Celebrity Solstice - June 14, 2019

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  • Pierlesscruisers
    Pierlesscruisers June 24, 2019 3:36 pm
    10 hours ago, RobertaL said:

    Loved that Port Valet service!


    Yes, it is a great program and you certainly can't beat the price! (It's really hard to beat free!)



  • RobertaL
    RobertaL June 24, 2019 4:45 am
    On 6/10/2019 at 11:29 AM, Pierlesscruisers said:

    Seattle Weekend Events & Predicted Weather for Your Departure

    NEW INFORMATION: Attached to this message is a PDF with some interesting information about the state that you are getting ready to visit that you might like to read.

    Effective 4 Aug, 2017, CBP is no longer requiring guests to fill out a customs declaration at Pier 91 in Seattle, UNLESS THEY HAVE PURCHASED MORE THAN THE DUTY-FREE LIMIT ($800 PER PERSON) DURING THE CRUISE. The vast majority of guests now can clear CBP with only their passport or birth certificate + photo ID!

    Here's the latest update on your weekend Seattle weather and events as of 10 Jun 2019.

    For those of you who will be arriving in Seattle on Thursday, the 13th of June, the high for that day is predicted to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy and a 0% chance of rain. Departure day, Friday, the 14th of June is supposed to be 72 degrees with AM clouds/PM sun a 10% chance of rain.

    The Celebrity Solstice is sold out in all staterooms and will not be the only ship at the pier that day as the Ovation Of The Seas will be there also. It is also sold out and the pier will have around 8050+/- passengers disembarking and embarking so don't be surprised to find lines.

    The predicted weather at the various stops in Alaska for the Celebrity Solstice for the week can be found at this website:


    I hope that you all have a safe trip to Seattle, a great cruise and a safe trip home. I'll provide an updated forecast next Thursday if there are any major changes.

    There is a link that might be useful if you're going to have some time to spend either before or after your cruise. Some of the things that are available on the website is information on: Things To Do, Food & Drink, Lodging, a Blog, a list of FAQs, and links to other areas that you might find to be of interest. Here is the link:


    Here is a link to the rotating video camera on top of the Space Needle. This will allow you to see a live picture of the current weather in Seattle. If it's a clear day you're going to see some beautiful views as the camera rotates in a complete circle.


    This is a link to a new website that I discovered last year. It covers Entertainment & Nightlife, Performance & Visual Arts, Sports & Recreation, as well as info on Shopping & Living in Seattle. It also lists things listed by day, week, weekend and even has items listed for Rainy Day Fun (an important subject for being in Seattle!) Let me know what you think of the site.


    A website you might want to check to see exactly what is going on is:


    Hope that you all have a safe trip to Seattle, a great cruise and a safe trip home. I'll provide an updated forecast on Thursday if it changes drastically.

    Please make sure that you keep your travel documents (e.g. Passport, Passport card, birth certificate, etc.) in your possession and do not pack them in your bags!! You will have to show them when you arrive at the pier before you enter the building!

    If you notice any errors or typos in this, please let me know as I want to provide you with accurate info with no errors and I know that typos, and other small (hopefully) errors can and do creep in so please help me keep them to a minimum. Thanks.

    There is a program that was started two years ago by the Port of Seattle for the Alaskan cruises originating in Seattle called Port Valet. It has been continued this year, so that's a good thing. What it involves is the transport of bags from Pier 91 from the piers to SeaTac airport free of charge. The plan is that your bags will be tagged for your flight and transported to the airport at no charge to you. This should simplify your debarkation from your ship and your transportation to the airport quite a bit since you will no longer have to pick up your bags at the pier. Note also that since you will NOT be able to access your bags from the time they're picked up and night before you disembark until you reach your destination airport, you should ensure that you have all your travel documents, medicine, and other important items you will need while in-transit packed in your hand-carried bags and not your checked items!! Also please note that further information on this program will be made available to you on board your ship toward the end of your cruise. As far as I know at this time, the only restrictions in the program are that your flight cannot depart prior to 11:00 am on the day you arrive back at the pier and must depart prior to 1:00 am that night. The only airlines that are participating in this program are Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon, JetBlue, Southwest, and United. For any other questions check the enrollment form which will appear in your stateroom toward the middle or end of your cruise or contact Guest Services on your ship. If you find anything different from this, please let me know so I can update this info for future cruisers. PLEASE NOTE!:This service ONLY has to do with your luggage and DOES NOT provide any transportation for you or your party from the pier to SeaTac airport.

    Links to info on the Port Valet program





    To check fares to/from other locations in the Seattle area try this website. Please note that the direction you are traveling may make a difference depending on which direction you are traveling. This is because different cities in the Seattle area may have different rules about pricing. As an example of this, the taxi rate from SeaTac Airport to Pier 91 may be in the $50-$60 range while the rate from Pier 91 to SeaTac Airport is a flat rate of $47. This flat rate price is current as of 4 May 2019.




    1-25 Wild Facts About Alaska.pdf 647.46 kB · 1 download

    Loved that Port Valet service!

  • arklock97
    arklock97 June 14, 2019 9:27 pm

    Ok folks, just spoke to casino manager...due to staffing we need to hold the slot pull in the morning so I set it up for 11:30 at the Wheel of Fortune machines. It will be shortly after the connections party so it should be a blast!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • Ferry_Watcher
    Ferry_Watcher June 11, 2019 5:52 pm
    On 4/8/2019 at 9:57 AM, Maine-ah said:

    We're staying at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront for the two nights prior, but only because I have a LOT of points. I believe it is almost walking distance to the pier.

    The Marriott Waterfront is walking distance to Pier 66 (NCL).  The Solstice will be at Pier 91 - an Uber/Lyft or Taxi ride away.

  • arklock97
    arklock97 June 11, 2019 3:37 pm

    Just a reminder before we head to Seattle tomorrow... 😎 If you haven't signed up yet for the slot pull and want to participate please send me an email with names and cabin number to arklock97@yahoo.com Safe travels everyone!!

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