8 Rome (Civitavecchia) to Europe - Western Mediterranean Windstar Wind Surf Cruise Reviews

We had seen most of the Med on previous cruises but had missed the North Italian coast and the French Riviera. This cruise fit the bill with 3 Italian ports ,Monaco and 3 French Riviera port stops. Unfortunately a week before the cruise my ... Read More
We had seen most of the Med on previous cruises but had missed the North Italian coast and the French Riviera. This cruise fit the bill with 3 Italian ports ,Monaco and 3 French Riviera port stops. Unfortunately a week before the cruise my wife became ill and needed a wheelchair temporarily to get around. I considered cancelling all of our excursions but the Destination Manager assured me they would get us on our excursion and get the most out of the cruise as we could. And they did exactly that going way out of their way to insure we saw everything we came for. Only had to cancel one excursion in Monaco that just couldn't be done in a wheelchair. Everywhere we went on the ship they went out of their way to accommodate us and make things easier. I can't say enough good things about the crew. The food on the ship was absolutely delicious and with 3 dining area on a small ship we never had to wait. The wait staff was efficient and quick with a recommendation. With just over 300 passengers the crew and passengers soon became very familiar with each other. I have never seen ship's officers so visible and everywhere on the ship. The Captain and all other senior officers seemed to be greeting passengers all over the ship including when we arrived and disembarked the ship. Staff interacted with guests at a crew talent show, line dancing and other events. The cabin, while not significantly larger than most cruise cabins, had a generous amount of storage. We usually are fighting over hangers and drawers but not this time. The bed was fine and the bathroom adequate. The ship is definitely showing it's age. At almost 30 years old you can tell it has undergone many paint jobs and renovations. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it but you could still see many things that would be designed differently today. Still, to be on a sailing ship with all the sails up through the Med was quite an experience. A great feature was the back swimming deck. With all the toys you could want you could swim, snorkel, kayak paddleboard or have the crew tube you around the ship. While the ports were very important and interesting, the ship and crew were the highlights of this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2018
We have sailed Windstar 5 or 6 times in the past and always had a great experience. So when it came to going on a special trip with my Mom the cruise line was an easy choice. I left the cruise itinerary up to Mom to pick. She selected ... Read More
We have sailed Windstar 5 or 6 times in the past and always had a great experience. So when it came to going on a special trip with my Mom the cruise line was an easy choice. I left the cruise itinerary up to Mom to pick. She selected Glitter and Glam of the Riviera. We left from Rome and disembarked in Barcelona, both was very smooth. Great trip! Staff is excellent as is the food. The ports were great; best was Monte Carlo! The ship was Wind Surf their biggest at 310 pax but it wasn't full (sorry Windstar) that week so quite comfortable. It is also the one with elevators which came in very handy since Mom was in a wheelchair. All of the staff is just great but we had exceptional service from Allen and Larry dining room mgrs, Eric, Ruel, Ade, Lilik, Yusef and Nino! Just love Windstar and will cruise with them again... Read Less
Sail Date June 2016
I was particularly excited about the evaluations mentioning the uniqueness of the Wind Star ships. Wind Surf is indeed a pretty sailing ship, small yet very comfortable and with 300 guests and 200 crew. Very promising! Stateroom / ... Read More
I was particularly excited about the evaluations mentioning the uniqueness of the Wind Star ships. Wind Surf is indeed a pretty sailing ship, small yet very comfortable and with 300 guests and 200 crew. Very promising! Stateroom / bathroom were very good, comfortable, well designed and with enough cabinets and small storage places to organize your goods. However, the safe is too small. It was generally well kept, but occasionally we found empty water carafes (they do not keep water bottles in the minibar) and used glasses at bed time. Wifi never worked, but at least we were properly refunded. What really bothered me was the lack a lounge to stay protected against the sun and wind in the upper deck with expanded forward and side views. The internal lounges were not comfortable and had no view. The pool area – aft – is too small, with limited view and always packed. In my previous cruises I always enjoyed such a lounge for reading or enjoying a drink with a nice view, specifically when departing, approaching the port or sundown. Outside in the top deck there is a very limited space – or not at all – to enjoy an open shaded area with some protection against the wind. We always had pretty sunny days, but I wonder where to stay in a day at sea in a rainy day. Breakfast and lunch at the Veranda were very nice, a lot of buffet and a la carte options and great service. Dinner had a lot of high and lows: the Amphora - the standard, daily restaurant – was reasonable, but occasionally we found some food – such as the Alfredo pasta – totally tasteless. Candles – the small outside restaurant that must be booked – was the best option, with good main courses and great service (they even provided blankets when it was too chilly). Seafood spear and steak were superb, but the “shrimp and salmon carpaccio” was simply a thin, round smear of paté. The biggest disappointment is the supposedly top French bistro, Stella’s: portions were ridiculously small: the escargot appetizer was small and we got just a few in a big pastry; the scallops were only 4 small ones, smaller and less than any regular seafood restaurant; rack of lamb was small (the rack and the lamb itself). I know one can order more, but it was never offered. I know what a French restaurant is and how small their portions may be (not in a bistro, usually more generous), but Stella was simply ridiculous! The menu also did not reflect what the food was, fancy names and poor food. The espresso and sandwiches bar was nice and a good option for a drink or snack. Entertainment was poor: a small band with a singer also with high and lows, but she really improved during the cruise. No other decent options, on top of 1 evening with a crew show: entertaining and funny, even when they performed poorly! Shore excursions were limited and expensive for what they delivered. Many were cancelled due to lack of attendees. They made daily presentations of the next port of calls in the evening. It would be nice, but they presented the port of the day after, and it was confusing: even the presenter said “tomorrow” when she meant “the day after tomorrow”. Probably they wanted to give some more time for guests to think about and buy packages, but at the end of the day a presentation and a vrief recap of the last one was simply confusing. Services, generically speaking, were great: the waiters and supervisors, reception, tender, and so on. To my great disappointment, the last dinner – survey had been delivered and tips settled – was simply awful: no one paid attention to us, the smiling faces were gone, the beverage steward never showed up and I had to order cocktails to the waiter. After a long, long time they arrived: wrong order and exactly when they served dinner and the bottle of wine I had in storage. Even the waiter we had dearly recommended in the survey could not manage to keep our water glasses filled. Even with the “Ups” we experienced more “Downs”, and it was certainly the worst cruise we experienced. WindStar, never again!   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This was our first Windstar Cruise. I must say that I have talked to several folks that have sailed with Windstar multiple times and love it. I can't say I'd been in that category. Would I sail with Windstar again, maybe, based ... Read More
This was our first Windstar Cruise. I must say that I have talked to several folks that have sailed with Windstar multiple times and love it. I can't say I'd been in that category. Would I sail with Windstar again, maybe, based on the route and ports of all.What we liked. The room was very comfortable and there was more than enough room for clothes and toilietries. Our room steward was very polite and took wonderful care of your room and laundry. We got the $99 laundry package for unlimited service. The food was plentiful at breakfast and lunch buffets and the waitstaff was for the most part friendly and most of the time were there to get you whatever you wanted. Diner in the main dining room and Degrees was very nice, but I would have preferred to be seated with some couples rather than the 2 of us by ourselves. That wasn't an option that was presented to us, but on the last night we were asked if we would like to be seated with a gentleman and his daughter and I really enjoyed that. Guess that we could have asked. The food was very good. One dish I had was so over powered with Thyme that I sent it back. The young couple that sang and played guitar were wonderful very talented and knowledgeable...he is just an encyclopedia of modern music. In general the common