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My husband and I just got off our honeymoon cruise on Grandeur of the Seas. We're both experienced cruisers with Diamond status on RCCL. We'd never sailed out of Baltimore before. I didn't keep day-to-day notes, so ... Read More
My husband and I just got off our honeymoon cruise on Grandeur of the Seas. We're both experienced cruisers with Diamond status on RCCL. We'd never sailed out of Baltimore before. I didn't keep day-to-day notes, so let's do things by topic instead: BALTIMORE PORT/EMBARKATION: Small but effective. This was by far the least busy port I've ever embarked at. It hosts only two cruise ships, if I recall correctly, and as a result the facilities are small and streamlined. We hopped out of our shuttle, dropped off our luggage with some very helpful porters, and were on the ship ten minutes later without ever having to wait or sit down. As usual, the staterooms were closed off until a bit after 1pm. When we arrived at our room then, two of our four suitcases were already waiting for us, but by dinnertime that night, we still only had two suitcases. A call to guest services informed us that they were holding our other two suitcases in the "naughty room" behind the purser's desk; though we didn't have any contraband, they required us to come down, open our suitcases for them, and demonstrate that the wine-bottle-shaped things in our suitcases were indeed the two bottles of wine RCCL allows us to carry onto the ship. The staff handling this were all very nice and the matter was handled quickly and with no accusations, but we found it a bit odd - the only thing I can think of is that perhaps the padded sleeves our bottles were in made them look enough *not* like wine bottles that they needed to verify it. STATEROOM: We booked an interior guarantee stateroom and were put in 3519, deck 3 forward. Sadly, if this were my first RCCL cruise, I'm not sure I'd be returning to the line, solely because of how unpleasant our stateroom - especially its bathroom - was. I'm not particularly room-snobbish, and I'm quite used to the usual kind of "you can brush your teeth, pee, and shower at the same time" cramped bathroom on cruises, but this bathroom was nearly unusable. Let's talk about the shower first. The shower was, to my eye, half the size of a comparable stateroom shower on ships like Explorer or Allure; rather than a circular or curved stall with sliding doors, Grandeur's shower was a narrow rectangle about 4 feet long and two feet wide, with the shower head on the narrow end and one corner chopped off, all edged by a shower curtain (oh, yeah, Grandeur still uses shower curtains, some of which are six inches too short and some of which are six inches too long, none of which appeared to be waterproof or hung on a curved curtain rod and all of which *really* wanted to get up close and personal with you). Area-wise, imagine cutting a circular-style shower in half, then shaving off the rounded part. It was physically impossible for me to wash my hair inside the shower's boundaries because raising my elbows made me wider than the shower, and I heard the same thing from every woman I spoke to onboard. Most of us eventually hit on the same solution: pushing aside the fabric shower curtain and using the entire bathroom as a shower stall. Luckily for us, the non-shower portion of the bathroom has a drain. With a few days' practice, one perfects the art of leaning sideways to wash your hair or shave your legs, then using your towel and the bathmat to squeegee the pool of shower water down the outer drain when you're finished showering. There was nothing about this shower that made me think a human had been put into it at any point along the design line, to see if it was actually usable. And now, the toilets. Yes, those famous Grandeur toilets did not disappoint, as long as "did not disappoint" means "were every bit as bad as I'd heard." My husband described our stateroom toilet as a random-number generator. You would close it, push the flush button, and then at some random time point ranging from immediately to five minutes afterward, the toilet would flush. The average time seemed to be about 45 seconds between button pushing and actual flushing. Our room steward told us about this on day one, and we assumed she meant that there was a problem that was being fixed and she wanted to warn us in the meantime. Nope, this is normal on Grandeur. When I advised guest services the next day that our toilet still seemed to malfunctioning, Cara (a lovely woman who worked hard to help people out in any way she could!) replied that unfortunately, that was just how the ship was, due to low vacuum pressure. Cara did promise to ask maintenance to take a look, and it seemed like the flushing got a bit more reliable after that, but at no point during the week did the toilet flush normally. The bathroom sink, like many in the fleet, has a tap that sits too low to the sink bowl to actually fit hands under, and the water pressure in it (oddly, given how blastingly strong the shower pressure is) is very low. Not the hugest deal, but in combination with everything else it rendered the bathroom essentially useless for all three of its main functions: shower, toilet, sink. In contrast, toilets and sinks in public washrooms on the ship had none of these problems - their toilets flushed on command, and their sinks had adequate pressure and hand room. All bathrooms on the ship, both in my stateroom and in public areas, were prone to exuding unpleasant odors at random times, ranging from stale urine to "I could swear there's raw sewage flowing across this floor right now, if the smell is any indication." The bedroom portion of the stateroom was less terrible, though I wouldn't go so far as to label it adequate, either. The room was cramped, which is par for the course, but I did find it a bit odd that it was *so* cramped that there wasn't enough room to walk alongside the bed without dodging protruding furniture. I had assumed these rooms were designed so that everything fit alongside each other, but in this case it didn't quite work, and more than once either my husband or I got up during the night and bodyslammed either the television (which is on a swivel arm) or the corner of the dresser (which projects into what would otherwise be the walking space next to the bed). The bed itself was little more than two cots; the mattresses were about an inch thick and dipped in the middle, funneling both people sleeping in it toward the center of the bed, where we had to fight it out for sleeping space (I usually won!). We asked for a mattress pad, which we got, but it was a scant improvement. I woke up most mornings with serious back pain. Our larger suitcases did *not* fit under the bed for storage. There was adequate closet/drawer space and plenty of hangers for our clothes, but there was extremely limited shelf space for smaller items. Two cabinets alongside the vanity mirror looked promising, but one was occupied by the contents of our minibar, which our room attendant "took away" by putting the stuff inside it (it had started out sitting on the desk, taking up about half the space there). This left one cabinet of four small triangular shelves for everything else we owned (the bathroom had one shelf next to the sink, entirely taken up by the ship-provided drinking glasses), which didn't work out terribly well. Our stateroom attendant was friendly but slow - about half the days we were on the ship, our stateroom wasn't made up in the "morning" until 1-2pm after we left it around 8:30am. Multiple days, we were unable to get room service lunch because the room hadn't been made up yet and we didn't want to be there and prevent her from making it up when she did come around. DINING/BARS: Here, things improve significantly. Let's start with what I can't talk about: the Windjammer. Other than sticking our heads in one day to see the Coke Freestyle machines there, we didn't use the Windjammer the entire week. We ate most of our breakfasts and lunches in the Main Dining Room, where the staff during those periods ranged from absolutely fantastic (we had one lunch waiter during the week who saw us on Day 2, then not again until Day 9 and somehow remembered our drink and bread preferences from the first time to the second) to solidly adequate (the worst thing I can say is that service was slow). Dinners were also in the main dining room, where we got lucky enough to have what must have been the best team in the dining room. Our headwaiter, Denise, blew us away with her attentiveness. We had previously joked that we didn't know what headwaiters did, if they did anything at all, but Denise made it her job to make our week as comfortable as possible. When she found out that we had wanted a two-person table for dinner but hadn't been able to get one (they were in such heavy demand that week that we waited in line for a table change for more than an hour the first afternoon, only to be apologetically told there was nothing left), she made sure that any time she saw us for breakfast or lunch in the dining room, a 2-top was prepared for us. When we mentioned that we were thinking about doing dinner in specialty restaurants, she took care of making the reservations for us at the best time she could talk out of the restaurant staff, and got us a 10% discount on the restaurant cover charges because they were booked through her dining room. Our assistant waiter, Wilson, was also fantastic - I had begun to think that the days of waitstaff memorizing guest preferences were past, but Wilson nailed it every time, from my nightly Diet Coke to the onion rolls I adored to the new San Pellegrino water that appeared in front of my husband every time one was finished. He also entertained our section with magic - I'm still trying to figure out how he got the chain to loop around the ring in one trick! The MDR food was quite good; while it didn't rival the transcendent experience we had at Giovanni's Table (husband is *still* raving about their steaks - even better than the ones at Chops!), the food was tasty, hot, and as we requested it. The waitstaff didn't bat an eye at special requests or our habit of ordering multiple items from each course. We particularly enjoyed both lamb dishes (lamb shank one night, lamb chop another), and the banana creme brulee dessert (offered every night) is a great addition to the menu. Every pasta I tried throughout the week was overly salty; I suspect they were salting their water too much. All dining room service was far from speedy, but it wasn't the worst we've had. If you don't mind slow meals with spaces between courses, you'll be fine. Giovanni's Table was a great experience. We loaded up on appetizers, then regretted it when we got to the entree/pasta course and realized we had almost no room left! My advice is to believe the waiter when he tells you that most people do either a pasta *or* an entree; while you're allowed to get both, you really want to leave as much room as you can for that entree, especially if it's the steak (char-grilled on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside). The olive ciabatta and the aged balsamic vinegar Giovanni's offers as its pre-appetizer bread is simply to die for. We could eat it all day and never get tired of it. Chops was good but not nearly as good as Giovanni's; we both had to send back our steaks for being cooked wrong (he ordered rare and got medium-well, I ordered medium and got medium-rare), and mine was still more rare than not the second time around. The sides and desserts were good but not superior. Husband and I both agree that we would do Giovanni's Table on another cruise in a flash, but would need to get a particularly good offer to bother with Chops a second time around. The waitstaff at both restaurants were entirely competent but didn't make us feel particularly special or catered to. We ate in the Park Cafe a handful of times, but its hours were surprisingly inconvenient for anything resembling meals - it didn't open until 2pm for "lunch" most days, which meant that on port days (when the MDR doesn't serve lunch), the only real lunch options for passengers staying on board were Windjammer or room service. What's the point of having a Windjammer alternative if you don't open it during prime food hours? That said, the roast beef sandwiches at Park continue to be worth the trip there. I enjoyed the tossed salads Park Cafe made on Allure of the Seas a few years ago, but I was disappointed that on Grandeur there was rarely anyone staffing that area of the Cafe, and the salads were no longer chopped or tossed to order (instead, the server just plops everything you ask for in a bowl and dollops some dressing on top). Still good, just not quite as worthy-of-a-special-trip. We got two different beverage packages (Premium for me, Royal Replenish for husband). These were relatively new plans (added in December or January, I think), and it was clear that not all the bar staff quite knew how they worked, nor had procurement totally ironed out the kinks of how the plans affect demand. When we bought the packages on day 2, we had to insist to the very confused bartender who sold them that yes, the price was pro-rated based on how many days were left on the sailing. After speaking to his supervisor and his supervisor's supervisor, he found out that yes, that was the case. By day 6, nearly all the bars had run out of half-liter bottled generic-brand water (the only size/brand included in the beverage packages) and were having to give us liter bottles by charging us for them, then reversing the charges back to zero. The Coke Freestyle machines are a cool innovation, but even when carrying my purse, the bulky, handle-less, RFID-chipped cup that works in the machines was a pain to tote around. Bartenders only sometimes thought to point out when I tried to order a drink worth more than my package covered, as a result I had a few small charges on my bill that I would have avoided had I noticed the cost beforehand (we got receipts to sign for our drinks about 25% of the time; some places always gave them and some never did). We do still think the beverage packages are worth it, in general, but I'm hoping Royal works out the kinks soon. Getting a bottle of water shouldn't be a huge production that requires you to read fine print about exclusions and the bartender to do fancy point-of-sale footwork. We rarely visited any bar other than the Schooner Bar, since the casino bar was impossibly smoky and the R Bar was always packed full of ballroom dancers using the Centrum dance floor (until the entire area shut down at midnight - we saw them literally turn out all the Centrum's decorative lights one night at 12:01). We loved Abraham in the Schooner Bar/South Pacific; he always greeted us by name and he did a great job of continually surprising us with tasty drinks we hadn't thought to try that fit within our beverage packages. Oddly, the South Pacific's bar never opened for service, even when events were being held in that lounge (Quest was in there, as was Bingo). Because we were Diamonds, we spent a lot of time in the Diamond Lounge (which, on this sailing, expanded to encompass the entire South Pacific lounge in the evenings), where the staff was also eager to do whatever they could to make our week enjoyable. The nightly Diamond Event was one of the high points of each day; we had about 600 passengers on our sailing that were diamond and above, but with the expanded Diamond Lounge in the evenings, it managed to never feel crowded. Nibbles and drinks in the evenings took on a homey feel as the same passengers and staff showed up each evening, which we really loved. ENTERTAINMENT: We didn't attend most of the headline-type entertainment events on this cruise. Our sailing was very, very heavily skewed toward older passengers (I've never seen so many walkers/scooters in one place!) and the entertainment was similarly aimed toward them; we're