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Sail Date: December 2017
I chose this cruise because I was told RC had better service and food than others. I was celebrating my daughters 16th along with my two sons moving away for careers soon, and so it may be the last vacation for us for years. I've never ... Read More
I chose this cruise because I was told RC had better service and food than others. I was celebrating my daughters 16th along with my two sons moving away for careers soon, and so it may be the last vacation for us for years. I've never cruised before. My husband is a disabled veteran so I thought a cruise might be more relaxing and easier on him than flying overseas or driving for hours. I'm sad to say, we were not big fans. We are thankful for the experience, but it is not "our cup of tea". I think 3 days is perfect for this size of this ship with over 2,000 people on board. By day 4, I felt like the staff was losing interest in us, the food was getting old, and the rooms and spaces were closing in. The playa mia excursion was extrememly crowded. I was shocked at the amount of cruise ships pulling into cozumel at the same time. I felt like cattle being prodded on and off ship. It was stressful and chaotic to say the least. The main dining area food was pretty bad. Our waiter, Joel, was funny and wonderful, but the food was mostly just poor quality. So, after the second night, we started eating off the buffet. I suggest my time dining, we never waited. Others waited for long periods. My biggest complaint is the pool area. Very small pool size, congested, loud music during day, smokers sit along one whole side, so you have to walk through smoke. Heavy drinkers everywhere. Felt like it was a college party zone. And don't be fooled, the solarium is no better. Pretty bad when you take a cruise and you don't step foot in the pool. Our kids only went in one time. Not enjoyable at all. Other major complaint, is the push to sell by the RC staff. I felt like they couldn't get enough out of their cruisers. Constantly pushing for photographs, drink packages, and upgrading to the other dining options. This cheapened our experience. Our room attendant was wonderful. Some of the staff were hard to understand on speaker. I heard a lot of complaints about this cruise from other cruisers. I would NOT recommend it. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
We booked an Owner's Suite - room 1020. ** DO NOT BOOK THIS ROOM ** This room is directly under the Windjammer restaurant. In room 1020, you get to enjoy 24-hours of carts banging through doorways, equipment being dragged across the ... Read More
We booked an Owner's Suite - room 1020. ** DO NOT BOOK THIS ROOM ** This room is directly under the Windjammer restaurant. In room 1020, you get to enjoy 24-hours of carts banging through doorways, equipment being dragged across the floor and Lord knows what else. I cannot emphasize this enough - DO NOT STAY IN SUITE 1020 on Majesty of the Seas. Also, NEVER order room service. You will get whatever scraps they can pull of the Windjammer buffet line, let it get nice and cold, then deliver it to your room for $7.95 + 18% gratuity. If you have mobility issues - DO NOT BOOK THIS CRUISE. My wife has MS and is limited to using a scooter. Navigating though the ship is nearly impossible on a scooter. The elevators are always full of other guests, the tables in the casino are completely inaccessible to someone in a wheelchair, and there is no handicap-specific seating anywhere on the ship. We were 'honored' to be invited to the Captain's table for dinner. The table situated in the middle of the Main Dining room, surrounded by other tables and chairs. My wife could not use her scooter to get to the table. Instead, we had to deal with the embarrassment of my wife having to try to walk while supporting herself on chairs and the server stations. There are so many little things that made this one of the most frustrating, non-relaxing cruises I've been on. Really feels like a complete waste of money. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
Royal Caribbean (RC) vs. Princess (P) 1.Interior Stateroom- RC wins for size and decoration 2.Public Restrooms- P wins for cleanliness, especially mens restrooms 3.Dining- P wins hands down; RC offered more venues but ... Read More
Royal Caribbean (RC) vs. Princess (P) 1.Interior Stateroom- RC wins for size and decoration 2.Public Restrooms- P wins for cleanliness, especially mens restrooms 3.Dining- P wins hands down; RC offered more venues but included(complimentary) venues were limited and not up to par with what we've experienced on P. Display, Quality and Variety of food was just so much better on P. At times it was hard to even find an open venue to grab a snack on RC whereas P had their buffet venue always open. 4.Snacks- RC just nickel & dimed us for popcorn and ice cream; P had these available at appropriate venues for no charge (like movie nights) 5.Bands/Musicians- amazing on both lines. I'm always impressed! 6.Music Venues- WOW RC had amazing venues...latin club, jazz club, dance club w/ a dj and dance club w/ live band. RC had karaoke with a LIVE BAND. So so fun! P music venues were typically just bars. 7.Entertainment/Shows- RC just wasn't up to par with Princess for our families tastes. The shows all seemed similar. Very artsy and abstract with some amazing acrobats/diving etc. Songs seemed a bit forced w/ vocals forced. RC and P both have had amazing comedians. 8.Elevators- My mom was in a wheelchair and we appreciated the 24 elevators in RC. I don't remember how many P had but I think only 6 on the Grand Princess & Crown Princess. (my mom wasn't with me on my P cruises) 9.Staff- amazing on both lines Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
Affordable alternative to travel where You have almost everything at a arms length.. The ship is large with many theme restaurants, shops, pools,outdoor theater, sun decks, entertainment theaters, a casino and a lot of quiet places to ... Read More