areas are kept clean and are well appointed.What we didn't like. First impression of the hallways was old needing to be updated. The Veranda, restaurant for breakfast and lunch, old needing to be updated. The dinning rooms indoors could stand a bit of updating as well. Ask to be seated away from the kitchen as the noise can be pretty loud. The big lounge entertainment was too loud and imposing. If you want visit with new friends, this is not the place. The main lounge was usually about the temp. of a meat locker!Don't order lemonade! it is $6.00! and its a lemon juice in sprite. Ask if there is a charge first.Internet service! OMG can you believe $29.50 for 30 minutes! Your computer or theirs! and it is terribly slow. I little disappointing when it is in the Windstar literature that Wifi is available in your cabin and in the common areas...the missing piece is that you l have to pay dearly.OUr next door neighbors had cash taken from their cabin on the first day. A safe is provided for valuables. The other unfortunate experience was to watch someones luggage get put on the conveyor but not all the way and plush, it was in the water. No equipment to retrieve it either. One of the dockworkers fished it out. That was one very unhappy passenger.First day the reception desk personnel was rather curt. It got better. The hotel manager is a Frenchman, so I was expecting wonderful croissants when I saw them on the breakfast buffet. They are dry and tasteless. I called this to his attention and he replied that he doesn't eat breakfast, but thanks for letting me know. Wonder if he will make any improvements? I'm not filled with confidence! So in summary most of the cruise was enjoyable but compared to a recent river cruise we took, I'm underwhelmed. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
BACKGROUND This was my 6th cruise on the Wind Surf, first 3 times were when it was the Club Med 1 (Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Polynesian itineraries). I have also cruised several times on the Wind Star and Wind Spirit, most recently ... Read More
BACKGROUND This was my 6th cruise on the Wind Surf, first 3 times were when it was the Club Med 1 (Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Polynesian itineraries). I have also cruised several times on the Wind Star and Wind Spirit, most recently in Costa Rica. This was also my 3rd time sailing out of Civitavecchia, once on the Club Med 1, later on a (now defunct) Renaissance ship, and now again on the Wind Surf. Although the experiences were similar (all of them GREAT), there were some notable differences. First, the Wind Surf Review that was written by Cruise Critic contributor Jana Jones is very comprehensive and accurate, so I will try not to repeat any of this basic information. I love the Wind Surf, and small ship luxury cruising in general. I cannot imagine enjoying one of those mega-sized cruise ships with thousands of passengers. If you have ever been in St. Thomas when a large ship is in port, and seen the throngs of passengers wandering the streets at 10 AM in the morning, with beers in hand, you may understand my viewpoint. TRAVEL TO THE PORT We chose a Rome-Rome itinerary because of the fantastic price we got from Windstar via the Foremast Club (previous Windstar cruisers), and the reasonable air fare resulting from flying into and out of Rome (no 3-way itinerary). We got a great Delta airfare of $649 out of the Baltimore-Washington airport, connecting through New York. Unfortunately, the trip both ways was a real nightmare, mostly due to routing complications caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Or flight from NY to Rome was delayed 4 hours, then cancelled due to mechanical problems with the plane. We then got on an Alitalia flight to London, which had to turn around and return to NY mid-flight due to another mechanical problem. As a result, we arrived in Rome over 12 hours late, thoroughly exhausted and frazzled. Luckily, we choose to travel with carry-on bags only, which really saved our bacon on more than one occasion. More on that later. One fellow traveler offered this observation about Delta --- DELTA = Doesn't Ever Leave the Airport, or alternatively, DELTA - Don't Expect Luggage to Arrive. In Delta's defense, their customer service staff was overwhelmed by the many schedule disruptions, but did their best to re-schedule flights, and otherwise accommodate their customers. After our return, my wife and I each received a nice letter from Delta, along with 17,500 complimentary frequent flier miles. HOTEL INFO Because we had visited Rome twice before, we chose to go directly to Civitavecchia from the airport. We booked a room at the Hotel Bramante, which I researched via the Travel Advisor