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Sail Date: March 2015

We just returned from the Quantum March 13, 2015 sailing. Overall, we had a great time; although, we loved the Allure more.


We arrived at the Port of Bayonne around noon with a 1:45 pm check-in time. There ... Read More

We just returned from the Quantum March 13, 2015 sailing. Overall, we had a great time; although, we loved the Allure more.


We arrived at the Port of Bayonne around noon with a 1:45 pm check-in time. There was little to no line and we circled around and unloaded our car pretty quickly, given that we had 10 pieces of luggage for two adults and one 15 mos old baby.  We also packed a case of water by itself and wrapped it in brown paper grocery bags. We marked it "water" and it was delivered no problem. We did end up bringing a convertible car seat and used the britax carry bag. We tipped the portor $20.

I took the baby inside the terminal and my husband parked the car in the surface lot. While we were waiting approximately 5 minutes for DH, I spotted someone with an ipad and knew to check in with her. After a few health questions, the baby and I were all checked-in. Be sure to check in online and upload pictures ahead of time. My husband then met us and the woman checked him in. Five minutes later we went through security. A few minutes after that we took the elevator up to the top and boarded the ship. All in all, embarkation took all of 20 minutes.


We booked a Grand Suite on Deck 8. It was very spacious and had more than enough space for all of us and DS's gear. There is a great youtube video of a grand suite to give you an idea. The back wall was complete windows and the door to the balcony was on the living room side. We used the closet on the living room side for all of our coats, handbags, backpacks, etc. We had the room stewart empty the mini bar and remove all of the snacks off the top of the mini bar cabinet and used that as a food prep area for DS. We were able to collect cartons of whole milk from windjammer and store in the mini-bar fridge. There was no freezer so I couldn't keep freezer packs frozen for his bottle bag. We brought with us shelf stable toddler milk to use off the ship. This came in handy. I also brought all of DS's pureed baby food pouches and his baby cereal for his breakfast and other snacks. But otherwise, DS ate off of the kids menu.

We also attached his booster/highchair on the chair at the desk in the living room that we used in the cabin for his breakfast and snacks. We stored the convertible carseat and big stroller on the balcony. All of our clothes fit comfortably in the closet in the bedroom side. DS's pack and play (graco) fit between the bed and the glass windows on the bedroom side. They supplied the pack and play but we brought our own sheets (b/c they didn't supply that). There was a retractible thick black-out curtain that we closed after DS went to bed so we could still have the lights on in the living room and watch tv or read.

The bathroom had a tub and two sinks. One sink we used as a washing station for DS's bottles, plates, sippy cups, silverware. The other sink we used for brushing teeth, etc. We also brought some bath toys, scoop and baby soap. The suite came with upgraded toiletries which were great.

The cabin was very pretty overall. The glass table was a bit dangerous with the baby but not terrible. The glass is not attached to the table so we had to watch our curious toddler carefully.

The balcony was large. It contained two lounge chairs with a table and a larger table with two chairs. We lounged out there during DS's afternoon naps. It came in very handy.


The restaurants we enjoyed the best was Jamie's Italian, Chic, Chops Grille, Silk and the Grande. We also really liked Coastal Kitchen. The crab cake that we enjoyed the best was from Chic. My DH also had a porterhouse from Chops that was out of this world. We also really enjoyed the 270cafe. I loved the cuban and turkey club paninis. Chops was the only restaurant that made us feel uncomfortable for having a baby with us. Our DS is also very well behaved in restaurants.

The restaurants always provided us with a highchair. DS was able to eat off of the child's menu for the most part.

On the other hand, we really didn't like Divinely Decadence or American Icon. The Windjammer was also disappointing. For the life of us, we really don't understand why they don't provide trays anymore. One thing we did like about windjammer was that they made everyone wash their hands before entering; however, then they let everyone serve their own food touching all of the handles, etc.

We liked the different restaurants but disliked the fact that we never got to form any relationships with the waiters. I personally also missed the fact that there wasn't a "formal" night. I also missed the big promenade like from the Oasis class ships.

Drink package. They really push the drink package. Almost every drink except for Quantum water, lemonade, unsweet ice tea, coffee and tea costs extra. There is also free apple juice and orange juice. As expected, the free coffee is not great. We did use the platinum benefits for bogo drinks here and there.

Entertainment and Activities

We enjoyed the shows. We saw Mama Mia. It was good but not broadway quality despite what others have said. We also really enjoyed Starwater which, we thought was better than Sonic Odyssey. We also saw the Headliner - hypnotist.

The iFly is a MUST. It was so awesome. We were able to do a baby swap so that we could both take a turn. The iFly booked up for the entire cruise by the first day. We missed getting a reservation so we had to go and wait standby. Fortunately, many people miss reservations so we were able to get on to a group quickly.