Affordable alternative to travel where You have almost everything at a arms length.. The ship is large with many theme restaurants, shops, pools,outdoor theater, sun decks, entertainment theaters, a casino and a lot of quiet places to relax, lie down,read,game room,library just to mention a few. The cabin was excellent, the dining alternatives, at he formal dining room and the windjammer lounge offered a variety of food for all to chose. The daily entertainment and evening activities and service is very outstanding. There was a variety of port excursions.I chose to do local tourist on foot in the proximity of the ports visited. The maps provided by the cruise line were very good. Being a local of San Juan I found the embarkation facilities in San Juan very run down, neglected and dirty, I cannot say that of the islands visited. Overall our cabin attendant Ms Milagro Thyne room 9642 and head waiter at our table 422 Mr Michael Jackson and his attendant Muhammad were efficient and professional. The disembarkation facilities are rather small in San Juan compared to the amount of passengers it has to handle, the parking is inadequate and more coordination is needed by the tourism authorities to make this pleasant. Puerto Rico has to learn from islands such as Barbados, Martinica,St Lucia that with smaller ports handled things very smoothly. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
Mom/Daughter (age 21) annual vacation time. We go away together every year in Dec or Jan and have for 17 years. Experienced cruisers, mostly on Disney, but have done other lines. This was our first RCI. We wanted to do something ... Read More
Mom/Daughter (age 21) annual vacation time. We go away together every year in Dec or Jan and have for 17 years. Experienced cruisers, mostly on Disney, but have done other lines. This was our first RCI. We wanted to do something different from flying to Florida and cruising, so decided we would love to visit NYC at Xmas (had never done that) and also take in a couple of shows, do some shopping and then get on the ship leaving from Bayonne NJ. Arrived in NYC late afternoon of the 11th, stayed at the Crowne Plaza Times Square for $299/night with a Times Square view. I thought this was an excellent rate. We did the typical tourist stuff like Ellen's Stardust Diner, Macys, Saks, Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Center, etc... Was cold but had fun. I have limited mobility in my left leg, so I rented a scooter from scootaround to be delivered to the hotel and it was there and waiting for me. Excellent scooter with great battery life. I didn't have any trouble navigating NYC with the scooter. We didn't use the subways, just walked everywhere and took an uber a couple of times (scooter came apart in 3 easy steps in 30 seconds). I found most locals to be really nice to a scooter user, holding doors for me, making way for me. We saw Dear Evan Hansen and Miss Saigon. We took an accessible uber to Port on the 14th. We had an 11am-1130am check in time, but due to a bit of a mix up with the uber, we didn't get there until 12:15pm. I wasn't too worried. We were ushered right into the wheelchair lines and were on the ship and eating at the buffet at 12:30pm! Easiest embarkation ever!!! So if you are a scooter or wheelchair users, ARRIVE with it - don't rent it and have it waiting on the ship for you! Ship is GORGEOUS - so new and inviting. Buffet was crazy busy, as expected on embark day. We had a quick bite and shared a table with 2 people. Then we went exploring. Rooms were ready at 1pm and we had room 11554 balcony room. Room was nice, but quite narrow. There was a very limited amount of space to walk around the beds compared to other rooms I have had in the past on other lines. Room was spotless and we met our attendant quickly. She was really nice. We hung out in the room until muster drill at 2:30pm. When heading to muster I noticed people still boarding the ship! I didn't think people could still be boarding 15 mins before muster, but they were. Quite a line up actually. At least 30 people. I found other passengers to be of all ages, a good mix of everyone from young couples, young couples with kids, families with teens, and people right up into 50s-60s-70s etc. We had the drill and it was pretty painless. We had to watch this awful video that was like a 'movie' about safety using a stupid story line. No big deal. The captain announced we were going to sail around the Statue of LIberty -everyone was super stoked about this. We got our coats and went up to deck 15. To say it was cold would be an understatement. Most people hung out inside and right as we passed we all raced out for photos and selfies and ran back in. Kids were already in the indoor pool at sailaway. We were really tired from 3 crazy busy days and a time change (we are from the West Coast) and went to our room and had a nap for an hour, then got ready for dinner. We were on my time dining and I was worried about all of the reports of long lines, but can happily report that on any nights we went to the MDR we had no wait past 2 minutes and never saw these horrible lines that people speak of. Our MDR experience was awful. We were put at a table right next to the restaurant entrance and main pathway to the back area where they bring out food. It was like eating in grand central station. So many misbehaved kids being alllowed to just run around free willy all over the place during dinner. We nicely asked for a new table and were told no. Even though we could clearly seem a half dozen tables for 2 in better locations, we were told that because I use a scooter we must sit there. I told them I was able to slowly walk to a better table and were still told no. So we just went with it. I ordered the striploin medium and my daughter ordered chicken. We had ordered food and still not been offered drinks or a wine menu. We had to ask our server for these, who rolled his eyes. She said her food was good. My steak showed up looking like an over processed pork chop. I cut into it with a butter knife and it pretty much fell apart. Odd thing is it was white inside. I tasted it and it literally just melted in my mouth, and not in a good way, and tasted more like pork than beef. I sent it back thinking they had mistakenly given me some sort of processed pork (it tasted like spam). They brought me another and it was the exact same thing. I don't know what planet they are on, but in my world a striploin steak is not 2 cm thick, white inside and tastes like spam. I didn't eat it. Ate the potatoes and vegetables. We then sat for about 20 mins ignored. We still even had bread and butter plates on the table. Nothing had been cleared - so we sat with 5 kids racing back and forth in front of our table, every server going back and forth ignoring us. Some guy on a walkie talkie giving orders to people. We actually just sat there and started to laugh and said lets go into Silk tomorrow night (we were in