website, and Expedia. The hotel arranged ground transportation for us (nice Mercedes van). We previously had travelled to Civitavecchia by means of the train, and since there is a train terminal right at the airport, this would have been very economical and convenient. However, since we actually arrived so late, it was nice to have a driver waiting for us, with a relaxing 45 minute drive to the hotel. The hotel is small, but sparkling clean, and very comfortable. There was a nice continental breakfast, and complimentary shuttle service to the dock. The hotel is not located in a very scenic part of town, so we did no strolling about. Checking in at dockside was a breeze, and we were soon aboard. STATEROOM We were in Cabin # 148, very convenient to the forward elevator and stairs. No surprises there --- the cabin was clean and comfortable. We unpacked, went right up to the Veranda to enjoy some lunch. SHIP INFO Again, no surprises for us. The crew was installing brand-new fitness equipment, and the bar staff was replacing all of the crystal and stemware, so it was obvious that Windstar is serious about maintenance and upkeep. One thing I did notice on this and other cruises on the Wind Surf, is that the sails were never up for more than a few minutes, despite some fairly steady breezes. I am suspecting that this may be due to some sort of mechanical problems, and also because the larger size of the ship compared to its smaller sisters. Last year in Costa Rica, the ship got up to 14 knots on sail power alone. That REALLY got everyone excited! DINING As usual, the food was excellent, without being over the top. We took breakfast and lunch on deck whenever possible, weather permitting. I really enjoyed the fresh-squeezed OJ, ripe melons, and smoked salmon for breakfast, and looked forward to the cold soup of the day at lunch, along with the brad pudding. It was too cool in the evening to eat on deck, so we didn't get to try Candles or Le Marche. There was also no BBQ night, again possibly due to the coolish weather. Highlight of the cruise was having dinner with the captain, along with Fran Bigelow (Guest Lecturer) and her husband. Low spot for me was the coffee --- too strong and bitter (I DO like my Starbucks). Also, in my opinion, the wine list is pretty average. ACTIVITIES There were only 140 passengers on board, so many of the activities were very lightly attended. There was a Wii tournament, which was fun, and also a Blackjack tournament which I missed (I have won several times on previous occasions). CHILDREN'S CLUBS There were no children on board, and I don't ever remember seeing any on a previous Windstar cruise. SERVICE Excellent, as usual. Several staff recognized me from previous cruises, and vice versa. ENTERTAINMENT This is an area where Windstar definitely needs to improve. The Wind Surf almost always has a large combo playing in the main lounge before and after dinner, and a guitarist/vocalist playing in the Compass Rose for Happy Hour, and after dinner. The Phillipino musicians in the combo were skilled, especially the lead singer, who must have watched a lot of Tom Jones videos. But they were extremely laid back, with no spark or energy --- a real snoozefest. In contrast, the Compass Rose had Callen & Joyce, who were outstanding. Callen is a gifted guitarist, and he does his own computerized arrangements, which allows him to sound like a full combo, with bass, drums, keyboards, etc. Joyce is only an average vocalist, but makes up for it with an infectious, sparkly personality. They have an extensive playlist, and do requests as well. They filled the bar up every night, especially when they had a "Name That Tune" contest, with a bottle of champagne as a price. It was so popular they did it again on our last night, to everyone's enjoyment. Another highlight was the Guest Lecturer, Fran Bigelow, who has a gourmet chocolate business based in Seattle, Washington. Her presentation on the history and joys of chocolate was both entertaining and informative. One night she hosted a "tasting" of high-cocoa dark chocolates paired with vintage port. WOW! The rest of the entertainment was dreadful. One night there was a comedy magic act that was really cornball. Another night Mark, the "Cruise Director" performed his cabaret act, which was also mediocre. He has a fine voice and is a polished performer, but the material is mostly show tunes, some of which featured "specialty" lyrics. If you like the Catskills in the '50's, you'd probably like his act. The rest of the cruise, he was almost invisible, which makes one wonder what his role was. The weekly show put on by the staff and crew is OK, but after you've seen it a few times, the novelty of seeing the waiters perform their line dance gets