not particularly into big band music, ballroom dancing, or do wop musicians, so we didn't bother with those. I had high hopes for karaoke and the Schooner Bar's pianist after experiencing rollicking times with those on other cruises, but due to passenger demographics the performances both those places were also heavy on the Tom Jones and Sinatra and light on the music-made-after-I-was-born. We attended only one production show, the Broadway one, and I can honestly say that it was the most solid cruise-ship production I've ever seen. I'm used to either the singers, the dancers, or both, being, well, a little iffy, but on Grandeur both companies were spot on and they *killed* those show tunes. Performances at the aerial show (which also used the singers and dancers) were similarly solid, though the show was a bit short and the musical selections were less to my taste. As trivia buffs, we showed up to the thrice-or-more-daily trivia challenges regularly. Darryl's progressive trivia competition was a fantastically good time and about as hard (in a good way) as you could hope for cruise ship trivia to get. Darryl himself was just wonderful; we loved him and would happily sail on any ship he was working on in the future. The trivia rounds led by other members of the cruise director's staff (Freida, Jimena, and Roberto all hosted at various times) were somewhat less organized and sometimes re-used questions or insisted on obviously-wrong answers (Jimena almost had a revolt on her hands one day over a complicated math question). Nevertheless, the trivia was always worth showing up for - those dinky plastic key chains aren't going to earn themselves! The Quest was not as much fun as it's been for me in the past. While I obviously can't go into detail here, I will only say that under Ricky's direction it focused heavily on a single kind of thing that stopped being funny about twenty years ago. The casino was a big disappointment. While I don't go on a cruise ship expecting to profit from the slot machines, I've never had them eat my bankroll quite as quickly and steadily. Payouts were horrible, even on the first and second days, and most of the slot machines looked like they might have been original to 1996 - only some of them had bonus games or the extra features that are common on newer slots (though some of the new ones here did have cool 3D screens). The entire room stank of smoke; since the casino is now one of the only places on board where smoking is permitted, smokers would come to the casino just to sit and smoke, even if they weren't gambling. Even the "no smoking permitted" nook smelled. And as usual, the casino is amidships, which means you will, at some point, *have* to walk through it to avoid detouring. SHIP: Grandeur is a small ship, and after sailing Freedom, Independence, and Allure over the past few years, I found going back to an older-style ship an interesting experience. Rather than a dozen themed lounges and food venues open at all hours, Grandeur had a scant handful of generalist ones that closed early or only opened sometimes to begin with; rather than acres of deck seating, Grandeur had a few dozen chairs by each pool. On the other hand, rather than "I need to run back to my room" being a half-hour, mile-long experience, it could be accomplished in ten minutes from any place on the ship, and rather than staff being anonymous, they were familiar faces who remembered us as well as we remembered them. The ship was decently-maintained; I regularly saw staff cleaning windows, patching up paint and deck surfaces, and cleaning everything (there had been Noro on the sailing before ours, so they were being extra careful). Waitstaff whisked away used glasses and plates quickly and smoothly, and other than with room attendants, I got the impression the ship was well-staffed for its number of passengers, which has not been the case on larger ships. On the other hand, it's clearly a twenty-year-old ship, and there are rust and dated features in places. Our stateroom still used a corded, touch-tone phone that looked like something out of 1994; the only way to know if you have voicemail is to listen for the phone to ring. The internet center used computers that looked about ten years old and a browser that was so heavily outdated that some websites wouldn't even load properly on it and it is almost certainly vulnerable to serious security issues; swiping your seapass on the keyboards for internet access only worked about 5% of the time, giving an error message the rest of the time. PORTS: Since we'd been to all these ports before (Labadee, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan), we only got off the ship each time to poke around dockside. No real commentary to make here. DISEMBARKATION: Smoothest I've ever experienced. By the time we'd finished breakfast and tossed the last of our stuff into our carry-off suitcase, our disembarkation number had been called. We were off the ship by about 8:45 in the morning. OVERALL: It's hard to say that any cruise where someone else is cleaning your room and cooking your food is a bad experience, and we didn't entirely *dislike* our Grandeur vacation, but this is the first time I've flatly put my foot down about going back on a ship: I would not go back on Grandeur. Period. The staff was great, but they just couldn't make up for the ship's own limitations. No ship whose toilets don't flush reliably should be taking on passengers, and while I get along with older-demographic passengers just fine, in a ship that's small enough that it only does one type of entertainment as a time, the risk of landing among a demographic whose entertainment doesn't entertain you is just too high. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
It was not the best cruise ship. First, embarkation is always fast and smooth going out of Baltimore. They know what they are doing especially if you are prepared. The cruise ship itself when boarding nothing to write home about. No ... Read More
It was not the best cruise ship. First, embarkation is always fast and smooth going out of Baltimore. They know what they are doing especially if you are prepared. The cruise ship itself when boarding nothing to write home about. No pictures were taken because it was very plan decor. The lunch was horrible. The beds were so uncomfortable we couldn't sleep. The safe and toilet didn't work but they jumped on that immediatly. The only good food was the dinner. Also, the description should have that the guests are pretty much over 60 which we didn't mind we met a lot of wonderful people but the limited amount of shows they did have were geared for that age and it was unfair. I spent$3800 for this cruise because everyone kept telling us to t ry RC they are better, well I am sorry they arn't. There were literally no activities throughout the day unless you wanted to do scrapbooking and making ribbons into roses. The dancers were great but only had one show towards the beginning of the cruise. They also had a couple of acts in the centrium which should be changed to the theatre. There are limited seats and everyone had to stand and not be able to see. The theatre was only used for koreokee. It would make more sense to move things in the theatre so everyone can partake in teh enjoyment of the shows since they are so limited. All I can say if you plan to sleep or stay in your cabin then this is the cruise for you. The food choices are limited even late night.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My husband and I booked this cruise as an opportunity to get away by ourselves and take a relaxing break from our hectic lives. We live in Maryland so the ability to cruise out of Baltimore which is 45 mins from our home is an added plus. ... Read More
My husband and I booked this cruise as an opportunity to get away by ourselves and take a relaxing break from our hectic lives. We live in Maryland so the ability to cruise out of Baltimore which is 45 mins from our home is an added plus. Since this cruise departed on Jan 5, just after the holidays, it was certainly priced to sell cabins- almost too good to be true. My husband and I talked about the low price, and did worry that there would be cut backs on the ship before we departed, but we decided that if we just had some good weather and could be enjoying the sunshine on deck, we would be happy. The weather certainly was good, minus the first day after departing Baltimore, and the day before we returned to Baltimore. That is to be expected, it is winter in the North East! The ship recently went into dry dock and came back with 3 nice new additions- A poolside outdoor theater, a new food venue in the Solarium called the Park Cafe, and a new Centrum lobby area. All were appreciated- we did enjoy watching movies and sporting events pool side, and the Park Cafe which I think is linked to their Specialty Restaurant Chops was pretty good. I will also say that while our large outside cabin was actually quite small, it was comfortable enough and kept clean by our very attentive room steward. This is where my positive comments end. We got on the ship and were told that the ship had an out break of Noro Virus on the previous sailing. Noro Virus and severe colds were prevalent on our voyage. My husband, who probably has not been sick once in the past 10 years came down with a terrible cold, along with our cabin steward, bartenders, and many other guests and crew. On the cold days, it made sense to spend time in the Solarium. The Solarium has a glass retractable roof. The problem is that the roof is never opened. The temperatures and humidity quickly became stifling in the Solarium each day to the point where the crew who worked in there would be dripping with sweat. In addition, the Park Cafe is in a corner of the Solarium, so the servers and the sandwiches and salads in this area are also subjected to the extreme conditions here. Needless to say, the Solarium was a breeding ground for germs. I was told that the sunroof was most likely broken, as it had not been opened in the 5 months that this crew member had been on board. A little fresh air in the Solarium would have solved it's problems. The gym is another area that both my husband and I enjoy spending time in. It became clear on day 1 at sea that the gym suffered from similar problems to the Solarium. A small space, with motorized equipment causing heat, bodies causing heat, and no air flow and little A/C. While we are certainly used to sweating in a gym, this area was extreme. Even the personal trainer would have a moat of sweat around him 15 minutes into his spin class. To make matters even worse, the treadmills would routinely loose power most mornings- apparently a known issue on the ship. So imagine you are going for a run, getting into your workout, and boom, the treadmill stops dead. Now cool down, wait 15 mins, and maybe the power will be restored. The gym was surely another germ breeding ground. After a few days, we had to stop going to the gym. Another way you might like to relax on a ship is in a sauna or steam room. This ship had none, except for something called a steam shower. Apparently the sauna and steam room were removed to make space for more spa treatment rooms. The steam shower is basically a shower that has steam in addition to the shower head. The sign says it takes 10 minutes to warm up, but it really took 30. You if you went and turned on the steam shower to use it, chances are that when you came back after the warm up period, someone else was in it. It was lame. The entertainment was another dept that the ship was really lacking in. The cruise director, Luke Arrowsmith was mediocre at best. He was pretty good at a 70's party in the atrium, but that was it. The dancers and singers were lovely people, but their shows were not enjoyable. We had 2 comedians that really fizzled in the late night comedy show. The magician was OK. The best acts were a juggler, and a Celtic band called the Rouges that basically played for free on the ship (RCCL did not pay them). We did have a fun poolside farewell party out of Labadee, but just as everyone was dancing and partying, guess what? The sound system lost power! The pool band was a reggae band- the band was good, but the singer sounded like he was screaming at you. After about 15 minutes of them playing, people would start to complain about getting a headache. The absolute worst part of this cruise was the food. The Windjammer served SLOP. We ate there once and never went back. The main dining room was a step up from the Windjammer but not much better. They did have a decent salad bar in the dining room at lunch that made you custom salads kind of like the restaurant Chop'T. On lobster night, the lobster tails were mush. We did try to eat in the Park Cafe, as they had a good roast beef sandwich and good paninnis, but after 4-5 days of that, you get tired of it, and remember it's in the Solarium, so it's really hot and humid in there. In general the fresh baked bread was good all around the ship. We decided to try the specialty restaurant Chops one night. While it was OK, compared to specialty restaurants on other cruise lines, it was not worth the extra money. The NY Strip steak was tough, and the onion rings were frozen from the box. Chops was pretty much empty the night we went there, which said it all. Also, our waiter there did not know much about the menu, he told us he was new and not properly trained. We go the same story from our dining room busboy. He tried really hard, and we are grateful for that. We like to drink wine, so we bought the Platinum wine package. We had looked over the wines on the list before the cruise, and decided to go with it particularly for the Mondavi red and white wines on the list. When we tried to order this, we were told that they did not have those wines, and did not have them for many weeks. We really felt deceived. By the last dinner, I felt like I was slowly being poisoned by the food. The one plus about the dining room was the table seated next to us. We became good friends with this family, and had a lot of fun with them throughout the cruise. If they were not there, I probably would even be more negative in this review. We've been on over 20 cruises, and never before did we feel like we couldn't wait to go home. Guess there is a first for everything. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Second time sailing with RCI - with good memories of the first cruise we went for a relaxing and fun New Years cruise. Disappointing from stepping on the ship to just before stepping off the ship. Food - mediocre most of the time ... Read More