As for the Northstar, the lines were enormous. Everytime we went up there it seemed like the line was at least 60-90 minutes. We ended up waiting until the Nassau day when most people were in port. Even then the line was 30 minutes long. Again, we did a baby swap because young children are not allowed on the Northstar. I think the youngest I saw was about 7 or 8 years old.

The seaplex was also a blast. We did the bumper cars and roller skating. As others have said they offer each item based on a schedule. They even did a circus school with a trapeze but we didn't try that. We also didn't try the flowrider.

Royal Babies/Tots

The Royal Babies program is pretty good. During embarkation day, we visited and made a few night-time reservations. They change diapers and provide food. They do want you to bring your own diapers/wipes, sippy cups etc. We were able to use the baby sitting for a few hours here and there to see some of the shows. The first night we used the baby sitting from 7-9pm and DS fell asleep and we were able to get him back into our cabin and his own bed without him waking up. The second night we were not so lucky and we didn't get DS back to bed until 11pm. The third night, he was absolutely hysterical and would not stay there. I got us seats at Sonic Odyssey and DH went back down to get DS. I was so glad that I sent DH to get him b/c DH said that he was completely upset and didn't want to be there. Surprisingly, DS LOVED the show and was clapping and laughing and totally enthralled.

DS really liked the Dreamworks stuff but we really missed the big parades that they had on Allure of the Seas. Quantum isn't big enough I guess for them to incorporate that. They did have little 10 mins shows from time to time with picture sessions afterwards. DS liked that.


We had great weather in Florida and the Bahamas.

In Port Canaveral, we met our in-laws and went to the Kennedy Space Center. It was a great day.

In CocoCay, we rented a Cabana and it was awesome to get away from the masses. It was quiet and secluded. A shady cabana, where DS could nap from 11-2pm. It included a lot of extras like water, beach chairs, floaties, champagne. I highly recommend it with the baby.

We ended up not getting off the ship in Nassau.

The weather going down was cold and windy days 1 and 2 and cool and cloudy day 3. Days 4, 5 and 6 we were in Florida and the Bahamas and the weather was awesome. The weather days 7 and 8 coming back up was cold and very windy. The only days that we were up on deck were days 3-6.

Suite Benefits

The overview of benefits for suites are well published. As for us, we used the priority seating for shows the most. We also used the Diamond Plus Lounge from 5-7pm. They had free drinks and appetizers. The priority disembarkation was also very nice. We were off the ship by 8am and home doing laundry by 9am.

Spa/Fitness Center

I am a very avid spa user and have gone to very fancy spas and basic ones. The spa on Quantum is more like a discount massage chain than a fancy spa you'd find at a resort. Yet they charge the same prices as the fancy spas while providing the services of a discount massage chain.

I used the fitness center once and did the triple package (10% of first treatment, 20% off the second and 30% off the third). The fitness center was large, clean and had a good variety of equipment and classes. The classes are mostly for an extra charge. The gym was also very crowded. There were no locker rooms or changing rooms with the gym so you'd better use the bathroom at your cabin and forget taking a shower after your workout unless you go all the way back to your cabin.

The quality of the spa treatments were varied. I really enjoyed the 90 mins massage but she was late about 20 mins blaming a prior guests tardiness. She also pushed the sales right at the end. The facial was inadequate. There was no steam or extraction and the massage portion was very meager. The seaweed wrap was completely unacceptable. The room was very cold and the bed was not heated. I was told that they did not have heat in the treatment rooms. The seaweed was cooling and I was shivering so bad. The shower in the room did not work properly and the water alternated from scalding to freezing. Needless to say, they did not charge me.

I didn't like that they charged extra to use the thermalossary suite even if you paid for a treatment. I felt like that was very greedy of the company who runs the spa. Also, the changing room was also very meager. It was more like one toilet, one basic shower and one sink. There were about 10 lockers. The point is that the spa is not very "spa" like and was more like a basic discount massage chain. No robes, no steam or jacuzzi, no fancy showers unless you paid extra. The treatments are already very expensive. I was very dissatisfied.

Overall Experience

Overall, the Cruise was good. We loved getting off the ship by 8:30 a.m. and being home by 9:00 a.m. but think we might prefer sailing on Harmony of the Seas instead of Anthem of the Seas. I really do like cruising from a port so close to home.


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Sail Date: February 2015

First let me state that I have traveled on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity cruise lines- so I have an idea of service, facilities, and features on the various companies. This was my second cruise on RC (my first was on the ... Read More

First let me state that I have traveled on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity cruise lines- so I have an idea of service, facilities, and features on the various companies. This was my second cruise on RC (my first was on the Monarch of the Sea). Given my fabulous experience on Monarch of the Sea, I was truly looking forward to this cruise. Sadly, I am disappointed. My next cruise will be a Carnival (for a quick get-a-way).