a little old. In general, it seems that Windstar has been trying in recent years to broaden their entertainment offerings, but without much success. For me, I would much rather listen to a good guitarist than watch a second-rate comedian or magician. PORT & SHORE EXCURSIONS We visited 5 ports --- Porto Vecchio, Corsica; Messina, Sicily; Sorrento, Italy; and the Italian islands of Capri and Ischia. In general, I find many of the shore excursions to be very average and a bit overpriced. In many ports, renting a car and/or hiring a cab will allow you to see the same sights at a lower cost. In Corsica, we took the tour to Bonifacio, which is incredibly scenic, well worth the visit. It's only about a on-hour drive from Porto Vecchio. In Messina, we stayed on the ship, and I didn't hear anyone raving about their time ashore. In Sorrento, my wife took the tour of Herculaneum, near Vesuvius, and greatly enjoyed it --- as the site is much better preserved than Pompeii. In Capri, we visited Anacapri, and took the chair lift to the top of the island, with spectacular views of the Faraglioni rocks below. I was greatly disappointed that when the ship set sail (speaking figuratively) from Capri that evening, it did not sail over by the rocks, which are not only scenic, but have been featured in so many movies. There was plenty of time, since Ischia is only a few miles away --- go figure. Unfortunately, the Blue Grotto was closed due the combination of rough water and high tide. In Ischia, we saw the "La Roca" castle, and visited a small fishing village on the other side of the island --- very scenic. Again, we could have done this very easily by taxi, at much lower cost. DISEMBARKATION AND RETURN HOME We shared ground transportation (another nice Mercedes van) back to Rome with another couple, probably could have done it just as easily and much cheaper via the train. Our flight back home was delayed 9 hours, then was routed North of Iceland, so we could look out the window and see that pesky volcano belching smoke and ash. Arrived in NY around 11 PM, but were able to breeze through Customs and baggage check (no checked luggage), got in the head of the line at the Delta Service Desk. We then lucked out when Delta decided to put us up for the night at the local Doubletree. After 4 hours sleep, and a flight through Atlanta back to Baltimore, we go home just about a full day late. SUMMARY Another GREAT Windstar cruise! Can't wait until the next one. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We were very impressed with the WindSurf. It was nice and clean, the staff was really friendly and the food was excellent. WindStar advertised themselves as being "clean and elegant" and we found that they more then met these ... Read More
We were very impressed with the WindSurf. It was nice and clean, the staff was really friendly and the food was excellent. WindStar advertised themselves as being "clean and elegant" and we found that they more then met these expectations. The service in the restaurant and the menu had a wide variety of dishes. Embarkation and debarkation was efficient everything was very well organized and professional. We find that on the smaller ships that you are mostly left to your own devices for entertainment. There are two jacuzzis and a small pool and the two hot tubs in the back of the ship are a nice way to unwind after long days sight-seeing and the jacuzzi were a nice place to interact with your fellow cruisers. But one detraction was that if we wanted to get away and soak up the sun and get away from it all that was a near-impossible possibility. Chair hogs were in full force and sometimes it was hard to find a chair on sea days. In the evening there was a group who played in the lounge but we found the dance floor to compact to really dance properly. If you enjoy gambling or you are a art enthusiast there are casinos and art auctions the ship. The cabins and bathroom provided a nice amount of comfort and found the storage space for the overall Sq Ft. One issue I did have was that the pillows were too small but I just know that next we'll bring our own. The fitness room is in a big all-glass room so it is so beautiful for your workout. Weight machines as well as free weights, cardio machines and mats are all you need. For after your work-out towels and chilled water are available, as well as antiseptic wipes for the equipment. Ports of call were Ischia, Palma, Capri, Amalfi, Ajaccio Livorno and Rome. I never take the group tours and tend to arrange everything trough my travel agent, but this time I decided to organize private ship excursion and tours in Rome with a Tour Company called Easitalytours.com, which was higly reccommended to us from a friend of mine who did some tours