popcorn! I was surprised when she told me about it, so I checked it out. She was telling the truth! I stopped there and asked the man who was making the popcorn about it, and he offered to give me a box..."for free". I declined because I believed it was wrong for any one person to get a free box... while everyone else has to pay. It is not my norm to look for things to complain about. However, there were so many things that were just plain "wrong" about this cruise and this cruise line that it would take a really LONG message to go into all of them! We will be sticking with Norwegian Cruise Lines from now on, and have no plans to go on RCCL again...period! One other real problem: The casino allows smoking in one half, but there are no signs warning people that they are about to enter a smoking zone. For those of us who are highly allergic to cigarette smoke, it can be a real issue. My wife almost did not make it out of the smoking section before getting ill from the smoke. IF there had been NOTICEABLE SIGNS that were placed to warn the passengers, this would not have been a problem. But did RCCL take the time to place such signs where they could be seen? NO....and I did look all over the place. All I was able to see were the "international stickers" indicating "no smoking zones"... placed on the slot machines... down low so as to be almost out of sight. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
It was very obvious that Royal Caribbean has cut costs on a lot of stuff. I am not sure if it was just this ship (should be the best since it was the most expensive) Or if Royal Caribbean just cut costs everywhere. Food quality was not ... Read More
It was very obvious that Royal Caribbean has cut costs on a lot of stuff. I am not sure if it was just this ship (should be the best since it was the most expensive) Or if Royal Caribbean just cut costs everywhere. Food quality was not good and was the same almost every night, Cleanliness of staterooms and ship where bad, Not kept up with maintenance, Hallways smelt like mold, Feces on my toilet after asking them three times to clean it from previous people, All the way down to not having towel animals made every day only 3 days of it (this does not cost money should do every day my kids enjoyed it). Staff did not have to work for tips since it is added on to EVERYTHING (even the electronic bar that made our drink) so they did not have to work for the money which definitely showed. There used to be different shows everything with NO reservations. Now there are reservations with the same 3 shows 2 of them being musicals which we do not enjoy we like more circus olay stuff. No seating the first day at breakfast so had to wait with food until someone stood up and we could get their seat. If I hadn't cruised with royal Caribbean before it would have been an okay trip. But VERY disappointed because I knew how good they used to be and it was not that great. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Harmony of the Seas 9/15-22 Review Overview: I will start off by saying that this is going to be a very, very long review (better go get a cup of tea if you actually read through all of this). The poor weather gave me a lot of time to ... Read More
Harmony of the Seas 9/15-22 Review Overview: I will start off by saying that this is going to be a very, very long review (better go get a cup of tea if you actually read through all of this). The poor weather gave me a lot of time to sit around and type. This is my 7th cruise in total and 4th cruise with Royal Caribbean. This is my third Oasis-class ship. Our group is a party of three adults. While we enjoyed this cruise a lot, I personally feel that the service on the Allure was better than on the Harmony. Despite being a newer ship than the Allure, we also felt that it was not maintained as well as the Allure too. One morning in the Windjammer, there was a large amount of ants accumulating by the window, which we promptly told a worker about to hopefully clean up. We noticed the dining area is a lot more creakier. They must have made some budget cuts to both the complimentary and pay for dining options, as the buffet menus were quite repetitive and menus posted on the RCCL website for pay-for dining places were not the same as in the restaurants. I think it is tough being one of the most popular--if not the most popular, cruise ship on the seas, which is shown by how much wear and tear is showing. Still the stars of the cruise as usual is the support staff on the boats, who do everything they can to make sure you are having a good experience. I noticed that they had a separate line for Key purchasers for getting on board and getting off the ship, but it did not seem to make much difference to me, as people were still getting on/off at the same time they were. We were on the boat by 11AM and had no issue with reserving restaurants and setting things up. I guess it would matter if you come really early, or want an escort to help you carry things? Weather: Now by no fault of the cruiseline, we experienced quite a turbulent ride for a large part of the cruise. When we left Port Canaveral, it was definitely rocky, but the ride back home was even worse. Whatever storm system (I know TS Jerry is not too far behind us) was present, it seemed to have taken a liking to Harmony and it followed us home. The boats constant rocking back and forth was so intense, people were flung around all over the place. Some people mentioned that this movement was worse than experiences in Alaska. You can hear to howling of the wind, and the rain was heavy and constant throughout the two sea days. They closed the pools for a large part of Sea Day number 2 because the pool ended up being some crazy wave pool, but the hot tubs were open if you did not mind sitting in the tub with rain pouring down on you. The weather also caused the internet to drop throughout the day as well. I was hoping by the last day on the ship the weather would be better, but unfortunately, it continued to be rocky until we reached the shallower waters closer to Florida. I think this impacted people's ability to come out of their rooms because for the most part, the public spaces appeared to be fairly empty. The pool deck was a ghost town with the exception of the smoking area. The CD mentioned that there were swells up to 15 feet. Bad weather also makes a mega ship lose its magic, as shows, activities, and public areas were cancelled or closed. I'm sure the cruiseline was thrilled for cancelling shows and activities, as more people seemed to spend money gambling, shopping, and drinking on board. While bad weather can come at any time of year, I would say take this into consideration if you do choose to travel during hurricane season. Also, if you have a chance to catch a show, go on a water slide, down the Abyss, or ride on the FlowRider earlier in the week, do it then because you may not have a chance on the latter half! Pre-Cruise: This cruise was booked at the last minute (less than 2 months prior to the cruise), so I had to do a lot of last minute planning without doing the thorough review check prior to the cruise. I had been watching the spaghetti models during the week prior to the cruise, as Humberto was lingering close by Florida, but thankfully he choose to boomerang back into the ocean, and we were able to land in Orlando on time. For flying, we took JetBlue to Orlando Airport. The JetBlue terminal was not connected to the main terminal area, so for those who are coming through JetBlue, prepare to take a short tram ride to the main terminal in order to get to baggage claim--as non-primary English speakers, my parents told me that they would feel nervous if they were travelling alone, as they would not feel confident going around the airport in this manner, but I felt the tram system was very straight forward. I had compared pricing between paying for a LYFT/Uber for 3 people to get to Port Canaveral vs transport services, and in the end we decided to go with GoPort. They have various packages posted on their website to choose from with a whole range of pricing. We are not picky people and are always looking for a good deal, thus we looked for more of a budget hotel. We at first were thinking of choosing a hotel by Port Canaveral, but I noticed the GoPort site had hotels by the airport instead. Each hotel has different designated pick up times when they leave for the cruise port. We wanted a hotel that would allow for us to get to the cruiseport fairly early, thus we chose the Holiday Inn Orlando Airport. The customer service for GoPort were super friendly and helpful, and they allowed up to 3 days to cancel/change without incurring a penalty. The Fly Snooze Cruise package for three adults ended up being about 230 bucks which includes pick up from the airport to the hotel (this is scheduled by you calling your hotel after you get your luggage and going to the designated pick up locations), two queen beds at the hotel, and round-trip transportation to and from the Port Canaveral cruiseport. The hotel itself looked recently refurbished, but some parts of it seemed to be a bit dated. The air conditioner was a bit loud and not as cool as we would want it to be, and the television's screen was all messed up. They had a mini fridge in the room. Unfortunately, there is no included continental breakfast at the hotel, but they do have a restaurant plus a cafe there (and a small snack shop). I ordered the breakfast sliders from the cafe (where it was about 10 bucks and tax), and it was easily sharable for 2 (we shared it amongst all 3 of us because we only wanted a light breakfast) people. Although the pick up time is set for 9:45AM at this hotel by GoPort, it is recommended that you show up at 9:30AM per the hotel staff. However, even showing up at 9:30AM, we were the last ones getting onto the bus. The commute time was about 45 minutes to Port Canaveral from the hotel, and it was an easy ride given it was a straight shot to the terminal without traffic. Once you get to the cruise port, the GoPort workers leave out everyone's luggage to grab any last minute things, and then a porter is already standing there and tells you to leave your luggage. Now when we were heading to the Allure last year at Port Everglades, we had encountered a pushy porter who was demanding tips from people (trying to say that if you didn't tip him, you shouldn't expect your luggage to show up to your room), but Port Canaveral has signs all over that tipping is not mandatory and should be based on service. I am always happy to tip people who are kind and hardworking. This was the fastest check in/embarkation line we had ever experienced. I guess the initial groups had already gone in, thus it was a direct walk straight onto the boat after a brief check in and security point check. The security lady we had spoken to was claiming that anyone who had beverages were supposed to dump it, but we had a couple bottles of soda/water, and it went through without issue (other people had entire cases of soda and got through fine as well, but some poor guy behind us was trying to chug his overpriced water and chucked the rest). As a side note, we had some time to kill once we had landed in Orlando, and after checking in, we decided to take a LYFT to Boston Lobster Feast over on International Drive. The ride from the hotel to the restaurant was 17.50. BLF is an AYCE seafood restaurant, and they have two locations. Early bird pricing if you come in before 6PM is 50 dollary doos while after 6PM is 5 dollars more. Early bird time was a good time to go, as while the restaurant had a lot of people, lines were quick. What is included in things like lobster (one at a time, but they always had a huge pile and it was easy to get as many as you wanted), snow crab legs, Cajun seasoned blue crab (the best thingy they had IMO), steamers, assortment of fried seafood, selection of cold seafood like raw oysters, etc. My parents were skeptical at first, but they were very happy we ended up going there. After we finished eating at the restaurant, we took a LYFT to Disney Springs, which costed 12.59. I have to say, for people who are not familiar with the area, the entrance way for ride-sharing companies like LYFT/Uber was confusing as heck! Our poor driver (who did not speak much English) was having a hard time finding the entrance, thus I just told him to drop us off at a nearby parking lot and that we would walk the rest of the way. The ride back was also a nightmare, as it let us choose a spot we were standing at, but then later without warning mentioned that we had to go elsewhere to a designated pick up spot for LYFT/Uber riders. Thankfully our rider was super sweet and would have waited even if we didn't make it in the 5 minute waiting time limit, but we put our cardio skills to the test and made it with seconds to spare. I do not think someone who was not physically well could have made it across Disney Springs in time, especially because of the lack of signage and crowds). Disney Springs was a nice place to just do a casual shop and stroll, but all of the Disney folks and kiddies were also thinking the same thing. Thankfully I purchased a bottle of water and soda at the mart by Boston Lobster Feast, as one bottle of soda/water at Disney Springs costed over 4 dollary doos--yikes. Our LYFT ride back to the hotel was 23.23 plus a very generous tip for our kind driver. Cabin: Normally, we try to book a Boardwalk balcony cabin because we enjoy the perks that come with the room, but there were none left by the time we tried to book the areas we would like, thus we went with a Central Park balcony for the first time. I was a bit hesitant in choosing a CP balcony, as my experience in the past has been always that the CP area does not have good air circulation and is fairly hot because of it. It was not as bad (we are on the 12th floor). It was also quieter than the BBs as well, as we do not have to listen to the late night water shows. You can hear people on the pool deck (the people who tend to be the loudest are those who are going on the water slides and screaming their heads off), and at night you can hear musicians playing things like Jazz, but the locks on the balcony blocked out most of the noise and never interfered with our sleep. As for the cabin itself, I very much like how they redesigned the cabin spaces compared to the Oasis/Allure. It just seemed like there was more space, and less bumping into things. Instead of the fold out couch taking for a huge space, they redesigned the couch bed to be more of an extra long twin style. It was comfy for me, but the blanket for the couch was a bit small (only the width of the bed) and the sheet cover kept falling off the blanket, so at times I would wake up at