Sail Date: November 2013
Nov. 3 we boarded the Navigator of the Seas for the sixth time. The difference, this time it's 21 days and every day was fantastic. The staff and crew were so friendly and helpful from our wait staff in My Time Dining, Francisco & ... Read More
Nov. 3 we boarded the Navigator of the Seas for the sixth time. The difference, this time it's 21 days and every day was fantastic. The staff and crew were so friendly and helpful from our wait staff in My Time Dining, Francisco & Carlo, probably the best we've had in over 20 cruises. On the first 7 day cruise we had a small problem with a bar server in the Two Poets but she was going home at the end of that trip and her replacement was the very best. Guest Relations staff managed to be pleasant and helpful through it all, and just everyone on board went out of there way to be helpful and share a laugh with any of the nine people in our group. I do have to say the Nav. is getting tired but should be addressed come January when she goes into dry dock for a major overhaul. Something we've found on the last few cruises is the entertainment in the theatre is not what it used to be in the early days (5 to 7 years ago). I would have to say that this back to back cruise would have to be right up there in the top (favorite) three cruises we have been fortunate to have taken. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2013
We love cruising and we love Royal Caribbean but we did not love our experience on Navigator of the Seas! Embarkation at Civitavecchia was straight forward and efficient, as was disembarkation at Barcelona, any problems we encountered ... Read More
We love cruising and we love Royal Caribbean but we did not love our experience on Navigator of the Seas! Embarkation at Civitavecchia was straight forward and efficient, as was disembarkation at Barcelona, any problems we encountered were in between. We had the soda package but most of the fountain soda machines were broken and the bars were serving soft drinks from large bottles meaning they were warm and had no carbonation unless you were lucky to get the first glass from the bottle! When we complained about it we were treated really badly as apparently we should have complained sooner - we were giving them a chance to fix it. I think there was a staff corridor above our cabin and it was so noisy from the sounds of trolleys being rolled up and down, day and night. We can sleep through pretty much anything but this was a pain in the neck. We had one sea day and were looking forward to lunch in the MDR but when we got there they were closing even though there was still over an hour to go according to the Cruise Compass. Food in the Windjammer wasn't as good as other cruises - it was lukewarm at best. Overall we were actually happy to leave the cruise - a first for us :( Read Less
Sail Date: November 2013
Took a short cruise from Rome to Barcelona stopping at Naples. Malta, Sardinia, Mallorca, and ending in Barcelona. The stop in Malta had to be aborted due to foul weather and was replaced by a stop at Messina in Sicily. Navigator was ... Read More
Took a short cruise from Rome to Barcelona stopping at Naples. Malta, Sardinia, Mallorca, and ending in Barcelona. The stop in Malta had to be aborted due to foul weather and was replaced by a stop at Messina in Sicily. Navigator was large, clean and in pretty good shape given that is was heading across the ocean after the Barcelona stop for its refit. The ship was full but handles its capacity very well. There never seemed to be bottlenecks or crowding even in the Windjammer. It was my first time on this size of ship having cruised several times in Radiance and Vision class ships and I think that overall I prefer them. The theater is stunning though and the ice skating rink kind of neat. The main interior promenade will appeal to folks who like hanging out at the mall but it didn't appeal to me. The crew was well organized and friendly from my steward to the bar staff to the front desk. My dining room waiter seemed to lack confidence and got flustered easily but the assistant waiter and the section captain picked up the slack. Food was generally well presented and tasty though not gourmet - good quality banquet fare and now standardized across the fleet which probably pleases the cost accountants but bores the regular RCL cruisers like me. Likewise The Windjammer was fine with good curries though soups were salty and thinly flavored. Proper Bangers at breakfast were a surprise. An extra cost meal at Portofino was very tasty and well worth the $20 surcharge though the service was rather robotic and automatic. To that note Royal Caribbean needs to end the hokey practice of wasting our time and patience by making their waiters "describe my menu" whether the diners want it or not. We have repeatedly said "Its not necessary" but they forge on relentlessly obviously obeying some strict rule. Just ask "Would you like me to describe the menu?" and let us decide. We enjoyed drinks at the Champagne Bar and atop the ship in the Viking Lounge. The dungeon nightclub (a disco) was loud but amusing for a late night tipple. My inside cabin seemed a bit smaller than its brothers on the smaller ships but has the standard Royal Caribbean fittings and fixtures. The bed was comfortable and the climate control and all the plumbing worked fine. My unobtrusive steward kept it all clean and tidy and left me wanting for nothing. It being a port intensive cruise we didn't bother with too many of the ships activities or being tired at the end of sightseeing, the entertainment so I cannot comment on either. What Royal Caribbean is perfecting is getting people on and off the ship both at the beginning and end of the cruise and at the port stops. Embarkation took about 5 minutes. Disembarkation? If you can haul your own suitcase, leave when you want up to 9:30 am. Ports? Never a lineup or logjam off or on. They really are good at this. All in all a fine cruise from a company that has their product down pat. As a tip, we took the fast train that leaves Termini Station in Rome about noon to the port at Civitavecchia which takes about 38 minutes flat. It cost 9 euros each (we got the lowest fare possible). The walk from the train station to the port entrance along the seafront is a pleasant 10 minutes. You won't get lost - two dozen passengers like you are making the same trek. There are regular free shuttle buses from the port entrance to the ship itself. Cheap and simple! I will be back with RCL again for sure but I think I prefer their smaller ships over the larger.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
We're experienced cruisers (Platinum status on RCL) and this was our second time on the Navigator. Our first was a short Caribbean cruise in March of 2011. Overall, we had a wonderful time and they definitely have gotten most things ... Read More
We're experienced cruisers (Platinum status on RCL) and this was our second time on the Navigator. Our first was a short Caribbean cruise in March of 2011. Overall, we had a wonderful time and they definitely have gotten most things right on the Navigator. A few aspects could use improvement. THE FOOD: Okay, this sure isn't in the class of Celebrity but we didn't expect it to be. Still, the food in the Windjammer cafe is just a notch or two above institutional fare. It need not be that way. The food in the dining room was good but the service at dinner (at table 418) on this July cruise was little more than competent. Unlike on other cruises and unlike our experience in March on this same ship, the wait staff never learned our names and were not engaging. Yes, we received our selections but it went little beyond that. THE MUSIC: On both of our cruises on the Navigator, we found the musical entertainment to be poor. Either whoever does the booking has an inadequate budget, is incompetent, or both. Jazz consisted of a mediocre piano or guitar player with a backing track. The entertainers in the lounges were barely passable in terms of their their abilities and talents. The band out at the pool muddled through well-known pop tunes with the vocalist reading the lyrics and often getting the melody wrong. THE GUEST RELATIONS STAFF: While most of these staff members were quite helpful, responsive, and cheerful, don't try to ask questions late at night. At that time, one can still get totally nonsensical answers. PLANNING AND LOGISTICS: Overall, the thousands of passengers were managed well. A glaring exception was after the 2:30 PM "all aboard" in Crete. As one would expect, many passengers returned to the ship in search of a bite to eat. the barbecue out by the pool closed at 2:00 PM and the dining room closed early. This turned the Windjammer cafe into a madhouse! It was over-capacity with some less-than-cordial people virtually fighting over tables. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
Aagin check in and check out, fast and easy, no hassles. Food was excellent, however, we didnt use the dining room as our girls, age 12, hate all the waiting around and prefer the choice in windjammer. Entertainment was ok, ice skating ... Read More
Aagin check in and check out, fast and easy, no hassles. Food was excellent, however, we didnt use the dining room as our girls, age 12, hate all the waiting around and prefer the choice in windjammer. Entertainment was ok, ice skating show was the best. Band at pool, just ok, more catered for Italians. Bar staff excellent Messina, we took the ships Godfather tour, price was good value for money, but it was a bit too long, We like to just go there, see it and go back to the ship. Must admit I was terrified in the bus of the windy turns on our way up and down the mountains. Think they could just make it a visit to Savoca and forget Forze d'agro as there wasnt much to see there. Piraeus, we got off ship to go for a walk and found a tour bus just outside the port. For 42 euro all four of us got to see the acropolis and back to ship again. The ship tour was more than that per person!!! Kusadasi, best port of call in my opinion, just got off and walked about, plenty to see right beside the port. Very beautiful small beach and the girls enjoyed haggling with the shop owners. Crete, took a bus into Souda from the port, cost was 4 euro each return. walked around shops, lovely town but hadnt much time there. WARNING, the ship has a white night and they dont tell you about it. Its the night of the Kusadasi port of call and lo and behold, right at the port is ashop selling white clothes, girls paid 36 euro each for long flimsy white skirts, items you could buy at home for about £10. So bring your own white clothes. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2010
My wife (Sarah) and I just returned from a Western Mediterranean Cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Navigator of the Seas. Just a little about us, I'm 36 and Sarah is 29 (as of September 2010) and we live in Orlando, ... Read More
My wife (Sarah) and I just returned from a Western Mediterranean Cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Navigator of the Seas. Just a little about us, I'm 36 and Sarah is 29 (as of September 2010) and we live in Orlando, Florida, USA. I'm a Vice President in the field of healthcare and Sarah is an Audiologist. I include that information so you know what perspective we have. If you're reading this and you're 80 years old and have lots of money to burn then you may not share my viewpoints and that's okay. Hopefully you will still find some of my thoughts helpful to you. We found the cruise tickets by subscribing to weekly e-mail alerts. This was my 9th cruise and Sarah's 6th cruise. We booked this cruise for $1,299 per person in an inside cabin with $250 onboard credit. They had a few weeks for $1,199 per person, but the week we chose caused us to burn less vacation time because Labor Day is already a holiday in the US. I normally don't like to book through a travel agency because you lose flexibility and their hours of operation are not as good as going directly through the cruise line. For example, one weekend we wanted to see how much it would be to upgrade to a balcony and the agency either wasn't open or had very limited hours; I can't remember which. But in this day of instant information and a heightened demand for customer service, consumers want what they want and when they want it. Travel agents are perfectly fine for most people but I like to book directly through the cruise line. But in this case even the last minute prices through RCCL were something like $400 more expensive so, for us, price almost always wins! And to finish my earlier thought, the TA wanted an extra $800 per person for a balcony stateroom, so we decided to stay with our inside cabin. I can think of better things to do with $1,600. We booked our airline tickets through RCCL's ChoiceAir. I wasn't going to use ChoiceAir at first because it was a couple hundred dollars more expensive per ticket but I liked the idea that we were guaranteed to make the cruise if we booked through them even if the plane was delayed, which is something that can easily happen on international flights. In spite of that guarantee, that wasn't enough for me to book through them because my wife and I are frugal and savvy travelers! So I checked ChoiceAir's prices once per week and set up daily price alerts through After a month or so the ChoiceAir was even a little bit cheaper than booking on my own so it was a no-brainer to book through them. The cruise departed from Rome and RCCL wanted $91 per person to transfer from FCO (Leonardo DaVinci Airport) to the port in Civitaveccia. Heck no, I wasn't paying $182 for a 1-hour bus ride. That price was EACH WAY. So Sarah (my better half) searched the Internet and this website and found a company who would have a private driver waiting for us at the airport with a Mercedes E-Class to drive just the two of us to the port. The cost of this was 120 Euros. Even if you factor in an exchange rate of 1.33 or so, our private driver, in a very nice and new Mercedes, was still less expensive than the bus ride through RCCL! But it gets better. We have plans to do a land tour of Italy sometime in the next few years because there is just so much to see. But I just couldn't wait to see the big sites of Rome. Our plane landed at 9:20 AM and we had to be on the ship by 4:30 PM or so and I figured I would ask the company who provided the driver if he could do a quick tour of the highlights of Rome and of course they were more than happy to help! The driver, Daniele Romagnoli, was right outside the airport waiting for us once we got our luggage and he was holding a sign with our names on it. He was dressed professionally in a black suit and we felt like big wigs! He was very friendly and the Mercedes was super clean and very new looking. We went to Circus Maximus, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican/St. Peter's Basilica, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, we watched the daily noon canon shoot (we were standing 20 feet away!) and we stopped at a cafe and had Roman pizza and Nutella covered pizza for dessert. It was excellent and I'm still trying to figure out why we didn't pay a thing for the food. When I pulled out my wallet to pay at the end of lunch Daniele told me to put it away. We then drove to the port and boarded the ship. The whole day was 230 Euros and that included driving us to the port. Let me just say that we didn't go into the Vatican as the lines were very long and we didn't go into the Coliseum. We walked into the square in front of St. Peter's Basilica and we walked around the Colisuem. It was just a