Upon arrival we were not notified that the boat was recovering from an outbreak of Noroviris. Our staterooms were decontaminated- the only delay was we were not able to enter our statements immediately (however, no one was discussing the cause...instead we were left to wait with no answers). Once the staterooms were cleared, naturally we went there. The rooms were not ready (I had to request toilet paper). Still no reason was provided, so we were left wondering. After having to request many additional basic staples of a cabin room, we were STILL not informed of the cause. We just received "we will get that for you right away". It wasn't until day three that a crew member informed us of the problem- and that was AFTER we stated we wouldn't choose Enchantment of the Sea again. Where is the communication? Had I been notified of the delay, I would have felt better. Knowing that appropriate steps were being taken to secure my health, I would have been extremely patient. Instead, nothing.

The food on the cruise was a disappointment. Was it tasty? No. Was there much of a variety? No. Was there food available after traditional "dinner"? Barely. For example, there was a dance party at 11:30 p.m. on the pool deck. Obviously this is adult party with drinking- the staff began to set up a food area. Food served? Chips and salsa & chicken wings (and they ran out of chicken wings). At 1:00 a.m. a small cafe served pizza- my husband was served two small slices- and that was all he was alloted.

The solarium pool deck is beautiful. It was was cozy & warm (the outside wind was chilly so this room was busy). We asked if the pool was heated- response: "No, the manager doesn't run the pool heaters."

None-the-less, the room remained busy. Were there waiters to assist with drink orders? No. There was one bar with two bartenders (who did a great job) but they closed at 7:00 p.m. We were directed to the main pool area (remember, it was CHILLY outside...there were no additional options).

Surprising things I learned:

1. If a patron orders one drink, the patron must wait a minimum of five minutes for a new request.

2. If a husband orders one drink for himself and orders a second for his wife (both members have the same last name on the sea pass AND both members have a pre-paid drink package), the drink cannot be made unless the crew member physically sees the spouse. Not a huge deal, but when the missing spouse is in the jacuzzi and there is NO wait staff taking orders, it reduces the "fun" and "relaxation" of the cruise.

3. If the crew feels a patron has had too much to drink, the patron is "cut off"- for 12 hours. (That didn't happen to us, but we watched it occur.)

4. If a patron visits the spa- there is an 18% added gratuity. (I thought we paid gratuities in full before we boarded the boat?).

5. While at Coco Cay, there is no wait staff. Don't get too settled while relaxing in the sun!


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Sail Date: January 2015

My Husband and I booked this cruise last minute (December) to get out of the cold weather and a great deal. We arrived at Port Canaveral and check in. We are Diamonds with RCCL so check in was about 5 minutes for us. This is the first ... Read More

My Husband and I booked this cruise last minute (December) to get out of the cold weather and a great deal. We arrived at Port Canaveral and check in. We are Diamonds with RCCL so check in was about 5 minutes for us. This is the first time we have been on the Enchantment and were a little hesitant.

The last time we were on this class of ship was when the Grandeur was brand new and we did not like that ship's layout. We knew the Enchantment had been extended and were looking forward to it. WOW! we were so pleasantly surprised. What a beautiful ship. We were on the Monarch right before she was sent to Pulmantur and figured the Enchantment would be much like the Monarch. It is, but it's stretched, updated and a better use of space. The ship is so elegant. So glad Royal is using richer colors with carpeting and upholstery. The dated, light blue and greens are awful.

The food: The Park Cafe, not as extensive as Oasis class ships, but a great alternative. The MDR, we only ate once and the food/service was great. The Windjammer was nice as well, the usual Windjammer fare. We ate at Chops twice and the service, the food was the BEST Chops we have had on any ship. It was incredible and it seemed the wait staff was willing to please you no matter what. Definitely worth the money. Also, had a cook out while in Nassau on the deck with paella, etc. that was wonderful.

Room: We had an inside room, deck 2. Typical inside room for RCCL, it was fine for 3 days. I don't have an issue with getting an inside room especially for what we paid for the cruise. We are never in it.

Gym; Good sized gym for the amount of people on the ship. We worked out everyday, always able to get a treadmill or machine.

Pool: One of the best pool decks of the fleet. The Oasis pools are too broken up, the Freedom class are nice, but one pool except in Solarium. But the Enchantment because of it being extended, has 2 pools and plenty of deck space. Was never an issue getting a chair. I loved the pool and the entertainment.

The entertainment onboard was fantastic. Was nice to get our drinks and listen to the performers in the atrium before dinner. The casino, was the smallest one we have been on. Not enough black jack tables and too many people wanting to play.

The Viking Crown/Diamond Lounge: I think this Viking Crown is the nicest of the fleet. The Oasis ships seem too impersonal and huge, but the Enchantment's is so pretty and double ceiling's make it a great spot to watch the sunset. The Diamond lounge is also there and Concierge. It would get a little warm up there, so we would not stay too long. We did not like the service in the Diamond lounge either. If you are working in a Customer Service industry, then you shold at least be polite and say "hello" when someone greets you. That would be my only complaint.