night exposed to the cold. It was nice having two closets and two sets of drawers. The mini fridge also seemed slightly bigger. As for plugs and ports, there is two USB ports directly into the wall (which I found to be a slow charger for my cellphone), and three regular ports by the desk, and then more plugs by the bed. It used to be a big deal having multiport plugs in your room, but all we really needed was one of those multi USB ports on this ship. Rug had stains and looked worn. I think RCCL has stopped changing bedsheets daily for quite some time now. Towel animals were presented in our cabin about three times during the week. Since this is a CP balcony, we had the Eat Drink Discover perks attached to the room, but since we already ordered the unlimited dining package, we did not use the free lunch for two (which you can choose between Jamie’s, Sabor, or Johnny Rockets). The room came with a bottle of wine, in which we do not drink. I called CS to see if this could be exchanged to anything else, but unfortunately it cannot, so we decided to just bring this home for my sister. Our booking agent also threw in a bottle of wine, thus we had two bottles of wine waiting for us (I was curious and looked up the wines online, and they are priced at $8.50 per bottle). I would like to note that RCCL did put out a notice that they are going to be ending the Eat Drink Discover perks in the future. The bathroom layout is similar to the Allure/Oasis, but the sink is slightly bigger, so it is less messy splashing when washing your face. They continue to be lacking in the cold water department. The soap/shampoo continues to be a bar of soap and the "2 in 1" shampoo/body wash in the wall dispenser. The shower was a bit inconvenient when you are getting out, as it is not the slide door they had on Allure but a door that automatically tries to shut itself when you open it (I would push the floor towel to block it from closing when drying). Hair dryer is in the drawers by the mini fridge and tissues. In order to conserve energy, the Harmony requires you to put your card key into the slot by the door in order to keep electricity going through the room or else it times off. While our room was nice, the halls of the cabins was another story. After we finished lunch at Jamie's, we walked back to the room...and oh goodness. It was the strongest smell of sewage ever that reeked up and down the halls around our stateroom. Everyone who was walking around the halls were all complaining, disgusted, and gagging from the rotten smell which seemingly no one was handling. Finally, it seemed that enough people called and complained about the sewage smell, and someone from maintenance came by. It seems that they tried to wash the carpets or something, but this only made it worse. Going forward, it just smelled of moldy mildew and sewage. I am very sensitive to smell, so it was unbearable to even try to walk to the room (thankfully our room did not smell). Once again, it seems that no one was doing anything about the smell that was leaving an entire hall of guests feeling grossed out. I jumped into the long line at customer service, and I brought it up again, frustrated that it is 8 hours later and it still smelled of sewage and mildew. The CS rep looked more annoyed than helpful, but she called the maintenance person, where they said an "accident" happened and that they will not be able to do anything until the next day, where they would again try to wash the carpets and dry them. I asked if they could spray something at least to make the smell less, which again the girl looked annoyed as heck and buzzed back to the guy to do something. Unfortunately, nothing was done, and the hall from like rooms 12250 through 12175 had to endure the horrible smell. Frustrated by the lack of interventions, I tweeted a word of complaint directly at RCCL, and they responded back to me in less than 5 minutes, asking me for the deets (social media speaks louder I guess). They told me based on the info, there was nothing they could do. However, the next day, they did shampoo the carpets again, which took away a lot of the smell (it still smells like mold by rooms 12250), and they also sprayed some pleasant fruit smell to try to mask what they could. I also received a follow up call from maintenance asking if I felt that the issue was resolved, which was nice. Our room attendant was very kind and always happy to open the door for us if our hands were full of stuff. If you bring mugs/drinks back into the room, remember to leave it outside of the room, as the stewards will not take it away otherwise. On Night 5, we had an issue with our toilet in that it would not stop flushing and filling with water. I was standing in the bathroom and brushing my teeth, and I noticed the toilet water was getting really high, in which it promptly continued to fill until it overflowed. Thankfully, flushing the water down the drain prevented it from overflow, thus I left my father on flush duty while I called maintenance (though I felt bad the neighbors were stuck hearing the toilet vortex flush every 15 seconds), which took about 10 minutes for someone to actually show up. It was fixed in about 10 minutes, where a cleaner came promptly after to wipe up any mess. On Night 6 and 7 because it was windy and stormy, we noticed that the balcony door was letting air in from outside, causing a high pitched sound throughout the day/night, but thankfully we are deep sleepers and it did not keep us up (I also sleep with earplugs, which helped). A few days into the cruise, they do add a Laundry offer into the Compass, where it is Wash and Fold Laundry Service—1 bag for 34.99, in which they state they will wash things like pajamas, socks, underwear, shorts, swimwear, and t-shirts. The notice also came with the Luggage Valet offer to pay the cruiseline to send your luggage directly to the airport for a fee ($25 plus the airline fee for baggage check-in). Internet: We ordered the 2 Surf + Stream package, where the pricing did drop to about 21 dollars for 2 lines, which was not as low as the internet package deal I saw on Allure last year, but still not bad. I noticed that the login method has changed since I had been on the Allure last year, where they have you log into the Harmony Guest WiFi and create an account. You need to put in information like your name and year of birth, and then you make a username and pin number for your password. I had issues with creating an account, but thankfully on the first day on the ship, they had a bunch of people standing in the promenade area in green shirts helping people with set up. Lo and behold, they put in my first name wrong, so that was the reason why I couldn't get in on the first time, but it only took about 5 minutes to resolve my issue. I have done some speed tests, and the download speed usually ran around 6 mbps during the days, and around 1.5 mbps at night time. I was able to stream videos and music on my phone without much issues. I was able to FaceTime with my sister while we were at CocoCay with only a couple brief hiccups (if you have an internet package, you can use it on CocoCay). As a note, there is no cellphone tower on CocoCay, so there will be reception (I tried to use Verizon roaming and saw it said: No Service even when roaming was turned on). The upload speed is a different story. No matter what time of day it is, the upload speed was slow. Whenever I tried to send a picture to my family, it would take about 5 minutes per image (each picture was ballpark 1.8 mb). FYI on Day 5, the Cruise Compass had a deal where you can purchase 1 SURF + STREAM package for 1 device for 50 bucks...not quite sure how much of a deal that really is, but is an option for those who did not want to pre-purchase. Dining: This section will be quite extensive, as we had the unlimited dining package. I would like to start off by saying that to us, the package was an amazing deal (we purchased it at a discount price of 175, which is not the lowest it goes, but still reasonable). At the same time, I feel that the package made eating sometimes almost an obligation more than an enjoyment, and at times I felt we would over eat more than what we would do if we didn't have it. I think we would have been much happier with the 3-night dining package instead of the unlimited, but it gave us the chance to try every specialty restaurant at least once to be able to plan for our future cruises. The UDP allows for you to eat at as many restaurants you want for dinner and also lets you eat lunch on embarkation day and sea days. On the Allure, we had to run up to a specialty restaurant to make reservations, but on Harmony, there were two stations in the promenade right upon entering that allows for you to set up your dining schedule there. As I am a planner, I already came with a list of restaurants and times that we would want to eat at. We were unable to get a reservation to 150 CP for Day 1 (unless we wanted to eat at 8:30PM), thus we had to switch up the schedule a bit. Since we are early eaters, getting a 5:30PM reservation was not a problem at all on any other day. As a note, Chops is a very popular restaurant--we tried to change the date around, but we were told that Chops was booked for all early dining times for the rest of the cruise unless we wanted to eat at 8:30PM or later. Now I know there has been some debate and talk about the UDP and whether or not people can order multiple entrees during a single dining session, but honestly, the amount of food you get is already so much, I could not imagine eating more than one entree. To summarize, here is the dining specialty dining venues I personally would rank (excluding Johnny Rockets) from best to worst:1) Jamie's (great for both lunch and dinner) 2) Chops (Lunch options too few imo) 3) Sabor (food great, but it is too hot at lunch) 4) Wonderland (weirdness aside) 5) 150 Central Park (too monotone for flavors between apps and entrees 6) Izumi (Asian food that didn't taste like Asian food). Make sure you plan out your specialty dining ahead of time and how long it takes to go through a meal. Lunch was 60-90 minutes long. Dinner was typically 2 hours, though Wonderland was over 2 hours. If you are tight on time, the waiters were happy to accommodate, which shrunk our dinner time to like 75 minutes. Okay, now the verbose section about what we ordered and what I thought! After setting up our dining schedule, we went up to Jamie's Italian to make a lunch reservation right for 12PM when they opened. The lunch menu was a limited menu in comparison to the dinner menu, but still had a good amount of choices. We went all in and ordered a heck of a lot of apps including the famous meat plank, crispy squid, black truffle arancini, garlicky prawns, and ultimate garlic bread. The meat plank came out first, and this of course if the post-it-up-on-social-media-for-the-oohs-and-ahhs choice. The meat plank wow'd us so much that I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the appetizers like I normally would. Our favorite apps were the crispy squid and the garlic bread. The black truffle arancini was also very delicious, but a bit too heavy, and the garlicky prawns were overcooked and hard to pull off the shell. For the entrees, my dad and I both ordered the JI burger and my mother just ordered an entree sized portion of the famous prawn linguine. My dad also had ordered a side of seasonal greens and I the arugula and parmesan salad, but both items were both forgotten about and not brought (which ended up being okay because we were stuffed). The burger was delicious, as the hamburger meat was actually ground up tenderloin with the right amount of fat to meat ratio. I didn't care for the caramelized onions though. My mother enjoyed the pasta, but I would like to note that the sauce is quite spicy, so people who cannot handle spicy may want to consider another option. Even though we were full, the waiter encouraged us to try dessert, thus my father ordered all three flavors of sorbet (raspberry, mango, and I think lemon), while my mother had the lemon cheesecake, and I the tiramisu. All three desserts were shared and were excellent, though the tiramisu was not as coffee and bold as the tiramisu we had at Giovanni’s on the Allure last year, thus I feel the cheesecake was the winner (some of the sorbet was pretty sour, but refreshing). For dinner on the first night, we went to Wonderland. Now, my parents are pretty conservative when it comes to eating, and I was worried about how much they would be receptive towards modern gastronomy cooking. We also were still not hungry because of our big lunch at Jamie's. Since the dinner is more of a culinary experience than a big sit down food shovel, it worked out in the end. I would like to note that our dinner actually took about 2.5 hours to complete! Elton was an excellent culinary guide though, and he was patient in handling my folks and their skepticism. He took over the ordered for the small plates by asking us what types of foods are our preferences vs strong dislikes. I definitely would have to say that if you are not a bit adventurous and open-minded about eating, this restaurant may not be the best choice for you. As one of the first people in the restaurant, many on-lookers would stare at what was being brought to us and watched for our reactions when eating/drinking the dishes. Thankfully, if it was something we liked, in the end it was only about one bite, so not much was wasted. The weirdest thing that we had was the Liquid Truffle Mushroom Risotto--it literally looked like an eyeball on a spoon, and the moment it touches your tongue, it pops and delivers a bath of mushroominess down your throat. The plate that most surprised us was the Tomato Water, as I thought it would be gross, but in the end it tasted like cool tomato soup with bread dipped into it. The Birds Nest is the best--take out your video recording app choice. My parents had fun eating the smoky bird nest because that is the first time they had something of that nature. For the entrees, you choose from Earth--Chicken, Pork, and Short Rib or the Sea--Halibut and Branzino. It is intended for people to share the entrees, thus we ordered the short rib, halibut and the branzino. The short-rib was a beautiful plate and was very tender. The halibut was cooked in a bag and the mushroom sauce made it physically look unattractive, but the fish was cooked well. The branzino was aesthetically pleasing, but there was actually not that much fish and the sauce was not my favorite. The desserts were the most memorable part of the meal. We ordered the The World, Forbidden Apple, and the mushroom dessert that I cannot remember the name for. The World in the end was too sweet/rich our liking, but the effects of