quick sample of Rome, but it was just enough to ensure that we will be back someday! But with that being said, Daniele brought us to within feet of each location. It was absolutely amazing. He dropped us off as close as a car can possibly get. I'm still amazed by the level of customer service he provided. Even when he dropped us off at the port, we were dropped immediately in front of the doorway. We got out, the guys took out luggage, I paid Daniele in cash, and we then walked 10 feet to the doorway to the registration center. His e-mail address is Registration was fine. We were there about 3:30 and there were only a handful of people and of course, I always forget to sign something so the gatekeeper lady reviewed everything before she would let me go to the desk to get our key. I had to sign my Seapass form and then we were on our way to the ship. This was our first cruise that didn't originate somewhere in Florida and the embarkation process was very pleasant. You need to know one thing about us. We are not big complainers. Stop reading now if you want to know every flaw of every meal we had on the ship. We are both on the low end of our ideal BMI weight and we use food to stay alive. We don't expect every meal on a cruise to be the most fantastic culinary experience we've ever had. So if you want a critique of the green beans then hit the "back" button and read someone else's posting. It's cruise food. On the other hand, I do like to point out the highlights; we ate at Chops and it was great. It was well worth the money. We ate at Portofino's on Adventure of the Seas two years ago and I definitely recommend Chops if you don't want to spend the money on both restaurants. Portofino's was good, but if you have to choose then go with Chops. It's hard for me to spend extra money for pasta dishes. Sarah and I are both RCCL Gold members now. Every time I say that I think of Austin Powers! So we each received a Crown and Anchor savings booklet. We also received a "Passport to Savings" book that was an extra "benefit" for booking through an agent. I'm going to break from the mold and complain here. These rip-off books are clearly nothing more than marketing gimmicks. These are not rewards for being a loyal RCCL cruiser. These are designed to extract as much money from you as possible. I get it. Most consumers are idiots. I know that's a mean thing to say, but it's true. People get a "coupon book" and they automatically think it's a good thing. Here are some examples: • Passport to Savings booklet examples: o Big print: "10% Off Royal Caribbean Logo Item" ? Small print "Purchase 2 Royal Caribbean Logo Items and Receive 10% Off a 3rd Logo Item o Big print: "20 minutes of Free Internet" ? Small print "With the purchase of a 150 Minute time plan" ? The 150 minute time plan is $75 or $0.50 per minute o And there were lots more coupons designed to get people to gamble, all of them similar to the above. So for them to advertise this as a benefit to the consumer is not entirely accurate. • Crown and Anchor Society Gold Member Ultimate Value Booklet examples: o Spend $1,000 or more on fine jewelry and receive a 10% discount o Internet Discount - $5 credit or 10% off any Internet package o Johnny Rockets 2 for 1 milkshake - this was a BOGO offer o Buy one photo and receive a 50% discount on a second photo Some of these are not bad, but just once I'd like to have something free with no strings attached. As a loyal RCCL brand cruiser, even just a free drink would be nice. I understand that RCCL would have some response to my sentiments to the effect of: We value our repeat customers and cruising offers the best value in the travel industry and we do our best to maximize this value and whatever. But still, a good rewards program should give you something for free. Period. Just give me a photo for free. They print them off on photo paper, wasting who knows how much paper and ink, only to throw away the vast majority that they don't sell. And then they want to tell me to re-use my dirty washcloth so they can "Save the Waves." I can feel the Libertarian bubbling up inside me so I'll move on to our ports of call. Our first port of call was Messina on the island of Sicily. We just walked around the town and enjoyed the churches and what not. Day 3 was cruising and day 4 was in Athens. We hired another private driver in Athens and we were so glad we did. Again, I have a very resourceful wife. Fotis Kolliris made us feel like we were a part of his family. He's 59 and the safest international driver I've ever met! He was so friendly and customer service oriented. We saw the changing of the guards, ate at a great restaurant, visited the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis, visited the Temple of Zeus and the modern Olympic stadium (the 1896 version,) and drove to the top of Lykavittos Hill for the best views in Athens. We did all of this in spite of a transportation strike that stranded others. Fotis owns the company and he was awesome. He charged us 230 Euros for all of this (payable at the end of the tour) and we drove in a new Mercedes. It wasn't an E-class, but it looked very similar—maybe the Greek version of an E-class. And again, we drove right up to all of these sites as close as a car can get. He also does multiple day tours for people who come to Greece for a vacation. I highly, highly recommend him. We really felt like part of his family as he is one of the friendliest and most hospitable people I've ever met. Day 5 was on the island of Rhodes, Greece. We just walked around the Old Town inside the city walls. You don't really need a shore excursion here unless you want to travel down the island to the beaches. Sarah and I are not beach people, even though we live in Florida, so keep that in mind, too. If you're a beach person then just know we tend to avoid those types of shore excursions. Day 6 was Ephesus, pronounced EFF-uh-sis with the first syllable stressed. I was pronouncing it Uh-FEE-sus as in the Book of Ephesians. Again, thanks to Sarah and Cruise Critic, I booked another private tour, this time with Ekol Travel. This was a half day tour to the ruins in Ephesus including the Terrace Houses. We paid $174 total for the both of us and I paid via credit card a couple of weeks before we left home. I was a little nervous about paying before the tour because everyone else didn't want you to pay until after the tour was over, but I went ahead and paid anyway based on the positive feedback we found on this website. I'm glad I did because we had a very nice time. Emre was the name of our tour guide and he was awesome. He was 26 years old and he went to college to be a history teacher so he really seemed to know his stuff when we were at the ruins. DO NOT under any circumstances miss the Terrace Houses. That would be a real shame. These houses are amazing to see the frescos and mosaics and to see how these ancient citizens really lived. Whenever I see ruins I think they are cool but boringly decorated, but then you see these houses and realize they were just like ours today. The techniques of decorating are a little different, yet very much the same. We paid Ekol just a few extra bucks per person for the Terrace Houses and I was amazed that we had the whole place to ourselves. The terrace houses are located inside the ruins of Ephesus but they require a separate entrance fee. There were a few thousand people at the ruins and only 8 of us inside the terrace houses. They are covered by a large plastic-looking building to protect the archaeologists still excavating the inside and I guess people didn't realize what was inside. It was a real shame that only a handful of us went inside. It took us about 30 minutes to go through the houses. Emre said there are two spots in the world that are the best preserved Roman cities—Ephesus and Pompeii. Pompeii is the biggest and most famous because of its fate, but Ephesus was a much wealthier city so the houses are nicer. Ask for Emre by name and you won't regret it! Day 7 (9/11) we were cruising to Egypt. At the time, I was typing this from a deck chair on the back of the ship, just under the mini golf course and I was surrounded by a bunch of Speedo-wearing octogenarians. The average age on this ship is certainly higher than anything I've sailed on before, but that's okay. We joked that this was a nursing home cruise, but I probably shouldn't have said that. I apologize to old people everywhere. I hope to grow old, too, because the alternative is dying young! Wow, this review is already five pages long and if you're still reading my drivel then you must really want to take this cruise. I highly recommend it. Today, I'm back on the same deck chairs in the same spot of the ship sailing to Naples, having just spent two days in Egypt. I'm slaving away on this review just so you can be an informed traveler and Sarah is sitting beside me playing Angry Birds on her iPod Touch and listening to the comedian Mitch Hedberg. We are quite the sight. Sarah has her Kindle on her lap open to Good Grief: A Novel and her iPod Touch in her hands and I am hammering away on my laptop with my iPod Classic on "Shuffle." At any moment I could be listening to Chopin or Lady Gaga, because that's how I roll. Stephen King's Under the Dome is beside me. Yes, a real book with real paper. But I digress. . . What can I tell you about Egypt? Here's a quick tidbit that I couldn't find the answer to before we left home. When you check in for the cruise, the cruise line keeps your passport. They put a sticker on the front of it with your cabin number. Then, sometime between Turkey and Egypt, an Egyptian official gives your passport a visa stamp and you pick up your passport in the dining room the day before you get to Egypt. There was no additional cost for this. We booked another private tour, this time through Ramses Tours. We were picked up at the port in Alexandria by a very nice young Egyptian lady named Nora. That was her Westernized name. She walked us over to a mini-van with a separate driver named Ahmed, who was also very friendly. We drove three hours to Cairo with a rest stop in the middle. Nora kept us entertained the whole way with mini lectures on Egyptology. She is studying for her Masters degree and I found her to be quite credible and very intelligent. She helped us every step of the way including local customs such as tipping the person who hands you toilet paper at the door to every single bathroom! We went to the pyramids of Giza first and Nora was very informative. We went inside the great pyramid of Cheops, the one with limestone still at the top of it. We opted for the complimentary camel ride, which was way more fun than it sounds. And Nora was an excellent photographer, taking pictures of Sarah and me on the camel in front of the pyramids. It made a great Facebook picture! Then we visited the Sphinx, went to Memphis, and ended up at Sakkara where the stepped pyramid is located. Then we had a late lunch at the Carvery, a nicer Egyptian restaurant. We ended the day in Cairo at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel. The website does not do this hotel justice. It opened in December 2009 and it was incredible. It reminded me of the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida. Sign up for the free President's Club before you leave home and you'll get free wifi Internet! We didn't eat dinner because we were so full from our late lunch, but breakfast was included in the price of the tour. It was delicious. Nora and Ahmed picked us up at 7:30 AM and we drove to the Alabaster Mosque, which was spectacular. We've seen a lot of cathedrals in our travels so we were prepared for ABC (another beautiful church) but this was our very first mosque and we were very impressed. Then we headed to the Egyptian Museum and saw many great artifacts, including King Tut and his headdress that we all saw in our history books in school. That was a highlight for me. We then ate a buffet lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then drove back to Alexandria with a rest stop halfway there. Once in Alexandria we went inside the Library of Alexandria, the new one obviously. Then we were dropped off right at the front door to the port. We paid $300 per person for the tour plus we upgraded to the Fairmont for an extra $50 per person. We felt we got a good value even at a $700 total package price. If we would have booked a similar package through the cruise line it would have been $990 and the hotel would not have been anywhere near as nice and it would not have been a private tour. I believe we got a great deal booking it ourselves. All of this brings us to right now, Tuesday September 14, 2010. We're cruising two days to Naples and then we finish back at Rome. I booked a shore excursion in Naples through the cruise line because of two reasons. First, I couldn't find a private tour that was reasonable. And second, Cruise Critic's port information and Rick Steves both say that traffic is completely unpredictable coming back from Pompeii. If we're on a cruise line shore excursion then the ship will wait for us if we're late. I realize this review had a lot of superfluous information that was quite useless to you, but I hope you found it helpful nonetheless. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
We just got back from our Rome round trip on Navigator of the Seas. Our family consists of parents and 4 kids aged 14 to 19. Its our third cruise and I used Cruise Critic frequently during our planning stages. I should also say that we ... Read More
We just got back from our Rome round trip on Navigator of the Seas. Our family consists of parents and 4 kids aged 14 to 19. Its our third cruise and I used Cruise Critic frequently during our planning stages. I should also say that we are frequent travelers- and mostly not cruises. Depending on what you like and what your expectations are I should say that we found this ship too big, and our fellow passengers not to our liking. Although overall the reviews Ive read were accurate, embarkation fine, cabins adequet, food good... not great, we were terribly disappointed in a few things. Firstly, dont let anyone tell you the ship does not feel crowded. We stood on a line of about 50 people waiting to be seated for My Time dining the first night. Yes. it improved as the week went on--- but not a very nice way to begin the cruise. its stricly a mass market cattle call experience. The pools were absurdly crowded with loud disco music most of the day-- if you want a party scene that is it. It was not our idea of realaxing. The ports of call were very disappointing ( not Rome of rBarcelona of course) but Toulon is a terribel city and its really too far to get to Aix or anywhere nice, Mallorca is Ok- but again your only there for 6 hours and SArdinia can be very interesting- but not Cagliairi. These ports obvioulsyu made a deal with RC to bring in tourists for a reduced docking fee--- and it shows. Also- in two ports the dock is so far away you cant walk anywhere--- but RC charges 10 EURO a person for a "shuttle" to a place to get a taxi. If the ship docks in an inaccessable place it should be the cruise lines job to shuittle free of charge. Our fellow guests were not the most pleasant people. We are usually very tolerant of people but these people were just not very refined. Along the same lines the dress codes were not enforced. We were very disheartedned to see t shirts and shorts on grown men allowed in the MDR. On "formal night" only 30% of the men even botherd with a suit and tie. Again, men in shirt sleeeves were allowed alongside the few in tuxs and suits. It devalued our expereince and shame on RC for allowing it. Smoking- Those same rude people who do not observe dress codes also smoked wherever they pleased. it was just awful to walk through the smell. I dont understand why people who wish to wear thirts and shorts to dinner on vacation- which is a perfectly fine thing to do...would even book a cruise! So- if you have high standards and wish to be around other folks who perfer a more elegant experience I would strongly advise against RC, especially out of a european port. Speaking of that - the cruise director, Pietro Alssi or something is the most annoying little man. I never heard him speak anything but I talian the entire cruise. While we realize RC is a mid range cruise ship and we booked it for that reason haveing 6 people, what you may save over Oceania or Regent or Seaborne ( which we did last year and was wonderful) - they make up for by constatnly hawking cheap goods or nickle an diming you on everything. They even had the nerve to charge me 25 cents in the medical office for a band aid for my daughter's blister!!! RC is very low brow and I don't think very good value. We will not be sailing them again. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