This Enchantment is a beautiful ship and the service and employees are what make that ship exceptional. We will not hesitate going back on her.

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Sail Date: December 2014

This was my 2nd time on the Enchantment. Crew was wonderful, Especially Rosella who would great us in the morning at the Buffet singing and smiling at everyone.

It was fast and simple getting on and off the ship.

Plenty ... Read More

This was my 2nd time on the Enchantment. Crew was wonderful, Especially Rosella who would great us in the morning at the Buffet singing and smiling at everyone.

It was fast and simple getting on and off the ship.

Plenty of fun events all day long on the ship.

The waves were too high for the tender boats to get us to Coco Cay so we had an extra sea day. Plus the Captain took us to Nassau the night before we were due to arrive so it was a calm, quiet evening.

Our favorite place was the adults only Solarium. Wonderful place to relax and have a snack.

We had room 7556 which was a balcony room. It had tons of storage and a great view.

My only real complaint was there was no guide telling what was on the TV for times when we were in the room. Not really a big deal. I do recommend this ship for a nice relaxing cruise. We took it for our Anniversary and had a great time. We will be back again.

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Sail Date: November 2014

This was our first RCCL cruise and even though we had an ok time I like Carnival better. Maybe it was the ship but the food was nasty and they didn't have a lot of options other than main dining room, buffet, or the park cafe. We didn't ... Read More

This was our first RCCL cruise and even though we had an ok time I like Carnival better. Maybe it was the ship but the food was nasty and they didn't have a lot of options other than main dining room, buffet, or the park cafe. We didn't do the Main because we have younger kids and sitting around for 2+ hours for dinner just doesn't work. So if we wanted to eat we had to wait until the buffet opened its doors at 6:30 or go to the cafe. The buffet and the cafe food was terrible, I am not kidding really bad (I am not picky either). Funny this my friend took the same cruise the week before and came back saying how bad the food was and I was like it couldnt be that bad... YES IT IS! The staff was nice and very friendly but we didn't get the personal touches that carnival gives you. Example: turning down the beds, ice every night, putting our wine on ice, etc. I don't know I just expected more and I was disappointed. The entertainment staff was fun, and nice and my Kids liked the Teen and kids club. The actually entertainment on the ship was Ok and thats being nice.

My issues: The first night the never pulled the bunk down, we called twice and nobody ever responded. Finally the 3rd time someone came down while we were gone and pulled the bunk down and threw the bedding on the top and didn’t even make it. I called and complained and asked for someone to come and make the bed, no one ever showed. The I went down to guest services and the representative called and asked them to make the bed. Once again no one showed, I called and talked with the rep again and nobody ever showed again. We finally made the bed ourselves so that our kids could go to bed. The next day the head of the staff came and apologized and that was it! Wow thanks. Not even a free drink or chocolate covered strawberries. NICE.

The kids club has games that kids can win an award, I think this is a bad idea because the kids that don’t win feel bad and think they aren’t good at something. I feel either everyone gets a prize or no one gets a prize… I understand in real life that isn’t how things work but when Im on vacation with my child I don’t want to have to deal with them coming back to the room crying because they think they are losers. This is a vacation!!! I talked to the staff and gave suggestions about this and they wanted to argue with me about my suggestions to give the kids that lose a piece of candy or make up certificates or stickers or whatever…. Stating they have way to many kids blah blah… Hello we pay a lot of money you can afford to have 1 prize for every kid that is on the ship at a time or a bag of candy or little toys…

These arent big issues but the little things alway make the difference between going with one company rather than the other..... Will probably never go on a RCCL cruise again i was disappointed.


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Sail Date: October 2014

I was hesitant about this cruise after reading some of the reviews but trust me, the cruise is awesome for a short cruise to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. The price is excellent. I traveled with a friend from Europe and we both ... Read More

I was hesitant about this cruise after reading some of the reviews but trust me, the cruise is awesome for a short cruise to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West. The price is excellent. I traveled with a friend from Europe and we both enjoyed it immensely. Living in Miami, and now retired, I would do it again and again with visitors who want to get away and enjoy a nice getaway. Here are my comments:

1. Ship. The ship may be older but it is still great. I loved it. I have traveled on other larger ships and for this short cruise, this ship is just fine. The maintenance is superb. The crew is constantly painting, cleaning, and fixing anything that needs to be fixed. It has everything you need.