American Icon). Finally we had dessert menus shoved at us and our plates cleared (all bread plates, appie/salad plates and dinner plates at the same time). We enjoy some tea or coffee with dessert on a cruise and were not even offered this. We were going to ask but got this feeling like we were in their way and wanted us out. We had some dessert and left. We decided to go get a coffee in the windjammer and since I had not really eaten much, I ate buffet food. We played a game show in the music hall (fun venue) and went to unpack and go to bed early. Disappointed in the spa on such a new ship. No private thasseltherapy pool or hot tubs. Not worth a $99 pass for a few tile loungers, no ocean view. The lounge felt more like a doctor office waiting room. The next day we spent most of it in the solarium after a room service breakfast. Our style of cruising is room service on our balcony (although too cold on this one except for 3 days), relax in the solarium, get a massage, relax, nap, enjoy some good food and evening entertainment. We are not the go go go all day type of people that do trivia, casino, bingo, workshops. We never had a problem finding a spot around 11am in the solarium. A couple of times I did notice something like a random tshirt thrown on one of the nice round loungers, and I would wait a full 20 mins, then tell the guys working there and they would put it in lost and found, and we would take the lounger. YOu can tell when people have a great set up they are using and are off swiming, getting food etc... vs. the ones who toss something on a chair or lounger and dont plan on coming back anytime soon. About 2 hours later this girl came and started screaming at us in spanish and was literally trying to push us off 'her' lounger. She was getting aggressive. I told her that her shorts had been removed over 2 hours ago and no saving like that was allowed. One of the staff intervened and basically told her to get lost. So was happy they were on top of that. Another time a large family brought their 2 toddlers in the solarium and were letting them squeal and run around. I don't mind kids, I never expect a kid free vacation, but when I am in the solarium, I expect kid free. They were in there for over a half hour squealing and playing and my daughter finally found a staff member and alerted them, who promptly asked them to leave with the children. Was nice to see rules enforced. Drink service in the solalrium was awesome. They even came up and asked if they could refill my soda cup without me asking them. I had some good naps in that place! Was wonderful to lay in our swimsuits knowing its like 25 below outside, but we were toasty and warm on vacation! Second night was formal night, we weren't sure if we were going to bother due to previous MDR experience but decided to get dressed up and go. We went to Silk, and again were put in the 'grand central station' table and right away said no thanks. You would have thought I had asked for a private dining spot with curtains and a butler only for us. Eyes rolled, etc... We got put at a table that was not much different but just decided we would go with it. We sat for 15 mins with NO ONE coming by to take a drink order, drop off bread, or anything. We almost got up and left. Finally we had bread tossed on our table and asked what we wanted to order. So I said "Well first I would like to see a wine menu...." and was cut off saying that was the other persons job. So we ordered - my daughter enjoyed the chicken the night before and ordered that again. I decided to try the buttermilk fried chicken but also wanted to try some of the spagetti and asked for a child portion on the side. This seemed to be some kind of odd request and our server couldn't quite comprehend we wanted a small portion to share on the side. Dinner came and my daughter's chicken was so overcooked it was tough and dry. My chicken was good. The spagetti was awful. The ground beef was more 'pureed' and could have been fed to a baby. I can't explain the taste, but again this 'beef' tasted more like puree spam. This is when I decided they were really wanted people to spend money at the chops to get decent beef. We were part way through our meal when the wine menu arrived. Seriously? I said not to bother at that point. We again waited about 15 mins with a table full of dishes to be cleared and finally decided just to walk out. We went to the windjammer for dessert. So we had a negative MDR experience, but other areas of the cruise were great, but not 'awesome'. 270 is amazing. We went to the shows and games and the food in the cafe there was the best on the ship. It was a default for us. The roast beef sandwich was the only real beef on the ship that you didn't have to pay extra for! The Gift we walked out of. Hated it. Disjointed story, made no sense. The props and staging were good, but we just couldn't sit through this. Also we are spoiled by being season ticket holders to broadway tour shows and also just seeing 2 shows on Broadway. We are theater geeks and can be pretty picky. So keep that in mind. Many people claim to love it - we couldn't sit through it. We also opted out of seeing We Will Rock You, as my daughter saw it on a school trip to London and hated it there, and we figured we would skip. We didn't last through Spectra either. I can appreciate the work gone into it, the screens, etc... but the show as awful and not our thing. Again, you may love it - but we just couldn't sit through it. The esplanade is constantly FULL of watches and jewelry for sale. I don't think I ever saw anyone buying this stuff, but they must sell it because it was always there. Also lots of the $10 'crap'. Shops were bleh. I honestly don't think they need to fill space with big designers like Cartier. Id rather see a fun candy shop, or some more 'fun clothes' like lilly pulitzer or roxy or something 'cruise wear' type. So many jewelry stores with overpriced items. Or put a good handbag store like Coach on board - it is affordable and they would sell a lot more of that then watches. The cosmetic store was fun. Another thing that we didn't like was that you can't get anything but pizza or sandwiches (or pay for room service) after 9pm. Not once on the ship was the classic 'midnight buffet' or midnight chocolate buffet. Everything shut down at 9pm expect cookies and sandwiches, and pizza. We didnt care for the pizza - this is a personal thing, we find most cruise ship pizza we don't enjoy - maybe its our Canadian pizza is much different :) So we were left with not much else. We ordered hot breakfast room service 2 times and the pancakes were amazing. Loved them. What is funny though is the guy showed up with 6 orders!!! 