We were two 21 year old guys who decided to book a last minute cheap cruise from Rome. I read many reviews on this ship before we booked but not many were from the eyes of 18-20+ year olds, so I write this view baring in mind any 18-20+ ... Read More
We were two 21 year old guys who decided to book a last minute cheap cruise from Rome. I read many reviews on this ship before we booked but not many were from the eyes of 18-20+ year olds, so I write this view baring in mind any 18-20+ year olds. After sailing on the liberty of the seas in Decemeber, I knew all about this ship and what to expect, with it being almost identical to the Freedom class. Boarding the ship was very standard procedure taking about an hour. Whilst we waited for our cases we looked around the ship to see what it was all about. For an 8 year old ship there were hardly any signs that it was that old and at times I could not tell the difference between the voyager class and the freedom class. We got to our statroom (an inside twin) that was like any of ships inside cabins but maybe slightly smaller that that of the Ruby Princess that I went on the year before and the first thing I did was pick up the cruise planner to see what was on. Much to my amazement it was quite empty compared to what I had seen on the Liberty and a lot of the activities were for Italian speaking guests only. We carried on the day, as like most days, sitting around the pool and going to dinner at around 8pm on my time dining. This was good for us as we always wanted to eat at different times and it meant we could go to some shows that were not always practical to get to. The food was amazing as expected and it was actually better than I had on the Liberty. The windjammer was also good but the choices were slightly limited but cooked to a very high standard. The club was where we spent most of our time. It was called the dungeon and was exactly the same as the club on the Freedom class ships. It was actually very big and amazing and could easily pull off a top London club look. The music got good at around 1am am and drinks were of a ok price but maybe a bit to much to keep ordering. (compared to princess prices, they were almost double) As for the age group and nationalities on the ship, it mainly consisted of late 20's Italian couples and older English and American families. This meant the club ended up with quite a few English and American 18-20's as they came with families and a few less Italians although there were still a few. To summarise, the ship was amazing and definitly one to try but not from Rome. The cruise director Pietro was so annoying and we would go to shows late and leave early just so we didn't need to hear him going on and on about the smallest things for minutes on end. The food was amazing and for anyone from 18-20+ any voyager or freedom class ship should be the top choice, the nightlife is like no other company (I have been on Celebrity, NCL and Princess and they all go dead at 2am)and both times I have met a lot of people around my age. The activites were very minimal but maybe this was due to the language barrier between the 1400 Italian guests. I will probably stick with the Freedom class next time as they have a lot more on the planner which is a lot more fun. I was quite upset that this ship didn't have karaoke on at all and some of the shows wouldn't have even made it past one of the small lounges on some of the other cruises I have been on. Most of the time the Ixtapa lounge went unused and more shows could have been added. Still, we both had an amazing time and I would always go cruising again, just maybe from the UK or the states next time. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
My two grandsons and I flew by Alitalia (not the best airline, no food only a cold drink) to Rome. I cannot fault the RC staff at the airport, plenty of staff to meet and greet and as soon as we recovered our luggage there were plenty of ... Read More
My two grandsons and I flew by Alitalia (not the best airline, no food only a cold drink) to Rome. I cannot fault the RC staff at the airport, plenty of staff to meet and greet and as soon as we recovered our luggage there were plenty of porters to take it from us and the next time we saw it was in our stateroom. The boys case arrived quite promptly but I had to wait sometime for my suitcase but I expected this as there was over 3000 passengers. Had lunch in the buffet but the food wasn't too exciting although the boys liked the idea of unlimited self-service icecream. Ports of call were interesting and where RC really score is the teen club. My boys were able to join the 12 - 14 years and there was plenty for them to do, rock climbing, iceskating etc, in fact I only saw them at mealtimes. The iceshow was spectacular but the show put on by the singers and dancers was only average. There was a fairly good Italian singer and a good Elton John takeoff. The ship was very clean and all the crew very friendly and helpful. It was good value and if you have children they will thoroughly enjoy the cruise and for grownups who want some peace and quiet there was a solarium area with a pool, sunbeds and jacuzzi only for adults. If I was cruising just with my husband and no children I wouldn't particularly choose this line but for families it ticks all boxes. Go and enjoy! Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
We did the Aug. 29, 2010 sailing. We flew into Rome for 2 nights pre-cruise. We used Bob's limo service for the transfer to the hotel. We stayed at Alberge del Senote hotel by Pantheon. This hotel was perfect for the location, room, ... Read More
We did the Aug. 29, 2010 sailing. We flew into Rome for 2 nights pre-cruise. We used Bob's limo service for the transfer to the hotel. We stayed at Alberge del Senote hotel by Pantheon. This hotel was perfect for the location, room, included breakfast. I would highly recommend. We booked this through On Sunday- Bob's Limo was 20 minutes late. The gentleman never introduced himself and drove very, very aggressively to the pier. We were stressed out once we arrive. I did send a note to the company to confirm pick up and notify them of the aggressive driving. We arrived at the Pier at 11:15am. We went to the Diamond/suite area and checked in- computers went down- sat for an extra 15 minutes. We got on the ship and went directly to the 10th floor for FOOD. They opened the Windjammer at 12 noontime. Purchased the coke card. They told me they ran out of the tumblers 3 cruises ago. The bar staff in the windjammer was always nice and I ended up getting ginger ale alot and they knew my order by day 2. The room was ready to go into at 1:00pm. We went for the junior suite and it was beautiful. It had wonderful club chair/ottoman, walk in closet, flat screen tv. Our room attendant was Kay. We did remove all of the sodas, etc out of the mini-bar. The safe was not opened and we did have to call security to open the staff. The room was perfect. It was quiet. We went to the life boat drill and we found out there were 1,400 Italians on the ship. We found them to be very nice and it was always a fashion show each night. Love their shoes. We had trouble finding the Diamond lounge but once we did- Rauge was wonderful up on the 14th floor. They didn't have any crackers or cheese. That was the only that was different. We had My Time Dinning- we ended up with Babu a table of 2, head waiter was Ray Lewis. We had excellent service. I am on a special diet and they did everything they could to help me out. We had a standing reservation for 6:30pm. Thus, dinner was delightful each evening. We would mostly get it off the spa menu. Since this was such a port extensive itinerary- we wanted to eat light. Also, lobster has been eliminated. Sea Day. Started to pack up things. Got my hair done at the salon. Beware anything that you purchased- gift shop to hair products you had to pay the vat tax. They had a ton of activities to do. There was always lounge chairs to be used. Last day- The windjammer opened at 6am. We were getting off the ship at 7:15. They didn't make omelets that morning. We walked off the ship- easy, got our luggage and Bob's Limo was there. The same driver. He drove normal and it wasn't a stressful drive to the airport. We loved the ship. We had never been on a Navigator of the Seas type of ship and loved the cafe area on the 5th floor. The only complaint was that breakfast upstairs didn't open up until 1 hour before we arrived at the ports. The windjammer had excellent food. Nice variety. We would highly recommend this ship- maybe not in August, the heat was intense and Italy closes down for the month. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
Ok, so this is our third cruise in a year and a half. The last two cruise lines we took were Carnival and Princess, so we figured, why not try the other of the big three?So here are our pro's and con's of this trip. We're a ... Read More
Ok, so this is our third cruise in a year and a half. The last two cruise lines we took were Carnival and Princess, so we figured, why not try the other of the big three?So here are our pro's and con's of this trip. We're a twenty something engaged couple that sailed on the 8/29 cruise. Embarkation- This was a hectic nightmare and the worst of our experiences getting on any ship. Hundreds of people cramming their way into the ship in total chaos. I don't know why Royal Caribbean would have only two small entry ways but they did. After everyone was done pushing and shoving, we somehow ended up on board. Staterooms- Ours was great. We like how we had a sitting area (unlike Princess) and the balcony felt more private. The shower door thing is pretty cool, much better than a plastic sheet. Our stateroom attendant was awesome and went out of his way to help us out. He seemed genuinely happy to see us. The Ship- The ship is the biggest either of us have been on. It was clean and had some great features like the ice skating rink and rock climbing wall. We really liked the adults only pool area, it was always less crowded. The dining room was easy to get around and didn't feel crowded. Johnny Rockets was our favorite place to go for cooked-to-order food. Service was always good there. Okay, since this is a review we need to address some con's. 1. Laundry - We didn't pack to heavily because we assumed there would be a laundry room on the ship. What a disappointment RCL. The other cruise lines had plenty of them. Why pay $20 just to do a few pieces of laundry? We weren't happy with this at all. 2. The DJ (DJ Matt or whatever his name was) - This guy needs to be let go. He played the same songs over and over and over. So badly, that we were kind of discouraged from going to the Dungeon disco very often. Whenever we would confront him about it he would wave us away. Seriously, plugging my ipod in would have been a better experience. 3. Food - As always, the worst part of the cruise. RCL was no better than the other lines. Food was poor quality throughout the ship, except at Johnny Rockets. What they serve in the dining room is the same as the buffet (which we ended up going to every night almost). Not much else to say, it was gross. 4. Programming - For some reason there weren't that many things going on. There was one or two pool activities on the whole cruise (not every day like on Carnival). We didn't see a lot of organized activities at all. A trivia game here and there. The shows on ice and in the theatre were ok, but we felt like not much was happening. 5. A couple problems with the ports. In Mallorca you're kind of forced to take a shuttle in ($10). When it was time to get back to the ship there were literally 2 buses trying to shuttle 2,500 + people back to the ship, while the other RCL ship in port had a dozen empty buses just waiting there. It was bizarre and a lot of people were ticked off by it. Our cruise was about 75% Italian. We didn't mind, although Americans would probably not enjoy the smoking or how they cut in line a lot. We met some other people, but less than on the other cruises, probably because of the melting pot that was Navigator of the Seas. Overall, if I had to rate it, it would be 6/10 or so. We had a good time, not a great one. We would probably do a cruise again on RCL, but maybe in the Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
I have just returned from NOS 7 night cruise. Overall I had a fantastic time on this ship and have very little to complain about overall. The weather was fantastic throughout the cruise which definitely helped! The Ship: The ship itself ... Read More