2. Rooms and cabin attendant. The room was small but what you need for a short cruise. Pack light! All you need is a carry on which is what we did and that was enough. The problem appears to be with cruisers who take huge bags thinking they are going for a long cruise. The atmosphere is casual. even on formal night, I saw folks in the dining room with shorts and no one said a word. My friend and I wore nice shirts and slacks and we felt fine. Many ladies wore simple black dresses and those pack easily. No need for formal wear. The bathrooms are small but well equipped and all you need really. I followed the suggestion of the over the door shoe storage and that provided extra space for extra toiletries and sandals, suntan lotion, etc. but it was not necessary. There is plenty of room for two persons, and we had an inside cabin. The beds were pushed together and they were huge and comfortable. The cabin was cool and the inside cabin in level 2 was quiet and provided easy access to all departures (from level 1 or 2) and first access to the elevator to the top floor for the buffet and swimming pools. I loved level 2. Cabin attendant Delano was helpful and observant noticing we used ice and providing tons of ice throughout the cruise. We also took the two allowed bottled of white wine which we kept in the room for a glass of wine before dinner. Without asking, Duane provided us with wine glasses and iced our bottle. A nice touch, much appreciated that made a difference. We provided Duane with a thank you note on our last night as well as additional gratuity.

Swimming Pools: Too many kids in BOTH pools so neither of us used the pool. Not sure how clean they were. The hot tubs were always packed so stayed out of those as well. I would suggest saving one pool for adults but seems difficult because both pools are next to each other. The cruise is short and there is ocean swimming in Nassau and Coco Cay. We did enjoy the lounge chairs near the pool to watch the action.

Food: The food is great. We ate in the dining room three of the four nights; loved it. One night my fish was served dry (overcooked). The server noticed I hardly touched it and offered to replace it with a beef dish that my friend was having which came quickly and was perfectly cooked. The other nights we each ordered two starters, a main course, and one desert. The service was great as were the variety of homemade dinner rolls. We asked for a quiet table for two (second seating) and were accommodated. It was perfect. We had breakfast in the Windjammer Buffet and enjoyed that as well. The omelet station was excellent although there were pre-made small omelets. We also tried the fruit which was fresh and tasty as was the bacon and carved ham. I even liked the OJ and coffee. We peaked in the pizza restaurant but did not eat any. We did not eat anywhere else.

Excursions: The ship excursions are expensive but good for those who do not know the stops and prefer for others to plan activities. I did our own and saved a lot of money doing it online and ahead of our arrival. In Nassau, we took Bus #10 for $1.25 each way for each which you pay in cash when you get off. It was easy picking it up near the port in the town center at George Street. It took us to Cable Beach in less than 10 minutes. The bus was with other tourists and very well-groomed and polite locals (probably going to work). It was air conditioned and even had nice music playing. Sit on the right ride for great views along the way. On the left side you will see some beautiful homes. I saw tourists staying at island resorts hoping on and off this public bus. It comes by often and will stop anywhere along the route. In Nassau they call them Jitneys but they are small decent buses. There were tourist of all ages and races on the bus. What we did is to buy a day pass at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort to access their beach chairs, pools, clean bathrooms, and get clean towels. It was steep for $30 each but well worth it for the entire day of carefree bliss on a superb beach in a safe and clean hotel property with easy access using the low-cost, clean, picturesque, and safe public bus. We returned to the port on the same Bus #10 being picked up right in front of the Melia hotel. It could not be easier. Upon our return we enjoyed a stroll downtown although by the time we returned most of the shops were closed. My suggestion would be to shop first and then take the bus to the hotel.

Coco Cay. The worse part about this stop was the sitting for the lunch and the lunch itself. There were picnic tables next to the BBQ but not enough for the large crowd. It was uncomfortable. The hot dogs were also undercooked and the burgers were average but OK for a light lunch. They did have fruit and salad. The best part was the beach. I would suggest bringing water shoes as the sand seemed a bit muddy. I also brought my own inflatable floating hammock which was easy to blow up (saving the steep $20 to rent a raft). Mine cost $2.50 at Big Lots and I still have it for another beach trip (I live in Miami). There are plenty of chairs. My friend and I enjoyed walking all the way past the crowds to the end of the beach to Barefoot Beach where you would also find chairs, less people, and a great beach. Just walk along the beach to your right to the end. The disadvantage is that there are no facilities there. Next time I think we could pack our burgers and take them to Barefoot beach to enjoy calmly away from the crowds. I took a thermos water bottle which I used everywhere, filling it up in the room with the ice provided by my room attendant and tap water. It was perfect. The tenders to take you to the beach were easy, efficient, and well organized.