6 full orders of pancakes and hash browns for 2 of us. He seemed to really be wondering why on earth we had 6 orders and we all had a good laugh when we realized it must have been a glitch with the order through the tv. I loved being able to pre-order breakfast the night before on the tv, and they would phone you about 5 mins before it arrived to wake you up. Loved loved this! We ordered other room service just one time and food was 'ok' but nothing super special. We ate in Windjammer the rest of the cruise for dinners except the last night. I found staff in windjammer attentive but really hated being asked to get milk. They keep this under lock and key and you have to ask for it. We bought the soda package for just me, as I can't drink lemonade due to it being so acidic, it affects my eczema. It was disappointing that many times the freestyle machines were completely empty of anything but water, but still managed to use it quite a bit. There were machines by the hot dog place (oh and the hot dogs were amazing!), 2 in windjammer and 2 in Sorrentos. Never a big line up. Easy to use. People were openly sharing the soda package in front of staff. I witnessed on dad lining up 5 cups beside the machine and would use his cup to get drink and pour it among the cups for his entire family. Cafe promenade had good turkey sandwiches. The chicken salad was awful as it was like blended or puree'd chicken and mayo. The texture was baby food and it was inedible for me. They had great donuts and pastries in the morning. We actually never went to windjammer for breakfast as we are late sleepers and love our breakfast on the balcony. Basically we felt like this ship was just like any other smaller ship for us, with some fancy stuff that had very limited availability tossed in. Keep this in mind if you are adults and don't care too much about roller skating and bumper cars - you are better to go with a smaller and more traditional ship with a great solarium, rather than be taken in by the 'fancy activities'. If you add up your actual time for those it is less than 30 mins on your cruise! 3 mins bumper cars (if you are one of the lucky 300 out of 4200 to get to use them), 5 mins trapeze (if you are one of the lucky 90 people out of 4200 to actually get to use it), 2 mins in the North Star (and honestly over rated - we couldn't get an in port appointment and the ocean looks the same up in the air as it does from our balcony lol). I never saw kids playing the video games in sports plex. My daughter did ifly and was not impressed with her 52 seconds in the tube. The guy running it just yelled at everyone the entire time and talked down to them. She and the people in her time slot all came off and said they just spent a half hour getting screamed at by a guy who hates his job. haha. It was too cold to use the flow rider except for 3.5 days, so you couldn't get near this if you wanted to. So basically I felt like we were on this huge amazing ship, but the amenities we actually used were the same as an older and smaller ship, with the exception of 270 and possibly the solarium. I noticed tons of kids playing basketball and having a great time in there. This seemed to be a huge hit with the teens. Elevators were fairly fast and predictable. I had heard that some people had trouble with waiting all the time, but being a person in a scooter and relying on them, I only really had this trouble maybe 2 times, during busy times or coming off the tender and trying to get back up. I found the 'class' of passengers to be above what we experienced on Carnival last year. These were more a of a Disney class of people. Great people, would hold the door for my scooter on the elevator, offer to help me at the buffet, etc... People were dressed nicer, were not so flat out drunk at all hours and puking in the hallways all day. Didn't see jeans in the dining room except for the first night, most people dressed nicely in the evening unless doing a game show or something. Was nice to have this class. Ports... Port Canaveral -we are massive disney fans, but did not want to attempt the parks on a Sunday a week before Xmas. We decided to take an uber (cost was $90 there and $75 back) to Disney Springs. Actually we went to Wilderness Lodge first and had breakfast at Whispering Canyon - love that breakfast. We then took the disney bus over to Disney Springs and spent the day shopping and had a late lunch at Planet Hollywood. We walked to Saratoga Springs resort and grabbed an uber back from there around 7pm. Got back to to ship about 8pm and on board time was 8:30. We were so tired this is the evening we ordered room service to our room. Coco Cay - very happy the tender takes scooters and wheelchairs, but watch out - once you get onto the island you can't use them! The entire island is sand and there are no cement walkways for wheelchair or scooter use. We had rented a beach bed and were taken by a shuttle right to them. Loved this. Well worth the money. Huge bed and 2 loungers, towels, a cooler with 4 big 1 litre bottles of water. Butler food service (you can pre-order 2 days ahead - watch your phone for the message where/when to do this). If you miss it don't panic, they will do it when you arrive. Food was delicious. Coco Cay itself is awful -the beach is a joke. RCI got ripped off when buying this Island! Nice white sand - picture perfect looking -but is it? For one, all around our bed were broken and sharp sea shells- I felt like my bare feet were going to get cut open. These need removing and sand put down. The water is about 3-4 feet of nice white sand and then goes into a sudden drop off and its just awful gross THICK seaweed. And there was a strong fishy type smell. You couldn't go for a nice swim in the ocean. This was disappointing. We are beach bums and had we not had the bed, we would have gone back to the solarium on the ship. Around 2pm I woke up from a quick nap and all of the water was gone! The tide went out and people were out walking on the seaweed and sand waaaaaaaay out. I don't know what time it started going out, but I fell asleep around 12:30pm and woke up about 2pm and the water was gone. Hope no one wanted to swim or snorkel - there was no water to do it in! Compared to Disney Castaway Cay, this place is a dump and just a joke. I wouldn't book