Second time sailing with RCI - with good memories of the first cruise we went for a relaxing and fun New Years cruise. Disappointing from stepping on the ship to just before stepping off the ship. Food - mediocre most of the time with a few good meals. For a vegetarian the meals were at best mediocre. The Windjammer Buffet has limited selection - the pasta was overcooked and lukewarm. The salads were decent - but alot of the speciality salads had meat in them. None of the place cards put out to tell you what you were serving yourself included any indication if there was meat in them. Only on the second last day did I enjoy a curry - which was delicious and hot. The dining room - forced to use the mytime dining as there was no available main seating. At dinner - it was disorganized and the first day the servers where useless. We were crammed into a table for two by the cold drafty window and immediately told to order as the kitchen was closing in 10 minutes. At lunch I ordered the pasta special with pesto and given to me 10 minutes after every one's orders was served was a red pasta that was like the buffet and terrible. The server left before I could say anything and did not show up again until serving the dessert - which has a frozen centre. We requested a change in seating and server for the next night. My husband's success with the meat dishes was slightly better than mine. We finally found a good server/assistant server and the service was better although the only good meal was on New Years Eve - freshly made and properly cooked pasta. They did what they could to help suggest a decent meal. Although we could not always eat at their tables because of the mytime set up. The poolside cafe was ok, but with long lines for the salad bar. Lunch in the dining room was not good and you only had one entry to order or try your luck at the salad bar - I tried both vegetarian options and they were both disappointing. Forget about ordering a salad and entre. Pools - travelling without kids we were looking forward to the piece and quite of the solarium pool - adults only. Well either people cannot read or they don't pay any attention to the rules - no children. There were kids in there all of the time - not just family swim time. The staff if you could find them, did not enforce the rules. There was no peace and quite unless we retreated to our cold drafty room. Dealing with screaming children, teenagers running around or laying on the stairways was not alot of fun. We went on a Disney Cruise and hardly saw any kids on that cruise than on Enchantment. Activities - during the sea days you would expect more activities - on the last at sea day there were hardly any - and because we were travelling back into the cold weather everyone was in the lounges. The Trivia was a joke - the prizes were pathetic and once again staff did not enforce the rules - one team that won had nine people in it - when there were supposed to be teams of 3-6. The answers to some of the questions were wrong. Of course you cannot double check and if you did using the ship's Internet it would have cost you more than the prize. Excursions - very few options for interesting excursions. Shows - mediocre song and dance group. Comics were horrible - the Cruise Director was funnier. The magician and his wife and the juggler and his wife were the best things about the cruise - of course they only appeared once in the show schedule. Health - there was an outbreak of Norovirus which the ship tried to keep contained and said that they were doing more to keep it like that - but I saw very little extra precautions in the public areas - some areas did not even have the dispensers. Not surprised to see an outbreak and one woman admitted to me that she and her husband came on the ship sick - and must have lied on their forms. I won't be going on another RCI cruise anytime soon. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
My daughter and I booked our first cruise as a college graduation gift for her. We have friends & family who have cruised before and we were told we would love it. Well - we were very disappointed. The cruise we took left Baltimore. ... Read More
My daughter and I booked our first cruise as a college graduation gift for her. We have friends & family who have cruised before and we were told we would love it. Well - we were very disappointed. The cruise we took left Baltimore. The date October 4-12. We were told by our travel agent the rooms were nice and had a sofa in the room. First disappointment, upon arriving to our room we found there was no sofa, only a very small chair. When I asked at the desk I was told that since it was an adjoining room, it did not have sofa. Second disappointment - We then discovered the bathroom sink did not have cold water, it came our very warm from the spigot. We reported it twice and finally on the third day the manager came to our room and confirmed there was trouble on the water line. We were given a $20.00 credit on our room so that we could use the bottled water for brushing teeth and taking medications. Third disappointment - the majority of the people on te ship were seniors. Other that playing very expensive Bingo twice and spending way too much time in the casino we found very little of interest (especially my 23 year old daughter). Most of the activities were either too expensive or for the older generation, same goes for the music played every day in the lobby area. Fourth disappointment - when we stopped in St John, Canada, we discovered it was their Thanksgiving Day, and most of the city was closed. I can't understand why the ship would make a stop there knowing that. They should have reversed the stops around, stopping in Canada first, then Maine.Fifth disappointment - the room porter broke an epensive jar of cream that was on my night table.It was fine there the first 5 nights, then we come back one afternoon after the beds were made and the jar is sitting broken on the night table. We were told the porter found it that way when he did the room. Since we didn't want to turn the jar over to the ship, we were ony given a credit for half it's value. Sixth disappointment - the beds were extremely uncomfortable, my mattress was so worn it dipped to the side. Final disappointment, having the late dinner seating at 8, we wanted to have a later lunch. We found that the main dining room stopped serving lunch at 1:00, which left us no option but to eat every day at the buffet which we found old fast. Knowing that some people have late dinner, you would have thought the main dining room could stay open later than 1-1:30. Oh - one more thing, the food at the pool (hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers for late night, were terrible! Overall I'd only give this cruise a 5 out of 10. Not sure we would go again with this crusie line. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We recently returned from a Cruise on RCI's "Enchantment of the Seas" sailing out of Baltimore. This was a last minute thing for us but we wanted to get away for a week or so, we enjoy cruising and since Baltimore Cruise ... Read More
We recently returned from a Cruise on RCI's "Enchantment of the Seas" sailing out of Baltimore. This was a last minute thing for us but we wanted to get away for a week or so, we enjoy cruising and since Baltimore Cruise terminal is only about an hour from the house it seemed like a good choice. We have sailed about 9 times previously we knew what to expect and not expect from a cruise. I will go chronologically as to what we experienced and I will try to make valid comparisons as to what we experienced on this cruise compared with others we have been on. One thing I must say since our experience cruising spans a 16 year period the industry has changed (not for the good) over that period so my critisisms may be valid for other cruise lines as well in 2012 but I can only judge by my experiences. The Baltimore Cruise terminal at its present location is very convenient and the parking is adequate and close to the terminal. We previously sailed from the Old Curtis Point location on Celebrity this much better. Check In The check in process was very chaotic they had about 20 check in clerks 15 of which were for non-preferred customers 10 for preferred (suites and loyalty club members). The ticket stated we were to check in at 1:00 PM and not to come before 12:00 (not true). There was one line that was wrapped around back and forth 6 times over a distance of about 200 feet and the line went beyond those rope barriers. The line moved well enough but it still took about an hour to get to the desk. Once at the desk it was straight forward and easy. * On Cunard we received a colored ticket and were told to sit in a waiting area until our color was called you could sit and get snacks while you waited and not have to stand for an hour. Greeting Once on board we were basically told go to the back elevator and find it for yourself. * On other lines we have been escorted to our cabins by a uniformed steward. Room The room, 3156, is and outside window cabin. We usually have a verandah or mini-suite but had an outside window on the SUN PRINCESS and were satisfied with it. This room however was the smallest by far of any cabin we have had. The set up with the window above the bed offered no view out the window unless you knelt on the bed and looked out. The steward must have been aware of this as he always closed the curtains when we were out. There were also no toiletries in the bathroom. There was good storage space, however. They also had so called mini-bar items laid out at the usually extraordinary expense but NO REFRIGERATOR how you can sell cold drinks that aren't cold!! When I asked to have the items removed one Steward told me it was not allowed but our room steward just hid them away so we did not see them the rest of the trip. * On the SUN PRINCESS we had a similar outside cabin that was at least 50 square feet bigger with a window that was so large it went from my ankles to above my head. The couch was next to the window and you could enjoy the views while sitting. It also had a refrigerator which was, emptied of the mini bar, at my request. Dining (dinner) Recently we have started requesting early seating we were unable to get it and were not offered a chance to change once we were on board. The food in the main dinning room at dinner was very good I would give it 4 out of 5. The waiters were very good and properly attentive without being in the way. The food was served hot, of good quality and without any undue waiting. While ostensibly there was a dress code and the two formal nights were supposedly at least a jacket and tie. The dress code was totally ignored with equal disdain by both the staff and passengers. A table of about twelve people showed up on formal night with matching logo tee shirts and shorts alongside a table with guests in gowns and Tuxedos. * The dinner experience was good and comparable to our other cruises. Dining (Breakfast) Breakfast was open seating as usual with out being overly crowded. (I believe most people went to the buffet on the 9th deck). The selection was limited to eggs to order, pancakes and hot cereal. They have however, introduced a new "feature" they put all the cereal, fruit and pastries on a BUFFET IN THE MAIN DINNING ROOM! With some cajoling a waiter with trepidation would get you something off the buffet but it was obvious they did not like it. My point is if I wanted the "buffet experience" I would go up to the 9th deck and make believe it's Hoss's Steak house. They also tried to hawk "fresh Squeezed orange juice" for $2.25 a glass (tacky). The service at breakfast unlike the dinner service was lack luster at best... Food 3 out of 5 services 2.5. Perhaps the like of any tips may have induced this situation. * Every other cruise I have been on had an attentive breakfast service with a greater selection of items and no "go and get it yourself" requirements. Dining (lunch) Lunch was open seating and unfortunately very similar to breakfast with a Salad bar (feature) in the middle of the main dinning room with the same comments as above. The menu selection was very limited to one or two featured items and maybe a burger and vegetarian dish but was generally good. The major fault I had with the lunch was it was only available at sea the 4 port days it was closed. You were forced to go to the overcrowded buffet on the 9th deck. I would like to mention how small and overcrowded the 9th deck was (Windjammer Market). The ship was designed to have about 1800 passengers. They cut it in half and added space for about 600 additional passengers but did not increase the size of the public spaces to accommodate the increased load. * I have never seen buffets in the main dinning room on other ships and the selection was considerably better than on the RCL ship. The Buffet restaurants on other cruise lines were not overly crowded and the staff on Holland America or Celebrity would even carry your trays and get you drinks if you liked. Entertainment staff and Shows This was the high point of the cruise. A high energy cruise director and staff worked very hard to provide varying activities during the day. The shows were varied and the performers were excellent and diverse. The entertainment was defiantly geared towards the 40's and younger crowd which was not a bad thing. The casino was good, although smoking was allowed it was restricted on formal nights and there were no smoking areas. The payouts were reasonable on the slots while still loosing giving a lot of play for your money. * Here the Enchantment is in the top two or three cruises I have been on. Nothing more pathetic then some guy doing impressions of people who have been dead for 30 years or more. RCL did not have that I would give entertainment 4.5 out of 5. Facilities In a word overcrowded. The aforementioned increase in size of the ship made for a very crowded pool and activities area. I try and swim every day and was able to only by going at 6:45 am and getting my laps in. After 9 and for the rest of the day till 7 or 8 in the evening the pools were literally standing room only folks simply talking to one another while standing elbow to elbow. Shore Excursions Hugely overpriced they wanted 40 dollars for a shuttle bus from the pier to downtown Boston for two people. I took the "T" for $10 for two all day and it was only about a twenty minute walk to the Commons from the pier. Similar overpriced excursions in the other ports. We took one a glass bottom boat cruise with "cocktails" good enough but the cocktails were a plastic cupful of rum punch and twice as many people on board as there was room to see the glass bottom you had to take turns looking. * I have never been on any excursion booked through any ship that has offered any value for the money. We have booked many before and I have always been underwhelmed by the trips. Tipping The ship has an automatic tipping plan which we participated in. As usual drinks and services had tips automatically added at 18% however when you get the bill there is still a line to add a tip onto the bill when you get it when I asked if the tip was included the waiter said I could include an additional tip if I wanted. This reminds me of Europe were the bill is always "service compris" and they try and get the rube Americans to add it again. Also at the end of the trip even after we participated in the tipping program we received envelopes to give something extra. It should be either one way or the other not both. * My most recent experience on Cunard while not overt was the same as far as the staff tipping. I thought I would give a little extra to my room steward and dinning room waiter thinking this special but everyone seemed to do the same. Overall assessment I don't believe we will be sailing on Royal Caribbean again. The small cabin, self service food, generally poor staff are not what we have come to expect on our cruises. We like the convenience of sailing out of Baltimore and hope more Cruise lines will try the market. We may even try Celebrity again as we had a very good experience on that line even though it is a RCL subsidiary I believe the Royal Caribbean Brand is just too mass marketed. Overall assessment 2.75 out of 5 Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Enchantment of the Seas-8 day cruise Baltimore to Bermuda to Boston to Newport. Balcony cabin 7046. We have only cruised Carnival in the past so my comparisons are based on having only been on The Pride and The Legend. The Good: ... Read More