Key West. Majesty docks right in the center of where you want to be in Key West. It is perfect. I had purchased City Trolley tickets on Groupon for less than the excursion as well as entrance to the superb Audobon House which is right where the ship docks. The Audobon House is a beautiful house to visit that shows how a wealthy family in the early 1900's lived. It also houses a collection of original Audonon prints of Birds of Florida and is surrounded by a beautiful garden and lovely gift shop. We also stopped along the Trolley Tour to visit the Key West Garden Club which is small but interesting as it is run by volunteers and contains plants contributed by members. It is a popular spot for Key West weddings. It is also adjacent to a nice man-made sandy beach if you want to visit the garden and test the waters. The City Trolley Groupon tour allows you to use the trolley all day. We did two rounds to see both sides of the tour. For the rest of the time, we walked along Duval Street which is where you find Sloppy Joe's and Margaritaville. Had we had more time, we would have gotten off at Stop #3 and walked to the State Park (Fort Taylor) which is supposed to have the only natural sandy beach in Key West. You can access it by foot getting off at Trolley stop #3. We returned to the ship for a late lunch.

Entertainment: The cruise Director, Carlos Torres is exceptionally talentented. He is everywhere and speaks English and Spanish well. The passengers were 50% from the U.S. and the balance from some 60 countries, with many Spanish speakers. Most announcements were in both languages although the level Spanish of the crew is not perfect. Clearly they are English speakers and make many mistakes as they attempt to translate. The mistakes are understandable but could be easily corrected. Carlos really tries to entertain. He dances,makes jokes (pretty funny, really), and is a great singer. We went to Boleros the last night to listed to him sing and were pleasantly surprised. Loved it. I went to all the shows and enjoyed the Majesty singers the most. The singer Simone was amazing. She should be on The Voice! She is charming and so talented. Her partner is equally magnificent. The dancers were also very capable and their selection of music numbers was excellent for the crowd. I also enjoyed the magician comedian. I went alone because my friend's English is not good enough for the jokes. The Magician was awesome. He was entertaining, casual, creative, and connected with the audience. Don't miss it. The only one I did not enjoy was the comedian. Maybe it was that I had to translate for my friend who did not speak English. He turned me off with his first joke equating Nassau to Detroit. I found it insulting just having left Nassau and very much enjoyed visiting that lovely island Country. Nassau is NOTHING like Detroit, and what is happening in Detroit is not funny either; it is a sad reflection on our own country. I left after a few minutes not finding his humor entertaining.

Oh, the 70's dancing party in the shipping arcade was tons of fun and entertaining. The cruise director Carlos Torres, Simone (the awesome singer), and the Majesty dancers were all great and animated the crowd. The poolside dance party was also a lot of fun to watch. Honestly, Carlos Torres, and the entertainers of the Majesty give it their ALL to make sure everyone has a great time. If you don't have a great time, blame the person in the mirror! Let loose...you'll never see those people again anyway.

Contests: We enjoyed the poolside contests, especially the Sexy Man contest by the pool and the lovely ladies who served as the judges. They were so entertaining. My only concern were the many children watching what was really an adult show. However, I am certain the children's parents were present and could have taken the children away if they found the antics inappropriate for children. I am no prude but was a bit embarrassed for the small kids, but those ladies were awesome and the concept is excellent...just ask parents to take away the children for an hour or so to another activity.

Guest Relations. I must commend Abdiel in Guest Relations. I went multiple times to ask if there were any extra cabins to upgrade and there were none. However, each time I went to ask, Abdiel was professional, kind, and assured me he would monitor the situation to see if anything became available. Despite not being able to change cabins, I commend him for being always polite, friendly, and truthful. I also saw guests coming up with so many odd questions and each time, the professionals in Guest Relations handled the queries to perfection. I was impressed watching them work.

Shopping. The liquor is a great price especially some of the specials. Bring extra batteries if you use them because anything else you buy one the ship is VERY expensive. Four AA no-brand batteries were $7! The nightly specials were fun to watch. People on ships buy anything that appears to be a "deal" even if it is not. It was amazing to see people buy buy buy things no one really needs.

Drinks: We drink water and that is free as is the ice, so if you want to save money, skip the soda packages. We also brought two bottles of white wine which we drank during the four day cruise, always keeping them cold in ice in our room with wine glasses provided by our room attendant. We did not spend any money on drinks. Neither of us gamble, so we did not spend any money gambling either.

Final Comments: Enjoy the cruise for what it is...an opportunity to be entertained by wonderful and talented young people who really want you to have a great time, enjoy very nice food and some lovely ports, beaches, and towns. The ship is a lovely example of a classic cruise ship and the crew is professional and well trained. Their goal is simple: make sure everyone has a great time and is safe. I loved it and would do it again...AND AGAIN. enjoy it. Let me know how it goes for you.

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Sail Date: June 2014

My boyfriend and I went on our first cruise and decided to sail with Royal Caribbean. We read several online reviews about the Enchantment of the Seas and it seemed to have great reviews. We both agree that this was a great cruise and ... Read More

My boyfriend and I went on our first cruise and decided to sail with Royal Caribbean. We read several online reviews about the Enchantment of the Seas and it seemed to have great reviews. We both agree that this was a great cruise and highly recommend this to anyone!