with them last year. We did some pre-cruise tours with them in Rome before our cruise, and private tours in Amalfi, visiting Positano and Pompeii, where Antonela gave us a wonderful two-hour tour in the ancient city. Our Driver Philippo was so nice and informative too, and he took us to Chez Black, a water front restaurant in Positano where we tasted some delicious seafood appetizers and a great white wine. In Livorno we met Marco, what a great experience! He was able to take us to see the best of Florence, including the David. Marco was very knowledgeble, and he took such wonderful care of us! The highlight of our trip was indeed the time we spent in Rome with Fabio. This man has a beautiful spirit and his knowledge impressed my husband as well, who studied art history. With his passion Fabio made Rome to come alive to us. We enjoyed our time with him so much that we decided to book him for our post cruise in Rome. He took us in a gorgeous location called Castel Gandolfo, just outside Rome where we had a great wine tasting in a old wine cellar, and there we had also the best meal of the entire trip in a restaurant called "Pagnanelli", which is next the Pope's summer residence overlooking a beautiful lake. You could not ask for better cuisine and scenery! Our guide for the Vatican Julia was a beauty! Her explanations about the Sistine Chapel were quite impressive, she gave us the perfect tour, between precious information and funny anecdotes. Her knowledge, her beautiful Italian accent, and endearing charm made our visit so amazing. My husband and I will have beautiful memories about our cruise and the tours we did in Europe! We traveled throughout the world but we never had such attentive people taking fine care of us in a special and professional way. I definitely recommend Easitalytours.com to all who want to have private tours in Italy. They have brand new Mercedes vehicles and the drivers and tour guides we had spoke all a perfect English. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Five stars!  We just returned from a 7 day Wind Surf cruise from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice. The ship had just 135 passengers on board (capacity is about 200 more than that), so, as you can imagine, our experience may not be the norm, ... Read More
Five stars!  We just returned from a 7 day Wind Surf cruise from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Nice. The ship had just 135 passengers on board (capacity is about 200 more than that), so, as you can imagine, our experience may not be the norm, but it was a delight. We have nothing but the highest praise for the crew and staff whose friendly attitudes enhanced our overall trip experience. We arrived about 4pm for a 6pm departure and were among the last to arrive since we had spent as much time as possible in Rome. We took a train from Termini in Rome and I agree with other posts that note the walk from the rail station in Civitavecchia to the port entrance dragging bags is not something everyone will want to do, especially if it's hot out. We did that, however, and then caught a bus inside the Port entrance to our ship. Cabs are available at the train station and will drop you right at the luggage tent. Check-in was a breeze with drinks and hors d'oevres offered. We were escorted to our cabin and our luggage arrived at the door within 30 minutes. The cabin was a standard (not suite), which was more spacious than we had envisioned....we were glad we had not opted for the higher priced suite. There was more than enough storage space, the suitcases fit under the bed, and we settled in quickly. The bathroom was modern, clean, very nicely lit and well stocked with wonderful L'Occitane shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion. I would have liked an exhaust fan, but you can't have everything! The room had an Ipod dock (Ipod rentals available, though we had our own. Note that it DOES NOT charge the Ipod while in the dock, but the front desk staff graciously recharged our Ipod twice) and DVD player - great to have since there was little in the way of television programming available. With just 135 passengers our experience was certainly one of ample access to all aspects of the ship. We dined in each of the evening restaurant venues - 2 indoor, 2 outdoor - somehow managing to select the perfect nights to dine outdoors when several evenings were a bit too windy or were hampered by a late afternoon shower. We found the food to be consistently excellent and the service just outstanding throughout. We actually preferred the main dining room menu to the other venues, though they were also good and offered a nice change of scene.  