Rhapsody of the Seas - May 25, 2019

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  • sbutts
    sbutts May 15, 2019 11:20 pm

    Hi Jettsetter and Lindagt


    I'm a solo and single traveler as well.  I'm also interested to hear about any events for my demographic 🤗

    Looking forward to meeting you all onboard.

  • Lindagt
    Lindagt May 13, 2019 12:18 am

    Will there be events for solo travelers?

  • Jettsetter
    Jettsetter May 12, 2019 8:34 pm


    I’m Tim from Denver

    I cruised on Rhapsody in February for a Western Caribbean trip.

    I’m traveling with over 100 singles for this adventure

    This ship is old, but the crew is amazing and these destinations make it worth while

    I thought the food was better than RCI Symphony which I cruised on in December 

  • GraceTuck
    GraceTuck May 7, 2019 3:02 pm

    Hi, my name is Grace I am bringing my daughter Nora on this cruise as a college graduation gift. My father and I took a Greek trip 36 years ago when I graduated so I am looking forward to rediscovering this magical place with her now. This will be her 1st cruise and my 1st Royal Caribbean cruise, any advice from the seasoned cruisers out there would be wonderful.

  • Pencruise
    Pencruise April 8, 2019 7:41 pm

    We are also on the cruise and the one before, myself and husband, daughter and son in law and two grandsons, 7 and 10 - have done this itinerary many times and it is lovely. See you all onboard. 

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