Eurodam - January 15, 2020

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  • Saintpat
    Saintpat January 15, 2020 4:31 pm

    Great.  Come one come all and we'll gather and chatter,  and then meet and greet Friday.  I brought a saintpat shamrock Sticker for everyone 



  • Walkabout 2
    Walkabout 2 January 15, 2020 9:01 am

    Hi Ted here again. We will go to the back of the lido deck by the pool for the sail away after the muster drill. Don't forget 11am Billboard bar on the 17th. Put it on your calendar for the cruise critic meet and greet...I told them there would be 18 of us to mingle and meet the officers

  • bear!cub
    bear!cub January 15, 2020 2:17 am
    11 hours ago, Travelingsofter said:


    Which deck?

    Hey guys trying to follow all the posts .  Can someone do a brief synopsis of our days to meet .   The day we leave we will be on the Lido deck (back of ship) .  I will have an Ohio Univ. Bob Cat shirt.    

    Thanks "Travels" for the info on each port we go to, as I did not research the ports myself.  

    Regards, Laura

  • Travels_with_Food
    Travels_with_Food January 14, 2020 7:18 pm

    Greetings all!

    Mike and I are comfortably ensconced at our Homewood Suites hotel in Dania Beach by the pool.  Ready for the 12:45pm shuttle to take us over to the port tomorrow unless someone wants to Uber together from a nearby hotel?

    We will be on the Lido aft deck for sailaway.  I will be in a black shirt that says Bon Voyage.  
    Here's my sightseeing ideas after some research.  Feel free to chime in and correct me or join me.

    If you know of any local Starbucks selling mugs with the country on it or the city, please let me know so I can increase my coffee mug collection at home.

    Aruba - been there many times, never did a tourist thing on this island.  Thinking about the Ostrich Farm, the donkey sanctuary, a booze bus (one of my yoga students said she and her husband had a blast) or an expensive Wine & Tapas tour.  I may be solo for Aruba adventures as Mike is not showing any interest.  Also, oldest coffee shop near post office..never been...might walk there from the ship.  Need to 

    hit Starbucks to buy another Aruba mug as mine is now chipped.

    Curacao - Manchester vs Liverpool game on at 12:30pm local time so I may again be solo for adventures.  Free wifi at the nearby hotel so a stop for free data, over to Starbucks to buy another Curaçao mug to replace my chipped one, over to the bridge to walk around downtown.  Been here before and not much excitement for me here but I'll still leave the ship and sightsee.

    Cartagena - Ted, Richard, Jyrki, Bailey, Mike, Diane, Travelingsofter carpool into town. I would like to see La Gorda Gertrudis, a Botero sculpture in town.  Have no idea of what else there is to do here.

    Colon - 2nd largest free zone in the world.  Books recommend taking a taxi to the um, two blocks, over from the ship.  High probability of getting robbed but hey, at least they are not interested in killing me (thanks for the imparted knowledge Pat).  Anyone???  I am not a big shopper but the tour books have me thinking 'put your foot down in Panama and then you can say you've been there'.
    Limon - also not written up highly in the tour books for safety.  Thinking the sloth tour is the way to go.  There is also a Jaguar sanctuary though nearby though I have not researched more yet.  Ted & Richard have something planned here...might join...might not.  



  • Travelingsofter
    Travelingsofter January 14, 2020 2:28 pm
    11 hours ago, Saintpat said:

    Yes, I  posted on page seven.  The little swimming pool at th e rear of Lid deck is nice.  Most people gather facing out to sea.  That pool is not crowded facing aft.  I wonder if our drink package is good at sailaway.  Knowing HAL, probably not.   See you all soon.


    Rear of Lido deck! Thanks. See you then. 

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