a cruise that stops here again, and if I did, I would stay on the ship. Nassau - we are some of the rare cruisers who have never been here. We usually do eastern/western/southern and never have been there. I didn't expect much and didn't really plan anything. Once off the ship and out on the street, the smell of urine was awful. We decided to get the heck out and took a $4 each cab to Atlantis. We bought the beach pass for $69 each. Expensive but worth it - gorgeous beach. Only thing is I was shocked that at a private resort they allowed vendors to bug us on the beach trying to sell us all their stuff. There was a cute mini straw market set up, and if I wanted to buy stuff I would go there, but did not like being hassled on a beach I paid $140 for us to lay on, plus tips to the guy with the chairs. They also charge $20 for an umbrella if you want one. My daughter got us fried chicken and fries - this was amazing food - I am actually craving it now. It was about $12 and enough food to feed both of us - in fact enough to feed 3 people! Great deal. Also the lifeguard was not attentive. I have a bad leg and was having a lot of trouble exiting the water. I kept being pushed over by the waves and really needed some help. I was about 8 feet from him and having a lot of trouble. I called out help to him 4 times and he glanced and looked away. A young girl about 21 yrs old came over to me and said she is a lifeguard at home and she helped me. I was in tears trying to get out - felt like a beached whale and so embarrassed and this young angel saved me that day! My daughter was off getting the food when this happened. I actually plan to write to Atlantis about this experience. Our tickets included going into the aquarium and it was fun, but not as 'grand' as they make it look in their advertising. I think the money they charge is worth it to get out of the main streets of Nassau. We took a cab to the straw market - as I wanted to find a few little 'stocking stuffer' type items and some souveniers for friends at home. I didn't find people as pushy as expected. I found a sweet lady and bought 4 things from her and left. We then went down the street a bit and decided to go back to the ship. We did go to the dining room on the last night. We got dressed up and went. I decided to pay the $16.95 to order the filet mignon from Chops. It was ok but I have had much better cuts of beef. It didn't come wrapped in bacon. That meal was better but still had bad service - I asked for a decaf coffee with dessert and you would have thought I asked for a plate of gold to be delivered. Debarkation was so quick and painless. We had luggage picked up the night before. Found a porter and were able to get out quickly. We booked the NYC sightseeing tour because we needed to kill time due to a late flight out of JFK. This tour was hilariously awful - everyone on the bus was sharing looking. The tour guide was a woman in her late 70s and your stereotypical New Yorker. She offered little info and at the beginning said "Well we might not make it to ground zero because the holiday lights are all up and much more important to see". My jaw dropped! One of the reasons we chose to do this was because we spent 3 nights doing the lights and those things, and while I knew I would see them again, I really wanted to go to Ground Zero. My daughter spoke up and said that ground zero was quite important to us. So she agreed to stop there. Unfortunately I was unable to visit, as we parked about 2.5 blocks away and I cant walk that far on my leg, and I had left my scooter at the port for pick up. :( But I did see it was we drove by and my daughter facetimed me from it so I could see it. We then drove around NYC and she gave no historical facts really. Only a bit of pop culture like pointing out where Meryl Streep lives and stuff like that. I actually ended up asking questions and she didn't know the answers to most unless it was related to pop culture. She was also very racist and would make comments about 'the jews' and 'the blacks' and ' the indians'. The best was when she said "We are now in around the JW area - anyone on board here a JW?" No one raised a hand and she said "Oh good - well maybe we should go knock on THEIR doors". My jaw dropped. My daughter started laughing from it being so unbelievable she was speaking like this. I actually started taking video of her. At one point she said something about all the cabbies being from Bangledesh and they dont know their way around the city and making fun of them. The tour ended after about 2.5 hours and we were transferred onto a private van for those going to JFK. The driver of this van was not friendly. Overall we had a great vacation - I clearly believe your trip is what you make of it. We always found something to do or see and have fun. We loved the bionic bar and have fun creating drinks. We probably would never sail the Anthem again because the service was so bad, we felt 'in the way' when asking staff something. They did not have a great attitude at all - never smiled really. But we didn't let this ruin our vacation. I give our vacation 4 out of 5, but the actual ship experience and staff at 3 out of 5. Oh another thing that happened was I got a message on our tv saying my credit card was declined. There was no way it could be and I was in a panic. I was in line at guest services for over 35 minutes only to finally get to the front and have them tell me the message went out in error and there were no problems with my card. Geez thanks - I needed to panic that my card had been stolen and over used and waste a half hour of my day dealing with a non issue! Again, on that note - we had a great time, but the 'fancy' on board stuff is really all for show for the average cruiser. You will be lucky to use any of it. And if you are, it is because you stood in a 2 hour line up to get in on it! I also was not a fan of 8 days, with only 4 of them being warm and the other being frigid cold - couldn't use balcony and if you were on deck 14 and zipping across from solarium to buffet you had to freeze for part of the walk over there! Just not for us. I believe we will try RCI again. I didn't feel nickel and dimed as I didnt allow myself to be. We spent about $400 on board with spa and drinks. I am loyal to Disney but their prices are so out of control that we are on a disney cruise break. Hope this report helps others out in deciding what is best for their personal cruise vacations! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2017