We had the buffet lunch on day 1 and it was amazing. Lines were somewhat long, but the food was well worth the wait. We decided to tour the whole ship ourselves on day 1. However, if there was anything we would like to do differently about this cruise, is immediately when you arrive on the cruise, go ahead and get a brochure about all the shore excursion activities you can do when you go to the Bahamas. The shore excursion activities fill up fast so make sure you book everything you want to do offshore on day 1!!!

Each night you will dine in the My Fair Lady Dining Hall. Each night you will have an assigned dinner time, either 530pm or 830pm. We had the 830pm seating. Each night of the cruise, you will dine at the same time and at the same table. For the two of us, we were assigned with another couple to make a table of 4. The first night, we had a great dinner. Dinners range from salmon, to beef tenderloin, lamb, steak, linguini, and shrimp. Each night, you chose an appetizer, a main course and dessert. All of this food is included in the price. Coffee and soda are extra and if you wanted lobster that was extra as well. Some of the appetizers were a hit or miss. I would recommend choosing a salad as some of the appetizers were not that great. Desserts were always amazing, ranging from strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, key lime pie, lemon meringue, and cobbler.

Day 2 is excursion to CocoCay (private island of Royal Caribbean ). It was very beautiful. It rained for a little bit in the morning, but by the afternoon it was gorgeous! Unfortunately, we had booked parasailing but much to our dismay, it was cancelled due to the morning rain. They were willing to book us another parasailing at 330pm, but the ship left at 430pm. Instead, we lounged on the beach and drank pina coladas which was amazing. The ocean was absolutely gorgeous! The water was crystal clear and we took some great underwater pics! Also on the island, there were limited kayaks for rental, paddle boats and floaters. I was not very happy with the way the kayak rentals were set up. There are literally only 4 or 5 kayaks on this whole island to rent. And remember that the entire ship, along with another royal caribbean ship, are docked here at the same time. There were 2 different lines and the enchantment line was always much longer than the other ship. I would like to see royal caribbean do away with the "first come first serve" basis on rentals and switch to a waiting list style of rentals. That night we went to the comedy show on the ship and Steve Smith was really funny!

Day 3 was Nassau. You dock at 730am and need to be back to the ship by 1130pm. Nassau was gorgeous! We took a taxi ($4/person), to Atlantis and walked around. There's a public beach and many of the locals will approach you to rent kayaks, jet skis, umbrellas, and get drunk. Just be vigilant of your purses, ladies! We spent about an hour on the public beach and head back to the cruise docking site. We then went snorkeling. We took a boat which was about a 45 minute one way sail out to sea. The snorkeling was for an hour which was plenty of time. My boyfriend got some great underwater pics of the coral. We were provided fins, and snorkeling gear. I would recommend doing this excursion. We then headed back to our cruise ship. That night, there was a huge poolside buffet and a dancing party. The food was mediocre; however, we had stuffed our faces throughout day so by the end of the night we could not handle anymore food. The dance party both on the pool deck and the viking's lounge(top deck) was fantastic!

Day 4 was at sea. I highly recommend the park cafe in the solarium! They make great beef sandwiches and its not crowded. The solarium is a great place to relax and the whirlpools are amazing, especially when you get sunburnt! We were able to play some ping pong, trampoline jumping, and watched a "broadway" show. There was also a casino, but we are not gamblers. There's also a rock climbing wall but we were too tired. On the pool deck, theres a huge TV screen which was playing movies all throughout the day and the World Cup. Lots of bars are throughout the cruise ship. We participated in the 50% off drinks special on day 4 of the cruise at 4pm. The bartenders are very generous with the alcohol, and they made great margaritas and mojitos!

Getting off the cruise was a breeze. It was super fast and the process only took about 20 minutes total.

Overall, enchantment of the seas well exceeded our expectations. I would definitely go on this cruise again. The ship is super clean, the staff is friendly, the food is wonderful, and the whole cruise experience was extremely enjoyable and relaxing! Some activities were crowded, but thats to be expected as this is a very large cruise ship.

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Sail Date: March 2014

I must start by saying I have taken cruises before so this was not my first. But this trip we went on a 10 year wedding anniversary with the wife who this was her first cruise. While we have nothing bad to say about the ship my grip is ... Read More

I must start by saying I have taken cruises before so this was not my first. But this trip we went on a 10 year wedding anniversary with the wife who this was her first cruise. While we have nothing bad to say about the ship my grip is with Nassau. I would rather Royal Caribbean spend 2 days in Coco Cay rather than dump me out and waste a whole day at Nassau. Reason: is from the moment they let you get off the boat to the time you leave you are hassled by locals all trying to get you into their cab, horse and buggy, take you flying in the sky or sight seeing in their where-ever place. Lets just say land drinking at Nassau is not like land drinking in Mexico or anything other place you can get off the boat and buy some alcohol. I was happy to get back on the ship and cruise to the next stop which was Coco Cay Island. Which I understand that RCCL leases the island so its left up to them what they would like to do with it and make it postcard perfect. BUT come on Nassau was dirty and annoying. I would rather come and go in Coco Cay for 2 days enjoying the private island and its amenities. Why cant RCCL make a Coco Cay Island cruise only. I would book that one right now. I spent more money on the Coco Cay island than I did in Nassau. I also didn't like the fact that RCCL gets some kind of kick back it feels like from all the diamond dealers on the island to keep talking OVER AND OVER about how to buy and where to buy. This is all.... I think I will have to take another ship and go somewhere else in the Caribbean rather than Nassau in the future.