I have just returned from NOS 7 night cruise. Overall I had a fantastic time on this ship and have very little to complain about overall. The weather was fantastic throughout the cruise which definitely helped! The Ship: The ship itself I found to have a good layout with the promenade area being my favourite area to stroll down and always seemed full of life. The only complaint would be that the ship was a little dirty in places and particularly after the bbq on deck there seemed to be a fair bit of rubbish floating about. This also extended to our stateroom where the cleanliness of the laundry was questionable. We had to ask for fresh pillow cases on our first night as the ones we had were stained-not nice! Stateroom: We had an corner aft stateroom and absolutely loved it! The extra space in the cabin and the stunning views from the balcony were well worth it! I also did not find the walk from the cabin to the elevators/stairs too far at all! In fact I would say it was average! Being right below windjammers was also a bonus as on sea days we found it to be overcrowded at both breakfast and lunch times and so it was nice to be able to just pop back down to our room and eat on our balcony without having to fight for a table whilst our food got cold. Food: Windjammers most definitely needs more seating. Outside would be nice. On sea days it was impossible to get a table at breakfast and lunch times without waiting around for your food to get cold. We also found that each 'station' tended to all serve a variation on each other and so choice was somewhat limited. Prior to the cruise I also believed that Jade would be serving oriental-style cuisine but to be honest apart from the miso soup tucked away at the end, during lunch and breakfast it just seemed like an extension of windjammers. Overall we found it to be a bit disappointing variation wise for the first two meals of the day. They also close fairly early following each meal and after this no hot drinks can be got from here which was slightly annoying- room service or a trip to deck 5 promenade instead. I also wrongly assumed that at dinner windjammers would serve the same as the dining room but just a more casual setting. It was only on the last night when we decided to go here instead of the dining room that we realised this was not the case. Jade indeed served oriental food- the sushi was amazing! And then there were sections with Italian food, steak and chips, fish, chicken...etc etc. In this instance windjammers exceeded out expectations and our only complaint was that we hadn't discovered it earlier! We visited Johnny Rockets one evening and whilst it was nice, it was not as brilliant or spectacular as we thought it might be. Would not pay the cover charge to visit. Portofinos on the other hand was well worth the cover charge we paid one evening to visit. Food was excellent and presented beautifully. Service was also fantastic-nothing was too much trouble. I recommend the tuna steak! We did observe several members of staff dining here and so it must be good! The dining room was good in the evenings- we were on my time dining and found that this suited us well. Being on the top of the three dining rooms was also great as the view over the balcony with the chandelier was fantastic. Food was good and again nothing seemed too much trouble in terms of tailoring the food slightly to suit. The dining room for lunch on sea days is a MUST! On these days (and only sea days) they serve the salad bar, where you select any items that you like from a vast array and the server tosses it all for you and adds a dressing of your choice. Well worth it and the bonus being that you miss the crowds in windjammers! Promenade cafe is great for cakes and cookies but the sandwiches tended to be slightly dry. The only real moan I have regarding food is the outdoor buffets that they served- two bbq's and one sandwich buffet. I did not eat any of the food from these buffets so cannot comment on how they tasted but I refused to join in as the salad and the raw meat had all been left standing in the direct sun and it being pretty hot I did not want to risk getting ill! There also did not appear to be any one in charge and so organisation was a shambles. Bars: Visited most of these and loved Cosmopolitan bar for the fantastic views over the pool and out to sea and the Champagne bar/ Two poets for people watching! Fellow Passengers: Prior to the cruise I read several reviews complaining about the rudeness of the fellow passengers and also how the do not dress up for dinner etc. I found however, that although understandably the majority were Italian, they were not rude, did not push and shove a great deal and did in fact really dress up- even for casual night! In fact I do not have any complaints about them. Smoking did not seem to be an issue either and I found that smokers did tend to stick to the designated smoking areas. Ports: We organised our own tour for Ephesus, which was great although very hot and crowded (apparently they have 9 cruise boats all visiting on the same day!!). At all the other ports we did not take tours but instead decided to go off the ship ourselves and look around. Royal Caribbean are highly unorganised and there were no directions given, no information available and certainly no assistance for those who took themselves off the ship. We felt stranded at times and felt like we were wandering aimlessly as we knew there we shops etc. but had no idea how to get to them. Pool: The pool area got very busy very quickly and sun beds surrounding the pool were snapped up at goodness knows what time! We were lucky and managed to sit where we wanted most days but we also made use of our balcony. The pool attendants did start to remove towels reserving seats on the last day but I do not know why they waited until then to do so. There was also a fight between two families seemingly over sunbeds (this was a full on brawl- pretty scary)and security were poor at this point, taking their time to intervene. Overall I had a fantastic time but I would have to say that Royal Caribbean have to address their organisation and perhaps their food as although it was good, it is not to the standard of Carnival/Princess. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
I just traveled on a 7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise, Navigator Of The Seas,Royal Caribbean on August 1st, 2010 departing Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy I was remiss, in advance to check with the cruise line & my travel agent about ... Read More
I just traveled on a 7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise, Navigator Of The Seas,Royal Caribbean on August 1st, 2010 departing Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy I was remiss, in advance to check with the cruise line & my travel agent about their smoking policy. I had cruised the last 3 summers in Europe on both Celebrity (sister ship) and Holland America. Smoking was allowed on those cruises, in public areas, in designated smoking sections permitted outdoors on only one side of the ship. If I knew in advance that much of the aft of the ship, including the piano bar, lounges, casino, pool and more locations all allowed smoking, I never would have taken the cruise. The options to use the ships facilities for a non smoker were limited. Much of the fun, festive activities available after the show were inundated with smoke. It was uncomfortable & effected my enjoyment. While it is the cruise line's intention to try to please everybody, their smoking policy should NOT be hidden in the small print of their contracts. Cigarette smoke is extremely uncomfortable for non smokers. Their smoking policy should be displayed in bold print to warn all non-smokers. It certainly would have made a difference in my selection of a cruise line and has tarnished my view of Royal Caribbean going forward. The dining rooms were pretty, food average at best. I ate in the dining room for dinner only. My first table, I was placed with an Italian American lady with her Italian family. Although the waiter was efficient and dining room pretty, the elders did not speak English. I do not speak Italian. The maitre d, with attitude & after much coaxing switched me to a table with a lovely English speaking lady an her 2 daughters. There was another couple at the table with their son, for 1 night but they never returned. When I saw them at an excursion they said they did not like the service and are eating else where. There was nothing special ever on the menu and the service just average. One evening I asked for asparagus. The waiter said we don't have it. We have mixed veggies only. Another evening I asked if they were serving lobster. He simply said NO. Another evening I asked for Mousaka which was on the menu, for the 4 of us to share with main courses, he made it a chore to serve 1 extra serving. Most evenings the people in the dining room were not dressed up at all. To say casual is being very gracious. Many wore jeans/ tee shirts and shorts into the dining room. I have never seen such casual - sloppy dress as this sailing. No one followed a dress code even on formal night people were very lax. I would guess less then 25% of the ship looked elegant My experiences with Holland America and Celebrity were much different. People still dressed for dinner on the other ships. This was not a refined group of people. I took excursions all 5 days and had lunch at the particular destination. I had room service every AM. I was offered only Continental breakfast as my excursions left early. It was fine and delivered on time One evening after the show I went up to the Windjammer Cafe for fruit. I was SHOCKED to see it was closed at 10:15 PM. They said they close every evening by 9:30. I never saw a buffet close before 11 PM in 15 sailings. What surprised me more, is that on the day of arrival I did go up for lunch. They used plastic, not china plates! The Promenade shopping was pretty although there was nothing to buy. I did have coffee and dessert in the cafe and the staff was friendly and open 24 hours One evening I ate in Chops Grill .I wanted a good piece of steak. It was good BUT I felt the dining room should have had better quality beef and they did not. My stateroom and balcony were lovely. They were designed well with adequate space. The bathrooms were small, less then I am used to and just basic. I had to ask for and tip for a robe. I did use it through the trip but had no desire to take it home.It is a great way to save towels which the cruise should have thought of and paced in the rooms At first they wanted to charge $50 until I spoke with the cabin attendant who I did take care of and he was good. Absolutely no products were supplied. I bring my own soap and creams but have never traveled where amenities were not supplied! The Casino offered a lot of options and Schooner piano bar had a great pianist. There was so much smoke in both that I could use both only on the NO SMOKING evening. It was a shame The Spa is pretty but expensive. I did have a massage and my hair blown. During my massage there were 3 loud announcement over the loud speaker piped into the room during a 50 minute massage. I understand the massage was during sail away, BUT there is no excuse for the announcements to boom into the massage room. In emergency the desk can send someone to get you. The location of the spa is also unusual and visible out and in. There are large glass windows that you can look out and all the walkers, joggers can look in. The Steiner staff in the spa though are great. Both the massage therapist and the hair stylist were good. It was a pity I could not relax with the announcements. The fitness center and jogging track were good. I walked every night since I could not use any of the bars, loungers, casino due to smoke I always travel in early August due to my work schedule. In the past 4 years I took 4 cruises either Celebrity or Holland. Never in my life as in this sailing, did I see so many children and such sloppy people. There was a hugh mix of people which is to be expected when embarking in Europe. I was told by many Italians and Middle Easterners on the sailing, that they booked really inexpensively, less then 1/2 of what I paid and booked within the last 10 days .I booked less then 2 months out. Every one of these last minute people, smoked, paid very little I did pre book all the excursions and really investigated all the ports.They were very expensive, 25% more then Celebrity last year. I chose 2 destinations in Genoa and Toulon that were ever 1 1/2 hour drives. It was worth it to me to go to Cinque Terre and St Tropez. Barcelona always fantastic, was great and we had 12 hours in port. Time allotment was way to short in Palma and Sardinia. We did not have enough time on the excursions to explore the destinations. I think Royal should make better deals with the ports to stay longer for those tourists that want to explore the beautiful islands I adore sightseeing. I also like to explore. I chose this cruise because of the ports. I really feel on such a small map coverage we should have at least 8-12 hours in each port. There is time within the weeks sailing if RC wanted to spend more time Bottom line, the ship was less then ok, the food average, the ports great but needed more time. There were only a handful of passengers to my liking. It is a very average, mass market cruise. I could not use the pools after the excursions. They were packed with smokers and kids. The outdoor music was LOUD. It was not at all relaxing. The smoking literally blew me away and is not acceptable. All the smokers as Celebrity and Holland did, should have been isolated at the pool area outside not in all the lounges, bar and casino. Smokers smoked where ever they pleased, often and all over. The ship smelled awful If you want an elegant cruise do not book Royal Caribbean. If on the other hand you want to pack kids into your room, wear tee shirts, shorts and smoke this ship is for you I realize I have a budget, I choose a mid priced cruise , as I can not afford an upscale ship such as Seaborne or Regent. I travel when children are off school I never expected this. As mentioned Holland and Celebrity have a much more upscale and elegant passengers, crew and amenities few children. Royal is not good quality or value, and the cruise was not inexpensive and was smoky. I will not cruise them again Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
We stayed at the Cicerone for one night before the cruise. We were supposed to be two nights, but one of our flights was cancelled so we were a day late getting to Rome. We were glad we had planned to get there early and had bought trip ... Read More
We stayed at the Cicerone for one night before the cruise. We were supposed to be two nights, but one of our flights was cancelled so we were a day late getting to Rome. We were glad we had planned to get there early and had bought trip insurance. We liked the location of the Cicerone. It is a short walk to the Vatican and other spots in Rome. We had booked the RC shuttle from Rome to Civitacchia. It was nice to be in an air-conditioned bus to take the 75 minute drive. The boarding process was smooth. There were lines, but they moved quickly. Our room was a typical inside room. We prefer inside rooms to avoid the sun in the morning when we want to sleep in. We did have a bit of a problem with loud noises from the room next to us. It was some sort of crew service room and we could hear a loud engine noise for a few minutes some nights as well as what sounded like a washing machine a couple of other nights. We travel with a white noise machine that helped, but the noise did wake us up. Our cabin attendant was great. She kept us supplied with the extra bath towel we had requested and the room was always made up. We booked the Beautiful Portofino excursion in Genoa. The one hour boat ride there was hot, but nice and the town itself was beautiful. The guide showed us around a bit and then we had time on our own which was nice. Then a boat ride back. We arrived back to the ship and looked around a bit at the port. There is not much there. We thought about the shuttle to Genoa, but decided to go back to the ship and cool off instead. In Toulon we booked the Sanary and Bandol excursion. They were two beautiful seaside towns and fun to see. We had time to just walk around on our own. We arrived back to the ship early enough to see more, but the dock is a bit away from the town and since it was so hot we decided to just walk around the port a bit. I think a shuttle would be needed if you wanted to see the town. Just a side note...we had booked this excursion before leaving home and it had said it would depart at 12:30pm, but it left at 7:30am. We were a bit disappointed to not be able to sleep in! We chose the City of Barcelona tour. It was a great way to see most of the city. They let us choose to be dropped off at the end of Las Ramblas instead of going back to the ship which was nice because it gave us the afternoon and evening to explore Barcelona on our own. We did catch the shuttle back to the ship. You could walk it, but it is across a bridge and depending on where your ship is docked, it could be quite a walk. For Palma de Mallorca our ship was docked very far from the city, so we took the shuttle. There were some ships parked closer, so where you are docked would depend on if you needed a shuttle or not. We explored the city on our own. It was very nice. We enjoyed the cathedral and seeing the shops. Sardinia provided a free shuttle from the port to town. There were shops across the street from where they drop you off. We walked a lot around town. It is important to know that much of the walking is up hill and when it is hot, it is a bit much! We enjoyed the ship itself. The food was good, however, we did not think it measured up to the food on Celebrity. The Windjammer was very busy and sometimes hard to find a seat. They have a Cafe Promenade that has small sandwiches, pizza and cookies all of the time. We had the main seating time in the Coppella dining room. Our waiter Noel and his assistant Christian were wonderful! Our water and wine glasses were always full and they were very accommodating of food requests. We did see parts of some of the shows. The shows did not seem to be well attended, and what we saw was good, but not spectacular. The ice show was good. We spent a couple of nights at the sing along with Henry Saxby in the Schooner Bar. He did a great job of keeping the people entertained and involved. Disembarkation was smooth. They give you a time to be in a designated spot and then tell you later in the instructions to be there 15 minutes early. They mean it! We were only about 13 minutes early and our group had already left. We had to hurry to catch up! We took the RC shuttle to the airport and it was a nice one for the hour ride. We loved this trip and would do it again. Our only thought was that if the same itinerary was offered by Celebrity we would choose them over RC. Celebrity just has some added touches that RC does not. Champagne when you first board, cold cloths when you arrive back to the ship in each port, robes in the rooms, lobster night, a nice tote bag, etc. and the food is better. The food on the RC was good, it is just that our experience has been the Celebrity is better. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