We have cruised several times with Royal Caribbean but not ever on this large a ship. In all fairness to the line, the Liberty was delayed in getting to Galveston by four hours. This made embarkation a nightmare with everyone pushing and ... Read More
We have cruised several times with Royal Caribbean but not ever on this large a ship. In all fairness to the line, the Liberty was delayed in getting to Galveston by four hours. This made embarkation a nightmare with everyone pushing and shoving to get on the ship. The crew on the pier were trying to maintain order, but finally just gave up. RCCL did give everyone a $25.00 credit for having to board late and about 8:30 p.m. we left the port. The ship itself is beautiful and the common areas kept very clean considering the amount of people using them. Our cabin was nice and roomy, well appointed and easily maneuvered with a wheelchair. The bathroom had a roll-in shower and plenty of grab bars, although the sink was a little high but doable for someone in a seated position. Our cabin steward was wonderful and the best thing on the cruise. The balcony was also large and easy to use. The dining room food was not a varied as I remembered it being on other cruises, but the food was plentiful, and the service was excellent. Windjammer was so crowded at all times that it was very difficult to move around or find a table. People were going in all directions with plates of food, children were unattended and it was very stressful to try and eat there. On past cruises there was usually crew to assist, but on this one I didn't see anyone offering to help. We only saw one band which we enjoyed immensely and the ice skating show which is not to be missed. Be sure to get in line early for the ice show as it fills up quickly. The skill of the performers is amazing. Cozumel port was a tender so I didn't get off the ship. Weather didn't permit us to stop at Grand Cayman so we missed that port. In Jamaica we just wandered around the shops and tasted the local food and drink. Most excursions are not accessible for a wheelchair user. All in all, I really think this ship is not a good fit for someone with mobility issues. All areas are crowded at all times and it seems there isn't enough room for as many people as they have on board. Elevators are an absolute nightmare and a long, long wait for room enough to get on with a scooter, wheelchair or walker. Seems RCCL is catering a lot to families with children rather than adults. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
Oasis of the Seas Dec, 2017 Always being intimidated with the size and scores of people on the “mega ship,” after careful consideration and reading countless reviews, we made the plunge and booked our cruise on the ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas Dec, 2017 Always being intimidated with the size and scores of people on the “mega ship,” after careful consideration and reading countless reviews, we made the plunge and booked our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. This being our 27 the cruise, over the years we have become accustom to certain expectations within the cruise industry so Oasis of the Seas was being held to an experienced cruisers standard. That being said I won’t bore you with every detail and will only covers the points most cruisers new and experienced may be concerned with. First let me say after reading many reviews, I’m amazed at the some of the ridiculous criticisms stated by many. Simply put, as in life, if one intentionally looks for things to criticize, rest assured, they will find something to complain about. On the other hand, if one chooses to focus on the positive things, life can and will be much better place for everyone and perhaps most importantly the complainer. Oasis of the Seas, like any other ship, has issues and can always improve but overall it is an amazing ship and cruise. Embarkation: Flawless! We arrived at the port at 11:00 and were eating in the Windjammer café by 11:40. I have read many reviews that stated not to waist time looking for a seat in the Windjammer due to over crowding; nonsense! We never had to wait for a table at the Windjammer the whole cruise. There was plenty of seating, never a wait, and always great service. Food was above average but not excellent. One neat thing was everyday they had a new meat at the carving station. (Prime Rib, Pork Loin, Turkey) Ports: Labadee, Jamaica and Cozumel 4 at sea days: Ports were good but we have been there so many times we could offer our own tour service. For the experienced cruisers, island days offer an empty ship with some very good deals on services that you may want to take advantage of. Ship: Spotless, well maintained! Never, ever felt like it was crowded even though there were over 6 thousand passengers aboard. A Couple of times the shopping area was congested but never any worse than any other cruise we have taken. Room: Mid Ship Balcony, 9th floor. Very spacious with more storage than any other ship we have sailed. Cabin steward was excellent, kept room spotless and always polite and out of site. Made sure we tipped him well! Ship Staff: Excellent. Many reviews said Oasis was understaffed and often staff was unfriendly. Absolutely untrue! The staff was very friendly and always willing to help and go the extra mile. They were every-where, yet they stayed in their own lane and never interfered unless summoned. On the other hand, as often as they attempted to help guests, many times I was ashamed of how the guest treated them. Being in the customer service industry for many years it always amazes me how rude and self-centered customers can really be. Often guests would treat cruise staff with disrespect and at times even contempt. This was really noticeable by the Panicle Class passengers who may believe they own the ship and could treat cruise staff and passengers anyway they wanted. Just a note here, they’re not the only ones who paid money for there cruise. One could easily arrive at the conclusion these may be the people who are writing the majority of critical reviews of the Oasis. Again, anyone can find fault with anything if you look hard enough, and Oasis of the Seas is no exception. Ship Activities: Many. There was always something going on aboard the Oasis. You could get as involved or uninvolved as your personal cruising style determined. Cruise Director: Average. With 6,000 passengers aboard the Oasis, one can only imagine how pulled the Cruise