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Okay, I am not a "cruiser" as many of you are. This was only my 4th cruise. I prefer land based accommodations. I was on a month long vacation to Italy. Three weeks visiting Venice, Florence, Rome and then this week long cruise. ... Read More
Okay, I am not a "cruiser" as many of you are. This was only my 4th cruise. I prefer land based accommodations. I was on a month long vacation to Italy. Three weeks visiting Venice, Florence, Rome and then this week long cruise. With that said my basic-overall opinion was that the cruise was okay. I did not pay much attention to where Civitavecchia was when I planned this cruise. I just saw Rome and thought it would be close by. WRONG! I did make my transfer from FCO to the Port through Norweign. The price seemed fair, but now knowing the ins and outs of the train system in Italy I would probably have done the train for cheaper. The ride to the Port was okay until we turned off the highway to head to the Port. We could see the Port and the ships, but the driver got lost. He went down a one way dead end street and it took us 10 minutes to back the bus out so we could travel on. The driver had to actually stop and ask a motorist to guide him to where he was going. NO SHIT! The motorist literally took us to the Port. Once there, the check-in went quite quick. We were there around 12 noon so the majority of the people had not shown up yet, plus Rome is not the major boarding port. Once onboard I went to my room (13282) which was already made up. I had heard horror stories of the configuration of the balcony rooms; either aft or elsewhere, and they were not exaggerated. The room was VERY tiny and awkward in form. My room had the bed closer to the balcony which was what I asked for. First lets talk about what everyone else talks about- THE BATHROOM/SINK. As you walk in the toilet is to your left. It is a SMALL closet. If you are 5'10" or bigger it is not large enough to sit on the toilet without keeping the slider door open. This can cause some issues if you and your partner don't know each other VERY well. The shower is to the right and is just as small. Probably the smallest shower I have seen on a ship. Once you showered you had to exit the shower closet to dry yourself out in the room near the door where the steward would come in unwelcomed and unannounced. I had this happen twice. I look good in and out of swim trunks so I did not care, but some of you might :). I found the room size cramped with the configuration and having the sink literally next to a small loveseat. The loveseat is unnecessary and should be removed for more space to maneuver. The small sink had its handle jetting out to the right so a right handed person can not brush their teeth without the handle being in their way. The sink's basin is non-existent and drained slowly. Just a complete bad room design. The bed was not comfortable and you could tell it was 2 twins pushed together. Cross between a double and a small queen. I did not have any restful night sleeps. The winning theme of the room was the large balcony. Being on the 13th deck and directly on the aft, the views were wonderful. I had no privacy issues, as you know- The Walls are Very Thin on cruise ships. If you leave your slider open you can hear the adjacent room conversations and hanky panky. I found the carpets to be in need of attention. There were stains through the room. Being a little germaphobic due to recent cruise line sanitary scares I brought my Lysol wipes and wiped everything down in the bathroom and room. Better safe than sorry. There were a lot of children on the ship and we all know what they do and how they can pass germs. But adults too. That's why I shy away from the pool scene. Lets discuss food. I have to say this was a hit and miss for me. The sushi restaurant Wasabi on The Epic, in my opinion, is NOT good. I will clarify. I ate there the first night. The rolls I had were not good, but the nigiri sushi was okay. The service was distant and did not leave me with a desire to return. I did not eat at the Teppanyaki Restaurant but it seemed to be steadily busy. I had an occasion to eat at The Noodle Bar which I found also to be subpar. It was busy, but I found the food to be tasteless and unimaginative. O'Sheehan's was a good spot for a hamburger, wings are a beer. I actually liked the place and the service was good. I tried Taste one night and that was enough for me. I settled for most of my dinners at The Manhattan Room. It was like a NY steakhouse with a moderate noise level. Waiters bustling about. The management of the restaurant is well run although I found good and bad wait staff. Example: I specifically ordered extra dressing for my salad and extra sour cream for my potato. The waiter repeated it back to me but did not write it down. When my salad arrived there was no dressing. I had to wait about 8 minutes for the dressing to arrive. Then there were no salt and pepper shakers on my table so I had to take some from another table. Then when my dinner arrived my prime rib and potato were cold and there was only a dollop of sour cream. Long story short I got another prime rib and 2 potatoes with plenty of sour cream. There were 2 other nightmare dinners but I wont bore you with the particulars. Needless to say the Head Maitre D knew me well. He was actually a very nice man and was very helpful. I know its his job, but I also know he went out of his way for me in some matters. I am not a buffet kinda guy so I have no comment on them, but the hamburgers and hotdogs at The Great Outdoors were good. The soft serve ice cream was really good. I did not try any of the specialty restaurants, although I should have. I purchased the Ultimate Beverage Package. I should have just bought my drinks as I went. Unless you are drinking about 10 or more drinks a day, its not worth it. It's too bad that coffees are not included. I was pretty close, but about $70 short of what I paid. Must have been the day excursion to Pompeii :). I found the bartenders overwhelmed at times with the amount of customers, especially at the pool bars. It could take 10 minutes to get a drink, If you were at the adult H2O pool, good luck in getting one of the pool guys serving drinks. Most people went and got their own from the pool bar. I only took one Norweign excursion which was the Pompeii/ Mt Vesuvius excursion. I enjoyed seeing Pompeii but it was a very hurried tour. I would save your money and go by yourself and enjoy it on your own. Legends in Concert was good. It was always busy. Being from Vegas and seeing all the shows in Vegas, they were a little canned but worth seeing. Howl at The Moon was good. They had a trio and all three entertainers played piano and drums which impressed me. I go to New Orleans once a year and have been to The Howl at The Moon there and these three blew NO away. The room normally got busy around 11pm or so after the regular floor shows were over. I saw their show several times and enjoyed it every time. The comedian bored me so I left the show. There were a couple more lounge shows which I enjoyed, One of them was The Beatles tribute band. I saw their show 3 times and each time was different. Same jokes, but the singers took you on a journey through The Beatles music through the shows. Their show is a definite "MUST SEE". There was another lounge show with the leader playing the chello. Very good group. I was disappointed that there was no walk-around (loop) on the top of the ship so people could walk around the ship. There was entertainment for most; children and adults. There was a small casino, but being from Vegas it was no big deal. In comparison to my last cruise on Holland Zuiderdam, I prefer Holland. The Epic is Norweign's biggest ship. To me its too big and unimpressive. I probably wont do another Norweign cruise. I will still with Holland, Princess and RCL. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
Norwegian Epic Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 3.7
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 5.0 4.0
Public Rooms 4.0 3.8
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 4.0 3.8
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.7

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