This was our third cruise with Royal Carribbean having previously taken a mini cruise from Miami and last year sailed on Independence from Southampton to the Canaries. We have also sailed a similar itinerary on Norwegian Gem. Of the three ... Read More
This was our third cruise with Royal Carribbean having previously taken a mini cruise from Miami and last year sailed on Independence from Southampton to the Canaries. We have also sailed a similar itinerary on Norwegian Gem. Of the three RCCI ships this was definately our favourite. To cover the main areas: Check in - We had flown from the UK to Rome airport where we arrived at 10.45am, left our luggage and got on a coach for a journey that took only 60 minutes. The arrivals tent at Cittivechia was certainly crowded but the process was efficient, troublefree and quick. By 1.30pm we were having lunch onboard. Cabin - We booked a very reasonable late deal and decided to settle for an inside cabin. This was more than adequate given that we spent very little time in it. It was scrupulously clean, the fixtures and fittings were in good condition, the bed was extremely comfortable, there is lots of storage and amazingly, the shower is really powerful. The only downside is that whatever time you wake up it is pitch black which can be a bit disorientating but the saving we made will make a healthy contribution towards another cruise! Dining - We don't like the idea of fixed seating so opted as we have before for My Time Dining in the Swan Lake dining room. The system works relatively well although there was on occasion some confusion as to whether you needed to make a reservation. However, the unflappable Head Waiter did manage to give us our preferred table for two by the window every evening. On the whole the food is unremarkable, I would describe it as ok quality mass catering. The fruit soups are delicious and some deserts are quite nice but the main courses were far from outstanding. The vegetarian and fish options were a bit disappointing. The service is friendly and the waiters greet you every evening like a long lost friend but the fact that we didn't sit with the same waiters every night did leave us in a quandry when it came to distributing the prepaid gratuities on the last night. We had breakfast every day in the Nutcracker thus avoiding the hustle and bustle of the Windjammer. You sit on large tables with whoever arrives at the same time, everything except fruit and granola is served and the hot selection is freshly prepared. I have to say that unfortunately, except for the last morning, the service was a bit surly but otherwise we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and met some lovely people. Lunch was taken in the Windjammer and on the whole we ate late, coming in after going ashore. As a result we never had a problem getting to the food or finding a table. Again, the food is nothing special and the choice for vegetarians is poor, luckily I like salad. At 3.30 the choice switches to High Tea and this is much better. There are hot deserts (for some reason none are served with lunch), do-it-yourself tacos and some nice humous and tuna dips. We also discovered that the oriental part of the buffet served in the evening includes freshly made Sushi which makes for a nice snack when you're feeling peckish at 6.30! I must also mention the mid-cruise midnight buffet. We had told some other guests that this would be a gastronomic highlight - sadly it turned out to be what appeared to be leftovers from the Windjammer. In summary what I would say is you will never starve and will probably find something you like plus if you do get hungry there are always sandwiches and cakes in the Promenade Cafe at all times of the day and night where there is also tea and (drinkable) coffee on tap. Entertainment - Not nearly as good as on the Independence. We watched all but one of the main shows (we missed out on a Celine Dion impersonator). The production shows were pleasant but lacked any cohesion. The speciality acts on the other nights were a very unusual modern string quartet (brilliant!), a shadow puppeteer (clever and unusual), los gauchos (another form of puppetry plus some comedy). Most surprisingly on nearly all nights the theatre was more than half empty which meant it suffered from a lack of atmosphere. One big gripe - on Wednesday when the ship was docked in Barcelona till 10pm there was no headline show, instead the main entertainment was the Germany v Spain World Cup match which took place that night. The ice show was entertaining and we did enjoy the adults only Quest show. We tended to dip into the other musical entertainment such as the Latin band and the pianist. The Jazz event in the lounge on the last night which featured the headline singers was marvelous. The passengers - There are around 3,500 multi-national passengers. As the cruise started in Rome obviously there were a lot of Italians, plus there were many Americans, Brits, other Europeans and Middle Eastern passengers. The school holidays had started in Europe and the US so there were quite a lot of children. Having read other reviews, I was a bit worried about the reported lack of queuing and bad behaviour, this was completely unfounded. The atmosphere aboard was terrific, we never saw one badly behaved child let alone an adult and we really enjoyed the chance to meet and chat with people from all over the world. Ports of Call - We took this holiday because we enjoy the overall cruising experience and have previously visited several of the ports. We therefore didn't take any organised trips but did have to use the shuttle buses from the ship to the towns. The cost for these is really extortionate. The highlight for us was without question Villefranche where the ship drops anchor and you go to shore on a tender. The view from the ship is breathtaking and we had a wonderful day in Nice for the cost of the 3.20euro return train fare. We also thoroughly enjoyed Barcelona and Palma. Genoa was just ok. The two hours we spent onshore in Sardinia was probably one hour too many. We loved the day at sea, had no trouble finding deck chairs on the quiet upper deck and really wished there had been one more at sea day - nothing beats lying in the sun, surrounded by the med and we were even treated to some dolphins swimming by at breakfast time. Checking out - We opted to pay $35 dollars each for late check out as our flights weren't until early evening. This was really worthwhile as we didn't have to leave the ship until 3.30pm for the transfer back to the airport. We had the whole deck almost to ourselves plus the extra lunch was included. There was a little hiccup as we couldn't shower and change in the gym as promised but we were given time in a cabin just before we left and I'll forgive them the error as instead of arriving home exhausted from a long day hanging around in the airport, in effect we had a whole extra relaxing day. I have to finish by saying that despite some criticism this was our favourite cruise to date and we would certainly sail on Navigator again. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
For a special birthday pressie,my daughter asked for a holiday, but where do you take a club loving, lively young woman who is easily bored, with the biggest criteria not to be bored yourself or more importantly an embarressment to her. A ... Read More
For a special birthday pressie,my daughter asked for a holiday, but where do you take a club loving, lively young woman who is easily bored, with the biggest criteria not to be bored yourself or more importantly an embarressment to her. A cruise seemed the best option and so it proved to be. the cabin was bigger that some hotel rooms that she had stayed in and the ship was impressive in its public areas, full of gilt and chandaliers. first impressions count. the food was plentiful and of a high standard catering for even my daughters often bland taste. the fact that she could reorder in the restaurant or go to the buffet and eat something else led her to be quite adventruous and try something new everyday. The windjammer buffet restaurant was always busy and this could lead to problems in getting somewhere to sit. on one occassion my breakfast was cold by the time i could sit somewhere. We went my time dining which meant we were not tied to specific mealtimes but again this meant yu either had to reserve a table the day before hand or queue while waiting for a table to be free. however this was never longer than 20 minutes. the staff weere always friendly and reasonable attentive. being my time meant we never saw the same table waiting staff, so as you prepay the tips, i felt no obligation to add xtra. the entertainment on the ship was wide and varied. two swimming and sunbathing areas (one for over 16s only) and we had no problems getting sunbeds. bars for all moods, shows games sports tournaments and quizzes. we paid extra for the murder mystery night which was great fun. this involved a small amount of audience participation but was very successful in meeting other passengers on the ship and making friendships. you also get to eat in one of the upgraded restaurants that normally charge you extra ($20 a person) but the food is really good and the wine flowed. (a major bonus given the price of alcohol on the ship) the mystery itself is rather silly but done with great gusto and fun and large amounts of ham acting. (by the way we did guess the correct murderer - always follow the money!!!) I have a feeling that the enjoyment of the evening was greatly enhanced by the really lovely people on our table. late night entertainment also included a large casino with craps, roulette poker, blackjack and slot machines which ranged in price from 5 cents upwards. we made great use of the nightclub - The Dungeon- which played all sorts of music, though my daughter assured me she was the only one dancing to Dizzy Rascal as the americans don't yet know him. we used the boat for 2 tours. one in Genoa of the aquarium (much better than i anticipated) and city. you could do the aquarium yourself for much less money and the city is small enough to walk around with reasonable confidence though of course you may nt know what you are looking at. at we did a segway tour of Palma. really you are just whizzing around and dont really have chance to see much and the guides did not seem to know anything of the history of their city. again quite expensive. The biggest compolaint of the cruise would be the extortionate prices of alcohol. the cheapest glass of white wine was $9 a glass and spirit measures started at $6.50 without mixer. We did the soda fountain package (unlimited amounts of coke cola and sprite in both full fat and diet varieties. however quite often they were weak and flat. The other problem is that if yu go ashoure and buy alcolhol you can not bring it aboard to drink. it is confiscated until the end of the voyage. only they're alcohol can be consumed on the ship.But despite all this if you are not a major drinker this should not be a deterrent. On the whole I would have no hestitation in recommending this ship and cruising to any person trying to marry up the diverse needs of a group, family or even couple. food caters to most tastes and indeed dietary needs (cealiacs, vegatarians, diabetics etc), entertainment can be noisy or quiet, and you choose the level of participation. tours can be taken privately or in organised groups. the gym was large and well stocked with different equipment and there was also a rock climbing wall, a running track ice skating rink and sports courts for basketball etc. we did not use the childrens clubs but the kids around looked happy and busy and rarely impinged upon our radar. always a sign of contentedness! the ship was kept scruppilously clean and our cabin steward was a treasure. (despite tips being prepaid we were happy to add a little extra) . My daughter reckoned it was the best holiday she had ever had and I guess i cant ask for more than that. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
We have just returned from a wonderful Med cruise onboard Navigator of the Seas. We travelled as a family of 2 Adults and 3 Children (16, 13 and 8), and booked two adjacent Outside staterooms. Unfortunately, all the interconnecting rooms ... Read More
