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  • donprivett
    donprivett October 19, 2017 8:37 am
    AKJen74 when we took a cruise and land excursion back in 2007 we met with some Miata people that lived outside of Palmer. I remember his name was Don (same as mine) but I forgot his wife's name and their last name. He had a 2004 Red Miata just like the one that I had at the time. We met in a Miata chat room on the internet. When we went back in 2012 Don's wife hooked us up with the Alaska Miata Club which we had supper with in Anchorage as we passed through. There were a lot of nice Miata people there and we had a great time with them. We heard a lot of stories about life in Alaska. I'm thinking Don may have lived in Wasilla also because I remember the name for some reason.
  • AJnMesa
    AJnMesa October 18, 2017 10:46 pm
    I agree, I loved Palmer, but didn't know about "the Wind." I would never get anything done around there, be outside all the time. I hope more of the cruisers go up to Anchorage and take some time to see that beautiful area. A lot just head out to Denali and Fairbanks, but was so glad we stuck around. I think we were both still tired from helping sell my DD's home in Chandler AZ. It worked out well so we were able to tour the immediate area. We took a couple of trips south and on one, I saw eight Beluga Whales just before the Pull out for sightseeing. What wonderful creatures. Lucky you going on the field trip. Tell them if they need a volunteer next year, I am willing, just hope I stay "able." Having a milestone birthday in January. Hope you have tied a double knot in those aprons strings so they do not venture too far away. I think we are all guilty of not appreciating the beautiful around us until it is gone or we have left it behind. Hope all of you cruisers look around you in your busy days and take a moment to see the beautiful of your own areas. (like the Bluebonnets Donprivett,:)) Sorry for the long reply, just came on to "Unsubscribe", but glad I had forgotten to do it since you posted. Happy to see your post AKJen74. Enjoy those field trips, they are gone before you know it. Good luck and have a wonderful time.
  • AKJen74
    AKJen74 October 18, 2017 1:26 pm
    That stinks! I'm sorry you had to cancel. :( It would've been nice to meet. I thought you were only headed south when you landed in Anchorage. You got to see Palmer, too? I live in Wasilla, a short distance away, but go to Palmer regularly for different activities. It's a cute little town. I'm sure we would've moved there if it weren't for the wind. Wasilla has less of it, and I'm not a fan. LOL But the views there are stunning, and it's such a quaint, cute town. My kids and I got to ride the train to Whittier, and then further south, for a field trip recently. As many times as we've driven the Arm on our way to camping sites or whatever else, it never gets old. I have to remind my kids that they're privileged to see majestic scenery like that whenever they want. I hope they all decide to grow old here with their children! So sorry we won't meet, but it was nice chatting with you here. Take care.
  • AJnMesa
    AJnMesa October 17, 2017 11:17 am
    Thanks. My DD likes the promenade rooms also, you just have to remember to keep the shades closed sometimes:o! Hope we do meet on a future trip, anyone who has a cute Miata has to be fun people and enjoy life. We do miss the Bluebonnets. Take care and have a great time.
  • donprivett
    donprivett October 17, 2017 8:08 am
    AjnMesa we are sorry you won't be able to make it. We did have a room on the bump and had to cancel also but decided to try it again after some urging from friends. We got an inside room overlooking the promenade instead. We have done Alaska twice and it is really a beautiful trip. We went with our Miata Club the second time and actually had supper with the Alaska Miata Club when we hit Anchorage. Maybe we can meet you on a future trip.

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