Enchantment of the Seas-8 day cruise Baltimore to Bermuda to Boston to Newport. Balcony cabin 7046. We have only cruised Carnival in the past so my comparisons are based on having only been on The Pride and The Legend. The Good: We really liked the look and decor of the ship. Having only been on Carnival ships we found the Enchantment nice and bright with a clean fresh feeling despite her age. The buffet in the Windjammer we found to be pretty good, better than we have seen on Carnival. We liked that there were waiters offering drink/wine service, a nice touch. Seating was tight at times but if you avoid peak times there was no problem finding a table. Pasta bar was very good, wanted to try the make your own pizza but never got around to it. We always seemed to find food we liked. Bar servers were excellent overall. Drinks were very strong and servers friendly. We tipped frequently so that might have been part of the reason but even when we did not tip extra we received good service. Cabin Steward Ricardo was excellent. Really impressed us as a genuinely nice guy. I asked for ice on the first day and he always had the ice bucket topped up and the room was always very clean. He passed along some noise concerns we had coming from some water pipes inside the cabin wall. We had complained to guest relations already but they didn't seem to act on the complaint. Excursion desk was very hepful and we booked 2 excursions through them. Very helpful and pleasant. Room service was excellent. Much better than Carnival. We enjoyed the steak sandwich which was great and the pizza and grilled sandwiches were tasty. Room service breakfasts were good, however the toast was inedible (very thin and stale), coffee was very good as well. Embarkation/Debarkation (we used self-debarkation) was perfect. We walked off the ship with our bags and didn't have a line-up at all. The Not-So-Good: Entertainment in our opinion was poor. Definitely seemed to be targeted at an older crowd (we are late 30s, mid-40s). If post 60's rock and roll or country music is your liking we certainly didn't find it most places. A DJ advertised as 70s, 80s and 90s music played Bill Hailey and the Comets, early Elvis music instead. I assume he was playing according to the crowd in attendance? Despite not being a big "dance club" fan we did enjoy ourselves in the Viking lounge. The music in the Viking was a bit young for me but still enjoyable. We all have different tastes but I found there wasn't enough variation at the venues. We watched a comedy-magician act on board and he was pretty good at times. Was worthwhile seeing but we typically enjoy comedy acts more than his. Solarium area had an unpleasant smell throughout the cruise towards the back (spa side). The Solarium grill burgers and pizza were horrible. Tender process at Newport was slow. We were warned it would be a slow process so we decided to purchase an early excursion to guarantee we would get priority tendering and it was a good decision. We heard others complain about very long wait times, being on an excursion we had no issues. Muster drill was concluded with the Captain rambling on giving weather updates and making jokes for 10 minutes while we all stood at our muster stations. In my opinion he should pick another time to give his speech and not during the drill The Ugly: The first night we had noise coming from our hallway-side wall. A few bangs followed by several seconds of vibrations, it sounded like water pipes rattling around. The first 2 nights it was noticeable but we had our balcony door open and the ocean noise allowed us to sleep. The noise got unbearable by night 3 and we complained to guest relations. The sent a couple of maintenance guys up and they said they would inform their manager. The noise continued and we again called guest relations later that evening. The sent a security guard up this time who suggested we get some earplugs. Day 4 we complained again about the noise and asked if there was anything they could do. We were told "it's structural" and that there was nothing they could do but they had passed the information onto their engineers. Too long of a story to tell but suffice it to say were told no other rooms were available, the next day we were told one other room was available (Wife found it claustrophobic and ship movement was noticeable) then told by the Guest Relations Manager that she would show my Wife a few available cabins. We ended up sleeping in an inside, accessible cabin down on deck 4 for a couple of nights. I know the noise was not in their control it was day 5 of the cruise before staff acted on our complaints. By ignoring us they only made the situation worse as we felt they didn't care. To illustrate the loudness and strength of the banging, the morning of Day5 the artwork in the hallway outside our room fell off the wall. Three times we overheard people walking in the hallway ask the cabin staff what the noise was. We were told later in the cruise that at least 2 other cabins had complained and that we would all be "compensated for it". Cabin announcements. Already not sleeping well because of the pipe noises we were dumbfounded by the number of times we received in-cabin announcements and phone calls. One morning we were awaken by an in-cabin announcement from the Captain alerting us that they would be doing emergency tests. That announcement was followed by random alarms that continued for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Not sure if it was an oversight but the Captains daily announcements/updates were piped into our cabins for the first 4 or 5 days of the cruise. They did stop being heard in the cabins late in the cruise, not sure if it was be design or if passengers complained. I am certain that I am not the only one who didn't appreciate the Captain's daily update/weather report piped into my cabin. The next day we received a phone call at 9am from guest relations asking if we received an immigration letter in our cabin the day earlier. I asked her if it was common practice to call passengers at 9am. She told me it was their policy to start calling at 9am, agreed to call later and hung up. The next morning we received a phone call at 930am from the dining room staff asking us why we had not eaten in the dining room yet. I informed her that we had eaten in the Windjammer and Chops Grille and that we would probably be at the dining room at some point. They called the next morning to inform us that it was lobster night. Why is the dining room calling passengers? When I am on a cruise I do not want the staff to telephone me unless it is necessary. Dining room staff calling your room? Staff calling at 9am? Not sure if this is a Royal practice or just this ship but I found it improper. Diningroom Maitre'd on the final night: We stood in line with the other guests with reservations waiting to check in with the Maitre'd and get our tables (MyTime dining). While we were all standing in line a few people would show up with tip envelopes in their hands and stand off to the side of the line-up. The Maitre'd immediately greeted the people with tip envelopes and seated them right away. The line-up of approximately 10 couples was ignored anytime he spotted a little white envelope. Despite us having reservations and pre-paid gratuities we waited while he blatantly ignored anyone without an envelope. We managed to enjoy ourselves but would never sail this ship again. The ship was lovely but we can't overlook the noise issue or the guest relations staff's reaction to the problem. If we sail RCL again it will be on Oasis class as I have heard some great things and don't want to judge RCL by this cruise alone. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
We just completed a 7 night cruise on the RC Enchantment of the Seas, with our twin 11-year old boys. Let me preface my comments by saying, this was our 5th cruise, 3 on Carnival and now 2 on Royal Caribbean. We were looking forward ... Read More
We just completed a 7 night cruise on the RC Enchantment of the Seas, with our twin 11-year old boys. Let me preface my comments by saying, this was our 5th cruise, 3 on Carnival and now 2 on Royal Caribbean. We were looking forward to the ease of boarding in Baltimore as that is just over an hour's drive away from our home. Parking was shipside, and we were on the ship inside an hour of arriving at the port. Once we got to our Junior Suite, we were somewhat discouraged to see that the ship was pretty "tired". The cabinetry is quite old looking, and is in need of updating desperately. We did however have a flat screen TV, and a nice sized balcony. Our first, second, 12th meal and so on in the Windjammer, was bittersweet. The view is excellent, the food is not. The food on the entire cruise was quite disappointing. The best way to put it is just plain mediocre. In the Windjammer, we would joke about the "dried meat of the day" special. How can sliced roast beef taste like sandpaper?! The formal restaurant My Fair Lady had somewhat better food, not by far however, and the portions were very small. These discoveries were very disappointing when you so look forward to the food on a cruise. The entertainment on the ship was hit or miss, mostly miss. The singing and dancing shows were billed as "Broadway quality". Someone at RC needs to go back to Broadway. They were high school caliber at best. There was a hilarious comedy team called, John and Johnny B., they were terrific. The next night was a comedian named Dean Austin, that was painful to watch him self-destruct on stage. We were embarassed for him, it was beyond bad. The husband and wife team cruise directors tried very had to make things work with what they had. At times they seemed a little cheeky, but it must be hard to stay fresh week in and week out on these ships. Kids Club- Being that it was spring break week, we had over 900 kids on our ship of 2700 passengers. Our boys wanted to check out Kids Club, and it was packed! After an hour, and one kid throwing up in front of everyone, it was time to get them out. Having contracted the Noro Virus on our last cruise and confined to our cabin for 5 days, we were not taking any chances. They never went back to the club. Overall, I would rate this cruise 2 out of 5 stars. It is a small ship, the ports are okay, with the exception of Port Canaveral. There is a reason why that is an embarkation port, and should not be a destination port. Not much to do there. Nassau was nice, especially Atlantis. CocoKay was jam packed, as there was another ship there when we were there. At 9 am, they were already out of umbrellas for over 5000 people. I counted 30 on the beach, seriously?!! For a first time cruiser, this might be a good option, but for anyone that has cruised on another line, or is looking for more space to spread out, I would suggest going with something over the 100 gross ton category. In the meantime, the Enchantment needs to get a total facelift, and upgrade the food quality in a big way to be a serious cruise contender. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
The best thing about Enchantment of the Seas is that its home port is Baltimore. Embarkation and debarkation are a breeze! It's just the part in the middle that's not so great! This sailing made it to two of four ports. ... Read More
The best thing about Enchantment of the Seas is that its home port is Baltimore. Embarkation and debarkation are a breeze! It's just the part in the middle that's not so great! This sailing made it to two of four ports. Problem was, they didn't do much to entertain the adult passengers the rest of the time. We knew ahead of time there would be lots of kids aboard and we never saw most if them. There was one enrichment lecturer (who gave every talk he could), but that's not much when 6 of 9 days are at sea. Unless you are a trivia buff, you will find sea days on this ship very boring. And unless you want to get to the theater 30-45 minutes before show time, don't expect to see the main seating entertainment (then again, the entertainment wasn't that good anyway). The Captain communicated most of the changes well. There was a lot of confusion about shipboard credits and refunds offered. Despite letters from the Captain sent to all cabins, not everyone got these. Customer Relations staff was absolutely awful! Lots of misinformation and lack of information. When Chops had no record of our prepaid dinner, the agent dialed RCL headquarters and handed me the phone. She didn't attempt to research this herself. RCL shore side isn't much better - they consistently lied to us, from Customer Relations to the Resolutions Desk. Our cabin was OK. Nice size for a standard balcony but the bathrooms definitely need updating. Fortunately, we don't watch TV aboard because the TV was old and small. Food has definitely declined. There were nights where absolutely nothing on the menu sounded appealing. This was the first cruise when we requested escargots on an additional night and were told that they were "saving them for the next cruise." Desserts were disappointing. We ended up in Chops a second time because the food was so bad in the dining room. If the plan is for the food to decline so people spend more on alternative dining, I guess it's working! Want a good desserts? Buy Ben and Jerry's! Want decent coffee, buy Starbucks. It's back to Princess and Celebrity for us. We might try the Carnival Pride next time we want to cruise from Baltimore. Friends who recently cruised both Enchantment and Pride and say there's no comparison. Carnival food and activities are much better! Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
Checking in the Baltimore Port was speedy and pleasant. When we did the evacuation drill, the captain was reading from last weeks itinerary. The ship smells bad. For example: the sewage system seemed backed up because there was a fowl ... Read More
Checking in the Baltimore Port was speedy and pleasant. When we did the evacuation drill, the captain was reading from last weeks itinerary. The ship smells bad. For example: the sewage system seemed backed up because there was a fowl smell and green floating things were always in the toilet. The room size is alright, the stateroom attendant was excellent. Other than the bad toilet smell, the room was kept very clean by the stateroom attendant. The My Time Dining was very inconvenient, we found ourselves only using My Time Dining twice in the seven days. Our My Time Dining was 8:30pm (which I felt was very late, and the other choice is 5:30 which is very early. I think 6pm and 7pm would be best.) It's weird how you have three different wait staff and not just one waiter. Therefore you are obligated to tip three different people for the job that one person could do very easily. For example: Our assistant waiter gave us a menu, then later our main waiter came and gave us a different menu and was wondering how we got the wrong menu? Our main waiter asked if we wanted pepper, then later our assistant waiter came to ask the same thing. It wasn't a big deal, but all the confusion could be avoided if we just had one main waiter. The head waiter just drops by to ask you how you're doing. I feel my time dining was not successful and needs a lot of improvement. They should have named it "My Inconvenient Dining" instead. The food was only mediocre, to me, most of it tasted like air plane food. We did have one good meal at My Time Dining on New Years day. We had duck and fillet of beef. The meat was very tender and the sauce was perfect. Other than the one meal, everything else was only mediocre. A lot of the food repeated itself in the Windjammer Cafe. You saw the same basic rice, Indian/curry food, sandwiches/sub, hot dog and hamburger, same salad choice, and the same dessert every night. The food was very bland and not tasty. Most of the food seemed over cooked and dry. The food did not taste freshly prepared. As far as eating what ever you want, when ever you want, this ship was very inconvenient. For example: The windjammer Cafe opened at 6:30pm and closed at 9pm. We were usually ready to eat by 6pm and found ourselves having to wait. In NCL, whatever time you were ready to eat, you would at least find one or two cafes ready to serve you. On Enchantment of the Seas, you are limited to their schedule. The free drink choice were very good. Choices included, water, coffee, variety of teas, some juices, and cool aid type drinks. The wait staff in Windjammers was excellent. For example: after we got our food & sat down, a waiter would ask if we needed a drink. They also didn't take long to pick up your plate after we were done eating. They also kept the cafe clean. The wait staff pretty much had the place running like clock work. The chef & assistant chef came out at one