We have just returned from a wonderful Med cruise onboard Navigator of the Seas. We travelled as a family of 2 Adults and 3 Children (16, 13 and 8), and booked two adjacent Outside staterooms. Unfortunately, all the interconnecting rooms were sold out, but this worked out just fine. The ship is now nearly eight years old, and is still in excellent condition. We have sailed on various RCCL ships (Legend, Voyager, Navigator and Indy). Although Indy is our absolute favourite, Navigator is still right up there. This is the first time our children have been onboard a Voyager class ship, and they were surprised at how similar it actually is to the much-newer Indy. The staterooms, MDR and kids clubs are all exactly the same. The Royal Promenade is very similar, the only difference being that on Indy it is slightly longer, so has a few extra shops and barber shop. We boarded in Rome, which was an absolute doddle. We booked a private transfer from Ciampino airport, which took about an hour and fifteen minutes, and cost €145 each way. Much cheaper than a RCCL transfer, for which they charge $95 per person!! I would definitely say this is a family friendly ship. I would say that the average age for adults onboard would be mid-thirties/forties. The ship was full, and there were lots of children on board. Therefore, the poolside was absolutely jammed on sea days. This didn't bother us, and we always managed to get somewhere to sun ourselves, but I would imagine those new to cruising would find this quite off-putting. The kids had a great time, and so did we. This is the first time in all our cruises that we didn't go to any of the shows. We just took our time, got ready for dinner, and basically had a more relaxing and enjoyable experience because of that. They have a Captains welcome aboard doo on the first Formal Night on the Promenade. I would recommend going along, lots of bubbly and canapEs, and a nice wee introductory speech from Captain Patrik. He is really young and enthusiastic, and his speech was really nice. Hardly anyone wore tuxedos, but were still smart in a more casual sort of way. The second formal night wasn't really adhered to by anyone. I suspected this would be the case, and had packed accordingly. Food in the MDR was excellent, so we didn't feel the need to upgrade to Portofino or Chops Grille, as we have done in the past. Our youngest wouldn't be allowed in anyway, so we just kept the whole family together at dinner time. Have done the Johnny Rockets thing on Indy, and to be honest, it is not great - it's just a burger joint. Nothing special, and can't understand why they charge extra for it. Service in the MDR was the worst we have ever experienced on any cruise. Our waitress and her assistant were terrible!! We didn't complain about them, because we actually thought they were so bad, it was verging on being funny. She only had two more cruises before returning to Jamaica, so maybe she was dreaming of being home again? Who knows, we were definitely in a very relaxed frame of mind and just let their inefficiency wash over us. So, to summarise: Ship still in excellent condition. Fun for adults and kids alike. Definitely leaning towards younger clientele. Excellent itinerary, however, European ports are very hot in summertime. Sometimes it's more fun to stay onboard when everyone else is ashore. Quite a long (and costly) transfer between either of the airports in Rome. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
June 20, 2010 Navigator Western Med Trip Warning: Very long review This was a trip I had planned for our 15yr Anniv. My wife and I left the kids at home with the MIL and flew out of Tampa Thursday June 17. We were gone almost 2 weeks and ... Read More
June 20, 2010 Navigator Western Med Trip Warning: Very long review This was a trip I had planned for our 15yr Anniv. My wife and I left the kids at home with the MIL and flew out of Tampa Thursday June 17. We were gone almost 2 weeks and stayed a few days pre and post cruise in Rome. The cruise was a 7 night Western Med cruise that stopped in Genoa, Villefranche, Barcelona, Palma, and Sardinia. We arrived in Rome (FCO) Friday morning after a LONG flight with a kid that couldn't stay quiet. We collected our luggage and boarded the Leonardo Express Train for Termini station for 28 Euro total. We walked to Hotel Canada Best Western and dropped off the luggage, since the room wasn't ready yet. Since the room wasn't ready, we knew we had a lot to see in Rome and started right away. There is a Metro station very near the Hotel Canada which made it VERY convenient. We saw the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, The Forum, and the Memorial to Vittorio Emanuele. Everything is so much larger and beautiful than I imagined! The history of everything is just amazing! We went back to our hotel to get checked in a take an hour power nap. The Hotel Canada is beautiful! The room was large, clean and comfortable. They have a GREAT breakfast that is included with the room as well as free internet available in the lobby. As previously mentioned, it is close to the Metro, and was the better of the 2 hotels we stayed at as well as the least expensive. After our nap we went looking for dinner. People in Rome don't eat until about 9pm, but we managed to find a few restaurants down the street that were open at 6pm. We chose a nice sidewalk table and had a nice meal. Some things I learned the first day: 1) Termini Station in Rome is HUGE 2) Wine is cheaper than soda (we paid an avg. of 3 Euro for a Coke Light and 8 Euro for 1 liter of house wine) 3) You can get an unlimited ride Metro ticket called a B.I.G. for 4 Euro pp. 4) The Metro doors WILL close on you and do not have sensors like elevators (don't ask) 5) Only tip if the waiter gives outstanding service. Day 2 Saturday- We got up early and had a wonderful breakfast in our hotel. We them headed to the metro to meet our tour guide for the Vatican Tour. We used Real Rome Tours for 55 Euro pp and had only 7 total people in our tour! Maya was extremely knowledgeable and would highly recommend them. The Vatican was beautiful and is definitely a must see even if you are not religious or Catholic. The Sistine Chapel wasn't as big as I thought, and St Peter Basilica was HUGE! The artwork throughout the Vatican Museum was impressive and priceless. We mailed a few postcards from the Vatican Post office, and then strolled around the square. Next we went to St. Angels Castle and the Angels Bridge and shopped at an open air market nearby. We then headed off to Republica to see the fountains as well as Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. I know, we are gluttons for punishment, but the adrenaline kept us going! After doing some great shopping between Spanish Steps and Piazza de Popolo we headed to a great Pizzeria called Est,Est,Est. We had 2 pizzas and 1.5 liters of house white wine for 25 Euro! One of the best places we ate in Rome! Day 3 Sunday- We had another great breakfast at the hotel and headed out for the train at Termini Station Rome to take us to Civitaveccia the cruise port. We didn't buy the train tickets ahead of time because we weren't sure how early we would get to the station, and there are several trains per day to the port. We went to one of the many kiosks to buy the tickets and chose the British Flag for English, but it only gives you the 1st page in English! The remaining screens are still in Italian! Luckily there was a local that helped us through a few screens and we had our 1st class tickets on the IC (Inter City) Train. We went to the massive departure board and noticed the train and the time but no track number. About 10 minutes before that track was posted and everyone around us rushed to the track. Here's what we learned about 1st class tickets. There is a Car number and seat number on the ticket! We boarded the train on the last car and loaded the luggage in the overhead. A minute later someone heard us talking about 1st class and showed on our tickets where we were supposed to be in Car 1 at the front of the train!! We had to hurry and get our bags and RUN to the front before the train left! We made it by 2 minutes, but there is nobody around to help you on the track and there is no whistle when the train is leaving. It just leaves! Arriving at the port is pretty easy and a relatively easy walk from the train station to the port entrance. AT the port entrance all of the cruise lines have buses that pick you up and take you to the ship. There you check in your bags and check in with your set-sail pass. We were on the ship in no time! We went to lunch in the WJ and then headed for the gym for a quick workout. We went to the dining room to try to switch from late seating (9:15) to My-time Dining, but they were full! We didn't like eating so late, but it worked out well with a port intensive cruise. Next we went to the Sky Bar for our informal Cruise Critic meeting for Sail away! RCL postponed the muster drill until after we set sail because of the Italian World Cup game. RCL showed every match of World Cup in case you are interested. We met some truly outstanding people and made new friends from Cruise Critic as well as the Diamond Lounge and frequently met up on excursions and wine! I am going to take a break from the time-line to go over some quick details of the cruise itself before going back to the ports. Ship—We sailed on the Navigator in Jan and she still looks great. We had room 6368 balcony and was your typical balcony room. We used the gym several times and the Jacuzzi in the gym because it was always hot and far less crowded. Service—Our room attendant was good, but not great. He kept the room spotless and said hello. But, didn't remember our names, did towel animal 3 out of 7 nights, and was clueless about the Diamond Amenity. Dining room service was great as usual, and service in Chops was good as well. Food—The WJ food was typical buffet. We at 3 breakfasts and 1 lunch there. We ate at Chops for the 1st time and have now convinced the DW to eat there once on every cruise! We also for the 1st time did the Diamond breakfast 4 mornings. We loved it! Service was great and food was much better. Cruise Director—Worst ever! He was this little Italian man that would keep flipping back and forth from broken English to Italian. I understand the need for speaking Italian on a ship from Italy, but have someone who just speaks Italian and interprets what the CD says! He wasn't funny at all and seemed very new and confused. His assistant (don't remember is name, but was a tall black gentleman) was very energetic and funny. Because the CD was bad, it made for the worst Love and Marriage Game and Quest we have ever seen. Entertainment—As mentioned above we went to the Love and Marriage game and Quest but left half way through because they were so bad. We also went to the Ice show but it hadn't changed much at all in 6 months since the last time we saw it. We also went to the gym 3 times to workout. The gym is functional and has plenty of cardio equipment, but the weight machines are dated. Day 4 Monday Genoa—We did the ships excursion to Cinque Terre. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is unbelievable! The only down side is that it is over an hour from the ship and you don't have much time to spend in each little town. There are 5 towns on the cliff edge on the Med and are all connected by train. The towns are known for their wine and Pesto. I won't go into detail of each town, but the excursion is a must! Day 5 Tuesday Villefranche—We went to Eze on our own. We were first off the ship to tender and walked through town to the bus stop. We took the 100 bus East to Eze de sur Mer for 1 Euro. Keep your ticket because the transfer on the 83 bus to Eze village is included. We waited by the tourist info center next to the train station for the next bus. We decided to walk down to the beach and had a quick drink at a cafe on the beach. The view was great and the ocean was nice. We went back and caught the bus to Eze Village. Eze was great and I highly recommend paying the 5 Euro pp to go into Jardin Exotic for the most unbelievable views! We took the bus back to Villefranche and did some shopping and went to an internet cafe before returning to the ship. By the way the internet on the ship is still HORRIBLE. We constantly had connectivity problems and when we could connect it was SLOW. Day 6 Wednesday Barcelona—We did the Hop-on Hop-off tour bus on our own. It was money well spent as Barcelona is HUGE! We managed to do all of the Blue and Red lines, but ran out of time to try the green line by the beach. The highlights of the tour was Sagrada de Familia, Guell Park, and Las Ramblas. They expect to have the church completed by 2025 and it is impressive. We didn't go in, but many of our cruise mates did and said that it was worth it. We spent 2 hours in Guell park and enjoyed the best views of Barcelona! There is a series of crosses at the highest point of the park where you can see all of Barcelona and the cruise ship. If you like the artist Gaudi, this park is a must see. We had Tapas on Las Ramblas as well as a few Sangria's and enjoyed it all! Day 7 Thursday Palma de Mallorca—The taxi's literally sit next to the ship and they all want to take you on a "tour". We had to wait a while and search for a taxi that was willing to take us to the beach. For 20 Euro we went to Palma Nova Beach. It was nice with plenty of space along with cafes and shops around. It was a nice break from doing all of the running around that we had done for the last week. The weather was perfect as it had been all week. The water was about 70 degrees, but I snorkeled anyway. Day 8 Friday Cagliari Sardinia—We did an RCL excursion to Tuerreda Beach and cheese/wine tasting. Again, it was a fabulous excursion and great weather! The beach was absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of the Caribbean as far as water clarity. However it was far less busy! We got to spend about 2.5 hours there before leaving for the Vineyard. The vineyard was beautiful and would be perfect for a wedding reception. The cheese and bread was freshly made, and the wine was good too. We bought a bottle of white wine for 10 Euro and took lots of pictures. Day 9 Saturday At sea—We got to sleep in for once! We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast in the Diamond area and had a good workout in the gym. We managed to go to the Ice Show, and it was good as usual. However 2/3 of it was exactly the same as 6 months ago. We went to Chops for dinner and said goodbye to our tablemates in the dining room. Day 10 Sunday disembark and Rome—We walked off the ship with our luggage about 8am and took the shuttle back to the gate of the port. We got our tickets for the train back to Termini on a regional train. There are no 1st class tickets but on this train all of the second class seats were pretty nice. This trip only cost us 9 Euro total for the both of us back to Rome. It is a far cry from the $90-$150 others want to charge. After departing Termini, we made out for our new hotel, The Marcella Royal. This hotel is further away than the Hotel Canada, but is a little more upscale. It has a rooftop restaurant/bar and is also where breakfast is served. The rooms are a little bigger, but the bed wasn't as comfortable. The breakfast wasn't as good, no free internet, and it wasn't convenient to a Metro station. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful hotel with great views of the city. I am simply comparing it to the other hotel we stayed at. After checking in to our new hotel, we were off again to explore Rome again to see the things we missed the first time around. We went to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. We ate at Cafe Borrocco on the piazza. The pizza and beer were good! We sat a while a people watched until sundown. We then took pictures of the piazza at night before walking back to Trevi fountain and other tourist spots for night pictures. Day 11 Monday—We went to the shops off of side street from the Via Conditi between Piazza de Popolo and the Spanish Steps. There are plenty of shops for whatever you are looking for. We bought a nice leather purse for the MIL and a nice leather jacket for the DW. We then went up to the northern part of Rome to a huge park that houses the Rome Zoo, museum, and a great pond that the DW and I rented a boat and rowed on for a nice romantic afternoon. I think it was called Borghese Park. If you have time, I recommend it! Day 12 Tuesday—We had arranged for a shuttle for 31 Euro to pick us up from our hotel and drop us at the FCO terminal. It was well worth it. I wish we had done it for the trip from FCO to our hotel at the beginning. It was called and I recommend them highly. It was a long trip home, but we were glad to get back and share our experience. Hope this helped. I have attached a link to some of the pictures from the trip. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
We're Diamond members on RC. We've cruised a lot, and I still find much value in these reviews. As I re-read this review, I realize I sound quite negative. Overall, we loved our trip, but I do feel I need to point out some issues ... Read More
