Looking for people to share excursion in Berlin, pick,up at cruise port and have a private tour of 15; we only have 4 in our group.  Price $147.00 each ,will pick up at port in Mercedes van and take us were ever .  Name of tour Friends of David . Highly recommended. cruise lines wants $200.00 for train ride to Berlin then you get your own guide. We have to have 15 to go total is $2,200.00 for tour. For tour of 4 was $1,200.00 can not afford that price. Tour company tole me if I arranged tour would pick us up, also told me to try cruise critic


My email is dutchrayne@yhoo. If anyone is interested contact me looking for 11 people 

i have done a lot of searching and this was best for money and reliable. Recommended  by (travels Leisure): I seen the article.