Director can be. That being said, I think they could actually use two directors on this size ship. Regardless he did well. Specialty Dining: Excellent! Should you choose a cruise of the Oasis, you must make a reservation at Giovanni’s Table. Believe me you won’t regret it, unbelievable! Specialty Dining Pricing: On the high side but still competitive with other cruise lines. While the prices may be considered a bit high, the service and quality of the food are worth it. After all you are on vacation, treat yourself if you can afford it. Main Dinning Restaurant: Very good! One could easily eat here for the whole cruise and be completely satisfied while saving a bunch of money. Quality of Food and service was very good and really nice to have your waiter call you by name and have your beverage of choice waiting for you when you get there. Bar Service: Great! Read many critical reviews complaining about lack of bar service. While we are not extreme drinkers, the wife and I have a history of getting one drink from every bar on the ship. This cruise was no different, we hit every bar (and there are many) and we never had to wait for more then 5 minutes for service and less than 3 minutes for our drink, with understandable exception of the pool or Solarium. Drink quality was very good. Tip: on day three, Oasis offers a 10-drink package for $80.00, excellent savings as typical mixed drinks go for $13.00-$15.00 per drink. Entertainment: Very Good. Was not impressed with Cats, but shows are subjective to ones personal preferences. Comedians were very good, just be a bit cautious with underage children, and language can be a bit forward. Bands were really good. DE-embarkation: Perfect, flawless. We choose to walk off the ship rather than waiting for our assigned departure time. We arrived at the de-embarkation point (Main Lobby) at 5:45 A.M. (make sure you get there early as 600 people choose this option making for quite a line). Despite the line, it was the smoothest of any ship we were on. Simply put Oasis has got this right! We were back at our hotel and on the road home by 7:10 a.m. As I shared from the beginning, the wife and I were very apprehensive a sailing on a mega ship with over 6,000 passengers. Now on the other side, I am sold out on the Oasis of the Seas. It never felt crowded or congested, in fact, we have sailed on many smaller RCCL ships with fewer passengers that felt much more crowded than the Oasis. My wife and I are looking forward to sailing on RCCL Oasis class ships again. I know if you give it a chance you also will be very pleasantly surprised! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2017
We had four generations on this cruise and all of us had so many fun things to do and ways to spend wonderful quality time together too. It was an outstanding experience and we can't wait to do it again! My 12 year old son absolutely ... Read More
We had four generations on this cruise and all of us had so many fun things to do and ways to spend wonderful quality time together too. It was an outstanding experience and we can't wait to do it again! My 12 year old son absolutely loved the huge water slides and shore excursions, especially the waterfall climbing and cave exploring excursions in Jamaica. My 94 year old grandmother enjoyed shopping at each port of call, the casinos (the least expensive slot machines), the shows and of course the excellent service. She felt pampered the entire time. She uses a walker that is also a wheelchair and the ship was fairly easy to navigate for us pushing her. My mother and I loved the great family time we got to spend together at meals combined with the great shore excursions and shows making every day fun and full. Overall, the ship was beautiful and full of so many great things to do, the staff was exceptional in making each person feel welcome and appreciated and we feel the cruise was a wonderful way to explore the world while being together as a family. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
I chose this cruise because it was a new ship. I thoroughly enjoyed eating at Wonderland and Jamie's. It was a wonderful experience and very different from anything we had ever experienced before . I also enjoyed all of the shows ... Read More
I chose this cruise because it was a new ship. I thoroughly enjoyed eating at Wonderland and Jamie's. It was a wonderful experience and very different from anything we had ever experienced before . I also enjoyed all of the shows especially grease the water show and the two ice-skating shows . I also had fun gambling in the casino . Embarkation and disembarkation went very smoothly with no problems. My great grandchildren were also on the cruise and love the kids program . It was a family vacation we had four generations aboard myself my daughter and her husband my granddaughter and her husband and the two great-grandchildren . My daughters mother-in-law was with us also as was her son and his wife . We have done this every December for the last five years and always on Royal Caribbean . Our cabins are always very clean and the cabin steward takes real good care of us. The ship itself is beautiful and spotless the crew are always going around cleaning . Cruising is a wonderful way to spend a vacation . Read Less
Sail Date: December 2017
We chose this cruise because it's a quiet time before the Christmas cruises The price for our Ocean view cabin was also great. Embarkation - RC texted us the day before advising that the ship needed extra cleaning, so they asked us ... Read More
