Disney Magic - July 25, 2020

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    AZLUVR January 25, 2020 8:27 pm

    Hi ! First Baltic cruise for us. We are coming onboard with my daughter’s family including 2 teenage girls. Celebrating Our 50th anniversary & granddaughter going off to college. 

  • cgc007
    cgc007 January 22, 2020 1:57 am

    This is our second Northern Europe cruise. We do a couple of cruises each year and we prefer to do excursions independent of the ship because we can usually customize them to what our group prefers. In 2015, we took an 8 night roundtrip out of Copenhagen. We had a party of six, two grandparents, two parents and two kids (4 and 10 months); as a group we walked Talinn (on our own), went to visit the Vasa and Nobel museum in Stockholm (on our own), hung out on Suomelinna in Helsinki (on our own) and did a great one day tour in St Petersburg with SPB-Tours during the day and a Vodka tour (for the parents, not the grandparents or the kids) at night!


    The entire trip was great, but the SPB-Tours was an absolute highlight; we tend to compare all of the other excursions that we've taken, regardless of location, against the SPB St. Petersburg Excursion.  This trip there was no question in our minds who to use to re-explore St. Petersburg.  We have planned a private two day tour with SPB-Tours that includes a custom itinerary for our family, including the ballet the first evening.  They've been great to work with for both trips and we are looking forward to another unforgettable St. Petersburg experience. 


    We'd love to hear from any other people who have plans fro St. Petersburg or any of the other ports! 



  • cgc007
    cgc007 January 22, 2020 1:37 am



    This is the forum for the Disney Magic July 25-August 5 2020 Northern Europe. We are looking forward to a great cruise. If you have any recommendations or great excursions planned, please post them here!

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