The waiters, wine stewards, and bar staff could not have been more delightful or accommodating. The dining rooms were never full, so every night everyone had a lovely window view to enjoy. With a port stop every day we never enjoyed a lunch aboard ship, but the breakfast spread was tremendous, with hot made-to-order items (omelets, crepes, French toast, etc.) available as well. In chatting with other passengers there was some agreement that a casual, available anytime, restaurant would be a nice addition to the ship, since the dinner period (7:30-9:30) was open seating, but was like dining in a very nice restaurant - not someplace you could drop in to grab a hamburger if you're tired from a long day of touring. Room service was available, but it was inconvenient to eat in your room since there was only one chair that tucked in under the desk/vanity. If you're looking for entertainment or after dinner activities, you're pretty limited here - but you probably wouldn't be considering this cruise if you wanted the big after-dinner show and bingo! The DVD library seemed to be popular and offered quite a large selection. After a long day in port many passengers seemed very happy to just take a movie back to their room and relax. That's not to say there wasn't some nightlife available if you wanted it. There are two lounges - one offered a 6 piece group playing dance tunes suitable for couples dancing, and in the other, smaller Compass Rose bar, a duo playing more contemporary rock n roll. With such a reduced passenger load we found that few people spent time after dinner in the larger lounge - those who wanted to drink and socialize mostly spent time in the Compass Rose. The casino is small with just 4 tables and about 25 slot machines, however, that drew an enthusiastic blackjack group each evening - and I'm happy to report my DH's winnings were able to finance the tab at the end of the trip - so, yes, some folks came out ahead. The tables were $5 minimum for blackjack, which makes it an affordable diversion. The joviality of the shipboard casino was in sharp contrast to the port casinos (Monte Carlo, Nice), where gambling is quiet and serious. Note that the casino did not open until the ship had sailed from port - so with an 11pm sailing time each evening, gambling was a late night activity. I can imagine that with a full ship the casino could seem too small, but that was not an issue on this sailing. The crew show on Friday night was charming and fun, and was a very nice way to see another side of these hardworking crew members, almost all from Indonesia.  Our itinerary required tendering service in LaSpetzia, Portfino and St. Tropez. We found that service to be quick and efficient - we never waited more than a few minutes in either direction. The advantage of the anchorage was that the water sports deck was then opened - in this case, in Portofino and St. Tropez.  So some passengers were swimming, sailing and kayaking. We did not avail ourselves of spa services, but those who used the services were very complimentary. As you can imagine, there were "specials" offered during the week to entice passengers to indulge. The daily newsletter and evening briefing on the next port of call were both very helpful. We did not go on any ship sponsored excursions, preferring to extend our days and take the excellent public transportation available. Those who did go on the excursions seemed to like them very much and the photographs taken by the ship photographers certainly seemed to show happy groups. Several excursions were cancelled due to lack of adequate enrollments. We saved A LOT of money using the trains instead of excursions, but recognize that some will opt for the convenience value of just hopping on the bus on the dock. Having done a lot of research about our ports of call ahead of time, however, we felt very confident going it alone - and it paid off with unique experiences that only come when you're on your own and not in a large tour group. (special shout out to fodors.com forums and tripadvisor.com - a wealth of information available that helped immensely in planning for each port of call)Our itinerary was wonderful. A nice combination of the big city and the small villages. The only disadvantage to this itinerary was Monday in Florence since the Uffizi and Accademia museums are closed on Mondays. We knew that ahead of time and decided there is much to see in Florence, so we focused on the positive and will save those visits for another trip. As hiking enthusiasts the highpoint for us was the stop in LaSpetzia and visiting the Cinque Terre. We hiked between 4 of the 5 towns and took the train to the 5th - a long day, but one filled with natural beauty, fantastic food (ask me about panna cotta in Vernazza!) and little glimpses into the lives of the 5Terre residents