point to serve chocolate cover strawberries. That was an unexpected treat and a very nice way of saying thank you for dining with us. THE WORSE EXPERIENCE is the Atlantis tour excursion in Nassau. The tour description says 2.5 hour. We thought 2.5 hour to look around but it really said 2.5 hour total time. So, it really meant, 1.5 hour to look around. This tour was expensive, it was $59 a person. $59 a person for 1.5 hours to look around is definitely not worth it. The tour started at 1:30pm-4pm. We meet everyone in our group at 1:30, then when they started to put us on the bus. We got separated from our group because they ran out of room on the small bus. We got on the next bus with another couple from our ship and was told that we had to wait until the next tour group came because they wanted to fill the bus. This took an additional 15 minutes until the bus was full. The next group tour that came was from NCL and they were running on a different scheduled time than us. When we finally got to Atlantis hotel/aquarium, we got off and it took about another 15 minutes to actually start the tour. Then we were told the last bus that would take us back was at 3pm. It was already 2pm. So now we only had 1 hour to look around. The tour was so rushed, but yet our tour wasn't even completed when we had to head back on our own to catch the last bus. We had a terrible time. Do not take the Discover Atlantis tour, it is a total rip off. The weather was very bad in Nassau and our captain told us we would be staying in Nassau an additional night and skip our last port of call which is Coco-cay (Royal Caribbean's Private Island). Which is a complete bummer because this is the highlight of the cruise. But our safety comes first, and if the captain doesn't feel it is safe to go, it's understandable. So, therefore since we won't be able to go to our last port of call, you would expect the activities in the ship has to be awesome to satisfy everyone from the disappointment. It did not feel that way at all. The activities were the same basic stuff. I felt since we can't go to the last port of call, the cruise director should have stepped up and made the stay on the ship super fun by adding a lot more activities. Or add some kind of apology. For example: If I was the cruise director I may send a simple apology letter along with chocolate cover strawberry or maybe a few free bingo games that gave out cruise mugs and T-shirts. I'm not expecting them to break their bank but just something small and fun to show that they sympathize with our disappointment. I just felt like they didn't really care if we were happy or not. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
I was pretty excited about my first cruise aboard the Enchantment of the Seas. I spent the night before the cruise in Baltimore, and explored Baltimore and Washington DC - fun! However, the cruise itself was a real disappointment. It ... Read More
I was pretty excited about my first cruise aboard the Enchantment of the Seas. I spent the night before the cruise in Baltimore, and explored Baltimore and Washington DC - fun! However, the cruise itself was a real disappointment. It was my first cruise so perhaps my expectations were too high. The couches, chairs, and carpeting all looked worn and tired, and overall the ship was shabby. Nice art on the walls but that didn't make up for the 70's gold curtains in the stateroom or the old look of most of the common areas. The staff were excellent - truly kind and helpful. The crew were fun and the captain, "Captain Gus" set the right tone for passengers, a mix of humour and leadership. I was surprised that the ship's navigation crew and department heads seemed to be largely caucasian and that the room and service staff were largely people of colour. I hope that Royal Caribbean has looked at this and are working to more inclusiveness in various positions on the ship. The four ports were not good, in my opinion. The first, San Juan, was just not a great place to see. St. Thomas was a big money-grab - I took a tour of the "Best of St. Thomas + Shopping" which was basically a chance to be carted around to tourist shops around the island. The inhabitants of this tropical paradise have obviously killed off most of the local wildlife - we did see a few parrots, all in dirty cages. The tour guide constantly reminded us that the local economy depended on tourist dollars... and then drove us to yet another tacky tourist shop filled with overpriced trinkets. I think $9.99 is a bit much for a plastic luggage tag stamped with "St Thomas". The third port, Samana - why did we even bother stopping? The place was scary. As for Labadee, the Royal Caribbean island in Haiti - again, I don't know why we stopped. It looked amazing from the ship, but on closer inspection the beach was covered with garbage, both in the sand and in the water. The locals said that the garbage was coming from "the river", but seriously who cares where it comes from, no one wanted to swim in the water after seeing how much garbage was on shore. We left Labadee earlier than planned to avoid a tropical storm and ensure we arrived back in Baltimore on time. The food in the "My Fair Lady" dining room was very good, and the buffet in the Windjammer was also pretty good, with lots of variety. I did feel like the whole cruise was a big opportunity for upselling - I was constantly pulling out my pass card to pay for freshly squeezed orange juice, yoga class, tea from the Seattle's Best Coffee shop, etc. The spa was nice but again there was a constant heavy sell to buy products after each service. I had pre-paid for four different treatments but after being hassled to buy, buy buy - I cancelled the last two so I could relax from the selling of the staff. The solarium and pool deck were okay, but again looked kinda tired, some of the chair cushions looked dirty and had leftover food, drink and/or skin dander. Covering up the cushions with towels worked well. The only place that was felt truly clean was the stateroom. The attendant was excellent, and as funny as it sounds the consistent, kind service from the stateroom attendant was probably the highlight of my trip. As a non-smoker, I found it difficult to cope with so much smoking, on part of the pool deck, in the casino, and in the crown and anchor lounge. I asked other passengers about the balcony staterooms and universally, people said that the only reason they booked the balcony rooms was so that they could smoke. Although this isn't allowed according to the rules, I guess people smoke anyway and just throw their cigarette and cigar butts out into the water. Nice. I thought we might see some wildlife during the trip - dolphins, seals, or even fish - but given all of the refuse being dumped into the water by the cruise ship and then the appalling lack of care of the shoreline at the four ports we stopped at, I guess the wildlife know to stay far away. This was a complete disappointment. I may try a cruise again, but I'll go with a different cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Personal Background Information: We are in our 40's and parents to an 8 year old daughter (whom cruises with us most of the time). I have cruised 9 times, my husband 7 times & our daughter 4 times. We are getting ready to take ... Read More
Personal Background Information: We are in our 40's and parents to an 8 year old daughter (whom cruises with us most of the time). I have cruised 9 times, my husband 7 times & our daughter 4 times. We are getting ready to take our next cruise March 2012. We have cruised on the Princess Cruise Line, Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America and 4 times on Royal Caribbean. Our recent cruise was November 2011 on Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas during Thanksgiving. Travel To Port of Embarkation: For our Royal Caribbean Cruises, we have left from Galveston on 2 of trips, Cape Canaveral & Baltimore (our most recent trip November 2011). We drove from our home in Michigan and getting to the port and parking was a fairly easy process. Embarkation: Our smoothest & quickest embarkation and disembarkation were at Cape Canaveral with Baltimore close behind (our recent trip in November 2011). Galveston was the worse experience for embarkation and disembarkation - long waits when previous ship came in late upon our arrival at terminal and long waits at customs when returning home. So, we decided to try leaving from the East Coast to see how smoothly the process would go. Stateroom: We always get a Balcony and attempt to get a Handicap Room since I am disabled. Our room was large and comfortable. The T.V.'s were so small that it wasn't even worth watching the Thanksgiving Day Parades or watching Thanksgiving Football on. Ship Info: The ship is worn, but more disappointing is the fact that, although the ship was expanded several years ago (2005), the common areas were not. This ship can not function at capacity (2800) or even below capacity when their norm is 2300 passengers. It seems that all we did our whole trip was stand in endless lines to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner in the dining room or the Windjammer. Dining: We have never had to stand and wait in line to eat in the dining room for breakfast or lunch and most waits averaged 30 minutes. The Windjammer was always completely packed with no place to sit. The crew was the worst we have ever encountered. I'm not sure if this was because they were always hustling to help the next passenger, but all around I would say they were not very friendly like other Royal Caribbean ships we have been on. This is the first Royal Caribbean cruise where we requested My Time Dining and were told that they could not accommodate us and could not accommodate us for early seating. So, even though this was what our travel agent requested, we were given an 8:30pm seating. As adults, we can be flexible, but we were never able to eat dinner with our 8 year old daughter since 8:30pm at night is just not a feasible time to feed a child their dinner. So, we got to waste more of our time, taking her to the Windjammer to eat an earlier dinner. Not very family friendly in my opinion. We did visit Chops Grill one evening and it was the best meal we have ever had on a cruise ship, so definitely a must do!! Activities - Children's Clubs: On The Enchantment of the Seas, Adventure Ocean was overcrowded and once again we had to wait in endless lines to check our daughter in and out. Staff & Service: We did not feel the staff or service was up to par for Royal Caribbean. Usually we have a great time talking and befriending many of the crew members. I contribute the bad attitudes and unfriendly behavior toward an overcrowded ship where no one seemed to be happy. Entertainment: Even though they called the shows entertainment, none of them were entertaining. Our daughter is 8 years old and on a competitive dance team and she can dance and sing better than the "talent" they hire. This ship needs to step it up in the Entertainment department since the sailing on this ship is 3 days before you even reach your first destination. We are not big casino people, but we did enjoy some of the trivia games and watching some of the football games in the Bolero Lounge with other passengers. Shore Excursions: Puerto Rico - The ship arrived late afternoon on a Sunday, so by the time we got off to go do some shopping, all of the shops were closed. There were only 6 or 7 excursions offered for Puerto Rico and going to Barcardi Rum Factory with our 8 year old subtracted that option from our choices. St. Thomas - Beautiful Beach Excursion at Magen's Bay was nice and relaxing. Dominican Republic - Our favorite Excursion for this trip. We visited Cayo Levantado Beach and it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. Labadee, Haiti - Always love this little island and visiting the bay side of the beach. It was a little too crowded the day we went to Labadee Haiti with 2 Royal Caribbean Ships in port that day, but still a nice beach. Disembarkation: We did walk off early in the morning and it was the quickest and easiest disembarkation ever. Summary: This was our 4th with Royal Caribbean and sadly this was our worse trip out of all of the cruises we have ever taken. Long lines to sit down and eat, long lines to sign kids in and out of Adventure Ocean...we didn't go on a cruise to stand in line like we have to at Disney World. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
I liked the ship. It's much nicer than the Grandeur of the Seas, its former sister ship before the Enchantment was "stretched" to make it longer. The pool deck is huge and spacious. And the addition of the Boleros lounge and ... Read More
I liked the ship. It's much nicer than the Grandeur of the Seas, its former sister ship before the Enchantment was "stretched" to make it longer. The pool deck is huge and spacious. And the addition of the Boleros lounge and the Chops Grille distinguish this from the Grandeur. I did not eat in the dining room but had all of my meals in the Windjammer Cafe. I'm not generally critical of food, but I was disappointed with the food in the Windjammer. Lots of overcooked or dried out food, much of it apparently being left over from previous days. I all fairness though, the food in the Windjammer on other Royal Caribbean ships is not much better. Most of the cruisers on this sailing were probably age 60 and over. So the entertainment and activities were geared towards that age range. Being in my 40s, I was bored to death. I went to the Viking Crown nightclub on several nights and it was always empty or nearly empty. Boleros lounge was a little better, but even that lounge shut down early on most nights. I was told by a crew member that the Canadian sailings draw an older demographic so the programming is modified to appeal to that group. That was unfortunate for me. On the other hand, the Caribbean sailings draw a younger and more diverse crowd so the programming is different, I was told. On the bright side, I enjoyed the ports, for the most part. My favorites were Bar Harbor and Halifax. St. John (New Brunswick) was a disappointment. I would sail on this ship again, but only on the Caribbean sailings. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
My Husband and I decided to book our 1 year anniversary cruise through royal Caribbean since we had heard so many good things about it. We sailed on carnival for our honeymoon and had a blast!! So we decided to give the company with 5 ... Read More