We're Diamond members on RC. We've cruised a lot, and I still find much value in these reviews. As I re-read this review, I realize I sound quite negative. Overall, we loved our trip, but I do feel I need to point out some issues you may encounter. We would totally do this trip again. We LOVED it! But, here are some things to keep in mind. 1. Internet is terrible slow. I wasted 10 minutes.....a full 10 minutes, to open one email in yahoo. I gave up after that. $6.50 down the drain (65 cents per minutes is the on-board internet charge.) Don't expect to use the on-board internet to really get any work or any research done. It's painfully slow. I overheard one guy say out loud at the internet stations, "This is a scam. It's so slow, yet they charge 65 cents a minute. What a ripoff." I tried again during the day, when the internet area was less crowded. It was usable then. So, my recommendation would be to try to use it off-peak if you can. 2. I've cruised a lot over the years and I've noticed RC "nickel and diming" us more. It's not even close to an all-inclusive vacation. Charges for all-you-can-drink soda are extra. Internet is extra (most hotels have it at least free in the lobby), fresh squeezed orange juice is extra, parts of kids club costs extra. Each cruise, I see more and more ways for them to get money from us passengers. When I first started cruising 15 years ago, it was glamorous and everyone was treated like royalty. The waiters knew our name at dinner and knew our preferences after the first night. Not any more. Wait staff service is bad, no one even tries to learn your name, and every time I turn around, they want more money from us, and there is no raving about the service any more. Our first two nights in the dining room were terrible. We sat at a different table each night and had a different waiter each night. They were both equally bad. The third and following nights, we had the same table and waiter and the service got much better. But, those first two nights left a really bad taste in our mouth. (no pun intended) Windjammer service is terrible. The water station didn't have water at it the whole time we were there. I'd go up for three glasses and he'd only have one ready. 3. I think this was the lamest cruise director I ever saw. I do believe he had a harder job than a cruise director on a Caribbean ship, because he needed entertainment that transcended different languages. One night, it was a violinist...any language-speaker could enjoy that. The violinist was excellent...lively and lots of fun! But, if it was a comedian from the US, Italian and Spanish speakers probably wouldn't enjoy it. However, this guy just didn't seem to enjoy his job. He didn't smile much, didn't crack a lot of jokes, and didn't have a knack of getting the passengers psyched up for a future event. I've read other reviews where people said the same thing. 4. Excursions 4-1 Cinque Terre (Genoa) - booked through the ship. This was a great trip, but our tour guide was horrible. She had a heavy accent and a poor audio system that projected her voice. Between the two, it was hard to understand her. Plus, she didn't say much on the tour. We would overhear other guides talking, when ours was quiet, and we wished we were in their group. Our guide was just hard to understand and not as chatty about the area as we would have liked. Even so, I would recommend the Cinque Terre tour. I tried to find one privately and not do the ship's excursion, but I could not beat the ship's price. 4-2 Villefranche - did today on our own. Took the train from Villefranche to Monaco. Then the bus from the train station to the Prince's Palace in Monaco, and we toured that. Bus to train station, then train straight to Nice. In Nice, we did the flower market and a little beach time. Then train back to Villefranche. 4-3 Barcelone - did a bike tour with Fat Tires Barcelona. Booked this privatley, not through the ship. Much cheaper. See tripadvisor reviews for it. 4-4 Mallorca - did ship's excursion - Drach Caves and Pearl Factory. Caves portion was very interesting. You walk through the caves. It's not cold inside. You don't need long pants or sweaters as you would with most caves. There is no tour or signposts to guide the way. Just follow the path and use your own imagination. The pearls factory was a huge disappointment. It's just a big sales pitch. These are basically beads, that they call pearls. They are not real pearls. They are made of glass and then painted with a pearl-like finish. I tried to book this caves tour privately, but again couldn't work it out. 4-5 Sardinia - decided to do a beach excursion on our own to Poetto Beach, just a 10-minute drive from the port. Got off ship and asked where to get a taxi. Discovered that a group called Sina runs a shuttle bus every half-hour to the beach. Cost is 10EU. We took that and had a great beach day. Rented two beach chairs and an umbrella table for 15 EU. Water was warm and shallow...nice soft sand. Not rocky or heavy with shells. Got the Sina bus back to port with no issues. 5. Ship is getting shabby. Menus have leather covers and are worn and shabby. There are bits of mold in the showers. Not enough to be gross, but enough to notice that it's not sparkly clean. Sheets have stains on them. Again, not gross, but not as crisp and clean as I would expect. 6. Another ship issue...we wanted to do the family disco at 9:00pm. We arrived about 9:20 to find the place lit up, but totally quiet. No music. About 5 other families came in right after us, but no staff member was around. Finally, the bartender came in, and he was as confused as the rest of us as to why there was no music. He didn't offer to help or anything. I suggested he call someone to get the music going and he just sort of looked befuddled and didn't do anything. He just disappeared himself. My husband left the disco to find some help, then found out the dance part was supposedly "cancelled." Interesting, there was no sign indicating a cancellation, and the bartender didn't know it was cancelled either. RC really disappointed us on this one. Really low-class to have 25 people there wanting to participate and not a staff member in site for 30+ minutes. 7. Room service for breakfast on two days was great. Timely, food was warm. It's a great thing to do on a day you need to get off the ship early and want to have a faster breakfast than the dining room or windjammer would allow. 8. Formal nights - we had two. Very few men wore a tux. Ladies were typically dressed up. Men had suit coats on, but most didn't wear a tux. Some did though. If you have a tux and want to wear it, you won't feel too dressed up. All this being said, we had a great time. I just wanted to prepare someone who reads this for the issues we ran into. Have fun! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Sailed on 6/6/10 from Civitivecchia/Rome. Went 1 night early and stayed at Hotel Napoleon in Rome. Excellent hotel for $169. Very quiet and convenient. Good sized rooms. Took train from FCO to hotel. This is difficult when you need to ... Read More
Sailed on 6/6/10 from Civitivecchia/Rome. Went 1 night early and stayed at Hotel Napoleon in Rome. Excellent hotel for $169. Very quiet and convenient. Good sized rooms. Took train from FCO to hotel. This is difficult when you need to switch to metro with suitcases. Lots of stair climbing. Next day took cab to port. 130 Euros--negotiated down to 115. Expensive, but much easier than lugging suitcases and then having to get from train in port to ship. Diamond member. Room 6592. Late seating 9:15 pm dinner. Table 544. Waiter Lucian Maftei. Boarding was very simple. Diamond helps, but they had this down with no trouble. Porters took luggage and desk processed sea pass in under 10 minutes total time. Room perfectly acceptable. Quiet and forward on port side. RCL allows smoking on starboard side so be aware. First port Genoa: Mistake to go on a Monday. Everything shut. Route should be reversed. Only thing open is the Cathedral, which is reasonably nice. All other museums closed. Shops closed until 2 PM on Monday. This was silly to be here. Even so, it was a nice walk around except for the rain. But this port would have been better if things open. Do not take bus shuttle. Walk out of port and catch the metro across the street. 2 Euro versus $20. Toulon: Made the mistake of taking the ship's tour to Marseille. Advertised as 5.5 hours. Driver took 2 hours to get there and then cut the tour down to 1.25 hours total sightseeing. This is not RCL doing. Fault of tour company. He drove back in about 50 minutes. No reason to spend 2 hours getting there. They were incredibly rude. Saw church and town center and outside of ducal palace museum. Not worth bothering. Had they spent the 3.5 hours in Marseille we could have, it would have been fine. Ship docked thru 6pm, but they got us back at 12:45, which made no sense. We did, however, find a city bus and go into Sevre sur Mer. Ship doesn't actually stop in Toulon. They charge you $12 each way to shuttle there. Sevre is a nice little village and we found a good place for Bouilliabase one street back off the little harbor. Less view, better food. Pleasant, but disappointed about Marseille. Barcelona: Do NOT waste your time at Sagrada Familia going in. Outside interesting, if ugly. Inside costs 12 Euro and has nothing. Construction site, very noisy. Be sure to get to cathedral before 12:45. It closes until 5:15pm. Go there before looking at Sagrada. Take metro everywhere. Buy and all day pass. City history museum excellent. Frederick Mares museum closed until 2011. Picasso museum ok. Long line and the paintings are 2nd rate. Nothing compared to those in any good museum. Very expensive. Overall Barcelona is an expensive, not very interesting city. Again, must take shuttle from bus $10 each way. Palma: Quite nice. Shuttle bus again. $10 each way. This gets very old. Can walk off pier and go about 300 yards to a #1 bus and take it downtown. Cheaper. Very nice museum and cathedral. Both cost. Pleasant town. Excellent tapas place 20 Euro for 2 people 7 tapas. Near city hall but on side street near church. Don't eat in city hall square. More expensive. Cagliari: Climb hill and see church. Not much else there. Bus out to Poetto. 2nd rate beach. Make sure to walk way up bus line to get a bus back, otherwise you won't get on. Way too crowded. Don't walk away from your belongings. Theft is high. Ship: Excellent condition. Was just on 2 months ago and things improved. Dining room much better. 5th floor food is BETTER than 3rd floor. Learned a secret from waiter: Eat on the My Time Dining floor because they cook things to order there rather than pre-cook on other floors. Also, they just changed exec chefs. Noticeable. Food much better. Taste and variety. Waiter was Lucian Maftei who won the Waiter of Month. He is phenomenal. I had seen him last cruise and wished for him. Wish fulfilled. Diamond lounge open from 5:45 to 9. Excellent idea. Wine or champagne (not great, but free). Nice way to meet other Diamonds. Show was BeatleManiacs. They were pretty good. Some was faked, but the rest was played and the drummer is competent. Backstage tour was fun for my friend. I used to work on Broadway, and conduct orchestra, so stage is familiar, but was nice for those never been onstage or back. Production staff very informative and patient. Ice show as always. OK skating, but entertaining. Quest was great. I was a team captain and made all the videos. Cruise director was not great. Very Italian, but the passengers were about 50% Italian. Cruise staff excellent. Disembarkation very easy and orderly. Took ship transfer to Terminal 5, which is much easier than other transfer. Overall, 95 out of 100. Last Navigator trip (terrible waiters, poor food) 67 of 100. Considerable improvement. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Pre-cruise activities and accommodations: Rome, Italy; Hotel Navona, city center three nights. Clean, well-located hotel, though we actually stayed in one of their satellite apartments (they called it a suite). Tiny bathroom and shower ... Read More
Pre-cruise activities and accommodations: Rome, Italy; Hotel Navona, city center three nights. Clean, well-located hotel, though we actually stayed in one of their satellite apartments (they called it a suite). Tiny bathroom and shower (welcome to Italy!), but excellent service. -Great food, great tours, great city. Navigator of the Seas: Unbelievable facilities and service that far exceeded our very high expectations. Room: Our room (interior) was certainly large enough, and the size of, and water pressure in the shower was surprising. The only time the room seemed small was when we were packing or unpacking. Our stateroom attendant (Taylor) was friendly and delivered excellent service in our absence. The fact that the room had no outside access actually made for some of the most restful sleep we'd ever had! Fitness/ Spa: Worked out several times and wife got a facial. We were pleased with the extent of these facilities. Pools: Very nice, though for our cruise it was unseasonably cool and not always sunny on 'at sea' days. Still found time to catch some rays and a soak in the tubs. Promenade: This was amazing. Such a huge area to spend your time or pass through on the way to dinner or to the shows at night. The jewelery store had a fantastic selection, and the souvenir shop was nice, too. The Two Poets Pub offered a relaxing atmosphere and great selection of the ales of the world. We loved the Cafe Promenade. It was always our stop after getting on the ship after excursions for a quick snack to hold us off for late dinner. Always have pizza and the best chocolate cannoli I've ever had. Casino: Great for low-speed (penny machine) gamblers like my wife and I. Not too smokey at all, and formal nights are smoke-free. Shows: Top notch dancing and singing. Ice show was great, too. We really enjoyed the 'Quest' and 'Love and Marriage Game'. Dining: The Windjammer offers the biggest selection I've seen at a buffet, though we really enjoyed our meals in the dining room, whenever possible. We had all our dinners there- loved our table-mates- and several lunches. The salad bar at lunch is the best kept secret on the whole ship. There were a couple of nights when the selection for dinner wasn't my favorite, but there was always a nice variety. And if you wanted to try something different, just order it. They are so accommodating and no amount of entrees (or starters or desserts) is too much to handle. Service from our waiter (Nuno) was impeccable. Embarkation/ Disembarkation: Smooth for such a large amount of passengers. The only backup was in Egypt, but that was due to a slow customs agent. Overall: We've already booked our next cruise with RCI! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2009
My husband and I went on this cruise to celebrate his 50th birthday. He had never been to europe and he loves cruises, so we thought it would be a great way to see it. We booked the cruise 6 months in advance. We chose this cruise because ... Read More