the melting dessert was fun. The mushroom dessert was adorable, and we enjoyed the meringue. My dad said that his favorite restaurant on the whole ship was Wonderland for the experience. On Day 2, we stopped at our perfect day at Coco Cay, thus for lunch we ate on the island. I feel that the selection choices were a better than on Labadee. My favorite part was the taco station, where the carnitas was well cooked and seasoned, with the addition of the salsa bar. There also was the standard burger/hot dogs, but they also had a salad bar, panini sandwiches, and fruit/desserts like cookies. For dinner, we ended up going to 150 CP. Overall, the food at this restaurant was a bit...heavy down to the delicious bread they served at the start, to the appetizers and entrees. I did not think my ordering choices out well, and thus I ordered the Sunchoke Velouté and Braised Short Rib for the app and Roasted Tenderloin for one (it says two but they can make it for one). My father also ordered the velouté, and Roasted Organic Beet Salad for apps and the Pan Seared Veal Medallions for the entree. My mother the Seared Honey Glazed Scallops and the Caesar Salad for apps and Lobster Thermidor for the entree. Just like at Jamie's, another item was forgotten and they never brought out the Caesar Salad, but it worked out in the end because I was not a fan of the velouté, but my mother liked it and ate it in my stead (she felt that it tasted like a broccoli soup, but the seasoning was unusual for me). The apps in itself were almost like mini entrees. The tenderloin was a perfectly cooked medium rare along with the veal, but eating two beef dishes in a row was a bit too much for me. I did enjoy the vegetables that garnished the plate more. The lobster thermidor was a bit on the small side. We ordered the Fried Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart, and Hazelnut Passion Fruit Bar to share, in which we all agreed that the Fried Cheesecake was the best out of the three. Again the chocolate tart was delicious and not overly sweet, but was too rich after a heavy meal. On Day 3 (Sea Day), we decided to try Sabor for lunch. Now my mom is not a fan of Mexican food, but she was willing to give it a try, and actually enjoyed a few things I was unable to get her to try before. The biggest issue with Sabor at lunch is that the sun is beaming down, and even if you sit by a fan and in the shade, the air circulation is not that great and we actually had to rush the end of the meal because we could not breathe. It is better during dinner time because of this. We started off with the guacamole--being from Massachusetts, most avocados you buy are unripened and super green in color. These avocadoes were most definitely ripe and softer guac than we are used to. It was pretty good, but nothing to write home about. We ordered several small plates, which included the Spicy Beef Empanadas (not impressive), Red Snapper Ceviche (the sauce was delicious and made this the best starter), Fried Chile Calamari (seasoned differently than Jamie's, but it was like crispy than Jamie's as well), and Chicken-Stuffed Jalapenos Wrapped in Bacon (too salty for our liking, but still good nonetheless). We also ordered tacos, where I ordered the Pulled Pork, my father the Grilled Cobia (fish), and mother the Shrimp Taco. Each taco order comes with more than enough meat to fill three taco tortillas and they bring the salsas/toppings as well. The carnitas was very good. For dessert, we ordered only the churros because we were about to pass out from the heat--it came with both a chocolate and cream cheese-like dipping sauces. For dinner, we went back to Jamie's. The dinner menu is very similar to the lunch menu, with the addition of some of their more pricier options like lamb chops and short-rib. As a note, the menus on the Royal cruise planner is NOT the same menu you get on board. This time we had a wonderful waiter Antonio. Having eaten too many heavy meals already this cruise, I wanted to opt for something lighter. We started off with the crispy squid and garlic bread again, but we also tried the Creamy Burrata (super soft mozzarella cheese with the most delicious slow-roasted tomato topping over it). For dinner, my father had the Eggplant Parmigiana (I do not like eggplant so I did not try this), my mother the Prawn linguine again, and I ordered the Jamie's Caesar Salad, which is as basic as you can get. Our waiter felt that we should try something else on top of this though and insisted that we try the Lamb Chops, thus he ordered us an additional entree. I for one do not like meat like lamb, goat, or veal, but I did try a bite, and it was definitely well cooked and good quality. My father ended up liking it so much he ate the whole thing (and was stuffed from eating two entrees). We also ordered seasonal greens on the side, and lo and behold for the second time at Jamie's we were not given our sides, but again we were full and felt we were better off. For dessert I tried the Pavlova, and my goodness was this too sweet. The meringue was not too bad, but the raspberry sauce on top was so sour and sweet I could not eat more than a couple bites. Our overall experience was so good at the restaurant though! On Day 4, we went to the Windjammer for lunch and my goodness. Because of the boat getting to St. Thomas at 12:30PM, everyone else had the same idea to eat lunch right before the boat was letting people off. I had never experienced such a crowded buffet before. The serving stations are circular, and it was tough to figure out where the start/end of the lines were. If you do not have an excursion to get to right away, I suggest you wait 30 minutes more for an easier lunch experience. For dinner, we went to Chops--a place we had already eaten at on the Allure. Unfortunately, the host of the restaurant must have been having a bad day or something, as he was not the nicest person I had ever met (raising his finger/hand in front of our faces because he wanted to talk with the restaurant reservation person before us). Also, when we sat down, we told our waiter (while this guy was still around) that we had a show to get to and that we would not have that much time, in which the host in a "joking" manner told us that we should then go and get burgers instead. Yikes. Whatever, our waiter was kind and did whatever he could to make our dining experience as quick as possible, but still presented us with a good quality meal. I ordered the Lobster Bisque (rich with a deep taste of lobster) and Jumbo Lump Crab Cake (full of crabby goodness), which I had both on the Allure, and they are still as great as I had remembered them to be. My parents also both got the crab cake, but my dad also got the Wild Mushroom Soup and my mother the Caesar salad. My Angus Filet Minion was cooked more medium than medium rare, but still perfectly seasoned that I did not even need sauce. My father had the Prime NY Strip Steak and my mother the Spicy Jumbo Shrimp (the 5 pieces of shrimp were so large my mother had a hard time finishing). The sides again were good, but nothing to write home about. For dessert, I ordered the Warm Apple Pie a la Mode (the pie crust was not crispy but the apple was well cooked), my father the Key Lime Meringue Pie (the best dessert we ordered even if the meringue was a bit too sweet), and my mother the New York Cheesecake (pretty standard). Normally, the dinners take the full 2 hours, but we were able to finish in about an hours-time thanks to our waiter. On Day 5, we planned for a dinner at Izumi--the sushi side. Our family have been to hibachis in the past, and none of us care for the show and the meal. With the UDP, you are allowed to get 35 dollars per person, which can be pooled for the entire table. In all honesty, this is the first restaurant that we ate at that we felt was overall "mehhhh." It started off with complimentary edamame. We received the Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura next, which was much heavier and oilier than tempura we had elsewhere. What was worse, as the onion piece I bit into felt weird, and I saw that I had bit into a huge mound of flour. I pointed it out to the waiter, stating that everything else was fine, but she insisted that we get another order of tempura free of charge, so incoming another round of greasy tempura no one really wanted to eat but ate because we did not want to waste food. We shared a Rainbow Roll (standard), Izumi Spider Roll (pretty good, but heavy on the unagi sauce and fell apart with each bite), and the Baked Snow Crab & Salmon Dynamite (warm roll that was good). The rice did not seem like sushi rice. For entrees, my parents both got the Yaki Udon (my father the tofu and mother the shrimp). The portions were ginormous and neither could finish off the entree. The tofu did not go well with the yaki udon at all, as it was just huge thick blocks of fried tofu plopped on top. The noodles were pretty sweet as well. I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen, which tasted less like miso and more like oil. Unlike the thin sliced pork I am used to at restaurants, they gave you three huge slabs of pork as well. Definitely not our favorite place, but we would consider giving it another try...maybe on a different cruise. On Day 6, we decided that for lunch we would eat at Johnny Rockets, but we all agreed that we needed a break from the specialty restaurants tonight, thus cancelled our second reservation to Izumi and planned to eat at the Windjammer instead. Johnny Rockets was crowded as usual, and you have to wait a bit if you want a table inside the restaurant. We are glad that we did wait, as it began to pour rain fiercly and people were huddling onto the counters inside with their food. As an FYI, Johnny Rockets meals comes with free sodas which they can give you a to-go cup as well (with paper straws). If you have the UDP like us, you can easily go back to Johnny Rockets and get sodas or snack on things like onion rings with somewhat ease (if it is busy, people may notice you at the counter until the head host guy tells a waiter to attend to you). The poor workers there are stretched too thin between making milkshakes, taking orders, cleaning up, and having to stop to sing and dance. I think the chefs as well were overwhelmed, as I had ordered a Smoke House burger, but found all of my toppings were added to my mother's chicken melt instead. Tonight is second formal night (lobster night), but we did not feel up to going to the MDR. The Windjammer was having "Mixed Grill" night, and thus we were excited when looking at the food options, but unfortunately everything was very dried out and inedible. We were also excited at first because they had "kimchi salad," as we are Korean and were missing Korean food. Unfortunately, it was nothing close to real kimchi minus the fact they used napa cabbage (tasted like they were trying to make kimchi candy or something). Our sweet restaurant worker Yuni told us that the cruises that go specifically to Asian countries have the authentic Asian foods. Given the quality of the food at the Windjammer, we decided to go back to the specialty dining for the last day. On Day 7, we went to Chops for lunch. The lunch offerings seemed much smaller than I expected (less than what even the RCCL app showed). I started off with the Charred Beef Carpaccio, while my father started with The Wedge, and mother the Wild Mushroom Soup. For entrees, I tried the NY Steak Salad, while my mother chose the Caesar Salad, and my father the 8 Oz. Angus Filet Mignon. The Caesar salad gave you the option of picking your protein. The salad was delicious, but if you came hungry, it may not be enough for a big appetite. I ordered vanilla ice cream for dessert and my father the Warm Chocolate Cake. For dinner, we returned back to Jamie's for one last time, where thankfully Antonio was working again. We ordered the Ultimate Garlic Bread again, but this time it was different than how it was made before, in which the waiter informed us that the chef wanted to try serving it to us in this style to see what we thought. We tried the Tomato Bruschetta as well, where the toppings were good, but the bread itself was so crunchy that we had difficulty biting into it. For dinner, I tried the Baked Lasagne, which was good. Thanks to Antonio, the Arugula and Parmesan Salad came this time around. Entertainment: I will start off by saying that I oftentimes use cruising to try to reset my sleep schedule all messed up from stress and work, thus I did not do much late night things to review on. Most of the shows had a stand where you can buy popcorn and movie candy boxes. Prepare to come at least 20 minutes before a popular show if you want a decent seat that isn’t behind a pole. They block off sections for Pinnacle, Grand Suite, Diamond Plus, Key people, but the rest of the seats get released about 10 minutes prior to the show which anyone can take after. We went to see 1887: A Journey in Time (the ice skating show) on the first night, and surprisingly enough, the seating was empty up until the last few minutes of the start. My folks are always a big fan of the ice shows because of the costumes. If you sit close to the rink, remember to bring a light sweater, as it can get chilly in there! The Las Vegas Tenors were here to perform the Headliner Show. They were definitely talented, but it was not what I was expecting. They would talk about how people would expect them to be opera (which I wish it were), but it was much more pop, country, rock mixes. 1/3 of the time was them trying to advertise themselves to get more social media clicks. 