that will be long remembered. It didn't hurt that the weather was nearly perfect throughout the week (high 70's/low 80's and sunny 90% of the time) and we hit just before the peak season, so crowds weren't an issue. We would certainly choose June again, as the water was warm enough for swimming, but the heat of the summer not yet uncomfortable. Evenings were cool enough to require a sweater on deck...and always in the ship's public areas, which were kept very cool (too cool in my opinion, but my DH liked it fine). Overall, we had a excellent cruise experience, enjoying our traveling hotel room and the congeniality of other passengers and the crew. This is not the ship for those who are looking for constant entertainment, glitz or buffet extravaganzas. But if you're looking for a low key, more casual, and romantic cruise with a focus on providing a comfortable backdrop to your port adventures, this could be the ship for you. Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
We sailed Rome to Nice Oct 31, 2004, and never having cruised before I will offer my opinion on WindSurf. Four of us travelled and none of us has ever cruised before so I am unable to compare ships but will offer you my opinion. FABULOUS! ... Read More
We sailed Rome to Nice Oct 31, 2004, and never having cruised before I will offer my opinion on WindSurf. Four of us travelled and none of us has ever cruised before so I am unable to compare ships but will offer you my opinion. FABULOUS! Yes you get a porthole instead of a balcony, but the size of the ship is why I chose WindSurf. I never had a desire to sail on a large ship and this was the perfect way to travel the intimate ports of the Mediterranean without hauling luggage, and knowing your accommodations were consistent. Sea sickness: one of us felt unwell on our first night, the rest of us were fine. It was quite amazing how quick you adjust. You felt some movement on the ship, but talking to other passengers, few we spoke with were ill from the movement. Sea sickness pills were available at reception and the infirmary, and you are supposed to take them 4 hours before sailing. Staterooms were really nice and serviceable. Our porthole looked directly at the ocean, that was cool. They do your rooms twice daily which was a treat. The staff were amazing, and yes, within a couple of days, they do know your names. Food was also fabulous, lots of choice without the buffet mentality, choices of salad, appetizer, soup and usually 4 - 5 entrees to choose from...excellent in both quantity and presentation. We had room service breakfast every morning, ate lunch in port and dinner on ship. Excursions: we chose to entertain ourselves and rented a car one day and took our time around the island we were on. 50 Euro for the car for the day for 4 people. Arranged all our own transportation and transfers via email prior to leaving. Our room was 118 on the lower deck and you really felt very little movement there. Room 220 on the upper deck is adjacent to where everyone gets on and off in port each day so avoid it. The noise of everyone on the stairs at 8:00 a.m. is terrible. The wonderful thing about this ship is you never have to wait for anything. The tender to and from the port would take 2 people if you were the only ones waiting to come or go! Casual Elegance is the motto and it is correct, everyone was usually dressed nicely for dinner, your choice as to how much you want to dress up, common sense seems to prevail here. Entertainment: the crew did a show one evening that was really cute, the 2 bands were excellent (played every evening) and there were a lot of people dancing. Besides, it is the others on the ship usually providing the entertainment!! Casino is small but adequate. There are casinos in port in the large cities in Nice, Monte Carlo, etc. Spa was excellent, lots of people using it, and the gym always seemed to have people working out. We worked out walking in the ports, putting on miles just walking around. The ship provided you with written material everyday on the next port, so you had some idea what to expect and what were the highlights. Overall it was 1st class, very comfortable, relaxing. You could be as organized as you wished, or simply take it day by day. Average age? 45-50 ish....in the Mediterranean. Rating...5 star in my mind! Only thing I would change is more time in Rome before we sailed!  Read Less
Sail Date October 2004
Wind Surf Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.4
Entertainment 3.5 3.6
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 3.5 4.1
Family N/A 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment N/A 3.5
Service 3.5 4.7
Value For Money 4.0 4.2
Rates 4.0 4.1

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