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Sail Date: March 2014

Where do I start?? After months of waiting for a fun girls get-a-way, I can't believe how disappointing our trip ended up. As soon as we walked on the ship from the post it smelled like sewage. The smell continued on through out the ... Read More

Where do I start?? After months of waiting for a fun girls get-a-way, I can't believe how disappointing our trip ended up. As soon as we walked on the ship from the post it smelled like sewage. The smell continued on through out the ship the entire time. We thought the smell would go away maybe it was just at the port. No, the sewage smell was in various areas. The first thing we noticed when we open our cabin door was the smell. It was so musty and the water smelled, the shower curtain smelled and over all felt gross. Thinking we would get a good night sleep was a mistake. The pillows were awful and the mattress was not comfy either.

The pool chairs all seemed dirty, old and some had bird poop. Hard to find chairs because people would be gone for long periods of time leaving their towels on the chairs to save them. The band or person that sang on Sunday was just AWFUL. He could not sing in tune. I complained and asked why we can't just listen to normal music & I was told there was nothing they could do that the person singing was a professional singer and he would be on until 4:00pm. It was comical at the end of their set that they announced if you liked the music you could buy a CD, What? Are you kidding me. Why do they have music video playing on the big screens w/o the sound. Anything would have been better. If you are on a trip to the islands, you would think there would be steel drums and music like you are on vacation.

Our ship was not able to stop at CooCoo Cay because of the weather. The ocean was too rough to use the tender boats. This was a huge disappointment. They had nothing special for us to do being stuck at sea. We were stuck in the windy upper leave trying to soak up the sun and relax, but the music was just awful to listen to and try to relax. I found the lunches to be very bland and boring. The hamburgers looked they were boiled in water every time they had them out. They had the same cookies all 3 days. Not much to pick from because it was the same food everyday.

Was not impressed by the sit down dinner. Very bland food, no flavor and pretty much same food each night. Lots to pick from at buffet, but also pretty bland food. The dinner rolls were good and fries. That is pretty much what I ate the entire time and the salad bar.

We participated in a couple of activities that were fun. Listen to a small part of a song and then guess what the song and who sings it. The comedian on Sunday night was good. He was funny and interacted w/ the crowd. The 5th floor smells like smoke. The ship needs better ventilation or to be made non smoking. You can smell the smoke from the stairs/elevator area. It sticks because you have to walk through the casino to get to the piano bar and a couple other things at that end of the ship.

There were 11 of us girls and not one of us thought this ship/cruise was a very good experience. They need more staff that speak English as well. You can ask them a question and they would look at you w/ a blank look. The smell of sewage was bad but having your room smell like it has been flooded by toilet water and semi-dried out is just gross! We had friends in 3 other rooms down the hall and their rooms did not smell like ours. I honestly can't ever see myself going on this ship again. It needs a good cleaning, new band by the pool, and better food.

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Sail Date: February 2014

I have been on 21 cruises in the last 11 years and have sailed on mostly the larger ships. Never having sailed out of Baltimore, my husband and I decided to give it a try. So we booked the Grandeur of the Seas for February of this year. ... Read More

I have been on 21 cruises in the last 11 years and have sailed on mostly the larger ships. Never having sailed out of Baltimore, my husband and I decided to give it a try. So we booked the Grandeur of the Seas for February of this year. We are used to sailing mostly out of Bayonne and found this port to be a pleasant surprise. Having a problem with my knees, I found the walking to be minimal getting on the ship. I asked a security guard if there was another way onto the ship because you have to walk up about 3 or 4 walkways to enter the ship on deck 4. I was directed to a ramp taking me right onto deck one, which was wonderful.

The service is always excellent with Royal, but on the Grandeur, it was probably the best. We are also used to your run of the mill buffet food which is usually good, but on the Grandeur it was superb! We found ourselves skipping the dining room and going to the buffet for dinner! There are plenty of selections; the food is always hot and the service is the best I've ever encountered. The only con on the ship was the bed. After all their refurbishment, they forgot one thing! It was hard and uncomfortable. This was the only negative thing I can say about this ship. If you get the opportunity, take it for a sail. You won't be disappointed.

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