1/3 of the time was these low-brow jokes making fun of the overweight singer of the trio. The audience overall seemed to be having a good time though. The Fine Line Aqua show, as with all aqua shows was entertaining, but I noticed that this show was more focused on dancing (almost like I was watching Stomp and not a water show). Less diving into the water. Prepare to be splashed like heck if you're sitting in the front, and the person who is suspended in the air would make her rounds above the audience in the center, dripping water along the way. The highlight feature of the show is a man walking 55 feet up in the air on a tightrope--if you actually want a good look at this (I was stuck watching it for the most part on the video screen), sit either in the center or the right-hand side (when you walk in) as if you are too far left, it is blocked from your view. Get there at least 30 minutes before a popular show time if you want to try to get one of those lawn chair seats that have a drink holder instead of the hard benches. We tried to sit through Columbus, but the storyline itself was not really our thing, and just like on the Allure with that planet show, they just took modern songs and remade it to fit the show. My mother was looking forward to watching Grease, but because the boat was rocking so much, the last show on the boat was first delayed (in which people must have realized there was little else to do when so many areas of the ship/activities were being cancelled because of the rough seas, thus they just stayed in the queue for an extra hour), and then we were told that they were planning to cancel it. The cast felt bad that so many people were going to miss the show, that they decided to do a "concert" version of the show, where they talked through the show and just took turns singing their songs in front of mics with the band playing. They dedicated to sing for an hour straight, thus the crowd was appreciative of their efforts. They were definitely a talented group, but of course people were a bit disappointed they didn't get to see the whole show. Public Spaces: As I had already been on the Oasis and the Allure recently, the layout of the ship is similar with a few exceptions. For those who are looking for a quiet place to read, on the fifth floor in various spots around the jogging track area, there are lounger chairs under covered areas. While there is still sea air circulating the spots, it may be too warm and humid for some to be comfortable, but it fairly quiet. There are lounger chairs in the back of the boat on the 5th floor, but they are moreso sitting upright. For the casino, I noticed that there is one less stairwell heading up and down from the promenade area (the spiral stairs) in comparison to the Allure/Oasis. The casino has also been split to a smoking side and non-smoking side. Quarter dropping machines are on both sides. The Windjammer entrance and layout is slightly different than on the Allure/Oasis. Harmony funnels people to the side entrance, where there is a handwashing station there. The happy-happy washy-washy people at the entrance did not have the hand sanitizer that often, thus I question if people washed their hands less because of it. RCCL must have made some cut backs or changes to their buffet options, as we had noticed the variety and selection differed from our stay on the Allure. My dad was used to having cold unsweetened tea available for every meal, but they limited the mornings to orange juice, apple juice, water, milk, and hot beverages. Lunch/dinner had the inclusion of the unsweetened tea and the strawberry kiwi drink and some other fruit beverage. If you want milk at night, you can ask one of the restaurant workers, and they will get it for you from the back. The service as always was spectacular, and staff always was happy (at least on the outside) to get you a drink or silverware. I laughed on the day they had the server ringing a bell and going around to advertise ice cream. On Day 6 for breakfast, one of the head waiters came up to us and invited us to do the Bottomless Galley Brunch (I am unsure if they meant this as complimentary vs if we were to pay), where he told us that they would have offerings like sushi from Izumi, but given our bad experience with Izumi, we passed on this offer. I wish the Windjammer could stay open an extra hour later, even if it just to allow drink service and maybe some desserts, as for my family, it is more comfortable, quieter, and easier to find seating in the evenings after a show over sitting in the promenade. Windjammer did have their themed nights, whether it was Mongolian night (where you can get stir fries), Crepe Day/Night, Mixed Grill Night, Mexican Night, and of course the chocolate buffet (was the same night as Mexican night). Windjammer has an electronic sign every day that announces the dinner theme for you to plan accordingly. Oh, and Windjammer does offer a "gluten free" section. I noticed they started putting up barriers at certain stations at times to prevent people from self-serving things such as during Chocolate Buffet night where they blocked off the area and had someone serving the cakes for you, and the ice cream machines would have someone stationed there at times handing them out. We did not eat at any of the MDRs during the entire cruise, thus I cannot comment on them. Central Park still has poor air circulation and is warmer than the Boardwalk area typically. We went to NEXTCRUISE to talk about booking our possible next RCCL cruise onboard (you can either write your name for a block period of time vs walk-in queue), but the onboard credit offering for a 3 adult Balcony cabin was only 50 dollars, which is actually less than what we get from our travel agent, thus we did not feel the need to buy it on the boat. The main theater’s layout looks identical to the Allure’s. The chairs have these nearly useless drink holders. If you sit in the aisles, prepare yourself to have to get up several times during the show to let people in and out. Activities On Board/Fitness: Okay, I will be honest with you in saying ahead of time, I was quite a party pooper and did not do much activities on the ship because I spent a lot more time catching up on sleep than I had expected. They did have shows like the Love and Marriage show, The Quest, The Family Quest that normally I would like to attend, but I didn't make it to any of them. I was planning on doing a lot more things onboard the ship during the last two sea days heading back from St. Martin, but lo and behold the weather would make me give up on such plans. People seemed to have gone hog wild for the flash sales in the promenade—especially for $10 everything (swimsuit cover ups, clutches, accessories) and the 2 for $20 Port t-shirt sales. For fitness, I was looking on the itinerary for a Zumba class, but did not see any listed, thus I spent most of time walking the track instead. Cannot comment on the gym much since I didn't exercise in there, but it seemed pretty similar to the Allure. The television in the room was bad and I did not see any movies on there, but some of the public spaces had movies playing (Avengers, Aquaman, etc.). Ports and Excursions: The three ports that we went to was: 1) Coco Cay, 2) St Thomas, and 3) St Martin. If you want to get a good view of the ship pulling into port, we actually had more fun going onto deck 5 around the jogging deck, as you could see the pilot boat come close by the ship to ensure it was steadily coming in to dock. This is our first time going to Coco Cay, thus I specifically picked this itinerary for the sake of going there. The island ended up being much smaller than I had expected, but I did not notice any damage from the recent hurricane that unfortunately ravaged part of the Bahamas. You can pick up beach towels either up on the 15th deck (which was recommended to not be held up by a crowd) or before you leave the ship. We were the only ship there for the day, thus we got the whole island to ourselves, thus there were plenty of beach chairs to go around. We made it to Chill beach area and we quickly got into the water. Beach is a little bit bumpy, so those with sensitive feet may want to get water shoes. I saw several people with snorkel equipment, but did not really see fish around. We did see a jellyfish floating in the area on its own. Unfortunately, the perfect weather turned quickly, where for about an hour or so, it began downpouring on the island. Thankfully there was no lightning/thunder, so people were able to stay in the water, but the beach umbrella did not do a great job keeping the water away. I felt bad for those who had paid for those beds (very few people were actually there) given the downpour. Thankfully, the rain went away around noonish. Chill beach is close by the free eatery, which included more options that Labadee did (see the Dining section). We did not go over to the free pool area, nor did we pay to go into the water slide section, thus I cannot comment on that. I would definitely want to go back to Coco Cay in the future! The next port was St. Thomas. For those who lingered on the ship, you got to hear them test the fire drill and evacuation, where they tested a bunch of the evacuation boats (which was amusing to see float around). We had already been to St Thomas in the past, but many people feel it is one of the better places in the Caribbean to shop! St Thomas has flat rate taxi costs which is listed right by the exit of the port area. Always check and confirm with the driver before getting onto the taxi though. 2+ people reduces the cost of transport. To give an example of pricing, it was 4 dollars each way for 3 of us to go to downtown shopping area from the cruiseport. It would have only been 4 dollars for us to go to Emerald Beach, 10 dollars for Magens Bay (they do charge admission here), and 10 to get to Coki Beach. We did not feel the need to go to the beach, thus we went to the downtown shopping area. Unfortunately, they are doing full on construction of the road in the shopping area, thus people were squashed in walking on the sides--it would likely not be easy to push a wheelchair down such narrow ways. People seemed to jump upon the jewelry for sale. We went into the Tiffanys store just to see what they offered (mainly older products), and the pricing was the same as the Tiffanys back at home, but you do not have to pay for taxes of course. For US Customs, they do note that a person can purchase up to 800 dollars in merchandise in port/onboard, but that you can spend an addition 800 if purchased in the US VI (if you are American). This also pertains to cigarettes if they are a product of the US VI (+800 cigarettes) and booze (+4 Liters) if it is product of US VI. One of the stores offered free samples of rum made in St Thomas, which was delicious thus we bought the last two they had out for the day (Perserverance Bay Cream Liqueur, which tastes kind of like Sheridan's if you ever tried that before, but better!). There is also the small stalls market by the shopping area if you are looking for cheap souvenirs that is cheaper than the port shopping area. Remember, the port time is not until 12PM, thus it was already hot and humid when we ventured out. As a side note, Verizon claims that St Thomas was included in my cellphone package, thus I did not have to pay extra to use my phone on the island, and the reception was overall pretty good. Most of the jewelry stores offer free bottles of water to those browsing, and some offered some form of a free gift for browsing as well. For those who like Alex and Ani, there is a store there with a pretty large selection including those that are exclusive to the island. For St Martin, this is our third time back there, and again we were just here last year, thus we decided to spend more time on the boat. I think there was a lot of others who decided the same despite the weather being great. We spent time just in the cruiseport shopping area. If you are looking for the cheapest cigarettes (I do not smoke but I bring them back as gifts), we found that Admirals had the cheapest prices (cheaper than on the ship) and more of a selection (most cartons of 200 appeared to be about 30 bucks a pop duty free). Admirals also had deals on other souvenirs (B2G1F and such). FYI if you are looking for international snacks, they have a decent selection as well (Korean cup ramen bowls, Indian snacks, European chocolates like Kinder and Toblerone). The port area has cheap 5 dollar t-shirts if you want something bare minimum. Very easy for functionally limited people to ambulate around with a scooter with the exception of some of the stores. The last call ship boarding was supposed to be at 3:30PM, but they gave everyone an extra hour. Fellow Passengers: For the most part, fellow passengers continue to be well mannered and not a problem traveling with. I love how diverse the passengers are becoming. Despite being at full capacity, the ship rarely felt crowded. One thing I had noticed is that the number of motorized scooters has drastically been increasing since being on the Oasis and Allure. There were quite a few passengers renting scooters, but did not know how to drive them well, thus they would end up blocking traffic, running into the backs of people's legs, or needed the staff to park them in places that wouldn't block people from getting by. Scooters are no longer limited to one group of people, as it is young and old and of all shapes and sizes. I'm glad that the cruise line can accommodate for people with disabilities, but they need to do a better job with doing education/management. I heard one guy in the casino state that he felt he was a walking target by the number of people in scooters ramming into his legs and nearly knocking him over. Despite being school time, there were still plenty of kids on board, but they were typically well controlled by their parents. Kids seemed to enjoy the waterslides a lot. Only once we saw a group of unsupervised, rowdy kids in the Windjammer (the kids were shouting and playing catch with a football in the Windjammer, making a mess while a poor waitress was trying to clean up after them and make sure they didn't hit other passengers). Unfortunately, on the day of disembarkation, we had encountered an awfully rude couple. The cruise workers told us to await in Boleros instead of lining up for the self-departure. Once we were cleared and the line was moving, we were trying to move with all of the other people out of the area, but this couple decided to single out my parents, jabbing their fingers in their faces and telling them to get to the back of the line and saying rude things. Their manner obviously showed that they assumed my parents were line-cutting, non-English-speaking individuals that targeted my folks out of all of the others they just let pass by, thus my mother said that we--just like all the other people were moving to the back of the line. Gross. Maybe they were upset they didn't get their 5th helping of donuts and bacon at the buffet this morning and were ravenously hangry. This self-assist departure line moved very quickly too, thus we were off the boat no more than a few minutes after those racist clowns. I think the number one rule people broke during this cruise was filling personal water bottles at the water/ice dispensers despite signs asking people not to. Oh, and a very important shout-out to all the mommas and poppas out there in the audiences, who scooped up their crying child and went out of the show areas until they were soothed! You da real MVPs. Disembarkation: We never received a printed copy of our stateroom invoice on the last day, but I was able to double check through the emailed statement (the RCCL app was not always accurate). FYI, in a clear, enclosed bowl close by the Bionic Bar area on the promenade, there is a place you can write down your purchases at any of the RCCL onboard/RCCL trusted partner