My Husband and I decided to book our 1 year anniversary cruise through royal Caribbean since we had heard so many good things about it. We sailed on carnival for our honeymoon and had a blast!! So we decided to give the company with 5 stars a shot. We booked our cruise on Royals Enchantment of the Seas for May 19th 2011 leaving out of Baltimore,Maryland. We would be returning on the 28th. during our cruise we would visit 4 ports..San Juan Puerto Rico, St.Thomas,Dominican Republic, and Haiti. We got into Baltimore a few days early and had the chance to go to an Orioles game and visit many different places. That was nice. We stayed at the the Days in booked through stay123.com we had a room for 79.00 a night and then we paid a one time fee of $22.00 to leave our car parked at the hotel while we were on our cruise. The hotel provided a shuttle to and from the port. That was nice considering the port was going to charge us $150.00 for parking. We arrived at the port and i must say it was nothing spectacular. Nothing like the view we seen leaving out of Miami. It like the port was sitting in the middle of an old ship yard. not anything to take pictures of. It was also raining and cloudy. Security to me was a little unrealistic making one man take off his clothes because he kept beeping. The poor fellow was like 85 years old. My husband also had a hard time going through security and he didn't have anything to make the machines go off. We have no idea what happened there. As we are sitting in the port waiting to board we are looking around at our fellow cruisers and we notice about 70%of them are over the age of 60. What have we done/? Another young couple next to us said the same thing. We finally board the ship and entering it was nothing great either. It didn't give us the WOW factor like the carnival ship we had been on. It was pretty but not that pretty. The ceilings were low and it just looked old fashioned. They had fruit sculpted into animals which was cute but that's it..just cute. we were informed our rooms were not ready so we could go to the Windjammer to have lunch. We walk in and it is small. Not enough tables for everyone and with it raining,who wants to sit outside. We push our way through the crowd to see whats for lunch. i thought I was at a retirement home with the food options. corned beef, stew, salad,sandwiches...what is this?? I found the burgers. not cooked fresh off the grill to your bun like on carnival but rather sitting in a pan with grease on the bottom. cold and not very tasty. the buns were hard from sitting in the air and the cheese wouldn't even melt. yuck!!! finally we make it to our room. it is a little bigger than our room on carnival but the TV? It definitely needed and upgrade. It was very small..like a 13 inch and it was facing the wall not the bed. it was hard to watch TV while resting. our guy that cleaned the room was weird. he went through our stuff to find sunglasses which i don't think is right. he would throw our bags on the bed or couch and leave them there. i don't think he should have even touched our personal belongings. he didn't get a tip. that's why i don't prepay my gratuities. our room was toward the front of the ship on the 3rd floor. we felt a lot of the boats movements which did make us sick and we needed some medicine for motion sickness the first couple days. The doors to the rooms we found to be heavy also and there is no vent in the bathroom. Not good. We did like the fact that the ship offered a pool with fresh water in it though during the day it was full but very peaceful at night. My husband and i took advantage of the peaceful swimming at night but found the guys that clean the deck watch us like a hawk. I felt like a criminal. The solarium was nice for adults but very hot. they never opened the roof..which i don't know if it even opened. We didn't go in there much except to get pizza when the windjammer closed which was alot. On carnival we could go into their dining area all day and there was always something being cooked. The entertainment was dull. Nothing went on the first day really. The comedians were ok. I wouldn't say they were extremely funny and they kept their stuff PG for the elderly. There was a juggler..and dancers. the dancers did the same stuff every night just to different songs. It kinda got old after a while but there was nothing else to do. Karaoke was not fun either. The host was dull and not very entertaining. Hardly ever was there anything going on out on the deck. several days they had a Jamaican band out there but i just thought they would change things up. by 9 every night the pool deck was empty. the halls were empty. there were shows going on but other than that nothing. by 12 everyone was in bed unless you were in the viking crown lounge which was the dance club. it consisted of mostly chairs. the dance floor was probably as big as a nice sizes storage building. you could fit maybe 20 people comfortably. It was the same thing night after night. the music wasn't good at all. it was like the DJ played what he liked and nothing to keep the crowd entertained. my husband and i decided one night to walk every floor because we were so bored and we noticed that the 4th floor smelled like sewer really bad. It was quite gross. The ship just isn't for me and Royal is more for the older crowd...like the ones with walkers. Yes there were walkers on there. The ports were nice. We loved the Dominican Republic. Royal told us that the Dominican republic was a newer port to them and there was no need to take money. There were excursions you could book through them but other than that you could just walk around. We had to tender in. so when we got there we found it to be a totally different story. there was all kinds of stuff to do. there were even tours that went to the waterfalls for 25.00 a person instead of the outrageous price that royal wanted. we were mad that they had lied to us and the tour guides there and the the people who walk you to the water fall depend on our money for survival. we always buy from the locals and nothing that says made in china. when we got to Haiti it was a private island owned by royal. I found out that royal only pays Haiti a small small amount per person to be on the island. i was disgusted. they are poor. there were these Haitian men working on the private island and royal brought in all this food for the cruisers and do you know those men said they aren't allowed to eat it that royal only provides them with water or lemonade. some people went and got those men a plate of food. all the food left was brought back on the ship to be thrown out. That makes me sick to my stomach. i will never sail on royal again. The service was ok and our dining room waiter was awesome but as far as the ship,entertainment,and food? No thank you. Don't think you can order room service when ever you want..they charge for that too and add a gratuity onto it. carnival does not. if you choose to sail with royal or you choose to sail this ship..good luck to you and happy sailing. I will be waving to you from one of carnivals fun ships!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Oh, the poor Enchantment is not a magical spell or bewitchment. It is like a Bad spell cast by Endora on Darren. This was my 50th cruise, 15th or so with RCCI. This make us Diamond Members. Being Diamond members made check in a breeze, ... Read More
Oh, the poor Enchantment is not a magical spell or bewitchment. It is like a Bad spell cast by Endora on Darren. This was my 50th cruise, 15th or so with RCCI. This make us Diamond Members. Being Diamond members made check in a breeze, we sailed past the (one of many, many, many) long lines and were checked in rapidly. I am not sure if this was good or bad because the rule now with most ships is that you can not drop anything off in your cabin until after 1:30 pm. So what happens is 2,000 people are hungry and go to the Windjammer cafe that only holds 500 people. As most people know this ship was cut in half and an addition added. I am sure this was ONLY done to increase revenue. So with the stretch there was very little if anything done to accommodate the additional cabins and guests. The Windjammer is CONSTANTLY crowded and you spend your time fighting for a table and dodging other guests. Either be there exactly when the doors open with the other cattle or 20 minutes before it closes and you just might find a table, if you are lucky! Next area of fun, your luggage. About 5 pm I was called and told there was problem with my luggage. I immediately went to the "luggage reject" area. There must have been 500 pieces of rejected luggage. I was asked if I had alcohol in my luggage. I said "no". They then had to take my luggage to be re-x rayed. After running it in and out about ten times. They said I had a knife. I actually had a very very small pair of 3" scissors, and after they saw them said I could keep them. My guess is they are checking each piece of luggage for unacceptable items, because the vast majority of the luggage was being rejected for alcohol. People would not try to sneak a little alcohol in their luggage if the prices were not so high, and if you drink it in the privacy of your cabin, so what? Good point- Out waiter - Gracias and his assistant Cliffroy were one of the 3 best teams I have ever seen on a ship, they made dinner a pleasure. The dining room food was good, not great, but good. Appetizers were average, soups were average, entrees good, and desserts not so special. This ship feels very very crowded, every place you go has lines of people. You are always waiting for something, in a line of waiting for an elevator. No additional elevators were added for the additional guests or the stretch. PLEASE+++++++++++++++++ Can they please throw away the many (hundreds) of tired, dried up, dead, ugly Christmas Poinsettia plants. They are beyond the fork stage, 3 weeks ago!! Another poor thing done with the stretch and remodel is this is the only ship I have been on that DOES NOT have a sauna and steam room in the changing area. That is one of my favorite parts of a vacation, working out in the gym and then going to have a 20 minute steam or sauna. NOT AVAILABLE on this ship. I am sure it was eliminated to generate more revenue. And yes the gym is the same small size, always crowded. Because the ship is so overcrowded get to any event at least 15 minutes early, you may get a seat. Then there is "the quest" - a Royal Caribbean event not to be missed. This was being held in the Starlight lounge, it was packed to the gills 20 minutes before the show even started. Maybe they should split this into 2 events, one for early seating dinning, and a 2ND quest for late seating guests....no that would make too much sense. This was also the case with the back stage show of the theater....way too many guests to even hear what was being said. Speaking of the theater, the Singers and Dancers did a great job with both shows. Another entertainer worth mentioning was Jason Chase- very funny without using one vulgar word- a nice change--GOOD JOB Jason!! One perk of being a Diamond member is "THE EXCLUSIVE NIGHTLY DIAMOND EVENT" from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Viking Crown Lounge. You are served complimentary (cheap) wine, champagne, and soft drinks. First NO ONE is checking if you are a Diamond member, some people there were definitely NOT diamond members. THE CIGARETTE SMOKE - smoking is allowed on the side next to this event and the ventilation is zero. ALL you can smell is smoke. It destroys the pleasure of this event. The coffee--- The coffee in the Windjammer in the worst tasting liquid I have ever tasted in my life. Dining room coffee is OK. I guess they want you to purchase the pay extra coffee at Cafe Latte on Deck 6? Two days during breakfast at the Windjammer Market Disaster they RAN OUT OF Orange Juice, YES ran out of OJ, and provided no substitute. Another day I saw a staff member filling the OJ dispenser, when he took the lid off the sign that says OJ fell into the dispenser. The employee looked around to see if anyone saw this, and then reached his hand/arm into the dispenser to "fish out" the sign and put it back on top of the dispenser. He did not notice that I saw the entire event. The casino- another room filled with smoke, but I did leave the cruise with $10 more than I started with! I have had many great Royal Caribbean Cruises, this was NOT one of them, avoid this ship if possible! They have not stretched any of the other Vision Class ships, now I see why, it does NOT work! Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
I'm a strong believer in the rule that your attitude can pre-determine how much fun you'll have on a cruise.  So I was determined to have a good time and it helped.To provide perspective, this was my fourth cruise in recent ... Read More
I'm a strong believer in the rule that your attitude can pre-determine how much fun you'll have on a cruise.  So I was determined to have a good time and it helped.To provide perspective, this was my fourth cruise in recent years (although I had taken many transatlantic and trans-pacific trips in the past).  Recent trips were on the QM2 (twice) and Celebrity.  And while this is my preferred standard, the RCI trip was too good to pass up. Great fare, the right duration, the right departure port and the right timing.  Now, on to the review.The embarkation was a total disaster.  The ship was scheduled to depart at 4 PM.  We arrived at 2:15.  We boarded at 3:30.  Others, who had arrived before we did, waited over three hours.  The only reason our boarding took less time is that I overheard someone mention a special line for suites.  No one from RCI alerted suite guests to this benefit.  Our table mates, also suite holders, were in line for 3 hours.  A very bad job all around by RCI.  I heard that the Baltimore harbour master was partly responsible, as was a "computer crash".  But from the horror stories, RCI was definitely not blameless.Disembarkation was much better.  A bit of a jam at the gangway, but we were off in about 20 minutes.  We always self-disembark and this made it easier.  But the lifts didn't seem to work very well, disgorging everyone in the same space.  RCI should not have insisted that passengers using the center set of lifts.Now don't get me wrong.  The trip was fun.  The crew really tries to please.  Nydia in the gym was a good instructor spinning, pilates, yoga, etc.  Captain Rob is a riot very funny noontime announcements.  We enjoyed the entertainment.  The comedians were funny and the shows entertaining.  Certainly as good if not better than Cunard and Celebrity.  And the best part of the ship is the Solarium.  A quite oasis from the typical chaos of a cruise ship.  A nice place to read, enjoy the sun, spa and pool.Unfortunately, there are many lowlights, due in large part to the age of this ship.  RCI needs to either retire her, or refurbish her.  The rooms are small (even the Junior Suite that we had).  And by the way, don't get a room under either the pool area or the Solarium if you want to avoid the noise of shuffling deck chairs or rolling carts.The bathrooms are tiny, the fixtures corroded with age and use, the lighting poor and there was always a slight odor.  There is very little water pressure.The wood work is worn lots of stains and warped wood from water damage.  There are permanent stains on the furniture and torn carpeting.  Our table mates had furniture that didn't even match.  TVs are ancient and falling apart.  The hangers are the type you would find in a Motel 6.  Not enough light to read by at night.  Basically, it isn't what you would expect for paying suite prices.  I cannot imagine what the other rooms were like.Our cabin steward was fine.  He kept the place clean and he was creative with his towel artistry.  But he wasn't particularly friendly, even when I mentioned that I had lived in his home country for many years and spoke his native language.  The gym is small and the weight training equipment limited.  There are about a dozen aerobic machines (bikes, elipticals, treadmills), but these too are aging.  And people don't follow the 20 minute courtesy rule.  Also, if you miss the one or two classes scheduled for the particular day, you are out of luck.Generally, the food was fine.  The Windjammer had a decent breakfast omelettes and lots of fresh fruit.  We never ate breakfast or lunch in the main dining room and never tried room service, so cannot comment on either.The food in the main dining room was forgetable.  Not bad just not very good.  My wife's pasta was not hot.  All the fish tasked the same.  In short, it was a great deal like a restaurant you tried for the first time but would never go back.  Our first night back home we both remarked how much better our home cooked meal tasted!Our waiter and assistant waiter were fine.  They tried hard, but were real amateurs.  They would be very attentive at getting you dinner rolls, but forget to refill your wine glass.  Service on the last night was particularly slow.  And they didn't seem to pay much attention.  By the luck of the draw, everyone at our table for 6 was a vegetarian (or at least didn't eat meat or chicken).  Yet, every evening after the meal the waiter would announce with great enthusiasm some meat or chicken dish that was being served the following night.  Hello?  Anyone at home?And one thing that drove us nuts is that they would start to clear and re-set the adjacent tables during our meals.  We had the late seating so there simply wasn't any need for this.  It was very distracting and not what you would expect from a first-class operation.The wine list was fairly extensive and most sold under $40 a bottle.  They could have used a sommelier because our poor waiter didn't have a clue.  As for our head water, he really showed up only on the last night (coinciding with the time to hand out the gratuities, no doubt).I title this as the "Aging Lady", because this is what the Grandeur is.  I mentioned the evidence of its age in the description of our cabin and the gym equipment.  There were other signs as well.  Like the chair in the Champagne Lounge that collapsed right under this elderly gentleman.  We pointed out to him the fact that the supporting legs were missing a bolt to assure him that it was not his fault.  I got the distinct impression that the waiter know about this.  There were cracked and chipped glasses served at dinner.  Cracked and leaking cups served in the Windjammer.  Lots of rust and worn furnishings throughout the ship.  It reminded me of some of the famous old hotels that are well past their prime.  Fine if you like that sort of thing.You will find a fairly broad range of fellow passengers age, activity level, and experience.  If you are the type that likes to dress for dinner, RCI isn't for you.  If you want a basic cruise, it is.Now, only 5 months to our "Circle Hawaii" on Holland America.  Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