We chose this cruise because it's a quiet time before the Christmas cruises The price for our Ocean view cabin was also great. Embarkation - RC texted us the day before advising that the ship needed extra cleaning, so they asked us to arrive after noon. That meant that some passengers must have come down with the Norovirus, but there were no reports of this in the news. It didn't bother us getting there later because you can't get to your cabin until 1 pm anyway. We arrived shortly after 1 pm and were directed to drop off our luggage and then park our car. We wondered why we didn't have to pay for parking beforehand, thought now they were collecting at the end. There were no handicap parking spots left, but we were lucky to get a spot near the terminal a few rows down. Once inside we were given the health forms and not directed to the handicapped line, but to the full Diamond line. I Wondered why as it was obvious I had a walking handicap , I use a cane and am legally disabled. It didn't seem to matter to the terminal folks. At least the Diamond line was only about ten people, the regular linewas hundreds of people waiting. I guess they ignored RC's advice to come late. Finally we were checked in, and again we were directed up the ramps instead of the handicapped entrance. I thought it would be only two or so turns of the ramp so I didn't say anything, I should have. For me it was horrendous. By the time I was on the fourth ramp, my legs were screaming at me. I slowed down much to the dismay of passengers following me. Some rudely pushed around me, some almost knocking me down. When I reached the next corner, I stepped aside so people could pass. I heard rude comments as some scampered by. Not a pleasant experience. When I finally arrived at the top I complained to one of the officers, he shrugged his shoulders. I went immediately to our cabin and crashed. Embarkation - FAIL Our cabin, an ocean view on Deck two was fine. We immediately moved the fridge from inside the spot for the desk chair to the closet. Why they don't do this automatically astounds me. Once that was set, we could sit at the desk. I had filled out their special assistance forms online and everything I asked for, the fridge, extension cord, sharps container, etc were in the room. When our state room attendant came by I asked for extra pillows, towels, and removal of that tiny table. Sabich immediately complied. He kept our cabin perfectly, no complaints at all. This cabin, 2106, has a divided window, with an acrylic cover to help insulate it from the cold. Climate control was fine, we really didn't have to adjust the thermostat at all. The bathrooms are small but serviceable. Being on Deck two the smell of sewage came up from the shower drain for most of the trip. I think next time I'm going to bring something to seal that drain when it's not in use. Still, by keeping the bathroom door shut, we kept the door from permeating our cabin. The Grandeur's showers still have a curtain, one that latches onto your body like a bloodsucking leech when taking a shower. Ugh! Oh, and one me when I turned around to detach the leech, I inadvertently knocked into the shower shampoo holder. Well it went flying to the floor and I grabbed it quickly to prevent all the shampoo from spilling. I tried to reattach it, but was unsuccessful. One thing I noticed, the cabin was extremely quiet. This was our fifth time aboard the Grandeur, and it was our quietest cabin. Cabin - Pass - B for its age and shower curtain leech. Dining - We ate breakfast at the main dining room as well as the windjammer. The windjammer, if you didn't get there early, was crowded, as we had a full ship. There were 90 kids, but most times were supervised by their parents. Food was better then three years ago. Lunch we had in the windjammer, unless we skipped it. We're experienced cruisers and know that when we eat big breakfasts, to skip lunch. Dinners were usually in the MDR and sometimes in the windjammer. Again the food was excellent. Always hot, moist, and not dried out. We opted to not eat in the specialty restaurants this trip. We did notice that Izumis was always empty. I predict this spot will disappear in the near future, as on many of our cruises, four this year, izumis was always empty, no matter the ship. (Brilliance, Vision, Jewel, or Grandeur). Dining - pass, B+ Activities - the ship was full. I opted to read in my room or spend time in the casino. I didn't see any lectures, and considering we had six sea days, I thought it odd. I read a lot. Pass Entertainment - we didn't go to many shows. The ones we did I was disappointed. The singer's, usually excellent, were only mediocre. The dancers were however, first rate. The headliners were forgettable. I don't recall any of them and we don't got off the ship 8 days ago. Pass. C+ Fitness and Recreation - I advise everyone to take advantage of the free steam room and sauna on the Vision Class ships. Always excellent and the showers in the men's locker room were better then my cabins. I took most of my showers there. Pass - B+ Shore excursions - We stopped doing RC shore excursions. We found them expensive as well as disabled unfriendly. RC does not enforce front handicapped seating on their buses, shuttles, or excursions. I used to ask people in the front row to move, but stopped after encountering passengers who don't realize the difficulty disabled passengers have maneuvering down tiny aisles. So, no more RC shore excursions until they make them handicap friendly. Shore excursions FAIL Ports of call We stopped at five ports St. Thomas - shuttle downtown. Open air, no aisle. Not much to the downtown area. Some shops were recently opened. We had hoped the r e was a cheap way to get to a beach, but no. Fail Antigua - nice town. We were going for a beach day, but the morning of my back began spasming. We opted to visit the town. Interesting old church and shopping. Pass St. Lucia - found a tour agent in the pier shopping area. Spencer tours. Sixty US for a boat trip down to Souffiere, trip to volcanic hot springs and mud bath, trip to waterfall, then back on boat to trip to beach and barbecue lunch. Was great, though at the beach there was no where to sit and eat. And since the beach was really a resorts, the resort security kept an evil eye on us all the time we were there. I'll give Spencer a B. Great price, and no extra costs. St. Kitts - been here before. We walked around town and enjoyed the local sites. Pass. St. Maarten. We were the first RC ship to visit the port since the hurricanes destroyed most of the town. Damage can be seen everywhere. Local shopkeepers were desperate. We stopped in the local casino. Much better then onboard where ones money gets sucked away quickly. Pass. Barely. Casino on board. Too many smokers just hanging out. I had to ask many times, if they were playing a machine. RC needs to make their ships smoke free like celebrity. Machines were tight. Money sucked away quickly. Machines hardly kept you going. Even the video poker machines robbed you. RC needs to make their special ten play, spin poker, etc machines to take nickels. When you're playing quarters and they want fifty or forty five coins a play. They're just too expensive. They'd get more players if they made those games nickels. Casino - Fail. Overall the Grandeur is still a nice, but dated ship. It's great that one can drive to its port. Read Less
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