My husband and I went on this cruise to celebrate his 50th birthday. He had never been to europe and he loves cruises, so we thought it would be a great way to see it. We booked the cruise 6 months in advance. We chose this cruise because of the ports and since we left from Rome and ended in Malaga, Spain, it was less expensive then the 7 day cruise with almost the same itinerary except going back to Rome. This is our 3rd cruise, but first on RCI. We've also done Holland America, which I didn't really care for because of all the old people and wheelchairs. Our favorite though has been the Queen Mary 2 because of the elegance, class, food, and all around white glove service. We had heard good things about RCI, so I was expecting a lot. The boarding was probably the quickest and easiest I've ever seen. We were able to get our Sea Pass on line, so I'm sure that speeds up the check in process. Our room was a jr suite and really large with a great balcony. The decor is a little dated with a small tv, but all around, I'd say it was a great room. The walk in closet was huge. The only complaint about being on the 10th floor is that the swimming pool is above and it seemed like the staff was dragging chairs all night. I think if you want a jr suite, try the 9th floor so not to have that problem. The meals in the dining room were pretty good. We had the late seating, and if i did it again, I'd do the early seating or the My Time seating. I didn't know about that option, but those people often had to wait before being seated. The food in the Windjammer was OK, but got a bit tiresome. There really wasn't much variety and some of it was down right, yuck. My biggest issue is the lack of table manners I saw. I've never seen so many people holding their utensils wrong. I would have gotten in so much trouble from my parents if I would have held a fork some of the ways I saw on this ship. We hate at the Johnny Rockets once, which I guess is a deal for $5 per person you can have has much as you want. Watching some people take advantage and pig out, was kind of gross though. We ate a birthday dinner at Chops and it was nice. Nothing outstanding, but still a nice change of pace. So heres some of the cheap stuff I noticed on this cruise vs cruises in our past. On the QM2 they had a laundry area w/ washer/dryer and irons on certain floors. On the Nav of the Sea, if you wanted to iron your shirt, you had to send it out for full laundry service, and thats gonna cost you. When we got to Barcelona, you have to take a shuttle to get to the area where you can either walk or get a bus. They charge you $5 each to get on the bus, each way. Why not give a courtesy shuttle since we're all getting off your ships? Or why not port closer as other ships did, so that we didn't need a shuttle for the 1 mile walk. On the QM2, the morning breakfast served 3 kinds of smoked salmon, herring, white fish, etc. The Navigator of the Seas had the saltiest salmon, and awful bacon and hideous sausages. I actually lost 8lbs on the cruise from not eating that much I guess. At the drink counters where you had to get your water, lemonade or ice tea, there were attendants handing it to you. I could get my own water thank you. Another issue I had with was with departure. Why do they make you leave your room so early such that you get to the airport 4 hours before your flight. C'mon, the airport was close to the ship and not busy at all. So we ended up standing in a line at the check in counter for hours because as you can imagine, there was nothing to do at the airport that early. I also wasn't crazy about their tipping procedure. We decided to pay the set amt per day, per person, but then they give you coupons to put in envelopes to then hand to your stateroom attendant, waiters, etc. That made us a bit uncomfortable. But all in all, I have to say that I had a great time. The staff was friendly and helpful and what I most liked was the crowd. My husband and I are 45 and 50 and we made friends and enjoyed much of the conversation we had with the people on the ship. For that reason, I enjoyed RCI. I honestly don't know if we'd cruise them again though. We might go back to Cunard ships, but I do think that all ships are probably cutting back right now and nickle and diming you to death in order to save money. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2009
We just got back from our b2b Med cruises on Navigator of the Seas which was booked through a Certified Vacation Planner at RCL. Check in went fine. Getting on board was easy and we avoided the long lines by using the diamond entrance ... Read More
We just got back from our b2b Med cruises on Navigator of the Seas which was booked through a Certified Vacation Planner at RCL. Check in went fine. Getting on board was easy and we avoided the long lines by using the diamond entrance line. We got settled in the room and went about seeing the ship. She is beautiful...and bigger than we remember. We ate in the windjammer and could not help but notice the difference in food offered and how it was prepared. We were assured that it was because of the Italian presence on board. For instance, they do not like crispy bacon. And they like more spice than I am used to. There was also a noticeable lack of choices compared to other cruises. This is our 15 cruise with RCL and the third time on this ship. We went to the nightly "Special Diamond Event"...the free wine and 25% discount. There was a great deal of confusion about that until at least day two of the cruise. I was originally charged for my drinks at full price, then they took those off the bill and charged me full price minus 25%, then I went to the customer service desk and they took them off altogether. The way were treated the first few days, set aside in a small area off of one of the lounges, someone dubbed us "the leper colony" and it stuck for the entire cruise. That whole event needs work. There could have been some snacks served at these gatherings. They threw away enormous amounts of food during the cruise that could have been directed up to the "special event" from the morning breakfast gathering (they did that in a small room off the main dining area for Diamond Members). They had one barman assigned. He did a great job, running most of the time, considering the second cruise there were about 40 people there drinking each afternoon/evening. The "special event breakfast" was a bust. No one came. We went 7 or 8 of the 13 times and never saw anyone but the wait staff. There was no representative of RCL to take requests for tender tickets or ice show tickets. At the end of the time (10AM) the waiters threw all the food in the trash. It was enough to make you cry, considering that it was still good food. To be specific, they set out two large cheese and meat trays (nice cold cuts) along with fruit and breads, rolls, cereal, juice and it was hardy touched. We ate a bowl of cereal and a couple pieces of fruit and at 10AM the extra that was not in boxes or prepackaged was all thrown away. The breakfast perk is a big waste of time and money, and as a shareholder I want to get it stopped if I can. The main dining area was a much better experience. At least you could order off the menu there, otherwise you just ate what was set out. We are not big breakfast people so food selection was not a problem for us. The main dining each evening has also changed. Besides the fact that there is no more lobster tail dinner, the food was not as good as in previous years. Some of the items were even rather bland and lacked taste. Any sort of beef seemed more tough and chewy than in previous years. At first I thought it was just me so I asked a table mate and they agreed. The quality has slipped. I was told I could order a Portofino steak and pay extra if I wanted. I declined. The rest of my experience was as in years before except for the coupon books, which are a joke. Many of the nicer coupons have disappeared.( i.e. 2 for one Johnny Rockets, the free photo, and the free wine tasting.) No pillow chocolates. Not for me, but my wife is addicted. As other people have already written, I noticed on the first cruise of the b2b, which started and ended in Rome, the cruise, the announcements, some activities, and the food were geared toward the Italian population on board. They take a bit to get used to. Everyone smokes. And the ship smells bad b/c of it. Rudeness seems to be cultural in nature. I looked for a movie in English on the TV and was hard pressed to find one. On the second part of the b2b it changed. The cruise started in Rome, but ended in Malaga, Spain. Many things changed back to what was more recognizable. Believe it or not, according to the cruise director, the largest group of people on board the second leg of the b2b were from Israel. There were also large groups of people from Canada and the UK. It was a much more pleasant experience. If I ever do Europe again, I will make sure it is not in the months the Italians are on vacation. (August and September) I hope someone from RCL reads this review and takes it to heart. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2009
We had no problems getting onto the ship we had already printed off our sea pass on-line. Our luggage arrived by 2pm. The cabin was inside deck 6 & was very good there was loads of cupboard space and wardrobe space which really ... Read More
We had no problems getting onto the ship we had already printed off our sea pass on-line. Our luggage arrived by 2pm. The cabin was inside deck 6 & was very good there was loads of cupboard space and wardrobe space which really surprised us. The bed was massive I was expecting a small bed! The ship itself was larger than I expected and very well appointed the dining rooms and public rooms were lovely. All the staff were helpful and polite. The food in the dining room was only okay it was obviously pre-prepared you could only have steak medium or well done! Everything came with mash potato. We ate one night at Portofino paying $25 each extra it was well worth it. We paid for the wine package and thought that was a good deal at 25% off normal prices. The only show we did was the ice show (which was excellent)as we were on late dining, when we booked we were told that this was at 8.15pm but it was at 9.15pm which was too late for us, the people on our table of eight must have also thought that because none of them turned up all week! if we go again we would do MY time or Early dining. The windjammer was okay but we were lucky to get a table at breakfast and there was only two of us. We enjoyed the crazy golf and the pool but the water was cold. The organised excursions were expensive so we did our own thing. We also paid our own tips in Euros at the rate that we felt was appropriate. Liked the fact that you could review your bill on the TV in your room, good idea if you are on a budget. Overall we enjoyed our first cruise, thought that it was good value for money. Enjoyed all of the ports of call. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2009
I traveled with my husband and teen daughter on the 8/2 Western Med sailing on Navigator of the Seas. For my husband and me, this was our 5th cruise, and second on Royal. We had wanted to take a Med cruise last year, but ended up putting ... Read More
I traveled with my husband and teen daughter on the 8/2 Western Med sailing on Navigator of the Seas. For my husband and me, this was our 5th cruise, and second on Royal. We had wanted to take a Med cruise last year, but ended up putting it off, so this was a long-awaited trip that we were very excited about. In the past I'd acted as my family's travel agent, but this time we used a professional and were very happy to have the assistance. We flew into Rome and spent a night at the Mecenate Palace Hotel. We used Rome Cabs for the transfer, and had them come again the next day for the transfer to the port. They were reliable and this worked out very well. The scene at the port was a bit chaotic. No one helped us with our bags; it seemed that porters were going to everyone else but us, even after we directly approached them asking for help. Finally, someone agreed to actually take our bags, and we went on to check in. Check in was smooth and quick, and in no time we were on the ship. The ship was beautiful. It was the largest cruise ship we'd been on, but generally did not feel crowded. We had a balcony cabin. It was not large, but was adequate, especially since we were able to stow our suitcases under the bed, giving us the maximum amount of storage space possible. We did My Time Dining. This was our first time using this. We had chosen it because we wanted the flexibility of eating at different times. In general, it worked well. We were always able to get a table for 3. On the third night, though, we dined later than usual. We had been unable to make a reservation, as we were out at port all day and thus not on the ship during the limited hours they had the phone line open to make a reservation. We ended up having to wait quite a while for a table. Worse than the wait, though, was the absence of any communication. Along with the other passengers, we all just stood in line- there were no names taken, or lists made, as there would have been at any land restaurant in the U.S. I'm not even sure how a reservation would have helped, as there was no separate line for people with reservations, and they were not going through the line looking for people with reservations. Additionally, the same person was both assigning tables and walking people back to their tables, thus leaving the podium empty for long periods. After this, we realized that it would be best to arrive at the dining room before 9:00. When we did this, the process was very smooth and we did not have to wait for a table. The food was good; definitely better than what I remembered getting on my previous RCCL cruise. The assistant waiter took drink orders. This was a welcome innovation, as it was nice not to have to wait for the bar staff to place an order for a glass of wine. We dined every night in the dining room. We had made reservations for Chops, but eventually decided to cancel them. The menu didn't look like anything that special, and we were enjoying our dinners in the main dining room enough so that we didn't feel we needed the specialty restaurants. We tried Johnny Rockets one late afternoon after a long day in port, and enjoyed the comfort food there. The Windjammer buffet was good for breakfast and lunch, although on port days we had lunch in port. The entertainment was the usual kind of cruise ship stuff. The singers and dancers were talented, but the productions were kind of cheesy. Nevertheless, it was fun to go see the show after dinner. This ship had a first for me- an ice show. I hadn't been expecting much and was very impressed. There were multiple costume changes and it was quite elaborate. Because most of our days were spent in ports, my daughter did not really participate in the teen program until the very end of the cruise. When she did, she had a great time meeting kids from other countries. I loved the itinerary. We stopped at Genoa, Villefranche, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Cagliari. We had only one sea day; it would have been nice to have more to enjoy the ship, but I wouldn't have wanted to skip any of the ports. When I could, I also really liked relaxing in the solarium. It was nice to get away from the screaming, splashing children in the main pool. I was always able to get a chair when I wanted one, and I saw ship personnel clearing towels off of unused chairs. On the sea day, my husband and I tried an Italian class. I thought it was terrible and left early- he stuck it out. We also played Bingo- it's a cruise tradition. Disembarkation was very easy. We waited in the theater for only a few minutes, and then walked off. We were traveling independently after the cruise, and the RCCL personnel were not helpful in locating the free port shuttle, sending us first to wait in the wrong place. We did eventually find it, though, and I left feeling that it had been a great cruise. Read Less
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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