stores, which states that it covers up to 30 days if any issues with the merchandise were to come up. I know that people are scared of facial recognition and the government being able to track/stalk people and all, but oh boy did it help make this process wayyyyy easier. I was a bit nervous on how Self-Assist Departures would go, but GoPort recommended us doing so to get off the ship quickly. Our flight was at 12:30PM, thus we finished our breakfast and got down to the promenade at about 6:45AM. US Customs did not clear us until about 6:55AM, but as I had said in the previous section, the line looked long, but moved very quickly. Getting off the ship was easy even carrying luggage, as most of the time the ramps were all going downhill and easy to wheel them down. The line pretty much was constantly moving with very little stops along the way. We did not need to fill out a declaration getting off the ship of the things we purchased. We would just look at a camera, where they would take a picture and if you are not a suspicious person, I guess they just move you along, as we off the ship by 7AM and on the GoPort bus by 7:20AM. They had all the signs for where to go if you are doing rideshare apps vs shuttles, and GoPort had a sign leading you to one of the furthest spots away, but very easy to find. All we had to do is give our name and number of people, and the driver took our luggage and our bus left by 7:30AM. 45 minutes later, we arrived at MCO, where everyone got off. They stated that all people checking in were to head to the third floor, while those catching Ubers go to the second floor. Check in at Jetblue was fast, and after we dumped off our luggage, we went to the security line, which has an electric sign to tell people of estimated wait times. TSA Pre-Check has their own separate line on the side. At 8:30AM, the estimated wait in the line was around 13-18 minutes. Please bear in the mind that MCO has a lot of children coming through, who usually needs extra time with security line process. We took the tram over to our Gate area, where it had a few eating options and gift shop area. They had a water bottle filling station around Gates 20-29. My parents and I realize now we can easily make it with plenty of time to spare to get to the terminal, but this only happened because everything went smoothly. Final Thoughts: Maybe because this was our third Oasis-class ship in a row, we have hit the point where there is less excitement for all the extra bells and whistles on the ship. Service for the most part was fantastic, and we had a great time despite all of the issues along the way overall. While the weather was crazy, it did not hold us back from having a great time. I think we may try to find a smaller ship that is more port-intensive for our next cruise to see how quality stands. My folks still would be happy trying Symphony as our next ship as well though. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
My wife and I sailed on the Harmony of the Seas for the third time, embarking in Port Canaveral and sailing to the Eastern Caribbean on September 15, 2019. My wife has to use a wheelchair for going more than short distances; therefore, ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on the Harmony of the Seas for the third time, embarking in Port Canaveral and sailing to the Eastern Caribbean on September 15, 2019. My wife has to use a wheelchair for going more than short distances; therefore, this review will highlight our wheelchair experience (perhaps providing an assist to someone looking into travelling with a wheelchair), followed by highlights of the ship staff and the food. Wheelchair experience: A critical key to a very good wheelchair experience is letting Royal Caribbean know your need and plans. They will provide a “pusher” and a wheelchair if requested. We have our own wheelchair, needed to get into the terminal when boarding and back to our vehicle when leaving. Pushers are available just inside the terminal entry for people who use their wheelchairs. They did guide us through a wheelchair dedicated security line and up to the boarding area on the second floor. A ship crew member becomes the “pusher” in that area and got us up the ramp and onto the ship. The pusher continued until we arrived on deck 17 at the Coastal Kitchen and Concierge Lounge, a terrific assistance because we had small carry-on luggage pieces. (Don’t forget to tip). There is no on-board wheelchair assistance. We found most passengers to be very considerate of our wheelchair situation when entering and exiting elevators and venues. It does require an occasional wait when elevators are full. Major venues like the theater, ice rink and aqua theater have places for guests in wheelchairs. The Windjammer also has reserved tables for wheelchair users. Disembarkation also requires a little planning. “Pushers” are made available and there is a meeting area for them. We met ours in the concierge lounge and were guided very quickly off the ship to the transportation area. Elapsed time for the process was about fifteen minutes. The key, again, was planning and coordination with the RCCL and ship’s staff. Wheelchairs can make for awkward and difficult inconveniences. RCCL and the Harmony of the Seas staff eliminated those for us. Harmony staff: The ship’s staff were excellent! They were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and cheerful. Their service started with the Greeting staff in the terminal, the pushers, and security. It continued to the Coastal Kitchen assistant maître d and concierges to our room steward. It continued with the casino staff and venue hosts. It is nice to introduce ourselves and learn a little about several of the staff members, many worth noting here. Our room steward, Janelly, was cheerful and met our expectations for every action we needed. The Asst. Maitre D, Ace Angeles and his assistant Nino efficiently seated us at every meal we had in the Coastal Kitchen. The wait staff included, John, Steve, Laurance, Dana, Rico and Lotoyo as well as a few others. The Coastal Kitchen process allowed us to meet several of them. The Chef, Henry, was also out and about at nearly every meal. Express any concern and Ace was on it. The concierges Jeremias and Mohammed were available and happily assisted with reservations and wheelchair arrangements. The “Next Cruise” bookers, Ines and Emma, were expert and efficient. Notably, Melbourne, a ship bartender was our pusher getting off the ship followed by Brian who got us to the transportation area. Want to learn about the home countries of the staff members? Just start the conversation. We met staff from the Philippines, Ireland, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Florida, Bosnia, Jamaica, China, and Ukraine. Many had several years of experience with Royal Caribbean and had travelled on many ships to several countries. They frequently have great hints for places to see and visit. Food: Dining is a primary reason we enjoy cruising. Royal Caribbean and the Harmony of the Seas do a good job at presenting good food efficiently. It is a great opportunity to try foods that would normally be unavailable or unknown. Most of the foods we tried were very good. There were a couple we tried that we didn’t care for. We ate most breakfasts and dinners in the Coastal Kitchen, a few lunches in the Windjammer and one lunch each in Sabor and Izumi’s teppanyaki (prepared at the table). Breakfast choices included more than we would ever select from a la carte to a full breakfast. Eggs any way we wanted, Belgium waffles, bacon and sausage, pancakes, juices, toast including a bun like sourdough, fruits, and very good coffee. The waffles with syrup, whipped cream and fruit were especially good. The Windjammer buffet lunches were excellent opportunities to try new or unusual (to us) dishes. Salads, burgers (good meat), roasts, chicken, and pasta were always there. Ethnic choices included American, Oriental/Asian, Indian, and Mexican. There were numerus dessert choices including three flavors of ice cream every day. We had a Mexican food lunch at Sabor on the Boardwalk. Nice choices and flavors. We also had lunch in Izumi with meat and seafood choices. Both gave us more than we could eat. There was a charge for these lunches in the specialty restaurants. Dinners in the Coastal Kitchen included choices of appetizers, soups and salads, and entrees. We had filet mignon, prime rib, branzino, cod, lamb loin, shrimp cocktail, crab crusted flounder, roast duck, lobster, baked Alaska, ice cream, creme brulee, and nice selections of breads. The fish are usually nice choices on cruises with the branzino and cod being especially good. The meals in the Coastal Kitchen were served by a very experienced group of waiters, and prepared by Chef Henry and his staff. There are several other dining venues on the ship including the cafes, Sorrento pizza, the solarium bistro, Johnny Rockets, and the other specialty restaurants. Too many for us to try this cruise. Conclusion: The RCCL Harmony of the Seas cruise experience was very nice. We got along well with the wheelchair. We enjoyed the services of a very professional and experienced staff. The food was very good. We’ll be back. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
First, I was a single traveler on this trip. My wife had girls outing in the Lake of the Ozark so I decide to travel alone. I learned a lot about traveling alone. There are no perks for being a single traveler and what there is, is ... Read More
First, I was a single traveler on this trip. My wife had girls outing in the Lake of the Ozark so I decide to travel alone. I learned a lot about traveling alone. There are no perks for being a single traveler and what there is, is based on double occupancy. The only benefit is my drink package was based on one traveler and two. I would really think hard about booking a single cruise with Royal Caribbean again, This cruise turned out to be a humanity cruise and not a pleasure cruise. Due to the massive destruction in the Bahama, Mariner of the Sea changed it sailing itinerary and we lost our day at sea. The original itinerary was leave Port Canaveral, day at sea, Nassau, then Coco Cay. What we got was Port Canaveral, Freeport, Nassau where we spent overnight and two days then we went to Coco Cay. The reason why was, Mariner stopped at Freeport and dropped off several thousand of meals and supplies and then loaded several hundred refuges and then we went directly to Nassau to allow the refuges to disembark there. I like to commend Royal Caribbean on there efforts in helping the victims of the hurricane. My only complaint is no one knew about the changes until 30 minutes before departure. My travel agent got the memo after we left. I miss my day at sea, to me this is very peaceful but giving the big picture I understand. By the way, all of the refuges were restricted to the auditorium and was not allowed to mingle with the passengers. The refuges were taken care of. I enjoyed the Mariner of the Sea and this is the third trip on her. The staff were great and my room attended went above and beyond what he was required to do. He later received a nice reward. The food is still the same and there was not changes there. I had to laugh, when I went into the Windjammer and one of the staff I have seen before was not singing “Please wash your hands”. He recognized me and we had a good laugh when he pointed to his guitar and said that he needed a break. If you have ever traveled on the Mariner of the Seas you will know what I am talking about. The jingle is one of those songs that plague your mind and you keep repeating if over and over almost as bad as Disney “it’s a small world”. Despite the changes I am booking another cruise I just hope I get my day at sea. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
My family and I, 11 individuals total, booked a family vacation and birthday cruise for myself. Days one through five on a seven day cruise were Horrible! We reported incidents to Guest Services as they occurred and there was little to no ... Read More
My family and I, 11 individuals total, booked a family vacation and birthday cruise for myself. Days one through five on a seven day cruise were Horrible! We reported incidents to Guest Services as they occurred and there was little to no follow through. It took three requests for beds to be separated in one of the cabins, four of the six rooms were not clean nor being cleaned daily, the food was average and sometimes served old or cd, initial wait staff was rude and inconsiderate, dinner tables were separated versus together as booked, several activities on schedule unavailable due to lack of staff, elevators were not functioning properly, charged for birthday cake before receiving it that was not ordered and had to prove it was an error, venues for shows not adequately sized which led to people sitting on floors and stairs, specialty restaurant vouchers given could not be used due to over booking, and incorrect billing for beverage items included in package. After several attempts at resolution and promises to “make it right” nothing was done to appropriately remedy the situation. Definitely not worth the money spent and won’t do it again! My birthday was ruined!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Not worth the money to go on this trip. Food and service in main dining was the only great areas. Not enough programs for amount of guest, dirty pool because of not enough crew cleaning all the drinks, elevators were a joke multiple empty ... Read More
Not worth the money to go on this trip. Food and service in main dining was the only great areas. Not enough programs for amount of guest, dirty pool because of not enough crew cleaning all the drinks, elevators were a joke multiple empty ones would pass to have a full one stop. They just have to many guest and not enough crew. If you wanted to get somewhere leave a half hour early so you could stand a wait for a elevator then stand in line for whatever you wanted. You were always waiting in line for everything. Excursions were good. Crappy day at coco kay should some that up. Why would you have no shade and smoking where the tram would pick you up???? That one blows even my mind. Need to start all over with this ship. Either less passengers or more crew members, but I would do both to help you out. Just a thought. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
My last cruise in May on Mariner got five stars. I am Diamond + so I have done many cruises. My recent September cruise on Harmony to Rotaan etc., was definitely one of the more disappointing experiences. The Good: Overall ship condition: ... Read More