Hello. I have a lot to say, so please read only if you have a lot of time. Day One: Dining: Terrible, we waited for 30 minutes to get a freaking coke, my seapass was lost with the waiter, people were unfriendly, it was a family cruise, ... Read More
Hello. I have a lot to say, so please read only if you have a lot of time. Day One: Dining: Terrible, we waited for 30 minutes to get a freaking coke, my seapass was lost with the waiter, people were unfriendly, it was a family cruise, and we were split among 3 tables! That night, the headwaiter, could not put the tables together when we asked strictly to be together. Youth: Closed Pool: the freshwater was disgusting and burned your eyes and felt terrible! Overall: I found it as a lackluster ship (as I have been on Enchantment of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas and seen much better) Day Two: Dining: Better, but still negative. The food was nothing but desirable, still with bad (and slow) service. Youth: The people were nice, but we cruised on Enchantment, like we said and it was the same time, so I heard the same things from my kid about what he learned. Pool: Luckily, there was an ice cream machine around the pool to keep the kids happy Issues: Kids were in the casinos and adult only area, and were playing in the elevators Day Three: This is what brings my rating of the ship down to a 1. Youth: Kids were throwing up all over the place! IT was a rocky day at sea, and everyone was throwing up, and getting sick! Dining: Drinks were spilled on my lap that night (and yes it was formal night) Food was good, but I couldn't relax Day Four: Luckily were are in bermuda, no complaints, but it took a while to get off of the ship Day Five: Bermuda still Day Six: Sea day (and we are over with our cruise) Read Less
Sail Date September 2007
My husband and I selected this cruise in hopes of seeing some fall colors. we were a bit early. In retrospect, found that perhaps a month later would have been perfect. Starts in Baltimore, a great city with wonderful sites if you are a ... Read More
My husband and I selected this cruise in hopes of seeing some fall colors. we were a bit early. In retrospect, found that perhaps a month later would have been perfect. Starts in Baltimore, a great city with wonderful sites if you are a walker or have time to get there a few days early. The pier is easy to locate. The cruise line will try to sell you one way port/airport transportation for $39 each. A cab was $35 for two of us and convenient. Same type bus the ship uses. This was my husbands 13th and my 15th cruise. Each of us have been on RCCL 11 times. However, with a computer problem, they seemed to have "lost" records of 5 of our cruises and remain unwilling to provide credit for them based on the year and season. So we are "Platinum" level members. This supposedly gave us a huge advantage and special gifts. Now this we found actually insulting. It would have been better if they had given us nothing at all. Instead, we got a note about how valued we are, along with a 49 cent key chain. ...what a slap in the face that was! It also set a bad tone for the 9 day cruise. The ship was in fair shape but showing its age. We found most of the crew to be very friendly and very attentive, however did have one waiter during open dining who was outright rude. The ship was a nice size for us, but we had some issues with the size of the showroom,The Palladium, where all the shows occurred. The room was much too small to accommodate those wishing to see the shows. If you wanted to get two seats together, you had to be there and seated 45-50 minutes before the show, so take a book/crossword puzzle. The bartenders did well because people got there early and just drank for an hour. A few times we couldn't get in. We had arrived 20 minutes before the show one time and were 'stacked' 2 deep standing room only, with some elderly people sitting on stairs and others on the floor. I was a bit upset that the crew made no attempts to accommodate those wanting to attend after all, we all paid for the opportunity. Two of the three "Guest Shows" were repeat visitors from cruises with RCCL 10-12 years ago. The jokes were the same…not too fresh. Production shows were fabulous. Almost no kids on the ship, so quiet. The weather was cold and overcast, so there wasn't much gong on at the pool. The dining room and food experience was very disappointing. Of all the cruises we have taken, we had expected something grand. The appetizers were heavily geared toward seafood, so if one had allergies, it left little to choose from. The entrees were a true disappointment. Presentation was great but taste was mediocre at best. Food selections were poor. a Few standard choices at the end of the menu, over cooked and over seasoned. The new York steak was a whopping ¼ inch thick at best and very tough.We had great company at the dinner table and it seems that is what we enjoyed most about the meal experience in the dining room. Desserts were so so. Dining room alternative, Windjammer was jammed all the time. Amused by the name we found that every time it was windy outside(always)the place was jammed. The ports were ok, but not great. Book on line. Stood in line for 95 minutes to book alternate tours. Two of three were a true waste of $. Happy to send you the details on all tours off line. Don't miss the small town of St. Martin, at the Halifax stop. Shared a cab in Halifax to see Peggy's Cove, five of us split the $135 +tip, cost of the trip. The Cab proved to be better than a tour, as he took us places that the busses would never have been able to access. On the ship, I was most disappointed by the significant decrease in activities offered. Most of the 'events' were for the financial benefit of the ship. There was supposed to be a fitness advisor, but he/she never showed up. Went to hear a lecture on Herbal/Chinese medicine for pain management, but the speaker never showed up. Piano lessons only offered 5 keyboards. Back in Baltimore the opportunity to take our own luggage off allowed exit before 8am. Overall, we felt the trip was a huge disappointment and waste of our hard earned dollars. Next time we will try a different cruise line. No advantage to stay with RCCL….already have two key chains ? Read Less
Sail Date September 2007
Let me start by saying that although this cruise was the worst cruise that I've been on in recent years, I will still have some very fond memories from it. I will probably never sail aboard the Grandeur of the Seas again, but ... Read More
Let me start by saying that although this cruise was the worst cruise that I've been on in recent years, I will still have some very fond memories from it. I will probably never sail aboard the Grandeur of the Seas again, but that's simply because I don't feel that the ship offers the amenities that I enjoy and expect. I had booked one of the Grand Suites, as I have on the Radiance Class and the Vision Class of RCCL's ships, and I was extremely disappointed in the service (or lack thereof) afforded to us. Let's Begin: Embarkation/Disembarkation - We're from Maryland, so the opportunity to take a cruise from our home port without having to worry about airlines, luggage restrictions, transfers, etc., was the 2nd most important reason why we chose this cruise. The first most important reason was the fact that I simply wanted to get away for 9 days and not think about work - that mission was accomplished. The port of Baltimore was very easy to access, and parking was more than adequate and convenient (even at $10 per night). Embarkation, at least for us, was a snap. However, we were the very first passengers allowed to board, so I cannot comment to anyone following us. The obligatory welcome aboard pictures that were offered had terrible backgrounds that had nothing to do with this particular venue. One was of the MardiGras, and the other was just as off base. The Windjammer Cafe was not open when we arrived on board, but that was typical of the ship's spotty service. We ate across from the Captain and his wife who seemed interested in our conversations, but did not wish to join in with us. It was unfortunate that Captain Rob was not commanding this vessel, rather the Captain was Captain Remø (referred to by most guess as CPT Nemo from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.") Also unfortunate is the fact that Captain Remø does not represent his line very well. On more than one occasion, when the Captain was asked a direct question, he skirted the issue and provided a blunt, unfriendly response. As an example, one guest asked the captain what were the thoughts of putting a concierge lounge or service aboard the Grandeur. His response was that the concierge lounge or service was offered aboard their ships running in Europe and that satisfactory. Disembarkation was uneventful and smooth. Many guests took advantage of the "Self Assist" program in which they were responsible for carrying off ALL of their own luggage. They were the first to disembark. One oddity was the fact that the order of disembarkation (by luggage tag) was not published in the Cruise Compass; so we had no idea if we were going to be called first or last. This presented a minor issue when trying to arrange a pickup at the port, since you had no idea how long the process would take and where you stood in the order of things. The ship was OLD, though its decor was still in fairly good shape. However, the rooms are significantly smaller than their counterparts aboard other classes of ships. The room service was also limited. Normally the refrigerator in the room provides a cash bar for sodas, beer, water, snacks, and miniatures. This refrigerator had only soda and water. Furthermore many rooms did not have refrigerators at all. Guest Services - Room Service was spotty at best. One of our travel mates needed milk (la leche) each evening to take her medicines; try as they might, they could not get the milk delivered to them. This same couple could never get their breakfast room service ordered. They put their selection card out in plenty of time, and it was simply missed. The Grandeur went through dry dock in April '07, and we had anticipated a number of upgrades. However, aside from new linens, we saw very little account of the dry dock. Even the "Day of the Week" placards were missing from the elevator floors. The in-room TV was still old technology; interactive TV was not available. Passengers could not view their charges online, excursions could not be ordered on line, no webcam available, etc. Consequently, the lines at both the Excursion Desk and the Customer Service Desk were always quite long. Speaking of Customer Service, I received an e-mail from the Guest Services Manager two days prior to boarding the ship stating that she was "available to assist with any special needs". This service was not available. I e-mailed her prior to departure requesting specific assistance in making some off-ship arrangements in Halifax, CN on day-6 of the cruise. During the entire voyage, I never saw her, and no assistance was provided. I inquired as to her whereabouts, and I was informed that "she was leaving the ship after this cruise, and she was training her replacement." We found that this was true in many cases; either the experienced crew had taken their vacation from the ship or they were leaving the ship in a cruise or two. Dining - There were no Specialty Restaurants (Chops or Portofino) from which to choose. It was either the Main Dining Room, the Windjammer (limited hours), the Solarium (hot dogs and pizza), or room service. I had sent in a request for a table for 12 and provided names and booking numbers for each of the passengers. When we got to the dining room, they had accommodated 8 of us, but the other four weren't to be found. Being able to let them know that in advance would have been a simple courtesy. Dining Experience - initially our table service was so bad, that the head waiter had to step in and serve as our waiter. Meal Preparation - Nothing Fancy. If anything, RCCL's standard fares need some tweaking. To serve what they called "Maryland Crab Cabs" to Marylanders was a huge mistake. Absolutely no resemblance. Excursions - Lackluster. Consequently we did not schedule any of the RCCL-provided tours. Rather we made our own plans. Personally disappointing was the fact they did not offer any golf-related excursions. Onboard activities - with three days at sea, we had expected a little more variety in the onboard activities, even some historical perspectives. Unfortunately we also experienced some onboard activities that were canceled for no apparent reasons or announcements. Even the Meet & Mingle was poorly orchestrated. Normally the M&M is attended by the Group Coordinator and either the Cruise Director or the Loyalty Ambassador. In this case it was attended by only the Group Coordinator, and she did very little to facilitate the activity. No introductions, no recognition of the Roll Call originator, only the raffles and some stale canapés. She didn't even volunteer to take our picture, so we had to do so ourselves. Entertainment - The nightly entertainment was actually a highlight of the cruise. The Cruise Director, Simeon Baker, was one of the best we've encountered. One of our table mates described him as "insipient", and his use of the expression "funtastic" became a little tiresome. However, he did appear to love his job and his motto is, "we are here for a good time, not a long time, so get out there and start your cruise vacation now." The Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers were excellent. The nightly entertainment was geared to the more elderly passengers aboard (the average age of the passengers had to be close to 65-70 - out of 2,300 passengers, there were only 16 youth aboard). One of the entertainers, Billy Fellows, has been entertaining audiences since 1949 (he was very funny). I could continue, but any more would simply be bashing. RCCL is still my favorite cruise line, and to the uninitiated, this may still have been a great cruise. However, I expected a lot more. Read Less
Sail Date September 2007
Here's a short review...and a little background. We're in our early 40's, and we are frequent travellers. We own a timeshare, and typically take week-long vacations, at a single destination. Our favorite island is Grand ... Read More
