Norwegian Spirit - February 3, 2019

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  • BLuLQQker
    BLuLQQker February 6, 2019 9:54 am
    On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 10:55 AM, WorldTravellerz said:

    We are aboard the Spirit right now.  We did the ship’s tour Imperial Rabat and Overview of Casablanca.  It’s a great tour for $99 including a lunch.  Can’t recommend this tour enough!  It’s still fairly cool make sure you bring warm and cool clothing.  See you all soon as we are staying aboard.  PS we have Noro aboard at present...the crew are fighting hard to rid us of it.

    We had Noro on the prior cruise...they control it so the cruise goes on...

  • Gidgetkaert
    Gidgetkaert February 1, 2019 2:33 pm
    On 1/28/2019 at 4:59 AM, timelessperson said:

    The previous time that I was in Casablanca  I walked into town and on one of the corners there was a tour bus. It had a marvelous tourguide.He took on a very nice tour of the city and then to the Mosque which is lovely.I believe the cost was nominal, but at the end of tour I did tip him very generously as did most of the riders. Then in the afternoon I went back with a couple and we roamed the downtown area.It worked out to be a very lovely day.There are all kinds of nooks and crannies to discover,with all kinds of shops. ...Arlene Timeless person

    We might be interested.....can we chat at the meet and greet?

  • sinta
    sinta January 31, 2019 11:49 pm

    Hi everyone,

    We just booked this cruise.

    We'll be in Shogun on Febr 4th, 10am, without gift participation.

    @ Marvin

  • sweety cat
    sweety cat January 31, 2019 7:20 pm
    On 1/30/2019 at 4:13 PM, peteandpauline said:

    33 signed up for M&G Monday, 10:00am Shogun Restaurant


    Names                            CC handle                      From                             Cabin        Gift Exchange

    Pete and Pauline          peteandpauline        Robbinsdale, MN             8013             Yes 

    Norma Jean                  NKrim01                    Zhaoqing, GD, China      10035            Yes

    GARRY                           THE SNEE                 DUNDEE SCOTLAND       TBD              Yes

    Kim and Don                 Kimmyhb                   Key Biscayne, FL             9500            Yes

    Steve and Cindy           brandybit                   Detroit, MI                         6538            Yes

    Debbie and Terry          Debbieridger            Brockville, Ontario           6566             Yes

    Betsy.                             Vegas Betsy.             Long Island, NY.               9170.            No

    Pat and Kevin               Boater 3                     Ennismore, Ontario        11062             No

    Ruth and Warren          Mediteranean           Atlanta, GA                        9210            Yes

    Nicky and Paul             Kiwinick                     New Zealand(Qatar)         TBD             Yes

    Gidget and Alar            gidgetkaert               Brockville, ON                    5503               ?

    Seth                               ironsight                     Atlanta, GA                       9530              No  

    Kim                                timelessperson         Las Vegas                         9107            Yes

    Helen and Doug           Doug26                       Toronto, Ontario            10576            Yes

    David and Linda           dwl16                          UK                                      9512             No    

    Jacob Friedman             ?                                       ?                                     ?                   ?

    Doris and Mike              Sweety cat                Israel (ex U.K)                 10092           Yes

    Bob and Ana                  Midnight Traveler     Ajax Ontario                    11620             ?

    Laura and Sam             RitaMarie                          ?                                      ?                  Yes       


    See Post # 92 on how to add your name(s) to the M&G list.   See Post 117 for info on Gift Exchange.Like



  • kiwinick1
    kiwinick1 January 31, 2019 3:19 am
    6 hours ago, sweety cat said:

    HI Kiwinick 1

    we are Happy if you like to take a some sort of private tour together and we could discuss it on Sunday pm if you like. we are in cabin 10092. hope to hear from you.



    Hi Doris,

    That sounds good. We will catch up with you Sunday, either at the meet and greet or your cabin. Nicky

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