My last cruise in May on Mariner got five stars. I am Diamond + so I have done many cruises. My recent September cruise on Harmony to Rotaan etc., was definitely one of the more disappointing experiences. The Good: Overall ship condition: Excellent. Food: Good. Service: Excellent from stateroom attendant to waiters in the dining room. VROOM worked well. If you are in your twenties … or had several drinks, the shows probably suited you just fine. Grease was ok, but the Columbus show had bad singing and poor ‘acting’. The Fine Line aqua show was a mismash of swim and acrobatics with no unifying theme – and much more emphasis on tumbling than acqua activities. The parade was poor - nowhere as good as previous years. The cruise director was surprisingly boring and virtually missing in person. He was on TV helping to sell the usual cruise stuff! So .. ballroom dance music is advertised in Boleros for 5 - 7 pm. Sad to say … RCCL ballroom is Latin only … no dances such as waltz or foxtrot! RCCL seems to be gradually convincing their older clientele that they should give up cruising - Harmony is definitely geared toward young families. I could always rely on Freedom having a good mix of activities for all ages. Not so in Harmony. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
I'm a proud Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor member but I felt Harmony was a disappointment. It felt like more passengers were added without any expansion for accommodation. Pool chairs literally touch each other side to side. ... Read More
I'm a proud Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor member but I felt Harmony was a disappointment. It felt like more passengers were added without any expansion for accommodation. Pool chairs literally touch each other side to side. Elevator wait times were extensive (my mom cannot navigate stairs well). Bar lines were quite long. Comfort wise, those pool chairs and the lack of mini fridges (a cooler is beyond inadequate) were the worst. On the pro side, most staff were as wonderful as we've come to expect. The food was amazing and the shows were pretty good. The Escape Room was our favorite activity but the highlight for us was the Salute to Military and First Responders. Beautiful, moving and well-deserved. I look forward to my return to Allure/Oasis or Freedom class. Harmony is great for on-the-go thrill seekers, I guess, but relaxation didn't seem to be a focus at all. It's just too crowded. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
I booked this cruise specifically to see Coco Cay after it's supposed $250 million update. The cruise was a mixed bag so to speak. Check in was a breeze, no waiting. Cabin was nicely arranged & large with 2 couches for an inside, ... Read More
I booked this cruise specifically to see Coco Cay after it's supposed $250 million update. The cruise was a mixed bag so to speak. Check in was a breeze, no waiting. Cabin was nicely arranged & large with 2 couches for an inside, but was NOT QUIET.Never book a promenade view room unless you don't want to sleep. I ate all the meals in the dinning room because I couldn't stand the crowds of ill mannered people at the buffet, I mean did some of these people ever see food before ?...pigs. The food in the dinning room was good, not great.I only had to wait about 10 minutes each evening for a table, but the service was a little slow. The 2 shows I saw, ice show & show with singers & dancers was very good. The ship itself is very nice, BUT CANNOT HANDLE the amount of people that it does & on my cruise it was only 3/4 full because of hurricane Dorian. Not enough elevators, both the pools too small, the adult pool was like a sardine can. The music around the pools was just so loud, do they think everybody is deaf ? Coco Cay was a BIG LETDOWN. I am not a fan of water slides or such so I stayed on the "FREE" side. The beach are is NOT GOOD, full of seaweed & not even nice to walk around, you sank into some kind of "muck". There was also a stench of sewer all around. The freshwater pool was a joke also, just a wading pool filled with bodies. There were enough chairs around the beach & pool. The food offerings were typical beach fare. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We were so anxious to sail on this refurbished ship since we had sailed on her before many times & loved her Sadly we were the first sailing on her after the hurricane Dorian. But on the brighter side we experienced her delivering ... Read More
We were so anxious to sail on this refurbished ship since we had sailed on her before many times & loved her Sadly we were the first sailing on her after the hurricane Dorian. But on the brighter side we experienced her delivering food & supplies to the Bahamas. It was a great experience to even bring some refugees from Freeport to Nassau. The food on this ship was average & plentiful. No reason to go hungry Luckily Nassau was not too affected by the hurricane. However, we were looking forward to Coco Cay since we also have this ship booked for a Christmas Cruise where we are taking our whole family of 14 with 6 cabins booked. Coco Cay in our opinion was not ready for visitors. The island smelled like sewage & the ocean was disgusting. After about an hour we returned to the ship as I felt sick. We just could not eat there. Our outside window cabin was very nice & our attendant was average Our dinner server was fabulous & kept us entertained. We were disappointed in the quality of the coffee in the coffee shop on deck 5. We remembered it for having excellent coffee. I guess they wanted you to use Starbucks Embarking & Disembarking went great & smooth. All told it was a relaxing getaway but nothing above average. Gjginparadise Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Thanks to Hurricane Dorian, what was suppose to be a seven night trip to St Maarten, St Thomas, and Coco Cay turned into a three night journey to Nassau. We were very grateful to be able to board the Harmony at all, since the date of ... Read More
Thanks to Hurricane Dorian, what was suppose to be a seven night trip to St Maarten, St Thomas, and Coco Cay turned into a three night journey to Nassau. We were very grateful to be able to board the Harmony at all, since the date of embarkation had to be moved forward twice due to the storm and the closure of the port. The loss of life and destruction endured by the islands that were hit by Dorian weighed heavily on our minds throughout the trip. Day One Orlando The port reopened on Wednesday, the day we flew into Orlando (after rescheduling our flight twice). We stayed at the nearby Courtyard and took the shuttle back to the airport on Thursday. We were transferred to the port by Go Port, which had a wonderful staff updating their website with information regarding the port closure, reopening, and information on their shuttles. Unfortunately, I had booked the airport to port in advance, and gave updates to customer service regarding our new projected dates of embarkation. When we arrived to board the bus to the port, our reservation wasn’t showing up. The customer service reps at the airport counter told us to call customer service for help. Ok. We did, and that rep said that she had thought we had been taken to the port already the previous day. Really? The port was not even open in the morning, and no ships were coming in because the port staff needed time on Wednesday to inspect the port thoroughly before reopening. Finally we had the customer service person on the phone fix our reservation so that the customer service people at the counter who were waiting for her to do something for us, at last gave us tickets for the bus. My advice: just buy your ticket at the counter when you arrive- much simpler. We were checked in at the port by a gentleman using a handheld device who was helping out people before they made their way to the Royal customer service reps behind the counters. DH and I then went to the last check point before we were to move on to take the requisite boarding photo. I was stopped and taken aside when the lady checking her handheld device noticed that my name had been written as gibberish. She took me over to the area where they were helping passengers with problems. After ten to fifteen minutes of waiting, she handed me a card for my cabin door and told me to throw away the card that I would find on the cabin door since my name on the card she said would have that gibberish written on it. When we got to the cabin, the cards there had our names printed correctly. The guy with the handheld device had obviously written nonsense instead of my name- he should have been questioned instead of having the extra card printed. Oh, well. Other than that, embarkation was smooth. Day Two Nassau Nassau was spared from the hurricane. We walked around the shops and stopped at Señor Frog's. DH and I had visited Nassau on our honeymoon when instead of high end shops, I remember lots of tables and people hocking their wares in a flea market atmosphere. Much has changed since then- there was even a Diamonds International shop. Day Three At Sea This was our only sea day. A last chance to see the rest of the shows and try different venues for meals and snacks before time ran out. Sea days are usually the most relaxing, but with only three nights to enjoy the ship, there was no time to stop to rest. Our take on Harmony Harmony is a big, beautiful, overwhelming ship. We had a balcony cabin which had a double wide balcony due to not having a cabin immediately next door. Loved it! Very few of the cabins have this feature. We had dinner at Johnny Rockets the first night and tried breakfast there the next morning (underwhelming). The “sourdough” bread is probably Wonder bread. I don’t recommend the grilled cheese. On our sea day ,we failed to make a lunch reservation in advance, so we were turned away at Jaime’s and settled for Sabor which was very good. We went to the dining room one night on the only formal night. At the table next to us sat a guy in shorts, tank top, and flip flops. Oh, well. The Windjammer continues to improve in quality at the expense of the dining room. Loved the cakes and other wonderful delights served in Windjammer. All of the people in the Windjammer especially were friendly and bent over backwards to make sure that you enjoyed your meal. Sorrento’s Pizza was very good. Final Thoughts DH and I regret that we never got a chance to dine under the stars in the Solarium Bistro. All of our reservations were wiped clean at the start of our cruise due to the change in itinerary, sail date, and the addition of guests from a canceled cruise who joined us. We didn’t try to make a new reservation with such a limited amount of time onboard, but hope to dine there on another ship in the future. I bought a day pass to the thermal spa and enjoyed it. Only a few stations: steam, showers, sauna, and tiled chairs, with no ocean view. It was relaxing, nevertheless. All of this left us exhausted, made worse by the nightly noise we heard outside our cabin in Central Park. As opposed to the Broad Walk cabins, those in Central Park are suppose to be quieter, however, passengers walking through the park, or sitting around, literally yelled at each other instead of speaking in a normal tone, as late as one in the morning. Having security walk through the ship each night to make sure passengers are not disturbing the peace would no doubt be appreciated by those passengers who wanted a good night’s sleep. Due to the hurricane, many people canceled. The ship carried only 3077 passengers despite having some from a canceled cruise join us. The sign at Guest Services at the time of embarkation stated that the cruise was sold out and that no cabins were available. Obviously they were overwhelmed with various problems and didn’t have the time to try to upgrade people. There was always a line at Guest Services, not surprising since this was not a typical cruise. Our Cruise Critic get-together was under the required 25, and did not last long. Only a few people talked- mostly with complaints as to why we couldn’t go to Coco Cay, for example- (we could not go there because it was still closed pending an inspection in order to assess any damage). Many thanks to Royal for going through with the event despite the low turn-out. We managed to see six shows while we were onboard- both aqua shows, both ice shows, and both stage productions: Grease and Columbus. As I had noted on previous cruises, passengers were less than polite when it came to showing their appreciation to the performers in the theater. Many just got up and left at the end, without taking a moment to applaud. Come on people; yes, you are on vacation, but does that give you the right to be rude? Everyone works really hard to make this cruise a great experience for you, show some love. Another observation I made was that many of my fellow passengers were down right slobs. DH and I decided to enjoy one game of mini golf- only to find the bin containing the balls empty. Did someone steal all the golf balls? No, I found them strewn about the entire course, along with discarded golf clubs, and even drink glasses. Again, you are on vacation, but do you have to be so crass? Three nights is too short a time period to enjoy a ship this large. I never got a chance to just relax- a first for me on a cruise and hopefully something that won’t happen again. I also lost my connection to the sea on this ship. There were few places to stand and just enjoy being in the middle of the ocean. Too much emphasis is placed on entertainment and the “wow” factor. If you want lots of choices in everything, this is the ship for you; if however, you want to enjoy a nightly walk under the stars listening to the ocean as you sail along, you might not enjoy traveling on a ship this large. I’m glad I finally got to experience Harmony of the Seas. Next time around, I will be traveling on a slightly smaller ship, for a longer period of time. Hopefully I will be able to reconnect with the sea and finally have time to relax. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
This was our group of 6's first cruise and we were excited to get things underway. We booked flights with Air2Sea with the guarantee that there would be alternate flights available if there were any delays during our layovers. Lo ... Read More