Here's a short review...and a little background. We're in our early 40's, and we are frequent travellers. We own a timeshare, and typically take week-long vacations, at a single destination. Our favorite island is Grand Cayman. Our favorite vacation spots are Grand Cayman, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Each year, we spend a week at one of those destinations. I Scuba and snowboard, and my wife skis. This is our 5th cruise,(our 2nd on Grandeur), and we travelled with our 17 yr old son. Bermuda was beautiful. It was the 2nd time we sailed the Grandeur, and it has definitely slipped. I have mixed feelings on this cruise. Overall, the service was pretty good, especially the bartenders, and the dining room staff. They also kept the ship sparkling clean. Embarkation and debarkation were excellent. The port of Baltimore has definitely stepped up in that regard. The pool band, (Rhythm Section), was good, and the shows that Fran & her sister attended, were pretty good. They especially enjoyed the comedian. This was our 5th cruise, and I would rate this as the least enjoyable sailing. It was a very uneven experience. I was really surprised, and very disappointed, that the food was the worst that we've ever had on a cruise. While some of the food was pretty good, (we don't expect 5-star dining), most of it was mediocre to bad. With the exception of a couple of desserts and appetizers, they served the identical food in the Windjammer, as they did in the main dining room. It kind of makes dressing up and going to the main dining room seem pointless. The ship was refurbished, but there were still signs of wear. Our stateroom was kind of shabby, the little bedside tables were well worn and scratched up, and there were cigarette burns in the sink. The beds and bedding, however, were excellent...nice firm mattresses and crisp clean, new sheets. One evening, the stateroom attendant even left a soap-filled sponge next to our drinking glasses on the table. That was gross. We didn't let it ruin our vacation, and it sounds nit-picky, but it's those little things that add, or detract, from a cruise experience. Unfortunately,(as we had one of the best cruises ever, when we sailed her back in '01), I cannot, in good conscience, recommend the Grandeur of the Seas to anybody. When we cruise again, we'll try a different line or ship. Read Less
Sail Date August 2007
I was very much looking forward to this cruise but as soon as the cruise began, I realized this ship was nothing like the Grand Princess that I sailed on in October. The food was mediocre, the daytime activity choice poor, and although the ... Read More
I was very much looking forward to this cruise but as soon as the cruise began, I realized this ship was nothing like the Grand Princess that I sailed on in October. The food was mediocre, the daytime activity choice poor, and although the evening entertainment was good, there was a lack of choice. If we wanted to dance, it had to be very late, past our bedtime. In Boston, there were long lines taking almost 2 hours to get off the ship. The ship's staff did little to help and should have known about this problem (a labor union dispute) before we came to Boston. The cabin had less square footage than the HAL Statendam or the Princess Grand that we had sailed on previously although we did manage to get everything in except our suitcases didn't fit underneath the bed. RCI doesn't give little goodies like at any 3* hotel like shampoo, lotion, shower cap. I had to ask for one. Also, you can't do your laundry onboard and have to pay high prices to get it done. The first day we boarded, we were directed to the buffet as our cabin wasn't ready (not yet ready at 12:30 pm?)and once there, there were few workers there and dishes piled up high on tables. It went downhill from there. I will never again sail on RCI. I heard that they now own Celebrity but I think Celebrity is of a higher class. Supposedly, RCI has "fun" on it's cruises as they advertise, but we had lots more fun on Princess with Reggae parties, 50's and 60's night. On this ship, there was the art auction (a big ripoff), Bingo (costs $35 minimum to play), the casino(which we didn't use), and one lecturer who lectured on very uninteresting topics. No tour of the ship's galley either. The same daytime activities over and over, little variety. Read Less
Sail Date June 2007
Embarkation from the Port of Baltimore is smooth. Parking is directly adjacent to the terminal and if you have preregistered online you are onboard 10 minutes from the time you park your car. The ship is easy to navigate. We arrived ... Read More
Embarkation from the Port of Baltimore is smooth. Parking is directly adjacent to the terminal and if you have preregistered online you are onboard 10 minutes from the time you park your car. The ship is easy to navigate. We arrived shortly after 3:00 pm, joined in the muster drill at 3:30 pm and pulled away from the dock at 4:00, looking over the skyline of Baltimore. We traveled with our two children, 3 & 5, as many of the other passengers did. We had two adjacent oceanview cabins on deck 3 which afforded us double everything, 2 bathrooms, 2 closets and privacy which worked very well. The ship is VERY well maintained. You witness the crew continuously painting, sanding, recarpeting throughout the trip. The size is both easy to get around and large enough that allows you to get away from crowds near the pool. We ate both in the Windjammer on deck 9, and in the dining room. Both were a major disappointment. The food in the Windjammer was often inedible. Large chafing dishes filled with meat in sauce which resembled the plate scrapings from the dining room the previous night. Most seemed content with the food offering, we did not. The service was consistent, friendly and helpful. Our room steward did a wonderful job working around our erratic schedule, our rooms always perfect when we returned from a long day. The dining room staff was also consistent and thoughtful, suggesting what we should order, and bringing us special treats they thought we would enjoy as they got to know us. they were particularly kind to our children, which they appreciated. Each night they took their order prior to the rest of the table's so they wouldn't have to wait. We enjoyed Miami as we have been there often and know our way around. We enjoyed a nice dinner in South Beach, and returned to the ship for a dip in the pool prior to bed. Key West was wonderful. We took a tour on the Conch train and thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide was well versed and funny. We shopped and ate by the water, finishing the day with a piece of Key Lime pie. Cozumel was a disappointment other than out lunch at restaurant at the end of the strip. Great food, margaritas and entertainment. There is a shop adjoining the restaurant with lovely things. I highly recommend shopping in Cozumel vs. Costa Maya. the prices are much better and they were aware that it was the last Mexican port in Costa Maya, they had you over a barrel if ou wanted some specific things. I bought a charm in Cozumel for my charm bracelet for $8.00, they asked $42.00 for the same one in Costa Maya. When I told the gentleman what I spent in cozumel, he said "If you want another one for that price you'll have to go back to Cozumel". As we walked back to the ship we dropped into small stores and bought Coronas for $1.00 each. Costa Maya-we took two cabs and spent a few hours at a resort, Maya Palms. We had the entire place to ourselves for $100. Beach, lounge chairs, pool, food and drinks. It was perfect for our family. Costa Maya is a sad place with desperate people. Port Canaveral-We stayed on board which was perfect. Most people ventured off the ship leaving us to enjoy the pool. The children enjoyed the Adventure Ocean program. We were provided with a beeper so they could contact us if our duaghter needed anything. Overall I was disappointed. The majority of the passengers left their manners, appropriate attire and their ability to read basic rules at home. Although I hold the passengers accountable for their behavior, I rarely witnessed crew members enforcing dress code etc... We will not sail Royal Caribbean in the future. Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
We sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas sailing from Baltimore on May 26, 2006 for a 9 night cruise to the Western Caribbean. We drove to Baltimore the day before and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. They had a cruise and snooze ... Read More
We sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas sailing from Baltimore on May 26, 2006 for a 9 night cruise to the Western Caribbean. We drove to Baltimore the day before and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. They had a cruise and snooze package that included keeping our car for the duration of the cruise. We arrived at the hotel early and were allowed to check in right away. The hotel is beautiful but is now a non smoking hotel. The day of the cruise, we arrived at the port about 11:15 am. The port is very well organized. The taxi dropped us off; we were assisted in getting our luggage tags, filling out the Bahamas entrance form and directed to the check in line. By 1130 am we were on the ship eating lunch. We were not able to get into our cabin until 1:00. This was our first cruise with Royal Caribbean but we have sailed many times on other cruise lines. The cabin was much smaller than we were used to. There is plenty of drawer space but the closet space is very limited. This is the first time our luggage would not fit under the bed so we had to constantly move it around throughout our cruise. That was very annoying. The beds in the cabins definitely need to be replaced. I became a great fan of Motrin throughout the week. Our cabin steward did what was needed during our stay. We had Main seating dining. We were at a table for 10 which we enjoyed. Our waiter was attentive and by the end of the cruise became personable. The food in the dining room was typical cruise food. Not bad but nothing to write home about. On the seventh day of our cruise, they started running out of various items on the menus. On the eighth day of our cruise our port of call was port Canaveral. At this port they restocked the ship. The shows were not the standard that we have become accustomed to. There was only one show the entire cruise that was enjoyable. The ports of call were Freeport, Key West, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Port Canaveral. We had been to Freeport and Cozumel many times so we just walked around the shops. Key West was a very enjoyable stop as was Costa Maya. At Costa Maya, at the end of the pier was a shopping area, a beach and pool area that was very nice. At Port Canaveral we stayed on the ship. Debarkation was just about as easy as embarkation. The ship arrived in Baltimore around 7:30 am, our luggage tag was called around 9:30 and by 10:00 we were on our way home having gotten a taxi back to the Hyatt and retrieved our car. Overall the cruise was enjoyable but if we cruise Royal Caribbean again it will be in a Balcony cabin and on a newer ship. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
The ship was scheduled to leave Baltimore on Friday, Sept 16, but because of Hurricane Ophelia, delayed one day. Before our departure, two ports - Bahamas & Coco Cay - were eliminated from the trip. No alternate port was offered. No ... Read More
The ship was scheduled to leave Baltimore on Friday, Sept 16, but because of Hurricane Ophelia, delayed one day. Before our departure, two ports - Bahamas & Coco Cay - were eliminated from the trip. No alternate port was offered. No explanation as to why TWO ports were dropped from a ONE day delay. Because of Hurricane Rita, port of Key West was also eliminated from our trip. Spent an extra day in Cozumel, Mexico, but no additional ports were added. Expected a 10-day, 5 port cruise. Instead had 9-day, 2 port cruise with two hurricanes. Knew to expect "alterations" due to possible hurricanes during this time of the year, but was extremely disappointed that Royal Caribbean didn't add at least one other port of call. RCI did provide a $250 per stateroom credit to compensate for the delayed departure. Nothing else was offered by RCI. Didn't expect a free cruise, but perhaps a discounted rate on the next cruise would have helped to alleviate some of the hard feelings that most passengers had about the "cut short" cruise that visited only Cozumel and Port Canaveral. Food on board was plentiful, but bland. Entertainment was OK. Dining room staff was good, Windjammer Cafe staff was excellent. Cabin steward was good. Had only one opportunity for a shore excursion in Mexico - it was excellent. Very easy to navigate around Cozumel, well-organized tour. Additional excursions had to be cancelled when other ports of call were eliminated. Overall, would rate the ship OK, would rate the staff better than OK, but would rate RCI less than OK for not providing passengers with the full cruise package expected. Read Less
Sail Date September 2005
This could have been a nice cruise. Overall I would call it good - not great. My only prior experience cruising was Carnival's Glory to Western Caribbean. It was better in many ways. The ship had one major problem. Too many ... Read More
This could have been a nice cruise. Overall I would call it good - not great. My only prior experience cruising was Carnival's Glory to Western Caribbean. It was better in many ways. The ship had one major problem. Too many children and especially too many wild - unsupervised often troublemaking teens and pre-teens. I don't mind the kids. I brought mine (7 and 9) and they enjoyed it. But the kids camp was overcrowded (sometimes a 30 to 1 kid to counselor ratio) so it wasn't as good as it should have been. The kids didn't fit in the kid area. They used the teen club during the day to house the 9-11 year olds. Now - my real gripe. There was a large contingent of rowdy new jersey and maryland teens and preteens being completely unruly. And no one - not parents or Royal Caribbean staff did anything to correct it. How about a teen climbing the smokestack - or 20 teens in a hot tub and swinging from the structure above into the way-to-crowded pool. Running, loud foul language, and late night parties in rooms of teens whose parents were oblivious and who were on another deck. We missed Port Canaveral due to Katrina (Hurricane) so the last three days were at sea. Key West is a nice stop - and Coco Cay is great. Cozumel - The shopping was disappointing, and we didn't stay long. Much better off snorkeling or some other excursion. We didn't because the weather was almost 100 degrees. Freeport - If you don't plan on going to a beach or an excursion, don't get off the boat. Freeport is a dump. The food was pretty good - but not great. My gripe about the food is this: The only other place to eat besides the dining room is the windjammer, which is the buffet. I tried eating there a three or four times and every time the same result: no tables available. I would have to stalk a table as someone was finishing and jump on it before someone else got it. This problem was caused by dirty tables not being cleared fast enough. So if you plan on eating every meal in the dining room, you'll probably be satisfied. Let me be clear about this - the unruly teen problem was not only my perception, but often the topic of conversation around the table at nearly every meal in the dining room. Teens were running down hallways at 3 in the morning knocking on doors and taking the door hanger room service requests for breakfast. (Which resulted in sitting around waiting for a meal that never showed up - and then being too late to eat in the dining room.) With fewer unruly teens on board and not missing a port, this cruise would be a lot more enjoyable. - But I would not give it a high recommendation given my experience. Read Less
Sail Date August 2005
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