This was our group of 6's first cruise and we were excited to get things underway. We booked flights with Air2Sea with the guarantee that there would be alternate flights available if there were any delays during our layovers. Lo and behold, we experienced a delay. When we got to the next airport station, we were told there were ZERO alternate flights available. We missed the cruise. Although they tried to make up for what happened by giving us stays in Orlando and later Cozumel, there was zero communication made with us unless we tried to call Royal Caribbean or Air2Sea first. We were promised to be updated on flight itineraries in the following morning; ultimately, we weren't updated until the night before, when we had to call them, only to find out that they made the flights without emailing or notifying us. We would have missed the flights if we didn't call. We were even told by one of the agents to "stop calling" when we were updating them on impending delayed flights. When we reached Cozumel by plane, we realized the agent did not book our hotel rooms at all. Air2Sea's international number also did not apply in Mexico (IMPORTANT TO KNOW) so we had to resort to Facebook after 2 hours of nothing else working. Finally, rooms were secured. On the day we were embarking, port security told us that 2 of the guests did not have their names on the embarking list. Apparently there may have been some miscommunication between Royal and Air2Sea. Again, we had to wait until this was resolved. When we eventually got on the ship, the experience was great! Onboard entertainment was amazing and the food in the main dining room was excellent. However, this was cut short when Hurricane Dorian happened and the ship's travel length was to be extended. Because some of us had strict work commitments, we had to leave at the next port, finishing our cruise early, cancelling our other flights, as well as having no compensation for booking these flights. In summary, we only experienced 3 of the 7 nights on the Harmony of the Seas. Although our time on the ship was amazing, the miscommunication between Royal and Air2Sea ruined our vacation. We received no compensation for the events that unfolded and this has soured our experience with Royal Caribbean. We will NOT be cruising with Royal again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
Myself, my sister, and my parents did this for a birthday cruise, sailing on Friday and coming back on Monday. We've been on over 10 cruises. It was overall, a good cruise. The ship was beautiful, being renovated recently. You ... Read More
Myself, my sister, and my parents did this for a birthday cruise, sailing on Friday and coming back on Monday. We've been on over 10 cruises. It was overall, a good cruise. The ship was beautiful, being renovated recently. You could tell, especially on the promenade, that it's been upgraded. With amenities such as starbucks, ice skating, the escape room, and laser tag, these definitely added to the value to sailing on the ship. Amenities: We did laser tag, and ice skating. Laser tag was ran really smoothly, with the staff recognizing that someone in our party's equipment wasn't properly working. They fixed this solution within seconds, which we were happy about, especially since on a previous sailing on the Liberty of the Seas, they didn't recognize that there was anything wrong, resulting in the points of someone in our party not being counted throughout the entire game. The game was around 10 minutes, and towards the end it does get fatiguing. However, it was a lot of fun. Ice skating, unfortunately, didn't go as well. There was only one opportunity to skate, which took place on the last night. The ladies that signed myself and one other person were extremely nice, and smoothly made sure that we signed all of the required papers in order to skate. However, the gentlemen that handed out the skates downstairs, was rude and dismissive, especially since one person in our parties' skates were the wrong size. Not responding when we said thank you, dismissive when I was confused over why I received a size 8 when I was a 9, with him saying "its fine", in a passive tone. All in all, skating was fun, however found it a little mundane since the music choices weren't up to par, and it went by too fast. We did not have time to do the flow rider, the sky pad, waterslides, or the escape room(cost extra). However, from the looks of it they all seemed like they would be a good time. Shows: Stage Shows: We went to the Welcome Aboard Show and the Adult Comedy. The Welcome Aboard Show was very entertaining and we enjoyed it. It was a variety show. The Adult Comedian was funny during the variety show, but only had us laughing a few times during the night time show. Gameshows: We went to the Finish The Lyric Gameshow and The Quest Gameshow. We left the Finish The Lyric Gameshow early. We thought the song choices consisted of too many oldies such as Elton John which is odd for a relatively young ship. The host running it though she seemed nice was rather boring and didn't do a good job at engaging the crowd. Also, most of the members in the game show were from one group which made it boring to watch. We've been to the Quest Gameshow on Liberty of the Seas last December, and the show on this ship did not impress as much. The show is not for the easily offended, but themes during this show were more inappropriate than the ones on Liberty. My group and I are not easily offended, but the inappropriate rounds were at least 70% of the show. This obviously varies from ship to ship, as I presume the cruise director has a large part in theming so we did not enjoy it as much. However, it is always the most exciting game show of the cruise so I will indefinitely continue to check them out. Coco Cay: Honestly, anyone looking for a cruise to go on should pick this ship just for the fact that it goes to their private island, CocoCay. It was outstanding, and as they stated numerous times throughout the cruise, the "perfect day". The amenities were remarkable, having multiple buffets so it was never too crowded with people. The buffet here was higher quality than the one on board, having many different options including as the standard choices like burgers and hotdogs, but also cuban sandwiches, portabello sandwiches, pre made salads, a taco bar, and plethora of desserts(including, as myself and my entire group stated, the best brownies they've ever ate) and fresh cookies. They also had a fruit station. In addition, having a long stretch of a beach area, a quieter beach area, and a beautiful fresh-water pool with a bar; it really made it perfect for accommodating to different groups based off different wants when you're vacationing. There was an abundance of seating, so it was good not feeling rushed to have to get there super early to get prime seating (only at the pool bar I would recommend heading there early if you want a seat near the dj and pool bar). The DJ that played at the pool was top knotch. He played current songs, and implemented multiple genres, and even line dances. It was a great mix and had us grooving the entire time. They also had the waterpark, ziplining, and the hot air balloon, which were an additional cost and we did not use. We had an amazing day at their private island, and cannot wait to return soon. Dining: The dining at the buffet food wasn't the best we've had, however, it got the job done if you wanted a snack throughout the day, such as hamburgers and hot dogs. However, during dinner time, especially if you got there early, there were a lot more options. There was even a fondue station, with a very friendly staff member handing us out whatever pastry/fruits we wanted with the chocolate fondue. The dining room was definitely an enjoyable experience, but not perfect. The waiter slightly rushed the experience, and we had him twice though we opted for My Time Dining, which can vary your seat/waiter nightly in the dining room. In addition, while there were no more guest to assist since the dining room was about to close, we still hadn't gotten our dessert yet but he was too busy cleaning up his other tables to get us our desserts, and even give us coffee(which we never got even upon request.) However, the food was always very good, and we never had to wait super long for our first two courses(appetizers and entrees). The only issue we had on the cruise was when my sister and I tried to order drinks for the first time on the ship at the pool bar during the sail away party, I guess our cards were pre printed before we were of legal drinking age(our birthday was a few days prior) so we were denied service despite the fact that we presented ID's and repeatedly told him we were of age. The manager, I believe, was very rude about the entire situation and kept repeating he could not serve us. All in all, we just went to guest services and got our cards reprinted so the indication that you are under age is removed. The gentlemen at guest services was very confused by the situation himself, clearly seeing that we were over the legal drinking age. I understand that it is an extremely big deal to not serve someone alcohol who is underage, but he lacked proper customer service communication. I'm sure that when an employee swipes your card your age is shown, so I wish he would've not treated us as if we were doing something wrong and communicated that we should go to guest services to get our cards fixed because there is an indication on your card stating you are underage because obviously we wouldn't be aware. Overall it was a nice getaway. It was a good crowd on the ship, with about 5% of the ship being rowdy, and too intoxicated for my liking. It was predominately older couples, families, and larger all middle aged adult groups. Nice ship, and with tiny improvements it could've been a 5/5 vacation. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
We chose this cruise because it went out of port canaveral with good dates before moving my son back into college at ERAU. Royal Carribean is usually pricier so we had not tried it before. I found a sale on this cruise so we decided to go. ... Read More
We chose this cruise because it went out of port canaveral with good dates before moving my son back into college at ERAU. Royal Carribean is usually pricier so we had not tried it before. I found a sale on this cruise so we decided to go. We had been on Carnival Splendor and Norweigan Breakaway before this cruise. Our time to board was 1:30 but we arrived at 11 and were able to board with no wait. It was so easy! We were able to bring 12 bottles of soda and 2 bottles of wine onboard with our carry on. We got wine glasses from room service by calling dining. Once on board we went to the windjammer buffet which was good. The included water, lemonade and strawberry kiwi water was good. We drink a lot of bottled water and we're a little worried but it was fine. Our sea pass cards were attached to our cabin door. That's how we received them. We had an inside cabin on deck 7 for 4 of us: me, my husband teenaged daughter & son. The cabin was enough room for all of us. It had a small sofa ,1 large bed and 2 pull down beds for the kids. I liked the sofa since it added extra seating when there were 4 of us in there. There was plenty of storage and a small safe. I do have to say it was tight in there putting away our clothes with all 4 of us in there. We should have done it 2 at a time. Luggage fit under the bed once it was empty. There is a small safe and tv. Shower was tight as I assume most are on cruises. It was tube shape with a semi circular door. Difficult for women to shave legs. Otherwise good. Muster deck is on the back of cabin door. We were confused at first by looking at our sea pass card location. It did not tell you what deck. Muster drill was hot since they line you up in a small area. I wonder what happens if you don't show up? We were told we had to wait for everyone and it amazed me the people strolling in last minute not even looking like they were late while we were dripping with sweat from the heat. The ship is beautiful and service was excellent. You are able to go all the way to the front tip of the ship (like Titanic movie) on deck 4 where the helipad was located. We were also able to see into the bridge by going through the serenity adult pool area (deck 11 I think) go outside on the left side and to the front of the ship. They had the shades closed in the evening but you could see right in the window during the day. I did like that they left chairs out on the deck at night. When we went on the Norweigan Breakaway they put all the chairs away at night which left no place to sit. We saw the ice skating show and comedian juggler which was excellent. We did not care for the musical show. Reservations were not needed for the shows. They had mini golf, basketball court, pool, water, Slides and a rock climbing wall which were included. The padi (virtual reality thing) was included but we missed our reservation on the first day and couldn't get another time. Payment was required for the escape room and flow rider (fun to watch). They also had ice skating sessions during specific times (bring long pants & socks). There were 2 pools 1 for all and the other was adults only (16 & older). They also had these nice clam shell beds in certain areas (hard to tell if anyone was in there without going to the side & looking right in). There was included frozen yogurt on the pool deck (help yourself) which was good. Choices were vanilla, chocolate & swirl wth both. We don't care for Nassau (doesn't feel safe) so we stayed on the ship. Perfect day Coco Cay was great. We loved the little island. Best part is that there is no tender. You walk right off the ship but don't forget your sea pass card. You bring (sign out) towels from the ship and can exchange them if dry ones are needed. There were enough chairs and umbrellas for all. We didn't need to rush to the island to get chairs. They have trams but it is certainly walkable. They have some shopping and hair braiding. One section was not open yet. I believe it will open in December. There were 2 beaches. a lagoon area/beach with less waves a giant pool with a beautiful bridge and a swim up bar with music. There is also a splash zone for kids that was included. Beach was beautiful even though it rained a little while we were there. There were many jelly fish maybe because it was late August. Food was just ok. Same buffet type food as on the ship. They have a snack shack with mozzarella sticks, chicken sandwiches and funnel cakes that I thought was better than the buffet area. You had to pay extra for the water park: the water slides and wave pool. You even had to pay $18 for a floating mat if you wanted it. Had to pay for balloon ride, zip line, and any excursions (kayak, wave runner etc.) ( commercials are misleading- I originally thought everything was included) We did have a great time even without all the pay extra activities. Before the cruise I had read many reviews which mentioned bad food. I usually will read the reviews and ignore most of the negative comments since more people write a review to complain rather than say how great something is. I should have listened to the bad food reviews. We were very disappointed in the food. I have to mention that we did not partake in any of the restaurants that you pay extra for. I feel we are paying enough for the cruise and the included food should be good. Maybe not gourmet but Good enough that you enjoy going to the dining room. Unfortunately, just like many reviews said the food was not tasty. We did not enjoy it. We did go to the dining room every evening. The texture on much of the food was off and it just did not taste good. It was comparable (even worse) to dining room food on our Carnival Splendor cruise. When we went on the Norweigan Breakaway I have to say the food was good in the dining room. We looked forward to going to dinner. Breakaway even had home made crepes every evening in the buffet area made to order. The buffet on Mariner was a buffet - ok except for breakfast which was awful the first morning. It was also packed & difficult to find a table in the morning. The rest of the cruise we ate breakfast in the main dining room and it was better than the buffet but not great. If you go on Mariner eat breakfast in the dining room. Buffet hours were also limited so there were times when it was not open. Promenade cafe is open 24 hours so you can get sandwiches & pizza here. It is included. Also early bird coffee is available. Unfortunately, I would not go back on Mariner of the seas soley because of the food. Getting off the ship was a breeze. We had our luggage in the hallway outside our cabin before 11 the night before. They give you tags to put on it. Elevators are crowded/busy on the last day so I would not carry off my luggage. We had limited continental breakfast in the main dining room and then waited for our number to be called. Walked off the ship to the facial recognition, easily found our luggage which was separated by number and went to the car rental shuttle area. It was so easy. Beautiful ship but unfortunately terrible food. Maybe the people who participated in the upcharge restaurants enjoyed it? Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
My wife and I sailed on Mariner of the Seas this year to celebrate my birthday. We sailed this exact cruise last year and loved it so much that we wanted a repeat. Our Cruise Begins: Embarkation at Port Canaveral was fast and ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on Mariner of the Seas this year to celebrate my birthday. We sailed this exact cruise last year and loved it so much that we wanted a repeat. Our Cruise Begins: Embarkation at Port Canaveral was fast and seamless. We chose to park at Port Canaveral's parking lot, which cost us $85 from 8/19 to 8/23. Since we completed online check-in before the cruise and had our SetSail Passes ready, we were on the ship less than 10 minutes after walking into the terminal. The system they have in place is very efficient. There are friendly, knowledgeable staff directing passengers during every stage of the embarkation process. Once on the ship, we saw that Mariner of the Seas was just as inviting and beautiful as the first time we sailed. Hallways, common areas, and venues were consistently cleaned and maintained. I even saw staff members cleaning finger smudges off of the elevator buttons regularly. All bathrooms were clean and well stocked. The layout of the ship was easy to navigate. There was ample signage to inform passengers of where things were located and how to get there. There were plenty of reliable elevators and multiple ways to access different areas of the ship. Service: Throughout our cruise, most crew members on Mariner were friendly, attentive, and helpful. Our stateroom attendant, Shanjun, memorized our names and preferences within the first day of our arrival. Our room was spotless and he honored our requests almost instantly every time. When we walked past most crew members in the halls or venues, we were given a greeting or a friendly smile. The only staff member who wasn't friendly was one of the floating mat attendants on Cococay. She was the exception to otherwise perfect service throughout our entire cruise. Activities and Entertainment: There were so many different activities to choose from on this cruise! The cruise compass was always packed with things to do from early morning until well past midnight. We chose a few trivia games, music-related activities, pool area activities, and some audience participation activities, like the lip-sync challenge the belly-flop competition. All were very entertaining and well-organized. We didn't use any of the pools or whirlpools, as they were too crowded for our liking most of the time. The DJ's always played great music for whichever theme they were doing. The musicians were very talented and played beautifully together. The singer we encountered most was an Indonesian woman who sang passionate renditions of many different genres of music. I enjoyed all of her performances, but my wife did not. The cruise director is incredibly charming and so funny! He made our Motown Trivia experience even more enjoyable than it already was. Dining: The food on Mariner was plentiful, fresh, and delicious! We got most of our meals from Windjammer, Cafe Promenade, and by ordering room service. When ordering room service, the charge was $7.95 plus tax per order. You can order any item in any quantity and the price stays $7.95. Continental breakfast is free. Alcoholic drinks are a separate charge, even if you have a drink package. Room service was perfect for those times when we didn't want the Windjammer crowds or were tired after a long day of fun and wanted to stay in the room. The Windjammer has a great variety of foods for every taste. Every day, there were stations for pasta, salad, cold cuts, grilled foods, Indian food, and dessert. The main entrees changed daily and included a variety of international and American dishes. Everything was the perfect temperature, the food was consistently delicious, the breads were soft and never stale, and the desserts were very creative. There are drink stations that have a variety of hot and cold drinks. My favorite drinks were the fresh banana and peach juices located in the buffet area. There is a Freestyle drink machine inside Windjammer for those who have a Royal Caribbean Freestyle cup. Seating at the Windjammer is plentiful, but it can get a bit crowded depending on the time of day and whether the ship is in port. The two of us were always able to get a window seat to ourselves, with the exception of embarkation day lunch time and Cococay day breakfast around 9:30am. I love that everyone must use the handwashing station before entering Windjammer. The guitar player and singer in the handwashing station are very talented! I enjoyed hearing their cute handwashing songs while washing my hands. I do wish there were more hand sanitizer stations within the restaurant as an extra precaution. Cafe Promenade is open 24 hours and serves ready-made pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts, fruit and desserts. It's perfect for a quick bite. Our favorite dish was their crisp and tasty pepperoni pizza. There is a bar and cafe attached to Cafe Promenade that serves hot and cold cafe beverages, alcoholic beverages, and ice cream. The alcoholic drinks were weaker and sweeter at this bar, but the hot drinks were great. The Bamboo Room and Playmakers were better options in that area for bar drinks. Bar Service: We chose to buy the deluxe drink package before the cruise. This package was worth it for us, as we drank LOTS of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the cruise. We love that all bars on the ship use high-quality liquors and have plenty of experienced bartenders. There were many bars on the ship, but we spent most of our time at Sky Lounge. We always received fast, friendly service and delicious drinks! My favorite was the Coconut Mango Daiquiri. From this bar, there is a nice view of the pool deck and jumbo-screen TV. There is easy access to lounge areas and the pool area from Sky Lounge. We also visited the Schooner Bar on several occasions. It was directly next to the elevators on deck 4 and was located conveniently close to our stateroom. We ordered lots of unique drinks at this bar. We also did Harry Potter Trivia and Michael Jackson Trivia here. It has a classy maritime theme with a piano, cozy leather seats, and excellent bartenders. Port of Call- Nassau: We mostly enjoyed our time in Nassau. It was raining when we arrived. Due to poor drainage, many of the walkways at the entrance into the city were difficult to navigate. Huge puddles got our feet and shoes wet with dirty rain water, which was quite unpleasant. We got a taxi to Paradise Island for $5 per person and spent most of our day at the Riu Palace on a day pass. It is located right next door to Atlantis. Once at Riu, we got our day pass wristbands and were free to enjoy the beach, pools, bar, and dining areas. Towels were provided, drinks and food were unlimited, and the beach and pool areas were clean and well-maintained. The beach area was very beautiful. Crystal clear waters and clean white sands were abound. The only two downsides for me were the excessive amount of vendors and the rough ocean waves. The vendors were constantly walking around trying to sell cigars, hair braiding, coconut drinks, and jet ski rides. A simple "no thank you" worked to keep them moving along, but there were so many different vendors to keep saying "no thank you" to. The waves at Riu are particularly rough as compared to those at Breezes and Cococay. Even standing at the edge of the water had strong enough waves to knock people over. I'm not a strong swimmer and felt uneasy getting into the water. This is absolutely not a criticism against Riu, as they have no control over the ocean. I just know for next time to research the temperament of the ocean in the particular area I am visiting. We easily and quickly got a taxi back to the port for about $12 and did a bit of souvenir shopping. We got some tasty conch fritters and wings from a small Bahamian soul food restaurant called Aunt Jane's Delights. We tried to bring our food onboard to enjoy in our stateroom, but were told food is not allowed to be brought back onto the ship. Therefore, we had to quickly eat our food standing outside of the gangway. We know for next cruise to finish our meals before heading back to the ship. Overall we enjoyed our time in Nassau at Riu and wouldn't mind returning to explore different areas and venues on the island. Port of Call- Perfect Day at Cococay: Cococay is truly paradise. It has a brighter, more colorful, easier to navigate feel to it than the last time we visited. The waterpark and ongoing construction did not interfere with our desire for quiet relaxation, as there was a place for everyone and their preferences. A tram can take you from the ship all the way to Cococay's entrance or you can choose to walk. Once inside Cococay, another tram can take you around the island, stopping at the Up, Up and Away Balloon, South Beach, Oasis Lagoon, and Chill Island. You can easily walk to these locations as well. For a quick way to reach Chill Island, turn left upon entering Cococay and cross the bridge. You'll enter the beach area in about 5 minutes. Chill Island is where we spent most of our time. It was sunny, clean, and not at all crowded. Aside from the music playing around the island, it had a quiet, peaceful feel. Our ship was the only one docked in Cococay that day, so there were ample beach chairs, umbrellas, and tables available throughout the entire day. Even by 2pm, we never had anyone seated directly next to us. It was great! The water was calmer in some areas than others, especially due to high winds, but it was easy to find an area with gentle waters and lightly rolling waves. The water was a bit cloudy in some areas, and I swam away from at least four moon jellyfish, but I still enjoyed every second in that perfect water. The bartenders at the Wacky Seagull bar were friendly, fast, and made amazing drinks. Try a Coco Loco here if you haven't already. After spending several hours lounging and swimming on Chill Island, we walked back to Mariner early to enjoy the empty ship. I had a beautiful day at Cococay. Goodbye Mariner: Disembarkation was quick, simple, and efficient. The night before disembarkation, we were given numbered luggage tags to place on our luggage. The number corresponded to a specific meeting area and disembarkation time. The next morning, we knew exactly where to go and when. We met at the Royal Theater between 7:30-8am. After that, we exited the ship on deck 4. Once inside the cruise terminal, passengers were separated by whether they were using a passport or birth certificate/photo id to verify their identity with Customs. The passport line was longer, but both lines moved at a quick pace. After we went through Customs, we located the area that matched the number on our luggage tags. We picked up our luggage, assisted by a porter, then headed to our car. The disembarkation process from the time we left our room until we were loading luggage into our car took less than 15 minutes. If you are taking your own luggage off of the ship, the process may be even faster for you. Simply put, my second cruise on Mariner of the Seas was just as amazing as the first. We experienced consistently friendly and attentive service, delicious food and drinks, a spacious and comfortable stateroom, seemingly endless entertainment options, a beautiful ship, and interesting ports of call...a perfect cruise! Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
1st time cruise with RCI. It was great start to finish.Check in went smoothly. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The ship was kept very clean though out or cruise. Hats off to the staff!! Had meals at all the restaurants that were free ... Read More
1st time cruise with RCI. It was great start to finish.Check in went smoothly. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The ship was kept very clean though out or cruise. Hats off to the staff!! Had meals at all the restaurants that were free and the food was delicious. Nassau was just ok but because of the rain. Coco Cay was a blast. Felt like we were at a all inclusive resort. Beaches were beautiful, and alot of seating on the beach. Loved the pool bar and the restaurants around the island was awesome. The entertainment was top notch. Seen a skating show, a musical, a comedian juggler and a singer that impersonates different artists, all very good. There is much more entertainment that we didn't get a chance to see, just not enough time. Just want to say again how great the staff was for taking care of us. Thank you Mariner crew!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
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